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St.Louis Block^Main Street.
TheLast Sacrifice Sale
Wnhave made a sensation this season, such as has nevei been seen in the Clothing Trade of^H^lena. Our aim is to make a reputation lasting and strong as Gibraltar's Rock^a reputation^for selling goods, a reputation for selling goods at small profits. At this particular time our aim^is to sell as much as we can and to lose a^ little as possible, for on whatever we sell we make a^losing. We hold the first loss is the best loss, and when we have a stock of goods and wish to^dispose of them, we cut them down to a point where values are slaughtered and profits unknown.
weoffer this week :
50Suits, Worth $10.00, --Now $5.00.
100 M M 15.00,--14 7.50.
200 M ^ 20.00,--M 10.00.
Rememberthis is positively the last chance this year to buy a line of nice, desirable patterns^at about half their value. What are not sold this week will be taken from our counters and^stored away. We prefer to turn them into money, even at a loss, rather than carry them over.
20dozen Shirts, Prints, Worth 75c. at 25c. Each.^50 M M Percales Worth $1.50 at 75c. Each.^20 ^ Stripe Underwear, Worth $1.50 at 75c. Each.^100 M Plain 4'M 250 at $1.50 Each.
They'llall go this week. They are just half the value, and an appreciative public will be^sure to gobble them in. We therefore suggest, as the lines are small and demand is great, eall^early.
Somethingto Notice :
Weare taking advance orders on custom suits^that is for people who have a desire to have^their measures taken aT d clothing made to order^not but what we can do as well out of stock.^You can be fitted in our tailor-made suits and we defy any establishment to turn out a line of^goods that will look better, fit better, or wear better. We mention these points to those to whom^ten or twenty dollars may be an object. We can do as well with our stock suits as any tailor car^by taking measures.
Wehave received the largest portion of our Overcoat stock during this week. Quite a num^^ber have been bought by the knowing ones, who want their pick and choice of the rarities. WTe^show as many styles in fine Overcoats as any three of our competitors, and exj^ect to be able to^claim a sa'e equal to any four competitors before the end of the season.
Wedeserve it. We show the goods; we name the prices. The advantages we offer in these^two points can not be had from any of our competitors.
boys'clothing ^ overcoats!
22We have made a special effort in our Juvenile Department, and natter ourselves that our^efforts have met with success. But fir a line of tasty, natty, children's clothing, we certainly^^take the cheese.^ Ladies, please notice this. Those who aie wisest in such matters will tell^yon ^Harris has the prettiest line of Children's Wear,^ and we think we have fairly outdone our^^selves. However, come and see for yourselves. With great effort we induced some of the mam-^faocurers to make extra pants in child's sizes, and have the satisfaction of ^saying to our patrons^ia nearly every line can give you extra pants like the suit.
Lettersfor the following persons remain^I uncalled for at the Helena, M.T., ixistoftice^on Aug. St. In railing for thera please^aay ^advertised.
Allen,Kred W.^Alden, John E.^Aultern. J. C.^l^al.^or, David^Uailey. A. J.^liaktr, John^Bami, .1. M^Bell. John T.^Uiniteoian, Charles^Blanford. P.^Bociley, M. J..^Brown. Kranlt (Si^Bressler. C. A. i3^^Buchanan. J. \\ . (2)^Bnndy, ^ieo. VV.^J Cass id v. VV.^Chick. lioto. (2)^Charleton, James^Chapman. John^Colt. James P. ^2t^Conley. J. D^Coos. Tl.oi'iv*^Coma. Mmuel^Can! IT. Richard^l^^hi. Oseaw^Davidson. James^Djnnelly, J. J.^I^.^ui;!ass, 1^. ii.^Mm, C.^Dunn. James J.^Eitrlt{^iel^e. Will^EMiBff, K D^K ^mm*. J E . Sid.^K ^^er(^. I. G,^Kox, Smmj^Fuller. Mirani^(fetus. 5^. E^^ilennan, W. S.^tijthner. J.^ttoodman. J. J.^lira'i;m. ^; M^Griffith. E H.^Haiienbaugn, C.^Itarinou, Irvin^Hasten. Michael B.
Aiken,George C.
Arnell.J. (2i
BartlettJohn Le.
Bailey,Frank J.
tarentson, Joban
Black.B. B. |8|
Ho: i. ^rte E.
Brown.II. W.
Buckle-. John^Bundock. Samuel^Muller, S.^Catron, Chas. H.^Chmann, Anrt jas^Chine All^Christen, M.^Conroy. M.^Coombs, U. A.^Coleman, Sidney M.^i ross, Kichard A.
Daainaits, Adeior
Dayton,W.^Dittnch. K.chard 12)^Door. A.
Donahu. James Ii.^Drummonc. Walter^Dunn l'orn^Elliott, C. W.^Encson, Julius^Hick. b. H.^Foyer, J as.^Fray be, James^liald. Abe.^iiitbens. John
lnv Will
t;iwancko, Mr.^(.rant. Wm. A , two^Grady. James O.^Gustanson, F.^Haritrave, F. H.^Ilartweli, Wm.^tleissier, Chas.
Hruren,Cans. E
Hill.Clia*. W.
Hopkins,M C.
li^lilies, Gi'orge R.
Hutching*.K. B
J bnatow, C. N.
Eaiy. Frank,
Kenlied), Peter
King.E J.
Kr^nbolm, j. F.
Lat son. Andrew 12
Lake,L. L.
LneU,C F., 2
Man^. L A.
MacDonald. Henry
Meioy.Andrew J.
Meyer.C. L.
Miller.G. G.
Mont.Invest Co. S
MctiiHvarv.Wn .
McLeod.John D.
McWqirk.H. C ft]
NiIsod,^' J.^Omera, J as.^Oisen, Peter^Pari. Frank^IVtterson. K.^Pom pen y, Aaron^Powe, C A.^Randall. Edw. W.^Ran^ey, Fred^Reinhardt. William^Koynard. F. U.^Keurend. Ch. E.^Kichard. Frank^Keilly, M. W.^Rittrr. Anton^Roberta, I. O.^Rohan, A. C.
Henderson,^W^orge^Hoibart, A E.^Hoidt-n. Larenre^Uutton. Richard^Inckiry, D.^Jonef* Ed^Johnston. G. L.^Kabn. E B.^Keiscb, P. J.^Ktrby. ^. B.^Land, Charlm H.^Larson. H. P.
Lemmona,Thos F.^Law, A. P.^Lirdley. C. C.^Lind, O. A.^Ixiughlip. John^Loomis, Alonzo^Mat', Stmpico^Maliby. Robt. J.^Mendenhali, U B.^Melvin. T. A.^M chaels A Co., R.^Miller, G. O.^Mosirr, L. C.^Morrisey. Dave^Murray. Joe C.^Ml' : a 1. U. H.^Mclr.tosb. Fred^MrMaoamly, Wm.^McVivas. Edwin^Nelson, Frank^Nilium, J. A.^Neu Merger, Henry^Olson. Chas.^Dheain, T.^Payne. Kufus^Ticket'. H. G.^Powers. J^-rome^Price. 5 F.^Ramsdell. W. K.^Began. W. M.^21
Riley,John^Bobbins, Charles^Roland. Ed^Robinson, S. M.
Bogers.J M.^Ryan. J. E.^.^^anxay, Theo. F.^Schump, C. J.^Schultz. Frank H.^Slaugliterback, Mr.
Rysdale.Alonzo O.^Sailer, rhas.^^ayres. 11. M i2t^soobey, Leroy^Shipley. Dell^Sleeth, W. M.
SilverMountain Mining conipony
Smith.H. V.^Smith, David^Smith, Webber^suyder. Will T.^Strauss. Dave^Stone, L. E.^stephens. M. C^strawberry, T. T.^sulliTan. Clifford^Thompson, Wm.^I'nneg. F.^Walton. John U.^Way, J as A.^Wayne. Earl^West, James B.^Wei^hrort. E. T.^Wleil^r. tieorge^Wood. William I.
Saiith,Joseph^Smith. O. II.^Smith. Arnold^Solburg. Martin^stone, W. M.^Stewart, Otto H. ^^Stephens. J A.^Sweeney, Patrick 2^Tappan, J. A.^Tripp. Winneld E.^Vickers. Mattie Mgr.^Walsh, John^Walke, P. M. S^Wat.^on. Thomas^Werchey, A.^White, John^Williams. C. W.^Yells, V. E.
1ad'.1s'I.19T.^Balls. Mrs. Winnie Battv. Mrs. Samuel^!Wk. Mrs. J.Urith, Mrs. Nina
BaJaley.Mrs. Corlna Bryce, Mrs. M J. (C)^Burley, Mrs. Ella Carley, Mrs. Vt ;iy^Christianson. Mrs. Anna^Collins. Miss Maggie Conp'an^. Mrs, .1^D%iley.Mrs.Mollie E. Doug!s^. Mri. M^Farrell Mrs. Eelen Ganon. M^^^Hall,Mrs.C.S. IUrt. Miss \'inie^Haasnav Miss N- Hie.^Howard. Miss May James, Annie^Kirchnrr. Mi^s Miurj.e^Ku^ns. Mr,. Maggi,- Lettrell. Miss^I.u-^. Mrs. Anna Martin, Mrs. Maggie^Morgan. Mrs. Annie Megarvev, Miss Mary^O'Brien. Mrs James Parras, Mrs U J^Saltvik. ()!iveSmith, Mis* Carrie
Stamsos.Miss Kerie Switzler. Mrs. Clark^What. Miss Carrie Wood*. Mrs M. A.
C.D. Ct RTis. P. M.
Theliver and kidneys must be kept in^good condition Hood's Sarsaparilla is a^great remedy for regulating these organs.
Portland.Oregon. July SI.
WhiieI was in Tillamook last winter I^was affected in my back and kidneys^th^.t it ws almost impossible forme to^reach Portland. When I got here I was^Induced to try the Oregon Kidney Tea. I^drank at mv meals, the tea m^de from it,^and it has effected a radical cure. I can^highly recommend it to all who are afflicted^a* I was.E Coh.n
Soldby R S.Hale A Co , wholesale ^.cd^retail agents, Helena, Mont.
Tnthe district court of the flrst la^!lrl^i dlstxirt^of the terrtt. n of Montata, la aad for the coaoty^of Lewis acd Clarke.
Vlelisalet. fnlford, plalatts^. vs F. R Palford.^defAodaat.
Th peopls of the Territory of Montana secc^trreeUng to the above named defendant:^V a* are hererty required to appear In aa actios^r . jl,* ^wralnsi von *^v the above named plaintiff.^In tbe district court of the First Judicial bistrtr'^of the Territory of Montana, in and for the county^of Levis and I larke, and to answer the comulal it^flled therein, within ten days (exclusive of the day^of serviced after the service on yoa of this sura^truics. If served within this county: or. If served^out of this county, but In this district, within^twenty days; otherwise within forty days, or^Jaaxassat by default will he taken aeainst to-..^accor '.tnf to the j rsver of said complaint. The^said acdon is brou/Lt tn recover d cree an ^I^jnc.-men'f ir a divorce, die*iMH the msrriat^^contract h-ret,ifore entered lnt-^ anil now ezlsunc^between the plaintiff and defendant, upon^k-roande set up and charged in the ccm; Ulnt, to-^wlt: Abandonment, wtfruUy and conUnued sh^eenre for more than one year; secondly. Wilful^desertion and absence from the territory withoit^any Intention to return for over on* vear: and^third, cruelty, the particulars cf all which as to^each one of the gronada an set out la detail tn
Andvim are hereby notlaed. that If yon fall tr^appear and aneaer the said complaint, as above^required, the said plaintiff wUl take judgment^hy default, snd apply to the court for the relief^demanded In the con-plaint
Ulvenunder my hand and the seal of the die^trlct court of the First Judicial District of the^Terrttorv of Montana, In and for the countv of^Lewis and i larke, this Tth day of August, la the^year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred sad
[saai] W. V. PARK VR, Clerk,
ByJ. A CAKTIR. Deputy Clerk.
LeslieA Crsven, Attorneys for Plaintiff
inthe District Court of the First i :tUc,^l Dls^trlct of tke territory of Montana, iri aal tor the^county of Lewie and Clarke.
JohnA. Chater. plaintiff, vs. Charles Ileffl tilb-^l^on, defr adant.
Thepeople of the territory of Monrtaca, senc^irreetlaic to the above named defendant
Youare hereby required to appear In an actios^brought airainst you by the above named plaintiff^In the district coiirt ^f the ffrnt f jdk-tal district ot^the territory of Montana, in and for the county of^Lewis and Clarke, and to aaewr the romplalm^died therein, within ten days (exclusive of the da}^*.f servicei after the service on you of this sum^^mons, If served within this county: or, if servtc^out of thts county,but In this district.within twen^^ty da^e; other wise wi.bin forty daye,or Judement by^default will be taken against you, according to the^prayer of said complaint. 'The said action is^brought to obtain a decree of this r. urt against^vou in favor of platr'Iff, adjudgtnc a certain deed^Executed by plaintiff to tod on July Hi, 1^N^. for^blocks ir^, 16, xS, ^ V\ 34, 41, 42. 41, and also^blocks A and B. except lots t, ^^, M and 4 In said^block li. all in the city Park addition to the city^ef Helena, Lewie and Clarke county, M. T-,i to be^a m^ -ti age, the same having been executed by^plaintiff to yoa to secure a debt of $3 340 and legal^Interest (li^ per cent, per annum) from July 31,^in*, and also to compel you to reconvey said^'.^remises to plaintiff, he having tendered yon the^full amount of said debt and Interest, and you^hiving refused to receive the same
And^ou are hereby notified, that If you fall to^appear and answer me said complaint, aa above^required, the said plaintiff will apply to the court^for the relief demanded In hfs said complaint.
ttlvenunder my hand and the seal of the district^coin of the First Judicial district of the terrltor^^of Montana, lu and for the county of Lewis and^i larke, tills mb day of July, la the year o^^our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty
(siau)W. F. PARKER, Clerk
ByT A. Castes, Deputy Clerk^ffiin, Toole A waixacs, Atierneys for Plalnnff*
twentyjudgment \^cording to
Inthe district court of the first Judicial district^ot the territory of Montana, in and for the county^of Lewis ^nd Clarke.
UP. Moore, ; la.r.tiff, vs Bllsha A. Reuse. D^ft. House, Thomas Parks, Winneld Scott and^.James lia 1. defendants.
Thepeo.lef the territory of Montana send^greeting to the above named defendant, Winneld^Scott:
Yo. sre hereby required to appear In an action^hmuiht against you by the above named plaintiff^In the district court of the first j idlrlal district of^the territory of Montana, in and for the countv of^L-wIs anil ^ larke, end to answer trie complaint^fib ^: therein, aithln ten days (exclusive of the cay^of eer.ice) after the service on yon of this sum^tunas. If served within this county: or, if served^county, hut In this district, within^B; - t :,erw lee within forty days, or^F default will be taken agaln*t yoa *c-^the praier of said complaint The^said acUon Is brought to secure judgment for the^resolution of the Review Iteltef ^ iarULods min^^ing claim, slt-.ated. lying and being In the Havana^Mining Dlst'l. t, Mvdlaon county, MoLtaas Terri^^tory, alleged to be wrongfully and unlawfully^w-1-l.held by defendants from the possesion of^j lain tiff, who Is a leged to be the owner and en^^titled to the p^ * session of the earns; for tea^tl.o-tsand dollars Km ages tor the withhold there^^of: for twenty-five thousand dollars, the alleged^value of the rents and profits thereof, and for^c.sts of suit.
. ud you are hereby notified, that If you tall to^appear and an*wer the said complaint, aa above^required, the said ; lair.tiff wlU ajiply to the court^for the relief demanled In this complaint.
Givenunder my band an1 the seal of the dis^^trict court of the first judicial district ot the ter^^ritory of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis^acd Clarke this 31st day of July, in the year of^our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ^ Ighty-^nine.
,'saai.]VV F. PARKBR. Clark
By^. A. Casrsa, Deputy Clerk.^Onoaea F. Seai.ros, Attorney tor Plaintiff
Attorneyand Counselor at Law,
Willpractice la all osui- .' ^cord la thsTar-^rltorv. Offlcs Bl Oold Block
aairvuxsw. aaowxrofa
100Waresei Bt. TilisSsai 11 a
~XTjoArsrejo^t^r Landsl
TheTrtistees of the Montana Wesleyan University having sub^divide-d certain portions of their very desirable lauds, the same^are now offered for sale at reasonable rates and on terms conve^^nient to the purchasers. The trustees, however, reserve the^right to advance the price without notice.
Theproximity of these lots to the great school renders them^esp-cially desirable as investments, and now is a proper time for^persons to secure lots on which they can build when they shall^have children large enough to need the higher education therein^to be obtained. The situation is in every respect desirable, in^the midst of a thriving, moral, intelligent and industrious com^mnnity.
Forparticulars, call upon or address the agent, Re^v. R. E^SMITH, who will take pleasure in exhibiting the attractions of^this new and promising subnrb of our Capital City, and answer^ing all questions f oncerning prices, terni^ of sale, etc., etc.
Wehave received a car of the
Celebrated Silurian -- Waukesha-
InHalf Barrels. Ten Gallon Galvanized Iron Cans, Half Gallon
Bottles,Quart Bottles Carboneted, Pint Bottles Carbonated.
Wewill sell at same prices as the Spring Company quote, ac^^tual freight added.
BACH,C0RYG0., Wholesale Grocers
Informationla desired of Ueora^ Frederick^(Fruaj Refiner, who came west from St. Loola,^Mo., shortly etter tbe war, and prospects* sad^mined la Montana and elsewhere. He was heard^from bf letter from Barnack, Mont , Nov at,^MB, and Jr.ne 18. 18hSi from Mar^svlile, Mont.,^Dee *. 1*67; from Bannack City. Mont . Ma-,^a, :-:^. from Bannack City, April tt, 1T4. His^last letter was datei at Salmon city, Idaho, Jan.^ytr. l-^N In which be stated that be was eolni^ ap^Salmon River and would be located about six^miles from -aim.^n Clt, Henn r had ^claims^'^at Bear Unich, near the Rattlesnake, snt in^ofber portions of Montana, aa well as the Coeor^d Al^ne country. Be is al^o known to have hsaa^In Helens some time nrecdlnf 1874.
Informationconcerning the said Banner will^rw thankfully received at this offlcs. or by O. B^Trsutler, No. 121* High street, ft, Louis. Me.^For fun be'particulars see Montana Mining Re^'lew of August iReta^d Jstb, 18BB.
Theboard of commissioners of Lewi, and^Clarke county will meet in regular session on^wonday. Septemtier *, at 10 a. tn. All claims^aealsst the c unty shruld be filed oa or before the^^rat day of the session to Insure consideration at^said term.
Byorder of the board.
B.BBACH, 'hairman.
I8. TOOKER, Clerk.
DatedHelena, M. T . August 36,1W^.
8lie of Warrants.
Sealedproposals, for the purchase of dry war^rants, bearing 7 per cent. Interest, to the amount^of fifty four bundled dollars, will be received St^my oftcejiu Broadway, until Saturday, Aanat^11. 1888. at lz o'clock, meridian
Helena,August as, 188*.
IttndStmttr it treMteturai wW*.
rtsassad spsritcatlnsii draws. Work^wad.
OFTICB Fltts half
f t ^^Tic^Tpo*^^r;.
.s- n rally aa-^dorsa i. e (1 li ths oatf
r^eclflclor tbsccr;_. a cant^of that disease.^U.-UAH/ M.si. :^.
AmaterSam.av T.
Wahave ^ .4 Bis G fox^many years, aad It baa^r'.ven ths neat at aatis^fartios.
D.R DVCHFaCO.,^i'hlcace. Ill^^ 1 0^ Bcld by Unit iu
8.Hale * Co.. H. bl Parches * Co wboa*
(TormerlyAse't Surg. D, S. A.)^SURGERY A SPECIALTY.^Residence, 418 Eleventh Ave.^Telephone No. 2M.
AHistory of Our Harass. Our Statesmen, Ou^^cholera. Our aten of Note In Every FIshj.
TheOnly IttionaJ Standard.
Appleaon'sCyclopedia of American Bl -era^phy^ contains a biographical ^ ketch of every per-^soassaiawatla Aatarkss dru and military anwo-^ry. In law aad polltlca. La divinity, literature sad^art. in science and Is Inevnncn. Including dlstta-^gaasaad pesaoas bora abroad that are related to^our national htstovy, aad embraces all ths nana^tftas of Borth aad Soath America. It la^plats '^c' ths-ac
32and 34 Main Street, Helena, M. T..
Wholesaleand fletall Doalore In
Heavy,Shelf ^ Building
iron,steel, Horse and Mule Slues. Horse Nails,^Steel Nails. Mlli Supplies, Blacksmith's Goods.^Hose. Belting. Tinner's Stock, Force and Lift Pumps,
QasPipe and Fittings, Carpenters' Took.
Goosingand Heating Stoves,
adW. Q Mabar'm Olnclnnatl Hotel and Family
CentennialRefrigerators, Ice Cbests, Water Coolers,^Ioe Cream Freezers, Wood and Wlllowware, Class^and Ctueensware, English and American Cutlery^French and American Mirrors, Flumbers Qocia ni^Supplies, Home Furnishing Qoads, Eto., Bt-
varybody u taapsuioilj tavUsd soatall and laspsct ths LuUBwaWT ia^ iiaas i^iiiaiai ^^ 1
OrtMnrrasa Ms Oaaaars ^sneJtsa aa* m,salts Prawiat Attaallaa eaS*alaav^at
A.J. Davidson ^ Co..
jobbkb8AND DEALERS Ilf
GeneralAgents for the Bain Wagons, Whitley Steel Mowers,^and Binders. Champion Mowers. Bonanza, Tiger and Hollings-^worth Hay Rakes, Oliver's Paient Chilled and Moline Steel and^Flying Dutchman Sulky Plows, Concord Harness, Baggies,^Carriages, Road Wagons,Backboards, Carta, Horse Clothing,^Halters, Robes, Harness of ail styles and prices, and Whip*.^A full line of extra^.
Budon Both American and KuropMn Plans.^Sample Booms for Commercial Meal.
Mrs T. H. M0BSB. Propristesa

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