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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 19, 1889, Image 6

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AnInterview With the Actress in^Which Sue Denies that Roast^Feline Story.
TheFamous French Woman An^^noyed by tho Published Talea^of Her Crunlty
khrNrtrr Alill^.-.l ^ ttH '^ Hit I.ill' ^ M^Swmk'^ Iliiiutiiil ' lilnl-TlilllU^ill UM s'i^ I
gomeweeks n^o the 1ni.i i i m^m v^1'^lislit-d a story, liikt-n from I Cfclim Wi^thst Ink l^^ rnliardt. the MMM ftsMal^HOtreHw. .mirnyed ^')^ a faVMMM Ml wlmli^kept jiiinpniK m her liipiind piirriiie, P** 11^the unfortunate minimi b| 1^^s'' h1^^^the hack i.f the Ilerk mill rulr,lli^ the tup of^b Move. thriiHt the KtriiKu'lmt! MMMal 111 ^^^the hut owls; then sliuttiiiu the cover, kIih^oHlrnly resumed her work, hm if utterly un-^roriHcioiiN of the heartreiidnitf M of her^pet, wllieli slowh rousted to dentil. \ New^Vork Wol lil eoi reHpniilc iit rei. ntly culled^un the actress, and thuH civet tin result:
Icalled on Sarah Mernhardt thifl pvetllM^and found her in her jlW^Bg HWiia m the^Porte St. Martin theater in compiin of the^jeun premier of the TuMM tlMp . whow^Uwpltn were still fWUliM with the (.'ore of
Hairpin'sturnts. Sarah, for a will..w of
horecent creati.ni. wan looking reniaikal.lv^livelv and jiMgM than cu t.
Isaid: ll*Snlmiit IhiMcal story.
She^aid: ^It's the most i uiiciilous iioii-^sens, that M IM invented.
1^there no truth in it what'ui^ IVr-^lllips v..u sillLid a i Hi; or Holiiet lllllk': a cat^akin, ow ..f tho I tilings ^^^ 111 I'1 ^lll^'^aoaiii-t rtmllll^^l^ or soim tinny of tin^sort':
^Kmieli!Jll-t think . f I he hornt.le niik II^that Would have made. No, there is no^truth in it at all. I can't imagine ulmuils
tip III.'-. Sl'iiis lie,all|st i(ii-. TIllH im not
theIiihI time I have lice i MMMal o( ill^treutim: ..ei'mi's. About four yearn Mure^was put i'll^ i hi-iiIni inn a Mtory that I had^linked a l.mitiii -|^iii . i of mine ithe dear^^est httl. do j \..iii-\ii Mff) in theovcii.
Whoare these ladies who nr.'ls. mhi^
till,I think tl-cy must Im* ' wti.t do you^call tIn-Illy 1 hall, liljali laasi-i, lau't it: people^MuOgiim loth* Nilv..ii..ii tuny.
^I In n- lea ^toiy thiit yon have ncimet^ed solicitor- to MMhl thi invi ii'. is of^tills aci us.it i. '11^ '
(Hi,no. I lie.o the ntory him lie.-n with^^drawn. All I have dole- w.m to write t..
Londont.. i m it my atoal taaphatic ih-mal.
Ivoil look at it all a-.i v^ ^ 1 y yoiaj
iHi. not all. I think it ih .. m i v-i-noux^Battel ami most upset al.oiit :t. I kviw
thatfor Mm Took. the i^^ ^** 'I^'
Hum.meSociety, to have taken it up then-^must li in I... ii a stroll:; In liu:.'on t In auh-^Jwt. I ne resolutionpaaaad Ii) lh*Mk*o*ri^Indus, invitm.' the WWI uf \im nni to^receive nit- with coldness mi my next \ isit in^tlie Itlttfl, would la-, if it were ucinllv^adopt, d. the liiosl .lis istroils ihin ; that^could h ip|m-ii to im-, Imth mm'iallv and as an^arti-t.
IllAmerica th - ^^ini-li in. the al.solute^liiistnusi-K of i-^. ivihin ^. i U-s temines en^Ameriuue ineneiil tout.) The man doea^not exist iii matt, is of this sort. You have^lio idea.^ she contlulled, tiliinnyto a lady^sitting hi her diissiiiu' loom, ^of llu- ini-^portmuc ^f the roll- played in Ami ne i h\^the MM It iK as if the men. having no^time to attend to matters of senium lit, rele^^gate tin in into the hands of 1 heir wIves and^sisters. Hut I cannot think that tins reso^^lution will have any effect. Im-ciiisc it is not^only completely uiijnat, lull is Mo oliviouslv^alisuid. 1 can quite understand^that if the Viuericans heheve ine^to be unilty of this wiekistiieaa. Una
tiiewof cold-hliHHled cruelty, they should^^e disousti-d, laH'ailhe there ia, perhaps, no^oountry in the world where animals are^1st lei treated than ill the HtaU-s. You^should Ms- how fat the horses are out there.^I have often tfcoagkl an I have la-en travel-^Inn; through Ami lieu and have Keen their^apleiidid cattle, of the inior ill is. i aide^horaea in I'aris; winch von know the Puria-^lana UwuMflvn call ( he Wonian's I'ara-^dls^. the Horse's Hell.' So I am most uni^^ons to have that story denied. I assure^you aoain and ilealn that there is not a^w..rd of t ruth m it.
Voilhave the reputation of being very^fond of aiinii i|s.'
Komi.^ Hut 1 ud ire theiii. Vi s. that is^Hot exaeoi ration. 1 adore them. J have^lo\eil I in In all my life. A pet -illi^ 11 ^I Is^such a oood I rielui to Ii ve. It is fnithftlll^it HI fond of you; it wants Boihitll I' in you^hut a Utllt Km.In. ss. and it d.s s no) worry^you as men do with int. rmiunMi compli-^iii. i,is ..ud idioci, s. Why, I I .ok forw ird
totae tune when I shall lie tId to play.
andshall haw im i mi o. an Rnill is . Unit^tlie. I think tit-it will Im the h | pi. *t tiuic^of my lit. . Hid voil in\, r hear h ^^ aiury^Iwaswdh I'asti ur and tin-.pi in. I wi bMT^I called hint Ml old I. il 1..ii i .11. I le vel e in^tie without annuals. I don't think t could^live without th. in. I'...111. tbongbl Ih it 1^kept tli.^ lip i Mln t . oi l niys^-ll rdkisl^^boat, \t h ist th .i is wuat the paper*
^iiw .s nothing of tin- *ort. It is hataajaj
Ih .\. a te..| atleclioii for them, and aMN^thai, an alln tion a most sincere adiuira-^tioii I In- tioer-cat is the most at in eful^thinj. Wi w on a n who i hi uk oiirsi-ives the^most ...i-u-etill Ihinipon OiMl'seartli.wi c ,n't
aotnninwith it. linn there ia my leopard.
thed. arest of friends. Iloyoii know that I^(eel I hat I la v uiiili rsi mil every word I say^to tin m^ (have IbotWhl t his all my life,^that annuals amlrratalia all we say to I la in,^hut di-spine us and nil our naae iUtrisUM^too much to trouhle to answer u : that int
totr.aii.ietoh.ini our uMflMaai I*anataaf
Iil in- nay that is all team- iim . hut it in^tin itnpr.ssion. I know tl at aftTC wh.n^my nerves are uiinlruui; and it would drivi^im- mad to have to t ilk to I'etei or I'aul^i you know you have m en me in thai lt^]^I have (he eieatesi |-.|easiire in coini; and^talkuiL.'for hours t opt In r to my c.iis or to^ui^ does or to niy hirds. I often tell them^thlliLS that I would never tell to any hum .u^heme,, and I am sun- they nympathi/i with^^lie.
Thuswhin I In aid nhout thisstotyof^inv ilUreatilUJ that c at. I had all my aiu-^ni.ds hr.iiiul.i into my studio, where lev luy^bird Baa* is, and I told tin in what w. I 1^ine an id about me over there, and I am sure
thattiny all nearly diad of I hi liin ^. llu^birds w. re all terribly noiny all thai eveiuu-'^doubtless paeaiaaj Donnler n tolntionn, \-k
Mine,(rin ratii. u,v h ai-. k.. p r. if I am
aataina who would torture in anit^i i. Htui^will tt II you th .t before [eat | aee tin p ts
haveIn ell cared for. that I often feed them^myself when I am not tired onl With ^^^*^mid woirv, but thai alw Vs the) are my^firsi care.'
Voustill havi m paanj imtis i s yuaj an d
Moiithan iv, i. I have now II:' pi t^birds, ami I know end love everv dm of^them. Ve* 11'.' bilds; i.ml so if invnpiita-^tioll of l akllnj lav |k ts ill oMllslstlln v i;^need never Be ti loliteiied ^ .f n. v ilv u ol^lunu'i r. I have there the when with d to^feed uivself for ii lottfl tune, thiebiid i^day. Why. they would last me nearly half^a year. And as they are of many di a .lit^kinds. 1 could vary my menu pretty often.^Hut. to be nerioUH. please i .-I I tin- nonMM of^America that a cruel injustice his In en^done inc. and that ii has paim-d me lain I).
Ithink I know them will cnouedi to nay^that they w ill not let me sutler Inn^,.
i^ ^^
Theuse of calomel lor dernuKtttneuta of^the liver has ruined many a line constitu^^tion. Those who, for similar troubles, have^tried Ayer's |'i||s testify to their etliciency^in ihoroii.'lilv NBaattyaaf, the malady, with^out injury to the system.
TheVerdict I aaiiiamlls.
W.I). Suit, drnaafiati Ilipus. Ind.. teati-^lies: ^lean recommend electric bittern an^the very best remedy. Every bottle wild^has (riven relief in every ruse. Due man^took six bottlcn, and was cured of rlieiiiuu-^tinm of teii'year-.' standing.^ Abraham^Hare, dni|;i.'|st. BeUrUW. Ohio, aftirina:^^Thi best M'llilnt medicine I havn ever^handled in my twenty yearn' ei|n rience, in
elaetricbitters.^ I aoannnoanf othaci have
addedtheir testimony, no that the verdict^bnnaninMMM that electric bittern do cure^all diseases of the Ilv. r. knlnevs or blood;^BB)I] a half dollar a bottle at Ii. K. Huh A^Co. n drugstore.
OnebamlfBdanilfortjtwo |.nnaeTKnaHWidee-^or.mildinaereal onli MiJBal tht H^^- Hive.
Doyen sutler with BBtanhf Vaaaanhe eared^if ^i.a tak.- Houil'i HarwiuirUla, theareal aleaa^pin Ifer. Sold l^^ all a,fnaa]env^
At(i ntleman who had nurlered (.'real an-^nov .nice and pain 11^ tin barber'a itch, and^BM been treated b) I be la-nt physiciann,^without relief, nayn thai t wo Is.ltlcn of l)u-^tard's Spi citic eared biwand left hin face
perfectlyaatootB Brithonta m-iu . It never
fallsiii skin dlseum a. Sold by It. S. Hale^A t o., wholesale and retail lea-ills. Helena.
Aninuneiim- lint- of dulls uuw to In* sis-u at Tlie
Forcliap|m-d hands, i,... a, i.. -^ of the^skin, pimples or blotches of any kind on^i he lace or other parti of the body, apply^llntard'n S|^citic. It works like manic and^in warranted by diu^iiintn. Sold by |{. 8.^Hah (V. OBh wholeHalu and retail .In, . i-:-.^Helena.
pert. ir la cmhlu .t.i'ii, proportion, and^prrparalani id Br^redirat^ lleed'e aanBaaai
I:: i | ...s-es.i s tin- i inallve v due, f the In -I
,iletabi ^ flOOQ Ski:. %t am
|*iii aim bt Iti etrenath and Manentyi Mand*!^so apanllaliiUieaal) medietae at winch bm^iruiy is-s.. ,i. ^ un,- Handiad in.si^ Una Oat^-:.r.^ I'e. all n iii its iii -iiieni.ii Bteftta. Hand *
in;-11 1.- \ cures BMhetlB tm
Ipartner evt'i
Rani|^arill i^^anaan,
kMUUeei^ 1
diM-ovcrni. iNwaliat iii its 'vkmI Bnam^at Inane*N lhara at u...re cd n od^a anran
narthas.-id in Lowell II n ^ I all ullu-i^riiinnl pin oh m. I'i . n.iar itiltsplicniaiieii.il
' 'Poriilior 1^^ a at hi i r vi'Uiim i'i
ever attained en rapatly n-r la hi vi
steadfastlythe eonfldet re uf a'l BBMNel
atpajpanPaaaaW hi aha hralaa ik atharh^tt represent-, HJaadH Kirs.i; .r.i .i BBBJ^tunes ail the kanwIadiB BriUeh Btadera^tare a i.-1: ^''
mthBnmy pi n paBaHsal nyari bm bj
prcpari;. im Un ,i..
tIIpt only
Boldby ^M .trm-KUu. fl:-It t-.i I' ^-ar.-.t ne'y^nff. I. lUHili A in., A,sill ^^^ .,1 .ell. yiMt
100Dosos Ono D^ ^tr
1;at* ;:^ : June ^ I the HtBJ Fii^s (il^ii -...iioU, so Ijj.uiy:.' and nutritious,^rith the nedii onl virtues of Biantl^.^o.vu to 1^ n a *. baaaBjcial to the^,^.-.,.^^^'. mln-fthn ONLY PEM^! CT RKJ4I DV ts^ ^.t gentl) \e:
icrr*SystsiB EffBetnlly,
hlalth.in.l strength
ivatarally(^ Ih.w. Evtrv one it Bting it^i d all ara dalich id with it. Aah jroai
,. il lot SVM'I' OK FltlS. M um-
taredonly by liie
SvsKiijt s. isi o, Cal,^,4i ^ 1*^ - '^'^^^. V V
II i . i I Mil II I s
I* Notice is lierehv k'ivell that the BWaanBnBl a
propertyfar eitl taxes for the current year has^U--ii i-. alplet.sl. mi I thai all in-r-sins fechllK
IbenwelfenBBRriefed llweehi shall BBBBBf^fore i in-eit v rnnnrll nlttlnnan a bnard uleqaau-^ration, on 'IwhUi-, Oct.^i 7:.tnp. m.
K.It. |mi| lii.vs. l it) Ainwor.^ll. l.-na Mont.. I h i. hi. InHU,
VulliKOK S I'i a K III II,I it IIS' MlirriMi^-* I I..- annual meetina of the ntiavbohlen of^tin- II..in.. Itniliilna A [inn iVimlaltiai. in Hel^^ena, for iliertloa id nine trtannae, to nerve for
tlusiunn venr. and f.a th.- IrHiisnction of other
Imnlnran,will In- helti It the i.rlif the a^.n-.a
tion. nsaii J. |lr..mlwuier hlock. nt I' p. in.. Katur^\. X. HTCRIJC, *^cy.
in. ltd.
VOTItI M.l. IIM III KS MOI,him; I l it^*' till.ai.-s to i..el. In tlie euaat}of LeaHh and^I Inrke. un- ris|iiins| 1,, intend the Institute which^will hr held In the II. I. na is-niral ^rhuol hullo^in - v\ .irr. ii-tri. i. Nov. II. lo. |^.
i'n. Slipt. t'onumw s. his.In.^Ilel.-aa. i lei. 1^.. Ivsil.
vJlXXMini.in IIS Ml I IIM.. Illl VSM \l
' inis't IBB III 'I^' ^loeklllddertr'of the Payiuiister
Minhurcomi-viii will he held at the ottee of A^K. Ilarls.er in llek m*. on S.iiurdn^. Itet, -J.tli^Iss'i, in ord. r ..f \\. II. Urwri, nre-ident.
W.II. -Ml III Mi f,
IMRldt'HAtE. NOTli'K 1HHKKKIIYGIVKN^' ii it in i'lir-naiice of an order of the probate
i-oiirt.i-oantvi.f If* i-mid I 'In1* ke. territory of Men^Una. made mi the Itth day of llrtohee, tss^. in tl^^ itti*r of the entata of iHnee MeAvror, nWeaeeiL^Ibe nndetelannl, pseeatia' of taa eetate of said^d...-.-.tse,l. will S.-1i at iniblic miction tu tin. Ii^is-t bUI h-r. for ranhi ^.n '1 hanuafi the .'ith dnv of^October. I ana, al in ..VI.sU a. m.. at tint reaidi^of s.!i,| telix utadiy, mi lea Mil.- reneh, in nai.l
Leai- Hint i larkailtv. the follow inn pmooal
propTty.to-wit: line sA.hH.' none, a yearn old^1 liahl Im) mare. |n years old; one imv msm,^years old: I m.rnd colt It year, old: I Uy tilly^year- old: I suriel eolt I year old. 1 hro'wn coll^I year old: I lost horse: I -s-l hirae^i I ltniti^vi.i_-. i-: I mlrllei barldlnai I ator* and tuiur. .^prut i-imis and ilUlieni l iruabtoaet t saws; t Imx^^cone-eattee'i tmils; l imt noiaWnoiipere tootat t^aaa Ac. Ac.
tlxwmtorof the K^Ute of .Inn,.- MeAvoy de-^disiisl.
HalislOi t. I:1. Isnll.
Andhave the Inside on ALL of the West Side^Residence Property. If you want a lot or a^block, or a dozen lots, or a dozen blocks.^we can Accommodate you.
Wehave piped the ames, brooke, brad^^ford and bellevue additions for water, and^are now trading hauser boulevard, which^Will be the Finest Drive in the City, and the^Shortest Road to the hotel broadwater.
Rememberwe are Headquarters for West Side Prop^^erty, and call on or address
G-old.Block, - - Helena.
OFHE1ENA,^Pioneer NationsBank of Montana.
Otginiz tl in iS66.
DesignatedDepository of U.S.
PaidUp Capital. $500,000.
Surplusand Profits, - - $500,000.
IH'l' IV*-si,l^-u
.t. riuiai
KW. Km.iht^-^^i,a
1.II. Ki.kinhi'HMIUT Am-'t. t'ssl.inr
nmSfl.Hli-LHwiiml Asst ( tohiw
HOAitDof Doncnm
s.t. Baaaat.faaaiGL CMaaJ
Jt.M- bM,It- H. Haniilti.11,1
(.1 .-invill.- Htuart.I', p. Hlarina,
T.;il.UeiuM-liniidt, lli-nr^ M. I'archt-i,.
tinncnlItaiikini: liusiiiix. trmiMirtiil. luteroct
;..i. l 11u tillli- .1. |...- ,1
'!'^ I.K.1.'| SVlce-Prw^ and Act. (aaa
B.K. ATKINSON, -- AwMaat CaaUar
II.r. (. lUOl,I'M'KK l,\lls..\,
uW. ('Aaaoa,it. i . Wallacb,
S.t.AHin:v.I). A. ('liny.
Ii.II. HKRSIIFIKLD, PreHident.^A. J. DAVU ^S( IN, Vkv PfMatoi^AARON HKR8HF1ELD, Cualiior.
.H. Hl'STI.KV,W. I). Ml 1IOI.AH,
1,.11. iii.Ksiii iiMi, aam* mnnut
OilliM'tiotiHKiTi'ivi^ Pronipl Attention.
PunImmGold mill Bilrar Bullioa, OoU^^|^ust 1111.1 ('mint\ SiM'itritit'H.
IntvicstAllowad mi Dapoaiti Left for^11 BpaoilWd 'I'.nu'.
a(ienenil liiinltiii^ Huhini'SH Triinsacted.
BsoiutogaBold ^^n tlie Priaoipal Oftiat^of Buiops.
lAII^ I'I' ('AIMT.V1-, - $75,000
Ktni^i-rs am^ Paorrrst Myooo
hhmlMIovH mi Tin Dwik
K.I^. BOOIRTOR, - I'icsiilent^('. K. Ciii.k.Vii'i- President.
tIwnmi II. Onuj Ojaahiar.
-lot\. Ki m k. Asninlnnt Canhier.
FredStolba Fur Co.
KaUblUhnlslim is.,1,
SealQanuentH in New am I Kxrlusive^tle^Kti8, 11ml l't rfert in Fit. Orders^Htui MMaUM lift nt the Helena^Corwt ami Kid IJlove Parlors will
receivePniiupt ami PerMinul Attention.
3.-VI0I^uvh n Ntdfl of hematite iron,^HtUhagi lime l(qM mill water nuht.^thlM i|iuirter8 of 11 mile from railroad.
(A.:**)buvM 440 tu-ri'H uf fenced land, and^all ftppUftMaMMMI fur sheep t;riiwinff^bwaM an, with ritfht of the t'lilent and^best ratitfc in Mmitiiiiii. twenty live by^aixteon BiIVm in extent. Also. if wnnt-^^d. SJBOO head of shei-ii at #^J..^i^1 will go^with the tun WikhI, waUT, ifraus^ami shelter plentiful.
fl.lmibu^a an unditridad four-flixtlaiaV
terestin B90 acres of coal land by a^railroad MM lititte. enntainintf three^dittaMt veins of good coal, n^si)eL't-^ively '2 fts-t, 4 feet and I] IttA in thick
Alwi.tine building pro|Kisitions in the^business 11 -liter of Hi tte.^For sale by
EVANS,NICHOLS ^ CO..^Real Estate ^ Mining Brokers.^62 EAST BROADWAY, BUTTE, m. _T.
SiinFi'iinrisro linkcry.
r^niirrl^ M. Itrlnla's.
First-ClassQuality of
Bread,Pies and Cakes
Toany n^rt uf lie pity m. short antic*. Sn. 10f.^Hri.U^ ptr.H-i. ..u. 1 i-.r ^l^.v.- M. ItpiiitaV^lirujoh Mun- al tor. 8ixtii Ar^au^ uul Park

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