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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, July 18, 1889, Image 4

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AGreat Deal of Business Transacted^at :he Session Held^^ esterday.
Heportsof Committer Received and^Resolutions and Propositions
,la to Alio* Hon. H. ^- Black-^well the I ^e ^i at*! Hull.
VMt; was the fourteenth dav of the^. .tutmoal eonventlom, and advance^^ment enough has own made to warrant^.ayinif tr^at from now on the members will^beW kwaH] en^aKed, as the convention^wiU sit t.Mlay ^s the committee of the^safe .. |a, d e lust time. The session yes-^vrday ^a^ -rt au 1 marked by the debate^nail*! ^u^ h) the motion of C. li. Warren^t^ grant the floor to W. H. Black well, who^wish d tosiieak on equal suffrage. The^dav's prore.-flir.us were as follows:
Thec rtivention was called to order at 10^k by (^resident Clark. Holl call and
nraverby chaplain.
II.-ini ^n ;^r-s-atM a ra monal from cit^^izens 01 Ma.li*.n county asking a favor.^Br consideration of the tonal suffraKe^.lion. K leired to tlie roiiimitlee on
mSSEm.chairman of the judiciary com^i, -i^^^ r p-.rte.l advererly on the resolu-^tion in rel^ti..n to the anoomtim nt of i^eace
Brownchairman of the committee on^town Ml eounty orgam/Ui'ms reported^Baft !*^-!^ on ttie rewluti.m offered by (eud-^dar l relative to Use !^ fifth of term of office^of tomii ami ^ i.r.tj ^^t!n ers. and the reso^^lution ^ Keaaed) .^ relation to the nam^llij uf counties.
sonover the age of 21^the following ^iualifjca-^tled to vote at ail general
rminof the committee on^lanes. liu.'iIic laud^, etc., reported and^t .....vum: provisions be^.^.rated in and form a part of the con-^i he boundariers and jurisdiction^. . af Montana shall be as fol-^t . ah: Commencing at a point^^1 kf the ii.t Tsection of the twenty-^reaCa .|ei-ree ol longitude west from^Washington, with the forty-fifth degree of^north lati'ude, thence due west, on the^fort) Ita imiin ot latitude, to a point^t..ru,.-.i kf Mi saMasdsM with the thirty-^toiirth degree of longitude west from Wash^ington; thence due sou*h along the thirty-^fonrtn degree ot longitude to a (xunt formed^t.\ its intersection with the crest of the^K*x ky Mountains: UkSSMa following the^.re-iot the ItiM-ky sasajsjIMJa northward^till il^ Metascttssj with the Hitter Boot^luoiintains: thence northward along the^. r^ *'^t the Hitler K.M.t mountains to Its^laterseeuea wttk the thirty ninth degree of^laaaritude west ot Washington, thence^a.oa* the thirty-ninth degree of longitude^northward to the boundary line of the^ll'itish possesrious: thence eastward along^ttiar h'Mindary line to the twenty-seventh^.I-grc ofWongiti.de w.-.-t from Washing
t..:.dsMsouthward along the twenty-
teventbdegree ot longitude to the place of^beginning
i.et.rr.-d bi coinnnttee on printing with^in^tructions t.. print.
iiotwiit,i-hatriiiari of ^iHiinilltee on suf^^frage and rights to hold oftice, reported as^follows:
Ailelections by the people shall be by^ballot.
Hon-,-I.ali be^eleelioni*:
1It.- shall tie a citwn of the I'nited^States.
iHe shall have resided in the state one^year immediately preceding the election at^which heotfers to vote, and in the county,^town ur pre. iti.-t such nine as may be pre^^scribed by law.
Kor*j sasraaai of voting no person^shall he Eve ned to have gained or lost a^residence by reason ol his preawasM or ab-^^ence while eniplo^e^l in the s-rvlce of ihe^Mate or the Tinted Mates, nor while en-^gaga* in UM navigation of the waters of^tiie i.tate at ot the Tinted States nor while^a student at any institution of learning.nor^while k pi at any almshouse or other asy^^lum, at the p iblte expense, nor while con-^lined in any public prison.
K.ectorMshall in all cases,except treason,^felony, or breach of the peace, be privi^^leged from arrest during their attendance^at elections, and in going to and returning^therefrom.
Noelector shall be obliged to perform^military duty on the days ot election except^in times of war or public danger.
Nosoldier, seman or marine in the army^or navy ot the Tutted States shall be deem^^ed a resident of this state in consequence^ot being stationed at any military or naval^place within the same.
Noperson shall be elected or appointed^to any office, civil or military, in this state,^who is not a citizen of the United Sta'es.^and who shall not have resided in this^a'ate at least two years next before his^e .-tioti .r app .ir.tment.
N'oidiot or r.sane person shall be en^titled to vote at any election in this state.
Thel -gisla'.ve essembly sh ill have the^p.wer io pt-s laws excluding from the^rights ot suffrage persons HMsM of in^^famous .rimes
Thelegislative assembly shall pass laws^to secure th ^ purity of elect I ins and^guard again-t abuses of the elective fran^^chise.
Thelegislative assembly may pass laws^allowing women, the right to hold any^school district ^ thee and vote at any school^school district election.
Noperson snail be eligible to the office of^governor, lieutenant governor or superin^^tendent of publio instruction unless he^shall have attained ihe age of thirty years^at the tini^ of his electio-i, nor to the office^ot secretary ol state, state auditor or state^treasurer, unless he shall have attained the^age ot Iweuty-hve years, nor to the office of^attorney general unless he shall have at^^tained the age of tinny years and have^been adiui'ted to practice in the supreme^court ot the state or territory of Montana,^and be in good standing at the time of his^election. In addition to the qualifications^above prescribed, each of the officers shall^beacitt/enof the T.nted Slates and have^resided within the state or territory two^years next preceding the election.
N'operson shall be eligible to the office^ot judge ..t the supreme court unless ne^shall have been admitted to practice law in^the supreme court of the territory or slate^of Montana, be at least thirty years of age^and a citizen of the Tinted States, nor un-^i^^ he shall have resided in said lerritory^or state at least two years next preceding^his election.
Noperson shall be eligible to the office^of judge of the district court unless he be^at least tweuty-tive years of age and a citi^^zen of the I'nited States and shall have^been admitted to practice law in the su^^preme court of the territory or state of^Montana, nor unless he stiail have resided^in this state or territory at least two years^next preceding bis election, and at the time^of his election be a resident of the district^for which he is elected.
Noperson shall be a member of the^house of representatives who shall not^have attained the age of 21 years, or a state^senator who shall not have obtained the^age of 25 years and w ho is not a citizen of^the 1 inted Mates and who shall not, for^at least two years next proceeding his elec^^tion, have resided wtihin the county or dis^^trict in which he shall be elected: provided,^that an^ ;x-rson who at the time of the^adoption of this constitution waa a quali^^fied elisor und^ r the territorial laws, shall^be eligihie to the first legislative assembly.
Noperson shall be eligible to any county^office unless he is a citizen of the I'nited^State*, nor unless he shall have resided in^the county two years next preceding hut^election.
Noperson shall he eligible to the office^of county attorney unless he be admitted^^Ja-r^ractice law in the supreme court of the^territory or M) . f Montana.
Callaway,chairman of committee on^boundaries, public lands, etc.. reported fa^^vorably on resolution by Luce in relation^to the sale ot school lands given by con-^areas for the support of public schools.^Ordered printed.
Kohrs.chain:, in of committee on agri^^culture, reported advising the establish^^ment of a bureau of agriculture and^manufacture, to be l.icated in the capital^city, appointment to be made by the gov^^ernor and to hold office for the term of four^years, and that the first legislature pass^laws for the governing and support.ng of 1^the same Tlaced on tile of general orders
Luce,of Gallatin, offered a resolution in^relation to tne restriction of the number of^retail saloons, as follows: That ti e legis^^lative assembly shall have power to limit^by law the number of retail dealers in^liquors, wine*, ale, beer and ail other in^^toxicating liquors or drinks in the counties,^cities and towns of the state, iU proportion^to U,e number of inhabitants of such coun^^ties, ^if..-, and towns respectively, and, pre^^scribe the qualifications of persons who^may so recall the same therein, and to pre^^scribe all rules and regulations for the sale^ther.-of Referred to committee on finance.
Resolutionby Lu^ that gambling of any^kind whatever shall not be deemed a legit-^itimate trade, occupation, profession or^business and may be prohibited by appro^priate legislation was referred to the com^mittee of finance of the state, revenue, etc.
Resolutionby Brown that the legislative^assembly of the state of Montana shall^have no power to reduce or increase the^fees or salaries of county or state officers^during the terms of office for which they^are elected, was lefetied to the committee^on city, i own and eouney organization.
Prop*actionby Hammond that no games^of cards, dice, billarda, pool or any form
ofgsmbling whatsoever shall be permitted^or al owed to be carried on in any bnilding^or room where Intoxicating liquors are^sold or exposed for sale was referred to com^^mittee on miscellaneous subject*.
Resolutionby Roud, that the governor^shall upon his qalifying and entering upon^his duties of office under this constitution^appo.nt by a..d with the approval of the^senate a board of railroad commissioners^to consist i f three members whose duties^shall be as prescribed by law. Referred to^committee on corporations other than mu^^nicipal.
Reejlutionby Roud: That no railroad,^exprtsa or other transportation company^doing business in the state of Montana^shall pool or enter into any arrangement or^agr^* uient with any other similar corpora^^tion or company, whereby the rates of^charges for transportation of passengers or^freight by such companies or corporations^shall be removed from natural competi^^tion, aud the legislature is required to^pass laws for the enforcement of this pro^^hibition. Referred to committee on cor^^porations other than municipaL
Miodietonmoved that a committee of^seven be appointed by the chair, to whom^should be referred the resolution in rela^^tion 11 the employment of a chief stenogra^^pher. The motion was adopted and the^chair will appoint the committee.
Ai i. Taylor, assistant chief clerk, hand^^ed in his resignation, which was accepted,^and on motion of Mayger, Miss Jennie M.^M-rr.uian waa elected to fill the vacancy.
Muldletonmoved to go into committee of^the w hole.
Burleighasked that committees be^allowed a day more for work, and making^a motion to that effect it was adopted.
Callawaymoved to adjourn.^- Warren moved that the floor be granted^H on. W. 11. Black well to make a few re^^marks on equal suffrage uuection.
Themotion was seconded by Sargeant.
Eatonoffered au amendment to the effect^that 'he time be fixed at a p. in.^Q Robinson moved to lay the motion and^amendment upon the table.
Themotion was put and declared lost,^and Robinson called for the ayes and nays,^which resulted^ayes, 24; noes, 4K
Marionsaid be would like to vote, but as^his name had not been called be didn't^know whether be would be allowed to or^not. lie voted aye.
Eaton'smotion was put when Gen. War^^ren stated that Mr. Blackwell was going to^leave in the afternoon for Washington ter^^ritory, but supposed he would stay if given^the privilege of the floor.
Katonobjected to the time ot the con^^vention being taken up as it was too valu^^able, and for this reason he offered the^amendment.
Robinsonspoke against allowing Mr.^Rlack well the use of the hall at any time,^as he did not wish to dignify him. He^wanted them treated as they treated the^proposition of the Chicago bankers. The^convention was able to take care of itself^and did not want to be dictated to by any^^one.
JudgeKnowies was in favor of extend^^ing the courtesy to Mr. Hiackwell. In the^course of his remarks he said there were^men in Montana who were afraid of all^outsiders, afraid they will gain some infor^^mation. It was a wonder they read any^^thing but Montana literature, as it^might prove ptrnicious. Equal suffrage^had a strong following, and Mr. Blackwell^is an able advocate of the proposition to^extend the ballot to women. He was In^favor of bearing what Mr. Hiackwell bad^to aay, but the gentleman from Deer^Lodge, Robinson, did not have to remain.
Whitehil!was opposed to the motion on^the ground that if such a courtesy were ex^^tended Mr. Blackwell they could not con^^scientiously refuse the hall for other pur^^poses if asked for.
ConradAre the members required to be^present'.'
PresidentClark-Attendance is not com^^pulsory.
Mr.Clark then announced that he had^received a n ite from Mr. Hiackwell. who^said he would remain in Helena and ad^^dress the convention if granted the priv^^ilege.
Itwas asked if the floor should be^thrown open to outsiders, and Collins was^in favor of it.
Robinsonobjected to anyone occupying^the fl^h^r except members.
Goddardobjected to any but members^occupying on account of room, as all the^members would be present except Robin^^son,
Raton'samendment was then put and^carried^ayes 56, nays 111.
Robinsonmoved to adjourn.
PresidentClark said be was in receipt of^an invitation from Photographer Lowry to^the members for them to call and have^their pictures taken free of charge.
Conventionadjourned to M o'clock this^morning,
Nowis the time to buy cheap lots near^the depot. Shepard A Trie, in the Atlas^building, have the choicest property at low^est prices and easiest terms.
Order\our Milwaukee beer through tel^ephone 137. K. J. Kenck. agent.
oik i'oktkait uallekv.
W.A. ( hCMinan.
W.A. Chessman is a man who has taken^an active part In forming the governmen^of the territory of Mon^tana, having served^the legislature on five^different occasions^three times in the house^and twice in the coun^cil. lie was born^Massachusetts in 1K30^and attended the com^'i.-im.- * mon schools, llis par^^ents died when he was quite young, and^being left alone he struck out for the golden^shores of California when W years of age^hi seek his fortune, being attracted by the^.1 scovery of gold, and sailed art and Cap^^Horn, reaching San Francisco in IMC. lie^engaged in placer mining in Tu.dumne^county with indifferent success until isrt5,^and then started out for Montana, reaching^Alder gulch in April of that year, lie re^^mained at Virginia City about six months,^and Irs next move was to Rast Chance^gulch, in which the city of Helena now^stands, and he became the owner of placer^claims and water rights and ditches, and^be is still engaged in that business princi^pally in supplying the city with water.^While not an active politician, he has been^culled upon several times, as stated above^to serve the people, and Is an earnest and^efficient worker. In 1 -75 Mr. Chessman^went back to Galena, HI., where be mar^ned Miss Ella V. Newhall. He is one of^Helena's substantial and wealthy citizens.
ArthurJ. Craven.
Amongthe younger^members of the con^^stitutional convention^is Arthur J. Craven,^who is fairly repre^^sented by the accom^^panying portrait. He^was born in Indiana^in 185m. When he was^S years of age his^parents removed to^Minnesota, and a few^years thereafter to Iowa, where he grew to^manhood. He was raised on a farm, and^commenced teaching ceuntry schools when^ltS, to raise money for a course In college.^He entered the state university of Iowa^when IS years old, from which institution^he graduated in the classical course in 1*82.^after which he was principal of schools at^West Branch, la., for one year, at the con^elusion of which he began the^stndy of law with Judge Winslow,^of Newton, la., as preceptor^and was admitted to the bar in 1884. He^married Miss Emily Kerr, of Newton, July^90. ISM, and arrived in Helena the Tth day^ot the following August, determining to^make a borne la the west. He is engaged^In the practice of law in Helena, being a^member of the firm of Leslie A Craven^Mr. Craven is a republican and represents^the fifteenth district in the constitutional^convention.
ThrBlK Concern In Secured the Montana^Central Business.
Takingeffect July 21 t e American Ex^^press company will establish offices in Hel^^ena, and Jbegin business on a through line^extending from Butte City to New York,^making the longest express line in the^United. States.
TheMontana Central company's con^^tract with Wells, Fargo A Co. has been^withdrawn by the railroad company, (or
thebenefit of the public, as it is claimed^that under the new system, owing to its^facilities, the American Express company^will be able to bring matter into Helena in^faster time than was ever known before.^The company enjoys the facilities of the^fast mail train running from New York to^Chicago, and express matter leaving New^York at HM p. m. will reach Helena at 8:46^p m . only four days later, and twenty-^four hours ahead of other lines.
WellsFargo A Co. have only had the^business of the Montana Central, and by^tbls change they will be without an office^in Montana. W. J. Kootner, manager of^express traffic on the Manitoba railway,^and W. A. Nay lor, general superintendent^..t the American express, with headquar^^ters at m. Paul, are in the city completing^the arrangement for the new deal. .^. T.^Adatua, an old employe of the company, is^also here and has been made assist^^ant superintendent, with headquarters ia^this city. He is a very pleasant gentleman^aud will undoubtedly build up a good busi^^ness for his company. The office will be^established in tbe place now occupied by^Wells Fsrgo a Co.
Boardof Trade.
Thereis a meeting of the board of trade^called for Friday evening to consider tbe^water question. By order of
A.M. Holtkb, President
R.OL WtLat^ Seer^*^^-
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Theindications are that many Montani^ans will attend the Twin City Jockey clu'^meeting.
Tbemotion for a new trial fbr Bryson^which was to have been heard in the Sa^preme court yesterday, was postponed un^til next Saturday.
Theconcert at Encore ball on Friday^evening promises to be the most interest^^ing musical event during the warm season.^All music lovers should attend.
GeorgeMay was bound over by Judge^Howey yesterday In tbe sum of $300 to^keep the peace. He had threatened the^life of his partner, J. C. Pritchett.
MissCarpenter will sing the celebrated^Angel's Serenade with obligate by M^Ulumenberg and piano accompaninment^by Mr. Hirschteld at Encore hall Friday-^evening.
PostmasterCurtis is without any stamp^owing to a big demand for them lately, ii^has telegraphed to Missonla, Bozeman and^Spokane Falls for a supply, which he will^receive to day.
TheFirst National bank received yester^day, by telegraph, a laconic ^(rood morn^ing,^ signed Exchange National bank^Spokane Falls, W. T , which began doing^business at 10 o'clock yesterday morning.
Pendingthe return of Mr. T. C Power^from abroad the outcome of Woolston^water proposition will not be known. Mr^Woolston is now in New York for the^purpose of seeing Mr. Power as soon as be^steps on American soil.
c.-urge Franklin, a prisoner in the coun^ty jail who was sentenced by Judge San^deis in July to a term of sixty days, ap^^plied yesterday for a writ of habeas cor^^pus on the ground that he is wrongly im^prisoned. Evidence was heard by Judge^Blake who will give his decision to-day
Certificateof incorporation of the With^erbee A Hunter Real Estate, Roan and In^vestment company, limited, was filed with^Secretary Walker yesterday. Tbe capital^stock is $25,000 and the incorporators Fred^s. Wi'.herbee, William J. Hunter and Sid^ney A. Witherbee. t he place of business^is Helena.
Thecase of the territory vs. R. Jackson^who was arrested tbe 1st inst., for assault^^ing Sam Cohen while trying to collect an^account, was tried before a jury yesterday^in Justice Fleischer's court. Attorney^Casey appeared for Jackson and Attorney^Voss for the territory. A verdict was ren^dered for the defendant and the costs of^the suit assessed to Cohen.
Theclean-up of the season's work by the^Nevada Creek Placer Mining company,Deer^Rodge county, with one hydraulic, working^seven d*ys and a half^all the time that^water was to be had^amounted to a littl^over $3,000. The company is at work^bringing in water to the diggings from tbe^Blackfoot rivt r, and expect by next season^to be able to operate five giants from tbe^time water is out of the ground until cold^weather comes again in tne fall.
MissYandervoort's condition remains^unchar ged and she is still unconscious of^tne nature of her injury. Her father h^not called upon her yet being so requested^by tbe physicians. Miss Yandervoort^thought if she was going to be 111 very long^that it might be well to send for her father^Col. MrCutcheon told her he did send fo^him and he will visit her to-day. Although^grieved over the occurrence, Mr. Yander^voort makes no comment on the unfortu^nate affair.
GoodInvestment.^$500 cash will buy a half interest in three^houses, each on large lot, and will rent^well. Owner must have money.
SllEr-ardA Crik,
t-ty^rs3rl^fs aottsi up I^on sho't notKe al this oflVe.
nne it form and
Mrs.T. Hopkins and child, of Basin, are^at the Bel videre.
W.J. Footner and W. A. Nay lor are at^tbe Grand Central.
Wm.H. DeWitt and Wm. Scallon. Hutt.^attorneys, are in the city.
Ofthe fifty-seven arrivals at the Pacific^yesterday forty-one are from eastern cities.
.e...E. Rock wood, superintendent of^the Tuscorora Mining company, is over^from Butte.
S.C Hercbburg. St, Rouls, Henry^Nickel, Butte, and B. Rittle, Denver, are^registered at the Cosmopolitan.
W.E. Cox left for Rivingston yesterday^evening and will combine business with^short tussle with tbe finny tribe.
Col.A. H. Terwiliiger, the well-known^commercial traveler, is in the city looking^after tbe interests of James Pyle A Sons,^New York. He makes the Pacific bis^headquarters.
11err Daniel E. Hand man n Is at the Cos^^mopolitan. Attired in a flannel shirt, cow^boy hat, canvas shoes and loose fitting^clothes, he presented an ideal picture of^the typical border cowboy, and a glimpse^of him as be sat in tbe hotel lobby \ ester^day would have been greatly enjoyed by^bis professional friends of the east. His^make-up^ was indicative of the ease with^rhich be takes life, and though be likes^ranching and cow-punching, he is still^wedded to his profession as a tragedian^and exponent of Shakespeare, and is n^^in the city for the purpose of talking over^an arrangement with Maguire to reorganize^his company in the east, bring them to^Montana and appear at Ming's opera bouse^during fair week. As Mr. Uan lmann is now^a full Hedged Montanian. be may feel assur^^ed of generous treatment at the hands of^the public.
Howthe Sale of a Salted Mine in^Beaverhead County was^Prevented.
Char-ares that Have Taken Place^Butte Mining^Mines Found in^the Street.
LatestDevelopments in lh^ Southern Cross^^A ^e^ Cool Kurnisd for ^ ^^Mouths.
Lawyer*'Briefs gotten up^on short notice at this office
Inneat form and
AuctionSale of Oriental Art.^The auction sale of Turkish rugs, etc.. of^Iskander Bey. was well attended by the^elite of Helena yesterday at the Granite^block. 32 Main street. The sale will be^continued to-day and everything will be^closed out regardless of cost.
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A50-cent vest for 25 cents: better at 50^cents, and an elegant silk vest in all colors^at 52.RALKitiH A Clarke-
Regularmeeting of the carpenter's union^Friday evening, tbe 19th inst., in hall over^Parehen's drag store.
Eleganceat a Discount.^We have but eight braided wraps left.^They are of Arm ore sUk, elaborately^trimmed with laee and jet and you can buy^them at prices that bring elegance within^the reach of all. A 520 wrap for 512: 540^for 518: S3S for S16 50: ST5 for 545.
Rai.xiohA Clarek,
Agroup of gentlemen were yesterday^discussing the subject of ^ salting^ mines^and bow little of it bad been carried on suc^^cessfully in Montana. One instance was^cited where a partial success had been^in Beaverhead county four years ago by^Phil Shenon and others, by which they^made 580,000, but the timely discovery of^tne scheme prevented a loss to competent^California mining men of an additional^S50,0U0. ^That,^ said the gentleman,^^was a clever case. Phil had a prospect^in which be found several rich pockets of^ore. He went to work on a piece of ground^close by and put a shaft down seventy^feet. He poured a great deal of water In^the bottom rnd then threw his rich ore in^and carefully filled up the shaft again so^that not a trace was visible on top to show^that tbe ground had been torn up. He^then went to work and drove a tunnel to^tap this ore which he had placed^in the shaft and a drift which^he made at the bottom. There was a whole^lot of good ore there, tbe 'vein' being^fully fifty feet Ion.:. His tunnel progressed^rapiJly and in the course of time he 'struck^it rich.' It did not take long for this to^get out, and in the course ot time a deal^was made and as a first payment Phil re^^ceived 530,000. The purcasers set a force^of men to work and had some slight trou^^ble with water, but that was a good indica^^tion. The vein was penetrated about thirty^feet when, unfortunately for Phil, a pine^chip was found in some of the ore and tbe^fraud was frustrated.
Therewas another close call in the^Pipestone district a few years ago,^ said^another gentleman, ^and had it not been^for A. J. Davis, a fnend of his and an ex^^pert miner, would have been 510,000^poorer. A pair of pilgrims drove a tunnel^some distance and then bored a lot ot sir ill^holes in the rock. They prepared some^kind of a chemical solution mixed with^gold and injected this into the rock, and^then carefully packed the hole with the^drillings taken out and sealed the boles up^to perfection. Assays were afterwards^made, which ran high, and the would-be^purchaser went to Davis and told him of^the bonanza he had. 'I'll let you have the^money,' said Davis, 'but postpoue the sale^for ten days, as 1 think something is^wrong.' It was with much difficulty the^postponement was secured, and meautime^the lead was further developed and tbe^smell of the acid gave the 'snap' away.^Tbe owners of this same property suc^^ceeded in fleecing some gentlemsn ^ f the^Blue Bird company out of 51.000 a year^later.
Thecamp of Butte contains the most re^^markable mass of mineral ever developed^in any country. At first free gold was^found, and this in tbe placer diggings, and^later gold quartz was found in tbe vicinity^of the diggings. When tbe placer mines^were pretty well worked out silver in great^abundance was found, and it became^equally as famous for lis silver deposits as^for its gold beds. Ten years ago nobody^knew ot its wonderful and extensive ledge-^of copper ores and now to-day it has th^^largest copper mines of the world, and sti.l^the surface has only been scratched, the^deepest workings of the camp not being^below 1.000 feet. Not a hole has been^made in the ground that did not pay for^the expense of digging it in every case,^while every nine out of ten have^proven paying mines. There is ore under^every foot ot the streets and bills and this^was demonstrated again a few days ago.^In connection with this the Inter Moun^^tain of Tuesday has the following: ^The^lact that Rutte is situated on one great^mountain of ore has been often illustrated,^but never more forcibly than by tbe fact^recently developed, that it is impossible to^put down water and gas pipe and excavate^for sewers without making rich strikes of^pay ore. Rast week, while the work^^men of the water company were^laying pipe on Montana street,^they made a strike of IrjO-ouuce silver rock,^free milling, between Park and tlalena^streets. At the top of the trench the pay-^streak waa four inches In width, and at^the bottom it had widened to ten. The^strike was made on the William Penn lode,
tustnorth of tbe Morning Mar. Messrs.^)avis, Wallace and Clark took a lease on^tbe Penn and have begun sinking on the^ground just east of Montana street in Por^^ter's lot. When they cross-cut for the^lead it will probably carry them into the^Destroying Angel, and they have secured^a lease on that ground also and will thor^^oughly develop the strike.
TheDestroying Angel lode spoken of^takes in the principal business portion of^tbe city, beginning at Broadway and Mon^tana streets and running along Park street^to Arizona street.
InterMountain: The old Clark's smelter^at Meadervtlle, a part of the Boston ^ Mon^^tana Copper company's plant, is at present^in a state of suspension, owing to some^very much needed repairs and improve^^ments at tbe works, together with a scarc^^ity of water. At the Old Colusa mine the^tbe milters were laid off for two weeks, as^they were so informed at the time. At the^Harris A Lloyd tunnel all work that was^not absolutely necessary is suspended^tirely. The Mountain View will confine^itself to working entirely on its first-class^ore and and the second will be stored in the^mine until work is again resumed on tbe^old basis. At tbe West Colusa no reduc^tion in the working force has been made.
TheSouthern Cross company has formed^a new pool of its heavy stockholders, the^old pool expering July 1. The new ar^^rangement is to be in force six months.^Work at the mine for the past few weeks^has been confined to making a connection^between the 150 foot level (110 feet from^the shaft) and the surface for ventilation.^Toward this work an upraise ^ f 91 feet has^been made, all in ore, and a shaft from^above sunk 30 feet to meet the upraise.^This shaft is also all in ore after reaching a^depth of 12 feet. The air shaft will be com^pleted by the end of this week. Then the^150 and 250 foot levels will be carried west^to a point 350 feet from the shaft. They are^now in 125 feet, all in ore. This develop^^ment will, it is held, place in sight, at a^conservative estimate, a two years' supply^of ore for a 60-stamp mill, that being the^size of mill which the company has deter^^mined to build.
Acorrespondent of the Salt Rake Tri^^bune, writing from tbe Cueur d' Alenes, has^the following to say of the country sur^rounding Murray: ^One thing satisfied onr^party, and that is this: Murray is situated^in the heart of one of the greatest gold^belts on the American continent, and the^day is not far distant when its praises will^be sung to the clinking bars of gold bul^lion and the rattle of the yellow dust that^is so plentifully scattered along its rivers^and is to be found for digging in every^gulch, bar and run within a radius of thirty-^miles of Murray.
RealEstate Transfers.
Thefollowing real estate transfers were^filed in the recorder's office yesterday:^A3 .rust Kacel St ux to John D. Morrison,
lota, blk It. Cox addtfloa^ 175
CharlesColbert St m to the city of teleua,^the v^ of tbe sw ^ and tbe seVa ef the sw
^^ l. rp 10 n r 4 w 3,500
Charleeit. JefferU. ^b-rlfl, to Will ism^w allaca, Jr , one acre In mineral [.stent^Ma. MO, s IS, tp 10 a r Sw1, 50
DoYou Want Something^that will pay 15 per cent on a 55,500 invest^^ment ^ If so call on Shepara A Cric, Atlas^building.
Specialsale for tenfdays only, in all col^on, for 52.75 and 53.50: equal in quality to^any 56.00 and S^00 satin corset ever sold in^Helena. Being overstocked, these goods^must be sold.
HelenaCorset A Kid Glove Parlor.
Q.*. R.. Attention.^On account of the annual encampment^1 tbe Grand Army ^^f the Republic in^August, the Northern Pacific Railroad^company will sell tickets to Milwaukee and^return at one fare for the round trio^(5^^0). v^Ticket* will be on sale August IS to 28.^inclusive, good to return until Sept. 7. The^final limit returning may be extended at^Milwaukee until SepL 90,
A.D. Edsjar,^ireneral AgenL Helena, MonL
Doyou ever have pains in the back and^loins^ If you do. attend to ihem now^don't wait, delays are dangerous- Nip the^in the bud and save your health^doctor's bills. A few doses of Oregon^Kidney Tea will prevent HrigLt's disease^and insure your health, comfort and happi^^ness. Sold by R. S. Hale A Co.. wholesale^and retail agents, Helena.
Thetennis tournament will commence^this evening at ^ p. m . sharp.
G.R- Heins will play against E. A.^Haines, the best two out of three, after^which Messrs.Child and Holter will play off^their double against Messrs. Crosby and^Heins, and time permitting, Mr. Horace^Kane will play in the singles against U.^Nicholson.
Asit is acknowledged that the upper^court has the advantage over the lower, it^has been arranged that at the end of every^three games the players will change courts:^the toss of a coin to decide the first choice.
Tbeorder of playing is as follows:
SinglesG- R. Heins vs E. A. Haines.
DoublesW. Child and E. Holter vs. E^F. Crosby and Heins.
MinglesHorace Kane vs. H. Nicholson.
DoublesWord and Word vs. H. Kane^and ^. lde.
MinglesStephen Carpenter and F. Ide.
DoublesHa.nes and Nicholson vs.^Stephen Carpenter and R. S. Hill.
MinglesR S. Hill vs. Bye^.
E.K. Crosby and Ree Word.
Tbefirst game will be called promptly at^A p ti. , and fifteen minutes grace will be^allowed, after which the game will be^called in favor of the player present. If^both are absent, the game will be struck^out.
Thedecision of the umpire will be con-^There will be two umpires
anddoubles^players may
sid.-redfinal^and one scorer.
Theplaying of the singles^will be alternated so loat the^he rel ieved and the games rendered more^attractive.
J.Kraley, ot Marysville, offers to back^his d-.c. ^spring.^ to th.e atujunt of 5250^to run down and kill a jsck rabbit against^any dog in the Jay Gould district. Mr.^Kraley also offers to back bis puppy to run^five courses against any dog in the district^named for a similar sum.
HarvestExcursion Rates.
TheNorthern Pacific railroad will sell^harvest excursion tickets from Duluth, St.^Paul acd Minneapolis to Helena and Butte^and return at one fare for the round trip^i itH ^0^. Tickets will be sold on Aug. V^aud 20, Sept. 10 and 24. and Oct. 8 Ex^treme limit thirty days. Stopovers al^lowed within limit of ticket,
AD. EtMiAR, Gen'l. AgL, Helena,
CHA.h.S. t EE. Gen'l. P. A T. A. SLPaul.
G.W. Jackson, music dealer.^Dinner from 12 to 6 at the Bon Ton.^James W. Barker, merchant tailor, No,^16 North Main street
E.R. E. Carpenter's dental rooms, room^30, Pittsburg block. Take the elevator.
Newand fiue line of tile* and mantel^grates just received at Sturrock A Brown's.
Goto Chicago shoemaker for repairing.^One dollar for halt-soling. In basement of^Atlas building. Frank Boeder, proprie^^tor.
Goeast via the Montana Central and^Manitoba railways, the new sleeping and^dining car route to SL Paul and the east.^Through trains leave Helena daily at 11:35^a. m.
SturrockA Brown have just received i^car load of wood and iron mantels. Par^ties contemplating the purchase of this line^of goods should make their selections and^place their orders at once.
RealEstate is Quiet,
Justuow, the midsummer lull having^-et in, aud consequently the present is^the time to buy. We have a few special^bargains and quo*e them, without com^^ment, believing that all that is neces^^sary is to name the property and its^price to effect a sale. As samples, we^quote: corner lot in Northern Pacific ad^^dition No. 1, 50x140. at ^42o; lots MatMO^in Hewius'addition, |200; lots 50x140 In^Northern Pacific second addition. #275;^lots in Broadwater addition. |275; excel^^lent lots 42x1(10 in Easterly addition,^#4o0; corner lot on motor line on 12th^avenue at #'.^00; in Phoenix avenue ad^^dition at $325; on Breckenridge street,^$4i m^; corner lot in towusite.on east side,^$550; corner lot, 50x150, on south Rod^^ney, for $35^i, payable $50 down, $25^monthly.
Inthe matter of houses, we have, fif^^teen or twenty for sale on the install^ment plan, at prices ranging from $750^up, with a down payment of $2t^^, and^mouthly payments of $25. Among them^are a new four-room cottage with good^lot, city water, etc., on Breckenridge^street, at $1,300; a neat cottage of four^rooms, pantry, rlosets, on Eighth avenue,^within RiO feet of motor line; a hand^some cottage on Madison avenne. within^two blocks from motor line, $l,^j00; a^well arranged dwelling of four rooms'^on Lyndale avenue, within half a block^from Helena avenne, at $1,500; a six-^room dwellingon Madison Hve.#2.2^)0;city^water with each honse. All these houses^are new.either just finished or approach^ing completion; modern in design, built^of good material. It will pay two classes^of people to buy these houses^those who^pay rent and those who want an invest^ment that will bring speedy, safe and^large returns.
MATHESON^ STEELE,^V2W4 North Main Street.
Cnderthe Auspices of the
OnFriday Evening,
TheEminent Violoncellist
TheWell-Known Prima Donna
Helena'sFavorite Pianist
1 Night Only 1
Admission,$1. Tickets for sale at^Pope ^ O'Connor'*^
JIMkk( EIVKO^ Another shipment ot the^ftmoas WUltaey bshy cs/rtagas at Calalns J,
UXB bALB^At tha Jtonta: a Lumber A Xuu^P fsctnrlng C'o.'s i lining mill, asar gm
worts,nice I'lsosr, shsvlngs^ale far statue oeddlng W. II
PuttSAL1^At MarjSTtlis, 13-room house^Sv property ot Auarust PlnsJem.n. rooms sli^occsptea sad recta for S4i per month , will be sold^inetceotUurtTdars; price S*^. T. B. Wsrren^^s-ent.
I4XJKMLt-:i^ feet troat at J16 Pine street^X' Inquire on premises or IS Kdsrards street
(;L^ I ^per^ tor sals at this otSos.
IOL'sI sad La*a for
ericaHouse^K^Hliiey and
el0t rooms, corner^Uridge eta , 73x1*6 feet, 16 fine shade trass, also so^Z ^fO^ BMne froat^n^- on Bridge at , also^!z} . fronting on hodney at sad w feat deep.^Opposite new residence of A. W Carse
P SPOUT, Agent.^ UK South itoaaey ec
*^rtlammliunder this head will os la-^sartadtnea* tlmaa tree of cnirgs
ANOKWKUIiM waate a t-ituaUon se ctoik^-ft- In store or soiuewhat like, spesks ling-^usu ana Oermsn sad am sc.iuointea with the^s^aadina^ian^ in this city. Ad.lraee 7!T fifth^s.enue.
TTTANTKD-Bylady, a situation Has had^^v*w^Jl yeare experience tea. bin*' a. hool.^Addreea K. M. H., this office.
\\/ANTED^Situation as^Vv (plane.
^er of cusic^^^. higher mallien.aura and all the^angUsh branches. or as govern-sea or like poet^tloa far the coming school term Heterencee^good; terms reasonable. Address at once,^Acad.
Academy,'Independent office
AYOUNOEnglishman wants a situation at^an^tnlng he can make himself useful^Is a fair -
SJpe-^ii, Ilc
nmansad good
atrig urea Address
POSITIONWANTS'D^As ^altreas or cham-^bermaid No objection to leaving town.^Address A. W , this office
\A7ANTBD-BYA ^OMAN-Work by the dav^^ ot care of turnlahed rooms. Address J T^^Ihdepeud-nt office.
SITUATIONWANTED^By a young man as^clerk lu grocery store. Uood reference. Ad-^thls office.
areasat. C.
WANTKDYoung woman wants sltoa Ion to^do second wore and plain sewing or as^^ uraery go. erneee and assistant with h .usework^Would go to the country. Address M. Mont^^gomery, Uelena P O.
BO'KBINDKK*nta Publishing Co
AGENTS for Bradford, Brooke, Amee,^^ Bellevneand Highland Paxk addi^^tions.
(COLLEGEPLACE.-Xow Is the time to^y boy acre* at tbe College. Motor^line to be built t o this tract at once.
CETMERPARK.^Lots close to new ho-^tel cheap.
ASMALL payment down and $25 per^^k month will buy a fine residence^near Motor '^veuiencee.
line. Water and all con-
VEWTRACT near Broadwater hotel^soon to be offered. Lots ciieap.^rrouts assured.
FORRENT^An elegant new building^suitable for a hotel.
/1APITAL BMP. OYMdNT OFFlCB-lilrls^V^ for places and places for girl- at 21J Law^rence street. Mrs. C. 11. Lyman.
ForHeat^Dwellings, Business Places ,Eto
L'ARMIs-UOMB for^17 at once on premises
rentor sale.^Mrs
ApplyOlivia Comhor.
LiOK KENT^A four room hou*e, barn, stc a^I few minutes' walk from poeti ffice in^buire at sunbeam Phi.tograph Gallery
'OKENT^The new tenement flat corner sixth^^ venae a d Davie street, six rojui each^fitted with all conveniences and hot and cold^water Chas stabsra. Sixth avenu* and Darts^street.
IVK. K^NT^Brick house corner Dearborn and^J.' Uauser streets. Ksquire of Dr. K K. h
Carpenter,room JO, Pltteburg block,^vator
PoKKSNT-A ver:^A hi.use on sou^W. LaCrotx A Son
_verv pleaant five-room dwelling^bouse on south Kodney street. Apply to L.
roomj), Pittsburgh Block.
L/MJKKENT^Storerooms In Penn^J^ storerooms and offices In Pittsburgh^Inquire of John W. Thompson, ro. m w, Pitts^^nrjh slock
block,also^i block.
tscoms Furnished and Unfurnished.
IUlit housekeeping at .'1 s Uoback
Asalt of unfurnished rooms with^and ceUar privileges, suitable for
bUKMSHKDKOOMS-Thrae nicely situated^pleasant rooms al 1Mb Lyndale ave , near
Mrs.M. A. ELfjs.
N.P. staUu
J.JOOMSwith board, 424 Brosdway.
LpOKKEN r - First floor 1IWT Sl^;hth avenue, on^L} Motor tine.
SpecialInduceinents fer tliisWeek
GRANDAVENUr-^ADDITIONS.^The finest, most accessible and^sightly additions in the city^The new Motor and Cable lines^w ill run through both additions^Montana avenue runs between^the two additions and extends^to tne valley, making the finest^drive in the city.
Letso0xl40 in Flewer Garden for |3o0.^The terms are tbe best, only $50^down and #50 every M days until^paid for.
Selectedlots in Grand Avenue, corners,^KiOxlSO, on proposed Motor line, $1^^per foot. Alec, corners and inside lots^in all parts of this addition, one-third^cash, balance in one and two years.
High,level lota, 50x140, in Northern Pa^cificXo. 2. at pKO, $300, and $400,^foOcaeh. and $50 every Go days,^per cent, interest.
Choicelots 50x140 in Northern Pacific^No. 1, corners, $450. Easy payments.
runeI .its or Boulder and Livingston av^ennes at $475 and $5m. Regoires^only $50 cash, balance to suit pur^^chaser.
Fullblo^k in Boyee addition at $3.50 per^foot.
Don'tmiss this chance, bnt come ii^on the ground floor and get the benefit^of all the advances. Make your selec^^tions at once.
ThompsonBlock, Room 10. opposite
CrandCentral Hotel.^.,Telephone 270.
ExamineThese Prices and Then Go To
Out10c Checked Nainsooks 5c per yard.^Our 15* Cheeked Nainsook- U^e per yard^our 20c Checked Nainsooks 15c per ysrd.^Onr 20c Victoria Lawn V^\c per yard.^Our 25c Victoria Lawn 15c per yard.^Gur 25c India Ltuen 15c per yard.^Our 30c India Linen 2^^- per yard.
Onr$1 Fancy Parasols
_Reduced to rt5c Kach
Our$1.50 Fancy Parasols^^Reduced to 95c Kach
Our$3 Fancy Parasols
Reducedto $I.s^ Kach^Onr $;^ Fan*y Parasols
Reducedto $2.95 Kach^Our $4 Fancy Parasols
Rduced to $2.45 Kach^Onr $^;.50 Fancy Parasols^_ .Reduced to $3.!^5 Kach
v.e have 500 Toilet yoilts
Reducedfrom $1.50 to $1 Kach
500doxen Corsets at 60 cent* a pair.
Keducedfrom $1.00
Our15c. Striped Dreas Ginghams
Reducedto 8l,c per yard^Onr 20c Plaid Dress Ginghams
Reducedto 10c per yard^Our 20c Figured Batiste
Reducedto 10c per yard
OurChildren's 15c coiored hose
Reducedto H^e per pair^Our Ladies' 25c ribbed hose
Reducedto 17c per pair^Our Ladies' 50c Full Regular Made col^^ored Hose
Reducedto 33Sc per ralr^Our Ladies' 40c Full Regular *ade. Fast^Black Hose. Reduced to 25c per pair^500 Smyrna Rugs at ^5e Kach.
IjOK KKNT-Thrse fnrnlthed rooms forhouse-^1^ keeping. Knjul.e , n premises. 424 Harrl
LOK KB NT - -An eln^aaUj furnished room in^X1 s desirable localltr. Address M. i^., this
'aUB PACIFm or Lenoir nans*^steam beat.^L pWant rooms; 50, 75, (1, s:lu $1.5U per say.^No disreputable characters allowed.
HARVEYHOL'BK, Grand street, new and^aleeanUy furnished rooms, single or In soils
K(KXJD PCOPLK to patronize the Koy Me^ters' cigar and candy store. No. IS lirldge
tecti ve
-Anyone re-
liilrtnirthe services of a skUlful private ds
Intracing missing^uimcuu matrimonial troubles'a specialty ' tV-M^nf references given and required. May address^F. A. Clayton, general deliver/, P. O.
PKKSONALA good-looking^of temperate bat.its and $VW0 In bank, de
vourg rancher.
.ree to correspond ^1th a light hatred ard brlght-^ejed yooag lady, bat no tnner. Or jsct n.atrl^mony. Address cars P. O. box bSf Helena*
Lostand Found.
White,Johnstone ^ Co.,^Real Estate.
Rooms5 and 6, I'nion Block.
50Feet Best Main Street Property, $500^per foot.
100Feet Main Street Property, $10,000.^144 Feet, corner Lyndale avenue and
Mainstreet, $7,500.^50 Keet Main Street Property, $2,750V^50 Feet on Tenth avenne, near Warren
verycheap.^125 Feet, Montana Avenue Addition,
Broadwayfrontage, $2,000.^Lots in Grand Avenue addition, at foot
ofMain street, at $520.^A fine corner in Bassett's addition, $'^m.^Flower fiard-n addition lots at $35n.^Btoadwater addition lots at $235.^Syndicate addition lots at $250.^4^i0 Keet in Northern Pacific Second ad
dition,$2,000.^Lots in all additions.^Residences, from $800 to $15,000.^Ranches for sale or exchange for Helena
property.Lots in N. P. First addition, $400,^A 3-story brick hotel, now renting for
$2,700per annnm, for sale cheap.^Houses for sale on the monthly install^^ment plan.
LOSTA pointer dog, while with exception of^liver colored e^ots on side and h--ad. An^^swers to name of Ban go A reward of $^ will^be paid upon oeUvery to D. Plowerras.
MONEYLOANBD^Locke j s office
byJ. M. Johnson at^on furniture, planor,^horses, wagons, and any property of value with^^out removal from owner s possession
4t AMK it to my pasture about the 13th of May,^a two year-old heifer branded with circle!1^on right hip. Tbe owner can have the m^paying charges. M. D. Berry, on* mile^Butler
STRAYEDfrom my ranch, neat Town send, a^spaa of horses, one black and one bay. The^animaie weigh about 1,400 each. The black Is^branded T.J in left nip: the bay Is branded r J^oa ir ft thonlder A reward of fi) will be paid for^the return of the animals to Townsend.
MONEYTO LOAN npoa^upon reasonable
Helenareal estate,^Appl^ to Kdwaru^room ^ Thompson block,
1ARUB amounts of money to loan on Improved^I * and aalm proved dty real estate and on
ranchesat low rates 0 P. Kills A Co., insurance^agents, real estate agents, mortag^s loans.
ObSATURDAY. JULY 20,^1889, 1 will sr-U at Public Auc^^tion at my reside-nce, No. 21^South B^ntoti avenne, a choice^lot of
Parlor,Bed Room. Dining^Room and Kitchen Furniture,
Onelarge Range, suitable for^Boarding House,
Bedsand Bidding. Queen-^ware, Glassware, Stoves, Tin^ware. Tables, one new Bed^Lounge, Carpets, Etc.
Saleat I o'clock P. M.^Mrs. L. F. LUXDEEN.
WANTID-Afew scholars for ptaao:^very reasonable. Adoress M , this office.
MONEYto loan on Improved Helenapr^Tims and terms to suit. J Bo. b. M.^r^^oms I and 7. Asbby bnlldlr.g
fOANS oa Improved real sststi at low rates
Jj of later satFULK a DIVIMI.
to^the stockholders of the^Towb a alec trie romps -; for tbe^the transaction of such
asmay properly come before the^meeting will be neld at tbe othce of the said com^pany In tfe city of Helena, Montana, on Satur^^day, the rth day of Jaiy, 1869. at 4 o'clock p. m.
Moneyto Loan!
InSums to Suit on From Six^Months to Five Years Time^on Real Estate Security.
Moneyon Ha^d. No Delay.^Cash Paid for Real Estate^Mortgages, by
W.H. Clark ^ Son, Gen. Agt's
GuarantyLoan Co.
Boardof Trad* Room, Pittsburg Block, fJelenn.^CB AS s. ELTINOK. Agent at Bntts City.
VerySerious, Indeed!
Itis a question of money with ninety nine in a hundred what^clothes they shall wear. You are not a sure judge of Clothing-^nobody is. The best judges do not pretend to be. Nobody can^be, really, who is not in the active Clothing trade. Why, then^is it a question of money*^take it all in all, to you that make it^so^for ninety-nine in a hundred don't go wronj^ in a question of^money. We venture to assert that our Clothing is less iXMttf^and more reliable than many others. That is, take it steadily^week in and week out. We call attention to the very big fact,^however, that low prices are nothing unless joined to reliability^and quality. It is by this union of reliability and qualify that
ourname has received its meaning and following in trade^^title to your patronage is simple. We clothe you better^charge you less.
CornerMain and Broadway.
AModern Drug Store in Our Midst!
EverythingNew and Neat. Comfortable Easy Chairs. A Clean^and Carpeted Floor. Clerks who are anxious and willing to do^all in their power to please customers. A Prescription Depart^^ment in perfect order. Physicians' prescriptions disj^nsed as^promptly as is consistent with care. The above are all to be^found at
115 N. Main St.,Holter Block
TEICHERT^$c WICK, Prop'rs-
ATIRT Ork7 kxtranck ox jackson 8TRKKT;
* ^ t-^nj 131-r\ , also, from main strkkt.
TheMost Elegant Lunches in the City.^MILWAUKEE BEER ON TAP.
FurnishYour Houses
Bailboadla\ ds.
Hanan A Sons' men's 96 shoes for^Gamer's.
Attorneyand CoDnsfilor-at-Lai.
$3,300buys a ledge of hematite iron,^fluxing, lime stone and water right,^three-quarters of a mile from railroad.^^^5..V m bays 440 acres of fenced land, and^^11 appurtenances f^*r sheep-growing^business, with right af the oldest^and best range in Montana, twenty^fire by sixteen milei in extent. Al* .if^wanted. 3,.Vi ^ head of sheep at #2 50^will go with the range. Wood, water,^grass and shelter plentiful.^^ 1.100 buy* an undivided four-sixths In^^terest In 320 aeree of coal land b^ a^railroad near Rutte, containing three^distinct veins of good coal, respect^^ively 2 feet, 4 feet and 12 feet In thick-
RealEstate, Mortgage Loan and Insur^^ance Agents, Rooms 20 and 21 Gold^Block, Telephone 266. P. 0.^Box 144.^OFFER FOR SALE:
(holes City and ^ubarbae Property, loiprosaS^sad nalmprored
Lumber,Laths, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Finishing^Material. All Kinds of Hardwood Lumber Constantly on Hand
Offlcsand y^d eoraar National and l.rndals ars., foot ot Rodney street^Ordsrs Promptly Attend**! to. Country Orders elicited 7
11K I RN*
Piirniture, Carpets, Wall Paper
Hiringleased tns two upper
oftae DartaaoB block as
Jacksonto Mala street,^tttlon. Irery pr^laCAF
bo*oocapy loor j s^^Xa^^aaaaaaa-ftSM ^^*wh^te greatly^JBLT. Aa ^xanlDalloa of goods sad cotnparaaaatof pvirse ^ultrl^o\
AcreTracts, ripe^dlate sale
(orasbdlTlavoc aad
cosBgaataadlargaat Uat of real
atlowest aguras
Also,fine building propositions in tbe i
businesscenter of Butte,^For sale by
E. Broadway, Butte, M. T.^ASHBURN K. BARBOUR,
Attorneyaii Cuonseler at Lai
SII^K W ^ K S ,
Stret Pavements,
IAnd ererythlng In the Concrete line t^the Hot or Cold Proems.
Allwork guaranteed,
Hrilenre. 315 Montana arenue.^P. o Box 3^4. HELEN A. MOOT.
ESTABLISHEDIN 1865. REBUILT IN 1887^The Largest Leading Hotel Has the very Bea Accom^modations in the city. Hate* H-dnted; $2 p*,, , ay ana^upwards, according to location of rooms
Litrhtand Heavv
Bits,Bpors. Quirts, Whips, Lashes, Blanket*.
itCollars, Horse BooU and all other goods u^u*11t kset^store. Hand made drirlng harness a specialty
OppositeGrand Central Hotel, Main St., Helena,
D*t^rs, Slickers, Nose Bags,^a flirt-class har-
U.S. Public Sampling Co.
*ndthe Ore Sold to the Highest Bidder.
WRITEFOB TERMS. Pit* offl*. _i,k D
Ofall I^clal Prtntil
VOL 30--NO. 19
St.Locis Block,
Itis.usfless for any p^who has bfen in onr stor^the last month, to say ^Ii^how's biz f^ It they werj^blind they could see ^bi^^good.^ Why was it good I^us when every clothing hr|^Helena has been an active^ber of the ^kickers club.
Why, simply bet-aus.-^showed about as many si^as all the other houses^bined. And when a mun|^that he did not want to w^^whole yeai for the mer^ j^tailor, in case he needed a^mer suit he put a double^and calls on us. sees fm^well made, just m good fij^and much mote stylish^ments, and M a nam ml ^ ^l^quence buys his suit and k|^us busy.
Didyou ever hear about|^clearing sales '. We 1, we^about to start one, pretty s(^and you can safely gamble^what little fur is left on^hides of some of our moss ba^will tiy when they se^prices we quote. Among tl^we will mention some of^specialties.
Don'tyou call to mind^pretty line of Irish tweeds,
Ereductionof Hill A BonJ^'ublin ^. We had them in^colors^gray and brown. Tl^were ab.;ut as universally^mired as anything we h;iv^^fered this j'ear, but many p;^pie thought they were liij^but they were not. The tronl^was, they were not apjireciatl^but it makes no difference,^knife goes into them just^same, and the consequence |^from this day the $'22^scratched and $17 appears.
But we have plenty ot|^plums for those to eat who hi^money to buy. The exjirl^has brought in 200 suits, sul^mer weights, that were pf^chased at 66 cents on the doll^and they go for the same p^centage. Many of these )^^came in our first puichases ;n^were marked $2o, $22, up^$28. Now none of them ni^marked over $20, and althoujf^it is a rank shame, we have Ii^some of them out at $10. Y^can borrow money at f^ per ceij^a month to pay for your ne}^summer's suit and s'ill^ahead on nearly any of thej^lots.
You'venot heard of any sui^strokes this year, have you 1 II^you know the reason '. Wecal^tell yon. We have had no h^l^weather; for the same reasol^we have sold but few of m^summer specialties in c oats an]^vests.
Now,if there is anything w|^pride ourselves on, it is selecti^^j^of these goods. Just take^look at our north window. YoJ^will seethe prettiest assortment^you ever saw in your life. AI^^hairs, crepes, pongee serges arul^silks; the variety is great and^assortment astounding; price^^HT^ j^er cent, lower than them^would l^e if the season had bwtl^propitious. We have se^rsin k{^ers at $1, coat and vest. W^J^have strijre and cross-bar lissj^tres at $5, which our competi^^tors hold at $7. We have ini^the finer grades, goods that can^not be purchased outside of ourl^house for love nor money. As|^we say, the greatest variety, th*^grea'est profusion ever offered]^to a Montana public.
Infact, all our lines are re^^markably low in furnishing |^goods. In Hats, in Shoes, all^as cheap as consistent with good^grades and best workmanship.
A-cleaverhas been at the dis^posal of over 300 doz-n hand^kerchiefs at 12 1 2 cents each^^pretty things they were, too,^and nearly all gone.
Linenvests at $1 each; last^year's goods at $2.5o. Night^robes, embroidered and plain:^in fact anything you want to^make yourself a second Adonis^you can buy,
N.B.^Out of town orders'^will receive our beat attention.^Goods sent on approval to any^part of the territory. Price list^and rules for self-measurement^mailed free on application.

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