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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 12, 1889, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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WasWell Aimed for it Went^Through His Heart, Killing^Him Instantly.
WhiskyCards Morphine and^Woman are Foat ures of the^Story
Itrlxut^ l^i ^ ,.. . lllnn Ilr Kill- Mill,II^to 4 .old thf ' Ml- ^^' Mm
AiKitbcrchapter iif tlif iiM Htory nf ^lus^kry, women and cnrila wiih tininli^ ^t (it the
uicidHitioutti wt w. it. ih-u. lit Mm Onmi
IVntralhotel in thin city yiKtcrilny iiftir-^unoii. Aa lirn lly told in Iiih own words, it^ih the end of h life ruined l^y diaaiprtiM^and iiiiafortiiiie and. aa tin- WMHttV^rirrniiiMtniii'iH mdinite, it w^^ hi* .mix^^iii uti* nf u.oiiliiin tin' cpii-^ i|ii^'in'^*h of ii^^^Mb ^ hi N^v. 1'Iti ll MM to theOron!^Central hotel and rvKiKtend hh Fred Ault,^of Oalrealon. Tenia. He aeeniad to have^no partimlm duaim-aa. tlnrajM he told aev^it.iI people tli.a In- m thinking of atari uik^a HI store in Hi 1^ tin. kaVtag already i-a-^HMUmnI branclira of that liu-itn-Ka in other^citn*. It apiaara. however, that Ina time^waa apetit in playing poker and faru at dif^firetit pwhHng honaea. and he ta^reported M have won ni-nrly fl.i^^
lirouchta verdict tliat the dereitaed came to^Iiih death liy MKMttefl I..11 - If with atiii idal
Youran hi.i^in ill fur |j at
ihMMf -ilk^n if il.ir ptwt
bonaea.and^to have Won nearly^til the three daya followiti^, tiiM^arrival. lb' viatted the lleitili|ilarli ih^aahain of I unpkiii A Coldrup MMMMJ or^loMinii miii a 11 Huinaof money at faro al dif ^^ferent tinii'ri. He kIho frequented llamil-^tun'acluh rooniM, where he played linker to^the limit, tin Nuwbari he MM bia bill^of $11 and left the hotel, and Iiih MM! did^not appear on the register attain until Sun-^d.iy Blffst, when be wi'tireda room, wIn N^be MUal until foiiiul yiatenlnv after^^noon. The testimony at the iniiui st hIiowi it^that he had rem.mini in the rity tin run; the^interval and had followed MMbliMf. III*^lui'k linally turned Ma he lout all Inn^money, tin Friday in.lit he found Hurry^WiHilrieh, whoiii he had met MMMl time-^before. I p.. i rrpreaentlnjl that he bad a^de|NiHit in the Molilalia National hank, lie^oht Hin d a loanof f I 111 from Mr. Woolrirh.^MjrMg that In would return ii tin f 4UwiM^inorniiiK. lb' did not MMMf MM^ MM^Haturday evening, when he PtplaiMd^to Mr. Woolneh thai he had not arnun^from Mi m time to e,et Iba money^but Ml MM WuOWiM a flu ek on t I i hank^for the amount due. lie tried to ga| the^check endorsiil, but failed. I.a^t evening^Hell ileum aaw Wooltiicb and linked for^iitiotlnr loan. He appeared nervous and^unt of hiK rik'ht mind. He repeated Iiih^Htory of the ti a hunincHH. lie mentioned a^certain part y whom he ami he would kill if^be d'd not i . ^ a loan. The tea merchant,^iih he wiih known to the c u-l. i^ frater-^ii it v. made a Hiiinhir I raiiHact ion at the^Helidipiart'r-. When Mr. t'oldrup came
downto Iiih platn Sunday minx lie
founda check of $Ut\ payahle to bearer, on^the M uitaii ^ Nal mn il liuiik. ^iveit bj Ml^oil the BtltrtQM i xiiiiiik '^ ' I'.niipkin^for Imrrowi d money. Hell Hind that he had^a dcpoHit of fl.'Jt'm in the above named^haul,. ^ In Sunday cvcniue. Hell retuiin il to^the lleadi|iiarti ii. iit-luni; f..t another loan^of IM, aajrtaf MM he could uot net a^check chhIiimI. Kuiltli^. to yet the money,^he retimed to the (irand Central. Venter^day morning Mi. t'oldrup took the clu ck^to the bank. There he I. arm .I that MM^^Ml had already li'iii return I on Mr.^W.m.Inrli'n rim. k aid that Hell had li*tB^false chocks. Mr i oldruptln ii ma ti. 3 tin^^ollM authoritteH. who ih tailed Chief |le-^tn t x.- Walters t.. look alter the c i-e. The^^MtMliM went to tin hut. I ami i ll. i learn^in '^ tl'Hl Bell wan in the In nisi h^ wi tit to bin
ri ttU^ tvl'' Jtcll th'U he wan wanted.
Thenniiii. No. which ia on thetiml floor,^liana window in tile hall. In MM to the
drt-:,';,;,,,,,!,,.: r- ;; *m Vi^' '^ 5!
dreaailiKand would be out. i l'^ ^ ^ *^'^S fiftein m.tiuteH followed. ffcH PW^o|h'iied the window and anlieil for rt DM^^After a necoiid wait nt half mi hour Hail^mi raiaed the w indow and anki d for a^collar hint.hi, in cicbaiiia for which he^H iNe a cull button. He appealed Ni rT lierx -^nun. LookingthrotMlltM window the de^tective hiiw the end of a rev.ilvir atickitlfl^out of a wool, n blanket on the lad.^After thi* MftM ^f delay- tie^detectivi' went to the ntteet and MaMtvd^the HHHintatice of (Uliccr Ituddick, L ining^a hotel pott. i to witch the MOM^ I he twtl^men aijain returned to tile naim and linked^^nr itdiuilt.iiice. thi. ..ti'timu to enter lb*^MM liv (^rc^1. Tin* waa at 140 o'cioi k^after a ih lay of ov, r an huur. Ml no .1.^another exeunc.wbi n t NBeM lluddick raiwd^tin window. Immeiliati ly the re|oit of a^revolver followed, and an the oflio r jnttiped^into the TiMllll Hell I. II MMM the bed. bia^feet barely lotichiiii; the HiHir. I he bullet^had eliteriil the h it side of the heatlp i ^^iiik kkwailtk the body, falling under Inn^abirt. Aft^r a few mMwWm MMMk^of the boiK life waa cttinct. 'I he revolver,^which had f .11. n on the tlmir on tk# rickl^aide of the dead man, wan a ^ e illber nin^rig iictioti, Siniih A WfMM sn-Hhiniter.^F'roni ita |M irancc it bad M loMJ MMJfc^Id II, who wan apparentIv about IK! Yearn^old, waa very MM. Id' bad brown^hair and a MgM MMlMM. Ilia^auuken rhei-ka and uuauaVM face^Hhowcd that the l.iat fi w davn of Inn life had^baa) panned in dissipation. At the time of^Iiih death he wore a cheap black diMOMl^ooat and vent, and a pair of bfO^a stii|nd^MMMMk He bad on a white nhirt and^collar and a drab colored necktie. Ilia^atotkkM MM MMwhoi and. bMMMI a few^lair clnckn. a bunch of keya and a comb,^there Were found a wallet and a letter cane.^In the wall, t wan a pawn ticket (MM I lie In^Sinn's loan ollice for a k'old pencil and inn^brella.
AfteiHi. Mchiaon had been Hummoiicd ami^t'ornner lii.ckmaii hud taki u charge of the^case, the most union, find of all MMM^M Chief Clerk .lolm t. Itohrbaii. h. of the^(irand Ceiitrul hop I. It w an a small note^binik. to M mutation Buaaia leatln r cover.^The tlrsl few MJMMI torn out, but on^tin foll iwiui; p i. en Wete written in a b w^word* thin -ad nt ay:
Thinrash act in the n null of whi-l.v and^a woman. Mv real MM it Wi II. Ml^i'rank Archer, of DmM'i is tin- nan whoii^an a friend and companion, | liitrtaineed t.^my fanillv. I he result wan to timl a lotinn^wife and linn in a ci'iiipromwitij poaitioo,^but her love for him, clotlna unit pMM|^wiih too lunch for In r. 1 went Ii |).nv
withthe intentionThe only re nt..|
luylife in that I ,1 d n kill Hi' M both.
Thwwan written in ii regular bund witii^out any olRMof MtVoMMMk 'hi a aland^neatli) w..n a bottle containtiio afvwdoa. n^of morphine.
Pell*acontinued etcum n in t. fil-ll.u to ad^nut Hit - tlici rn shown the d. s|a iati condt-^tii.U of In- mind, He di laved the shot until^all r MM wa re ivhaustid am! he found^biiuwlf cornered. The note wi n inul.mbt. d-^ly written uft. r DaUaStWa NN iiiun IM^e'iiiue to the MOMk i'nink Archer, wlei in^luellt loOt d, in believed to be the tM of the^late MMM Vrcln-r. the millionaire of^PMMfi
Thebody wan removid to the MUMM^where an itupient wiih In Id at itn'cliK'k yen^terday alMmoMb The billow mrv w la
en^ a m iied by the oorooer, \v w, Bruwu,
0.0,Stubbn. C. 1'. Vim Wart. I.. I .l.n,^aiu^. W. K. Wbeiler. Kli hn ibb, Tb* wit-^Iieam n e^ iiinned were Messrs. W.mlricli.^Coldrup, ltoblb'io^h, Waters and linddlck.^After a aeaaion of nearly an hour the jury
Onenl ll^ Minilicrs I- trrc-letl Aft,-r a^^ MMM ^ Mb an ortlrer.
HuvidKchaas, of the Chicago Clothing^House. MM itr.-t.d yesterday ti|^o|i the^complaint of iM. ctive Wallets. I In^Sell..as tinn ban not sto.nl Very btkjjk ^U the^hllniliess r^ ii 11 in mi it v since Coimim' la r. . In ^^aMMNaWll) in trouble witlith.iii t.il^Itorn. A few daya ago they made nil aHnign^luent. among their unnieroua cri-diiori be^ing Jo*. W. Itentoii. of St. Haul, who have^ailaimof fl.JTJO againat them. This firm^baa been in communication with IMeMMt^Walter*, and the hitter baa nhadoweil men.^la-rn of the firm acvcpil day-to prevent^their departure (MM town. V. nterday the
detectivemade a e nnplalllt and ^ Itticer 1^1-^Keau wan ih tailed 1.1 atr. st li ii.l Scliaaa^I he iitltcer s. i nn d Inn maii nil Mam strist-t^and obliMttltly complied with hi- t.ipieat t.^mo t.i bin r^ nidence on wiin.' prctciiac. W hen^Schaaa entered bin hou4' he In gan talking^tii rinan to his brother, and the latter in^^formed t lie oilier tli it he could not urrent^I lav id Sella.ih m Inn hoiine and .inv how be^w itit. d t..-. . t he w arrant. The mmm par-^kvyad with the fnully a while. Mi- II.^Hchaaa lakbM an Inponuil |wtrt in abu-mg^tin- ollic t. I.al;. in t.s.k bin mall by the^collar and pulled In in towards the d.n.r.^while Schaan held onto a MMVmM, while^Mrs. Schaaa and her brother also pulled,^and for a while there waa a regular tug-of-^war, with the family barUM the btM of it.^The otlici r had to reaairt to bia club, which^he braudlnheil, and at the Mffcl of thin tin )^MMMi ^'don't strike us.^ The otlicer^didn't ntrike and Schaaa wan inarched to^jail. He wan ielea-.il on $.11111 boiida and^will have a bearing to day.
Mrs.Irelati ha- ..|s :,.-l a hn^er^ onsls at bar ii.*w -land on^dour north lat Satnl- Ilr..-. Nay^ptatttl] ta'ina r^n i-ivisi.
kmi nnllili^Mam strm-t, uaa
K.nnlsare IHU
0)st.rn iri.^ v.^ r^ sivh-ai theCrvstal 11. ^ -f - .
\MI -KM IS Is.
eleii Itlil In
Mm\. vi
VllllL*'- llp.l.l Hons,.
X Knlel tain me at.
Hieeligagt'iiielil of Mi-n Helen lllythe^and coinpiiiv at Muig'a mmm MMM waa^sm cessf nilv ii|a-ned laat evening with the^pn wnl at ion of the emotional drama, ^A^Mot her'a Love.^ It ih a ntrolig play.^^MmmUmj in Mrikiug aituutioiia and pleaa-^mg hitn nf ciiiiiedy. A large and well^plean. il nudlence whs presa-nt. The lloliom^of the eyeinng were, nf MMM carried off^by Minn lllythe. She la a carefully trained^artist of much dramatic ability. Ill the^emotional nceiien of the play she nhnwed^MMMMlpowi i, bringing fdrth re|aatedap^plaune from tbe audience. She waa thrice^i nllinl la fore the curtain. Her MMMl^wan very g.nal. Mr. Hrien gave excellent^natiafaction in hia character of Ilr. Gordon.^Misn Marion la aler pleased the audience in^her character of Mm. Slnthern. Mr. Ilrad-^ley an her h. ii]a cked husband wan quite an^gmnl an were tin* other MMMbMI of tin^MMfMMJTi ^ Mother'a Love^ will be re-^|K'ated to-iiiorrnw ex.mug and at the Wed^neaday inatniin. On Wedneaday eveMMMJ^the eoin|iiiiix'n eii|.'.igelueiit will clone with^the MMMtMbM o| the aocn tv drama ^ The^Oeolc.
ANMaXMMMMM 1HKAT.^M.hh Kiln Swantoii delighted a very 1-ir^.e^nMmm at the V. M. C. A. hall last iii.'bt^with her eliH'titlnn , nli rliuntnelit. She liaa^a pleaning delivei v and well cultured voice,^mellow ami di. p whi p MMMKM NMiMM,^III her pat Ill-tie selectlollH -lie in at her bent,^and her Mftal of ^Hoiiii . Swin t Home''^MM highly i.ppreciat. d MMM one pri m lit^with a tinge of patriotism m Ins soul could^MMM ^^ nilent tear. Ill hi t MMM and^dialect mImMoM Mmn BlMlltoa nevei fHilid^to bring down the bMMi III. i nti rtain-^nn lit cloned nImnit lilo'cha k. all Imi MM^for her fashionable and nppteciative au^^dience, i he V. M. C. A. nln.uld have itn en^(^ rtainiiielltn MOM tleiplentlv.
WBMXO11IC ri;i.\t RRB8.
III.' II..me- *.l two Ministers Ijilere.l^\t Idle I ll. i Are lit I lilireli
Theremdi lice of Hex. I). H. Hrtce at No.^II* Wnrn ii ntrnt wan MMMMlMrf robin d^Sunday night while the o ven ml gi iitl. in iti^wun conducting the s. rxic. s at the South^.in M. t Ii .ilit chinch, wln.h Iiih family^wi re alaai attending. I he articlm nn-siiii:^ate k\% in im.iiey, two p nrn of gold MUN^t iOMi a bill book, lady'n hand aatchel and^two MMM the bill Ik besldis nl her
paperanontained the pantoi'n ordtnat'ou^MMM which are xery dear M him and^xaluelenn to anyone elne. The thief in uu-^kiinxvu. tkoMjk a W.naicboppcr FOMMMNtly^known an ^.Inn lough.^ in ntinja'ctid. M be^had been engaged never.d daxn lant week^siwmg mid i-h..pping wood around the^koM^. He would work an hour or^two a day mid MMM agum the billowing^day giving him plenty of tune to MM the^^Um lip M4 MMM the Jol. last longer. Kn-^trinice wan . tlei led tliMUgli the hall door,^w hichi had lawn left iiubH'ked. i he one^ntn of all ibe trtlnka and bMMM MM^I in lied out on the luuf and the carpcta well^covereil with gieaac from a caudle which^MM thief MMMMMiM him in Inn M arch.
Aaiiuilar occurri nee hiip|H Ued at the ren^iih lice of the Hex. Mr. Hetty on the motor^line, a week ago la-t Sunday. Tin thmf en^teleil the limine while the nnniHter waa at^church and nccurcd } 11 and jewelry to about^the Hiiiue amount.
ROTtMMlTH i:.M v riiMMi.
Mow,VMMMmm ^ FnMmMM ^ alum^^ he laMlMMMfo IMjMmm.
MpMMMMMMthe requirement- .it the^atate MMMMMMb, ^^ov. Jon, K. i ... a v.-^terday performed Inn find ofncial net in inn^^ing a proclamation calling the first ^ Ii^b-glalature tog. ther. It wan MMMM by^S.-cretary lyoum Itotwitt, who ids., in^IMMMMMM MMMMd Ina firat otli, i il act^an a,-cretary of state. The call in an followa:
Stxti:or Mom wx. ElMtTIITBOl in i. I^Hi UM x. Nov. ||, in-i
In reaa. on the *th day of PMMMbll, V.^Dma prm l.inntn.u wan aigm d and
iiieil In the MMkbJenl of the United Htataa^ueclarinfl Montana I st ,te in the MlllO
Now.then f.,r.. I. .b.-eph K. Tooie, gov-^erm.r of the ntate ..( Montana, by virtue ^f^the |a.w. r and authority in me'ventnl by^the coii^l dution. do I., reby convene tin In-t^regular sennlon of the legialatlve aes.ably^of the state of Montana to meet at Helena,^the s. t .,f government nf naid ntate. on^SJitur.l v. HmmMOM 0, A. I^., 1KHU, at V^^u'rlia k mhm,
IIItentllll..|iy when..f I have hereunto net^mx band ami caused the m al of the ntate .,f^Moiitana to be atllxed at Helena, MM of^gnvt rnui.nt nf n.nd ntate. thin ilth dux .t^Sovemla-r, A. D.^ 1MB,
|Sl'al.|losll'H K. iiniLI .
Hythe (rovertior:
I,,lioiwtti, Sicietarvof Stat.
Hi.hi Bhalt Not^ and ^His Private Character^^now mi sal.- at Th- Its' Hive.
The Xl.iiii.iint I'.i. klna mid I'rnxlnii,-. Co,
Havereceived a c irload of frenh corn-fed^|^^rk and beef, which in offered to dealera^in the cOHt.iinnrv cuta that are on mile in the^tir-t el.is- wholesale market* of the large^^^astern citn-s.
TheFiur^nt hue of pietups, in the went is to la-^mm at The ll^s. Hire.
Mm.Irelan han ,^|^^n,s,l a rim'stin k of milliner)^tf.Hi.ls at her new-land on Main ntreet, una diair^north of hands Hnm. New amaja are oaMMaMlf
I'.^-' Just MMMd at The
tI. l imit Hall
Agrand bill will be given in the Warren^Hall, Mary-x ille. on Friday, Nuvetndel l.V,^for the lant fit of the Haw Hall club. All^are cordially invited to attend.
Tick,i- ^'..r^J each, for aide by Inde[k^u-^dent ollice, .lournal I'uhlialung company,^(irand Central cigar ntund, i he Mint
Iryonr beat patent flour, the beat id the^market, and Whittaker Star haiua, at
.IonsT. Mt'HPiir 4 OOaV,
TheHost opiKirtunitx ever OHereil in Helena to Purchase u Fine. Well Built, Warm,
WithinTen Minutes Wnlk of Main Street, only $3,000.
$100Cash, and $40 Per Month Until Paid For.
ASiimll Family ixjuhl live on lower flimr anil rent the upper floor. The house^is ho built that parties living on urnier Moor would have separate front and rear^entranixeti, and m-parate alieilh ami outhouses. The offer open for TEN DAYS^ONLV l.i ,i re of
R.a. day,
Room7, First National Hank Building.
TheHoot ^ Shoe Man.
sio-nr the bigk boot.
Mr-. Irelan Im* ^*|^^ ^ tj^ I a finr *-('^-k g| millin#*ry
^m^|-Ht bjN IM H -LMIliI nil M.tlll -tTHft, OIK* d'Mif
Uriw. V-w tfiMHiM arc n^0HUntly
Mr-.IrcUa hl^^|M ^^! * Am *-t^H*k of milliner)^KimmUhI li^*r n**w Nfjfcii^Iimi \Ini11 ^.-.i ^i... r
-x ^ BTOBi N'xV ... nl- HfM^ I'OIIKtAliI I)
U'iiiKnt ^-i\tsi.
Atrn^at MH-n*t; To rt^ttin-^^.or apiaMit** u^^ r^HtaJ KrtMttturaiit. lirBiiil -irMpt.
^n^--liuii^lri-^l-*in^l-t W)'lvi*-|iitM'i^li-h HiuiMT ^^*! tmlv $ 14 at'
IUII'iiOmMMmI '^ IVr DMMi^('Hhiiiot I'hotim jn-r dozcii ;it Bill Pa ^h1-^U-ry, pMm ^v^'. MM r Vwn, on car^lino.
ra.In-lnn na^ ntn-net 1 a hni'^tiM-k of nitllincry^'hImhI ImTMWMMmI Main iUmmIj MM MM
nortltof Srtnil^. Hr^M*. mm ^^hnlai nn* MMMMai|
!^ imj Pivri^^^l.
Wehave the Large*! stuck^of Fur (lootls ever nhowii in^Montana, Purchased tor the^HASH, in Urge (Jnantltiefl^From Kirsl II;iik1^.
2000Yards Quilted Satins. All Colon,^.^^^^ Dozen Ladieu' Jeney Ribbed Vests.
21Mo/en Ladies' Kid (Moves at
^illDozen Ladies' Long Newmarkets.
(hieLot Short Wraps at
:^^(^. PBB YARD.
Me.BACH.^75e. PBB PAIR^$5.(i(i BACH,^sr,.im BACH.
TheAbove Prices are LESS THAN HALF COST, as an Inspec^^tion Will Prove.
Entrancefur LailieR ami Fiimiliea One lliair N'urth of thi' Muin F.ntranw
22Jackson Street^Below Opera House.^BF0 HCHLAADT. ... - PE0PEIET0E.
rMated i ^ i.ini in i., His ami
ili^rke ,'.,11lll^.
SheriffMhtM ralliil iliMrirt MMl lo^MMTyMMMM) MOMaiMJ 11 11 ^'x'lia'W. xx nli
jMm H. Hunt mi ItohMMh mmI 0mm
Iteiiu|iri'svnt. I his rniirl will now I... in^M'saii.n MBtlBMlll u^ nil jmlirnl imyt,^I In |,. w iM mill Clniki r iiintv ttittjtu MM^a bunt '*^ MMM i^l^ ^ln' ilot'ktt. smiii- nf
tinin bsiM ^^ mmmI v n t si in.im ..^PhrN Ii ivhIm i'Ii ywtf Mall; HgOOO MUM in^tliia ruiiiitv siiii'r tin li't ritirx at HmUM^^m oiiMiii 'i il. Tb^ DMMbn is rilunit |,WA.
mi,iwin ii it wncbaa .'.miii ^ mm doekM will^baalarUsd,ocMninMUtttMwitli No, 1, .Imls'i'
HuntIhiMH il will tnki' m.-irly u MM M^diMMMOf th* trrntnri.il dooluai. Al^teriltiv'a tenalou sl\ imhi-s Wl-lr ll|s|iiiHi'll nf.^lixi' Iifinu rixil aMtuM MM MM MM^MM Snturilny Inis In en hi t MMl ^a pro-^Lute iliix . Tbf ptOMMiiMM ymti rjuy werr^.is follows:
4.7;.v-WMImwatTliornliurish ^^. MiC.x:^JadsoMnl bj drfMlt.
I.TsnxWnliiiii' A TbornbmrM xn.st.iiir;^ju.ii'iiii iit bj default.
lj\t Onill f KI. ii' is. H. K. 11.'. 11111 * * r miii^f Hniritr*^ ili'l't; juiluiui'iit l'v .l.fniili.
4.'.mi-Qmm^ Klein ra, Nate s. VIMali^ililit: juili-iiient liy drfaall fllKIJO Mil^MlMi
Joints^it, i xs. Helena PmmmI Brick
ipanjri dVht: jml. ineiit Iqr ilrf uilt $lt.
I'.o^., inteii st l.l.'.M's and ntt uni'x's i . -^|flO^.
OuoMfv^. t'o|iliir. diVMMI IMMM^|IIIM
llnwalOxianeU, \ II I ..it lir. ^|^. \. II.^l.iiiliro|M^u' Unls it t'. MimiH wi n' uliint-^MBMMMtlte mini tlie MiMiMJ Of tlif au-^|^ii im* iNiuit.
Intli.- est. tt ..f Cntlnriiie Knick, de-^imhiwhI. I/iuis St iJler mid Jiu'uli LimIi wert-
appointedad tn IniMrMon.
Whereyou era ur^'( 111^- Bene*^lit of ;i Large Stock si I'a^i-^cni I'lircs. (everything in^Seal Uannentrt.^.1 \^u:ts.^PA PES,^U(i.\s.
AlsoMen's Overcoat*^MatM, Rags and Trimmings^\\\' nit' Headquarteri lor
Iam Cliasinit out the atia-k of the I. X. L. HA/AU nt (inures much
ABm*Opportunity, is Now (XTereil to iiuri-hiise Dry (IikhIs, Rub^l^-r ('lothin^, (lenta' I'll rn inllinl (iiaala; lliaita, Shoea, ete., at ISk^um MrttlMM ouVrinl in HtlMV lni|iroxe this OoMm Op|air-^tunitv DoBt forget the old Htjunl on
\WOuvf o OoinpletM Line ^^i
TheyExcel Any Shoe in the Market for Style and Durability.
llirwNi^litH Ol1^ ami IMMMMJ Matinw.
TheGreat Emotional 4rtni
( In Her IMM an.i (;reat^.t Hueoam.
Horiireyour MM Karly anrl ^,oid U.a ru.h
Kratson hale at 1' * OX'oaiwr'. ^uml^.
NearRodney Street
Mares,Scheeive ^ Parker.^BROWN BLOCK, WARREN STREET.
fMMli^i^f. Mutton. Turk. HaiiM'Ki' ami NotMJ
Alsothe Largest Line of Gents' Shoe* in the City, inehulinn Hunan Sc Sun nnil^Lilly, BmoImM ^nil Co.'s mmm
RALEIGH8l CLARKE,;^ No. '-!.^^, I |^|^**r ^l^tn s^r^fi
'CommonSense^ Bobs,
MitchellFarm and Spring \\;i.:hii^.
Finesiciirli^. Harness, Lap Robes,
Hells.Carriages, Baggies, Cwrts, Kt^-
BillOf Fare For^Hot Roast Beef
VCmi'K OK D1SHI U.l'TK IN. N'OTIl E IS^Iiervli)-aiveu that tin-|^rtiiers|iip ta^flto
foM'PXistillU In'Iwis-II til*' Ulille|Vl^llH.I llliller IIh*
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1V. H. KRKM'H.
W.i . I'YKKK.^rail is I Helena. Miiut.. N^t. 1. MM

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