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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, June 30, 1889, Image 5

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Juliuiand Fred, the Murderers of^Frank C. Jobst ar.d George^A. Burrell
The Identity o* the Actors in the^Silver City Tragedy '* Fully^Established
TheyWere tou^in. aud ^oraierly Lived^Alma Ma*. Stlnne~.t-Hrolher
Thetragedy whicii occurred at Silver on^June 5, where Krank C. .J ^b^t aDd G^r^^f^W. Burrell w^-re killed ^ two unknown^men who were shortly aiterwards killed^by a sheriff's posse, is null fresh in the^minds of all. From a memorandum book^taken from tiie dead b.*l^ of one of the^robbers, a c.u- to their identity was discov^^ered, and the Isoki-esi-knt, acting upon^that clue, has succeeded in establishing the^dentity of the murdt rt-r-^ as Julius aud^Fred yaade, cousin*, who formerly^lived near Alma City, Minn. The^day of the tragedy a dispatch^was tent from this office to the marshal of^Alma, and a telegram ws^ wut in reply to^the effect that the yuad*- boys had left^there a month or ^o beiorr. out photographs^would have to be forwarded, as he could^not tell trotn the description whether they^were or were not the yuade boy a
Miortlyafterwards a letter was received^from a woman who knew the Quade boys^well, and to her were forwarded two excel^^lent photographs taken ny li H Beck with,^of this city. V-sterday a letter was re^^ceived which sets at rest any question as to^the ideality ot the murderers. It is as^follows:
AlmaCm , Minn., June 24
Tothe Editor of the independent: Yours^of the MU^ is at hand, also the photos.^They are the (Juade boys. 1 have not toid^you they are Germans, and the parents ot^Julius ttuuk that justice nas been meted^out to them, as this was the commence^^ment of a bad life. They thin* so IM^some letters they had written home the^day beiore they committed thai murder.^Fred, the oldest, had written to lit. IMM^saying if he would come out tli-re ihey^could get lots of money at Silvt r without^working tor iu Julius worittd two^months and seven days out there, so he^wrote his sister, and with that money he^bought lumber with which they built a^shanty in the woods and lived on mutton^soup and whatever they could get. Fred^had a set ot carpenter's tools, and it is sup^^posed they had stolen goods there, lie^bad a fiddle which he made himself. It^was a ver^ nice one w.tti seven pearls set^in the neck.
Theforegoing letter d^k's not state that^the boys were cousins, but a previous let^^ter so stated. Another letter from Smith's^Mill. Minn , is further evidence that the^tue men are Julius and Fred Quade. The^letter is given
Smith'sHill, June H ^To the Editor^of the Independent: 1 was acquainted^with and used to live neighbors to the^(Juade boys. They were cousins. 1 have^a brother to one of them living with me.^lie feels very bad to thiuk they would turn^out to be such boys. Their names were^Fred and Julius yuade. it doesn't seem^possible it could be the boys we used to^know, so 1 have taken the liberty to write^to you tor their photographs, it is such a^horrible affair. \V e want to get all the^evidence we can. Send piioui^raphs it^possible and also newspapers containing^account.Emii.v M. HmM.
Sothe mystery at last is solved. The^red-handed murderer* who met a just^doom had planned and plotted to secure^wealth, and had made their plans known^to relatives. A thousand such worthless^liv^a as theirs were not worth the lives of^the two poor boys they killed.
aLive City.
TheMontana l're.^s a^soriatu^n was^entertained last week by the Missoula^members, assisted by residents of that^beautiful little city. A public reception^Thursday evening, carnage drives Friday^and Saturday, a ball and banquet Friday^night, and an excursion by rail to Arlee^on Saturday, filled out most pleasurably the^intervals between the business meetings of^the association. The wonderful possibili^^ties of the region about Missoula in the line^o' agriculture and horticulture were finely^demonstrated to the visitors. Especially^interesting were the visits to the orchards^of Messrs. Beckwitb and Kennedy. The^Missoula Fair association has just com^^pleted elegant new grounds at cost of^S10.000, which will be inaugurated by a^race meeting this week. Missoula enjoys^the distinction of being perhaps the oBly^city in the L nited States ot 3,000 population^that supports two daily newspapers.
To-Days Game.^The ball game to be played to-day at^Seymour park between Helena and Boze-^man will be the most attractive feature of^the day. it is aupposed that the Marys^vilie battery will assist the Bozeman team.^The motor leaves Main street every thirty^minutes for the ball park.^Helena.Position. Bozeman
Haggenmiller CatcherKeed
Cnnners Pitcher and center field Stanley
WalshFirst baseMraniton
MorrisvSecond baseKeowu
SemperShort stopO'Brien
MclonnellThird baseBoot
HallKiitht fieldHouston
McGrade Center ti-Id and pitch .O'Briea
TuLeft n IdLyons
Wartsthe Box.^A. K. Ballamy. a compositor on the In^^dependent, wants the box offered by the^agent of Goodyear. Cook A Dillon to the^one solving the puzzle. He arranges the^six figures as follows which, added to^^gether, make twenty-one:
Severalanswers have twn sent in, but^Mr. Ballamy is the on.y one who ha*^solved the puzzle.
Fourthof July 1 rruit Dealers ! Fourth^of July.
Wehave to arrive by passenger train^Tuesday a car of the celebrated George I).^Kellogg Newcastle fruit, also car Georgia^melons, car fancy bananas, direct from^steamer New York, car cabbage and po^^tatoes. Yours truly,
M.G. Cohs ^ Co.
SundayExcursion Rates.^As Sunday is the only day which can be^claimed as a holiday of the laborer, farmer^and business man alike, the Montana Cen^^tral Kail way company will, until further^notice, make a special rate of one fare for^i round trip, good for that day only, be-^een all stations on its line, thus affording^~untry people an excellent oppor-^spending the day in Helena or^at the same lime affording the^. chance of spending Sunday^ificent scenery of the canons^Prickly Pear or Cen-^P. P. Shelby.
'lanny;Od K .ugh-^nd-Keady l^ayiojr^,^1*1 Ml, Old Hickory (Jackson i. Frost: Mill^Boy of the Slashes (Clay), Fro*t: Gr.^t^Expounder ( Webster ^. Frost: swamp 1 ox
ANumber of New Books Received and I'at^In I'lare.
Thepublic library is growing very fast^in the estimation ot our citiz-ns. The de^^mand for new books and good reading is^rapidly emptying the shelves, until it ia^not easy to find what is desired. There^have been added this month to the liat of^books in circulation the following volumes:
HistoryWar of 1812. Johnston. War^with Mexico, Ladd; King Phillip * War.^Markham; Old French War, Johnston;^Ancient History, Kawlinson: Geological^History, Hull; Medieval History. Stokes:^Modern History, Patton.
Biography^ Pioneer Mothers of the^West, Frost: Matthew C Perry, (.rims:^sir Philip Sidney. S. M. U. O : The W o^man's Story. Holioway. .
Internationalstatesmen ^ lVaconspeia,^Kebbel: Bolingbroke, H assail: Robert 1 eel^Montague; Palmerston. Sanders: 1'aniel^O'Connell. Hamilton: Metternich. Ma.le-
(i'reatwriters-C. Bronte. Kirrell: J.^Bunyan, V enables: Burns. Blackie: ^ ar-^lyle, Garnet!: Colendife. t'aine; C^^ngre\e,^Goase; Crabhe, Kebbel; Darwin, B-ttany :^Dickens, Marzials; Emerson. Garnet;:^Goldsmith, Dobson: Gn-the. sime; \-^Hugo, Marzials: Johnson, Grant; K~a^I! ^ssetti: Longfellow, Robertson: !^^''^^Koasetti, Knight; W.Scott, V.nge; Shel^^ley, Sharp: A. smith. Haldane; Smollet.^lanny; od R .ugh-^nd-Keady ( I ay lor^f^B.
iMarion ^, Frost; Little Corporal i li ^na-^partei. Frost: Benedict Arnold, Hlil: Dan^^iel Boone. Hill: Benjamin Franklin, Hill:^Israel Putnam. Hill: John Smith, Hill.
TravelsHoly Land. Geike; Holy Land,^Geike; Tramp Through Switzerland, Leg^gett.
ReligiousHours With the Bible, (ieike;^Creation^Patriarchs, Geike; Ezekiel^^Malachi. Geike: Manasseh^Z-dokish,^Geike: Moses^Judges, Geike; Rehoboam ^^Hezekiab, Geike; Sampson^Solomon,
*Miscel!aneous-TbeSiKiial Question.^Berkownz: Civil Service Reform. Bernard:^Mudent's Manual, Todd: Lectures to^Young Men, Beecher : Civilization in^I nited States, Arnold: Socialism and Chris^^tianity, Behrenuo: Yale Lectures, Beecher;^Essays, Monta:gne
CameiotSeries^Byron's Letters. Blind:^English Prose, Ga:toB: Hazlitt's Essays.^Cair: ShelVy's Letters: Folk Tales.^Yeai.-; English Painters. Cunningham ;^Sarift, Lewis: King Arthur. Malory: Story^of the Vo .-uiiiis. Sparling; Pillars ot So^^ciety, Ibsen; Herbert of Cherlmry, Dircks;^satM Kegamc, edited by Rys; Captain^singleton. Detoe; Prost Writings, Heine:^Lover and Other Tapers, Lewis; imaginary^Conversation.*. Landor; Essavs of Leigh^Hunt, Symons; Essays of Mazzini: Bum s^Letters. Robertson; Selections, Seneca.
Fi'-tion| Juvenile i^Daring Deeds. Wat^^son; Bell of Independence. Watson; Father^ot His Country, Watson; Friend of Wash-^MjMB) Watson: Poor Richard's Story.^Vatson: Great Peace Maker, Watson^Great and good series^Great and Good^Ten. Women of Worth. Quaker Among^ne Indian, Whale We Caught, House on^Vheels, Inn of the Guardian Angel,^vlith's Ministry. McKe.ver: Maude and^Miriam. McKeever: Silver Threads, Mc-^Keever; Tw,ce Crowned. McKeever: We^t-^hrook Parsonage, McKeever; Woodlitt,^McKeever
Worksof referenci^Gondholin- s House^hold E icyclopu dia, division F: Dictionary^of Miracles, Brewer.
Chas.Colbert's Saloon Robbed Yosterday^Morning- and Money Secure*.
Chas.Colbert's saloon and billiard ball^was burglarized yesterday morning during^the small hours, the thief securing ^52.S^0^and three sets of billiard balls. Entrance^was effected by breaking in the rear door^near Jackson street which leads into a^store room and wood shed. Just in the^rear of the saloon is a card room separated^from the wood shed by a scant partition.^Finding an axe near at hand the thief^forced one of the boards apart and tearing^the wall paper, he easily entered. The^night barkeeper not having the combina^^tion on the safe generally bides the money^under the bar in a place supposed^to be least suspected. A stranger^was noticed standing in front of the saloon^for over an hour before it closed, and it is^evident he must have seeD the bartender^hide the money. A numlier of the city's^alert and private detectives, commonly^called sp rial police.are hunting for a clue.
ManagerJohn Maguire's room in the^opera bouse building was also burglarized^Thursday night, but until Maguire returns^it will not be known what was taken.
T7XR 8alk-* w^u ^stabU^h^d and paying^V bnslneee Reason for eeUlnjt. 11: Health. P.
o.Box 357.
ljOK SALE ^ '. * feet front at S!6 Plae strse*^^T Inquire oa [.remlsas or 15 Edwards street.
IjXK SALE^cms hundred hea-1 of stock cattle^17 walig. sxled. The larger -. oruon are cows.^I w 1U wllcon md steers separately If desired:^1 also three ta^ruurfbt^red bolls. For particulars^! inquire at this office.
[^ \LO paper^ sale at this office.
LjXiKsale-un easy verms, slx-roum brick^X1 bouse, In perfect order. Cabin and barn on^rear of lot. Comet Dearborn avenue and Haueer^1 street Ksquire of Dr. Jt. h. k Carpenter, room^30, Pittsburg M.-ck. Take the elevator
TheCommodore hay unloader, manufac^^tured and sold by T. C. Power Jt Co., takes^a whole load ^ f from the wagon, places it^on the stack at once. One man can slack^fifty tons a day. Sen for circulars.
Knightsof Pythias.
Thefollowing named officers of Myrtle^Lodge No. 3 K. of P. were elected for the^ensuing term at the last mteting:
P.C, Dr. Chas. S. W. Thompson; C. C.^H. L. Walker; V. C, F. E. Tibbetts: Pre^^late, W. E. Cox; Secretary, Jacob Loeb;^M. of E., Jacob Hechler; M. of F., U. L.^Luke; M. of A., Henry C. Born.
TheHawke hay loader is the only ma^^chine that will lead hay from either swath^or windrow. Sold by T. C. Power 4 Co.
G.W. Jackson, music deal. r.
Dinnerfrom 12 to 5 at the Bon Ton.
JamesW. Barker, merchant tailor. No.^16 North Main street.
E.K. E. Carpenter's dental rooms, room^SO, Pittsburg block. Take the elevator.
Goto Chicago shoemaker for repairing.^One dollar for half-soling. In basement of^Atlas building. Frank Boeder, proprie^^tor.
Goeast via the Montana Central and^Manitoba railways, the new sleeping and^dining car route to St. Paul and the easL^Through trains leave Helena daily at 11:85^a. m.
li UCsE ^ni! Lots for sale. A Brick House^: O of eight rooms, corner of Rodney and^Bridge sta TfiaM test, 16 fine shade trees, also 50^feet ecjolnlnt ssnwl fronting on Bridge St. j also^i 1*1 feet fronting on Rodney st and 52 feet deep,^opposite new residence of A. U. Carte
P STOCT. Agent.^m South Rodney st.
advertisementunder this bead will be In^^serted tnree times free, of chare*.
j 4 GOOD steady boy 16 years ot nge, wants some^* V kicd of work Adores* D. M , this office
THOROUMHLYcompetent woman watA to^tvke charge it boarding honse In usnies.^i rood cook. Address K. I)., this office.
WANTEDA situation at any kind of work, by^a wall educated r*^ds; speaks Bngllsh.lier-^man and Scandinavian. Five years business ex^^perience. Flrstclaee references. Ac drees K. L^at.. Independent office.
WANTED situation by an experienced phar^^macist - can turn'eh beet of references and^has attended Thiiadelphla college of pharmacy.^Address W. a. Dslton, Butte, Mont.
U/ANTBDA young man who has had exper-^^ lence as accountant and cl,rk. desires a po^^sition In store, .- wiUlng to tske sny position,^and win give beat ot references Address G. k.^T , Pacific hotel.
QITLATION WANTED^ By a girl of is, of ex^O cellent training and habits, te attendant for^children, second gin or light housekeeping. Ad-^areas B. T , Independent office.
WANTEDHy a first-class amalgamator a^position in a gold mill. Address H. L.^Bra cl. Il^ieaa.
SITUATIONWAITED^A steady young man^O desires position as assistant bookkeeper or^stenographer. Address A. B., box 757, Butte^Mont.
AN-\, * ri- ' t^ookke#per a^d entr^ clerk^d^w^^^emt*..^ym#nt In eitbar opacity; hu^knowte^l^,e of tL- ii^xdwftre ba^lB^^ and will^bell) ^t counter if desired, well recommended^aftddreoe rt. b., dtt, revemth ^ve.
HELENA EMI'uOYMiNT OFFICE^Girls^for places an i places for girl at US Law^rence street.
Thisweek you can secure jour bargains^in ladies' and children's dresses at Mrs. M.^M. Styles' Baiaar.
TheHelena and Idaho Gold Mining^Company.
Thecompany is officered as follows: A.^J. Seligruan, president; Chas. \V. Cannon. 1^vice-president; John \V. Eddy, secretar;,;^F. li. Wallace, treasurer. They own two ;^groups of mines at Gibbonsville, Idaho,^the Golden Circle of seven and the Twin I^Brothers of live, and they are rich in gold.^The ore is a ^drouir iron pj rites, and new '^machinery is now ready to lie put in place i^for its treatment. Thos. H. Walker is j^now on the way from Philadelphia to sup-^en:.tend the erection of the furnaces tor !^roasting the ore, and an early test will be !^made of the adaptability of the machinery^for working these mines.
TheNew Park Mining company elected^officers yesterday as follows: A. J. Selig-^man, president; W. G. Paine, vice presi- j^dent: Geo. W. Jackson, secretary and J. K.^Kinesley, treasurer. Word came from the I^Park mine by telegram from Geo. Harrison,^the foreman, that tie had struck ^four feet^of gVena in the long tunnel,^ and this had^the effect of withdrawing the stock hereto^^fore offered on the market at SO cents, and j^it cannot be bad now at less than Si per 1^share. The stockholders subscribed for^several thousand shares at the meeting and^they evidently look upon their prospects as |^very bright.
Visitorsto Helena will find it to their^advantage to visit The Bee Hive while in^the city.
Regularservices in the Christian church,^morning a d evening at the usual hours.^Morning subject: ^The Priesthood of^Cfirist,^ evening, ^The Devil and His^Works.^ Sundav school at !^:45 a. m.^strangers as well as citizens are invited to^all our services.
Preachingat the Congregational church^by the pastor. Rev. F. D. Kelsev. Sunday^s-hoo! and Bible classes at 2:30. Young^People's meeting at 7:15. A cordial invita^tion is extended to strangers and all are in^^vited.
Servicesat the Presbyterian church as^usual. Rev. P. Z. Hetzler will preach in the^morning, and Rev. A. S. Hunt, I). D., of^New York, in the evening.
Rev.A. S. Hunt, of New York, a prom^inent divine, will preach at the Y. M. C. A.^rooms this afternoon at 4 o'clock, on which^occasion there will be a union meeting of^all the churches. He will preach in the^evening at the First Presbyterian church.^Dr. Hunt is corresponding secretary of the^American Bible society. New York, and on^his return home from a visit to the Pacific^cotst.
Scandinavianservice in the Aelena Busi^^ness College hall at 3 p. m.
Ithas been found impossible to have the^new Methodist Episcopal church ready for^occupancy to-day, though all the furnish^^ing has arrived and is being placed in posi^^tion. The usual services ^,ll be held in^the Gold block. Bev. A. S. Hunt. I). D^of New York, will preach at 11 o'clock and^Rev. Dr. Hickman, ot Indiana, at ^ p. m.^The pnblic are invited to hear these able^d.vines.
Besure and visit The Bee Hive, the pop-^ular-pneed store of Helena.
AtEast Helena.^An entertainment and social festival was^given at King's hall. East Helena. Friday^evening and was well patronized. An ex^^cellent literary programme was given and^a splendid supper followed. Qjite a num^^ber from Helena attended: an old-fashioned^coach load of jolly young tolks thev were^Misses A. Muirbead. Edith Currah. Nellie^Bevan. E. Lam me. May Currah. M. Mt.ran.^Mabel Kmsel and Messrs. Charles Currah!^John Westenhaver. E DeCamp and Oliver^Stingley were among the number.
T.C. Power ^ Co. lead in latest im^^proved farming machinery. Send for cir^culars before purchasing elsewhere.
Again! Again I Again 1
First-classorgans for ^90, $40, $50, $45,^ST5. $S5, $W. S95 and $100 at the only ex^^clusive music house in this glorious climate^of Montana. Jackson's Broadway music^house, Helena.
C'OOD4-room house on Lewi-i street in^T block 47. N. P. addition; $3(Ni down,^a mouth.
ti..-,ooBACH.^I\ NEW elegant cottages on Lynndale^^ avenue iu block 21; motor oa one^side of the block and street cars on the^other. Two new cottages on Lewis^street near Helena avenue. Each house^contains four good rooms, pantry, 2^closete, cellar; good outbuildings; Chess^^man's water; (250 down, #27j a month.
fi.iiooKA( ii.^^ ) NKW handsome collages on Madison^m avenue, to be completed by August^1, 4 good rooms, closets, pantries, cellar,^city water, desirable neighborhood, good^lots. New cottage on Alta street, lot 38^xlOO, very fine location. Cottage on^Kighth avenue in coarse of erection, 1^^^feet from motor line, good lot; #250^down, $2.~^ a month.
HANDSOME new cottage on Ninth^avenue; t3ti0, $3o a mouth,^ai.uoo.
qCOMMODIOUS houses on Fifth ave-^^J nue, 4 rooms, :i closets, pantry, city^water; down and #4^i per month.
DKSIRABLK new o-room dwelling,^Fifth avenue; i-i^*^ down, #4^ per^month.
\\TELL-ARRANGhD^ room dwelling^VV in course of erection on Madison^avenue, good out-buildings, fences,^Woolston water; will he ready for occu^^pancy about Aug 1; #300 down, *30 per^month.
V TMKROrS other dwellings at various^.' prices and on very reasonable terms.^We merely quote the above as samples of^our homes on easy terms.
MATBESON^ STEELE.^12^h' North Main Street.
MENWANTED on (iallatln Butte line^of the Northern Pacific anu Montana^railroad; wages $.' ;.er day: hoard per week^Apply to lireen A Keefe. South Untte, Moat
ForSe: t^Dw.hngs, Business Planes ,Etc
MA h e son A 8tf ElE
13H-,Main Street.
WILLKENT:^hoom orlck hot* Eighth avenue:
.)Rooms on Broadway for housekeeping.
AKoomscorner H ^l^ack and Mxth avenue; $15.
KJRoom house Fifth avenue, new; f-J5.
|A Itoom house S P additioa; $15
~ Room house Richmond UUI addition: $an.
i.^r Room house fbrlrki near Len ^tr house; $--^\^^ )
ii ^ Room brtck hoi^enear N P. depot with $).'^! U worth of nearly new furniture for sale i^$175; rent ot house only $Jl.
NDseveral others In all parte of the city.
IjXIKKK.NT- Bri ^ :. ^u-^a corner Dearborn and^X1 Uauser streets Eaquire of Dr. B. K- E^Carpenter, room :*^, I'.tlebarx b.ocs. Take ele^^vator.
Andeverything in the Concrete line by^the Hot or Cold Process.
Allwork guaranteed.
Residence,315 Montana avenue.
P.0. Box 384, HELENA, MONT.
White,Johnstone ^ Co.,^Real Estate.
50Feet Best Main Street Property, loOO^per foot.
looFeet Main Street Property. #10,000.^144 Feet, corner Lyndaie avenue and
Mainstreet. $7,500.^.y^ Feet Main Street Property. *2,T50^50 Feet on Tenth avenue, near Warren,
12) Feet, Montana \venue Addition.^Broadway frentage. *2.^ ^ IL
ints in Grand \venue addition, at foot^of Main str-t-t. at |M0l
Afine corner in Bassntt's addition. |!^ri.
FlowerGard n addition lots at #350.
Hroadwateraddition lots at $235.
syndicateaddition lots at $250.
A'.'sVfootlot in Cox addition, with front^^age on two streets, very cheap.for f-'i'vO
I'tOFeetin Northern Pacific Second ad^^dition. #2.000.
iot^ in all addition*,^^i.'encn-. fr-m #^*^' to f
severalfine acre tracts will be told very-^cheap.
Kancheein Montana and I^akota for^^sale, or will exchange for Helena^property.
FORRSNr^Afour room hou-e In HarMer ad^dltlon. Inquire at V U. Box TlrT, or of E^Jarvla. Rent $jr.
/ORRE .NT-Ten room house. Apply to A. J^7 Steel. A Co.
t'uRR tfNT^A very pleaant five room dwelling^a h ^ase on south Rodney street. Apply to L^F. LavC'rolx ^ son, room ^*), Pittsburgh Block.
LiXIRRENT^Storerooms In Pean block, also^X1 storerooms and office. In Pittsburgh block.^Inquire of John W. Thompson, room li, Pitts^^burgh block
JioomBrunnstsd and Unfurnished.
RRENT^First iloor 1027 Eigkth av.nue, on^Motor line.
LX1KR^NT-Three furnished rooms for bouse^P keeping El quire on premise*. 424 Harrl^son avenue.
I'RNISHEDroom for rent, MM Breck.nridge^street.
Cj'iR RENT^An elo^antly furnished room In^F a desirable locality. Address M. D . this^office
j1! rn1sued room for rent. No {27, corner^^ Rodney and Bridge atreeU. $10 jxr month.
ICEIYfurntahwl room, with or without^hoard, No. M soutu Rodney street. Mrs. E.^I'avanaugh.
IllBPACIFIC or Lenoir Hons.^ Steam heat,^elegant rooms: H, 75, $1, s Its $l.oo per day.^No disreputable characurs allowed.
HARVEYHOUSE, l.rand street, new and^elegantly furnished rooms, single or In suit.
Lostard Found.
IOST^Ote span of work horsea, one dark biy^jl-j branded on left shoulder v2, and left ear^apllt: and one gray, brand on left ahoulder with^T. Any one who will tell me when tber are I^will pay $*^. Address Mows Ooudroi, ElUston,^Mont.
,TANT8DA few scholars for piano; terms^very reasonable. Address M.. this office.
WANTED10,000 men wanted to examine^Sam Cohen s inert door to M oataoa Cen^^tral office* Immense stock o, line cigars and Cali^^fornia fr :lt at bedrock pr.ee.
AfOSBV to loan on improved He^n^proi^erty.
Timeand terms to suit. Jno s. M. ^eUl.^rooms 6 and 7, Ashby building.
WANTEDA man with several team, to haul^wood. For Information address or apply^to F. A Schmidt. Elllet ^n. Mont.
OiNsoa Improved real estate at low rates^J of InterestFOLK A- DEVISE.
BealEstate, Mortgagr Loan and Insur^^ance Ageatu, Room- 2i ^ and 21 Gold^Block, Telephone 266. P. 0.^Box 144.
Choice)City aad suburban Property. Improved^and unimproved
AcreTracts, ripe for eVollvunon aad Imme^^diate sale.
Mostcomplete and largest Hat of real aslau of^any firm In the business
BargainsIn all the Additions at lowest fifruraa^aa4 on longest time.
$100,000to loan la sums to suit, at lowest rates^oa first mortgage on real estate.
Calland be convinced.
Porter,Muth ^ Cox,
AGENTSfor Bradford. Brooke. Amee.^Bellevne and Highland Park addi^^tions.
COLLEGEPLACE.-Now ia the time to^buy acres at the College. Motor^line to be built to this tract at once.
EYMKRPARK. Lots close to new ho^^tel cheap.
ASMALLpayment down and #25 per^mouth will buy a fine residence^near Motor line. Water and all con^^veniences.
NEWTRACT near Broadwater hotel^soon to be offered. Lots cheap.^Profits assured.
#100per foot for 33 feet on Helena av^^enue and Rodney, one-third cash, bal^^ance in one and two years.
#475hfor 8-room brick on Ninth avenue.^This is a modern house, having fine^bath room, hot and cold water, gas,^etc, closets and good cellar. One-^fourth cash, balance to suit.
#1350for two choice lots in Lockey addi^^tion, one block from East Side school.
#450each for three lots on Second street.
#2o^i for fine horse ranch, six miles^from Helena, 155 acres, with plenty of^water; title perfect.
#25.no for Main and Clore street prop^^erty belonging to the Foller estate.^This property now rents for #370 per^per month
#ll.5iXifor Pelican saloon building on^Wood street. This is a choice prop^^erty and a good investment.
#525iifor a6-rooni brick on Howie street,^west side, lot ^4x27(i feet. Look this^up.
#500for large lot in C. W. Cannon addi^^tion. Terms to suit.
#2^ per foot for two choice lots in Cen^^tral addition No. 3.
#12ii for lOQxlfiO fwt in Grand avenue,^('^rner. South front. Easy terms.
#r.io for 15^^xl40, corner, one block east^of Judge McCounell's resid nee.
#:ii:. each for four lots in Flower (iarden^addition, opposite church, in block 13.
#625each for two nice level lots on Da^^vis street.
#425for lot 50x140 in Northern Pacific
No.1 and house I2x2n.^#60 p^r foot for two choice corners on
Choiceresidences and ranch property,^mines and mining stocks.
Thompson Block, Room 10. opposite
'Crand Central Hotel.
Telephone 270.
Home Grown Trees,
Td* Iarv^*f^t ftnd mast c^mnlete narsery stock^grown in the nortnwoat. Lnr^e entde and orna^^mental tree* t. r eitre^c and lawn plantinc, roaea,^phraha. hnlv.-. fruits *-tc. alwajp at the lowest^prices. Wholesale aod retail. All stork warrant^^ed true to name ana as represented Ord*-r earl*.^AddressWHITNEY BROS ,^Pavette, Adai onnty, Idaho
Moneyto Loan I
InSums to Suit on From Six^Months to Five Years Time^on Real Estate Security.
Moneyon Hand. No Delay.^Cash Paid for Real Estate^Mortgages, by
W.H. Clark ^ Son, Gen. Agt'e
GuarantyLoan Co.
Boardof Trade Koom. Plttarnirg Block, Ualeno.^CHAS. S. ELTINUB, A,-.at at Butt. City.
Ming'sOpera Honse.
Sunday,June 30,
Forthe benefit of the German^Lutheran Church,
R*eervei Seats, #1: for sale at Pope ^^O'Connor-*.
Areward of S v hundred dollar. Is offered for^toe arrest aod delivery to the ^h^rlff of Dwer^Lodge county, M ^ntan%. of one Caleb H Perry,^who committed the crime of murder at Mill^Lake, In ^atd Deer Lodce cunty. on the l^*h^day of Jane, :*\ by the killing of wuilam^McCoy.
VerySerious, Indeed !
Itis a question ^^f money with ninety nine in a hundred what^clothes they shall wear. You are not^a sure judge of Clothing-^nobody is. Tli- best judges do not pretend to l^e! Nobody can^be. really, who is not in the active Clothing trade Why then^is it a question of money-take it all in all. to you that make It^so^for ninety-nine in a hundred don't go wrontr in a question of^money. \\ e venture to assert that our Clothing is less costly^and more reliabl-than many others. That is, take it steadily^week in and week out. We call attention to tbe very big fact^however, that low prices are nothing unless joined tb reliability^and quality. It is by this union of reliability and quality that^our name has received its meaning and following in trade. Our^title to your patronage is simple. We clothe you better We^charge you less.
CornerMain and Broadway.
AModern Drug Store in Our Midst!
EverythingNew and Neat. Comfortable Easy Chairs. A Clean^and Carpeted Floor. Clerks who are anxious and willing to do^all in their power to please customers. A Prescription Depart^^ment in perfect order. Physicians' prescriptions dispensed aa
firomptlyas is consistent with care. The above are all to be^ound at
115 N. Main St.,Holter Block
TheCriterion Cafe
Comeand Look at our Window.
Fairbank^ Sutermeister.
FurnishYour Houses
PressedBrick Company
Common,Fine.Front and Ornamental Brick
san-cL0^tla.^i^ Clay IParod-Xi-crts.^Office: Gold Block, 54 North Main Str^t.
F.L. SIZER, General Manager.
TheMost Elegant Lunches in the City.^MILWAUKEE BEER ON TAP,
Nowis the Time to Buy!
FRENCH^ PYFBR, Sole Ag'ta,
Rooms11 and 11 1-2 Pittsburg Block. Telephone No. 65.

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