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Germany'sRecent Back Down Not ths^End of the Trouble^A* to 8a-^moan Autonomy.
Wahiiinuton,Kfb. ft.^^J^o. U. Hates,^late l tiit ^i mhi.s commissioner, tii to^^day asked by an Associated Press reporter^what, in hliopinion,would In- tin- probable^effect upon the policy of our tfovernnjent^ou Prince MMNM recent orders to the^(ierniau cousul at Samoa, and the com^^mander of the German Heel, lie aaid: ^1^do not see why the more recent dispatches^from Germany ihouht affect the attitude of^the Inited States. The proclamation of^martial law and the assumption of the di^^rect administration of affairs in Mmoa by^the German consul, which are now re-^iinrtrd. and have been dineouuteuanced by^Vrlnce Bismarck, but these were not the^grievances or the trouble there which exci^^ted the attention of the residenta and con^^gress. The Interposition of con-^HTv** was Invoked by previous a*c-^greaatons of local German officials^and residents there, their disregard^for the understanding expressed and^implied upon which all our negotiating^with Germany have proceeded, aud the^evident disposition of the powers to absorb^the group, without further consultation^with us. With respect to these matter*^there is as yet no sign of any concession,^unless it is to be the proposition for a con^^ference at Berlin. In my judgment the^restoration of the statu quo ought to be a^condition precedent to any further negotia^^tions, and Involve* among other things the^reassembling of the conference at Wash^^ington. It seems to me that Trioee Bis^^marck's proposal to remove the negotia^^tions to Berlin are both a slight and a com^plliuent to our secretary ot state^a slight^inmiiM' he was our representative^here and could be preaeut aa such no^^where else; a compliment because it^would indicate that in the conference pro^^ceedings, which are as yet unpublished, he^excelled In diplomacy the German ami^Kuglish representatives combined. But^even if Germany's disclaimer were broad^enough to cover the whole subject on the^matter involved In the president's com^^munication to congless, past experience^warns us not to be U^o quick in relying on^assurances trntn Berlin as Indicating the^course of events in Samoa. The successive^violation by German local officials In^!Samoa of the assurances made to this uov-^ernment indicate either gross insubordlna^tion, which is entirely contrary to all our^notions of German discipline, or else some^understanding exists by which the consul^there is authorized to act on his own re^sponsibility according to his views of the^MeesjattaM of the case, and exceed his In^^structions as reported bere.
Whatdo you ttfiuk of the declaration of^war by Germany against Samoa^
Itsprosecution seems to me utterly^Inconsistent with the reatoratlon of the^former statu quo. if Germany goes to war^in Samoa, it will be uselesa to have a con^^ference at all. Of course Germany can^ultimately drive the Samoans into the sea^and take the island by conquest. This^would be no less the destruction of hanioan^autonomy thau if It were done by gradual^encroachments, if, however, we ahould^insist on an actual halt; if we consent to^less thau this, we msy as well wash our^hands of the whole business and abandon^all idea of preserving the neutrality of those^islands.
Whenasked if the newspaper report was^true that part of his report on Samoa had^been suppressed in the copy furnished con-
eress,Mr. Bates aaid the query could be^etter answered when the report was pub^^lished, if It Is. lie did not feel at liberty to^comment on the matter.
YVanhinuton,Feb. ft.^The statement^which was made to the effect that vessels^had been chartered by the United States^to carry coal to l*ago I'ago is premature.^The navy department is negotiating with^ship-owners to carry about 8,000 tons of^coal from New York or Philadelphia to^i'ago l'ago coaling station, hut no amerce^^ment has yet been reached. 'I he last ship^ment of coal to this station was made in^1882, and the supply of 2 600 tons sent at^that time has not yet been exhausted. The^fuel will cost the government a good price,^the charge for transportation being from^912 to $18 per ton. it will take a vessel^carrying coal ninety days to reach its des^^tination.
Lettersfor the following persons remain^uncalled for at the Helena, M.T., poatofflce^on Feb. 7. In calling for them please say^^advertised.
Anderson,f. J.Ackley, J. W.
Anderson,Olaf W.Ashbaum, Albert
Aughey,WT. H. (2)Babcock, L. li.
Baker,T.Baldwin, N. J.
Baumann,KmilBanselo. Louis
Bergeron,LewisBennett A Son,
Betz,IVterBlood, T. L. (it)
Bousquet,FrankBlest, George
Blaylock,GeorgeBixley, L. J.
Blake,Jameslielunek, Frsnk
Branard.11.Brooks, James (2)
Breeii.Pete*Burns, A. H. (8)
Burns,K.Burke, A. K.
Bucher,C. F.Bnlinan, John
Candres,Jules II.Carney, Joe,
Carlson,ErickCurrier, Joseph
Cable,W. F.Carthrae, Addison
Chapman,O. L.Chamberlain, B. 11.
Clarke,11. (2tClark, Kicnard
Cowan,Geo. W.Conners, Con
Cook,Chas. E.Cornwell, John
Crawford.JohnCronk, J. J.
Cunningham,G. C.Daily, Charly
Date,Huhard,Davis, William
Donnelly,K. vDrummond, Willis
Demules.A. A.Duval, J. C.
Dudley,L. O.Kathene, William
Fercaris,M. K.Flanagan, James
Finn,Geo. (2)Fuhrman, F. W.
Gamble,Jos.Gamblll, K. J.
Garver,Jesse B.Ganhuy, K. W.
Gill,JohnGilltgan, Michael
Goolsbey,W. J.Graham, W. J.
Grover,A. N.Grtffen, Thomas
Grant,ii S.Giady, James
Harris,CharlesHayes, Hike^Hammond, J S.I M. D)Hanson, A.
llammit,HarryHewitt, Kber
Ueldahl,T. T.Hermann, Gustave
Uickey.E. J.Hill, John L.
Horn,Olellolllughouse, D. V.
Hovey,JamesHomson, Thus. S
Johnson,T. MJohnson, Lome (2j^Johnson, William II. Kane, J. C.
Kenny,John B.Kelsh, IVter J.
Keel,SamuelKennedy, J. li.
Kennedy,Geo.Kellogg, A. L.
Kennis,J. A.King, W. C. i2
King,W.King, Harry
Kipp,G. H,Klein, J. lieinrlch
Knowlea,J. 11.Krogen, A ufln O.
Kroger,FredKraal z, A.
Lagrange,LeahLarsson, A.
Link,Lorence,Llnd, John
LackuianJ- I*.Loeneteln, Levi
Maiion. J. K.M arK Lulgi
Msjor,Dr. 0. A.Magnuson, Andrew
Majenpaa,KaaMack, Chas.
Marron,FrankMerngan. John
Meade.JohnMead, E B.
Mitchell.Thcs.Milot, K.
Muller,EmilMiller, John D.
Morris,Johnatoller, Hans^Meyer X Lalonde (2i Murphy, J. J.
McMunn,C.McGahn, Thomas
McDaniel,D. K.McNurlin,Watson(2)^M-Samara. Michael McGlauttin, I O.
McDonald,A. G.McCormick, Albert
Nilson,LarsNllaen, Nils
Niisson,L.O'Grady, .lames
Olin,Norman D.O'Meara, James
O'Brien,JamesPaul, Josuph
1'eterson,L.l'hilipp, John
rilche,J^.hnIMerce, J. N.Capt ^2j
Pllgeram,IVterI'ulver. Frank J.
Kicliwit/.,S.Rhodes, Wesley
Klley,Thos. W.Klelly. John^Both, Root. E.Kohrbark, Al.
Kolerts. J. W.Kypka, Joseph
Kvan.Patrick JKyan. J. O.
Sawyer,Frank A.S. L I*. O.
Sbulze,JohnSewall. Unas. U.
Sinclair,L II.Simpson. J. B.
Sherman.II. L.Smith. Henry (2)
Smirn,T. J.Smith, J. A.
Smith,JamesSnow, P. W.
Strauss,Ed.Stone, Irving S.
Swett/er,OmarThomas, Augustus P.^Tietjen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris.
Tight,Thos. 11.Van Wart, L S. O.
Wailing.E. W.Watson, W. K.
Walker,Kd. A.Wheeler, John L.
Whittle,D B.Walcott, F. M.
Welch,JohnWiemar, K. M.
Wilson,J. F.Wilson. John
Williams,JamesWillcocks, J.
Worden,HenryWoods, Frank
Wolff,Waldeman/amaskl, James^/immer. Henry
Bennett,C. MissBrady. Annie Miss
Brown,Kittle. MissBurton, It Mrs.
Buckner,L M.Collins, M A. Mrs.
Cole,Lottie Mrs.Cox, Laura Mrs,^Cross, C. S. Mrs. Elliott, Brownie
Gault.Mrs.Hatcher, Mrs.^Hamilton, M. M. Mrs.UlgglDs. Marv Miss^Henderson, l^ee Miss Hulls. Nellie Miss
Hutchlns,Mary Miss Hutchinson. LotU^Hyrup, A Use, Miss Katff. Mary P.^Kinirrey, Z. Mrs UrOarty, Ellen. Mrs^McDonald, Maggie McKay, C. 4. Mrs.
McConnellCatherine \even, Joseph Mrs.^Nilson, S. N. Mrs. O'Nell, Dettie Miss^Owens, Georgia (2) Parsons, Kate Mrs.^Planner. Emma Mrs. Price, K. S, Mrs.^Hack. Mary Mrs. Robertson, Chas.Mrs.^Hlce, Mary Mrs. Rotter, Francis Miss^smith, Cbaa. Mrs. Stephenson, H. L.^White. D. C. Mrs. Warner. Maggie Mra.^Westbook, Gertrude Weber, Joseph Mrs.
TheChill Blast^That sets the naked branches a quivering,^Is not felt by the wealthy valetudinarian^Indoors, but not all the covering that can^be piled on hia warm bed, uor ail the furn^^ace heat that an thradte can furnish will^warm his marrow when chills and fever^runs its icy Angers along his spinal column.^Hostetter's Stomach Bitters Is the thing to^infuse new warmth into hia chilled and^anguish frame, to remedy the fierce fever^and exhausting sweats which alternate^with the chill. Dumb ague, ague cake, bil^^ious remittent^in short ever) known form^of malarial disease Is subjugated by this^potent, and at the same time wholesome^aud genial medicine. Biliousness, consti^^pation, dyspepsia, sick headache, loss of^appetite and sleep, kidney trouble,rheuiua-^tism and debility ar^^ also remedied by it.^Use It with persist* nee to effect a thorough^cure.
Abeautiful young lady became so sadly^disfigured with pimples and blotches that^it was feared she would die of grief. A^friend recommended Ayer's Sarsaparilla,^which she took, and was completeiv cured.^Sbe is now one of the fairest of the fair.
WinterExcursions to California.
Onthe 15tn day of every month the^Northern Pacific Uailroad company will^sell excursion tickets to San Francisco and^return at $75; to Los Angeles and return,^IW. These tickets have an extreme limit^of six months from date of Issuance, and^can be used going any time within sixty^(ttu) days from date of sale. Stop-overs al-^lowed at any point d^ sired^either going or^returning^within limit of ticket Ex^^cursionists have choice of two routes from^Portland^by steamer, or by rail, via the^famous Mount Shasta route.
Bearin mind that the Northern Pacific is^the only line running through sleeping and^dining cars to the Pacific coast
A.L. Stoken, (ieneral Agent.
SanFrancisco and Los Angetes Excur^^sion Rates.
OnJanuary 16th and the same date each^month thereafter, the Union Pacific rail^^way company will sell excursion tickets to^San Francisco at the following rates from^Helena. Going and returning via Ogden,^f 75; going via Ogden and returning via^Portland I either by rail or steamer between^San Francises and Portland) or vice versa,^$W0. Los Angeles and return, going via^Ogden and returning same, SH6. Tickets to^the above points include side trips, Ogden^to Salt Lake City and return. All the^above tickets are good sixty days golng,ex-^treme limit six months from date of sale^and allow stopover privileges In both di^^rections within the limit. Through Pull^^man cars between Helena and Pocatello^via the MonUna Central and Butte, leaving^Helena daily at 7:130 a. m.
A.E. Vkazik,^Trav. Pass. Agt. 28 N. Main at
Curefor Sick Headaches.
Ifyou want a remedy for biliousness,^pin,pit-* in the face, and a sure cure for^sick headache, ask It. S. Hale * Co., the^druggists, for a free sample of Or. dun *^Liver Pills. Only one for a dose. Full^box 25 cents.
TheNsw Discovery.
Youhave heard your friends and neigh^^bors talking about it You may yourself^be one of the many who knows from per^^sonal experience just how good a thing it^is. If you have ever tried it, you are one^of Its staunch friends, because the wonder^^ful thing about it is, that when once given^atrial, Dr. King's Mew Discovery ever^after holds a place in the house. If you^have never used it and should be afflicted^with a cough, cold, or any Throat, Lung^or Chest trouble, secure a bottle at once^and give It a fair trial. It Is guaranteed^every time, or money refunded.
Trialbottles free at K. S. Hale A Co.'a^drug store.
1have used St. Patrick's Pills,^ says^Mr. J. Reynolds, of M a) field, Kj . ^and^pronounce them superior to any 1 have^ever before used. 1 do not hesitate to rec^^ommend them, knowing them to be reli^^able.^ They are thorough, yet gentle in^their action and leave the system in splen^^did condition. As a cathartbic, or for dls*^orders of the liver, St. Patrick's Pills have^no eg.ua!. For sale by H. M. Parchen.
Chamberlain'sCough Keniedy Is famous^for its prompt and effectual cures of coughs^and colds. The most severe cold may be^loosened and relieved by a few doaes of^this valuable remedy. For sale by H. M^Parchen ^ Co.
ASound Legal Opinion.
K,Bainbridge Mundy, Esq., County Atty.,^Clay Co., 'lex., says: ^Have used Electric^Bitters with most happy results. My broth^^er also was very low with Malarial Fever^and Jaundice, but was cured by timely use^of this medicine. Am satisfied Electric^Bitter* saved his life,
Mr.D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave, K ^ .^addtt a like testimony, saying: He positive^^ly believes he would have died, had It not^been for Electric Bitters.
Thisgreat remedy will ward ofT, as well^as cure all Malarial Diseases, and for all^Kidney, Liver and Stomach Disorders^stands uneoualed. Price 60c. and $1, at R.^S. Hale A (Vs.
Thefollowing, from the pen of Mr. L. P.^Birdwell, editor of the Marion (Iowa) Pi^^lot, will, we believe, be of interest to many^of our readers. He savs: ^It la with
Eleisurethat I certify to the real merits of^hsmberlatn's Cough Hemedy. 1 have^used It in my family for years and have al^^ways found It uiost exrellent, and espe^^cially for colds, croup and sore throat. It^Is ssfe and effective. For sale by H. M.^Parchen.
Our*For Pllos.
Itchingpiles are known by tnointure like^perspiration, producing a very disagree^^able Itching after getting warm. This^form, as well as blind, bleeding and pro^^truding piles, yield at once to the applica^^tion of Dr. Bosanko'i Pile Hemedy, which^acts directly upon the parts affected, ab^^sorbing the tumors, allaying the Intense^itching and * Meeting a permanent cure.^Fifty cents. Address The Dr. Boaanko^Medicine compsny, Pnjua, O. Sold by K.^S. Hale ot Co.
Personstroubled with rheumatism should^try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One appli^^cation will cease the pain, and its contin^^ued use hss cured many cases of chronic^and inflamltory rheumatism that had re^^st 8'ed otuer remedies and even the treat^^ment of the best phvslcians. Price 50 cents^per bottle. For sale by H. M Parchen ^fc^Co.
Hklexa,Oct 7, 1H87.
1was suffering from an unusually bad^cough, my lungs were wire and congented.^and I consulted one of the best physicians^in Helena, whose prescriptions failed to^relieve me. I became alarmed, and at the^*utfgestion of a friend purchased a bottle of^Acker's English Uemedy for coughs, and^after taking it according to directions was^completely cured. I therefore cheerfully^recommend ItJacob Switzbb.
1had a racking cough and inflamed^throat and bought a bottle ot Acker's For-^lish Remedy upon the recommendation of a^friend, and was entirely enred by It 1^consider it a never failing remedy for a
Acker's~nglish preparations are for aaie^In Helena only bv K S. Hale A Co.
WhmR*by was *^ ^ *^^^ bar Csstorla,^Wa^m abe warn * Child, abo rrtod for Ca^orta,
Whmshe became Mtaa, dunf So^WbMi BBf bad ^ liUareo. mhm psaj Hmm l
ADry Cough
Udsngsrous aa well as troublesome.^It renders thr patient liable to the rtipv^turr of a blood vessel or to other serums^injury ot throat am) lungs. To aJIay^bronchial irritation aud give immediat^^relief, th^ beat medicine ia Ayer*s^t'herry IVloml.
*'I was recently troubled with a dry^roufcb which seemed to be cauatnl by aa^irritation In the throat Mv physician^preecrlbed for me, but no relief was ob^^tained- A little over a week ago, my^attention being called to Ayer'a Cherry^Pectoral, I coucluded to try it. and pur^^chased a bottle. After taking this med-^iciue unl \ one day, I rould see a change^for the better, aud, by the time I had^used It a week, my rough had entirely^Uisapiwared.^^ H. W. 1^. m... Fruukliu^aquare, Worcester. Mass
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral leads all^other medicines as a sure, safe, and^speedv enreof throat ami lung troubles.^^- W. II. Graff ^ Co., Hruggists. ('arswu,^Iowa.
Ayer'sCherry Pectoral,
il^ i r a 1 ^ av^Dr. J. C. Ayer ^ Co., Lowell, Mast,^^old tvaU I'n.ggisu Pries $1, sis Louisa,**.
K^- m
ClosingOut Sale!
Proposes11 start for N-^ York to purchase^HprlDK Gvodn within a short time, there^^fore will sffer
OverTen Thousand Dollars'
GreatMurrains will i^.^ offtrtd Id Trnimt*l and^I'd trimmed
Plushes65c per YarJ.
KidQloves, Embroidered Backs, 76 cents.
Goodsmost he sold within v^ days to make
roomfor Sprtm. Goods.
H.TONN,^4 forth Mali Ht, Helena, Mont.
Minneapolis^ St. Louis
Without('hamms, ('oNMBcTiifa with thi PA8T^TRAINS or all ujiss pom thi
des moines, iowa
Minneapolis^ St. Louis
andthe Principal Cities of the Mississippi Valler,^connecting In Union Depot for all points^SOUTH and 80UTUWBbTf
TWOTRAIN8 DAILY to kfAVXA^I IT V^LBAVBNWORTU and IVAll OA J 1^1 1 1.^ATI UIS 'N, maklnx connections with tSe Union^Pacific and Atchison, Topeka A hanta Ke Hallways
(^C'lose connections made In Union Depot with^all trains of the Ht. Paul, Minneapolis A Manitoba;^Northern Pacific; Ht Paul A Doluth Hal ways,^from and to all points NORTH and NORTH WKbT
palacedining cars!
W*150LBS. OPBAGOAOBUHBCKKD KHBK^Pare alwsrs as luw as the lowest! Por Time^Tables. Throavh Tlrketa, etc , call Qpon the^nearsat Ticket A Kant or write to
Oen'lTkt. A Paae Agt Minneapolis sTJN
Pilesand Fistula
Dr.W N.Thornton, late of Eanaas City, M^^will perfectly cure all dlaeases 'if the rectum wit.^oat knife. HksCtire or caustic. Tmatment mild,
withbut little pkln Cnre ynarant*^d No pay^\ paaanl Is entirely cured below I tA^9^the names of a tew parties that have tieen cored
Theycan be coe salted by letter or othenrlae
A.i. DavidsonP P Worsham.
A.M. HolurJ a dire Lore.
mC. UtlpeAAstkOeo HaPner^P. M. Metbee^John i Oaraier,^H. OleaeoB.
seoaLtrvWn. Kill*
WmMordock.J. D Ward.
A.W. TannerJ oil as Mendelsohn.
OfflneCornsr SixthAveaiie and Main btreei
FreightTransier Line,
Allkinds of merchandise ami other^freights, including ores, promptly trans^^ferred from depot.
Officeat J. Feldberfr/s Store and At the^depot. Orders wtU receive prompt At^^tention.
Inthe District QsjbjJ of the First Judicial Dls^trlrt of th^^ territory of Moataaa, In and for tt^#^county of t^ewls and i'larke.
D.j. Walrh and 1) O. KUIlmaa, uartsere la^business under the Arm sains and style ot H-lens^Pro^1ucs and ' omutlastoD l oan any plaintiff, va.^j. P Lanr,:Thomas Kane, M V ftootaadjohn^W. Clear) .tdefendasta.
Thepeople of the territory of Montana, eenS
CtiMi to the above named defendant, J P^sr.
Youare hereby rroulred to appear In aa actios^brought against you hv the sbovt* n^med plalnttf/s^In the dlatrkt court of the first judicial dlstrh t ot^the territory of Montana, In and for the county el^Lewissnd Clarke, and to aesw-r ths complaint^aad supplemental compislnt filed theiv.n.^within U-n dars (exclusive of the d*\ wf^servire) after ths servlor ou you of this sum*^nia*. If aerve^l within thlscoenty; or, If served^out ^ t this county.bnt lu this district,within tw*w-^ty devsioUwwlee wl-hln fotty da)a,or ]uO|[uent by^defeu t will BS taken against ml accurdlns: to the^prayer of said complaint. The said action Is^drought to re^ over judgment niralnet the dstend^eat, J. P. 1 ear, for the sum of three hundred and^fifty and s-100 do lar-, with interest thertmn from^the 1Mb day of Nn%etut^er, iNfe, at ths rate of tea^|m^r cent per annum, lor a ttelence of account for
f:o^ds, waree and awMMSAwSSM sold and delivered^ly plaintiff to defendant, j. P. Leur, between the^1st day of June, lhtei. aad ths llstb day of Novem^bar, 1SHM, For judgment and detree of this court^declaring thst lue judgment of the justice ot the^sescecourt of Helena!^ wriehtp, Lewis and Clarke^^ ount^ , VolUna Territory, Terrettce v^ Donnell,^jus'lte ot the peace, lu the cas*s of Thomas Kane^vs. J. P. Lain and M K Itoot vn. J P. Lsur, ran^dered by paid Justice court on the r.^, day of lav^cam iter, are void snd of nu effect, snd that all^the prooeadlnga under said judgment l^e quish*-d^and de lareu of no *-fieri. Thai raid detemtants^RssA, Kane and Cleery I^e declared trus'eee of ths^property snd money r reived and held b) ttiem^u .der and by i Irtue of said j idument and pro^ceedln^s of said juitlcecourt, and tret tkey hold^the same for ths use and benefit of said j P Leur^and as Me propeity subjetttothe mSM of the^plaintiffs herein. That eald plaintiffs have Jadg-^ment against said Koot, Kane sM Clear) for th*^amount of their claim agslnstsald Lsur: and that^aaid Koot, Kane snd Cleery lie by an order of this^court dlrectea to \ ^^ the said sum into this court^to sail fy any judgment aaid plal^Uffs may re-^covf-r herein against aaid Leur.for such other aad^further relief ae to this court msy seem meet aad^just In the premise*, aad for coats of suit
And)ou are hereby notified, that If yon full to^appear and a swer the said complaint, ae sbovr^required, the said pleintlff will apply to tke cenr^for the relief demsnd^*d In ths complaint and sup^pleniental complaint.
tJlvenunder mv hand ar d the seal of the dletrlrt^court of the First Judicial district of the terrttorv^of Montsna, lu and for the county of I^ewis and^i.lerke, this Uth day of January, In the year of^our Lord one thousand eight humired and eighty^nine
(ssal.) F. W McCUMNBLL, Clerk.^Ueorge F bbelton and A 0, Botkln, attorneyt^for plaintiffs.
Inths District Court of the First Judicial LHs^trlct of the Terr it*.ry of Montana, in and for the^County of Lewis and Clarke.
JacobHwllaer, plaintiff, vs. J J. Hchenk, de^fendant
Thepeople of the Territory ot Montana, send^greetlnglo the atvove named i efendant:
Yonare hereby required t^i appear In an action^brongh' ageiust )oo by the a'K^ve named plalntlfl^In the district court of the first judicial district^of the territory of Montans, In and for the count)^of Lewis and Clarke, aud to answer the complaint^filed therein, within ten days (exclusive of th^^ ds^^of eervlre) after the service on you of thle sum^m^ iie. If served within this county : or, if served^out of this county, hut In this district, within^twenty days; otherwise within forty da^0, or judg^ment nv defstill will he takes against you, amord^lng to the pra^ er of n^ld complaint. The aaid ar^tlon Is brought to recover the sam of four hundred^and seven dollars and fifty cents for balance dee^on account of goods and merchandise snd liquors^sold and delivered, at their reeeonthle value, to^defendant by ldklutlff l^etween January first, 1WK^and January first, 1NHS. and to recover also t-iift^due and paysble on a promissory note, of which^plaintiff Is the holder and owner for value executed^and d*lt\ered to plaintiff by defeadant on August^second, IteH, payable one day after date with Inter^eet at one percent par month from date until paid,^and made and dellyeredln said county of Lewis^and Clarke.
Andyou are Hereby notified, that if rou fall to^Appear and evewer the said ^ mplaint, as abovs^required, the said plaintiff will take default and^take judgment for the sum demanded In the oom*^plaint, v 1/. t^*l fWi, and costs of suit.
Ulvanunder my band and tbe seal of the district^court of the first judicial district of ths Territory^of Montana, In and for tbe county of Lewis and^Clarke, this 2nd dsy of Jsnuary, In the tear of oar^Lord one thousand el, ht hundred and eighty nine
[sbal.IF. W. MrCt^NNELL, Clerk.
CareyA Voss, Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Intke District court of the First jadUiaJ distrlrt^of the Territory of Montane In and for the county^of Lewis and Clarke.
F.T. Dow, plaintiff, vs Martha Alice Dow, de^tendant summons.
Thepeople of ths Territory of Montana, send^greeting to tbe above named defendant.
Yonsre hereby required to appear In an action^brought sgalnet you by the at^ov^ named plulnUff^In the District oowrl ul US First judicial district^of the Territory of Montana, In and for the county^of Lewis and ^ larke, and to answer tbe com plain^tiled therein, within ten days (exclusive of the day^of service) after the service on you in* this sum^mons. If sarved within this county; ^ r, i* k^tu;ji^out of this county, hut in this district, within^twenty days; otherwise within forty days, or judge^ment f^y default will t^e taken against you, accord^lng to toe prever of said complaint. The aaid ac^tlon Is brought for the purpoee of obtaining k^judgment of thla court tliat the bonds of mstrl^mouy hetween the plaintiff and defendant he dls^rolvad snd thst said marriage be declared vacated^and of no effect, for that said dsfendant In ths^year 1KS1 at Myrtle ^ reek, DousJae connty, state^of Oregon, willfully and without any reasonshle^cause, deserted, abandoned and absented herself^from plaintiff for the spa* e of one y ar. and ever^has and still continues to willfully end without^cause desert ar^d abeent herself from plaintiff and^to live separate and apsit from him sgalnst his^will and wlth^ut hie consent and without any^reaaonahle cause. For such other and turthsr re^lief as to the court may seem meet and proper In^tbe premises
Audyou are hereby notified that If yon fall to^apnear and answer the complaint, as above re^^quired, the said plaintiff will apply to the court^for the relief demanded In this com lalnt.
Ulvenunder my band and the seal ot the dls^trictcourt of the ^ lrst Judicial District of the^Territory of Montana, Is and for tbe county of^Lewis aad Clarke, this mi. dsy of January In tbe^yesr of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and^elghtv nine.
[Heal.]F. W. MiCONNKLL,
A.C Botkln snd Ueorge P. Hhelton, attorneys^for plaintiff
Summons-In the District Court of the First Judicial dlr
trlctof the Territory of Montana, In and for the
countyof Lewis and Clarke
H Harris, plslntlff, vs. John MrKltUrlck,
Thepeople of the Territory of M on tans send^greeting to the above named defendant:
Tonare hereby required to sp{^ear In an action^brought tgalnst you by the above named plaintiff,^In the district court of the First Judicial Dlstran^of the Territory of Montana, In and for the coanty^of l.e^ is and ( larks, and to answsr the complaiot^tlIf.) therein, within ten days (exclusive of the .tan^of service) after tbe service on yon of this srxm^mone. If served within this county; fir, If served^out of this county, but In this distric t, wlthkn^twenty days; otherwise within forty dsye, or^judgment by default will be teken against you,^according to the prayer of said complaint. Tbe^said action Is brought to recover taw sum of one^hundred and eighty eight and Mi dollars^cflhMNhfor goods, wares and merchandise sold^and delivered to you at you r sperlal instance and^request between the dates of May Htb, IHSx, and^June Mb, 1HHS. and for ^ - et- of this suit
Andyou are herebv notified, that If yon fall to^spl^eer snd answsr trie said
omplalnt,ae shove^d plaintiff will take judgment
forthe fum of $lm,*t) and costs of
Olvenunder my hand and the eeal of the dls^trlct court of the Flret Judicial District of the^Territory of Montana, tn and for the county of^Lewis and Clarke, this Ittthdsy of January, In tbe^year of our Lord one thousand eight hundnx4 and^eighty nine.
[sal.]P. W. McCONNKLL, Clerk
B.U.Dsvles, Attorney for Plaintiff.
forall skin diseases.
A' POHTLAf^d.or. u
AHlatocy of Our Haroee, Our Statesman, Our^Scholart, Our Man of Note In (very Held
TbeOnlj WationaJ BtandartL
Sppleton'sCvclopssdla of American BloKra^pby' contains a otr^apblcal sketch of every per^son emlnant In American cMi and military hleto-
ry.In law and poPUce, la dlvlnltr, literature and^art, la science and In Inevntloa. fadudlac distin^^guished s^reons born abroad that are related to^our national history, aad smbrenae all the coua^Uiee of North aad South America. It la a com^^plete hlst^iry of the New World la every branch^of human achievement
Stockholders Mating.
Noticeto hereby gives that there will be a meet^lair of the Helena Mining aud heductloa company^at the office of s^Id cotnpea*, to wit: At the oar^lore of the First National Hank of l(el^na.!n M. i^ena, M T , oa Wedaeedav, the lifth dav^^f Pebru^ary, A D 1BHS. at S o'clock p. m , f^ir ths purpoee^of submltUns to the stockholders of eald corpora^tlon a propoeit'os to lease all of the property of^said Helena Mining; and Nedurtloa company to^the Helens and MvVngston Hmelting; ano Krouc^^Ion . ompanv for a period of two rears or I- nt er.^The property et^pr* ^poeed to be leased to distinct^ly specified as follows, to wit:
1.Nl Va of He- ll.Tp. 7N^ R,4 W , snd live^acres situate In the MB % of the hB V Sec S, la^the oownshlp and rang* aforesal'4, and ttelng the^property whereon Is sltusled the Cur bin concen^trator
5.The a Ita California lode mining claim and^Alts California mill sits, being; lots ma and mm^IsTp. 7 N.. H. 4 VY Also Paltta lods aad mill^site, being lots aaaS aad 4sb la lhe township and^range aforeeald. Also the Custer hide and mill^alte, being respectively lote 71a sad ^1b In the^township and raage aforesaid Also lhe North^Pwlflc lode and mill site, being lots No. U and SI^Also, Somewhere lode aad ml 1 site, being re^spectlvely lots usa aad MB Also tbe Alia Brooke^lode ant mill site, being respectively lots TtA aad^TUB and eUu the tlrand Father lode aad mill^^lie, being respe^tlvely lots 77A ard 77b, aad all^of said mining claims and mill altee being In tbe^towsjeblp and range aforesaid
3.The t hloroduing and amalgamating works^and mill s|(e, tietng lot No M. concentrating^worka mill site, lielng lot No be, smelting worke^mill site, lot SO; all Is township No. 7 north,^range 4 weet. t4^gether with the smelting and re^dui-Uon works thereon situated, and all tools, ma^^chinery, luppllee flstnreg and pereoaal prooerty^thrr* unto belonging or used In connection tuere^with, and all appurtenances, rlghle. privileges^anc franchises,
4 The Comet lode, being lot No. 40, easterly in^ir^ l(k^ acteeof l^H No 4h. all is Tp 7 N . H 5 W^and water right snd d tches appurtenant to said^last mealloned tract.
LotNo i la block No. V Is Comet townalte,^JeffereoB canty, Moatana Territory.
Alsothe rope trsmway from the Comet mine to^the foot of the Cvmvt bill.
6Oe* hundred and ten acres In the N W ^ of^Hec ^li Also one hundred and slity is and ad^joining the ^ ^ of bee tl. All la Tp. No 7^N.. H 4 w.
6,Al.o the Payette lode, Alpha lode and IteM^l^Mle mining clslias In Colorado mining district.^Jefferson county, Montana, Also the I Wof V\^H of HS W of SBVa, Sec. 81, To HN..K.1 w . to^geth, r wlln the tenements, hereditaments and^appurtenances.Including all water rights snd water^diu hes thereunto belonging. All of eald forego^^ing property being situate In the county of Jef^ferson and tertltory of Montana, and twlng or In^^tended to be all of the property, real, personal or^nilied belonging to said Helena Mining and He^dut tlon company.
Applioationfor a Patent.
Noticeto Co-Owners.
J.C. Paulsen and fl. B Urant In the followlni
ToMr. A S Doualaas, who la a t o owner with
demrll^ed properly I S H ot S H S H of HW 1% of^sec m To. l 1 N of R a west You are hereby^notified ill at 1 (the underrlgned) have expended^one hundred dollars ($11*1) la labor snd Improve^in^nte upon the above desc ribed property, as will^appear l^v certlflt ate died May -d, INC. In tke of^Hi ^ of the recorder of said county In order to^hold the said premises under tbe provisions of^re. tlon v: 3*4 ol ths Ke vised htetutee ot the lotted^Mates, ttelng tbe amonnt r^ ^|ulred by law to hold^the same for the year ending Dec. 81, 1SS8. And^If within ninety dsys from the publication of this^notices you fall or refuse to contribute yoer pro^^portion of such expenditure as a co-owner, yosr^ntereat in said ^ lalm will become the propeity of^the subecrll^er undsr said section 2,:i^4.
HeUaa,Lewis and Clarke county. Moat., Jan 21,^i ran
NoticeIs hersby o . -. that there will l*i meet^lng o( the etockholdere of tbe Hun lilvsr Canal^company at ths law office of Ashburn K Barl^onr,^Masonic Temple, cltyof Helena terntorv of Mon^^tana, on Wednesday, February *7ih, A. I), fev at^Vlock f, 111 of aaid day, for the purpose of^su' milting to the stockholders of said company^ths prop' sltlon of lncreaalng tbe capital stock of^said cvtupeny from three hundred thousand dol^lars, divided Into twenty |ve thousand shares, to^one million dollsre, divided Into two hundred^thousand shares, of the par value of dvs dollars^each.
Dated,Helens, M. T., January lSlh, A D 1HHW.
Noticeot Finttl Proof.
U.8. UnuOmri, Hslsma.M. T. I^January 7th, lS69. (^Notice Is hereby given that the following named^settler hss tiled notice of hto Intention lo make^final , roof in support of his claim, and that said^prool will he made l^fore the register and re^^ceiver, at llelsna, Mont, oa February 12, Imhi,^visl Use 11. Itead, wh^i made prw eruption l^. s.^No S.tMS for tbe nw W sw t* sec gg. tp 11, n., r.^8 w. He names the following wltneeees to prove^hi* continuous residence upon and cultivation of^said I ^ nt), vis:
JohnHarding WHIlsm Heed. Anton Heymer,^aud Henry Kelly, all of Helena, Moat.
S.W. LANGUOKNK. Register
TheCounty of Missoula, Manteaa Territory,^offers for sale twenty thoueand dollars ' per neat,^bonde. K+dfteiuahla In twenty rears, Interest^coup'-ns nay able semi annually. Bonds to be Is^^sued In denomlnations of $MK). sealed propoeals^St hide tor tbe purchase of said bonds In part or^whole will be received by tbe county clerk of^Missoula rounty up to and including March 4, lNHV.^Address l^ O. Bogart, ounty cierk, Mlseoule,^Mont.
Thlato lo notify tbe public that Wing Wab has
Eurchased, tbe entire Intereet of Lee I ung In the^hina wash house. No. Ml Clore street. Wing^Wah hss kept a first class laundry In Hsn Fran^claco, and vuarantnee the people of Helsne good^work and cheap prices.
Glove^ FittiM
Short,Medium and^Bitra Long.
HighestAwards Granted
Tits Beet Uoodls and i beauest for
ForKale by HALKIOU sY * LA UK K, Hslens^Mont.
Thomson,Lsntdon, dt Co.. Nsw York
Isthe Kut-IUll Short Line from Bt^Haul aud Minneapolis; via La Crosse and^If llwaukse to Chicago and all points In^ths Kastsrn States and Canada. It Is the^only line under one management be^^tween St. Paul and Chicago, and Is the^Finest Ktjalpped Railway In the North^west. It is the only line running Full^man Orawlng-Uoom Sleeping Cars with^Luiurluus Smoking Rooms, and the^Klnest Dining Cars lu the World, via the^famoim ^River Bank Route,** along the^shorsH of I .(tke Pepin and the beautiful^MIhnIshIppI River to Milwaukee and^Chicago. Its train* connect with those^of the Northern lines in ths Grand Union^Depot at St. Paul. No change of care of^any class between St. Paul and Chicago.^Kor through tickets, time-tables,and full^information, apply to any coupon ticket^agent in the Northwest. R. Miller,^ften'I Manager; J. K Tucker, Ase'tGenl^Manager; A. V. H. Carpenter, Geu'l Pass,^an i Tkt Ag't; Oeo. H. H*-afford, Aast^Gen'l Pass, and Tkt. Ag't, Milwaukee^Wis. W. H. Dixon, Ass't Gen'l Pass-^Agent, Bt. Paul Minn.
asJraodPs'ttiann.i f
!^Bie^Blectrie Trts
Kaarto w*r. 1
^.*^*]^^**r. li.aian'lr retleew^t-m, Ifitiuurwd lliotiMndr f^u
Illutrwl*d FamLblstN * I.
Helena,Montana, Januarr^Notice to hereby sivea that thi heirs of August^Poller, deceased, by Lenlse Poller, administratrix,^whose poetofllce address Is II lena, Montana,^baa this day died aiipllcatloa tor a patent,^under tbe mining laws of con^reae. for a j.lacer
nlulngclaim deal^nateil as lot No. M, survey No. I^M)l. sltuatad in unortfanl^ed mining dlsulct.Lewie a^and t'larke couaty, Montaas Terrltorr, la sectloa g^-It, township u^, north range 4 west, which claim 3^to not nt record, and described as follows In ths m^ofllclal ulet and field notes on file la this office: M^Heglnntng at corner No. 1, a limestone IBjTSf las. I 3^and running thence e. SV's. 1 sm chains, thence n.^SS'e. 2.14 chains, thence a. 4S* s. iLSS chains,^thence n SilV a SbUchalns, thence n. 88%* sr.^1 W chains to comer No ^ of this snrvey, the^seine being- corner No. IS of lot No. 47. placer^mining claim of Henry Hay et al from which the^I* section corner on east boundary of section 9S,^tow nshlp lo, north range 4 weal hears n. SW' e.^distant to v chelae, thesce s. W ^^^ er. S.TV^chain*, thence sw chains, thence s. 41*
w.S SU chelae, theses s SH' sr. K. 15chains U. the^plsyeof bealaalne, embracing one and eighty all^one hundredth O.hsi acres, upon which a notice of^said spplbatlon was posted the 17th day of^August, 1kst. The adlolnlntr claim an to to thees^preutlees are Henry Hay et al, placer mining^claim lot 4. lu said t wnsnlp.
S.w. LANOUOHNB, Hegtster^Coaly A Koote, attorneye for claimant.^Klrst publlcstlon, January H, 1HSS
Applioationfor a Patent.
L'srrsnhtatbs Land Optics, t^Helena, Montana, Jas V, 1HSV. f^Notice to hereby given that Harrison Asbury,^William I lato and John 11 Hardwlck, wh^^ee p^ist-^^ fllce eddreee Is Helena, M T., have this da^ filed^their sppllcatlon f t a patent for ose hundred^and nfty-aeven and 01 ion acreeof tbe placer mine^bearing gold, situated In I'norganlxed mlnlnir dls-^trlcL i ouatiee of Lewta and i'larke and J*-fferaon,^and 1'eirltoryot Montana, e^^d deelgaateo by the^field notea and official plat on file In this ofl\c^ as^loto nn Hi iter 1 v and ^, and the sw. ^ se. a\ of sec^*L la township v a , rangs * w , of principal base^line and meridian of Montana Territory, contain^157 01 100 acres
beIim allon of this mine Is recorded In the re
corder'soffice of Lewis and Clarke county In took^T of R. and D, The adjoining clalmante are ua-^known.
Bw LANOIIOItNB, Register.^John W. Boor, attorney for applicant.^First publlcaUon Jan. 10, lHSl
[No.2206 |
appmuaiion FOR A PATBNT.
D.S. Lam i) Ornca, I^llelent Montana, December 'JO, 1HHH f
Noticeto hereby given that James P. I'orter,^Henry W. Poole, Th4^s. Ooff and Frank K t-hafTer.^whoae poetofflce a^ldrese Is Helena, Montsaa 'lar^rltory, hare this day lied their application for a^patent for fllteen hundred linear feet of tne Dies^Paurtu lode mine nr vein l^earlng gold, etc., with^surface ground six hundred feet In width, situated^In Helena unorgenUed tulnlni; district, county of^Lewis and Clarke and Territory of Montana, and^dslgnsted by the field notes and official plat on^file In thla office as lot No. SV, see. i\ la townehlp^10, north range 4 west of principal base line and^meridian of Montana Territory, said lot No W^being at follows to wit: Beginning at cor. No. 1,^from which the northwest cor. to sec id, tp in,^B. r. 4 W ^^,..^^ s ,; i; \\ , N feet; thence N.^Ml* B. INI feet, thence H. 7^'fSO B. ITTN feet; thegre^S. W^ B. 1,/TO feet; thence 8 SH' W. H00 feet;^thence N HS' W. l.ltw Net. thence N. 2* HA B 44A^feet to place of tieglnnliihc, containing lit.11 acres
TheI.., ^ti n of tills mine Is recorded In the re^^corder's office of Levis and Clarke connty, In^books * of lodes Tbe adjoining claimants are^University lode on tbe nortn and the Oood Pallh^lode on the west, both uasurveyed.
S.W. LANOllOKNB, Hegtster.
JnoW. Bddy. attorney for claimants.
PlrslpubUcatlon December : il, 1SHS.
Applioationfor a Patent'
UstTBOBTarsa Lash orma, i^Mm km, Montsna, V^January IS, 188U. \^Notice to hereby given that Timothy Wilcox,^Harrison Asbury, Oliver C Klnker, Ida B.^Yergy and William 1'lato, whoae poeu^fflce ad^drees Is Helena, M. *\, have this dsv filed appll^cation for a pstent for three hundred and twantv^scree of lbs Placer mine bearing gold,^eltusted In unorirarilKed mining district, county^of Lewis and Clarke, snd territory of Montana,^sud designated by the field notes and official plat^on file In this office ae the sM of secUon ttb. In^t mnshlp 10, n. range S, w. of principal haee line^and merldan of Moutans territory, containing '^aC'ss. 1 he locattos of this mlae Is recorded In^the recorder a office of Lewis and Clarke county^In hook I of K and It lhe adjoining claimants^are unkno^n.
WLANOHOHNB, Hegtoter.^John W Bddy atu^rney for Applicants^Plrst publicafloo Jsa. 17.
Noticeto Stookholdera
Notlra le hereby given thst a meeting of the^stockholders of the Helena Steam Power and^Lighting c^ mpany will ^^^^ held in the parlors of^the Plrst National Hank In the city of Helena, In^the county of l^ewto and Clarke, Territory of^Montsna, on Wednesday, the sixth day of Pebru^ary. A. 0. lSKv, at 7:MJ o'rloct p. ..... for the pur^^poee af considering and voUng^ uiMtn a propoal-^tlon to Increase tbe capital etocx of the (ompany^from the sum of fifty thousand dollars to the auui^of ose hundred thoueand dollars. All stockhold^^er are requested to be present In person or by^proxy.
NoticeIs hereby given thst there will be s^meetlbtf of the Btix abolders of the Helens sad^tilmlnl Mining ('ompany, al the office of the aaid^(ompany, to-wit, at tbe office of the V M Holler^Hardware Company In the cltyof Helena, Mon^^tana, on Monday, the .^.tit day of February, lSHt),^at 2 o'clock p. av , for the purpose of submitting^ts the stockholders of said corporation, a propo^^sition to leaae and ssll all or a portion of the^property of the said Helena and Klmlnl Mining^Compsny to the !', H. Public hamphng Company,^or to some other company or person, one year or^lass Said leaae to provide for the privilege, on^tbe part of the lease*, to purchase said property^or a portloo thereof during the term of said lease.^The property so supported to he leased, with Bfff.^Hega of sale, Is In the ^ .r,t of l^ewlsand Clarke.^Territory of Montana, aiid to distinctly specified^ae follows to wli Beginning at a rtake eet on^the south boundsry of the northeast quarter of^of the northeast quarter of section number twen^ty-three of township number ten north of range^uumber four west of the principal haee line and^meridian of Montana Territory, and which stake^hears south MM* east ft.HH chains distant alwng^eald south ttoundery from the southeast corner^of said forty sire tract, said southeast corner^being marked by a stake on the eaet boundary of^said section number twenty-three which hears^south 0'8b esst dlatant at *t chalas from the^original corner to sections numbered thirteen,^fourteen, twenty-three and twenty-four, which to^marked by a grsnlte stone with three not. hee on^the south edge, with pits and mound; thence run^nlng south bVlb wast l^ tfl chains along said^south boundary of said forty acre tract to a stake^at the south weet cornsr of the same; thence^north n-:^5 west 7 W chains aleng the west bound^^ary of said forty acre tract to a siake marked as^the northwest corner of thla lot, thence south !W^'Mi east .Ml chains; thence south 54' east I ft^^chains, thanes south bn'at/ eaet ,7V chtlns.^themesouthM BP east
8.28chains; thence south M'^O east^1 ^7 chains, then* a so nil. SO 10 east I f^7 chains,^thence south 41' 12 aast 1 fib i bains; thence south^41*41 east .72 chains; thence south 41 ^2 eaet l.U^chains, thence south bH east .SI chains thence^south S4*aV east i chains^point of Iwtglnnlng. Tbe premises hereby con^^veyed containing 4 21 scree, n ore or Isae. The^whole boundsry from the northwest corner of^eald lot to ths point of Itatclnnlng, bavlng been^laid out by offsets two hundred fset distant from^the canter of the Northern PaclAc railroad track;^save and except so iuu^ U of aaid property as was^conveyed by Alfred M. Beler and Ophwlia Baler,^hto wife, lo the M on ana Centre! Hallw a' t 'om^pany for right of way purposes, by deed dated^August 2n, A. D 1MS4, said uiceplet portion con^^taining 1 so acres.
Saidproperty so proposed to be leased snd sold^being the eame whereon Is situated the Bsler^Costentretor. Held sale and leaeetolaclude concen^^trator and all other buildings and Improvements^upon said property, together with all tenements,^hereditaments and epiturienancee thereunto be^longing, Including all franc blnea and privllegee.
Noticete Co-Ownors
To(teo Bowen I You are hereby notlflad that 1^have expended two hundred dollars In labor and^lmprovnoaento npon the Lizzie auartx lode, sllua^ted about two thousand fet't northweat of ihe Lit^^tle Km in a quarts lode mining claim, near Jeckeon^creek and tbe Mr ndon ^jiiarta lode, situated ab^^ul^one half mile northeast of the Little Kmma^i jaru^loda mining claim and ab/^nt two thousand feet^north of Jackson creek, with the Sumner lode on^the esst and the - Ixsle lode on the west, both In^so orgs lead mining district, In Jefferson county,^Montana territory ^* elll appear by certificate on^file In the office of ths recordsr of aaid coonly, In^order to hold said premises unde* the i rovlalons^of Sac. ' -.44, revised statutes of the Cnlted Mates,^being lb-* atiiosat r^ quired to hold the aame for^the ye^r ISeb: aad if within ninety days after this^aolffa yuu fall, or refose to lontnbats tour pro*
1ortlos of euch rioendltare as a co-owner, your^ntereat In said Lfxsls and Hrandon lode claims^wUl become ths property of th^ suhet rit^er.
wP.CUM SINS^Helena, Lewis and Clarke coanty, end teirtoory^of Montana, Jan. 1^tb, IHbU.
ChildrenCry for Pitcher's Cwtoria.^Children Cry for Pitcher's Cartel
Noticeto Co Owners
Tot h arise Whltcomb and H. B.Davis: |ssj^sre hsreby wftlSed thst I have expended one^hundrsd dollars In labor and Improvement upon^the Virginias qasrts lode, situated In Lewto and^Clarke county, Montana Territory, In St mple
inrtfarlted) mlnlr g dimrb t, and is boumtod on^tasaast by the CU* eland lt^de and on ths weet bv^ths I'naasiock as/ 'eruahe lodes, la order to bold^f^td prsatlsse undsr tbe provtolons of section^LM4 Revised sum tea of tbe United ^tetes, being^the amount required to ho d the same for the year^lMhn, and If within ninety dats after this aotlce^yoa fsll to or refuse to conuibals yoar propor^^tions of such sipendlture as a co-owner, your in^teres! In said \ lrglnl s l^^de claim will become^the property of this sihecrtber.^Merysvtlle, Lewto and t lark* county Jan. Sd.
A Cor. Main St. and Helens av , Helena, Montsna, Bvery room a flrit-clsse frontroosa
Mainstreet, Helena, Montana. Huslness center of the city. Plrst class. All street care past^the Above bouses. Many restaurants In does proilmlty stall nrlcee booms hie. 75c. $1 U), salt^tl.^O per day according to location, f peclal weekly rates. B. O. LBNOlK. Prop both hoi^1
Underthe Law6 of Montana.
Totake place Publicly in the Court Hoouse, at Billings, Montana,^Monday, April 15, 1889.
PirstPaiss The erell known and popular
ValuedatfAI.au).NOTE A Warranty Deed for ths Hotel and Ilea Me aces, free from anvsndtsi^Incumbrances, has been placed on deposit In ths Plrst National Hank of HUllnga. to be delivered to^ths persons holding tbe lucky numbers on ths dsy of drawing. ft. U, MI'.N!^, Csshlsr,
H.OLDHAM, Asst. Cashier.
SECONDPRIZE^A Two-Story Residence Valued at $5,000.^THIRD PRIZE^One Steinway Grand Piano Valued at $1,ooo.
1CeNHh Mm
10 ^ Prlww. at $100 each
* u ^ 60 H
6o mm m ao ^
loo ^ ^ 10 ^
100^ 6 ^..........,...!,]
AggregatePrizes, $75,000. 15,000 tickets at $5 eacb
W.B. The President of 'he l^eelelatlve Council, the Speaker of the House ot HepreeentatlTee, aa^a third person to tie selected by the vote of those ticket-holders present at the drawing wll^Huperlntend the drawing.
AgentswantedIn every town in the Territory, at good commissions. Address all Communications t*
J.J. NICKEY, Box 178, Billing, MonUna.
TheRenowned ('allfornls
Specialists,Surgeons^and Physicians
FarlfleHotel, Irlalst Ntrsel, Helena.^Tloiii , April M Inllh, | SH9.
Dr.Lelblg a Ofu specialists for all] diseases or^men, however Indured, and no matter how Invet^^erate; speedily, thoroughly snd permanently^cured. Recent reeoe radically cured In a few days^LMxalness of tbe head, Weakn* mm of advancing^years, and all ^relaxed, languid exhausted** con^^ditions of tbe vital forcee, speedily cured. Thor^^ough examination. Including analysis and mtcro-^ac'iptcaJ examination of urine, $5,(1). Tbe reason^thousands r.annot get cored of seminal weak seas,^spermatorrhea, loas of manhood, and other com*^plaints resulting from foUlee of youth, or excess^of maturity, Is to a complication called proetator^rhea,or hypereathealLwhlch requires special treat^^ment. Or Lathlge invlgorstor number one. Ir^the only cnre for the former trouble, and numbei^two lathe only known remedy for the complice^tlon above named I'roetalorrnes. Prlceof sltiier^Invlgorstor i ' ^*^ i^t bottle, or elx bottles for $10.^A two dollar bottle sent free on application to^prove the wonderful power of this great remedy^K rongest electric belte free to patients Call or^address,
LIRBIODINI'INSAKY,^^^I0 (tesrv street, Han Kranclaco. ( al
Noticeof Final Proof.
LandOrrirs at Hilsna, Mont 11^January^, lWU f^Notice is hereby given that the following named^settler ba* filed notice of his Intention to make^final oroof In suptortof bis claim, and that said^proof will he msfte l^efore the register and re^^ceiver, at Helena. Mont, on February II. lM*v, rls:^Noe I'arent, who made homestead appllraib^n No.^x.USnfor thane, k sec. M^, tp. 11 a., r. I w Ke^nsmee the following witnesses to prove his con^^tinuous reeldence upon, and cultivation of, said^land, vis:
HomerKlv. David Jebnson, Rdmond LaChap-^pelle and Oteltrey I.aaelle, all of Helena, Mont.
DealersIn Palest Mediclaee, Pancr Toilet
Ooods,Kan tern Lamps and Lamp OoodS, Olsss,^Tainte, oils, etc Hurtdcal Instruments, Crutches,^Uraces, etc Wholesale events for Curo for^Coughs and OoldS, If Irk s Pile Ointment, Witches^iKgopodlnm, Iloaanko Medlrlnee, Dr. Kilmer's^Remedy, Dandelion Tonic, Oregon Kidney Tea,^Dillard's Hpeclfk.
I'ulfrmontedantl not^intoxicating. Acts like^^harm in all cases of Diar-^rhuea and !^yaent^ry and all^stomach and bowel troubles.^Oratt'ful alike to women, chil^^dren and convalescents. CMTfM^a delicious flavor to ice-water,^lemonade or soda-water.
Imported and bottled by
Cincinnati,O. For sale by^^i HW1TZKK, sole agent, Helena, Montana and^all wholesale and retail Druggists, Liquor Dealers^and Wlue Merrhanta everywhere.
Iprescribe snd tally sa-^dorae lo a U 11 lbs ualy^srertfic fur the certain cuiS^of thla diftvaae.^U. U.l.n .HAII/ M.M
Amstersaiii,N Y.^We have sold Big CI for^many years, and It has
(Ivanths beet ef sane^action^D. R. DYCHBACO..
chtrag. 111.^11.00. Bold by DroctlsU
R.*. Hale * Co., H M. Parches 4 Cr whole-^aaieageau.
(Hucceeeorto Johnson A King.)
HaokafurtilBhod for Weddings,^Funerals. Balle, Bto, at Reason^^able Rates.
Bftf/gaaTetrftiiafcrredto and from^all trnins to s.11 parts of the city.^OHA8. F8TUART Prop.
Office(irand Central Hotel. Telephone
A.K. Freicolt
IHorsJFarsjoisio)^HIL1NA. at. T
GreatEnglish Remedy
Aguarantee* cure for aU nerve us cUs-^esses, such se WeaH Memory. Loas of^(train Power, Hysteria. Headache. Pain^^in ths Hack. Nsrvons Prostration.Wake^rulnees, Leucorrhwa, L'slverssl lassitude, Semi^nal Weakness, Inipotency and gensral lose of^power of the Osneratlve Organs-In either Sex,^rauseri bv indiscretion or over exsrtlon. and wkkh^itlUniately lead to Premature Old Age, Insanity^and Consumption. tl a box or six boxes for as-^Sent by mall on receipt of price. Pull particulars^In pamphlet, seni free to every applicant.
WeGuarantee Six fsexee^to cnre say case. Por every^calved, ws send six boxes,
Ssstsatseto refund tne^[^eclllc doss not effect^all communications to th^^Mrere' Till MURRAY MBDICINK Co..
Kaa*a city. Mo^Por sale la Uslsas by U M. Psscnas a Co.

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