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TheFestive Oriental Shocks Washing^^ton Society and Finally Succumbs^to a Game of Freezeout.
vi ^ ibnW! Gboetl Khan, ttie^Persian minister at tola cap.til, ia about to^pail out of the country in disgust. Haaseiii^Gboeil poured bit woes into the ears I an^Associated l'rrss reporter yesterda\. but^the Associated i'r*-ss man, in the interest^of brevity, did not tell all tbat Hassrin^Ghoeli said to bim. nor did Oboeli tell the^reporter all be knew as Ui the possible rea^son why be was exiled from Washington^society during the last niDe or ten months.^Uboell has raised an issue with the peopl^of the United states and has denounced the^faited States. He is shocked because the^president of the United States does not be^^head every American editor who baa^spoken flippantly of the shah. He has^complained, too, because American editors^bave spoken playfully about Ghoeli. The^trouble, in fact, seems to be between^(ihoell Kabn and the newspapers. In^reality Gboeli Khan should not imagine^tbat he has a grievanr e against American^newspapers. In fact they have treated^him with great kindness and leniency,^When Uhoell Khan arrived here be^taken up by society and made much of.^He was inclined to be very genial and his^nature seemed to be possessed of more^levity than the average Oriental, and the^men about him voted him a good fellow.^Ghoeli Khan became a -rounder^ in Wash^mgton. He took in all sorts of places and^became a patron of one ^mansion^ in par^^ticular. He seemed to be very anxious to^learn the English language.and in further^^ance of his alleged interest in that direc^^tion be took a gorgeous blonde from one of^the mansions situated in the shady part of^the city, south of Washington avenue, and^transplanted her as his ^instructress^ at^the I'ersian legation.
Thesociety people heard of the new^English instructress of the I'ersian lega^^tion, but they took no action regarding it.^and Ghoeli was continued to be received as^a persona grata in all social circlea of^Washington. The iastruetress taught bim^English, but the taught bim the English^taught by the toughs. This Knglisn^Ghoeli fired orl in a fr^ e-and -easy way at^social receptions and dinners at which he^happened to be a guest. Kor instance,^when be told hia hostess on a certain occa^^sion to ^wipe off ber chin^ and suggested^to his host to ^pull down his vest^ his en^^tertainers appeared uncomfortable.
Onanother occasion, when he told the^lady of the house at which he was a visitor^to ^come off and not make so damned^much noise,^ tbere was consternation all^around him. At a reception at Secretary^Whitney's he told the accomplished wife^of the secretary he ^thought she was too^damned fresh,' and an extraordinary sen^^sation was produced in the surroundings.^A tew weeks later, at a party given by the^secretary of state, when Hassein Ghoeli^told one of the Misses Bayard to ^kiss me^sweetly, baby dear,^ society people^thought it was time to draw the line.
.Stillthe Persian representative was tol^^erated for some time longer, but about the^last of January, when the social season^was fairly open and a great gathering was^convened in the parlors of a distinguished^senator, the representative of the shah took^hold of the nose of the wife of a senator^and said: ^What a bugle you have.^ It^was then considered to be ample time to^cut (Ihoeli Kabn and he was forthwith cut.
Sincethen he has been completely cut off^from all social connections at the capital,^and his sociai calls are met with *he invari^^able announcement. ^Not at home.^^Ghoeli Kahn realized the situation after a^time, and the cold ahoulder of society made^him sad and peevish. As a result he re^^signed his place and is preparing to quit^the country, but he makes as an excuse the^comments of the American press on him^^self and his imperial master. Ghoeli Khan^will be missed. We never had a diplomate^in this country like him and may never^have again.
Petersen,Miss Lera^K- s-wood.Mrs Lyrtia^^5beppard.Mrs D Bi d)^St. Johns. Miss Millie^Thomas. Mrs. Mary^Thompson. Roda
PetersoD,Ida^Raymond. Mrs. Kuih^Kody. Miss Mary^shannon, Maggie^Taylor, Miss Carrie^Thompson. Susie
ThompsonMrs HarryTimms, turtle^Tilley, Mrs. Nellie Torstensen, Tilde^Walsh, Miss Nellie Waller. Miss Kate^Walser. Mrs Mattie Weiss, Mrs. Nettie^White, Mi s KatUe Wood. Miss MM 21^White, Mrs. Adelaide V.
C.D. CrRTis. P. M.
EXCURSIONRATES^To ths National Educational Association
Seamen,Yachtmen,^Boatmen, Ac
Tli Renowned Swiaiaier,
/aW^ asa how^tmld gri along^without St.
TheUnion Pacific Railway company^will sell tickets from Helena!to Nash^^ville, Tenn., trom June SOth to July 14^h,^inclusive, for the above meeting, at the^rate of one fare for the round trip ^ J^H.*Oi,^limited to return until Sept. 12th, tknett^not good for returning before July l*th. j^Transit limits In each direction i^i, days.^For further information call at the Union^Pacific office, No. ^^^, north Main street^A. K. Vt.a ^^I'assengsr Agent.
Proposalsfor Water Huppjy.
re.^^ ^^
eoplsdfrom the
Forthe above meeting to be held in^Nashville, Tenn.. from July 8 to 20 inclu^sive, the Northern Pacific railroad will^make a rate of SAH.40 from Helena to Nash^^ville and return. Tickets on sale from^JuneUUthto July Utr. inclusive, good to^return up to Sept. 12th, but not good to^leave Nashville before July 10. Transit^limit In each direction six days.
A.D. \ .^(Veneral Agent.
APleasant Trip.
Theland was beautiful;^Fair rose the spires and gay the buildings
Andrich the plains, like dreams of blessed
Ifthe poet had lived in railroad times^and taken a journey from Chicago to sl^Paal and Minneapolis over ^The Burling^^ton.' he could not have fitted his descrip^^tion better to the reality.
Flyingalong through the lovely prairies^of northern Illinois, the finest farming reg^^ion in the country, every traveler will say^the land is beautiful.^ As the train^rushes up the Mississippi valley, the silver-^gleaming stream alive with steamers on^one hand and the lofty and picturesque^bluffs on the other, ^fair rise the spires^and gay the buildings are^ of Dubuque,^1-aCrosse and Winona, till we stop In the^t^eautiful cities of St. Paul and Minneapo^^lis. For full information about this trip^and cost ot making it. apply to any local^ticket agent or address W. J. C. Kenyon,^(Jen. Pass. Agent C. B. .v N. K. K.. St.^Paul, Minn.
Havingtried the effects of the concen^^trated extract of Oregon Kidney Tea, we^cheerfully bear witness to its beneficial^agency in affections of the digestive organs.^It is simple, safe and sure: it is easily taken^and restores healthy vitality t j the organs^it is intended to operate upon with assured^success.S. J. v ' .mick.
EditorCatholic Sentinel.^Sold by K. S. Hale ^ Co., wholesale^and retail agents, Helena.
YellowstoneNational Park.
CommencingJune 3 and continuing un^^til Sept 27, the Northern Pacific railroad^will make a rate of one fare for the round^trip from Helena to Livingston and return,^on the following conditions: Passengers^o purchase a round-trip ticket to Livings-^on and either a S9U or $40 book ticket^through the park. These tickets Include^rail and stage transportation from Livings-^on and four and five days, respectively,^board and lodging at the Park association's^hotels. For further information call at the^Northern Pacific ticket office,
A.I). Kin. a k. General Agent
Lettersfor the following persons remain^uncalled for at the Helena, M.T., postofflce^on July 10. In calling for them please say^^advertised.
Aborn.^. S. i3^ Allitee, O. G.^Alexander. Lorenzo Ario. Gustav^Uaker, W. H^Baumgarten
Anderson,John (2)^Hanson, Robert^Kailey, Lon^Barker, Chas.^Barrett Tom^Belvieu, Henry^Binner.Kobert^Borchard, E A.^Bowman, D.^Hrannin. John^Brennan. John T.^Brown, W. M.^(alder, G. F.^t arstens. Heinrich^Child*. Wm.^Cline, John F.^Connolly, Jaa.
Cole,Charley^Comer, ,). J.^Collins, (ieo. M.^Harnielie, J. D.^Denny, I. G.^Douglass. William M^I^ouglass, F. H.^Dupee, William R.^Ervm, Wm. C.^Flint, Powers^Klickinger, Samuel^Foster, Mr.^Gains, G. W.^tiarrity, John^Gallick, Wm.^(iennetf. BL W.^iierbig. ^i^-orge^Green. Fred
Hemple,O. tiottfried Harmon, E. G.
Bailey,R. L.^Bascom, L. L.^Itearcroft Wm. U.^Blucken, Hud L.^Bicknell. Charles^Boyce, Elihu^Bradley, Mr.^iiraxton, Geo.^Brock, G. W.^Brown, Chas. K.^Carlyon, Peter H. (4 ^^Chapman. Geo.^Chappell, .1.^Clingen, E. R.^Cooper, Chas.^Cock, Charlie^Congan, Steven^Cruikshanks, Thos.^l^eneh. Geo. W. (2)^Dickinson, A. L.^^ 12)
I^ 'ion. J. L.^!^-.;. Josle B.^Farman, (ieorge^FleetW'iod, Wm.^Foley, Mack^Fuller, J. W.^Garvey. P.^Gan^. Lev is H.^Gagger, John
.odo. Ole R.^tiivens, Milford
WhoWants a Fortune^^Ona hundred and forty acres notching^into East Ueiena at only Sou per acre, it^will make 130 lots, each 60x140, after mak^^ing allowance for streets and alleys. This^will make lots cost less than $13 50 each.^Terms. S2.4O0 cash; balance, one, two, three^and four years, eight per cent
J.W. Merrill,^Room A Union Block,^Over Land's store.
Harmon,E E.^Hatfield, Di.vid^lieissler. Charles
Uites.Perry^Uonstain, G. T.^Holioway. E. A.^Hutchinson, 11^Jameson. James^Jarsippi. Guiseppe^Johnson. Louis^Jo nson. A.^Ji , F.
Ke.idrii'k,l^. La^Kelly, .las. W.^Kelly, Ed^Kenneld. A. W.^Kitson, J. H.^Laubender. Frank L.^Larsen. K.^Limbacb. Ferdinand^Lee, E H
LincolnA Mcl^aniel^Lunuuist, C. J.^Matthews. Willie^Maaley. 11. C.
Martin.B. W.^Morton, J. M.^Miller, Christ^Miller. H. N.^Miner, F. u^Montague. Chas. T.^Mont Invest Co. i2^^Mumphy. Chas.^Meyer. John^McCiain, J. P.^McCauiey, James^McGregor. Peter^McLean. Angus^McNutt. J. J7^Nielsen. Charles^Nygvist John E.^Norgard. J. U. i2i^Osbom. Geo,^Oxnam. T. H.^1 arsons, H. M.^Penebaker, W. H.^Petterson. Charley^Pickett Wm.^Pond. Geo. C. (2)^Pomeroy, Mark M.^Price, Frank E.^Kenner. Tobias^Richards, Arthur^Bobbins, Thomas^Kyan. Jim
Harper.A. G.^Havonie, George^Heaton. A. E.^Htnes, Carl^Hogan. M. F.^Hue v. I).^Huboard. W.^Jaggerly, J. P.^Jensen Thomas 2^Johnson, Sv.-n^Johnson, Lars
Kerr.Thomas U^Lackie, H. r.^Lawrence, Joseph^Leake, Frank^Leihrip, M. ^^Lindig. A. H.^I^owney, Tim^Matthews, Thos.^Mace, Harry^Malette. Fr*nk^Martin. 1. J^Marshall. 1 ^ W.^Morton A Faney^Miller. 11. M^Miluer, Ira E.^Mortimer. T. M^Morriss. Ed^Morey. C H^Mullen. Matt^McBride, Arthur^M.Carle}. John^McCarthy. John^Mclntyre, J.^McMullen. Matt^Naaoi G L.^Nyhus. Alex.^Northrop, E B.^Olson. Kudolph^Owen, J. R.^Parker, M. A.^Peterson. Chas. A.^Philips. John^Pen-y. Wm. A.
Powell,Thomas^Potter, Daniel^Reynolds, D. L. Dr.^Kipka. Jas.^Hichmon. Harry^Boat Charles^Kyan. H.
Kura.World Pub. Co. Sand bach, Wm. R
sados.George^s.-naeck. John^Schones. J. B.^Simpson Frank E.^smith, Frank P.^Smith, Wm. G.^Smith, A. K.
Sacher.H. W.^Scbulenburg. C.^simminger, E.^Shea. J. K.^Smith, Win.^Smith. A. D. Dr.^sorrenson, Jos. (S)
Sowerwine. But us k. Sproule, Uant
StewartBobert^Sutton. Wakeman^Thompson. W. S.^Tomer, c. G.^Tance, Allen E.^V ine, John B.^Waggoner. W. T.^Walsh. Ed.^Watkins, W.^Ware, W. H.^Wiedenroan. W.^Wilson. James^Williams, J. D.^Wirum, Henry-^Wood. Walter
Strupelle,Mike^Swansoa. Chas. A.^Taylor. O. M.^Timmins, Wm.^TTowbridge. Thos.^Van Horn. C. E.^Walsh. Barney-^Walker. W. C.^Walter. John^Waiting. W. W.^Wheeler. E M.^Wilson. J. a (3)^Wilson. Robert^Williams. Cooney^Wood. Willie Master
Armstrong,Miss Hattie
Austin.Mrs. Mary Boyle, Miss Sarah
Bowers,Mrs. J. L
Codrick.Mrs. Annie (2)
Eholt.Mrs. Emily Foster, Mrs. Maria
Gibos,Mrs. Laura Haley, Miss Flora
HarteMiss Annie Harris, Miss W. H.
Harweod,Miss Clara lmroden, Mrs. Belle
Jones.Mrs. Emma Kochel. Mrs. Clara J.
Linman.Miss Ertka Maily. Miss M. J.
Masters.Mrs. M. K.
Marlette.Mrs. J. H. (2)
Mitchell.Mrs. Mary Miller, Cynthia
Mitchell,Mrs. M. P I
Morey.Mrs- C. H. Murphy. Mrs. Maggie
SundayExcursions.^The Northern I'acific railroad will make^a Sunday excursion rate of one fare for the^round trip to all points between Helena and^Butte, via Garrison; also to Marysville,^Wickes, Boulder and all points on the Hel^^ena A Jefferson Connty, Helena, Boulder^Valley Butte, and Helena A Northern^branches. Tickets to be sold on Sundays^only, and good to return on date of sale.
A.D. EoeAR, General Agent
SundayExcursion Rates.
AaSunday is the only day which can be^claimed as a holiday of the laborer, farmer^and business man alike, the Montana Cen^^tral Railway company will, until further^notice, make a special rate of one fare for
theround trip, good for that day only, be^^tween all stations on its line, thus affording^the country people an excellent oppor^^tunity of spending the day in Helena or^Butte, and at the same time affording the^city people a chance of spending Sunday^amid the magnificent scenery of the canons^of the Missouri and Prickly Pear or Cen^^tral park.P. P. SHKt.ni.
General Managei
Spokane,the Derby Winner.^The great Montana dyer will certainly^appear at the Twin City Jockey ^-iub run^^ning meeting, to be held in St Paul in^July, and in order that Montanians may^see this remarkable horse, the Northern^Pacific railroad has made a rate of S4*.yu^from Helena to St Paul and return. Tick^^ets will be sold on July 21, good to return^until Aug. 2. This is a material reduction^from rates previously announced. In con^nection with the above, tickets will also be^sold from Helena to Chicago and return on^same date at (71.90.A. D. Eduar,
GeneralAgent, corner Main and Grand^streets, Helena.
Spokane,theDerby Winner.
Spokane,Montana's pride, will surely^appear at the St Paul races. The Mon^^tana Central will make a rate to St Paul of^S48.M) for the round trip. Tickets on sale^July 21, good to return to August 2.
Inconnection with the above tickets will^be sold to Chicago and return at 871.1*0.
TeachersNational Educational^ciation Meeting
Forthe above the Montana Central will^make a rate of S^v40 to Nashville. Teun.,^and return ticket.* on sale June SOth to
July14. good to return until Sept 12.^Transit limit of ticket six days.
Officeand Ware rooms 19 Park^Ave. Telephone No 245.
Openday and nl#bt Finest stock of goods in^Moota^a. Bodies preserved any length of Urns^J. B tiaMSSTT*. Manner
Rockand Earth Excavation and Tunnslllng^Sealed proposals will be received at the office of^the com;-anT. la Ugden, t tab. until noon, July SO,^for the coascrnction of the npper twelve^miles of the Bear River c anal from the bead^works, on Bear river. Box Skier county. Utah, In^atxaasai S with plan*. prvfi^es and specification^on Sle In the ^ face of u^e engineer In charge, at^^ '^rden.
Theamount of work to be contracted f r in the^sstTlon is approximately as follow*: ^^,ou^^cable yards solid rock. ls.OOO coble yarde loose^rock: 1.MB.0W) cubic yards earth: I,*^j Uaear fast^tunneling.
Csntractorswill be required to aire a sufficient^bond for the faithful performance ot I he con^tracts awardad them. The company reeeres the^right to reject any and all bids.
fksdMATUYAf. Kn^-la-er in i i.irge
Cmer Broadway ana Warren Street,
OppositeU. S. aatmj office,
thos.o'brlkn A son, Pro pa.
Hewtyntasd anil Newly |
Tnwasnil tsnaa Baths, Bai^aUHodacal
buiard Ball, with all ]
Motto*U hereby glwa. That, porsisxit to an^untor of the dty coua il or th^ atj at U**teni^m^ Diaisv tLe ^.n^lereit^i.e^i committee ok water, t^th* a*Ud clt^ of ilei^n-^, will irce4*e hid* ant.I 12^o'clock00 lOe lit da;. ^ f A .jL-'.'.^.f^r su; ptyl^t^^aid city of Ue:ena with water t r Lie, *^aart ^tber ^ urpoeee, and the contractor will bo^ivqulied to cumply wltn Lhe following ^}^eclfica^Uoqi and contiltiona, to-wit r
1-A full, ample and sufficient supply of pood,^pare, whoie^ota^e and cJoar water e^a^l t^e aro^vidod for the oae aac wanU of tr.e InhahltanU of^said city, and ^uinclent to provide eald city for^fire, aew ratre imaintenance and ronstmctloa^^and other purpoaee: and pact, supply ^hall bw^fall, ampl** and aufBriont for the preeent popala^Uon of ^a^4 city, and for the f tore population A^aaid city, aa the same mav be frum time to time,^d irlnr tfcf full term of the propoeod contract^and said water shall be pare and wholesome, and^free from animal, vegetable or mineral sab-^NMll, snch as woa'd render it unHealthful or^^mat for domeat.c use.
%The pressure In mains and pipes at the^level of the first floor of the court house of Lewis^and Clarke county, situate in said city, and at all^other p^ ilnts of eo,u 1 heUrht, shall be maintained^at not lees than sixty p unda 11 the square Inch,^If reservoir ^ rks a..all be used; and If the di^^rect pressure system shall be used, sixty pounds^to the square ln^h, fire pressure, and twenty-five^to forty pounds to the square inch, ordinary pres^^sure, shall be maintained at said poiut, ana at all^other s of equal height.
3.The contractor to whom the contract for^furnishing said water may be awarded, shall lay^or furnish twenty miles of mains within lhe lim^^its of said city, exclusive of the amount of mains^connecting thew rks of such contractor with the^point or points of distribution, and suca mains^shall be of the following sizes and oa the follow-^lag streets In said city of Ueiena respectively.^At least ten Inches In lnaer diameter on Law^^rence street from denton avs-nue to Main street:^on Rodney street from Broadway to Mvlenn ave^^nue; on Main street from Bridge street v^ Helena^avenue: on Helena avenue from Main street to^the rl^ht of way of the .Northern Pacific tUilwai^company, on Broadway from Main street to hod^ney street At least eU-ht inches In Inner diame^^ter on Madison aveaae from Lawrence^street o Devla street, in the liauser addition^Lawrence street from Madison avenue to Benton^avenue; on Rodney street from Bridge street to^Broadway: on Filth avenue from Warren street^to Uoback street; on Ninth avenoe from Kodney^street to Idaho avenue. At te^st five Inches In^Inner diameter on Denton avenue from adwsrds^street to Lynda e avenue: on Clore street from^Bridge street to Benton avenue at Klowerree^street; on Lawrence street from Madison avenue^to the western boundary of trte towns lie;
arkstreet from iStraw berry street to Clore^street; on Uowey street from Adams street to^^ lark street; on -JeflVrson str**et fro::. Adams^street to Mlog street; on Ming street from Jeffer^s. n street to Uowey street; on Bridge street^rom Clore street to Chaucer street; on West^Main street from Bridge street south 1,060 feet:^on rtodney streetfrom Bridge street south Use^feet; on wood street from Main street to Kwlng^street; on Kwing street from Fifth avenae to^Helena avenue; on Jackson street from Wood^street to Sixth avenue: on Sixth avenoe from^.Jackson street to Main street; on Broadway from^Kodney street to Be at tie street; on Fifth avenue^from iloriack street to Tletjen street; on Oal-atia^streetfrom Ueltma avenue to Fifth avenue; on^Lyndaie avenue from Benton avenue east feet:^on Third street. Northern Pacific addition, from^Ueiena avenue north 500 feet: on Urand street^from Jackson -tree* to Warren street; on Warrea^street from Broadwsy to Helena avenue; oa^Hemlock street from Madison avenae to Uerrlsoa^avenue; on Chaucer street from Bridge street to^Broadway. * t least four Inches In inner dleme-^ter on Oearbom street from Lawrence street to^l^avis street. In Uauaer addition; on Cutler^street from VVest Main street to Kodney street;^on Pine street from Jollet street to Kodnev^street; on Water street from Cutler street south^430 feet; on Breckenrldue street from Kodney^street to Be at tie street; on hUMb avenue from^Kodney street to Uoback street; in nMe-enth av^^enue trom Kodney street to Hoback street; on^Uoback street from Kleventh avenue to Pflaume^street. At least three inches In inner diameter on^Davis street. In Haaser's addition, from Madison^avenue t*i Benu n avenue; on Mrawberry street^from C.arke street to Lawrence street; on Adams^street from Howey street to J-ffereon street; on^Be at tie street from Broadway to Fifth avenue; on^Uoback street from r tftu avenue to Eleveatn av^^enue.
4.The con rectors shall place down and con^nect with the twenty miles of mains herein pro^^vided for, at points to be designated by the city^council, or a committee thereof, two hundred by^drante, and shall maintain said hydrants daring^the continuance cf the contract. Mich hydrants^shsil have couble nozzles, and shall be non^freezing, and of the latest and most approved^pat ern. Provided! that If the contractor use any^system of pipes and hydrants in s*ld city, said^hydrants need not be changed or removed, and^said council shall not relocate or chacge the^same.
5.The contractor shall be required to lay and^maintain. In addition to the twenty miles of^mains hereinbefore specified, sue main , of^such sizes, at such times, and upon such streets,^as the city council of said city shsil from time to^time direct; and shsil place and maintain one by^drant for each one-tenth of a mile on snrh addi^^tional mains, If the same sbaU be of a diameter of^six Inches or more, or if the same shsil be of a^nlameter of leas than six inches, tnen one hy^^drant for each one-seventh of a mile, said by^drante to be of the pattern above specified, no hy^draat to be placed on any pl;^e leas than foui^Inches Inside diameter.
Allmains and pipes shall be laid at the^depth of five feet below the established grade of^the respective streets, and all repairs and exten^slons cf such mains and pipes shall be under the^supervision of such street commissioner as to^grades, locations and streets. Provided: that, if^any system of pipes now In use in said cltv snail^be occupied by the contractor, it shall not be^necessary to take up or relay any pi es now in^place
Inno case shall said mains or plpee in any^manner Interfere with any mains or plpee laid In^said streets, so as to injure or obstruct the same^r shall said mains or pipes Interfere with or^obstruct any sewer now existing in said streets:^nor shall tbere be sny In'erference with or ob^^struction of any mains or plpee which may be^hereafter authorized, laid or co structed by or^under the authority of said city by mains that^may be hereafter laid by said contractor; and at^all places and points in the said city where said^water mains or pipes approach gas mains or^pipes, tbere shall be at least six inches of earth^between them.
Thewater which may be required by said^city of Ueiena for the use of any and all buildings^owned and occupied hy said city for municipal^purposes, shall be furnished by the contractor,^it Lout cost or charge to said cltv.^9. In case of unavoidable accident or breakage^of machinery, due time shall be triven to the con^^tractor to repair the damages, but he shall receive^no pay from any person or corporation for any^time daring which he falls to furnish water in^the causes in this section stated.
1-The works hen In provided for shall be so^constructed and maintained as te interfere as lit^^tle as poasib e wjth the rights of others, and any^damage resulting from such works, or the erec^^tion, construction or operation thereof, shall be^repaired and paid for by the contractor.
11.Said works, and the water system con^nect-d therewith, shall be completed and In^readiness for the couve^ame no t.lstributlon of^syaajs tnn^u_*bout the twenty miles of mains^^'-fire ; :^^ Iried for,oa or b^fore the first
dayof uulv, A I^. M
1-1 roposals shiUspedfy the maximum rates^at which water shall be furnished said city and Its^tnhahite- te f r the various purposes for whl^ b^Water may be used under the contract. If a con^^tract shall be a war ed.
13.The mayor and com Jtteeof the city council^of Is aid city, end any officer or other person author^^ized hy said council, shall at all times have free^screes to the entire works and system herein^contemplated for the j urpoee of Inspecting, ex^^amining or teetlng the same, or any part or^porti^ c thereof.
14.In case a contract shall be awarded, the said^council of said city, in the ordinance providing^for sail contract, may add such ^ ther safeguards^and provision, s for the prtitectlon of said city and^tr.e lnMmMtants, and for the car-- and preservation^of the streets ana alle^ s In a*ld dty, and for the^recitation, conduct and m nagement of said^w rk^, as to the said city council may seem for^the beet Interest of said city and Its Inhabitants.
15.All terms, coneitioss and provisions of the^contract. In case one shall be awarded, shall ap^^ply to and bind as w u the original parties there^^to as their respective s .cress rs and assigns.
.Water herein provided for eh ^H be furnished^said city for a term ot not lees than one nor more^than fifteen years from the first day of January,^MMJ.
Proposalsshall be sealed. Indorsed *'Proposals^for water sup. ply.^ add rs see a to the chairman of^the undersigned committee, a- d left with the city^clerk of sa*d dty on or before the hour herein^first above -amed.
Proposalsmust be accompanied by bonds In^the sum of five thousand dollars to enter Into^contract If bid shall tie accepted.
Theright to reject any and al. bids Is ex^^pressly reserved.^Dated Ueiena, Montana, June 18,1888.
HeWent Straight Away and^Convince Others.
Thefallowing la an article^Seattle Dally Press
Areporter who had been in poor health for^some time and had received no benefit from the^treatment of several paymclaae, was satracted by^an advertisement hi this paper, but being very^chary be determined to find oat If the doctor could^do as he daimed. He according It called on Mr.^M. O. Bullock la the file room of the Stetson A^Post mUl
Reporter1 understand that yon have been^treating with Dr. W. Norton Davis. What success^has he had In your case *
Mr.Bullock^I was afflicted for about twenty^years with catarrh. The mucus would .pass back^from my ncse into my throat, and recently th^trouble began to extend down Into the bronchia^tubes,causing a shortness of breath and wheezing^as If of sethme My ears vrers also very much^affected The short time I have been treating^with Dr. Davis has been sufficient to stop the^wheezing and I am improving every way so fast^that I feel corfldent that I shall soon be well
J.5. Cole, contractor and builder,corner Eighth^and Weller streets, was the next one Interviewed^Mr. Cole^Yea, I believe the doctor can do ail he^claims. I would have attacks of hemorrhage near^ly every day. which weakened me down so that I^had scarcely any strength left I had a slight at^^tack the next day after I commenced treatment,^but have had none since for now mora than a^month. The trouble Is due to catarrh.^H H Davis, -JOT Washington street,seemed very^enthusiastic, saying that he contracted a cough^which lasted for several months, which nothing^would relieve, until he commenced taking Dr.^Davis^ me Ileal Inhalation, when he was cured at^once.
Ayoung man working In the electric light works^expressed himself about as follows:
Ifyou know the feelings of cne who fears that^he is about to lose his mind you wUl understand^my case when I first put myself under Dr. Davis'^care I was so absent minded that when one^would speak to me I would answer at random or^not at ail, and It seemed as if I could not remem^^ber anything. My back was very weak, and my^nervous system was s ^ unstrung that 1 would be^startled Bf the slightest sound. I put m^self un^^der the doctor's care, having but little faltn, but^from the immediate improvement I was satisfied^that he understood my case, and now In lees than^two months I am happy to say that my fears are^gone and I am sound and well once more.
FredK. Thompson, Ninth and Howell streets, a^machinist, said that for years be had been afflicted^with kidney and bladder trouble which had baffled^the skill of some of ths beet phyclcl ns Ue went^to see Dr. Davis to get his opinion, with no idea^of taking treatment, but after the doctor had ex^^amined him he changed his mind ** He went over^my body,^ says he, **ee I would over a piece of*^machinery tbat was out of order, and before he^expressed an opinion if he did not know what the^trouble was it was not his fault I gained at once,^showing that my confidence b vd not been mis^^placed. I never enjoyed better health than I do at^preeent, having treated just one month.'*
Fromthis eviden*e the reporter was satisfied^and Immediately pat himself under the doctor's^care, and he firmly believes if any one can care^him Dr W t^orton Davis wUl do so.
urDavis Is the founder of a system of medi^^cine he calls Ciuj utrATHT,which consists la ths^employment of material locally of through ths^blood, in whlrb unhealthy cells are deficient, to^^gether with Vegetable System Builders' electricity^and magnetism.
Inthe human being, as well as In animals and^plants, everv organ is composed of cells. If these^cells are deficient in any of the histological ele^^ments the animal or plant N*comea 1U. The only^scientific, aa well as rational system of medicine^Is that which restores these cells to a condltien of^health, and in this manner the doctor daims that^be can cure many diseases heretofore considered^incurable
Hecan be consulted himself free of charge, for^a few weeks, at the Met chants Hotel, from 10 a.^ra. to 8 p. m., after which one or more physldsns^who thoroughly understand the system wUl con^^tinue the practice. Cellulopathy is so popular In^Spokane Falls that two physldane are kept busy.^The secret of success is that all physicians are^regular graduates, and no case Is treated if the^doctors do not feel certain of success.
MERCHANTSNational Bank
Paidin Capita. - - $150,000^Surplus and Profit! - 140.0C0
l.b. Bnaniux
W.D. klCUCi^a^mobjum,^a. VXHtun *,
W.B. bvdh ALL.
Prean pi
orAU Grades and Makes
AtRINGWALD'S Op. Cosmopolitan Hotel, Main St
t3 t ABLI3HED 1877.
JAS.MctAtflXI^N ^ CO.,
Pl.c-ri::EfOR OF THF
MinneapolisSheepskin Tannery
ani uealeks a
Ginsengand Seneca Root.
1U1.103 dfc UK) S^ondSt No.-th.MINNEAPOLIS. MUTE
;iupm-i^tn Solicited
Writefor I irculars.
PurchaseGold and Silver Bui'^Hon, Gold Dust and Coun^^ty Securities
InterestAllowed on Deposit-^Left for a Specified Tiane
AGeneral Banking Busings;^Transacted.
ExchangeSold on the Princi^pal Cities of Europf.
NO.1 saw.
TheCelebrated French Cure,
Warrantedto cure
Summons.Montana, County ot Lcnia and
Territoryof^(.^larke^Ba^^la JuaOce 0 Coart, Ueiena Townahtp^B. F Woodman, Ju.tlo^ of tn^ Peace
HelenaProduce and Oommlaaion Co., plalattC^vs. ^at^ Mfton and Joan Edward., partners a.^Slffc'n A Edwarda.
Thepeople of the Territory ot Montana. t.-^ the^above named defendant, John Kdwa da, ereettng.
Youare herehv .ummoned to r* and appear be^^fore me B F Woodman, a Justice of the peace In^and for the count) of Lewi, and Clarke, at my^office la the dry of Helena oa Wednesday, the^Tth day of August, A. D 1^8S. at 10 o'clock a m.^ot aatd day. then and there to make^to the complaint of Helena Pro^^duce and Commission company.
gooda,ware, i^bv platans'to
.tanceand request and u^..n i^f urnished defendants bv r P. Mullen and by him^ae.U-r.ed to plalnU*. and in default thereof judg^^ment SJaM be rendered aentnsc you. the above^named defendant* for the sum of Eighty-one^Dollar, and Ftfty-Sve cants ani costs of suit la^their behalf expended.
Utvenunder my hand this J^th Say of Jans, A.^d :^ F. WOODMAI,
Jastir* of the fence of said township.
Home Grown Trees,
InSold on a^POSITIVE^GUARANTEE^to cure any^form of uervous^^li^*'a*e. or any^di-order of the^generative or^^gans of elthei^sex whetner ar-^iMne from tbe^ex. e use of Stimulants, Tobacco or opium^or through youthful Indiscretion, over imlulg.^eucc, dtc, such as I.os^ of Brain Power, Wakeful^uess. Bearing down Paint in the Back, Semiual^W e.kness. Hysteria. NervoHs Prostration Nocturn^al Emissions. Leacorrhoea. Dizziness, Weak Mem^ory. Isjaa of Power and Impotency, which if ne^elected often lead to premature ofd are and iusan^Ilr. Price ^1 00 a box. 6 boxes for 15 00 Sent bv^mail on receipt of price.
AWKITTKN ^^ IARANTFE for every ^S0^^order, to refund the money if a Permanent^cure is not effected. Thousands of testimonials^from old and youmr. of both sexes, permanently^cured bv APHRoniTtsa Circular free. Address
~oldby R. s. Hale * Co. wholesale and retail^druggists, sols agents for Helena, Mont.
FirstNational Bani
Budon Both American and Karopean Plan*.^Sample Booms for Commercial Men.
Ifnt T. H MOBSR. Propriety*.
Lumber,Laths, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Finishing^Material. All Kinds of Hardwood Lumber Constantly on Hand
Officeand Yard corner National and Lyndaie are., foot of Rodney street-^Orders Promptly Attended to. Conn try Order. Solicited.
TelephoneNo. 'i.^HELENA
PioneerNational^OF^ MONTANA.
DesignatedDepository of the-^United States.
Paid-UpCapital ^ $600,000^Surplus and Profits ^ ^ 600,000
3.T. HacsbbPresident
A.J. Davis.Vice-President
K.W. KMiwHTCashier
T.H. BxkinschmidtAaet CashlrT
f}ao.H. HillSecond Ass't Cashm
8.T. Haoser,John C. Curtln,
A.M. Holter,B. S. Hamilton,
GranvilleStuart, C P. Hlgglns,^K. W. Knight, A. J. Da via,^T. H. Klelnschmldt, Henry M Parcben,^T. C. Power.
GeneralBANKING Businesp
transacted. |^r*Internat SSM on time deposiat.
AnInfallible Core for
Neuralgiaand Gout.
ThisU not a patent medicine tbat effects a care^by undermining the eyetem, bat a remedy com^^posed of powerful lntrredlents tbat while in no^wise Injurious, works directly upon tbe blood^and drives tbe disease ont through natural chan^^nels.
Numberless Cures
ofchronic Cases of Rheumatism have been ef-^fecten by It daring the past year in Montana.
J.P. MURRAY V CO ,^Manufacturers, Aaaconds, M. t.
InButte City, June 1.
DKs-LIKBIG A CO.. Prom tbe
Aguaranteed cure for all nervous^die*tee, such as WIAK MEM^^ORY, LOSS OF BRAIN PU1VEK^Hysteria, Heaoach, PAIN IN^TI1K BACK, NERVOUS PROS^^TRATION, WAKZPVLNBSo,^. LBTCoRRHtEA^Before Taking-. tjn I V B R S A k^LASS1TI !^a.SBMINAL WEAK^^NESS. Impotency and general^loss of power of tbe (Generative^Organs, in either sex, c-nsed by^Indiscretion or over exertion, and^which ultimately lead to PRE^^MATURE OLD AOE, IN-\M-^TY and COv^|^JfPTION fl a^box or six boxes for $^ Sent by^mall on receipt of pries. Pull^pamphlet, sent free to every applicant
tocare any case Por every $5 order recelaed, we^send six boxes, with a written guarantee to re^^fund the rr ney If oar Specific does not effect s
Addressail cotnmunlcarlons to the Sole .Man-:^factarers, TUB ML'KKAY MEDICINE CO.,^Kansas City, Mo.^Por sale In Helena by H. M. P/lrchsh * Co
Afterfaking^Psvrttcnlsua in
,k.Jl*111 ^^'*,^ Helena, Montana Bjslueee center of the dty First class^^^J*^* honsss_ Many restaurant* Ir close proximity at all Irlcesl XmeT^7* $ .00. ^nlts tl.V) psr dav herding to L^aTi ^ iiertcin r^lanll -to^weekly ratsa Ho disreputable people allowed.B (i LENOl
JOpar^ day I^Prop, both hoas
arthurp. curtin.
Fiirniture, Carpets, Wall Paper
swith oar tires ay^whole slock ~
Havingleased tbe two upper floors of the Davidson block and connected th r ,-^.mmenes saie^ra^ms^we now occupy four entire floors extending through ths^iackson u. Main street, stocked throughout with goods of every grade andat prtces that defy cossb*
inCAR LOADS ONLY. An examination of goods and comparison of prices
-M:txso Department.
C.A. BroadwaterPresident
L.G. Phelps, Vioe-Pree. and Act. Cash'r
S.K. AtkinsonAssistant Cashier
A.6. Clarke. Herman Bans,^H. F. Galen, Peteb Larson,^C. W. Cannon, B. C. Wallace.^8. C. Ashby D. A. Cory.
IfTon want perfection in fit. wM freedom frna^^oms tmi all discomfort jam ^itt a!way^ wear^ie Burt ^ Packard Shoe. ^* -* ^rKnowle.Jfcre*!
Sthe ^n'uaf rnrnfrrrUii ^, tht-t, ~\r\nq and HOsf WtyUm
Dtlem*ni -h. ma^1e in the world,
on'tspoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes.^TTtr-Burt A Packard Shw^tiomoreUutt w
Otherdn** Mitff.^^^^^t/A ysovie- njj^-'fh tttnmJu*.
AW*tvles in iinm. rnade. Ilaud-welt. an^1 Bnrtm fc^also Both' and Toctrs'. It not sold bj your dealer a m^BiHoanieand vour addre^^^ to
Packard^ r It 0, Brockton, Mass, sold r
FRED GAMER. Heier* Mc rt,
viv iVn liUlhtn-f.-- '
1BEbT TRUSS MADE ^^^nhiriMNor KrrTxus......
Bl^rrmic TRfSS IiT^li.^tIMK.cl.ioit lrar,^TRKt ik^^.- -TKK. S'orn with Rw, A*^, ra^fart nlftjt ssS a^T. Tbi^ Im^.ni'^^ eoat^ise^ Sdesec. Pur^abilitr, Pswtr. l^o!d itrlrt., en ,1- riu. frleeSS.aS4. Uliwt'c^ewbletfroa 0^.SAH3(1. SKilltlR tLSCl.StSVtt. C8!
Dealersin Patent Medicines, Psncy Tol.s^Goods, Lantern Lamps and Lamp Goods, Olals^Paints, Oils, etc.' Sarelral Insrrnmenta, Crotches^Braces, etc. Wholesale amenta (or Coro to^Coughs and Colds, alrk s Pile Ointment, Wltche^JKeo^xUnm, Bosanko Medicines, Dr. Kilmers^Remedy, Dandelion Tonic. Oreiron Kidney Tea^Dntard^ r*peciflr.
l\ i.cfc,jjiri.1 P^rin^ii^^rr .^. r* i'Wn i7ihsf^W,eHtb;
OTt.1 '.ekce'S PAT'
orjoinalavd o^-xt Banm
ElectricTruns Perf^^rt TUtain*r^K.ahv to ,r. I -.-tanT ^^ re.i*.^M^ m-. -^
.*a H.v. cur^d t!ioua.nd^. Eatish. s^.-^ndfor Fm- T - -Inte l Pamphlet Jio. i.
ADfKITIVF For LOST or FAILING MANHOOD.^^ TUdll I lit General and NERVOUS DEBILITY;^/t^ | *Ty Weakneas of Body and Hind ZfU U^^aJ Ai XLA 0f Errors or Exce^aes in Old or Young;.
D' .^ ^ K -^ rt. New ... RnI.-ts. ,^ ^^vr.U^PH.ll*t*.^SS * P1RTH of ftstl'T.^^SJR TKtim'M-S^a*^Sl^ ka a 4*j.^Ir-r -..H. ^. ami r^f^la-n ' -^orlri-m.^fait etplMMtlnn, and |nt^ '^ ^^!^^^*}
srsIs V H. Ooensa.)
Ordersby Mall will receive Prompt Attention. Corres^^pondence solicited. Yard and Factory near N. P Depot.
RoMs SJ4kH^h^*.r^Msrtb^aWF4h.l M^(^i'lf or.'a. -ST II^^ ^^^ iMlirV frasa 4 7 Sta^t^raeaa*rit^taeta. H
Caroets-d Wal I Paper
Allof the Latest Novelties.
vPaperingDone at the Lowest Prices.^'Wall Paper, 10 cents per Roll.
PaidUp Capital,^Surplus and Profits
Interestallowed on I loir Deposits.
E.D. EDGERTON^ : President^C. K, COLE, Vice-President^GEfiRGE B. CHILD, : Cashier^JOE X. KENCK. : Assistant Cashier
Thos.Cruse Savings Bank
IneorporatsOUnder ths Laws ot Montana
Paidin Capital, $100,000.
THOS.CRUSE ....^T. H. CAKTEK....^WM. J. CKUSI....^C. !^. DAHLKK...
AMDINTERNATIONAL^-dloai and Surgical Institute,^301 and 303 West Srth St.. Kansas^City, Mo., and 400 Geary 8U^San Francisco, Cal.
Forths Treatment of ail
Chronici Surgical Diseases
Appliancestor Deformities.
Theshove long established, and most sjcoesef ^^specialists will open private reception parlors at^the northeast corner of Main street aad Broad^way, near Windsor hotel, Batte, June 1st.
Bestfacilities, apparatus ana equipments for^successful treatment of everv form or disease re^quiring medical and surgical treatment.^Sixty two new rooms for patients; best accom^iKiatlons west of Sew York.
Writefor illustrated papers on Deformities^Club feet. Curvature of the spine. Piles, Tumors,^^, ancer, Catarrr^. Bronchitis. Inhalation, Else^tricitv, Magnesl_m. Paralj'ls, Bpllepsj, Kidney.^Bladder. Eye, Bar. ttkln sad Blood, and all^Surgical Operations
Diseasesof women s specialty. Book sn die^eetee free.
Theonly reliable Medical and Surgical Institute
mercury. New ]^Vital Po^^treated at horns by^nlcations
^^va specialty of private
BloodDiseases successfully treated. Syph-^P^ lsoc removed from the system without
ntfor loss of^So visit us may be^All comma^I or Instrurnsi. te
Interviewpreferred. Call and co^d history of your case and we will
e,ex; lalrua.-
sentby mall or express securely packed^personal Interview preferred. Call
us.or ssl
Inplain wrapper our Book free,^thousands cannot be cured of^and Nervous Diseases, Seminal W eakness, sper^^matorrhoea, Impotency, Syphilis, Uonorrha-a,^Ulsst, Varicocle. etc., etc^Pacific Coast Institute sstabMshsd for lilt If a^larter of a century Corner of Qeary an ^.^aeon etr^et^, San Prandsco. ^ al DUysasary^id bra* Store occupying whole corner of block.^Ptrst3aas rooms and Board for 300 patter.te at^^ connected with the
LiebigWorld Dispensary.
Callor address Kansae City, Mo. or asa Praaclaco^Caliiornla
Applicationfor a Patent
CrrrzDStatss Lasd Omen, i^Mcsrtaaa May 11, iSs. }
Hbsssjbb 0mm -.:.^t smaai mi^J. Davidson, John i ^'
JDartdson, William Dsvsaport, Don Dareaport.^Henry NellL and Kdwaad 6. NsAU, ir . trCsa]^Ice address is Helena. Lewis and Clarke^. M. T . haws this day ftlsd thstr appUcsttoa^a pateat for three hundred aad ifty ^-ia^^sof ths placsr ssbbb, Imailni .situated^norgjalssd mining district, connty of Lewis^Utii ^il ii11if i sTMnailBsn sad dsatc-^by lenml sabdliltauas as follows, to-wit eH
wV,ofse\aofne4^;rwi,^^;wS,sel^:eV4^of eii of swVa: eH of se^a of nw^, ssc S4. tassw
._ {n^Tnortawest Large^tat trees for street aad lawn plan flu g,*rnsss.^Lba, beJbs. fruits etc alwaya at the Is ^ sit^re. Wholesale aad retaU. All stock warrant-^ssas a* rsBsssjsaSsn Order early.^WHITNEY BROS..^Payette, Ada Connty, Idaho.
CkiloratiCry for Pitcher's Castoris,
nintna a i
a: :r^e
*iof se^a of^_ if swVa; eH ^^^ aad lot 3,
Istwp. 11. a. r 4^^i Inranon
aa B. ^ racia^ ^ Mas
ofthis mine Is recorded In the rs^cordons offlpsof Lewis sad Clarke county^ M. T.
rsrequired to ale^ciatsas with UaSTasjsioi of ths L-aaad^land oflVcs at nslsni, in ths territory of Mom
8.W. LAMwHOBME,^tea May IS. Una.
Allows6 per cent. Interest on Sarinfr^Deposits, compounded Jannary and Jn!y.
Weclaim this is tbe finest chew of Plug^Tobaccc ever offered to the public, and^taj lover of a good chew will acknowledge^tt has no equal after one- trying it. We^want you to taste it; vour judgment is^better than our praise.
Ouraim is to excel. Ws think we ha va^It.^^ The rapidly increasing demand toi^BLUE GRASS proves that it has merit.
Madefrom the choicest and most care^fully selected Leaf Tobacco grown in Ksn-^tucky. BLU E GRASS is a tough and last^^ing chew, superior to any Plug T baccc^produced. We ask you to try it, feeling^30undent you will appreciate the c uality^which has made
Uufermentedand not^intoxicating. Act^ Wkt^a charm in all cages of Diar^^rhoea and Dysentery a: d all^stomach and bowel trc ibk-s^Grateful alike to women ch^dren and convsieacenta. Give^^a delicious flavor to ice- rater,^lemonade or soda-water.
Imported and bottle 1 by^Mihalovttch, Flitch km t Co.^Cincinnati, O. For gale 1 v^i. 8wttzer, boss eswat, Hal^a, Moote ia and^ail wBosesnls and retail DraggkaSa, Lsqaca^asal wtoMsreAanatiimjeiejs,
MonsterReduction Sale
AGrand Jubilee!
CommencingJuly 15th
AGreat Cyclone!
magnitude.Beautiful^must^ go! We carry
Wewill inaugurate a Mid-Summer Clearance Sale commencing July 15th of monster^goods, stylish goods fashionable goods will be slaughtered. We[mean business. All^no goods over.
valueswill be ignored!
mostmerciless slaughter!
surplusstock annihilated!
Ladies,you have had the kindnees to patronize us to a high degree th:s eeaeon. We reciprocate by^giviDg you unheard of bargains during this sale No snap side-show goods that has been in stock for^20 years, or none covered with mold and mill-dew, resurrected for a ehove sale. But beautiful values,^charming effects will be placed upon our counters at prices unheard of in Helena before.
Thepublic well knows that the NEW YORK store is unapproachable in style. How can it be otherwise,^with MANY, MANY years of experience, abundant resources, a most qualified buyer, a fashionable modiste,^give us advantages far beyond any wild hope competition may have. We are the leaders in style, the lead^^ers in quality and leaders of low prices ! The key note of our great sale will be, to seekers of good values:
Rememberthe Day:
allgoods sold at
MUSTGO.^- Monday, July 15th
newyork prices
Outof Town Orders Promptly Filled. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
NEWYORK DRY GOODS STORK^Corner Main and Bridge Sts., Helena

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