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But^ Fe* More Days Required to^Finish the Work of Constitu^^tion Making.
A Proposition Giving Women Tax^^payers the R.ght to Vote Is^Adopted.
,^^M^h^ ^*
*,,... VtM Will U-ton.ld-
Iftru conv-t,.n. Additional ordin-^^TwiillHM to * . l^dtothearticl,
MiMtMUM will maar K^ --port aodUH-^conv,nt,on will b.ve nL.ih.0 iU labor..^Althouiihthr ^^...u- held yeat-rday ^*
short,importantw.i trau.aot.-d.
Therawu-nal u. congrww iolllllllll by^Warrm relative to the importation free ol^d%tv of lead was passed and the president^w*i JLIIIhllll J ^ transmit a certihed copy^tothea^retary ot the treasury. Carpen-^u.r s pr,(1,n .,^^ women who are
cnoernniftax.S.e property waa a4opted^and hee-me* p^r' ^^ constitution, lhe^,. n., ul aw...rtionment made a re
lheri^!ht to vote upon questions
.r.-d printed and will^t^eday.
,.iuruin,y. The^matter
MOK.M^- sfc*M^^^^.^When I'r-aident Clark rapped to order^r.-rda\ imirning lew of the iueml^er^^m'r' n ti elf Mil, hut as roll rail pro-^tr.-^e,l ^^ were anawered t.^ hy Ihoae
jodffeDixon wa^ t-xrus^d indefinitely on^mohitiI ol atetaeee m his family.
v't'.r praycf i^y tM chaplain the journal^^(V,e fH -.'.I i.K day wa- read and ap-
iro\ed. -
\\air. n ark-^! it a minority of the mem-
btameleelI pass an ordinance. He
wisheda rulii.K ikiii the chair as a minor^^ity mi the ^^^ rs elect. thjMj^{a-s^il propo.-ition ^^^ ^^ yesi^chair said he would look inu^Uurintf the ilay.^II Ki rr a i-ierk was appointed assistant^.-, .. . K; ^rn,, lac Hie r.=t ot the season.^TMauMitke irom William K.^\\ i . t it r. hbcarlM of the Montana Histor-^cal am-ieiy. asking that the nieu.bers tur-^rnih bis ^itli pbuti graphs for ipwf for^the Historical society rooms waa read.
t'arpeiiOr ^ Hi red a proposition in suo-^stance that MM all question* submitted to^t..\ oa\i rs wonien who are tax payers^shall finally with men have the ni^ht to
V\'arr^:. n Mini what had become of the^men,or:.;l ottered by luin relative to Mexi^^can i* bit ' r- s eaaMajp into the tutted^btato. l'ari^entrr replied that Hit 'iue^-^tion was not in order and the pretident^ruled the pui.t 'il order well taken.
Warrcuhit. d that the memorial be^tak.^n awsj iroin t'.e committee w kere it^rMtci Mi be (fVM to another cotutinttetj.^Caliawa) moved i-s an amendment that the^present e.,minuter be allowed until this^morning to report, (ioddard anil Mamu-^nis spoke against the reflection cast upon^i,ov. L'arp-i.ti-r and HMflM MM to^lay the n,..i.,n Ml the fable. Cari . nti r^e\plaiii^^l ^^'^^ the committee was not^readj report. liurlemh iMMateia dose^of sot;t.':U K-Ji'iP tor Waireu. t'aliaway^withdrew iu- n.ot on.
Onuioiioi, d lioddard the convention^went info cen.in ttte ot the whole. Chess,^uisn in the ^ * r, on proposition ^'o. 3\^article on sc! I i.ule.
iiicktordMjMMi an addition to sec^^tion 4, WfcJeh does away with probaie^judges and puts their duties on district^judKes. a proviso, ^i xcept as by tins con^^stitution otherwise provided.^ This^amendment was ^ ftertd tor the purpose of^doing away with ^; ) CMaUd IBM may^arise between distrii t and probate courts^aa to terms ot court. The amendment was^carried.
Section5 prov.des that the clerk of the^distr.ct court shall receive the ttes of that^office and also the fets that are provided^by law tor clerks of the probate court and^Hmihfii I'l moved to amend so as to have^the clerk perlorm the duties of both ^ trices^without extra compensation.
Knowleswas of the opinion that it^would work an outrage upon a cleik, aa^the feea ol probate courts wete small, and^as the salary of probate . lerks had been^abolished the emoluments of the office^would Ml amount to a great deal.
Burleighwas of the opinion of Judge^Knowles. who, continuing his remarks,^said that outside three counties the cieik ot^the district court will be a very small ot-^tice.
SmallCounties lliterei*te^l.
(ioddardsaid in the small counties lhe^fees of district c iurt clerks would ue very^small. The position was a very import^^ant one and r^ quired a good man to til 1.^The prohat^ work during vacation would^have to be performed b^ the clerk. He was^in favor ^ t pa^ r.m- ^i.^: :es coiiimensuia'.e^with the abilities of officials.
Collin-rt.ii.tid to see the nti.- n in, :^^^prevail as the constitution provides faff a^clerk in each county, who shall receiv.^fl.UUUayear and tcs in the ili.-tr.ct court^aod he saw no reason wti\ he shoo'd be^further r. nieintiered by aiiowins; htm tlie^tees of th. probate f*onrt. He chaiietiged^any law \- r upon the floor to s^v t.iat ilie^eh rkot Mm probate court in MM MMftMi^as Deer 1/sig-, Mismiula, ^^hi r Bow and^l.i'Wis a;,d (^iarke were not to diy drawing^pnncei;, ,-ularie*.
MhWIrTnnaali fM clerk of the diatiiet^c tun. it he p.-ri,Tiued the dunes of a pro-^hale deck, he should receive compensation^TV r, tor. In Custer county liurleigh knew^that the ch rk could not make a decent^living, prior to the last legislature coming^to his telle!. He waa opposed to reducing^t ^ ^^ ,MaMMattM of any faithful and e.n-^cieiit i Boar. Uartman also opposed the^pr, po.-ni amendment. If one man could^perform the duties involved upon him in^Lewis and Clarke county he would admit^that he would lit^ receiving a princely^salary, but no one man could perform^these duties. Luce held that too much^tin,.- wa.- beipc ^ i ;.d on small game.^There w as large game ahead. The con^^vention seould go ahead and set out the^constitution so the people could vote Intel^^ligently upon it.
Uershheld'samendment was put to a^vote aim lost.
liurleighasked that section '.' be amended^by inserting ^actions and,^ making the^section read, *'Ail writs, processes, prcse-^cutiins, actions and causes of action, etc.,^shall bo executed, determined, enforced^and protected under the laws of the state.^^The amendment was adopted.
liershtieldmoved a verbal amendment to^section 13 by inserting ^moneys^ to be in^^cluded iu the official records, nl.s and^other property which must be turned over^by probate courts to the district court. A^few other verbal amendments were made,^and Knowles moved an additional section^that tuniiibrrs of the hrst legislative assem^^bly shall Oe elected at the time provided^for the election of state and county officers,^as provided by ..pii ance adopted as a part^ot the constitution.
Theprop- sed action was adopted and^Knowles offered another section, in sub^^stance that district judges and clerks of^district courts shall quality and enter upon^their duties within ten days after the state^shall have !^-en admitted into the union.
Winstonheld that the matter was cov^^ered by ordinance and that there was no^necessity tor the proposed section.
Knowleswas ot the opinion that district^officers were not provided for. only state,^county and township otti -ers being nani.d^The ordinance was read and Knowles said^he was inclined to the belief that Winston^was right, bu- no pay had been pr^ \ id- d^for the pay .-t dis!n~l officers from the time^the state was admitted into the union until^the new juiit'es l^^ k their seats.
Onmotion of Callaway the committee^. rose, reported progress and a-ked leave to^sit again.
Thepresident appointed ^; ^v. Carpenter^to take the place of Judge Dixon on the^committee en revision acd correction.^Judge Dixon having been called home by-^sickness of his child.
Joymoved to take a recess until I o'clock^but withdrew in order to allow Chairman^Cooper.of the committee on apportionment,^to make his report, which he did recom^^mending that it be printed and laid upon^the desks of the members. Luce asked for^the reading of the report and the clerk^read It.
Warrenmoved to refer to the committee^on irrigation and HershheId moved to re^^fer to the comm:tte^ on printing, the lati.-r^motion prevailing.
TheKeporU^Section L One representative In the^congress of the United Males shall be^elected from the state ai large, the first^Tuesday in October, in iww, and thereaf^^ter at such Hmes and placea, and In such^manner as may be prescribed by law.^When a new apportionment shall be made^by congress the legislative assembly shall^divide the state into congressional districts^accordingly.^See. 2. The legislative assembly shall
firovideby law for an enumeration of the^nbabitants of the slate In 1V4, and every^tenth year thereafter; and at the session^next following such enumeration, and also^at the session next following an ennmera-^by the authority of the Uaited^shall revise and adjust the appor-^ment of representatives us the basis of^enumeration according to ratios to be^hxed by law.^bee. 8. Representative districts may be
alteredfrom time to time as public con^^venience may require. When a represen^^tative district shall be composed of two or^more counties they shall be contiguous,^and the district as compact as may be. No^county shall be divided in the formation of^representative districts.
ec.4. Whenever new counties are^created, each of said counties shall baeav^titled to one senator, but in no case shall^a senatorial district consist of more than^one county..... , . . ...
SecS. The senatorial districts of the^state shall be constituted and numbered as^follows:
Thecounty of Beaverhead shall consli^tute the first district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Madison shall constitute^the second district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Oallatm shall constitute^the third district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Jefferson shall constitute^the fourth district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty ot Ueer Lodge shall const;^^ute the fifth district, and be entitled to one^--nator.
Theconetyof Missoula'ahall constitute^the sixth district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Lewis and Clarke shall^constitute the seventh district, and be en^^titled to one senator.
1he county of Choteau shall constitute^the eishth district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Meagher shall constitute^lhe ninth district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty ot Silver Bow shall consti^^tute the tenth district, and be entitled to^one senator.
Thecounty of Custer shall constitute the^eleventh district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Yellowstone shall con^^stitute the twelfth district, and be entitled^to one senator.
Thecounty of Dawson shall constitute^the thirteenth district, and be entitled to^one senator.
Thecounty of Fergus shall constitute^the fourteenth district, and be entitled to^oue set ator.
Thecounty of Park shall constitute the^fifteenth district, and be entitled to one^senator.
Thecounty of Cascade shall constitute^the sixteenth district, and be entitled to^one senator.
Sec.6. I'ntil an apportionment of repre^^sentatives be made in accordance with the^provisions of this article they shall be di^^vided among the several counties of the^state in the following manner:
Thecounty ot Beaverhead shall have^two.
Thecounty of Madison shall have two.^The county of (iallatin shall have two.^The county of Jefferson shall have three.^The county of 1^^^-r Lodge shall have^-cwn.
Thecounty of Missoula shall have five.^'1 he county of Lewis and Clarke shall^have eight.^The county of Choteau shall have two.^The county of Meag jer shall have two.^The county of Silver Bow shall have ten.^The county of Custer shall have two.^The county ot Yellowstone shall have
Thecounty of Fergus shall have two.
Thecounty- of Park shall have two.
Thecounty of Cascade shall have two.
Thecounties of Dawson and Cascade^shall have one jointly.
Thecounties of Deer Lodge and Beaver^^head shall have one jointly.
Thecounties of Jefferson and Gallatin^shall have one jointly.
Middletonasked if it was the desire of^the convention that all articles coming^from the committee on corrrection and re^vision should be again printed. After^some discussion the matter was postponed
Joy'smotion to take a recess until 2^o'clock prevailed.
Theconvention resumed at '^ p. m. Ken^^nedy was granted leave of absence until^Saturday, and Kamadell was excused for^the day.
Carpenter,chairman of the special com^^mittee on memorial No. 3, submitted the^following report:
lhe select committeee to whom was re^^ferred memorial No. 2, hereto annexed, re^specllully reports that it has considered^the same and recommends that said mem^orlal be amended so as to read as follows^This convention respectfully calls the at^tention of the secretary of the treasury to^the fact that a ruling ef the treasury de^partment under which imported ore, more^valuable on account of the silver than lhe^lead which it contains is admitted free of^duly, operates very injuriously to the min^ing interests of Montana through the small^importation duty free of lead in the ore ef^the value of several millions of dollars to^compete with the American product.
Thisconvention respectfully suggests^that it was not intended by congress to^permit the importation of an immense^quantity ot lead free of duty, and that said^ru:iiiK. even it complying with the letter^rt^ es not express the true spirit of the an^ot congress imposing a duty upon lead ore^and this convention respectfully ask thai^said ruling, if the principles ot legal con^struction will permit, be so modified as to^follow the true spirit of the law, and re^quire a duty ot ll-t cents per pound to be^patd upon all imported ore containing such^a percentage of lead as would, it admitted^tree ot duty, tend materially to interfere^with the mining interests of our country.^' And that so amended it be adopted by^this convention.
Warrenmoved to accept the report and^;n mo rial. Carried. Carpenter moved that^the president of the convention be in^structed to transmit a certified copy of the^memorial to the secretary of the treasury,^and it was so ordered.
Kotwitt,chairman of the suffrage com^^mittee, reported favorably upon Carpen^ter's proposition giving women who are^taxpayers and otherwise qualtiied the^right to vote. The ayes and noes were^ailed, resulting: Ayes 34, noes 26, ab
Katonarose to a point of order that the^report of a standing committee should be^printed, but the point was declared not^well taken, as it came too late.
ItIs Settled.^On motion of Callaway the vote by which^the proposition on suffrage was adopted was^reconsidered and the vote laid upon the^table.
Middleton,chairman ot the committee on^engrossing, reported propositions Nos. 1H,^;^ and *i correctly engrossed.
Thecommittee on revision and correc^^tion reported that it would take at It ast ten^days to pnnt the constitution.
Callawayasked unanimous consent to^call attention to proposition No. IS, bounda^^ries.^ claiming that the words ^and juris^^diction^ were In conflict with the enaoiing^act and should be stricken out. The^amendment carried and the proposition^was then adopted as amended. The com^^mittee on revision was authorized to strike^out the words in the enrolled copy.
Owingto the absence of any provision^having been placed in the schedule rela^^tive to district judges and clerks of district^courts J. K. Toole offered an amendment^and on motion of Courtney the convention^went into committee of the whole for the^,-onsideration of the amendment^with proposition aio. 88, article^on schedule. Chessman in the^chair. As the committee on schedule^,'ould not agree upon needed amendments,^on motion of Knowles the committee rose,^reported progress and asked leave to sit^again. The convention resumed, and on^motion of Hickman a recess was taken^until 4 o'clock.
Onreassembling J. K. Toole said he had^been in consultation with members of the^schedule committee, and they were of the^opinion that several things in the schedule^should be in the ordinances, and he asked^unanimous consent that the vote by which^the proposition on ordinances was adopted^be reconsidered for the express pur^pose ot addicg thereto, but not for^iM purpose of changing anything^of importance therein. He moved that a^-pecial committee be appointed to har^^monize the two ordinances. Judge^Knowles read the report of the schedule^committee, which was in brief that the^labors of the committee had been finished,^and recommended that the additional sec^^tions contemplated by bis committee be in^^corporated in the ordinances. Bickford^moved to take a recess until ^ o'clock and^the motion would have carried, had not^Judge Knowles informed the convention^that it would be impossible for the com^^mittee to conclude its labors by that time-^In his report he suggested that the ordi^^nance and schedule committees co-operate^instead of a special committee, aod that^the chairman of the executives ommittee^act with them. The suggestion waa^adopted, and the convention stood ad^^journed.
Icecream and cake at the Woman's Ex^change to-day.
Resultsof My $10,000, Tweaty Year 1 ^^doswnt. Uttrrn Year loBtlwe Pol^^icy la Ute New York Life I^-^-^'^^^^^ ^^ Coaipuj.
Thefifteen year period having ma^^tured, the company paid me
'ashf^,MB S)
1'hetotal amount premiums paid^during fifteen years^,17^ 00
Engineer Miller Reports on Four^Available Sources for Securing^a Water Supply.
The Approximate Cost of Bringing^In And Maintaining Each^of Them.
He btronffly Furor* Lump (aulcb. Bui^Thinks the Water Kindt. Will^Prove a s^aag.
Atthe meeting of the city council held^Tuesday evening, the report of Q. N.^Miller, city engineer, was submitted.^This report was made in pursuance of a^resolution adopted by the council approved^April 34, 18KV, with a view to ascertaining^the feasibility and probable cost of estab^^lishing a water system for the city of Hel^^ena for general use, to be constructed and^owned by the city, for which work the en^^gineer was to receive 5300 ascompensation.^The report is a very complete and long^one. It begins thus: ^^The ci,y of Hel^^ena is located on the bench land between^the Ten Mile and Prickly I'ear valleys^and is divided by Last Chance gulch,^into two sections, known as the east and^west sides.
Thedifference in elevation of the north^and south portions of the city is about 400^feel, Owing to* the great elevation of 7u0^feet above the Missouri river and the close^proximity to the main range of the Kocky^mountains, the problem ot obtaining a^suitable water supply, becomes a very dif-^ficuly and expensive one.
Tensources of supply were examined.^These were: The Missouri river: Little^Blacktoot river, south of Elliston: Ten^Mile creek: Lump Gulch reservoir system:^Dug creek, near Mullan tunnel: Trout^creek, on east side Missouri river: .Silver^lake and Marsh creek: McClellan (iulch:^Crow creek, near Bald mountain: Colorado^(iulch and other small streams. Of the^several sources but tour were considered^as adequate to furnish a st tticiency of^water. These were the Missouri river, the^Little Black foot river south of KUiston,^Ten Mile creek and the Lump ^,ulch reser^^voir system.
tubMl-sot Kl kivkk.
TheMissouri river scheme, which has^been uppermost in the public mind, was^first examined. Mr. Miller does not con^^sider this a feasible source, basing the cal^^culation from a pumping standpoint. Ue^says the supply of water to be derived^from the Missouri river is abundant, and at^the present time of an excellent quality.^There is. however, a probability ot future^contamination by the construction of large^smelting work and manufactories with the^accompanying cities and towns along the^Missouri and Jefferson rivers, above the^soutce of supply. In connection with the^canal project which has been suggested, he^thinks the water would be unfit for use^without filtration, and the cost of construc^^tion is uncertain, while the feasibility can^only be ascertained by surveys. He be^^lieves such a scheme, by reason of the^amount of arid land that could be re^^claimed, would be a better investment for^private capital.
Ofthe pumping plan be says :
Apumping plant drawing a supply^from the river near Mubh's Kerry could be^constructed for a less outlay than the canal^and pumping works combined, and as in^either case a pumping lift of several hun^^dred feet would be required, 1 have only^made an estimate tor the pumping system^directly from the river.
^Theelevation ot the Missouri river at^fjtubb's Ferry is about 3 *5o feet above sea^level, or 675 feet below tfie Woolston reser^^voir.^,
Theelevation would necessitate two^pumping stations, each having a lift of 430^teet-
tbemissouri kstihatk.
^The following estimate for a supply of^5,000,000 gallons per diem would be suffi^^cient tor a city of 50.000 people and is all^that would be required tor several years :^IS miles of 3n inch cast lrc n pipe at $27,000
1wo paniiiliiK slauoas of ,1^ feet lift each r^-. ^ ^
'fwo diet-j reservoirs 40,uo
-Jomiles of distributing mains with hy^^drants, etc S^\900
AcM:^ per cent for en^ineerinj codcon-^^ i,.-i.^.i- 42.0S0
Interestat t^ per cent. :-r asnoma s-v.e,,
Theannual cost of maintaining the sys^^tem with two pumping stations he esti^^mates at S130.3U5. Continuing he says: ^It^will be seen from the above figures that^the annual expenditure by the city to build^and operate the above system of works^would be as follows:
MMcharted on Invested capital$ ^2,tK^:i
Cosiof punit,lDK and maintenance of
,.r ; In. plut lm'SKI
Maintenanceof distrltmtlng system tt.uu
Theprobable revenue to be derived by^the city at fair rates to consumers would be^about $100,000, leaving S^1.2HK to be paid^for by the city for fire and other purposes.
Owingto the cost of pumping, an in^^crease in consumption woula email a cor^^responding increase in the cost of supply^and the maintaining of such a system ot^works would be a burden upon the city.
Inview of theso facts be does not con-^steer the Missouri river a feasible source.
thelittle iii.a' KFOOT.
Ofthis source the engineer sajs: The^Little Blackfoot rises on the west slope of^the main range of the Kocky mountains,^about thirty miles southwest of the city of^Helena, and flows northerly to Elliston^and thence weaterly. The country around^the headwaters is heavily timbered, acd^the stream seems to be affected less by^drought than other mountain streams in^th s section.
Krominformation learned he says a sup^^ply of 10,000,000 gallons could be depended^upon.
Thispoint would be about twenty-three^miles from the city of Helena, and it would^be necessary to tunnel through the main^range of the Kocky mountains just south^of the McDonald or French Woman's pass^to bring the water by gravity to the east^side of the divide.
Theexpense of a tunnel would be the^same for a small as for a large supply.
Thefollowing estimate for 5.000,000 gal^^lons per diem will show the approximate^cost as follows:^Dam and lnt^ke at the Little Blackfoot. f 90,i 00^Nine miles of i4-lnch cast 1-on pipe from^the Little Blackfoot to tunnel, at f ;.\
permil* S15,ao
Twomiles of tunnel with hrick lining. . 500,(0)^Twelve miles of IS Inch kalameln Iron^pipe from the tunnel to the resanrolr.
;^.^ ^,' ^^) per mUe 2*0,009
ro distributing reeer^olrs 40.0U0
Twentymiles ot distributing mains with^hydrants, etc 300,000
T*ai IMaaJal
idd10 i er cant, for engineering and con-^Unireocleef 1^K,S00
Leadingme a net profit of30
Which is S per cent, interest upon my^money and Sin ,ioo insurance fifteen years^for nothing. Yours truly.^_Kkaxk C. O^avkss
Franktown.Col . June 25. it**.^s^.wardijD.^Sniffen, territorial manager
aABgMgm^n*8Cr- ^ffic- G~^Try It.
Tryour best patent flour, the best In the^market, and Whittaker --tar hama, at
Joant. Mcmnrr * Oo-'a.
Urandtotal. Sl.4J4.tiu0
Costto the city per annum would be as^follows:
Intereston plant at per cent, per an
nam^ 86,470
Maintenance 10,000
Totalcost to dty per annumf ^6,4T0
Thisamount would easily be paid by a^dom^ stic consumption of 5,000,000 gallons^per diem. To construct these works with^a capacity of 10.000.000 per day would in^^volve an additional coat of about $350.quo.^and it would require two years' time to^construct this gravity system, and in con^^clusion doubts the advisability of ent ring^into this gigantic work at the present time.
Insumming up the feasibility of this^gravity source the engineer states that an^important objection to it is the fact that^Kimlnl, the bead of the source, is a mining^camp with every reason to believe that in^the near future its mining operations will^be largely increased, and at ail events filter^beds would be required. A reservoir^would have to be established, and the most^available site Is in Walker creek, which^flows Into Tea Mile. Other points of this^source which he submits are: ^In order to^supply the city by gravity it would be^necessary to construct a dam at some point^near the mouth of the upper canon and^pipe the water to the distributing reser-^vo rs in the city.
Whilethe quantity of water to be de^^rived from this method is sufficient for a^city of 100,000 inhabitants, the quality Is^not first claas
Theapproximate estimate of a gravity^supply from Ten Mile of 4.000,000 be eati^mates as follows:
Damoa Tea Mile creek and pipe Use to
s-tttlncreaatTntr.^Vnnetru.-UoB of^Walker creek..^Filter hece tor 4,000.000 nil in* i
.. aeln pipe '
i. wo
TotalAda 10 per
Annualcost to the city:^Interest cm 1748.010 at s per cast, per
Theabove estimate does not Include the^water righte. held mostly by W. A. Chess^^man, which la a iarse item. In conclusion^Mr. Miller says: ^The feasibility of the^Little Blackfoot |if s|iat aaawH oertainly be
demonstratedby surveys before the city^undertakes the construction of works on^Ten Mile creek.
THKLIMP Gl'Ll'B source.
ofthis source Engineer Miller comments^very favorably, and considers it the most^available and feasible one yet mentioned,^promising as it does an adequate supply for^lOO.ooo inhabitants. He dwells at some^length on the project and has evidently^given it careful examination. The proba^^ble cost of acquiring the numerous water^rights tributary to this source he has not^attempted to ascertain, but be adds that^should unreasonable compensation be ex^^acted the city could obtain them by con^^demnation.
Lumpgulch rises near Bed mountain^and flows easterly into Prickly Pear creek.^The elevation is 4,600 feet above sea level.^The proposition is to construct a dam^across Lump gulch at the junction of these^two forks and to convey the water into the^city by gravity through a pipe line.
Thereservoir created by the construction^of this dam would be small and the holding^capacity would not exceed 50 000,000 gal^^lons, but it would be sufficient to insure a^steady flow ot water. The drainage area^of Lump gulch above this dam-site is about^twenty-five square miles. Most of this^area receives a large snowfall during^the winter season, and the snow usu^^ally remains on the ground, around^Bed mountain, until the last of^June. The creek discharges during three^months of the year from 20.000.000 to 90,-^00i).000 gallons per diem.
Atthe lowest stage in the fall the dis^^cbarge is reduced to about 2,000.000 gal^^lons. Lump gulch was discharging July^7,2,500.000gallons in tweuty four hours and^with proper reservoirs, its supply could be^maintained at 4.000,000 gallons during any^dry season. But the-e is a large additional^drainage area that can be made tributary^to this system and a better storage reser^^voir than any of those mentioned. On the^the headwaters of Beaver creek, lying^northeast of Bed mountain, is the reservoir^site of the old Beaver creek dam which^broke seven years ago. This has an ap^proximate area of 120 acres. By the con^struction of a dam on the west side fifty^feet high and a dy ke of about one-half the^height on the north side, a reservoir could^be created with a storaue capacity of about^1,000 OOO.OUO gallons, which could easily be^made tributary to Buffalo creek. In order^to fill this reservoir it would be necessary^to construct a flume around the north^side of Bed mountain to upper Ten^Mile creek above Bimim. By^this means an additional supply of^4,000,000 gallons per diem for nine months^could be obtained, without drawing any-^considerable amount from Ten Mile creek^during the low water season, and a further^supply of 2,000,000 could be drawn from^upper Ten Mile creek during the entire^season, if needed. This would add nearly^fifteen square miles of water shed to that^of Lump gulch.
Thechief obstacle to be encountered is^the private ownership of water rights and^ot the lands required for reservoir sites. It^would not be policy to enter Into this or^any other project without first acquiring^such rights. It would aiso be necessary to^make surveys and to determine the actual^storage capacity to be obtained, as the fig^^ures given are approximate only.
Theapproximate estimate for this reser^voir system the figures are as follows:^Masonry dam 40 f'et htiib, at the forks of
LampUalch with eatechambers, etc . $^13 miles of 16 In, h Kalameln flpe line to
theupper distributing reeei v lr. i^t
0110per miles*y 00
Twoctlecrttutloir r-e-rrolre 40.0UI
-.1)miles of distributing mains with h^-
draats,etc ano.OTO
Kalpln Park Lake leeervoln'o feet and
repuirincexisting dams B\M
Constructionof new dams Hfci,uiA
Add10 per cent, for en.ine^nn^ and con^UnRenciea
Annuallntereet at I per cent on the -
innitS aT.4Mi
Coctof maintenance, etc *,0U0
Totalcost to the city per annum$ I
Whichwould be readily paid by a do^^mestic consumption of 3,000,000 gallons.
Inconclusion the eugiueer recommend^^ed that surveys should be made before i u-^tering into the scheme, that the actual at -t^of construction ninrht be arrived at. He^acknowledges valuable assistance rendered^by U O. Foes, C. K , in making bis inves^^tigations.
AtTuesday night's meeting, by a resolu^^tion introduced by Alderman Lneb, En^^gineer Miller was directed to make the^necessary survey of the Lump gulch^scheme.
Icecream and other refreshments served^every Thursday at the Woman's Exchange.^No 11 north Warren street.
To-dayis the first day of registration.
FirePatrolman Hall has been promoted^to a position on th.- city detective force-
Thegame law expired yesterday and the^nimrods of Montana are hastening to the^hunting grounds. Several parties left Hel^^ena last evening.
Thelaw firm of Sanders. Cullen ^^ San^^ders has dissolved partnership. Col. W. K.^.Sandrs retiring in order to devote his time^solely to lauroad matters.
TheTurf Exchange was crowded yester^^day and considerable money went into the^pool box on the races. The home races at^Anaconda attracted the most attention.
Therewill be a meeting at the office of^the territorial secretary in the court house^Monday evening, Aug. .'10, tor the purpos*^of organizing the Moniana Horticultural^.Society. All interested are respectfully^invited to attend.
TheSalvation Army paraded as usual^last night notwitnstandiiiK the edict which^took effect at the city council meeting^Tuesday nlsht by the adoption of an ordi^nance Mrobibittng street music unless a^permit is secured from the mayor. They^were not molested. The Coliseum ban.^!^did not parade.
Chicago^ Northwestern R. R. Co.
TheShort Line to the East has 6.000^miles ot first-class, * quipped road running^through Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska,^Kansas, Minnesota, Dakota and Wyoming.^Direct connections at Denver with Denvi r^A Bio Grande for Chicago and all points^east. Finest Dining Car service in the^world. Solid vestibuled train from Denver^to Chicago.
Onefare for round trip to Milwaukee^and Chicago on account of G. A. B. En^^campment at Milwaukee. For full infor^^mation inquire ofA. E. VkA/.ie,
I P. Ticket Agt, Helena, or^Fkkd Gkeknk, G. P., Salt Lake.
Coughi and 0^ugh 11 and Couch 111^What in the world is the reason you will^cough and keep coughing and still keep^trying Inferior medicines when Beggs'^Cherry Cough Syrup will positively relieve^your cough at once ^ This is no advertis^^ing scheme, but an actual fact and we^guarantee it Fur sale by all druggists,^ti. s. Hale A Co., wholesale and retail^agents.
Orderyour Milwaukee beer thorugh t, .^ephone 187. F. J. Kenck. agent
BncKieos arsm smv^.
Thebeat salve tn the world for cuts,^bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever^sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,^corns, and all skin eruptions, and positive^^ly cures piles, or no pay required. It Is^guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or^^noney refunded. Price 26 cents per box^^nr sale by R B. Hale * rv
OfInterest to Interior Merchants.
BrownBros. ^Jt Co., soie manufacturers^of the celebrated Oregon City casslmere^clothing an 1 agents of the Oregon City^woolen mills, manufacturers and j Jbbers^of furnishings, duck goods, etc.. have de^^cided to open a sample room in Helena^during fair week, to have their representa^^tive meet visiting merchants. Correspond^^ence respectfully solicted. Address
A.D. Simpsoh.^Helena, M. T.
IIan an A Sons' men's S3 shoes for $4 at
Allclaims not consistent with the high^character of Syrup of Figs are purposely^avoided by the California Fig Syrup com^^pany. It acts gently on the kidney, liver^and bowels, cleansing the system effect^^ually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no^pretensions that every bottle will not sub^^stantiate.
G.W. Jackson, music dealer.
Dinnerfrom 12 to ^ at the Bon Ton.
Fr.nkB. Xorris, dentist, room * Pitts^^burg block.
JamesW. Barker, merchant tailor, No.^15 North Main street
K.B- E. Carpenter's dental rooms, room^80, Pittsburg block. Take the elevator.
tintr^ Chicago shoemaker for repeirine.^On^ollaTto^aifHollng. In basement of^AthMbuliding. Frank Boeder, propne-
Goeast via the Montana C^traJ and^Manitoba railways, the new sleeping and^dining car route to St Paol and the east.^Through trains leave Helena daily at 11
Thsdemocrat* Sf Lewis sad Clarke county will^aaaaaabea la precinct primaries at the places here^^in named: u the Helena dry precincts Saturday^evening, Aug. IT, at s o'clock, and at the oatatde^precincts between the hoars of I'm end S p. m.^on Saturday, Ang IT, 1*^, to sele.t delegates and^alternate delecstee to attend the democratic^coaaty convention, to he held In Harmonla Ball.^In Helena, on Thursday, Ang. 42, at li o'clock,^aooa, for the purpose of nominating twenty-eight^delegates to the democratic state convention, to^be held at Anaconda Aug sts, and for county leg^^islative ticket and such other office* u the law^may provide, keen precinct will be entitled to^representation as follow*:
_Where So.
PreciBct.Held. Delei.nte*
FirstWardCity Hail S
secondWardstagus Hens* (oppa-
, - ^site court booeei t
ThirdWartfarmer . H. me...
FifthWardPayne's Hotel
MithWartgchool Uoiat ..
rnlonvUlaphU tons tana eta.
NelsonJerry Boots bob a 1
KimlnlI Maldroo'e I
BatterIce House I
IssurbcrB'.'..Mllots mmm'.'.'.'.'.'.
Mlver^. Itysick Uredel's
Empire.I'ompany'a office.
Blt.hellMtrt Mitchell's.
ValleyWarren's school honee i
(lusterHama- 1
MaryevllieConrad * Mora 4
anion Creak^e^u* Matioa 1
l.ocdwln'aSchool House .. I
Keesler'e**^^ j
aterevllleCbbWSS*J 1
F.aatHelenaorPce t
Jayo^ aidCompany's Store!.!. .! 1
t-cnple^^fBos I
LittleJennie MineVaughn's.. 1
Hcgn_ Hugan s Kar.cn ....'..] 1
Darb-ira Canyon. . .... 1
RockCreek Basin 1
MiddleFork !^^^^:^ rr..... 1
Btorder of ths Committee:
JolINr. Mi 'ABE, Sec t.
lo you drink beer^ If you do, try^Lemp's Culmbacher Muen^herier or extra^pale. Sola at 10 cents per bottle. Patent^stoppers. I^eltvered to any part of the
city. Telephone 241.
CornerClore and Edwards Ms.
HananA .Sons' men's So shoes for 54 at
AG impse at the^Capital Sites.
Where the Untutored^Cowboy Lariats the^Policeman.
SparksFrom the Genius^Montana's Constitution^Makers.
Thelocation of the Capital i- a ques^^tion that will make the sparks fly f r ^^the geniu-t of Montana's Constitution^makers. If this great body of (treat men^shall fall down in the same confused^mass as that iu which their constituency^found them after the battle which was to^decide the future political status of wo^^men in Montana, then may we expect^the location of the Capi al to be as far^away from where it ought to be a-i the^geography of the territory will admit
Butwhere shall it be located^ Shall it^be in wild, wooly and transitory Butte^the city of tents where the untutored cow^boy lariate the policeman on his beat
Shallit be in peaceful Auaronda where^the jtrass is ever green in the principal^streets and w o* bare ex^tence hangs^upon a single thread the weakness of^which becomes transparent when con^ronted by the apparition of the count^less mining towns which have crime and^irone within the recollection of all of the^old-timers^ Or, shall it remain in Hel^ena, the Athens of our future state,^where religion, learning, morals, sub-^-tiintial buildings and every other evi^^dence of permanency exist, and where^Kaleigh ^ Clarke sell dry goods at^prices which command the attention of^the eutire territory
Thiswi ek black Jerseys at ^5 cents^#1.00 and #1.25. J- - -- ,t white goods re^^duced to 10 cents; 2o to 15 and 50 to 25.^Yard wide batistes and laxrris reduced^from 20 cents to 10 cents. 75-eent and^#1.00 ladies' hosiery reduced toSOceuts^for the choice. Lace curtains at about^half pric-*. Ladies' SO cer.t vests reduced^to 25 c nts, and the better ^|nali ies we^offer at a larfre discount. Childrens'^thread hose reduced from 75 cents^to in, in ail sizes and colors. #25 dress^patterns reduced to #10.
At5 Per Cent Interest
Stoppaying Rent, when the same^amoumt invested in the
Loan^ Investment Associa'n
Willgive you a House, free from all in^^cumbrances, in a few years.^Call ou or address,
LocalAgent,^22 North Main Street.
P.0. Box 357.
TheNext Great^Mining Region^of Montana.
Acorps of engineers are now In the^field surveying a line for a railroad ex^^tension to Cooke City.
Thebuilding of this railroad, which^will probabli be within a year, will^make this camp, with its inexhaustible^deposits of ore. one of the liveliest In^Montana.
Wehave for sale 50 very desirable^business lots in Cooke City at prices^ranging from #5t., to #150 each. These^lots are sure to ha^ e a rapid increase in^vain*.
White,Johnstone ^ Co.,^Real Estate.
Rooms5 and I'nion Block.
i'uKSALS^ Parlor foldlne bed almoet new^1 S*^. f 11. Ka^. t. hortaey
I/SJKSALE^New iiouaeLold fuixltnre aj^o^X1 taoase to rent. I naire of Al-x Hume, one^mile north o; loan.
Vih^AL^ - : ^' feet front al Sit, Pine etreet^7 Inquire oa i^remlaes or 15 Kda-arda aireec
LDpapers tor aale at una omce.
Ad.ertteamantaunder thla hand win oa n-^aerteo these tlmss frss ot charge
U'antko a eltuatioB by man aad wife, bate^no children, eliner hotel or family work:^Lotel sort preferred: terms rsaeonable Auorese
M.No. M mis omca.
ANTEDSituation by first-class woman cooa.^Address ',.** aitfbth avenna.
/^ Is wanting ascend work and table walUna^VI at the Woman'a aicbauge. No. 11 H arr, u^street.
U/ANTKDSluatlou by young lady In utLca,^w writes plain, raplii nand, or would care for^suit ot rooms. Address U. K this office.
flXiLoNA,Mo , Aug. 5, lbs*.^A foang widow^X lauy slth little girl 3% years Mm wishes s^position with some good email family in or near^Helena, aiso a young lady wishes a good poal-^dua; for particulars write. Address 2. 11 atc-^^-i^hB, Toiona, L^wls Co., Mo.
WANTaiiXmploymeat By young man ae^clerk In aiore or office, with good refer^^ences, or willing to work at moat anything. C.^T., inde'iendent office.
WOMANcook and waiter girl* want places;^Montana Kiuploj went Office, foot of^Broadway.
WANTKllA posiuon as clerk In store or of^^fice by a ywnng man; good penman and^understands aouuie entry bookaeeplng. good ret*^eren-e furnlahed if required. Address I'. U.^Uope, Helena f. *J.
I I'KD -Oirle, Montana, foot of liroadway
\\AM til One iousu girls to rill places in^city and country. App.y Capital Employ^^ment office, i^i2 Law rence etieel.
RealEstate, Mortgage Loan and Insur^^ance Agents. Rooms 30 and 21 Gold^Block, Telephone 266. P. 0.^Box 144.
OFFERFOR SALK^C hoice CWy and smbarban Property. Improsed
aMULi-uirifor k,en^^rtJ hoiit** wurk; 4^l#^b**uum nvt-uut*.
O* ^ v ' .-- i.r tbe aVaKiuc ' ^! au.d i^oaui^t-viiipfcx.} lit Mile county; beat ot t^trrfDC*M re^^i iUW. Apply to ll'voie Office. Ir locd buiialDg,^k'rmnciB^j. CtJ.
ANTkil^ c*ood gener*! servant for private^family, tMi Uroadway.
LAUYAotMa wanted for my wonderful aaw^rubaer undergarment, grandest InvenUou^tor women ever teen. .Mrs. il. *'. Little, Chicago.
AUKNIB WaNTKU for Bottled aleclriclty, en^^tirely new; pays $3o a day. Andreas, u. s.^11 jme Mfg. Co. Bottle UepC, Chicago, lua.
UviKBlNDKKImmediately Dy lnter-Motm-^' tain i*ubUshlng Co , Butte.
forHaat^.Dwellings, ttasinesn riaoca .Lie
L'uKKENT^Pleasant rive ro ^m dwelling house^X^ on roath Uouney. L, ^. cacrolx a s^on.^Boom S\ Pl.taunrgh Block.
IjXJKhknt^Storerooms In Penn block, also^X1 ^u.rerooma and offlcea la Pittsburgh block.^Inquire of John W. Thompson, room 12, Pitts^^burgh Block
RoomsFurnished and UnronLiiied.
~MWLY furnished parlor and bed room aid^J^l tnmleoed rcouis lor gentlemen, near Main^street inqu.re at Ben, loo Mlngslreei.
IVl'KNlSllfcUKcuMaat Porter Plate, KwlDg^A^ etreet, satlrely renovated anil under new^iijanagement. Call in basement or at Porter,^Mulh A Cox, Gold block.
11aPAC1f*1c or Lenoir fivuee^steam heat,^i elegant rooms, so, 73, SI, a-lta (1 So i^r day.^No disreputable characters allowed.
ArlVEYaoUSB, Urand s.r-ei, new and^alrganUy furnished rooms, alngleor In suite
Koms Wanted.
WANTEDTwo or three furnished rooms for^housekeeping. Kef-rentes eke hanged. Ad^^dress with terms and location, rooma this offi.e.
Lostand i ound.
I.'ci;NL^ I.AliIKs pocketbook. Call at this^X^ office
|osT ^A pointer dog, white with exception ot^I i liver colored spots on side and bead. Ans^^wers to name ot Ban go A reward of $^ win be^paid upon oeUvery to O. Flowerree
tpOUNDA bunch of keys. Owner can have^^ them by apply ing at thia office.
Moneyto Loan.
\I ONE ^ TO LOAN in turn of $**^ to $:u U n.^^.vX on Improved property in th-* city ot delena^aau on farms al d ranchea . . .Mo-tana; aviney^fumlaiiSd for building purposes li. B. Palmer.^^ ^, , block. Helena.
MONEYLOAN tCO hy J. M. Johnson at^Lock.-y a BBBsa on fnrnltme, piauo ,^norees, wagonfl, arid any property of value v.iil,.^out removal lroru owner e aaaaesaloi*.
MONEYTO LO'N upon U^lena real.Plate,^upon ret.s inabie terms. Applj to Edward^C Kaeseil, room b Thou*,son i lick, Uciei.r:
t AKOK amounts of Bmssaaw to loan fin lmp,o\^^I i and i.iiui , r,.,i- l t-iiy rest estate an,i ou^rant bes at low ralea. C. K. ^,111^ ^ Co., ILeurance^agents, rea. eetnte agents, mona^ee loans.
\MONSY* to loan on ln-provec Helena property.^^Y_L ifme and BMsM to eitlt. ftaVaVAv New,^rooms 6 and T, Aahby building
OANt-on Improved real estate at low- rates^J of Interest-fOLK * OEVINE
ASI'KAIOII r TIP^The c sl-st place la town^la Foy rleter* clear store and Sample room,^lb Bridge street. P.ae wines, liquors, beer anu^cigar..
WANTEDA few thousand good stock and^mutton sheep. Answer, with lowest price^and where can be seen. Independent office. Als ^^l,uuu tons good hay for sale near Bismarck, Dak^Anewer, with best ^ ffer on track at Bismarck, A.^L., care of lnd^ pendent.
IFMrs. .lana Lee Oercelon, believed lo be some^^where In Montana, will address V U. tlemlup,^^04 8. E Fifth street, Minneapolis, Minn , she^will learn something to her pecuniary advantage.
AFnBNCULADY, lately come from Parle,^deelrea to give lessons la Fren^. h language.^Apply at tnls office.
ALady Asnistant will be in constant^attendance at my office during office^boars.
Honrsfrom 10 to 12 A. il. and from 1^to 3 P. 11.
Office,rooms 6. II, 12, Helena Busi^^ness College. Sixth ave. and Main etr.,^liel-ua. Mont.
Wholesaledealers In Wheat, ' ate. Bay and all^kinds of Farm Produce Shipping points: Boze-^aiaa. Felgrade and Central Park. Montana.^More grain Is shipped from Belgrade than any^p. jUt west of Bismarck.
Attorneyand Counselor-at-Law.
Sevenyears' experience la the General Land^Office at Washington. D. C.^Expert tn all public land matters^Boom 3, Atlas BsJMIng.
Porter,IM ^ Cox,
Ownersand Agents^of the
ChoicestBESIDENf E Property
Don'tbuy Property where
Buyon the
whereWater is
Thos,Crahan ^ Co's
iasssjOOper foot for cUdo* property on
HelenaAvenue.^$^^30.OO^ An elegaLt corner in Barrett's
Additionon Sth Ave. otixlio. Easy
#800Choice lot in Block b. Basset Ad^^dition. Oue half cash, balance to^suit.
OaVaMAn elegant new *ix room dwel-^ing, ueatly finished in California^red wood.
flOOOper foot for 5m^ foet in choice^location in Syndicate Addition.
^').^^^icash for J7 lots in Syndicate Ad^^dition. These lots arc principally^choice comers on Houser and^Knight streets aud will average^about ps W per foot,
3,000^five room house on Lynn^dale Ave., lot HOxl75 good well on^premises.
$3jaxiNeat dwelling on West Side; six^rooms; lot oOxl-to; good water ou^premist-s, line cellars, etc.
1,1*50^For a select loo foot front corner^near East Side School, high and^level.
1*50.00^For a handsome lot, 5)1x140, on^Eleventh Ave ; a fine bni'ding site.
5,300^A boantiful home on Clark St.,^six rooms, good rellar and out^^buildings, will take a good lot as^part pa) men t.
l,S*jo^Neat four room dwelling on^Ninth Ave.
4.750^Fine seven room brick, this side^of Idaho street, fine cellar, gas and^water in the house; bath room,^hot and cold water; all modern^improvements. A barirain.
3.50per foot for block in Boyce Addi^^tion.
2.250^Neat dwelling^ on West Side, five^rooms, only cash required.
4,000^Choice six room resilience on^I.*wrence street, this is a model^home and very convenient.
1.900^Beautiful dwelling near depot^with lot 100x140, good pi set^fence.
500.00-Choice lot in Block 21, Lockey^Addition.
Theabove list contains but a few of our^ bargains.
Cor.Mam Sir and Sixtli Ave
Seventhannual opening. Sept. % 18HS*.^Parents intending to s-nd sons and^daughters to this popular and exrelleut^school of business, should correspond^and make arrangements this month.^No vacation during Angnst in PKBNIN^SH0KTHAN' ^ DEPARTMENT. Day and^evening sessions. Student^ admitted at^any time. Send for circulars or read^^The Business Educator.^ Address^H. T. ENGKI.HORN. Helena. M.-nt.
HighlyImportant^Auction Sale of Val^^uable City Lots, on^Friday Evening, Au^^gust 16th. at 8:30^sharp.
Ihave been favorxl with in^^structions from the owner to^sell, on the above evening, to^the highest bidder, the follow^^ing valuable central proper^ties:
Attorneyand Oounselor at Lsbw
*lil prattles la all mm of racer* la tasTar
rlanrv (Xtram (ioM Block.
MKAK^At Fast Sari,lax. Mian , A^last sob of Lasot. Jamas H.
SMITH-ObA a* Mth, l**. James.^J.J Smith.
Faaavalwill tasoa place tsar^^B^ oa rut* asaBBBalp.a
AcreTract*, rips for aabdl-rlsaon aad tmmi^lav rale
compVsBSBBdlariSBtllstofr*al astsas of^^ as BBS mum*
1stIrs In 1
ila all ths I
samsto salt, at hi ami^on'first maartmalB oat i*al taaaaa.^fall an*1 he rnrelseed-
FITZGERALD,BURKE ^ CO.,^Masons, Builders
i4talon Flock. 1
*forth- essoin* jear.wlll^politaa nMilan, Mob^^s'o'clock p. m ^^aVfioauX . tlll'ILIT, SscseCaiT
^beld at t- e
TheOaty latins I ftaVjiwd.
Lo'a3 and 4. block 57, Central addi^^tion No. 3, of^x 125 feet, went front on^Main street, being located 50 feet south^of Nineteenth avenae. Over one nun-^ired tboa.tand dollars' worth of property^was sold in thii vicinity last spring at^about ^^'^^ per front foot, since which^time I'ritv- hare beld firm, with a -^vance asked by holders. Thene lots are^within one block of the Montana On^tral Railroad, in the din ciion of the^growth of the city, and the pjintM at^which the Montana Central and North^^ern Pacific railroads are croeesd by^brfgee. Title guaranteed. Terms 25^per cent cash; balance in three equal in^^stalments at three, -ix and nine month*,^bearing 10 per cent interest.
Lot5li, Block 5. Beattip a I iition. 50 by^103 to a 30 foot alley. This property in^on Eleventh avenue, 53 feet wwt of Da^^kota St, south front, half block east of^motor line. This addition is building up^rapidly with good residences, and is one^of the best additions to the city. The^ground lie* high and is supplied with^water and sewers. $30.00 per foot is^asked by holders for property in the vi^^cinity. Title guaranteed. Terms, one-^ijuarter cash; balance in three equal p^y^ments at three, six and nine months,^bearing K^ per cent interest.
Lot7, block D. Tietjeo a/1.1 itioD. 50 try^100 feet to an alley, oa Fifth avenue^Residences built up all around, water^and sewer on street front. The new^motor line will pass tbe door. Title^guaranteed. Terms, one third cash; the^balance in eqoal instalments at six^and twelve months, bearing 10 per cent^interest. A deposit of 10 per cent at^time of sale.
TheAuctioneer is i nut roc ted to state^that the*e properties will be sold to the^highest bidder, and he respectfully calls^attention to tbe hoar of sale.
JOSEPHW0L^f Auctioneer.
Everythinghas to Go, as we MUST have the room,^the prices quoted below aud be convinced:
Costor value is not considered in this^department, as we are detei mined to^dispose of every garment, even if we lose^25 per cent, on each one.
Alloar $5 Jackets reduced to ^: each^All our $7 Ja:kete reduced to $4.^^0 each^All our #10 Jackets reduced to *^' ^^ each^All our m Jackets reduced tofb.UOeach^Ladies' and Misses' Blouses,^Misses Lawn Tennis Blouses, the latest^thing out.
Reducedfrom $3.75 to $2.65 each^Ladies' Blouse Waists
Reducedfrom $5.50 to $3.75 each.^Ladies' Blouse Waists
Reducedfrom $3.50 to. $2.20 each
Allour $10 Newmarkets now $5 each.^All our $11 Newmarkets now $7 60 each.^All our $14 Newmarkets new $y.7u each.^All our $15 Newmarkets now $10.201
Indies'White Wrappers^.Reduced from $3. to $1.1*5 each.
LadiesFigured Challie Wrappers, ele^^gantly trimmed.
Reducedfrom $10 to $6 50 each.^Ladies' Figured Challie Wrappers, extra^fine quality, beautifully trimmed.
Reducedfrom $20 to $11.50 each.
AllBoys' Suits
REDUCEDFROM $6.50 AND $9.00,
CornerMam and Broadway.
TT~ni -^enrsi^y LaozLcLsI
TheTrustees of the Montana Wesleyan University having sub^^divided certain portions of their very desirable lands, the same^are now offered for sale at reasonable rates and on terms conve^^nient to the purchasers. The trustees, however, reserve the^ri-rht to advance the price without notice
Theproximity of these lots to the great school renders them^esp cially desiiableas investments, and now is a proper time for^persons to secure lots on which they can build when they shall^have children large enough to need the higher education therein^to be obtained. The situation is in every respect desirable, in^the midst of a thriving, moral intelligent and industrious com^munity.
F^r particulars, call upon or address the agent, Khv. R. E.^SMITH, who will take pleasure in exhibiting the attractions of^this new and promising subnrb of our Capital City, and answer^^ing all questions ^ oncerning prices, terms of sale, etc., etc.
Wehave 8 or lo dwellings for sale on inst i llroents. They are^new, well built, well planner and well located. We have two of^ihero on Breckenridge street al $1800 each, two on Eighth Ave^loo feet east of the motor line at $1600 each, two on Lewis street^near N.P depot at $l(ioo, one on Alia street, about 800 feet^south of Broadway at SM80M I ooeoa Madison Avenue at $2200.
Ons me of these we will accept as little ns *H^o as a down pay^^ment and small monthly instaMm -nts of $2f^ and upwards.
Ths is surely a better proposition than paying rent.
iN.Ta.iIbLeso-D- ^: Steele,
NationalTurf Exchange,
Inthe ATLAS BILLIARD HALL. Direct^Telegraph Wire to all National Turf Congress,^Eastern Circuit and Montana Circuit Tracks.^Come in and see the horses run by telegraph.
Grandflwsral Credit Anction
Abonanza for the homeseeker. the speculatM the investor, and^for each and everyone looking for an absolutely safe and^profitable investment.
Andcontinuing every evening until ail are sold. Sale^commence at 8 o'clock sharp
Thissplendidly Htnated residence property is located ju~s^ one-^half mile from the Helena city limits, and the new Motor
:^ 1^ sb. sf_Ai.iaAi Kna KuAAti / .Ki 'j i rif i onn f K.._.a..
^^^^^ ^--j ^^^ ^^- ^ .'luwjr iiue
forwhich a franchise has been obtained and the construction al^^ready commenced, will run to and past this plat, thus giving^buyers easy access to and from ^he business portion of Helena at^the same time avoiding the onerous taxes imposed on city oroo^erty while enjoying all the privileges. Good water is easilv ob^tamable, and a project is now on foot to supply the citv water^!^st this property. The college now in course of erection httwo^.nd one half miles north of these lots and there is no doubt that^in the very near future McLean Park will be one of the most fav^ored of our suburban residence locations
iZ^B^V!^iVn^St'toTt^hnyenwU1 mak^ Aeir own^Th, ilr28^'^^^'to the highest bid
wirt^2 T11 i^ made ^Kingly ^beral. Flans of the^PiV^r1111 term8 ot are now being distributed and may be
iii w . a -JOSEPH WOLF,
ilealHatate Auctioneer, Office and Sale Room, Granite Block.
OommarclalPrint^^how P'
VOL. 30-NO 21
St.Loris Bloc
Itis the custom of :^many Clothing tUmm^the end of a ^MMM 00^take all the old ch. stnul^have laid on their shelvq^the days of the ^bull^pile them on I counter^fer them at ^gratf bod^Now, with us it is U^At the end of a s- :i-^buyer goes to niark-t an^buys just exactly tM^goods he bought a* tli^^ning of the seas ^n for^one-half the umount h^^them at that time On^is now in markrt ail^shipped us per UafMlaM^a stock of tlannel and^shirts and underw*ar^other house in Helena c;^any season of the yei^not fall into that ^ ^^mruo|^of thinking that becaus*^are cheap they are no g^j^a single examination vsf^vince you that you^taken.
Whyis it, you ask, tin^ris always has more^sliirts than any ot li^ r ^|^town. Why, simpl^friend, because he seljj^than all the other hot^Helena put together. aSM^fore can alTord to carry .^larger stock; also, mj^friend, because he alwa]^ries a full stock of all tlj^elties in th- market, and^der to do that must ahvj^getting in new good*^press. We are now^an elegant line of ph^|^fancy French thinnf^$2 and *2.2r^, and a tins^beautiful silk stripe sll^has ever been s-en in ilij^ket, at fjfcSS. The L^t^^elty, however, is a hal^Madras shirt, fine Bobtl^terns, well made, trim^not to shrink or fade,^exactly the same as broij^sixty days ago Th^^plums '' Pluck them^they fall
Inthis line we absolute!]^competition. NotliinJ^equal us. We have ft]^stock ani better assort li^patter:tli:tn MJ^tween Sr Puul and P^Ouis are wH old, sh^goods, Lvnl new. b.-autill^terns and tlie latest nf^to be found in the east*^kets. Pought from^that needed money and^than one-half of what th^worth, we now pio]|^give our customers the]^of our purchases and se|^the same way. We hi^vided them into three^one at 2oc, one at f^^^c a |^at 7.r^c Not one of the,^ever sold before for W^$1, and some as high I^They are piled in our d^^Give them a glance as y|^and you will see that m^business.
Ah!here is where w*\^Here is the place that^show two lines for eve!^shown by any other hj^town. Show us the ho^shows two lines of lan^^briggan underwear at^sui . four lines both fanl^white at tl. and innuil^lines at ftLafO, *2 and^suit, and then we will^that we are beaten. Al^weight cashmere, rnerinl^el's hair and others that^space and time prev^from enumerating All^say is, ' Come and see i^if you don't go away^supply of clothes for^will be because you an^and haven^ t the money^for it.
N.B.^ Out of town^will receive our best at^Goods sent on approvaj^part of the territory,^and rules for self-measj^mailed free on applicatl

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