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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, October 30, 1889, Image 7

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Juliein 'akin diK^ RH^ 8. Sold l^y It. 8. liule^, A to.. wuoI.hhI. und ri'tml it-mita, Hi'lt-im.
TheChances of the Democracy Car. j^ryin^ the State Better Than^For Years.
Tb- Isaues Entering Into the Oam-^vaign Which Give tho Boiea^Men Courage.
Tit*Hpiihm -rati. Mun.l on KhIIm.ii l.^ u''~-^Utltin. tilt- liquor TriUtir itnd Hie^Tin III \V lulling Vole^.
IowadMiu.M i.it* uri' ciiiitiileiit that it BBBJ^d^^ not win thin full they will conn' nearer to^it than tin y utivt aiiirf 1**), aud an- williiiK^to |five the ivimoiih (^^r the faith that ia in j^tliein. i* ys a lati- I ^uv^ njMrt. Iowa, dinpatch.^Eti-ii tin- ui.mt eotiservntivi'are d.iinn cim- 1^aid. r.il.1. l.rn^'iuu. while the eiilhuaia^.tic^onw li.iM- !(^^:. ^ el.rted already, and are i^^oniewhat diseimt.-ntid Leciiune they do not j^know exactly whom tliev Kliall Hclect us I^United State* BJBMNBf to *ikt. cd MMSbbV I^There certainly never was a campaign in^Iowa where the deuiiKTat* showed aa much^confidence, and it ia tiny who are making^liu HMltll|M- TtM BWSMSM threat^prohibition or auti-ptohibitio*, ln^li t ^riff ^^or low tanir and monopoly or anti-nioiiop^oly. 1 he dennx-mtn BIB also lUVng ^'e^Australian syHtein of votilli! as a aid.- is^ue,^but just MW It is decidedly a side diali and^baa not armed at the dignity of an entree,^let aloii^ pan ot the main eomse.
Whiletin le.'uUlic.ina dialled the tariff^ii^i sVioii MHtktt in their platform tiny^^ere proiioumed BSWSfjh on prohibit i. n,^and announced w'*h nil the lorcc that wolda^oould eoliMIf tli it they lie\-r would eons. nt^to a repeal of the ell-tiny lajuor laws, the^democrats just as emphatically maiaU-d on^a repeal anil tin- mil ...tit lit mil of a sji.V^i li-^HMMi The effect has la-en curious. While^boldinu aloft the li.iniii r of prohibition in^the interior of the atate^the place where^all yotsi prohibit loinsts BKBJBSt to oowhcU^they die^the parly managers have been of^^fering a very arductitf plea tolhe liijuor in^terests to help them out. They aay to the^liquor dealers of the river towns, where^^aloona are open, ^It ia la-tter for you to^pay the $10.1 which the cities tax you, now^(but prohibition exiata, than the ^^ which^you will have to pay if prohibition ia le-^peuled. lou are just as free to sell in the^one instance as the other.^ In^tbe interior, where prohibition is nom^^in illy enforce.!, they say to tie Liquor^deiilelb^that is to say, the dru^Klsts: ^All^yon bave to pay now is fM a year to I'nele^Sam. If the democi Bta w in you will hiive^to pay ^H) to the state.^ The argument^m baviny its effect with the drunmats, but^the saliamkei |s is of the ri\er towns arc so^afraid of a state coiit-t ibulary law that they^art) lisikiie- al tbe bait with n ^.rent deal ol^auspicioii. 1 hey know that if Huteliih. B li^elected with anything like an increased ma^^jority and the legislature is republican the^prohibitionists will pasa a law empowering^tbe governor to enforce the law with state^authority, and then they would be doue for.^In the meantime the law has become thor-^ou^hly obnoxious to a fMSS many republi^^cans, who wiI! ^. 't ^ aKiilliat it as nearly aa^tbey can, and ill the eraud shutlle it looks^aa if the democrats would come out consid^^erably ahead on the deal.
lluiit ia on the moiiopolv laaue that the^democrats hist now are making their bard-^Hat n^.ht. In tbi' last few years a ureal deal^of ruilway le^ialatiou has been accoinplish-^ed and a ureal deal more attempted in the^low.i legislature. Asa member of that leg^^islature. Hutchinson happened iu every^instance to be on the aide of the railways.^Whether he ^b riubt or wrouir In bis votea^is a question to i involved to be fully dis^^cussed in tbe tune allotted to one campaign.^The fact remains that it ia a difficult tinny,^to persuade the average Iowa fanner that^be was IM| and virv radically IMtM^that, lie would baa vi'i'y br.ive man imteed^who would attempt such a tiling, aa^tbe aforesaid farmer ia llriuly of^tbe opinion that railroads, as conducted m^tbia atate. are especial invent ions of the evil^om . and he looks upon a railway ollic.al^much us the patriotic Irishman Hoards the^occupant of llilbliu castle. Tbe sentiment^Hi this re. ard was best shown the other day^when liaafall III Ashby. of the Farmers' Al^^liance, a life Ion.' republican and represi il^^lative au'ricult inalist, came out ill a lony^letter ill which he reviewed Mr. Hutchin^^son's ran * i\ \otes in the legislature at^lelieth, mid pi' h i eded to dress that candi-^dute down in tlie hieheht style of tbe art.^So it has come about that when the republi^^cans H.iV of Uoies: ^lie has M record,^ the^dauna'rats sav of Hutchinaon: ^i be trouble^with Mai is, lie has,^ and it may hap|H'U^that that same isisaeasiou of ^a record^^which heal HI.niie in last may be equally^fut u to Hutchinson this year. At any ratethe^deiiiiHTats are working it for all it is worth^and aa potatoes arc s. Iliuo for eitfht to KM^cents a bushel on the wagons, outsat six^^teen oenta, corn so cheap it has to lie fed to^hoys and there is no market for barley at^any price, it BM) be th it they wil make a
winniiieissiiit of it. What ifivcs tbe
IhMgmore wi i;:lit isth.it John 0. Hills, of^this city, wUo Mlnle in Hie atate Heuiite was^tin promoter of the railway bills which^Hutchinson fought, has left tiie republican^party and come out openly tor Holes, lie^puts his eontn raioai to iaaMetaay largely on
thetariff issue, but the revolt of ttie man^whom tb fariuiTs hud bagn to h^^k to aa^their aayaaiaj chiuupion in all ant 1-inoiiopo-^ly hylits cannot but have awidispread m-^^luencc.
Thedemocrats arepressmotbe tariff issue^and the NMblMUUI d'Hlc.ie.! it. Senator^All.sou aaMa a s|M-eeb receiitlv in which he^deuionatrated t ^ li I own s RaftMttoa tluit^the one thmu w inch made tbe farmer pros-^la-roiis was a ln^h tariff and the only lunm^which troubled an Iowa farmer was ttint the^preatlit oie was not hiifh cnouxb, but some^^ me was unkiml enough to resurrect some^of Allison's old speeches in the senate,^wherein he del hired emphatically that no^agricultural community could be proapaf-^ona under a protective tariff. If Iowa is not^an agricultural comuiututy it ia not iniy-^ihino, and it maybe that some ot tin re^^publican farmers, when they balance up^this year's business on the basis of tbe^pries already quoted, may ujjrec with bis^earlier express, d opinions. The republicans^ire explaining the matter away by say,n^^he ia older and wiser nowthan then, but the^deiuiM'rats BM mad etloUi.h to decian that^be is a no I to be president li W lile in^former years be was ^lad to lie senator.
MintI)) a fMMki^W asi'INoion, Cct. '-^.^.^ tdwaid ISlunt, the^well known lawyer, eentlemau steeplechase^ru'.er and owner ^( several race horses, was^^hot ami si riously wounded this afterinsm^durino an altercation m a saloon by (ieo.^Mailt/., f .run rly proprietor of a notorious^auloon in tbia any, but now a political^worker in Mary land.
Killedby the I to., ill.
Ami km. Kan.. t)ct. 2!^. ^ The Abilene^tiauk siis|^ n.led this morniiiK. Llabilitn s^$li^j,i^l': claimed asM-ts $f^^l,l^J0. The de^^preciation w, .eh followed the Imsiiii of 1HH4^steadily dniLV-,.,! tbe bank down. Kusinvss^w practically paralyzed.
MowCan Parents^Allow their children to cough and strain^aud couch and c ilu... *-y: ^t lb! it is only^a little cold,^ and keep uivnn; them cheap^and dangerous inedicines, until they are^down w ith lung fever or consumption, when^tliev can lie so easily relieved by HeupT^Ch. rry t'ouuh Syrup'/' It has no superior,^and few equal*. For sale by all druKu'ists.^li. S. Hale A Co., wholesale and retail^agents.
Forchapped hands, roughness of the^skin, piiupl. s or blotches of any kind on^tin face or other parts of the bialy. apply^llutard's Specific. It works like magic, and^is warranted by druggists. Sold by K. 8.^Hale iV Co., wholesale and retail druggists,^Helena.
Carelor 1'iles.^Itching piles are known by moisture like^perspiration, producing a very disagreeable^itching after getting warm. Ibis form, as^well as blind, bleeding and protruding pile*.^yield at once to the application id Dr. lt^^-^sanko's I'lle Keiuedy, which acts directly^ll|s^n the parts aiieted, absorbing tbe^tumors, allaying thceintetise itching and^effecting a permanent cure. Fifty centa.^Address The Dr. llosanko Medicine eoiu-^pany, 1'iqua, tlhio. Sold bf K. S. Hale^A Co.
AWvfflu'a llivnvery.
Anotherwonderful discovery baa been^inudw that. t^s^, by a lady in this county.^Disease fastened its clutches upon her and^for seven year* she withsbsal its severest^tents, but her vital organs were utiilerminad^and death seemed imminent. For tbr.e^months she coughed incessantly and could^not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr.^King's New Discovery for Consumption and^was so much relieved on taking the first dose^that she slept all night and with one Isittle^has bel li miraculously cured. Her name is^Mrs. Luther Lutz.^ Thus writes W. C,^Hantrick ^ Co. of Sh. lbv. N. C. (let a free^trial bottle at li. S. Hale A Co.'s drug^store.
lbi. n!. .in Strength
Continuallyon the strain, or overtaxed at^intervals, is far less desirable than ordinary^vigor perpetual) d by rational diet and i xer-^cise, and abstciition from i xccss. I'rofi'ss-^ional pugilists and athletes rarely attain old^age. As ordinary vigor iu iv be retained by^a wise regard for sanitary living, and for^the protection against disease which timely^Bad Judicious medical ion affords, so also it^may be lost through prolonged sedentary^labor, uninterrupted mental strain, and^foolish eating and drinking, the chief and^most immediate sequence of all four licing^dyspepsia. For this condition thus, or in^aiiy way induced, and for its offspring, n^failure of muscular and nerve lmwer, 1 Ios-^tc ttcrs Stomach Hitters is the primes! and^most genial of remedies. Not only indiges^^tion, but loss ^f ffcsli. ap|s titi' and sleep^an n medicd by it. Incipient malaria and^rheumatism are banished, and kidney,^Isiwel and liver complaint removed by il.
Helena,Oct. 7, lo^7.^I was suffering from an unusally bad^oongh, my lungs were sore and congested,^and I consulted one of the best physicians^in Heh na, whose prescriptions failed to re^^lieve BMi I became alarmed, and at the^suggestion of a friend purchased a bottle of^Ak.r's BaajUab Raaaaiy for coughs, ami
aftertaking it according to directions was^completely cured. 1 tin n lore cheerfully^recommend it.
Jai'oiiSw ; i zkh.^I had a racking cough and lutlnmcd^throat and bought a bottle of Acker's F:ng-^lish Heini dy u|sm the recommendation of a^friend, and was entirely cured by it. 1 con^^sider it a never failing remedy for a co igh.
J.Fkldhkuo.^Acker's Knglish preparations are for side^in Helena only by li. S. Hale A Co.
Agentleman who had suffered great an^^noyance and pain from barber's itch, and^bad been treated by the beat physicians,^without relief, says that two bottle* of Du-^tard's Specific cured him und left bis faoe
llvlmn,Montunn, Feb. lH, /SRo.^/ baMBjp ct rtify that u mm of
MaawarWmUmg ftmmmr, nwm^nmt '^.^
rurthis tiny, con.sisfw ot t hemIcnlly^\^ure Crwmm Tuttiir noil bent Soda,^.tud contains no othvr Ingredient* of^^ivy kind.
A.V. HAND,^Ahsuycr and Chemist,
Scklllliii t Ct , MiMticlartn, I F.,C^l.
\tVomi's Pan Is Bet Furtuiip.
Aftnra few dMaV M| will p^rmavniMitljr MHfl^all Hl^^trli#*ai. Mtili*^, I'inii'l^ ami lT^^^-kle^, pr^r^drn iribf an Kiitntiiciiixlv I. t;itiful ('ointil^xinn^that hhanifOM ilif^ iim* of (Miw.i) r and rrHainrv.^WarranNn) i^rftTtly harin!^^^*^.hy all li*a^l-
ititf^lrnt(^it^t^* at *1 in^r Imix of HKi wafem.
Ir. Himint*' Saft* PaVkldllNy Wafi-r** an^ MM^MM rwllhaWi fur all \^ wirr*^^/iilantii^. Pr^r*^^|k*r \**\. H*^nt hy mail ^wmmip*' on r^ of^MM WMMM to ruiitnin no ^Taii^^y^ Tor
Tnr'Mi,fkft Co.. ^ rharnlnTM Si,. New York.^If. M. Ifart'h^*u X Vo*% Bole AaP'titn. BaImMi
TheGeteLrated French Cure,
'ft^ ure
laini aaaj
laf .1 r a a n v^'^imof iisrion*
d-e,(.,. ^ii aay
ileordafof tlie^frciierativa or
ITHtli Ot e'ttic
Mlwi si
isiucInnn Mm^ui'ea i .e u^ ..( stiineianta, 1 ^^^^.^^^ in Uetejl^.'.tbroiiKh vouthlul Itidtucrelloi, orti iikiuiH^rucc Ac . such aa l/nm ot Hraiu Power w afeej^eu. Hearing down rami la the ttmt * Heiait ^^Weakiies* ilvpteria NervoaiHnsitnitKin Noctni:^^ K.ni.Morn, I eurorrhiea. UUiiDeM W eatMetr^fl mw ot rower end imnofeney wne n i,^'' ted uttea ' ^ i ^o preipatureoMaceeinl ln^r^11 P'n ^11 OT ^ hot. '. Dose* lor M Ot ttc ^^sai. m rFcemt nf prtre
tW M ITT KM fHAKA*1P. B^ tr.r evervli.^f, HI retunS the mmiev it a lirmu*'^ure i^ a^w eitecteo Th .utan.li ot ternmuu.a^^^ ir. o. i arm vounr. ol com trim, rs rmaiiet.^trea b) AiHai Dmna ctrruiai tree aaatet^THfc APHRO MEOICINI- CL'^^im^^ i-k,^ h^^Oi t^POK'J .^.^!^^, '^-
^Mhy ^^.!! It e A Co, whsis ^ peiaji^^^K.^n ^^enti for Heleu*. ^t ,
St.I*anl. Atlantic si., St. Paul and oast. Il:^ a. m
Montana,I'aciric ex., Ilutteaud southt:UI p. m
Helenaand Unite ex.. Ilutte and aouth.s;llt a. m
Marjsvilleex^4:10 p. m
Marsville ex.7;BJ a, m
St.Paul. Atlantic ex.,Ilutteaud aouth11:25 a. ra
Montana.I'acitir ex..St. I'aul and oust.15 |s m
Helenaand Untie ex.. Ilutte aud south.tt ^l p. m
Maryavilleez.UMW a. m
Marysvilleex..tkW l^ m |
NorthernCo o.. .
UuttrMis^oula aud Helena ex.^Marysville |utsMMii;er^Itimini accom., Men.. Wwl. andj.'ri^Wickeeaud llouldt^r iia^.^nie'r .....
Helena.Missoula and Kutte ex
Itiniinia.-coin.. M..n. NS'isl. and Kri^Wiekesaud Itoulder nasMUiicer^Maryi,\ille ai'coiuiiiiNlatiou
J5I1 |i. m^7 Jl p. in^OM p. m^s 40 a. m^Ml u. m^. li^^5 a. m^. mm p. m
7;l5 p.Jm^7:45 a. m^3*1 pdm^7:1.5 a. ra^IMI p. m^10:00 a. m
Illlon I'aetrlr.
or all iHiints east, south and west, via
MolilaliaCentral and IlutteI ^*,!^. ni
ViaNorthern Pitcihc and liarrison . |l t5|l'.I^i
Fromall isiiats Mat, somh|iu^l w.wt,^via Huttc and Moataaa Centralr. ^ .v n.
Vialiarrison and Norlheru I'acihc |u '-*'^d'.^ui
TheDining ( ar Bronte
ToAll Kastcin Cities!
andAll Points East.
liowKates, Quick TiajeB) I'ullinnn Pal^uoe Slis'pmj; ( 'iith.
linoiu ay
veryl..n^l one^and yet be^tbe short^^cut l.'twwn
lorinstance^the SU I'aul.^MinnisiisiliH A^Maintoba Iia.il-^wayhas over^J u o 0 in i I e s of^road; niaifnif-^i I a u 11 y eipiipissl^and managed,^itia one of the^Kriviteet railway Be^^tenih of this countr)j^for the Haine n^sons it^ia Ihe traveler's favor^^ite to all points in .Miiian-^sota. North and South^Dakota and Montana.^It is the only line to Ureal^halls, thn future uiaiiufacl-^turiUK center of the Northwest;^to the fertile fns' lands of the MUk^Uiv. r Valley; and otters a choice of^Uinw Ma to the Coast. Still it^is the shorisst line betwisui St. I'aul.^Miiiiieaisilis, Kargo, Winnipeg, Crisiks-^ton, Mis.rhivd. CBaeeltua. lilymlon,^lirafton, hergus Kalis, W.ilus'ton, Devil's^jajrei and Ilutte I ity. It in the InwI^route to Alaska. China and Jaiiaii: and tiie^jiairuey to the Pacibc Ci*.t, Vancouver, I'a^cms Beeixie, Portland and San Iranciis'o^will !^^ reini'inbensl as Ihe delight of a^lifetime, once ina.li' through tho won^^'t e r I ii 1 scenery of the Mauitoiiu-^naaM lloute. To tish aud hunt;^to view tho ra a g u 1 li ce u co of^nature i to ivvivs Uie snirit ; re^^store the Issly ; to realise the^dream of the hoineis.'ker, the^Kolil-svekor, I ho toiler, or the^capitalist, visit the country^reached by ihe St. Paul,^MiuucA|*^lis A Mani-^t o b a Itailwmy. Write^to K. I. Will I ^tv. (i.^f. k T. A., St. I'aul.^M inn., for ma|ia.^b u o k s and guides.^If you waul a fns*^farm in a lovo-^ly land, writs^for the^liroet^Itcscrviit ion.^^Head il aud^resolve to^accept^t h e^g ol^^den
Minneapolis^ St. Louis Railway,
r) ( M iK ' \( .^)
Without(Mian*fi^, connorttua, with the Kadi traiuw^of All IjitH'm for Ihn
'IliaDinst aud Only I.in. running Through^Cars be! ween
andDes Moines, Iowa.
ViaAllicrt l^a and Fort Dislgo.
SolidThrough Trains Between Z*
Minneapolisk St. Louis,^J OIL J Lift
nNorth Main Street.
A.L VEAZIE. Passenger Agent.
A.I.KWIS. 0. A.. Unite. Mont.
Isthe Fast Mail Short Line from St.^Paul BBd Minneapolis, via Ln Cmkho ami^Milwaukee to Chii'iiifo liml nil |s)ili(s in^the EnaU^rn Stutoa ami ('miiiiln. It ia^tlu^ iiulv line tiiuler otio liiilllliKtMiient la^-^twoen St. I'liul ami t'hii'tiifx. nnil ia tho^l'inesl K'|iiip|s'il liuilway in tho North^west. It is the only line running Putt-^man Drawing nsitti SltH^piii^r cnrB with^luxtirouH sinokim; nanus, ami the linest^dining cara in the world, via the famous^^Kivor Hunk lioiil^^,^ nlonn Hie b)mmibj of^I^uki^ Papia ladtha b^utflul MbveMtppi
riverto Milwiiiikeo ami ('liieairo. Its^traina coiiiu'cl with thoa^^ of the North^orn lint'h in tin tiratnl Uuion ile|Hit at^St. I'aul. No cliancjiMif cars of hiiv cIiihh^Istueoii St. Paul ami Chicago. For^throin.h tickets, tune lables, ami full in-^forniation, apply bo any MWfH ticket^ajfi nt in th^ northwest.
Hutline Chanae of Cars fn^m
Chicago^ Northwestern
UnionPacific Railways.
Th*(^ A N. W. Alwt Makitt [JUmwi Tnion lm%fkt\^ctumiN'titn.h at Dhiivit with
andHuns ThmnKh
VestibuledDining Car Trains
t..11UCA80 aiihi.ut Cbaata
.oursSavisl. and t)nl
Tnaihl.sMimeand Is.na
ManyHonrs Saved, and th^ only line Avoiding^--Dela^^al
Denverand Council Bluffs.
Iti^ recnmiiiM hy Kver^Issly as Ihe ^SHOUT^LINK^ from the Wot und Norihwiwl
Kurtti^T infonnHtitm fur BMMtj l^y .'uionCI'a-^cihe Tirknt \ ^^ ^ ^ .t^ Helena and HuUo.
FVed(iiiic^ J. P. a.
SaltIjakc. City, I'tali.
iauvi * MM:
i..n. *t a i aeaaea^^torrent anap*
uie^^lissisnipiii, anil^k in I ni'.ii IS'iioty. for all points^H..utl, aiii^s.,ml.*.^,(.
Man hours sa^.^l. aud the i iN'LV ld\K|riinnin^^two trains Daily Ui
KANSASCITV.I.KAV'KNWOItTH. iTCHBKW,^niakinir cimnectinrui with^!hi' 1'ninn I'ai-ific^and Aleliisoii. l'o|s'ka \ Santa fa railways.^Close cniincctiouM matte in I'nion Deisa^with all trains of the si. PaoL Miuneapolix^and Manitotia. Nartaan Patrllo, St. Paul \^Duliltli Uailways. from and to
I'listrains of the M iniieaisilis A^UKUKYJIIKH! SU lyouis Hallway are composed
ofCoiaf'irtalile Day Coachi*s,^Mawiiticcut I'ulhnau Sl.s.pi.14 ' hth. Horion \b-^cliuioK I 'liair Cars, and our^Iustly i elsliratisl
PalaceDining- Cars.
4tocnpof1m3 TO SHAPE Or j^oc
j*-oe want f^erfoct'on la ft scs i . eBjej ex.^rr^'n^ ^ii'l a.t dlaromforl a I ^twaya
BBurt m Paoaira ^^^^^. ^ i ^^^*^. -^*%.^
attna m.* /. i i*. tha *^^ s-saHae ^v* *^'.
wr.'iMn ^ 4m ma.ts In iti^ e^erat
Jon'tspoil ypur lett by wearing cimau ritnr.
^Burt A Packard Shoe ^ ^^'^ '
^h^rtin.*lic.-.i/,^ u*i wiw awf.'sey iii
a1,atylft In ii list mail*. Hand well ^H^^^.ac leva'and Vei n.^' li not aold le ,.. ^ *m.r t i^ala laxaai.d ^ ^ r eeiffi ^ le
Pdflrerrl F'Jo1!). i^rtZTi't- V ^^''
FKKIm;amkk.- BKJBTA, M0MT.
Irsvd Farms
.' .iinl.yllieOle^lilt. IKUTK'HIM.
MtUCElASTICT^*i. asii only i.i^rruae Ivrfwt IU
wagon Sheets, Tents,
awtntiRBand Hydraulic Hose.
TwentydiH-reat atylea of VVjii'low Awriiuvr^and tli^ i,'.-- imprnvisl hxtuns, fiir tianiriuaw
auras of all kind- and wi Itlia from il inrhaa^wide to 10) Inches wide alwa^s in stock.
'II,^ l^n-t j.. i.roiisl l'aiti,i liissls.^MAIN MTIIKKT. .... IIKIJ'.NA
* holders of the Helena V Ijirinir-tou Smeltiiia
ii-.,,i iiivn.,,. iB^rikeiran l^n. A Reduction ^'^L. aaliej fur Monday,Oct.^ IHMT,
i ^^y'**^..V^-r-.. ;^r' mi j :a^m.. to !^^ held n tlHe eol il... .-.,^,-
T**^rlTW|, . le Lit nZ ,Mir,^l*^^ '^ Hp^^'^' Mnr.tnim. for the ...iris... of
BKR-eaWWaV ^gSbas *T5^l(to5Xp,toT Oie Ulan.,'. ^f the
II,kst A*'^! ^r writs tohlM.a, yKBr_ wft|- .jw,,,,,,,,, llutU vVe.,,,e-|^y, Nov.
f H HOI nRIDfiF^. IsHtl.to Is- held at the ~atns |,la^ ^ and hour,
V. n. niJLL/lMUUL,,1.,-r*- not l-ina a majority of the ...^k r-pn-
lieueralTi. ketH IW. Airt. UiuiMapolia.IUiun -med.O. IL AI.LKN, Hwretary.
Main^^tn^t, Helena. Mont. H i-in-enter of the city. First clasa. All street cars pass tiie
dis.r.Many nwiaurants in cl,s^^ pn.iimity at all poeea. Baroaaaa I'lan. lUsuns Mle., Tea.,^$1,111. suits *t.Mi |st .lay acconliiui to [..cation. American I'lan 11.2ft to $V.M per day. Siss'ial waeklf^r^l^*. No disr.-putal.le people illlieeaH. O. I.KNOll!. Proprieter.
Hnyaami IsOl all KiiiiIm of
OITiceFurniture. Bar Outfits, SS;nidli^s, Harness, Bicy^^cles, and Everything the Heart Can Desire, at Half^Price. Will also exchange goods lor anything you have.
CORNERDth AM'., tad M AIN.
Calkins^ Featherly,
Stationery,Legal Blanks, Aiken ^ Lambert Gold Pens,
BlankBooks, Memorandums, Picture Frames, Mouldings,
BabyCarriages, and a General Assortment of Notions.
J\a.d.scn'sImproved Fcnrcier,^SSTOBXjE'S EXPLOSIVE D^Z-3ST^1vHTE,
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A.M. Holter Hardware Co., General Agents,
H.8. HALE ^ .CO.,
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Itiittt.Citv. Privsts Kntisms
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ANI DITKENATIONAL^Modioal und 8urKieul Institute
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DliieLawlg X i o. an tlnlv ipinhtKxl or r^-
fiHUihihl''h\*i iaha,t^ irfi in Montana aiuoi' taa^new modiral law.
titln hour* from W taa ri an^l 7 to H p. m.; or fay^appoint iih iiI in ubacur^ t*t ur^-nt ra*m*a.
lta1ins KKEK.^Newton lln*. ari* a*^i'iit** for nah- of I^r. laiobif'a^Invif/nrator in liutt*' ( ity. Montana.
red cross diamond qiuno.
ar^ BOft slasr. r Hats. I,^4lr^,^s^-k (IrieMKlat for lHjmund Rr.i-ut it^rrtt, ui^ alii'1 hsWa] MtM *ith Mu#^nu, ii TaLt- it.i Mbi-r. aii pin.
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*,v,*vv I-uiip Dlaaass If 1^a Cough or Cold, or tlio afaUdr D^tlir.-Rt.-iii-d with Croupor Wksopio i^use Acker'a Eoglish n.u-^further trouble. It la a ^SSltlra^and we guarantee it. Trice Id
1^. . rtbf and rally e^^d irae it.a ii i i tha nelf
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II.t ^'. I* A H .* M. m :^..^' 'jialaraam, N T.
^'^oa^^ IBM Bl| ii lor^- ^f^iw ^rwl It baa^. een ^ ke ^*^! e* aatie-
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APorfoct Faco Powtior.
lattsials).Vasri tttUuM* a*id t^j i-rug
HIM.Parchen^, Co.
Millitj l^l UlfleW,
JhildrenOtv for Pitcher's Castorta;

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