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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 19, 1889, Image 5

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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[iriH'tviliiitfi'UII Ih^ ilii | 'm'i 1 nf lit iHire.^tlit^ count by tlit* state Ixianl of ean-^vusaers ran go on ami tht* President's^proclamation Im^ issue*! within a mrk or^ton days.
I*t UH see, now, whether yon aw act^^ing in ^i faith.
An honoHt oount of honest votes.^That in tin- platform on which the ilem^ocratic party of Montana stands to-day.^And weMl tight it out on that line if it^takes all winter.
Mr.Hotkin's grievances against the |^eo-^plt^ i^f Montana they ought to give tlu^ir^aders some mighty interesting reminis^MHM nlxiut the old Fort L'nion frauds,^the most colowml, harefaceil crime ever^attempted in this or Hny other territory.^Come, esteemed contemporaries, tell us^how those ^itKH) fraudulent votes were^fetched in to lie counted for Samlers.^am) why he didn't get there. There's^meat for you!
THKTlli lT oi homtaka
ChicagoHerald: Surprise and imlig^nation will both be wasted on the repub^liean election stealers of Montana.
Thereis not a republican of promin^ence or a republiean new spa|hir of influ^ence in America that will not indorse^the theft of that state.
Themorning' after the recent elections^in the new states, when it appeared that^Montana had Isaen carried by the demo^orats, there was an angry cry from the^entire republiean press of America to^the effect that Montana ought not to^have been admitted and that, if the \^ -^nihility remainiHl. it should even now lie^excluded from the union.
Hasit lieen agreed that it is easier to^steal the state than to compel the return^to territorial leading strings
Isthere enough true denux-racy and^r.^al lilx-rty in Montana to make the sort^^if si oundrelism practieed m Silver How^^o.inty dangerous to the villains who are^responsible for it
'^ie rascal is on his way to Kuropo.^Why should not others tind it to their^inl.-rest to follow him
St.Paul lilolav. The republican can^vassiug Ixiard of Montana have Melded^to the temptation. w hich seems to b) the^besetting sin of the republican party, of^itountiug out democratic votes where it^is necessary to count in republican can^itkUtaa, What vvaH done in Louisiana^in HM has lieen repeated in Montana^this year, and enough ilemocratic votes^were thrown out in Silver How county^to give the republicans the legislative^delegation from that county which^would (five them a majority of the^legislature, and thus secure the two^United States senators. The action^of the Silver How county canvassers is^nothing more or less than ballot thieving.^It a as not a matter of life or death with^either of the |^olitical parties as to^which way the Montana election went,^but it is a matter of more ini|k^rtance to^the young slate than the success of^parties that there should lie a fair count^of the vote that was cast. There is every^reason to believe that the democrats^fairly carried the legislature, and it^would lie an outrage to register any^other verdiet. We are glad to liote that^the democrats of Montana are taking^prompt measures to invoke the protec^tion of the courts, and every honest^man in the United States regardless of^party alliiliations, will wish them Qc4^speed in their endeavor to preserve the^purity of the ballot.
\11 v* rAcrt
KutteMiner: I'recinct No. IM, the Tun^Ml preempt. Wcreated at (he request of^the republican luitliHu'er* of Silver ltow
Ilic voters in the precipe! were registered^by the repuhliei.n workers in the lielief that^they would vote the republican ticket.
Eventhe conspirator* do not elniiii that^there wus an illegal vote cast in the pre^cinet.
Thethree judges were appointed in ae^ciirdaiicc with law hy W M. Jack and W.^E. Hall, of the county commissioners, and^qualified according to law.
Thetwo clerks were dnlv appointed and^qualified and served in accordance with law.^and the return was made by one of the^judge* lit the request of the clerk, hecaust^he (tin judgei wiik a *ii|*-rior penman.
Diereturn as made by the board of can^^vassers from precinct 'M was nearer in ac^^cord with the letter of the law than any^it her return *ent in.
1'hccertificate of the judges and clerks,^which it i* claimed was irregular, oon-^ornietl t^ the lilank on the |xill hook, find^i* the same in the return* from other pre^inrts.
Ontheir face the return* were regular^nnd JMfW and left no chance for legal^assault that did not exist in those of other^precinct* to a far greater degree.
Thethree judges, all well-known men.^unite in an affidavit that the vote, the can^^vas* and the return* were hII made in hc^culture with law. mid that the count was^fair, regular and honest.
Theaffidavit* presented, attacking the^correctness of the returns, which tMI mat^tcr with which the canvassing board had^absolutely nothing to do, were made hy^ignorant, unknown men. whose identity i^^not estMlilished. either by the official whosi^jurat is attached, or hy the witnesses to^signatures.
l'hecount wa* changed from a tent ton^room because of the cold, and the dtxtr*^w. rc el'ised to avoid the presence of a lot of^annoying drunken men, who, hud they been^allowed to come and go,would have serious^ly interfered with the legitimate proceed^ings of the judges.
Thedeniocr.it ic counsel, before t he county^iMiard of canvassers, produced the sealed^ballot-box of the precinct, in the custody o^the judge to whom it had been intrusted^and offered that the canvassers should open^it, and, hy the ballots, verify or vitiate the^returns as made by the precinct judge*^Although they had accepted ex |^rtc nlli^il ivils from unknown men, and decided to^throw out the precinct, with them a* an ex^cuse, the canvassers, at the dictation o^Thompson Campbell, declined |n i.ccedi^to this supreme test, mid proceeded^in the face of it to consummate the con^spiracy.
1he hoard of county canvassers, during^Ihetinie they preti nded they were con^siderin^ the objections to the count of pre^einct No. :^4, sat, for nearly mi hour with^closed doors, which i* in violation of law^the statute providing that the ranviss shall^In- in public, and this being an important^part of the canvas*.
Theseare a few of the facts in connection^with precinct No. ::i. which was fraudu^lently thrown out by the conspirators with^the aid of Hall and .luck.
Howhistory repeat* itself! Kight^hundred years ago a monk named Her
irdled twelve of his brethren into the
ildernessand settled in the '^Valley of^Wormwood.^ Yesterday twelve Moil
inarepublicans met in a back oAm in^this city and headed for the same place.^And their pilot, ttxi, is a Hernard Hem^urd the ex couvict.
an^oxnrt VOTK.
No,no, Messrs. Harrison and Hot kin!^Your talk about a fraudulent vote at tin^tunnel precinct won't go. There was no^fraud there. None has been charged^Your republican judges of electiou make^affidavit that it was an honest poll^Your republican canvassers in Silver^Bow knew it was a fair vote. The sealed^ballot Isix was l*^fore them. They were^asked by ileiiicx ratic counsel to open it^and count the vote for themselves. They^wouldn't do it, because they were in the^conspiracy to defraud the iieople. They^threw out the entire vote without excuse^or reason.
Itwas a case, of plain, cold stealing, a^crime which should make you blush that^your party gives shelter to men who are^capable of such villainy.
Youdon't need to await the action of^the courts to understand that. Y'ou^know it now, and it is a sorry cominen^tary on your moral courage that you^don't come out like men and say so. We^can tind you two hundred republicans in^this town who do not hesitate to call the^crime by its right name.
aV.Mll ntol'OslTlOV
Ikstatehood is delayed, the republican^conspirators who tried to defeat an^honest (!ount of the vote will be solely^responsible for it. The Journal's charge^that Judge DeWolfe, by setting the date^for hearing the mandamus proceeding*^^beyond the time in which the prixdu^mat ion would have been issued,^ has^any share in it. is ridiculous. 'I Iit^judge set the hearing for the first day^of the term of court the earliest d.iti^the law |iermits. Hut if the Journul am^its friends are honestly anxious to have^the case disposed of at once let them^ask Chief Justice Ulake to call a special^term of the court. Then the mandamus
ToHershlield: I .etter drop him^To Sanders: Tclesoo|^e yourself.^To Power: Stand from under.^To Seliginun: Tell the truth.^To It. 11. Hi I'a wants you.^To Hot kin: (Jive us u rest.^To Hernard: Skip.
Tm:Killings (ia/.ette lets the cutout^of the bag. The legislature is to Is^stolen that Sanders und Power may la^the two United States senators, ^l'ow^er,^ it says, ^will las one of the silent yet^arduous workers who figure so much am^weigh so heavy in all legislative Ixslies.^But the Gazette particularly exults l*e^cause Power's election ^would lie a lit^ting blow u|*)ii the cheek to those men^whoever they are, who have gone bai^on the party und on Bower.^ It would^almost be worth while to let the scoun^dnds steul the state to see the circus^that would breuk out in the republican^party when it was proposed to send San^ders and Bower to the senate. But^wouldn't they muke a precious puir^And if we were to live in u robbed am^disgraced state, what titter couple could^represent us in Washington. But what^becomes of the ex-convict, who has done^all the work, ip this ileal
IUpuhi.ican*universally concede that the^work of the Journul during the cauipiiign^wus effective, and that tin* pajx r ih entitled^to due credit for it* efforts in fiebalf of hon^nut government.^Journal.
Thedcinocrats universally concede the^same. The effect of your work is most^marked in the town and county where^you are published. A majority of HI^for Toole in the county thut lust year^went republican by ^d.r^; a majority of **4^for Carter this year as against more than^^ ^^^ last year; a complete reversal of mu^jorities in Beer Ijixlge und Silver How^all attest the success that utteudisj your^efforts to disgust the dei-ent men in your^own party and and elect honest demo^crats to office. Stay with us and do^miiiio more!
Whkmthe Herald and Journul get^through with their monthly airing of
followedby a review of the unlitia. Are de^^partment and hicvele club. This aflt moon^| they witnessed tin. novelty to them of a^( trottiug race.
laniesM. Sclovcr, once quite a noted^Wall street broker ai.d of late years a mill^iug speculator, tin d at Chicago yesterday,^at the behind hotel, of brain fever. Scl^^ovcr acquired considerable celebrity a few^year* ago m connection with ^ physical^encounter he hud with Jay (iould.
m ^ -
ChMIcOn Share*.^Wanted MO head of cattle on share* for^live years. Have abundance of hay and^pasturage for winter. Best of reference^given.Thomas Cuuian,
It.huhIt), Thompson KliM'k, Helena, Mont.
VpTt.KHaves, the Fraud, had taken^the office which was stolen for him, he^sent to Montana a carpet bag official,^tearing one of his fraudulent coiuiins^sions. That beneficiary of fraud is now^w riting impressive articles on behalf of^pure elections, for a newspa|kt owned bv^the son of a man. who is himself holding^office obtained by fraud. An interesting^sja'ctacle. isn't it
lb:is a tall man but. standing on the^shoulders of the ex convict, he isn't able^even to |mx*p into the basement of the^senate cliainlx-r I'erliaps Power can^get another ex convict for him anil make^the pyramid higher.
BUMtv imi MWOU i
AnacondaStandard: We have nsseittsl^tlint a movement to bring the district court^into disgrace and remove Judge DeWolfe^was both started and matured as far it* the^dark lantern republicans who manage the^Silver How business could |*Tfcct it. If^Mr. Seliguiau in dis|x^scd to raise any^question on tin* point, let him step right to^the front, and if he wants the list of^mimes of prominent republicans who^knew all about the movement and^then hasteued to thnv their own con^metn.ii therewith, all he has to do i*^to call for it. The Standard will be grate^fill in beh.ill of every reputable citi/cn ot^Montana if this scheme perishes before it is^allowed to riiieli. but it will not do to tell u*^that it was not planned or that republican*^of conspicuous prominence were in ignor^^ance about it. It is not news to be told that^'charges against Judge DeWolfe have not^been torwuided to WiiHlnngton.^ We are^well aware ot the fact; and we are also^Mware that the gang of conspirator* who^concocted the cowardly assault were re^^st ruined only by the fear of withering |xipu-^lar condemnation that overtook them.
Ihe MMJ tit' it Mitti Wiut known About the^KIIHiik ol .luck llnrluht.
Thereare two men in Helena who were in^Murray City, Idaho, at the tune defeiiHt li ss^Jack Bwighl met Ins death at the hand* of^II. nry Hernard. One of these men. who i*^leputable citizen, hands in the following^account of how narrowly Bernard e*ca|*-d^hanging hy the vigilantes:
Hkltna,Oct. IS.^| To the editor of the^Independent.]^In looking over this morn^^ing's issue my attention was called to t heart i^cle in reference to Henry Bernard, the alii^davit maker. 1 would like to sin a word or l^two as piiMif of what whs printed in the^Miner. 1 hnp|*llcd to be in the ( o ur^d'Aleties at the time, and walking doVM tne^street in Murray ill the time the fatal shot^was fired. On hearing the report 1 ran^with other* across the street to where^|xxir Kuriglit lay. I was there to^hear tiie first story told on the^scene. The trouble all originated about^some money due Knright for work, and af^^ter hurighl quit he came back III the office^to get hi* blankets which he had left, and^said something to Iternard alxiut the wage*^due him, and seeing Bernard with a revolver^in his hand remarked to him in a vulvar^term, uud *aid he had a notion to *lap linn,^wht reupoii Bernard, without any other^provix'iitioii, shot MM killed him. He wii*^immediately taken into custody by an nlli^cer and taken to Eagle City and placed in^jail. As stsai a* the fuel* of the killing hi^came known everyone was tilled with indig^^nation towards linn, and there was strong^talk among the miners of lynching linn. I^myself happened to be in a crowd whose^views were loudly expressed in thi* manner,^and at one time 1 thought the lynching^would take place; so 1 started for the jail^to see how matter* would go, mid there my^^ yes lu lu Id something they never beheld^before^a gray haired and tottering old^woman, dressed in her lace cap and^tears dropping from her wrinkled^face.She paced to and
fro,like a guard, in front of the cabin door,^where Bernard Wa* conlined. I remarked^that the guard wa* too strong, and Hat down^and waited for the coining of the hoy*; and^so it proved to be. it affected tlit in tin^Manic u* it had Be^it broke their courage^uud they went away ami let the law take It*^course. And but for this old woman'*^sake Mr. Bernard Would have been dang^ling froui the limb of u big cedar, MM per^haps the republican party could not have^found another such un affidavit maker in^the whole of Molilalia.H. A. B.
Nkw\oiih. Oct. Is. liar silver WV
Co|l^'r Kbit: lake Oct. ^]ll.;x
IicadQiinM; domestic, $.h.wi.
Stts'kswen* airaiu .hill tonU). but the tout* of^lite dcalitup* was in mark.si coMMM to that of^yts-tcrdny. and tinnl MM1 ire treiierall) for^Rruall fraction*. They were mostly in the direc^^tion of higher tiimns.. The feature in the first^four was Northern Pacific, which rone from .IS
to7:1*4 on interim.if Mr. Ins., in which he as-
Hcrtii!that he owned ;ts lunch stis k hs ill the'sl^^L etion. and thai lit* ha*every connileiice in the^new lx^ar.l. (IttvernmetitH dull and steady.
Petroleumwa^ \. r\ nnrrow toslay. OpMfal^..toady nt lot1,, price* then fell and tht. market^niletl quit.! the rts-t of (he day and closed steady^^t lac.
iioverniueiitbuad . Is. I'.'T; I^Ito'i North^^ern Pacini'. ;!1V preferred, el; Onvon Im-^pNWMMM. Ml Orciton Naviiration. MOt Traiis-^eoMlBMtml, Hlai I'iii.ot Pacific. Ml t.
Moneyon chII light. I'^. I..ei I.tans. 7. Prime^mercantile paper :e to 7. BtkafUMtBGllMtB* uuiet;^weak; sixty-di.\ hills.. fl.s| i,; ileinan.t, *4.s:.y
(Hit AtiO CATIUa
CMOMM,Oat K ('mile Kftreiiita, *,(^^^;^slta.lv t'huice (4t extra Ixtevc*. fi.'Wi 4.wi; st.*.rs.^$ ;.'^^ '. i.T^: Ktorktsr*and feeder*, IxaMr^W-.Teua^cattle. fl.7Vi til.ll^; wis.|i.rii ranar.'rs. t1.s.Vt ^H,7rt.
HiwnItiMLipts. 'JI.INIU; slow; closine lower;^liiix.sl.tJ4.HSt t.iii; heavy. J;i.s..^. ^.'.^:,; liKlit. U.Wi
itllceeipt^. sunn Htcadf: tetiati Mtlvea,^1:i..^t.. :^.|^; westerns. $:i.:^i^^ 4.1a; leians, M.4U.M
CMCATKl, Oct. 1* 1:15 |s m. CI.we Wheat^Ix.wtT; Oct.. sll',; par.. s|a.; Mav. *l^i.^Corn Steatly; Oct.. *^',; Nov.. M\; May, Xl\.^Oats Steatly; Ocl^ IHS: Nov., t*S; May, UN,^Pork SltMbfy; Oct., f Kl.ttti; Jan., *u/^l.^Urd Steady. OatTMJJHl Jan.. ^5.tW.^WlHiU
llosros.Oel. I't. The ilemaiid for was.1 is fair^ill I'exas. California anil Oretion wastls, but not^iniieli was done, small lots only selling at pre^^vious pritss,.
lindertaker.^M Warnai Strict. Telephone ;^U. BAV1IX.
IfYou Are Tempted to Part^With Your Dollars in Ex^^change for any thing in^the Dry Goods Line,
Tkeliruntl Arniy'x Next Candidate for tin^Pension llureau.
Accordingto many papers it seem* as^though the idea of giving the pension bu^^reau to a Orund Army niun wus for the pur^pose of squeezing the surplus. If that is^all, it cull be better done by the Empire^Wringer, made at Auburn, N. V., and it^will not break the back of the administra^^tion, as it is wurrautid to work so easily^that a feeble woman can wring out an en^^tire wash without fatigue. 1 his claim can^only la-made hy the Knipire, Auburn, N. V.
Heal(.stale Tiausfer*.^The following real estate transfers were
filedfor record yesterday with County Clerk
andRecorder l.s.ker:
JohnC. Hullilt. Jr.. trustee to trunt's-, of^Ciimb Chapel. Iota U. IU, hlk. U, North^^ern Pacific atlililioii $
(iihnallItlKU- to Vt in. Mllth. Irislee, lot 7,^hlk. XL . lot II. hlk. Si and lots i!, J, hlk.^m. BM flelen* IM
PeutrMurphy and John A. H(empli. to An^^drew II. ^ tstk two-sixths inter.~l iiiiuius^claim in Steuiple district 2.UUU
Will.itfer y.ui greater temptations in^attractive tlesirable gt^*ls, nii.l more^g.KxIs for the 1'iist nioney of any house^in Montana
Hundredsof Helena's most intelligent^buyers have illicitly made their selei^tions for Fall ninl Winter in our DresH^titxxls 1 lepartincut, ami pronounce it^the Largeitt, HuMMMMtt an.) Bm4INf^shown in Helena.
PersianHamls ami Braids to match^all colors in dress gixxls; Hlnck (iimpa^ami fringes in all widths nnd prices;^Large Buttons, with small ones to^match, in nil colors, at prices from .riU^to ^1(1 |*t tlo/.en.
FANCYSILKS.^All Colors ami Latest Designs in^Fluids, Stri|*'s ami Checks; Flushes^in all coli ami w nit ha, Wo will offer^this week in all the most desirable^e. i|i us, . V. n I Ian. I Hue Un .. ado Vt^vet at ZlMii per yard, which in a Urand^Bargain.
WIM'KUUNDKUWKAK.^Notice the display in our Show Win^(low of Ladies' Saxony Cmlerwear at^$1.2o a piece or f'-fni a suit. These^gixxls cannot 1st duplii:uted elsewhere^in the city for much less than twine^what we ask for them.
CLOAKSOur Clouk and Suit tlepartment wiis^never so complete us this season. It^embraces all the Newest Novelties, as^well as the Medium Fritted (iurments^for common wear. Children's Cloaks^for school wear a specialty.
Wewill la) pleased to show jou our^gixxls und muke you prices. We will^not be undersold by any house^Montana.
Thereis no sounder financial institu^^tion in the United States than the Jar^vis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Company, a^branch office of which bus laven'reoently^established in Helena, for Montana and^Idaho. Iaonns in any sum from f'lon op^can 1k^ closed at once. All that is neces^^sary to secure a loan is security, ami that^is required by any and every banking^institution in the world. The terms of^Messrs. .larvis A Conklin are as reason^able as can U' seen red from any source.^Their reputation for probity ami fair^ncss in all their dealings is well attested^bp the ninny who have done business^w itli them in fifteen states am) territo^^ries in which they operate extensively,^ami no complaint of unfairness having^come in during the years they have Uvn^in business is proof positive of their re^^liability.
Kaali/ingthat Montana ami Idaho^presented a gixxl tiehl for a legitimate^oan business the office was established^here ami is now in tenipotMy quarters^with A. .1. Steele, in the Hromlwater^building, on the corner of Main ami^Sixth avenue, and will remove to more^commodious tpiurtcrs as stxui us they^an la* secured.^A specialty is made of loans on Hunch^and Farm property. Owing to the vast^extent of their transactions Messrs. Jar^is A Conklin require agencies through^^out the territory in which they operate,^iml f..r that reason w ish to secure agents^through.nit Montana und Idaho, and lo^that end correspondence is solicited^from responsible ami reliable |M^rsons.
Thecash capital of this company is^llJHOyOOOl with a large available fund^to draw from If ever foil ml to l*^ ncces^iry.
Solid,substantial, reliable and trust^worthy, the .1 illvis Conklin Mortgage^I'rust Company is cntilident that it can^successfully com|M^te with any similar^organization of the kind in tlu^ 1'nitcd^States, t'. irrcsjKimlcnco is solicited, to^which prompt replies will U^ made.^Lm rates of interest, easy terms und^satisfaction guaranteed ill*nil cases.
NorthMain Street, Helena.
Attorncy-at-Law.IttM.uut S ami 4, Asliby Block, Helena,
Teacherof Piano, Piute and Sinking.
No.1(1* llnwrie street, or at A. P. Curtis's
Store,Helena, klont.
Ibe south American Tourl-U.
OiiANtillAiine. Mich.. OM, is.^The Fan^Ainericnu excursion reached here this^morning, and tie swarthy *oiih of the south^had their first view of u heuvy white frnat^Alter breakfast tin y were shown the great^furniture factories and a salute of sixteen^guns wa* tired in their honor. This wus
10Per Cent.^For 'l to 5 Years Tinw on Bel^Estate in the City ^^f^Helena.
NoCotnniis^ions. Interest jiitwtl.l. -. nit-aiiteially
Whentitle* are ix-rfts t then^ will !^^ no delay in
cltNtina:l**ni.^Also in. .a..y to loan on ini|,rov.^l Karni* and
Itaiichtxtin Montana.
II.II. I' \I.VIKIt. I.ol.l lllneb.
Attorneyand t'ouiuellor at law.
Willi.nu-tlce in all courts of record i^ tha lar-^rin.ry. Oftiee iu tloltl HI.., It. Helena, Mont.
Attorneyand Counsellor at l-aw.^Masonic T^in|ila, Helena, MoaC
voououa Mmnut,
anDearborn slxivt, Chioa^u, IU.^MU^t Wmm HUriU w. nnowamo.
Oftiee Hns-k A Fisher's Ktablea, Ixiwer
xtrtsM. I'elephoiie 12n.
(SnentxMirto Helena 1'n.lertaklnn 0a.)^Practical I'ndertaker.
Officeand wareiooin I . Park Arenas.
phoneJi.v 0|x^n day and uudit.
Atten.lKtxictly to \r. liit.s-tural Work.^I'lansaii.l s|^s itic^tioux itrawn. Work^vistsl.
OH MMkaj Kli*'k. Helena. Moat.
|(I M.
Pliysieian.Hiirtesiii, Accouclier, OaoliM^antl Anrisl.
erof Sun Francisco Mistical rloeiaty ala^^N. t.t.ta Suie M.sbcal Htx'iety.
OfftceParches'* ilriur store, corner abo^a^Mam and llrnadway. Kiitrancv on llroiulway and^Jackson. Helena, Montana. Coiixiiltatioiu In
Qamnaaami Knuiisii.
DnitanMil^'s 'or ijiMiis. MisMst aad RUM.
ren the assortment the I an . ^ t an.I Most
Clllllllleleof Ally iii the i il). anil
1res, ,, I'auiter.
Il.s.iniii. 11,ml Floor Ashby llloek.
P.O. lto^ 7s.s. Helena. Mont.
Publicbnlldlny.ohurclaia and dwelling II.^daaonlaa in (he Uiest st^l...
Itefereii.ts. Hon. W. A. Clark antl Mr. M. i.^Talbott, Unite: Hon. Sam Wonl. Mrs. H. T.^Banaar, Mr. F. It. Wallace. Mr. John t'. I'aulsan.^Helena
S,i.n.li work an.I F.mlxisxtxl OruaiiienlalAua
|atl.nl.o. a s|x*'ialty.
} M. H'llS KHI.Atil.il,
11- it. i tinunixeitiner ^ leneral lai.il (^Attorney -at law.
Atlent if HliilililiK. U asluntteli. I). 8.^Four years ca|icrience a- it iiicuiImt of aunanat^^ad four veitrs in t be 11 en.raj I at ml ( Mlio^v Prao^^ i^-e~ .a all the dVpartakWt* an.l in H.e Supr^an
andllixtrict Courts.
Iad ami Mining ljiw a K|xs*ialt).
OurMilliiifry DcpttrtniMlit i- Hlltil with tlit^^Lit/t-l Di-hikiik ia Itoiiinl IIhIh, liiiiiiM'lH, TiMiium^tm in nil tin* latent. Mil-
ami'rurlHiiHi. Nov.^rUlly.
InfuiitHOuttitM ^ Him^II. 11iN N
mMf^^r Hultfii. k'h I'ftlttTUN ftinl HiiM'h Hit^MM
Insums to suit on from Six Months to^Kive Years Time on Iteal Kslato
Moneyon hum). No llelay. Cash paid^for Ileal Kstute MortKiiKes by
W.H. CLARK ^ SON, Gen. Agents.
Boardof Trade Room, Pittsburg Block, Helena
(Korill 1. X. 1.. Hold.
BAiM(;\I1T\KK I HO, fnjt
(VlnhratetlVul lllat/. ltetir
I'.it.-( V,,rs ami laiquors always on hand.^(JIVE UH A CALL.
Wiier Mroatlway ami Warren Streets,^OpIKjaito V. S. Assay Ulllue.
Newlyfittixl and newly furiiixli.sl throiurhoiit.^I^tdiee' ami ifuntx' last Tim. barlxT ahiip, bar and^billiard hall, with all mtxlern improvement*.
Withx|x*^ial aeeonimtxlAtloUA for Coinnierclal
WTOI'KH(iCIlkltM MF.KTINH. I ll KICK Wild,^' I*. a s[*at-ial ints'tiiiK of the st.s'kliolilcrs of^the Helena A l.iviiiKston Hrneltiiik .V lUsliielion^coiri|^ii^, for the inir|Hx*. of elm'tinHTS Ixiard of^trustts's for the lialiiuee of the fiscal year, held a(^the office of the ^'oni|^auy, in Helena. Mont..
Mlay. Oct. nth. Is-'.'.it . Ji u, in. IK order of
UieI. ,,el ..r trusttxs.. H. T. HAI HI It, Pres.^O. It. ALLKN, Hi*').
ANKWHF.KIKH NOTICE 18IIKHKBYQIVKM^^^ that seri.s. | of the Home Hull.liiiK ami Loan^AxwH'iatiun. of Helena, Montana, is now reu.lv^for iiwue.A. J. K.TF.F.I.F., Sas y.
(WnerMain Street ami Sixth Avenue.
A Sthool of Thorough 'Practical Butineta^Training.
Ruokkaeplm,Aritluneii. . PMLBMasUp. Ilank-^lag, rJoauan aad la'^^l Yvnm, Tawsimpw t'or-^reeiMiuilenoe. HpsIUng ami all tl.e Kmilixh^Branches.
IVi-nliiriioiit^i{rii|iliv lit VI.,ll.
AFull Corps of F.X|ierie|ie.sl Teitclier*. Ixai
an.IKvenina It^alnna lor Particular* Head
HiisintsM.l-.lncator,^ or Atltlree*
Primii'itl ami l'r..|,riett.r.
IVhlte,Johnstone k Co.,
HEALESTATE^Offer Great Bargtina iu
Warehonst* lots a.ljucent U) lUilroaxl
Itesiilencelaots in all parts of Ih* Oity.^A MUfebtral Fine) lo'snleiitits.
Several('tillages near l)e|*it for sal* oa
Town Lota ami MinitiK1 I'rt)ia^r^y ia
('xike City.
AniimUTof l-'ine Hunches in KlaKioad^Valley for sale Verv ('heap.
Ilotivis~^ AND 0,-UNION ui.... k
m ^\r \ n \
Hiisini's.sCollege \ PbonomkiB liLstituit(
Theonly First Class HusiiiMB School^ls^tw(^^^n St. Haul ami Portland. Nitfht^sehixil Ootobat to April. Keml ^Hoard^of Keferenee^ in College lieuorUr.^Wjite for terms.
HAHN^ WALTER8,^Gold Block, Helena, Mont.

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