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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 20, 1889, Image 8

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Wowthe Queen City Has Progressed^\ Within the Half De-
It*Transportation Facilities,^Buildings and Its
c^inlemplat. ^t lui|irorrinrnbi Hlij
ii.i Halt I'rospcreri A llright
Hulenais In-coraing eastern l/cd,^ was^a remark recently overheard M the street^Five years ago Helena was h thoroughly^western town in nil it- details, but the^rlmiiM'^ that Unve taken plscc since, tlm^^^ r^ recent period have been rapid and nu^uiur^us. I i n thouaaud waa IfcM considered^a ii,i.v eatin .t. of Helena's imputation.^To-day *2f^,000 -.ml- live here and make^tUeir living here. Thru tut- carry-all and^omnibus were the only means of irausisir^tatiou to i lie Northern Pacific r^ilroad, Mm^only railroad then running into Helena^Now the city la lined witli trucks of street^railwaya and motor lines . and railroad com^mauication ia bad direct with am town of^importance wit Inn a radius of M in ilea. I he^Northern l'acilio brunches out to TYWlkaB.^and Moulder, to Kiniilii and Maryaville, by^inde|^eudeiil Inn-. The Montana Central^baa also since penet rated our city, affording^competition for
ourcity, aff^our merchants Isitli in tin^rate* for travel and fix itibt. I in Montana^Central also has its mde|^ciide!it lirancb to^Marysville, and by its main line reacbea^(he busy minitiL' and smelting caiuiia south^of here and after Hutte. All of tiieae im^proveiuents have bad their effi ct. Five^years ago the city of Helena embraced u^radius of two iqMN miles. To-day it covcra^twelve square milea. Five years ago what^is known us the wi st aide waa sparsely in-^niihitfd, but Ha at tract ivenesa as a resi^^dence section MUM apparent, and to day^the west aide repr. seuts the wealthiest^portion of the city, tilled with bun^dreda of ele.iint and costly duelliii:-.^the increase this year being ('renter^than any previous year. licyoiid^the Hauaer addit cm a uouse was not to la.^seen, but u ouupeiiv of eiiti-rpiiainycitlzens^r.nn . ived the id. a of building a motor riul-^w.iv aloii; that - v|^ .11 -^ ..f territory, run^^tag about three mile- from the city, and^what ha* been the result ;' liver one million^dollars has Ims-ii expended within the |^aal^two years in building up that space, prop^^erty has rapidly enhanced 111 value and to^day the we-t sum 1- the most attractive por^^tion of tie city, t he most 11111K^rt 11 ill of^these improvements litis lain the Hotel^Broadwater and the great iiatatorium with^it- larye sheet of hot spline,* mineral water,^111,1kin. the L'reatest attraction of its kind^.141 the elolic. Kvery llcliniiilc ^isunt-i^with pride^ to this ^rent achievenieiit of^Colonel Broadwater which will remain a^lasting monument to tin- eiilcipnse of this^sturdy pvneer. who not inanv years ago ar^^rived in Montana driviug a mule team and^worked in the placer digging*, of the terri^^tory. To Ool, Hrondwal. r's em rgy can^also Im- credited the building of. the Mon^^tana Central iailwu^ into Helm.1. of which^iie ia the president.
Theimprovements 111 the business center
ofHelena in the bud live years innc 11
tlvewm-der of viaitors. Elegant atoll* and^brink structures have taken lie place n[ In-^cftLiU* MM bail.lmgs and Wood) n stria tares^^,ba,;^ih.l in their lb-sign are t^^^ ^^^very aide.
Themotor railway pass.- through On-^city covering alaiut five miles. DvtSbUn^uionth of September thi* hue carried (tfitD
Csiplean average of lo.oOu |.. r mil or^KJQ par day. I he fare 011 this line aver^^ages Um cents, so it will be seen that the^hnaineaa is ipute large. The Helena street^railway runs from the head of Main street^to the Northern riicitic depot, pBBBBB^down lleli na avenue on Us m ini line, and^branches oil on Lawrence str.il in the^Montana Central de|*it. Cans pas* a given^(Hiillt every tlltecn nimutes, and tin y MIT)^aw many if not more passt MM than the^motor line. During the past we. k a BJ w^ttreet railway has begun business.called the^Broadway. Fifth and Molilalia avium^line,. I his line begins at Mam^street and Broadway, turning at Warren by^the Merchants hotel, thence hi Fifth avi^nuc aud stops at Molilalia avenue. I h.^line will soon be running to the Northern^Pacific depot, 1 force of wol km. 11 b-ing at^work up^n tin . \tension. Aiiolli.i BJNM^railway in IheeitJ is the Bridge and K id.;^street line. Ibis ia an riteu-ioii nt the Hi t^eua Btreet railway and uiei ts the nwta Inn^at Montana avenue, passing down Itodiiev^it- entire length (ruu Bridge. KudUw)
gtrwtia Considered i he In-I glided stieit^in the city and nriliv b inds .me naUHM^and large buck Hats are situ.it^xl Umm.
Itwill be seen that lb h DN 1- well supplied^iu the matter of transportation, but Hi... ml^ia not yet. Maior 1'aluicr will soon begin^building the electric motor rnlwu tor^which be waa granted a traiichiae a few^nionths ago. This line will run on Broad^way to Montana avenue, llience to tin^Northern I'acitie depot. It will run on tin^same track used by the new bora.- car Inn^.in Broadway aa 'far as Warren aired^Among the other street railway MteUaiutM^that will I* bin^ ^* ,u'' extension of tin^liuin Btreel line along Main street, pas-mg^the w.^t aide ^f the Steamboat Dwell um^mulling down past the gaa works am if^the new bridge crossing tin- Sortln 111 I' u nt^railway and continuing along through thi^Flower (iarden and Noithem I'acitie addi^tiotis wliich havi so rapidly built up during^theyear. Theae are all peruian. nt improve^inelits which give the city a na tmpilitau^air and surprisi- tin maii\ om|.h-^I ..v^claim repeatedly . 1 had 110 1,1. a Hel. na^was Much a place.
Ithas been remarked that While tin' |*^u^^ of the town are doing averything p,-si^Lie to make it attractive, the city author!^ties should la-gin doing their part. Yet th^city fathers ha%e done a great thing for^Helena which people are alow Ion I /,^and that ia laying a complete sewerage sya.^tern The work is not yet cunpl. 1. .1 I.i t
uearlvevery street in kheeitj pri
hasits wwera. This work is und r ground^it dociliot *hoW but it is th. 11 Hud it cost^mai deul of boom and ia a n^oesaity^The city ia heavily bonded forth, coal of^three aewera, but HI aome attention ia^ueedi-d towarda placing tin atreeta and sid.^w ilks in oouditioii and extending ^ del^mains to the rapidly settling le w poitioiis^of the city. H would be bird to nnd a^street so ilusty a^ H'nuVn obsen tn^oeutly eatiniated that*n^^,U^l a year ^ ia loal^i^ j{in.^. on account of ti.i- ^lu
howonly v.
whichis no small item. I.,it w.n, - and m. t^chandiae were being re|^ 1I^ r. nd. 1. 1^unut for sale, und boildltlfli had to la n^,, Bted ^iuit^- fr^-^l^' ntly, aud the furniture^and housihold furnishings ot business^bhsiks BMd dwellings were being oontmuallv^ruined, and wall paper, nioelj In s, ^doeil-^ings and walU and costly tap.-Hies^were falling prey to the evil efl,cts.,l wind^^storms and gales. A little judicious street^auriuklitig. he thought, e aibl pat . -^^^\^ to^to this, and lis long as water can be - cured^it should lie done. The west side pirtion
oftile city andlv neinls this protect aa
welfa*Main. B'slney. Broadway, bring^stre.tt and Helena avenue. The dust 0011^t in 11 lily blows on the latter thoroughfare^and dbeavy loss in wearing apparel is hus-^tamed*by male and female pedestrians or^occupanta of carriages and street cars.^The city has a few sprinklers^out all the time but it is not enough, ami^more should be put on until the tune has^arrived for paving the principal thorough^^fares. The paving proposition was agitated^during the hurt city campaign and the^uiayoi in his inaugural uddreas said ha^would recommend that this be done. Bui^that waa the last heard on the subject.^Within a few miles of this city the best
graniteprocurable, and in unlimited quan^^tity can Im^ secured for this purpose.
Thesidewalk- of Helena, and particularly^those on Main street, are an eve sore. Nails^and knots project Ht every step and it is^hard to find two boards on an e^pial level.^A few enterprisisng business men have laid^either asphaltum or ceiuenl stone walks in^front of their business places which have^Imh-ii a great improvement. Messrs Pardo n^i Cannon, who MM that portion of^Broadway as the south from Room to the
Presbyterianchurch, have laid asphaltum^walks'as wi ll as the church people, and^Judge Hedges, acrists the street, has fol^^lowed suit, Hi each ca-e the iinnrovenieiit^being penaa^111 attractive and substan^tin I.
Thestreet commissioner has been engaged^the past month in guiding the Mauser boule^^vard. Thi* extends from Bark avenue to^tin- Hotel Broadwater, and if kept sprinkled^and in gisal condition when completed will^prove a very popular driveway and m fact^the onlv drive 111 the city.
Amongthe Other things that have at times^been agitated has been the selection of^grounds for city pirks. This, like the other^Mtarprises, seems to have la-en lost 111 the^campaign shuttle, but it will bob up again^and continue to bob until the result ia ac^^complished. Since the completion of the^Kroadwater hotel with its magnificent^pirk surroundings the anxiety for a public^iiark has not bd 11 so gr.- it, but it is evident^that some tune the capital will have to have^a park which will la- found useful for more^purposes than one. At present Ha re is 110^suitable place for a public dim.,list rut Ion of^any kind, for military drill or a place for^recreation for families. Ileal estate men^say that prois-rty is cheaper now than it^ever will be and if the city ei|s e' to ever^hav. a park, it is obvious that the time for^some movement in that direction has ar^^rived.
TheMiami city adiiiiniatration baa^placed in a new lire alarm system, pur^^chased a m w burial ground and considered^the water question with the pros|^ecl of the^latter being finally settled at the next meet^nig- There are many other things which^^OaUMMd the attention of the city and^if the street sprinkling subject could be at^^tended to at mm th)' I*uple woulduiidoiibt^ly send up a prayer of tbaiiks. It will only^be about two mouths more until snow tiles,^but 111 the intervening time much money^and volumes of swear words would be^saved.
Bussingby Helena's wants and needs and^detects it stands pre-eminent as the magic^city of the mountains und is rightly nainei!^thi- Queen City. The record of progress^within the short |s riod of live years is near^to marvelous, and is a striking illustration^of the prosp'rity of Montana dining the^half decade, for llelena'a advancement is^due to the increased pi^S|x rit\ of the whole^territory. Helena could not advance by It^^self. It is upheld bvthe territory at large,^and no other city envies its prosperity. It ia^the commercial, linalicl.il and railway cen^^ter of tins vast domain, the an a of which^is I l.'l,7711 square miles, or ltf,000,OUO acres,
andwhich lias produced ft..^^^ gold
fromits placer mines, anil last year pro^^duced $40,4*7,LI-',, an increase of |fi,im.000^M 1 ^ 7. ami which this year a ill yield^'ipiallv as much, and would have yielded^|4.'^.^H^,Ulil had it not been for Hie disas-^rous tire which curtailed the production of^the groat. Anaconda OoapM company t his^year. I bis territory also has within its bor^^ders cattle valued a! ^40.flOO,(100, and thla^\ear will produce over |8.(IOO|000 ill wool.^Ml of these industries, including^the agricultural industry, contribute^to the siippirt of cities which^draw ^BOB Helena as the center for^their supplies to ^ large extent. As these^industries thrive so doi s Helena thrive.^Many of thi' men who ari' at the head of^these large enterprises have their homes^and families in tola city, and these are the^men who have mude Helena what it is. The^future ot Montana's capital is bright. The^tline is not far oil when a manufacturing^center will be ..-Midi-tied within the M^viroiis of ibis metropolis, and tho city will^litinue to grow and pi'os|MT, as it is coin^piscd of a class of men who have made Hel^^ena tin. richest city, in proportion to its
imputation,of any city ill the United States.
l*i..|m'rl) Is Kirm ami ltti^t ess A^tl%e^\t -.tenia)'^ Tran^fer^.
Ilealestate is picking up.^ That was^tie average response made yesterday when^the Indf.I'KNIikmt reporter made his rounds.^Inquiries have been plentiful during the^week. The probable buyers have labored^under the delusion that because business^was lax during the summer, it naturally^followed that values declined In fills they^have been sorely disappiinted, for prois rtv^was iie\. r so firm as it is to-day. Yet. there^are . makers who say, ^I'll bet you can buy^all the lots you want for al^^most nothing in a year from^How.^ Such remarks aa these, however, do^not come from sensible men or men of fore^^sight. The fact is that Helena realty is in^^creasing in value aud will continue to en^^hance in value. Montana is not on the de^^cline; it is forging ahead and. as tlie com^^mercial center of Montana, Helena must^ke^ p up with the age of progress.
I'oiter,Mutb A; Cox rc|s^rt that west side^property is very active.
Inthe Hauncr addition a number of very^fine houses have hi-ch finished and an- un^^der way. notably the residences of Mervey^Barbour. F. L. Sizcr, W. ^^. Kdgar and W\^I., l/oveland. And in the Bradford and^Brooke additions the elegant, home like nnd^^OB] cottages of Judge Hunt, John 0. I'nul-^s^ 11. Mrs. Ooodeil and George A. Apph toti^iir. -^.nt fine appearances. Ground has ts-en^broken for three uew houses in the Syndi^^cate addition to be completed this fall.
Mauserstreet is being graded its full^length and will bean elegant drive to the^hotel. A project is on foot lo have tins^str et lighted by electricity, and it is to Is-^liois d that its promoters will la-success^^ful.
Thecity needs, more than anvthitig else,^a gisid drive ami the council in connection^with the property owners along Mauser^si n et are doing splendid work in filling^this long felt want, and it now only remains^for them to put on the lights and complete^the work so well begun. Ileal estate sales^for the past week have been light, but prices^rule firm anil steady.
\estel dn^ 1 ran^fcr^.
the following real estate transfers were^filed for record w stcrduy with County Clerk^and Becordi r TooBefl ^^J no. it Rullltt, Jr.. trustee. Jo K. I^. Vaad,
lotblk.^^. Northern PeeMr addition 8^liilmaa RigBn to Hull] lluji k. lots 7. I-, in.
Mk.tT.l-i ' Helena
WilliamH Webb et ax. to J. K Muiii, It
interestin the V V. I entral. Viiaderliilt.
I'oarJseks, HikIhiu lliver. IjMBBCai
Itepewqnarla Lode* irsi^William ft Webb el ux. t.i Ads N. BaMA
sinterest in same Itshs.... IM
Kdaartt,tUraarils el at. to (Vila A. lirsnt.
partof Mi I, t, I,Muul.lin nd.litinii I
AdsK. Bufea n.s. r. Ilaoaerami Thao. II.
Kl.ud-ehmidt,1.1 k-. I, :.. W. 14. SJ, .v.. ^^, H,
Mtjjk,lto^e..Hd.litiull ... . NUU
TlieMonuuia CeetraJ mlwagr eompM) to^the rnaaoliaartaa Tm Mile A lied act ioa
eoiupliny.pail of ll.e I MiMialain null-^site I
tie..riteII. Piatt, tru.tis.. el ux. In .lame- I .^Handera. H Intereal In bits 11,12, blk. It
lotIt, blk. Itj lot- |^. Ill, 1,1k. tK lot It.^blk. 15: ha- I, I blk. :^^: lots It, in. blk.^^: lot It, blk. B, FlitwerGarden additina 2,290^fieoiwa H. I'intt, trusiw. et ux. to Warren
'. liillette. i, interest in lots II. 12. blk.
'^: lot It, blk. Itj lots It, l^, blk. JU; lot 14.
blk.'.'a: I..t- 1. 1 blk. lots ItVif blk.
Ullot U, blk. Flower lierdeii addition '4,'iV)^fleuiae If. I'ialt. ti iisiis., et ux. to Warn'n
(. liillette and .lames I . Sanders, lots 7'
Kblk. Ml: lets 7. *, blk.lot I. blk. In,
flowerHarden ndditinn 1,275
SamuelT. II,., et ux. to Warnui ('. liil-
leileand .lame- (J, Ijaeiilla. lotsM. 10. blk.
It,Flower (lardon addition 550
JohnTravis to Maggie V Cobb, lots II, la.
blk.2^.i. Northern I'acitie addition . . l.nUO
Wbi.Held treatae. to Mary LanMnlat, u-^^1, 2, blk. I, Valle) Vi.-w addilina 1
Win.Ileid, trustee, to Saiuiiel K. Haider,^lot 17. blk. I, Vall^.)' View addition |
t. |^, Sullivan lo W in. Senior, lot 2:1. blk,
JO,lleluua townsite ail
riiesaleuttllaads, watches, jewelry and art
Iswill continue but a b w days iimre. Don't^^ ^1 lo buy jour hnbdav ureaanta.
w.(,. haiI.KY JKWBLBVUO.
M.a'a underwear and hoisery is sold chcajs'r'at^Hi. I;.. Hue than at any regular fi.liushing
aoislshouse in Helena.
t:in Itu
dlie*aTransa^*t^'^l^loirs Kl^*el^'^l.
N-w Item
Ihe i. . Ille.l BBftMl nicfting ol tlie M.m^tana S^s^iely of Civil Kngini ers was held^l ist evening at tin- office of Mr. Beckb r.^chief BBCMMM of the Montana Cititral rail^way. I'residint It. II. QfBBM in tlie chair^i'ln re wi re presi nt Mi ssis. Mnvi'll, Ki llv^KiNW, (Jrifiltb, Wheeler, Ib Bacy. herl and^visitors Mcllac and Brown.
\pglicatioufrom M ^'. F. IVaiia for^Memberabip was rocciv d and ordi'iid tihil^the reports of Committees on memorial
toconstitutional BtMVMtiOB MM oil irri^tiou in Montana BMW IBM and adopt
Col.DeLacy read a papa
inHelena on ac. ounl of this dual. Uked^he calculated upon this, In said not^wits wearing appircl quickly ruim ^l
Mand ail^on the history^land anrreya, ami suggested that th^cut ire system as in.* practiced lie abolished^ami thai the sum\s be made by B corps of^engineers as railroad surveys are conduct! d.
IIns paper was submitted us a pre^^liminary report. Mr. ('bus. G. Giitlith was^bled to tlie committee on public laud BM^reys, and the committee was directed to re^^pot at the Bell regular meeting. The com^^mute, on alliliation with tin1 Ainciican So-
cntv of Civil Kngineera suiinntti d a repoM
IWCOBUBBBdiBBthat ilefiliite action in tne^matter l^' deferred, nnd that a ronmiittee^be appilliti d loBUBiBt BritB the BUBMBltMB^of thi' ABMtMBB society and with the board^of managers of the engineering s.k-i.1 n s.^The rciairt waa adopted, and Messrs. Haven,^HelToa and herl BBM apputited such a^committee.
Itwas voted that Mr. Haven attend the^meeting of the board at managers at Chi^^cago m November. M which time the mut^^ter will lio fully discussed.
Missis. Kelh' y, Glllc ami |lar|a-r were ap^^pointed a permanent pomiaittaa on BBMB*^bi-rslnp. riies.s'ii ty tIn n adjourned.
Vone^n buy laides' nuderwoHr aud tmisery at
TheII. e Hive ^'h.*per tluui at aa) other store ill^Hie l it).
IIn* New York Pry IIh Store
Isevidently doing a marvelous H ole this^season, said a lady while conversing with^n ^ in relation to matters of fa-hioii. ^You^cannot imagine the quantities of stylish^foreign and domestic g^^^ds - silks, plll-lleS,^iibbons, hosiery, gloves, shawls ami beauti^^ful wr.qis. Their giMida represent tin'la st^in niufucturcs, ami ale conspicuous id the^present season for novelty Bid attractive-
ins-. 1 was delink ted to learn tram the
buyerof the New fork Store that black^gro-grain silks were again in great demand^lb' displaM d a munis i of m w pores of thi
ia no .us boneat bmnd, which is noted for^iM ' xquisit. finish and durability. 'No mat^nr.' ne continued, 'if the deiiitind may^UcBMl .s casniiial s^ as.uis, they will always^be-tyli-l . as tin re is iioilnng ^^^ d. cid. dly^genteel lor even IMBMBOB as an elegant^black gio-giam silk dress.'
^^ i
Availyourself of '.tie bars'sms oft^nsl at tlie^Bpeelal sale of cenehjeTf au.l ^'liiuawan* at The^Iks' Hire.
linyyour readiiiK matter at The Baa' Hive; tlr y^have the ...I ^ ^ a ass^irtineiit and lowis.1 prices.
Allkind- of art K^i^l- at Fowles' ( asli Store.
The^ hurdles.
At.Pnal'l Methoilist Kpiscopal cbuich^the pastor. Bev. Dr. Italeigh will pri ai'h at^11 a. in. on thi' theme: ^ I he Spirit of^Prophecy.^ At ^tltO p. in. on ^Who Am If^^The public are cordially invited. Scats
B.v. F.. I hi, pastor of the German Metho^^dist church has returned from conference^for another year. The trustees have decided^to build a church and parsonage .m their^lot corner of BobBBB street and I'rospcct^iivi hue. Messrs. Senium-, n and Williams^ore preparing the plans and w ill supervise^the Work. I ntil the church is finished^services and Suiidav s. honl w ill he held as^before in the ball ol tie \, O. I . W.. over^Farohen'adrau store, sumlay-schooi every
Sundayat III a. in. Services . very Sunday^at It a. in. and 7:110 p. in. This German^Hunday-arBuol offers a grand opBortBnity^to Aiui iicatis studying the German lan-^n e. It alteaily compris! s wv. ral of such^Bit *-es.
BBBUBjdI'resbvti'rian clmrli. Ailains^ hull.^Helena ^venBe, Rev. Dr. Guinn will cob-^dad si'rvicis. Morning at II o'chs'k: even^^ing at 7;iVH; Sabbath school and Bible class^lit 2:1(0.
I'hi'subject for this morning at tin^ChriethxnChurch is: ^Culture.^ For this^iiing: ^The Ark of the Covenant.^^Sunday school at Mt a. lu. Voung ]k'o-^ple'l nice!Inn at BBTJ p. in. All inviti'd.
Breachingat thi' Coiigri gatioiial eBBNB^by the pastor. It^ v. F. I^. helsi y. on the^tbemea: ^Paul's 0oBVerafciM,n anil ^The^liost is Foiuiil.^ Bible classes and Sunday^school at Mth Young p .pic's misting at^4.r^. Kveiiing service at 7:110. All ari'cor^dlall) invited.
TheTime Has Arrived For
BeautyBeyond Description!
Morning,Oct. Onr new Addition will be thrown Open^Italian wnitii of Dry fioodx, anil (Urnets, unl the Must
vVednexdtjtion ThottMandiv o
nrewill nhow has Ever been wen here berore, inn
(Combinationsilks for Kveuing ami Street^!!^^ nitii'ul Combination l^irss Patterns.^Vewesf Shades in Faille Krancaisi
itthe Pnblie, w hen^Kvelnsive Line in
canthev lie t'niiinl elx'uhei'e in this City
therew ill be on iSxhibi-^the West. Nothing that
hresssilks.^Newest Shades in^KrillianteeiiH,^Match.
'iirietta( hiths anil^h Striped Small
Brocadesilks to
Ladiesof ll^^hm\ OoodH,
lenawe would si\: Come to our^whether yofl wish to I'ureliase or
Kleirantassortment of Seal and Pln^h (iannents.^Kxclnsive Patterns in Newmarkets.^Figured Parisian Cashmere* for Tea Gowna.^I^ivn^ Trimmings, Dress Trim minus.^Handkert'hielk, Handkerchiefs, rlandkerehiem.^Beautiful Designs in silks.^PiXclusive Stylrs in Carpets.
(iramlFall Opening. Polite ami Attentive Salesmen \lwavs^not, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEB 2:5. is the date.
SANDSBROS., Helena, Mont
BBMtBlBJIUnit fa^ la' Itrlirt I'll
A.K. PmbboMi Km ^ill BBjBbUakBi bbuMi^works mi I^i^it Mum atrcct, haa n larger^Ht.u'k nf inarldc and granite tlian all tlie^iitlu r ilealiTM in .Molilalia taken ollia't ively,
unllie udfara the Buna bbI at bbjbhb priMB.
Nu!no] lint fur mm iiiuiiey than any utbi r^dealer in Montana.
Kini'Millinery.^4BBBBBBBI aonu tluni; in tlie liata and^Itollll! ta af KowIch^ Cnali Store that IbBBjI^BBUBBBB) to each individual *t\lc. A pretty^twiat lu re, n BBJBBjM curve tin ic. a BBpBJf^MmdiBfl id tonea and mils, of batl t ib^and velvrta ot ribbouB and l.ic. .. rov/laa^inn' millinery baa tut stamp of rich origin
aiitjin everv frill and fold and (cuthi t.
lla.I.|u^rt.t). for nidlilUT)^Store.
aiVbbBB1 i imIi
Karrmi. 1 - in i'luthiuic.
Hurria,llelena'a leading clothier, will^during BBM days tin. wi*ek have u e|~-cial^aale of uiilaunilried ahirtx, puttini; themou^the market at an unprecedented low prici^.
MihHtiK'kof full und winter clothina for^mm und hoys ia now complete and is oue^of the oompleteat ever allow n in Helena. A^line u( tiiii' pantulooiiH at tract itarlBBllBf at^^tention.
Kowlen'iash Htore is tlie pla^s. to Liu; ladim^and . m.'if u - under'
IfMBBfBM foot ruftaa. BNbI and Imtter ^^ti
Uni rfaBd raaoMMMit. Qibbb rtraat.
ObIjh 11 on e
For^ Is.ttle of t'atiforma while wine or^C^.iret; this wine ia gBaTBBBMMl pure and^wholi'soiui'. We iilao mil the celilirated
lamp'sU-er at the same price.
HouhminnHuns A 0b.^('or. ('I.ire and Kdward Sta.^I'elephone No. 1*41.
UBBBline Bf aMBMBBa. Baal eiuirnviturs. oil^pnUBBBBVate., just nveived at Tin' lUs* Hive.
.. - _... ..
ObjBIIIBBfttaBBB BBMBBl Tlie lias' Hive, all^kiuds and st^l.s^ rlaBBBr tlian cvit.
Allkind, of infamy himhU at New York jiricep^at Kuw Ii'm' i'asli Store.
(i.VV. Jacks.m. music denier.^MBJM from || to .'^ at the lion Ion.^Superior uotarv aeals at Kemp'a iihshv^office.
AuheuaerA llusch Heer at Teicherta A^Wick'a.
JamesW. Iturker. merchant tailor. Main^atna t, opposite First National batik.
Oneast via the Montami Central and^Manitoba railways, the new aleeping and^diuiutf car route to St. l'aul and the east.^Tbrouub trams leave Helena daily at Il::lf^^a. ui.
Thereis no MMtBjdM tintincinl institu^tuiii in the UaitBd States thim the .Tar^vis t 'uiiklin MortgagB Trust Compauy. a^lirnnch olticK of which BBSbBBB IBSBBtl]^bSBB i'stnlilislieil ill RtrHIB. fur Muntatia^nnd Idaho, lyoana in itny sum from^aWN up MM ^^^ clnwil tit BBjBtV All tlmt^is necessary t^ secure n loan is^ami that is ri'i|iiiri^il bl every
institutIonin the BBfM. Tha
KBBJfB..Ian is A ^ '.'iiklin arc us reiu^iti-^MW as can bt BBcurwl from any source.^Their rt'piit.itinii fur pruliity anil fair^^ness in all their dealings is well attested^l^\ the iiiany who have done business^with them in fifteen states and territo^^ries in which they operate extensively,^ami no complaint of unfairness ha\ injf^BOMB in ilurine; the years they have la'en^in business is proof BOBitivB of their re^liability.
RBBjilMgthat Montana ami Idaho^presented a good tiehl for a legitimate^loan business, the iitlice was establialied^here him! is now in MMUpofMy qiiartera^with A. .1 Stiadc, in the HromlwaU'r^Building, on the corner of Main and^Sixth avenue, and will remove to more^commodious quarters as sum as they^can Ik- secun .1.
AIpBOiaH) is miiileof Iioanson Ranch^and Karni propertv OwlMJ to the vast^extent of tlicir trimsactions Messrs. .lar^vis A Conklin re pure uirencics through^out the Brrriton in which the) o|h^rate,^ami for that reason wish to^BJBBtB thr. uirh Montana and Idaho, ami^t^^ that end OOtTBapOBdBBOS is solicit^Hl^from responsi'ole am! reliable |KTsons
Thecash capital of this company ta^^1 ..'a*^,^^^^. w itb a larte available fund^to draw from if ever found to lie neces^anry.
Solid,substantial, reliable and trust^worthy, thi .litriis t'onkiin Mortmain1
TrustCompany is mm IV law I that it can
MlOOBBjfuU*raBtpata with any similar^organisation of the kind m the UaitBd
States. CbrraapaBjdaBJMM is solicited, to^w hich * prompt replies w ill lie tmuie.^1j^'W rates of interest, easy term*, and^satisfaction guaranteed in hI! ensea.^II atJARVni nnd
WeCan Fit Any Foot in Helena!
Wehandle and keep in stock More Kme [(basis than any^house West of Chicago. Our Hoods
-Z5.re.25.11 2v^ad.e to Ord.er,
B)fthe Largest ami Hi^pay \ou to s|h'im1 an I^stock and BBt New and
stFactories in America. It will^lour or so BBBtMBBJ our Immense^Lata Stv le ( basis.
Nextto First National Hank, Helena.
Thos.Crahan 4 Co.
Thislist will (jive an idea of the char^actor of the property we handle. If^it i1ih^s not contain what von want we^arc sure \ou can la' suited by calling^at our ollicc and exaininitu; our oom^plete list of property.
196o Roan brick mi Ninth avenue.
Silo7 llooin brick. Capitol Hill addition.
$4oS Room brick. Eighth avenue l nualern I.
^.^^H-Rooru brick. Fifth avenue, furnished.
IISri Room brick. Hcatlie street.
110'J Room brick. Water street.
PloS Room frame. Kicbuioiul Hill addition.
*'J0,^, Rooaa frame. South lloback stri ct.^$16^4-BooBJ frame. PbflMil avenue, near N.
fcl.^6 Room fratne. West Side.
7^Cabin, on Broadway,
Roomframe^1 RooM frame^I RnoBJ frame^0 Kooin brick.
Boulderavaaua.^oottaaa. near N. I*. rtapnt^N. 1*. addition tnew i.
7-RoOtnbrick. Chaucer stlcet. with stable^7 RoOB) frame. Ninth avenue, and stable.^.^^ KiMiin brick. Eleventh avenue, furnished.^7-Roon frame, sixth avenue.
TiRoan frame. Bifhth avenue imialem).
IRoom frame, Broadway,
JRooma on Je4Taraoa it reel far HouM'kecpine;.
JFurnished rooms, east Bridi/a.
FouSiu Four lots, each BOsUfi, at 1900ticti, pajTlhrT i'S^ down, #10 jier montli
Ivla-tlescn Steele,
C'alkins^ FTeatlierly,
rVUUAMZATlONUK i in ASSKSSMKNT.^^ * Sotice lierehy tfiven that the asw^.tueut .
ro|^^rtjrfur city taws, for the current rbi has^aaaa BMUjIaBal. and that all pepsins fisdiiui^themselves !uarne\^d therehy ahail a|inea.r U*-^fnre the city council, sitiiiuras a laavnl of -^^ uali-^ration on Tunslar. tK t. ^!. lssf. at '^ :t0 p. m.
vII IHH (ilJkS, l ity Aasessor.^Ilelsna. Mont.. Oct. la
Stationery,Leeal Blanks, Aiken dt Lambert Gold Pens,
BlankBooks, Memorandums, Picture Frames, Mouldings,
BabyCarriages, and a General Assortment of Notions
Sawedand Split Wood,
31:{siuli Am .. Comer Ewing, at ^^iii OoTeninont corral.
BUSINESSPROPERTY:^!..riiil) A select corner oppxisite Steani
WaadSaw ing by Steam done on short notice, from half cord up to any Btnount^Kindlings furnished on short notice.
boatBlock, on Helena Ave. and^Jackson street, W feet on Helena^Ave. and 110 feet on Jackson St^^ M at i BO feet ndjoinini; Helvidere^house on the south, ^olHI |K^r foot.^'Juki ^id feet on Helena Ave., Isdween^Warren and BwlMf, taMBBj south.^5/100 SO teal batwaaB I lav is street and^Montana ivenua, mi Helena ave^line, faoing north.^^J..*^ni 3S teal mi Helena avenue, ona^bl.s'k from Davis street.^RESIDENCE LOTB.^.^jvl.'slii Baofa for two choice eornera on^Hroadway and lloback, each 100^fisit front.
$5,000 Select corner, lOOllflO in Hauser^addit ion, on motor line, bliH'k \f^.^fai insouth and east.^$3^00 lOOslSB. blin k M, lota 7 and 8.^Hauser addition, oaay terms.^!K^i liHixll^. in block aW, lot,H7 nnd 8,^Flower (iarden addition.^$1,700 100x135, bl.m'k Bt, lots 13,14,16.^10, Broaav/ater addition. This ia^a choice corner on Madison Ave.^si lOOx] (0 in Northern Pacitic No.^2, bifh level efround.^HOI SKS AND LOTS^|$V900 Choice 0 room dwell iiiK, lot 30i
110to alley.^ISJOO .^^ nsiiii eetUafB '^n Ninth avenue.
newand well built.^$1,000 $4bmm bouse, one half MBBB
frommotor line.^$2,100 Nice I rmini brick, very BIMBBBj^ent.
$.7,0011 Select corner on west aide, nice
.Vn brick with all improve
nients. Lot .714x110.^$S300 Corner on Kleventh Ave. and^Davis street, two h^*k\ brick houses^and lot laOxllO feet.
RANCHPROPERTY.^$bVBO0 Best ranch in Missouri valley, '2^miles from Townsend: ^111 acrea.^all under fence. |^erfect title; good^hOQm and barn, and implement*^of all kinds mv.l on lirst class farm.^LOANS.
Weare now prepared to place large or^email loans on improved city pro|^erty^or fiasl pasl raiiehes. at a low rate of^interest on tirst mortnti're loans.
Riaiiii11. Thompson UliM'k. Helena
R.w. N i :i 1 A
Manufacturerand IValer in
BiteSpurs, tJuirU. Whijie. Ltieiies, lllankete. Sheet*. Duatere, Slickers^Nose-Uliiris. Sweat txillars. Horse H\x)U,and ail other BOOM usually kept^in a first class harness store. Hand made driving harness a frpeeialty.^Opposite Grand Central Hotel, Main Street, - ^ HELENA, MONT.
Theiin.lcraumed BBI a $7.0^0 iM^w^i^ai*r and^iol. printiiia iiiittit for wliich he desires a lnra-^tion. Will start eitls-r a BBjb Bl weekly in a lira^youna city or cocnty s.^tv where such aB.aSBM is^wantwl. t'aa furnieh
..,^ i^-n ^..... ^. ^ ^^^ -^tlie l^wt of references.
estahAsli'i'i'iaof a plant with tlie amiHint of mate^^rial of the valne above mentioned, forraapurnl-^enc elicited. Addrs.

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