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Friday Night Kiddies' Play "The Seasons
•ff' Libfnrr
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wusm -^OE
Coasting has been a favorite !
People in Michigan or low« would
wonder why a state like Montana is
wofolly short of good hills for coast
ing. A state half full of mountains
ought to have a surplus of. hills
There are some elsewhere in the
ete. but the boys and girls of Belt
h.« Si.s. sS MS-Ä*
.X0.pt a. poblic
So far there have been no very
serious accidents as the boys coast
Aiwn hill through the main street of
the town but there have been num
amusement among the boys and girls
of Belt ever since the first snowfall.
cmas miraculous escapes. It waits
upon the proper grouping of autos
and coal wagons to make a tragedy.
One boy waa thrown from the middle
of the street to the sidewalk as he
struck a car backing out.
Two boys ran into a post on the
upper Great Falls grads. One o*
the boys hurt his leg severely, the
other broke a rib.
The state papers have already
chronicled the death of threa
children in the state from coasting
accidents. In each case the coaster
has ran Into or under an auto. In
every case no blamç has been at
tached to the driver of the car. The
Castaer street hill with its blind
tore at the bottom is not a safe
place for coasting.
Belt beat Centerville 18 to 8 at the'f
auditorium Saturday night Follow- J
ing the game tfhe teams partook
an appetizing supper prepared by the
Freshmen class. The boys, who si-1
ways eat sparingly before a game,
enjoyed the spread to the utmost and
their appetites enabled them to do ;
full justice to the food. Later the> 1
This game, the first of the season J
for the Belt team who had played to '
gether for a few nights only was .
aatisfactory although still more play
wlfl smooth out the rough spots, cor*
Bell Wins First
danred for an hour.
xect errors in play, and make a more
finished team. Howard Lease of*
ville tallied six from sixteen at
fed to Lelsnd who was high scorer.
In the second half the team still con
( tinued to feed to him although V
wav'covered by two »guards The
first quarter ended 6 to 3, the second
quarter raised Belt's total to 18, Le-,
land getting 3 baskets. Centerville
adding one point on a foul. In the
last half Gossack made one field
basket, Leland, Johnson and Jewell 1
each annexed one point by the foul
route, making their total 18. Center
ville adding 4 points on free throws
bringing their score to 8. |
The second half was slow with the'
-visitors playing a fierce guarding
game and Belt apparently unable to.
rf Leland (12)
Johnson (3)
Remington (0)
During the first half the Belt team
break through the defense.
The teams were :
Simonis (0)
Goasa r.i (2)
rg Hafcharick (0),
Jewell (l)
Belt has a nice string of subs who
Lindsay (1)
Butch (1)
Motil (6)
Lingle (0)
Oimmings (0)
Aracne (0)
are coming on fast and will
available later jn the season
not already mentioned are Cody,
Florek and Bodner.
. Games are as follows with
achedule not complete.
(Con, on last pag«*-)
Belt versus
Thursday evening was so storm)
that it prevented two af the rural
teachers of this district from attend
ing the - dinner given by Miss Rya n
and her department to the teachers
and to the trustees. The two sheen
tees were Misses Sophie Miller and;
Lillian Servoss.
The hostess and the girls in the
science department re
ceived m * ny fUtterin * word8 of *P
prec | at,on of 1116 cookery and the
* ervicc - There -were a lot of good
thin * fl to after which came a
few short ulk » *>y trustees and
teachers and the party adjourned to
the gymnasium -where they watched
Isri^as ^ ml***
| HLLO fill 110 I 0
omest * c
Only half a house were present si
the auditorium on Friday evening
to enjoy the program rendered by
the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra
the direction of Prof. R. A.
Most of those in attendance en
rendered that even the smallest cbjUd
sat raptly listening. All regrettée
the inability of Mrs. Lyfoid to give
'her number owing to illness. TV
round applause and seemed to be a
avor ite throughout the evening, the;^
audience especially enjoying the
of'ceifo with which Mrs. Wadsworth
the piano and Mr. Cramer at the
violin played in perfect accord.
The evening was delightfully
spent and even the radto fans who.
w hn e professing to be' bored by
symphony orchestras, were stilt
present, yielded to the spell of live
performances and paid the visitors
many compliments.
Pro f. Keyes is to be congratulated
upon th e technique and harmony of
the aggregation. '
Joyed the music and, but for the
whispering and play which broke out
occasionally among a small portion
of the students present, there would
have been nothing to mar their
pleasure. The hi
outside and two <
sard was howling
the cars bringing
musicians were late so that the pro
gram did not start until nearly nine
The overture was so excellently
of* Äiii _ ..... . IIIM
8cree n adaption of "The Cohens sno
Kellys," adheres closely to the ori
ginal of Aaron Hoffman's famous
gU gs p Uy, "The two Blocks Away."
No J of the delectable humor of
the play has been lost in Unlvereal's
tBm verafoÄ whh*h nms at PHhtaa
Theatre Friday and Saturday, Dec.
17 and l8 . The plot has been pro
served an d the choicest lines of the
p i ay have been Incorporated onto the
screen in the fkjrm of sub-titles.
1 Furthermore, thecast is one thaï
could never be equalled on the stage.
With an all-star cast the picture
features Charles Murray, the father
| of a ll comedians who started in ths
mov ie 8 16 years ago- George Sidney
a n actor of unusual'ability and a
lifetime of experience, and Vera
Gordon, the f.mou-s mother of
"Humoresque" who has been on the
'stage since she was 12. Kate Price.
another. veteran, has an important
ro i e
with this cast and
a gripping
story, Harry Pollard, the director,
has turned out one of the big hits
0 f the year. Much praise is due
Pollard for the adaption which he
d j d himself.
The tymantic interest in the stör»
Is contributed by Jason Robards and
Olive Hasbrouck. about whose fovt
■seem perfectly cast. Another in-!
cident to the play's action is the sod
den inheritance of $1,000,000 by the
of the big
affair the action revolves.
Jewish family.
t tr*
VIt t >!»*»£■
S t
j| ' " • j • S
| Accordinir reDort of the editor
jn chief Ruth Jennin(r8 »ad «k
business manager Leslie Jewell
the Annual, satisfactory progress
wn. •«. a. .™»i for
Th« .t.B,u.. m b«r. .un»t .tot
natures nf the different, organ
oi me uuierem
inations be taken as soon after the
first of the year as possible, flash
. ,
light» being recommended when pos
sible. The cover design of the an
nual, has been selected. Also the
panel for the senior class. Tha ad
vertising section of the annual shows
the interest of the local business
men in this desirable school pubh
cation is the report of Jay La land
the assistant business manger.
All accredited high schawls will ha
permitted to compete. Rules govern*
ing all other contestants will also
apply to those mitering the play con
tost. Each school will be aThrwsd U.
enter DOe more th,n on * P 1 **- ,nd ft
be restricted to 46 minutm
Priie * wUI be awarded by the Mon
tan. M«*juers. state university dre
w "' payment of ell expense# to
6 meet of the cast . the personnel
not exceed five persona. Second
ri *e of I 20 W ^1 be presented by the
state university. Medals will be
riven to the best actor and actress
i A print of $10 will be presented by
TV Frontier, state nniverstty Eng
bsh department literary mag asi ne , tv
the high school pupil writing the
best Original one-aft play. It ia the
pl»n of the Belt High School to pge
P* 1 " 6 • end contestants to this now
fratnre of next spring's program of
interscholastk events.
Car! Click, director of d ram a tics
at the state university announces a
ona act play contest to be held to
connection with the state Inter
scholastic track and field mrat ;
-- ^
Times. The second six weeks section
two took H up. With this haue of
the paper our work is finished .and
the High School Chat will be turned
over to junior. We freshmen
hope gbcerely that they can do
letter than we hare. We wish them
_ _ „ ....
71,6 Economics das« gave
f »cboolboard and faculty dinno
j ,a8t Thursday qgening. Those
pre ; ,ent wer * the * chooIÎK,ard and
* be,r wive8 ' ^ facu L lty> and M,s8
Edna Burrows, teacher of _ Lower
Belt ~ The dinner wa " aa
0,iv * 8 ' bak * d P 01 * ch °P # - ma " hed
P otatoe » and P«"* **•*«<» almonds,
«nn.mon apples, candied sweet po
teto<!8 - vegetable salad w»th chees
straw - " now P addin F cake, bonbons
* nd cull®®
Mr. Bowman, as toast master wei- 1
1 corned the guests and called upon
Mr. Remington for a toast to which
Mr. MacDonald responded. Mr. Spo
kten. Mr, Rubber. Miss Sifford, Mr .
Wood, Mrs. MacDonald, and Mhs
Pladsen all gave impromptu talks
and expressed their appreciation to
Miss Ryan for the excellent dinner
and their enjoyment of the evening
as a whole.
After the dinner, which lasted
from 6:30 to 8:30 most of them can.o
ipstairs to wateh the J^irls in their
hita.Mr. MacDonald responded. Mr. Spo
gym class.
JP? "° rm * l ! gM * "" c _* ndy "^
mljJTf . ,CO 1
I^u/L^v Z reCent *
.h-'^ gj „„ ho. f,
, . . , i ._. i
make booklets and will start on the|
making of boxes and baskets.
Both Glee Chibs sre practicing
«rois for the Community
prog nm to be held Christ-!
mas Eve.
The normal girls are decor*ting
the normal room for Christmas. They
^ rearranging the sand table bv
- - . _
making a Christmas scene. The
h#rder for the blackboard will be
dgcorated by having green candles on
• red background encircled with
I Little Christmas trees are being
placed in the windows.
A study meeting tor the Public
Speaking and the Debating groups
Of the Dramatic Club was held Tuas
day evening. Tim fundamentals of
voice work and stage presence were
diseuses d. Rehearsals for two one
act plays, "A Strike in Santa Land,
for the Community Christmas tre-
«nd "Good Medicine" for the next P
T. A. meeting, are now In progress.
bhIEiluNI practfee Wednesday. The
showers after the game were en
joyed by all the players.
Leo Zukoski and Loo Williams
went after a Christmas tree for the
seventh grade Saturday. They were
j caught in the enow storm and bM
to »rare their tree. We don't blame
them for running for borne. *
The sixth grade has a table full
of boys made from beaver board.
We have discovered several promis
ing young artists.
The one-hundreds in sixth grade
spelling are Increasing since we
[began to use the Block Race chart,
For every one-hundred a block ls,
colored. ,
,tudanU W i ho r ° t *^ ) ,n thiru
»P* Uin « ^ *****.
J,me * Browning, Ruth Remington
Emrny L " ,to Winston, Mary
Ada ™- M«y Viktoris. Isabelle Bur
]ey > Williamson, Louise John-.
On Friday DecemVr 17th a P'*?
"W be given in the Auditorium by
the of th ® <in,t four
,Th«« a « «bout eighty students
taking part. There will be groups
representing each month, most of
tham j,, co# tumes. There will be a
matinee at 2:30 and evening per
formance at 7:30. The admission for
afternoon be 10 cents and for
evening 26 cents. The money will
go to buy needed supplies for these
Kra des.
The Woman's Club will conduct a
f iwd , a le at the Legion library rooms
on Saturday, December 18. Home
!Tla de noodles, coffee, cake and pie
will be served from 11:00 A. M. until
7 p M Anyone desiring to donate
n i e8 cakes,'rolls, bread of any kind
or candy will please bring them to
,.be the rooms on Saturday Mrs -
r-has. Jennings will be in charge of
the hmch. This iq an effort ôn the
part of the Club to raise money for
the library, and it i* hoped that the-.
will meet with ready response from
the community S
made noodles, coffee, cake and pie
> *
About IS Saturday night Prank S
Smith and another man .from Lewie
town passed through town in a Big
Six Stud«baker Brougham. In the
bliisard they missed the Great Falk
road at the head of the grade and
continued on the Tiger Butte to a
point near the Roman ranch where
the machine caught fire from aonu
unknown cause and the entire car;
con I
back to
above the running gear
sumed. The men walked
town and tried to get garage men U> j
go back after the wreck but were un
On Tuesday it was brought in sno |
is still at the Pioneer Garage. The
car seem j to have been utterly ruinea
tw s
^1" " **
did not burn.
Laat Wednesday occurred the not
unexpected death of Andrew Moselle
an ol time resident of Belt, in a Great
Falls hospital.
Fbr some months he has bean
scarcely able to get around and a
few weeks ago became so III that be
sent to Bear Creek for Mrs. Mory
Moselle, widow of his son. Andrew,
cmm * immediately aad who has been
bare ince thta time.
The unarm! was held In Gnat.Falls
un Tuesday of this week Two sons
Mr. Moselle was an Italian and
was best known because of hir st
WmpU to wise grapes in this Vicln
U)uifip and t "* r * "•
and waa successful ht producing
grapse in small quantities. Old ago
on he gave up ranching and
ntJn(j ^ a cabjn ROt Ur (nm the
nrfnfln * : d t e e he pa era
tha last tan years of his life. There,
too. ha was successful in raising
grapes and it was a beautiul sight to
^ hanging full of clusters
OI " nm n *° ™
man there is no question but that He
could bare developed • grape that
of the deceased. Araoe and Edward
Moselle Streator, Illinois, ware In
ls, couW u m «tured ia Montana.
innfiF mfirs llfiw
^ December 11th W. H.
Judge-elect of the 8th Judicial Die
trict, took office, Judge Cowley re
, t {g rather unuatui ) for Btr of f| cer
|to assume the duties of hi. office
before the term of his predecessor
exp |ra a This is due to the fact that
[judge Cowley was appointed to fill
u vaca ncy or until his successor was
eIected and oua lified.
. 'nnointnH n,.dl«v
. mnnv PP
. _ / L„ n fv fK
JJ? nreviouslv held bv A A
P y Dy A ' A

The Wayne Grange, after a period i
( 'f inactivity hax been revived and
will function again wth headquarters
at Fife where they will mpet on ak
ternate Fridays. The newly elected
officers are. Master, Clark Bumgar
ner; Overseer. Ed I«ason; Steward,
Clarence Bumgarner; Lecturer, Mrs.
Lester Howard; Assistant Steward,
E. F. Finn- Gh*pl*i» r -Mra. Clarà-^Wr
Bumgarner; Sec.-Treas., Guy Porter;
fia te -Keeper. Ted Porter; Geres. Mrs.
Guy Porter; Pomono, Mrs. Clarence
Bumgarner; Flora. Mrs. Ed Larson;
iLady Assistant Steward. Helen Stew
ur *- , ---I***
at Fife where they will mget on ai
ternate Fridays. The newly elected
--T-T ~
v c
' \
A fine program has been arranged
for the Community Christmas tree
exercises to be held at the aud
itorium on Christmas eve. December
The school dramatic club under
the direction of Mrs. Mabel Me
Donald will give a one act play, the
glee clubs under Miss Olga S kart
vedt will sing Christmas carols, Mrs
b i. «.* ,-ui tall a. MM.
will sing a Christmas song with a
tableaux setting.
Santa has already promised to be
present sometime during the evening
and A. N. Prather is furnishing IM
pounds of candy for tha kiddie*.
The American Legion ia getting
nicest tree they can find for
occasion and «very church in town
cooperating to maka this a rani
community event.
The Woman's club bas charge el
the program and immediately after
the exercises the young folk,
cempanied by some of the oUtar J
ones an going about singing
those who are sick.
Those who are able to plag '
aka la Is art aaked to bring that»
instrumenta. Guitars an also
Chinook. The dub starts
with an initiated membership of *h
Served in the roost acceptable
by Mrs. Berg. Mrs. Johnson and Mu.
Samualson. Several lady teaehera
y to th* sstisfae -
^ ^ |wyoM ,
. Let's make it a rani Chriatmaa of
good will.
No present* will be placed «pen tiri
tree and in order to avoid diaa*
pointment, people attending wiR
please send present» By othtir chan
nel*. ' ■
I« & <k?«
>e t-mr?' i
Lions Cliartenlay
The Belt Lions Club received
charter last night from the hand* «I
The meeting started with a dinner
W nro _ r . m M
VZi , P * .
"'»'' b-"'
I training and reflect great credit uura
Mel«*'™ * r ^ ^ ^ pUred wra
** * ^ j
froM the
For the Ctab L« C. Gray«*
* r f et ~ **" .!??*» 4
1 v#in that Called forth deserved »»
! P lauM - ,ohn Van Dlke «"P 4 «* **•
chartar " pre,ldent 01 ^ c,ttb " ter
I which LoiÜ8 * Lochray sang beaut
! ful,y "Felice" and arr encore. Dr. ft
wi " Ulked of the P®*»lWUt*è« of the
! c,ub ' MarjoHe sharrard pl*y«d ano
whistled a »" ,ection and on **•
encore Cal jo ' ned in> Mr8 ' MacDoB -
aid gave two humorous reading, to
the delight of her audience.
taught the ladies what the sound oj
f the bcl1 n,ennt ' after whlch al * tb «
crowd » tood and « an K "Montana."
The rest of the evening war. spent
» directed
by Cbm.
in dancing to the inspiring music of
the Belt Valley Orchestra.
dishes rattle and wondered as to the
reason while others recognized the
phenomenon as an earthquake,
menr^^ who feite their feet sod- -
denly grow unsteady, wondered If
old age and infirmity had overtake*»
them. There was a second less dis
tinct shock some minutes later, bnt
neither was as severe as the one fel. ,
Sunday afternoon at 6:45 many a
listened to windows and

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