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AColonization and Filibustering Af^^fair Which May Lead to 8eri-^out Trouble.
LoaADgeleadispatches etate that there^li a scheme on foot to take possession of^Lower California and attach It to the^L'Qlted Mat*'*. A federal official of Loa^Angeles statin! that Hie aeliriue Is being^worked through a secret order which has a^large lUfUtiershlp through the south. He^Mid: ^They are well org niz**d ami num^^ber l.uou men in the military department,^out of which the civil department takes in^many prominent and Influential men. 1 re^^fused to have auvthing to do with the^scheme, but expect to hear from it before^long. Anyone who has waU-hed the pro^^gress ot things on the peninsula during^the past year and who has known of the^existence of the society cau easily see that^Unuble Is brewing
Theplan, which was very visionary, was^traced to Col. J. K. Mulkey, who ten years^ago was a correspondent of the Louisville^Courier-Sournal. A reporter who pre^^tended he desired to join the enterprise^asked Col. Mulkey: ^What have you done^iu the way ot naval anaugementa'.'
Very little.
Haveyou any colleagm s among naval
Yes,^replied the colonel confidentially.^^Capt Muliau, ot the t utted States steam^^er Nipsic.
Haveyou any assistance In Washing^^ton ^
Wecan get all the aid there when we^waut it. There are men hitfh in authority^In this movement, aud some of them IN^very near the administration.
Howabout Jones f
Well,Senator Jones is on our side.
Nowas to the question of money ^
Wehave Mittlcient funds for the pres^^ent When certain arrangements are made^we will have all the money we desms.
Howaoon will operations commence^
lamgoing to San Diego on Mond^^;^from thert* 1 go to the lt^al d^-\ Castillo, iu^Lower California, where 1 will establish^Ml headquarters. 1 am going well Iim-I^ d
QotBgnito the back parlor Mulkey^brought forth a large envelope bearing the^Ott) of Mexico postmark. Be Opened the^envelope and drought lorth two letters of^IntrodtteUoo, one to tin. Torres, governor^of Lower California, aad another to a
fimminentMexican otlicial at La Pal. The^etter to (Jen. Torres was signed by Ko-^mero, Mexican seen tary of the interior. It^ordered that a force of armed men he^given OoL Mulkey as a military escort, it^he so d^ Mired.
Willnot international complications re^suit from this scheme T'
None.Our scheme Is merely a business^(imposition. We wilt locale settlers in^Lower California. In six months they will^be bona tide residents. We expect to hav e^a force of ^,000 men on the ground, and a^goodly pottion of them are there already.^We have worked for years on this scheme.^No International complications can result.^We will not be filibusters, but merely colo^^nists, setting up our own form of republi^^can government-
Whenand where can I join you^^^^I'll tell you. Go with me to San Diego^on Monday. When 1 return from the Ui*al^del Castillo 1 can give you the inside se^^er ts and have you sworn in as a member^of the organization- 1 have told you more^than 1 ought to. When you take the oath^of allegiance I can tell you many things^that will open your eyes.
I'lltell you what, if you join us you'll^never regret it. Those who are on the in^^side will in- made miniature princes, both^in power and wealth.
Howabout the International com^^pany ^
Thosepeople cut M figure. They have^no rights down there, and we will simply^shut them out and stop their work just^where they are.
OrsaswArmy men have been made^propositions to join in the scheme and^offered good pay. The ntf.ur is developing^new features, and will possibly assume a^serious phose very soon.
Ketusrkal'lestory or a Woman Who Hwl^Apparently Hern Dead.
Chicagospecial, April 12: Eleven weeks^ago the wife of Mr. Aimer Wells, of 47^South May street, was prostrated with^rheumatic fever. The complaint grew in^intensity, aud Mis. Wells, though of a^strong phvshi'ie, stitTered excruciating tor^^ture. The disease at last penetrated the^spinal marrow and produced as much pain^as if touched by a rod of iron at white^heat. Opiates were administered to ease^the pain, and for weeks the fever kept rag^^ing on. The system, racked t^y the iutense-^ness of the case, began to give way, and^Mrs. Wells became totally unconscious^at times, the spells lasting from a few mm^utes to several hours. On last Kriday a^dimness of her sight was noticed and a^hand passed before her eyes she was unable^to see. She at first did not notice this near^feature and when site did and inquired^about her loss ot visiou was told it was due^to the medicine gi\en In r. Between Fri^^day and Monday morning she was uucon^scious sew ral times. On Monday, just af^^ter breakf ast, she began to sink and be^^came uncoiiM'ious. Mr. Wells and the^nurse applied the usual remedies and re^^stored her in a short time. A few moments^later Mr. Wells lifted her while the nurse^arranged the pillow. As he did so he^notiet-d a peculiar look In his wife's^eyes. The colon varied rapidly, and then^became glassy. lit r face assumed ft differ^eut hue, her head tell back and her jaw^dropped. Mr. Wells became alarmed and^called the nurse's attention to it. She^shook her head doubtf ully, aud Mr. Wells^placed his baud ou his wife's heart. Not^the slightest motion could he de^^tect. He called to her, but^she did not reply. Then he^tried to aroused her by shaking, bnt it was^useless, and he sorrowfully awoke to the^fact that ^he was dead. The uurse, an old^and experu in ed woman, examined Mrs.^Walls criticall), and, in answer to the hi.*^band's expectant look. aim pi} said: ^Mil^^ls dead.^ Shortly after this Mr. Bnly, the^mother of the dead woman, was called^downstairs. She was not notified of the^event, and entering the room saw hei^daughter 1)ing with the imprint of dealt)^on her face. Mrs. linly was unprepared^for the sad sight, and uttering a^piercing shriek tell in a faint^on the floor. Sobst quently, while prepara^^tions were being carried out for the burial^of Mrs. Wells, her mother again gave way^to violent grief. As she did so Mrs. Wells^opened her eyes slowly and looked fixedly^yet softly at her mother for an instant,^then closed them again. The watchful^husband saw it, and summoning assistance^worked with reiiewi d vigor on the appar^^ently dead form, aud after a half hour's ef^^fort was rewarded by signs of returning^consciousness. The next moment she^^aid to her husband faintly: ^1^was far, far away, up above^the earth, and free truui psin. 1 heard^you when you called me first, and heard^you afterward, and saw all that you did,^but so tree from pain was 1 that I did not^want to come back. Then I saw mother
enterthe room, and still 1 would notn-.
butwhen 1 taw the look of anguish in her^face a- she saw me dead and uttered her^heart r-ndenng cry 1 could stay away no^longer, so 1 came back.
I'lu-next moment Mrs Wells relapv-d^Into uuconsci^^usne*s again. Mr. V\ ells^said to a reporter to day that his wife had^rallied a li'tle, and he has hopes that her^lite would be IMftsJ, but she is MiII a very^sick woman. All the parties nsmed are^reputahl-'. and the physicians of the city^are much exercised o^6t tlf affair.
ThisIs what you ought to have, In fact,^you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thous^^ands are aearching for it daily, and mourn^^ing hecause tbe^ tind It not. Thousands^upon thousands of dollars are spent annu^^ally by our people in the hope that they^may attain this boon. And ^et It may be^had h^ ail. We guarant**** that Klectrlc^Bitters, if used acrordlng to directions and^the use persisted In, will bring you good^digestion and oust the d*-mon dyspepsia^and in-'all instead eupepny. We recom^^mend Klectric Hitters lor dyspepsia and all^diseases of liver, sti ma. h and kidneys.^Sold at 60c and SI per bottle by R. K. Hale^A Co , druggist.
ALife NMlr Nlserwble
Bydyspepsia Is scarcely worth the living.^A capricious appetite, heartburn, puzzling^nervous symptoms, Increased action of the
heartafter eating, sinking in the abdomen^between meals, and flatulence after, are^among the successive indicia of this har^ranking complaint. Two things only are^needful for its removaL A resort to Hoe-^tetter's Stomach Bitters, and persistence In^its use. These remedial measure* being^adopted a cure is certain. Takeu immedi^ately before or after meals, this great^stomachic promotes secretion of the gastric^Juice, the natural solvent of the food. The^nervous and bilious symptoms consequent^upon chronic indigestion disappear, as the^complaint gradually yields to the correc^^tive and invlgorattug influence of tbe Bit^^ters. Appetite returns, sleep becomes^more refreshing, and as a sequence the^body is efficiently nourished, muscufar^power Increases, and the mind grows sail^guine. IV the Bitters for chills and fever^and fheumstism.
ForAccomodation of Helens People.
Forthe accomodation of Helena people^who wish to go to Marysville and Jay^Gould aud return the same day, the Mon^^tana Central Hallway company, will, com^^mencing Tuesday, April Win, run an extra^passenger train between Helena and^Mar^svtlle. Train No. 10 will leave Hel^^ena at 7:80 and arrive at Silver (Junction^for Jay Gould i at K.05 a. m , arrive at^Marysville at H:36 a.m. Train No. b will^leave Marysville at H;65 a tu. Leave Silver^at 9:24 a in. arrive at Helena at 10 a. m.^Train No. n* will lewve Helena at 3:ST^ i) m ,^arrive at Silver 4:17 p. iu., arrive at Marys^^ville at 4:47 a. m. Train No. 9 will leave^Marysville at 6:30 p. m , leave Silver A p m.^arrive at Helena at 4:85 p.m. This ar^^rangement mill give passengers 9 hours at^Marysville aud 4 hour* at Jay Gould.
SanFrancisco and Los Angeles Excur^^sion Rates.^On January 15th and the same date each^month thereafter, the I'nion Pacific rail^^way company will sell excursiou tickets to^San Kram-isco at the following rates from^Helena. Going and returning via Ogden,^$75; going via Ogden and returning via^Portland (either by rail or steamer between^San Kraucisce and Portland) or vice versa,^$mu. Los Angeles aud return, going via^Ogden and returning same, $H5. Tickets to^the above points include side trips, Ogden^to salt Lake City and returu. All the^abort tickets are good sixty days golng.ex-^tretiie limit six mouths from date of sale^and allow stopover privileges in both ^ll^n ( lions within the limit. Through Pull^^man cars between Helena and PiH'atello^via the Montana Central and Butte, leaving^Helena daily at 7:20 a tu.
A.K. Y h a / ik.^Trav. Pass Agt., 28 N. Main st.
aScrap of Paper Saves Her Life).^It was just an ordinary scrapof wrapping^paper, 'it it saved her lite. She was In^the last stages of consumption, told by^physicians that she was incurable and^could live only a short time; she weighed^less than seventy pounds. On a pttps of^wrapping paper she read of Dr. King's^New Discovery, and got a sample boitle; it^helped her, she bought a large bottle, it^helped her more, bought another and grew^better fast, continued its use and is now^strung, healthy, rosy, plump, weighing 140^pounds. For fuller particulars send stamp^to \V. II Cole, druggist Fort Smith. Trial^Imttlea of this wonderful discovery free at^K. s. Hale A Co.'s drug store.
ItjCLKNA,Oct. 7, 1*87.
1was surfering from an unusually bad^rough, my lungs were sore and congested,^and I consulted one of the best physicians^in Helena, whose prescriptions failed to^relieve me. I became alarmed, and at the^suggestion of a friend purchased a bottle of^Acker's English Kcmody for coughs, and^after taking it accordlug to directions was^completely cured. 1 therefore cheerfully^recommend it.Jacob Switzkk.
Ihad a racking cough and Inflamed^throat and bought a bottle of Acker's Eng^^lish Keutedy upon the recommendation of a^friend, and was entirely cured by It 1^coriMder it a never failing remedy for a^Count!.J. Kkldukko.
Acker'suuglish preparations are for sale^In Helena only bv K. S. Hale A Co.
AMure Cur* for Piles.
r.Kirk's German Pile Ointment has^r jred Mind, Hleeding and Itching Piles^when all other ointments have failed. It^absorbs the tumors, allays the Itching at^once, acts as a poultice, gives Instant re^^lief. Dr. Kirk's German Pile Ointment is^prepared only for piles and Itching of the^private parts, and nothing else. Every^box Is warranted. Sold by druggists or^sent by mail on receipt of price, 50 cents^and SI per box. Sold by K. S. Hate * Co.,^Helena.
Curei ..I l ii. -.^Itching piles are known by moisture like^perspiration, producing a very disagree^^able itching after getting warm. This^form, as well as blind, bleeding and pro^^truding piles, yield at once to the applica^^tion of Dr. Hosanko's Pile Remedy, which^acts directly upon the parts affected, ab^^sorbing the tumors, allaying the intense^Itching and effecting a permanent cure.^Fifty cents. Address The Dr. Rosanko^Medicine company, Piuua, O. Sold by R.^S. Hale A Co.
Curefor Kick Ifleeriwhe.
Ifyou want a remedy for biliousness,^pimples in the face, and a sure cure for^sick headache, ask R. S. Hale A Co., the^druggists, lor a free sample of Dr. Gunn's^IJver Pills. Oiriy one for a dose; full box^26 cents.
Ifyou are nervous or irritable, feel lan^^guid, dispirited, or If you have sick head^^ache, sallow complexion or offensive breath,^then your liver is out of order and needs^rousing. Dr. Henley's Dandelion Tonic^restores the liver to healthy action and^tones up the entire system. Sold by R S.^Hale A Co., wholesale and retail agents,^Helena.
Agentleman who had suffered great an^noyance and pain from barbers'Itch, and^who had been treated by the best phy^^sicians, without relief, says that two bot^^tles of Dutard's sped he cured him and left^his face perfectly smooth, without a scar.^It never falls in skin diseases. Sold by R.^S. Hale A Co., wholesale aud retail agents,^Helena.
Kditorof the Indki'kndknt: Please an^^nounce in tbe columns of your valuable pa^^per that we are sole agents tor St. Pat^^rick's Pills, the ssotl perfect cathartic and^liver pills In the market. They not only^physic, but cleanse the whole system; pu^^rity the blood and regulate the liver and^bowels; they are vigorous but gentle in^their action and can always he depended^upon. For sale by H. M. Parcben A Co.
Notone person in tift^ arrives at the age^of forty, who is not troubled with kidney^oruiinary complaints in some form. To^UMM sttlicted with pain In the baek, non^retention of urine, nervous debility, pain^^ful .or suppressed menstruation, we can^offer a remedy that has been In constant^use over twenty years, Oregon Kidney Tea.^This preparation has done more for suffer^^ing humanity than any other medicine in^the market Sold by R S. Halo A Co.,^wholesale and retail agents, Helena.
Whenftahy was nick, we jraTe her Castorta,^When iliewu a Child, she cried forCastotia,^v. aSBJ idie hrcanif* Mien. she clung to Caatorla,^Whfu ahull*:' kg lr*Mi. gSSgassj th*m Casturi*,
Pokii.anl),Or*., Jan. 12. ^ Having a se^^vere hack ache last summer, i tried the^Oregon Kidney Tea 1 ustd one can, which^effected a radical cure. I would recom^^mend It to all who are stllicted as an un^^failing remedy.Jri.ft's Acu.
Soldr^y K. 3. Hale A Co., wholesale and^retail agents, Helena.
, Ihe Original
rfcalTvoLIVER^Q\\^dXB PILLS.
I'e4|^^le* ., UVFit 1*111.
^W i'^ I I I I A
Bewareof imltat lona cmitalntna; Poisonous^Minerals. Always h-k fur In IVrce'a I'elM*.^which are htUu ^u^ar-cai. ^i puss, or Anti-^bilious tiranol* a.
Hem*Fun ly \ c.rtnMe, Or. Pierce s^Pellet* operaut without disturbance to th*^^yntt-m, diet, or occupation. Put up n irlaas^vial*, hermetically m-al^!. Alwavs K h and^reliable. Thej arc auntie luaalltt or an^active purgative, arcnaus; to slae t doso.
Billon- lie i.l a ^ hr,
Dlsatusaa*^ onetl pa^^tio D, IM dig eel I on.^Bllloua Aitarha, and^^II derangements off^the ^ivmath and^ho wflt) are pro r i^relieved and perinaneutU^cured hy the iwof Dr. Pierce's Pleasant^Purgative Pellets. In ^^k|.hoiatit^n ul the^remedial power of these pellets mer so gr^-at^a variety i^f diseases, u may truthfully he said^that their actum u|h^n the sv^tein ts univer^^sal, uot a tflaud or twue escaping their sana^^tive influence. Sold hy druv^rist^. for 2T^ cents^a vtovJ. Manufactured at the CIh-iuIcsI Ul-^oratory of Wohlh* DiapKxssiiv Mkihi ai.^Association, No. Httt Main ht.t lluflalo, N. V
Jy' Wl^ii offered hy the ntonufactur-
m **era of Dr. Sage's i utarrli
\ i/Itemed), for a cam* of
|7*JNI f*Catarrh i. tU^ Head
which they cannot cure,
YHPTOWSOr t ST tit llll. Thill,^besvy headache. ol^trnction of the nasal^ptutNW-s, diM-lmrjrc* fallmg from the head^Into the throut. Houietiuies profuse, watery,^and acrid, at others, thick, tenscious, mucous,^purulent. Moody and putrid; the eyes are^Weak and watery; there Is ringing In the^ears. dcufnc*a, hacklnv or coughing to clear^the throat, exjmh toration of offensive matter,^together with siahs from ulcers; the voice^Is changed and has a ^nasal twang^; the^breath Is offensive; smell and taste are im^^paired ; there Is a sensation of dirtiness, with^mental depression, a luo-king cough and gen^^eral debility. Only a few ot the HUivc-uameil^symptoms are Ilk^ ly to he pn-sent in anyone^case. Thousands of OSSM annmilly, without^manifivtina; half of the alcove s\mptoma, re^^sult In consumption, and end In the grave.^No dim ^aw Is so common, inon- deceptlrs and^dangi-mus, or less uiiderstiHM] hy physicians.
HyIts mild, soot lung, tind hcalmg^t'rojM rties,^I^r. Sage's t'atarrh lf^ medy cuns the worst^ea^s of Catarrh, ^^'old In the Head,**^t in wa, and I'atarrhnl Hcadnclie.
ssNhy drug-gista everywhere; ,fi0 n ntn.
inii.i.1Agony from CaUrrh.M
I*r^f. W. Hm -\fh. the famous mesmrrlst,^of IthaaiiN. Y., writes: ^fWune ten years ago^I suffered untold agony In mi chronic nasal^catarrh. My family physh Ian gave me up as^inctinitilo, and shhI I SSUst die. My case was^such a had one. t!i;it aver* day. towards sun^^set, my rotoc would Iweome so hoiu-Hc 1 rould^handy s|^ealt atmve a i^ litspcr, In the morning^my coughing and essai Ing nf By throat would^lUtnost strangle me. My Hie use of Dr. Sage's^I'atarrh Itemedy. In thtr*' months, I was a well^in.mi, and tbe cun* haN M0g |s-rmanent.
*onstantl} Hawking mid spitting.
Thomasj. HraiiiMi. ^sq , sMM IHne strrtt,^ftt. f^mls. Mo., writes: ^ I v ns a gn at suff^ rsr^from catarrh for three yeius. At UrSsSS I could^hanlly hp'athe, and was constantly hawking^and spitting, and for the lust light months^could nut hreathn through the nostrils. I^tin night nothing could la^ done for me. Luck^^ily, I was advised to try I^r. Sage's Catarrh^Remedy, and I am now a well man. I Udieve^It to bo the only sure remedy for catarrh now^manufactured, and one has only to give it s^fair trial to experience astounding results aud
completeTreatise on Catarrh, giving ral-^Ushln hints as to olothmg, diet, and other^mutters of importance, will he mailed, dosU^said to any address, on receipt of a two-oent^Postage .tump. Address,
sSwtS(^^^penssrT hortirsl * -inMeu,
v*ga^n '^1 ^
Washington^ Idaho
July3, 4 and 5.
Sept.23,24,25,26,27,28, '89.
$8,600IN PURSES.
Trotting;and Kuutilng Stakes; for^two-year oldn, $40 entrance with $2(0^added.
DerbyStake*, $50 entrance with $250^added. Cloue June 1, when m-d pay^^ment of entrance will be due.
AddresHsecretary for Information.
A.A. NEWBERY. Prssldsnt.^B. O. VAN HOUtEN, 8srrstsrr.
Midi'sOpera House.
TheSociety Event of the Season
MoihIh)and Tuesday, April 3'^i-^3,
SpecialWednesday Matinee.
Amerlra'sKepr^ssutatlvs Comedian.
SolSmith Russell
ttupi^irt#(1 njr a Haperh tnpany ordTihe^mauagem nt of Fred K Ber^es In^thf hit of Ids life,
Moadayand st the Hii^^ lsl Msttn^e, Wsdnts^day, a i ril M, * a Poo*- Relation* wdl l^s ^ven.^'I'a-f'ay evsnlnit the (irent * om* ill n ^1 1 i r*^^ssat bis uprosrlously funny fares romwly,
TheInlmltabla (omedlin In all bis orlglntl^^onga
Saleof SeatH beginH at Pope A O'Con-^nor'a drug Htore, Saturday morning at 10
L'udsrtbs Aasptc^a of tbs
MondayEvening, April 22.
mahk% All Are Cordially Invited
KeMeTa and cursa I HEADACHK,
EHZULIAIISil,Tocth^che, Sprtiu,
Mt i. \ I I \. BB11SES,
Sciatica.Lumbago. Burn* and Scaldt-
Atl^m^(iau nmi Hsslsfs.^TsV CHAIUS A. VOWUI CO.. ^attlissrs. MA
anr^^b*i ^^^ riMTaKTfcl'MlsWMLft^BSTtl^^a.fl*lM'*OT*^B^'^^'u4Rm^4^ l UkB. ^*r^ vtife Bm^*^ MB^Wt Blftlt ^4 S^r. Tkb l^ IxMltMtMlMM* ISmmi, Du^^^MHt*. r^*m^. Sola tHrittij ^^ MrMt*. fTHw SS. M|. lilwt S
^^^H.tAltts. tlllXlllMI.MIVll.UL
ChildrenCry for Pitcher's Castor*.
PublicHug Co.
Samplesand Assays Made of all^0 es
ConsignmentsSo icited.
ftamplrsof s*rh M Nubsnlltosl to tbs^dlffftfnt KansUera and tbs Ors sold to lbs^falghttt Hldder.
WKITKFOR TERMS.^OHf ufflcs at Mrroud Natlousil Bank.
IslvpbonsNo. 71.
aamulinKWorks at Nortbsro I'stlflr and Mon^tana ( antral railroad junction.
Taksv ' r Uns west.
3North Main St., Helena, M. T.
FANCYGOODS,^Wednesday. April 17,
Thursday,April 18.
Ansntlrsly nsw Urns of trlmntsd and an-^trlmtned hsls and honnela.
Wswill h^vs a special sala In all our depart^msnts durlntf ^'p*nlnt{ wssk.
Ostrichlips, v^ r*nt* p^r hnn' h. worth 7^c,
Krt-iicbhsads In all colors, 7Rc psr huncli, worth^f i rn
I.ad1' silk Tssts, ^n% worth $l.^f^^Kill idovss, 75c, win t; $1.80.^rorssta, r-, worth Mic, stc.^Your visits -m-.-hi.) sollcltsd.
Co.'V First Regiment,^M. N. G.,
MAY2, i889.
fU,thai ^Trrr \+lt u *tr \mt
tuBi s, a himisr^Korrsot ^hsps.
irvoa want perfection 1,1 flt- wltn frssdon i^ mi^corns aTl discomfort you will alwam w*sr^th^ Hurt A Packard Shoe, tt i^ srkw-wisss,
SJtb^ wfM romtf^TUtiJ*, the vwMMf Slid matt Myltak
fratlrmsni Rhus made In tbs world.^)on't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes.
TtieBurtA Packard Shoan^tn,^r^xhMD*nT
SlSSflaSsRl th..,u/h mm' .iij.-.-fA Km
AllitviM In llaii'i msd*^. flsnd wnlt. snd Hurtw.lt^kImi Hot.' and Youths'. K not sold by jrour osslar *^u4
hitMAS snd your sddrvu u^. v
n l .a [-^ I j (.or^ nSMim to Hurt * Pscmsro)
PackardOt held, Bro^ktonfMaas. wJt;
GuarantyLoan Co.
CapitalMl paid 81,000.000
HelensOfllca, Plttoharx Block, Mala Bt.
Noticeto Oo-Owneri.
ToMr. A ^^J. C. Pseissa and
lass,who Is a co-owner with^K Uraat U tae following
HHof H^nHofHWtiof
sc.W Tp. 10 N of K 9 weet. Tos are hrrshy^notified tost I (the under*Ifc^ed) have *xpend*d^ons hun^nMi dollars In labor snd Improve^nsals apoa ths abovs dss^ rlhsd proi^ertyt as sill^sppfar l r certldraie filed May ad. I^t7, la the of^Sir of the recorder of said county In nrdsr t-^k^^!d the said prsmlsss oader the pmrtsloss of^ssrtlon i of the Kevlsed htatatss ol ths United^**tst^s. '^Iiig th^ amooni rf^ulrt-d n^ law to hold^th*^ same for the yesr esdlae Dec. 91, lsjsj. sad^If within ninety dsys from the puhllcatlon of this^aotl^e yon fall ot rsfuse to contribute your pro^^portion of snch expeadltare as a ro-owaer, your^falersst In said claim will b*Hx^ue ths propsity of^tae sabacrlber under ssid section t.ali.
Hsleaa,Lewis and Clarke couaty. Moat, Jaa *\
Hruadway,Opposite IWoftlnv
RiiniiM.mwi W\\\.
Nswaltrawtlons on our 5 aa I li^ rent coua^^ters.
Harpers Baxer ratteras
DrSwallow offers his terries* la baring **d^selling Mlnss, thinking his lootf argtialntaaca with^toe ntlass of the country sad forty years sxperl^ence la mining ra-y be useful to opsrak^rs lie^has several valuable mines for sale, aad has kos^ns*s connections with sewral esslern parties who^wish to buy Montana mines.
Office)HI. I^nla Mock, No. 17* Mala street
AK. Fresco
Founderand Machinist.
IKUMniUMTH*UKAVYIIlU.('Ati'riMVa^i ^^^..^^
'PKICBHrark A fisher's Htablea. Ixtwer Mali^Htrset Tatopb ^ns Nft.in.
Phytioian8urgeontAooouch^r, Ooalist
klsniberof Han Francisco Msdlcal Hoclely, sia^^Nerada Hints Medical Hodety.
ltlre farrken's i run store, corner above Mels^^ad Broadwar. Entrance on Broadway and Jack^ton. Helena, Montana { onsuliaUons In lleru^an
No.8* Houth Dttvls Htreet.
P0 Boi listens, M. T
ruiillrhnlldlnifs, rhurchss and dwelling hutises^J-** oratsd In ths latest style.
Willfurnish dsslgnn Decorated lion. W. A.^(Mark's aad M J. Talbot's residences, Butte.
nVrstchwork and Kmhossed Ornamentation,^patented, a spertaltv
Hasopened an establishment for cleaning and^scouring by French process, Plnsh, Woolen, Vel^\et and Mlk dreeeea, Laces, (iloves, Feathers and^^l goods for Ladles; also Flannsls snd Cloths foi^(tentlsnisn neatly rleane! wltboat shrinking.^4 ^^ruer WsUr snd ^ nil r streete.
Attohn ky-a t-J.aw,
AttorneyOounselar at Law,
Willpractice In all courts of record In the Tar
ilory. Office In Mold Block.
Attorneyana Counselor at Law
MONTFORDSBACON, M. D.^^hytician, Surgeon, and Oculist,
HKLENA,M. TV^Hpacial ni- ntlon kItsb to tks By*, Car and
i.iaasortmsnt a| arttflrlel syss.
Officewith I'siilsen A MeConnell.
mi o. rattLaaa.m. a, a'ooaaaix.
UitndItnclly to f*$AHltA0Gl Work^'lsn^ %cd tpsclficatl^;nr drasrn. Work supar^OfTlQM WUson Block. Halana, Montsxi.
108Lawranos tlrsst. Hslsna. m. T.
Theowners nf oroperty on ths west sldsof Miln^Htreet, t^etweer^ ^ utler and Lawr*-nce strsete, sre^lierehy notified to make ^innectloiiR with tbe^sewsr on sal i Mhlo street el U u thlrn dsys from^the date hereof. Harh rt^nnertlone must \^m msde^In s^cordonce wltb Onllnance No i ^ '^. wblrb pr^-^vldii. anions: other tblnirsi as follows:
Bsc7 No connection shall \m made with sny^sewer wltboat a pers It from th^ su|*trlnte^ de t^(if sewers, and no none-, drain or private sewer^will he allowed t-^ he put In place, nor any of tbe^work la enure tloa tbetewl n commenced or pr* a-^erstsd UBles ths pemtt to cons met tbs driln Of^sew^ r Is 1b the (^oesesslon of the licensed drain-
layerat tbe site of the proponed work or with one^of his employes ea^stfed titer- oo, and any * i^*-n^in if or coaaecilon mad* Into any sew^r without^such permission or In sny manner different from^the node pr*errlhed for such openings or connec^tloas hr this ^n Inaace tbail npon cc^vtctlon^thereof tnh)ect the percon maklnv tbe sain** at d^Ihe occupier or owner of the pr-mlses dlrw tlnr 1%^tu a tienalty of not lees fh*a ten nor more thaa^ons rmudfed dollars for ea^ b and svsrr day said^connectl^ n or opertlnr/shall remain after no'loe^I ^ MM sop*-rlnt -ndnnt of sewers to closs si d dls*^connert ths saros
K'irtherInformstlon ran hs procursd from tbs^sui'frlntendent of sowers.^By order of tbe city cocadi.
Albi0. Borata city Clsrk^Psted Helens, Mont., April 15, 1HW
OhomicalLaboratory.^J. T. OOVB,
ild and Hllvsr$1 B^ ztnca| uo
BllTsrt -Id and lead, i uu Tin5 00
La*d10 Aattnoayft 00
Cui'paf1 SO Araealcft 00
HllirsI 90 IronI B0
MontanaCoal Oomtkoy.
Amsetlaif of tbe otorkbolderi of tbe Montana^Coel comptuy sill he hsld at tbe law office of^MeConnell, Carter A ^v layers' at lis. at Betar-^day, Aurll sfTth. +V. A msetluv of tbe dfrectois^ef said c^n psny will he held at ths same^office at 7:W p. in., April /7th, lSkv All^stockholae-s and directors sreearn^ti v re^ii^ated^te be prsatat. By order of ths president
MaoMMAHn, ascy.
lnformonted ami no!^intoxicating. Acts like^a charm in all raaea ot Diar^^rhea and Dysentery and all^stomach and bowel troubles.^Uratefui alike to women, chil^dren and convalescents. CHtw^a delicious flavor to ice-water,^lemonade or soda-water.
Importedand bottled by^Miiuuivrrcn, Flitchbr a 0b^^Cincinnati, O- For sale by
J.HWITZIK, solo aewnt, llelena, Montana and^all wholesale and retail l^rng^lste. Liquor IValers^and Wins Merchants everywhere
(*orn*rHnNulwny and Warren Wtrw^t,^Oppuflite I . S. ArtdsVy Office
Newlyrittad and Nawly rurnlshe^l taroarhon*^ladlesand tesnis ftstbs. Barber r^hcp, Bar an^)^UUIard Rail, with all Modern Improrements
Withs|^eclal accomiKlatlone ' ^ Commercial^Tra'-elere.
Waclaim this is finest fhew of I'ltig^Tobacco aver offered to the publio, and^any lovar of a Rood chew will iakS^OWlSdsJS^It has no equal aftor our*' tryins it W%^want you to taste it : your judgment is^better than our praise.
Ouraim la to excel We think wn have^It. The rapidly UaaVwasaSa] ^teuiand l^^r^BLUE GRASS provoa that it has Mattel
Madefrom the choicest and most care^^fully selected lieaf Tobacco grown in Ken^^tucky. Blue Grass la h tough ami last^^ing chew, superior to any I'lug T^^tiH.-co^produced We ask you to try it, feeling^confident you will appreciate the quality^which has made
Tothestokli. Mers nf tbs West tirsalte ^oun-^taln M tl in- Company:
MotteaM herehv ^(ven thst a meettrg of the^sttK-bholders of fbe Mest t^isulle Mniintsln Mln^MM Coini'sny is roriMiisCon duly IncMrporatMt^st^d iff end hy virtue uf the laws of Mot,tana terri^^tory!, will be held st tbe law office of Mtseena^Hullsrd, In tbe city uf 11^leas, ^ ounty ^-f LtwM^sii i Claffka, tswfttory of M'^ntsna, on Ha'unUy.^the lNth flay of May. A. I^ l^-HM; ^ ouonenrlng at 1(1^m i i.s k S m of selil day, tor lhei^u*ooee Of etb^inltilug to the slot ktiolilers of isid . ur|h^rsllon, a^proposition to e**ll all of ths mining weaad,^hoisting work*, snd othsr pro erty of every kind,^character and den rlj.tluu Welonfcrtii^ to said cor^po attou. Ka^ It partlrular tra t or plex e of proo^^erty so Ui he sold belli/ dls lm tly epw irled as fol^lows, to wit: The following described tjusrts^mining rlsliiis arul mining propeitee situate,^lylrg aud l^elritf In ^iltitrr^ek unor^/anlKed inln^Ing district In Ihe i ountv of Ih*er Lodge, snd ter^rltory of Montana, to-wlt:
Kaltlehnake Lode, tbe same 1 In ^ designated^hy the Hurvevor Ueneral of M utsna aa lot Mo,^IIS, la township sum her aeven north of rsuge^thirteen ^^*st, and embracing eleven su^' sixty^five on* hundredths of an a* rs
llutleLo'e, the same l^eliig deflguatfd by MM^said hurveyor tieneral as b^t No in,In said^biwnshlpand rsugn. and embrsi lni{ Ave acres and^three ou--hundr^ ilihs ot an acre
ClearUffH I the same I in- deelf/iiai.'d h^^the said Hurveyor (^^ uera^ as lot No. 114, In ssid^township and raiu**, and embracing elubt and^eighty five one hundredths acres.
Fractionl.od*^, the seme islng designated hy^the said Hurveyor tieneral as lot No 11f., In said^towriehlp snd range, and enihrarlng two, snd^four ^ lie hundredths acres.
AlamedaLode, the same leilng designated by^the said hurveyor tieneral as lot No 11*1, In ssid^tuwnihlp and raui/e and embracing tilnnteeu^w res and - l^lit hundredths of an acre.
Littlellasey Lode, the ssins Itelnv d**s1v'nst^d^by the said Harveyor tieneral as lot No 11 , in^said lowneblp snd r an if e, and eiuhredng nine^acres and H, ht^ five one bundrtnlths of an acre
Rll/abethl^ods, the ssme belnn ileslyiikted by^the ssid Hurveyor General as lot No. Si, In said^township snd range, snd embrai Ing eighteen^acres snd fifty fU one hundredths of an acre.
Theebo*- e sesrrll*^d lodes t+lnjt as deslgnHted^aad dearrltsHl In the offlcbsl surveys thereof by tbe^Harveyor tieneral of Montana
AlsoDouglas Lode ar d I) mules Lode No 2, aa^said hui/iHh and liougias No. iMaata are de^e^ rllanl In reapetM\*^ notli**suf location thereof^recorded tu tli^* oflbe of the roiintv rm order of^said county of heer liodge. Also all mscblnery,^Oi tares and |tersonal property of every kind,^^ harm ter snd description lielon^lnv to SSHSOt^not all OS A Is i all water, water rights AMcaat,^arqucducte, reservoirs, flumes, franeb'jes snd^privileges upon, leading to, cnnmt**d wltb, or^usually had and snj'iyedla rontortion with said^ilesi rlbed prsmlsss, and ear b and every part and^parcel there' f.
ItIs Intended u^ submit to said storkholders the^pr^|Hirttlon to sell all pro|^eriy, rial and personal^belonging to said r^^riM)r^tlon.
1.K I'AHDKb,
KMI. / I M M ^ I: M y N.
IIM. PAH IIKN,^Trusts^*s of West Granite Mountsln Mining Cum
listedHelena, Montana, March -Vh, 1NKV.
Notiooto Co-Owu^rM
To*^eo Ilowen : Von are hereby notified that I^havesipended two hundred dollars In lehwr and^Iniprovemsnts upon the Ll/.yJe ipiarte lode, situs^ted about two thoiieand feet northwest of ihe I.It^tie Knima uuarts lode mining claim, near Jackson^creek and the Brandon quarts lone, sHush-d SBOts^oae half mile northeast of ths Little Smms'iuartx^lode mining claim and aleiut two thousand feet^north of Jtrkson t reek, wltb tbehumner ItMle on^tht* fast snd ths I l/.sle lode on tbe weel, both In^no orgs lasd mining dlslrb i. In Jetnrson county,^Montsns territory ae will appear by certificate on^file In tbe office of the recorder of said county, In^ord*r to hold said premises under tht* provisions^of Sec. tm revleeo statutes nf the I 'ntud NUtee,^helngt: amouat required to hold the same for^tks year I ^ - and If wl'bln ninety days after this^notb m you fall, or refuse to contribute \our pro
1portionof such eiuendllare as a ro-owner, your^nter**et In said Llsals and Brandon lode claims^will *^ecoms tbs property of the lubei rtlier
Wr.t.UMMINM.^Helena, Lewis sad Clarke county, and territory^of Montsna Jan. nth 1HHU
Stockholders'Meet ng.
NoticeIs bershy given that ths subrrrlliers to^ths capital tto k of the Montsns 4 ' 'entda Kail^w y t o ..i sny will meet at th- office of the con^paay In Helens, Montsna. on the nth day of May^neit, at 11 o'clock a m of that day, for tbe pur-^pnee of ^ noosing nlrecto s who snail manage the^hffalrs of said rompany until ths time flxed for^tbe aanual elm tlon
IIRhVKYliAHIl^! It^T H kl.KINHt HMIIJT.^O It. AL1 EN.^li l^. HAI SKH.^UKO H. HILL.^Helena. M. T^ April 4, IHkk.
Tothe stockholders of the Mucky Pork CrjsJ^rompany of Montana:
Takenotice that a meeting of slot ^ hoi lers of^said f ompsny, fur the election of directors to^^erve for the then eusulng year and ub'H their^sacceewjrs lie cq(*m^b, sud for such other busts* ss^as msy rums before tbe ma ting, will be held tt^the office of tbe com paay la the KLst Satloi tl^bank building, Helena, Mom., on tbe Mtb day of^April, IMsa, at 14 o\locfc, soon.
Byorder of the u -t i of directors.
UatedApril 9, lttk
drFIERCE 8 New 0 .^vai.crnAlN BELTwiU
E'^ o:. haiprsssry, ^ '^.. '-i ths Oi.mi powerful,^lufu'.ls hb41 I h
r-rnIn ^.*^ world. C^n ~.
OttMain Ht. and Hslena av , Helena, Montana, Every room a SrttcUes froBt ruoi
PAOI'IOMOTf L -Steam Heat.^Main street, Helena, Montana, llielnees renter of the city,^the above houses. Many restaurants la close proximity at all n^Tae. SI '^'. suite $1.M^ per day according to location. American I I^weekly rates.
Firstclass. All^rices. European 1
streetcars paes^Ian. Booms Mr.
tMau$1 .-Jf^ to |i.*o per day. Hpedal^B. U. l.i.N- -i h. prop, both bouses.
Thsdid Kellahle^b|^e^lsllst of many^^ a a r eiiierlent e,^treats with wonderful^em-cree all L D N Q
nihuAT,cam mi,
Ruptue aVil
painor Mndrsn'-e^from htislnese Treats^all fotme of 1'tiroat^LtiBg.Nerveanu llooa^diseases, all ^ ^BffStJc^dlseaeee and I MtOI in^Itlas far In advance of^h y Institution In this^country. Those mto^c4^ntemplals going to^Hot springs for|ths trentment of aay Private or^lllood dleesae raa be cured for obs third the cost^at our prtvste l^ls|^eneary.
IA flllTC Itv thin treatment a pure, Lovely
LMIIICO* '^tnpleitlon, free Irom rallowneas^Ireck ee. black heads, eruptions, etc. Brilliant^ayes and perfect health can he had.
^^^ I i.ui Hi ..i 1 f.. Ilii^/ N'ui all female weak^nessee promptly cured. Illostlng 11 sail at hes, Ner-^vous Prostration, (lensra^ Debility. Nleepleesness,^l^eoressloa s-d Indtgestlon, Ovarian trouhlea,^lnriamatli^n and I'lreratlon, Falling and Displace^meiiis, Hplnal Weakness, hi nev complaints and^* hinge ^ f Life. Consult the old Doctor^C'f C Alain CAD Anils or I'hroalc I ^^Lit AHU CJHInsmarlonof Mie Kyell^ ,^or it lobe and far and near sltrhtedness, Inverrloa^of the lids. Hcrofulons Ky*-s, i Jreratlon. Inflsms-^lions, Ahsoaafee Dimness of VUIod of one or^both eyes and Tumors of Lid.
%WIr flam at on of tbe Bar, 1'lcerittlon or Ca^^tarrh, Internal or Kitt rnal Deafness, or I'aralv*^s's, -in. in, , r i.i mil,,' ii, 1,1 f. Tbb kened Drum^etc.
LVlCD If AIIC In*' iiI' \, ^ i ^e r Hi st o i r 11 o h Hem^nCnVIIUOlnal Lo-m. Night Emissions,^Li.ee of Vital (Veer, Met*plessi^ese, l^e*|.ontieury,^(joss tif Memory, Confusion of Liese, Khars he^lotsaaS Byes, Lassitude, Lengoiir, i tliH^mlness,^Degression of Hplrlts, Aversion to Society. Easy^IHm onrsged Lack of Conffdence, Dull, l istless,^Cnfll for st.il^ or H'iette*s aid flude life a i*ur-^den; latal/, Permanently and Privately Cuisd.
BUaMh- rrlble tnltsresults ^ ompletely eraillcateu^without the iish of astftaty, hrrofula* Bry-dptdes,^Kever sores, Bkitnbaa, Pimples. Clcers, Pais in^tbe Head and Hones Syukllttst Hore Throat,^Mouth anil Tongue, (tlsnnular hnlarteim*nt of^the neck, hh.*un^silsm. Catarrh, stc , Permanent^ly i'ured when others hate failed.^iidiuadv Kl atjt snd llladder (roubles,^UninAnl Wesk l^k, Mumlng t rine, Kre^quenr^ of I rlnatlng, I'rlus hluh colored or milky^eedlment on eland In*/, thmortlnea, (heet. Cystitis^etc , promptly and safely cured, ( barges reason^sht
hi...-'Pol^on, Venereal
1'alnt,stricture, semlnsl emissions, loss of
sexualpower, weakness of the ssiual organs,^want of desire In male or female whether from^Imprudent hablta of y ung or sexual habits In^mature years, or any cause that debilitate* th**^e^ xual habit In mature yearsl ei^eedlly and per-^u auently cured-
tonsuitstion free and strictly confidential^Medicine Kent free from ol^eervalton to all pert*^of ih I'nlted Mabws. t'orrespondonrs receives^prompt atl**nth^n. No letters answered nnleas
a.panb d by four cents In stamps. Hand n-n
centsIn stamp for pamphlet and list ef uuestlons^pon PrlTtta, Spexlal and Nervous Ifinesses,^Kemlnal S/eakaess, ^p'-rmstorrbn a. Impoteucy,^Syi.hlllD, lionorrl dleet and Varli o^ Is.^Terms strictly rs*b. Call on or ad ress^DR. POWELL RttVLS ^ CO.
PRIVAVtDISPENSARY^I'orner of Msln and Wall streets, opposite ^' .a-^mopolltan Hotel Helena. Mont.
DealersIn Patent Medlrlnes, Fancy T. lie^Borswaj Lantern l^amps and Lamp ^i^-ods, tHaas,^Paints, Mia, etc. Hunch al Instruments, Cratches^I traces, etc Wholesale agents for Cum fo^Congbs and Ool s, hlrk s Pile ointment, Wltcbe^-V.go. ^dlum, lh^eanko Medl ines, Dr. Kilmer'^I(era^Nly, Dandelion Tonic, Oregon Kidney Tes^Dutard's ^i..- in.
o,t,Lf,,r I'ami'k No. J.^(^^ ,704HMcranieiito M
Skj|mm BlSJ D*himatr4 tses*
ttrr. .. MS Ul irimu ts
rUHKI ^ o Nsw I UI'KoVBD
otU^M Ml bovxv. Hkile fu^^ll u ^|^MiBt wr|nn, CL'KX us^F.S F.K1 Tl V k WRAkNKSa, (l*ta|
Bocsmi 4 sasaaaaa imwi* ^r
t^\\irr\\j iar*u|t^ alt ink |^rULrwUe^. BSSwk ^** *MBSwWSasxsflw Klectrla^_ nrn^ii^n^or * forfeit fhjMOlaoaaa.^aaXTaaSaflafMMrjtnwplrtrfk. ka^ wp. WorrHSSSM BSS^^SMDfnKy rurvl In tSrrenu.iiib*. Sr^i*-1 l^paist^4.SwMSS
ANDINTBKNATIUMAL^MrKlloaVl and Burgtoal Instituto,^301 and :m W.^t 9th St.. Kansas^City, Mo., and m i.oarv St.,^San KranciHCo, Cal.
Korthe Treatment of alt
Chronici Surgical Diseases
Appliancesfor Deformities.
Beetfacilities, amiaretn* and eqalnmenu for^successful treatment of every form of disease re^^quiring medical and suri-lral treatment.
Hlxtytwo new rooms for nsUenU, beet arcom^nit'dsuons west of Nsw lork.
write for Illustrated naners on Deformities,^Club feet, I'lirvalure of the hplns, Plies, Tumors,^Cancer, Cetsrrh, Umnrhltls. Inhalation, Klec-^trlrliy, Magnesium, I'aralytls, Kiillepsy, Kidney,^lllsttder. K^e, Kar. r kin and ttloocf, and all^bnrglcal tip. tatlons.
Dlsfsseeof women a sperlalty. Book on dls-^estna free
tlnly reliable Medical andMnrglcal Institute
makinga sneclalty of private alseasrs
f'11 Itlooil Diseases successfully treated. Hypb-^llllls I ^ ison reaio\ed from tbe system without^no r^ ury. New Ksstoratl\e treatment for loss of^Vital Tower 1'ersona unable to visit us maybe^treated at home by correspondence, All MtuaaV^BIMswaat contldentlal Medicines or Instruments^sent by mall or express securely packed tins^I^ersonal Interview preferred, t ail and consult^us, of ssnd history of your case and we will send^In plain wrapper our b*^ok free, explaining why^thousands cannot be cured of Privets, r-peclsl^and Ntrvou* lileesees, hemlnal Vteakuees, Nper^matorrt u^a, Imsotency, HyphUla, tionorrhwa,^Uleet, Verb o^ le, etc., etc
PatIBcCi^ast Institute established for nearly a^quarter of s cen*urv. ^ or ner of deary and^Mason atreeu, l*an KrancUco, CtX Dlsoensary^and Drug Htors orcupytnu whols corner of block.
Klrstclsas n^oms and Board for ass patients at^the sanitarium connected with the
LlebigWorld Dispensary.
Callor address Kansas city, Mo. or ties Francisco^Csllfornls
Otflceand Warerooms 19 Park^Ave. Telephone No 245.
Openday and night. Kln**st stork of goods In^Montana. Bodies preserved sny length of time.
J.H bKNNV.Tl, Manager
28North Main St
A.E. VEAZIE, Pass. Agt.
A.LKWIS, 6. A. Butte, Moot.
WagonSheets, Tents, Awnings^and Hydraulic Hose.
Twentydifferent styles of Wlmdow Awnings^and the latest Improved fixtures for hanging.
Canvasof all kinds aud widths from SO Inches^wide to 120 Inches wide alwsys In atock,
Tbelatest Improved Camp Uooda.^MAIN STHKKT. .... HBL1MA
(BQcceeeorto Johasaa A Klag.)
HaokafUrx^ahad for Weddings,^Fuoera's, Balls, BCo, at RcsBMon-
BHfirgagtitrfknaforrad to said from^all trains to all parts of tthe olty.^OH A3. P. ttTCTART Prop.^Office^Grand Ontral Hotel. Telephone
Ul lOIfl l*r J- b^eyucus, Lcbsu^u, Ohie

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