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ABogus Detective and an Ex-Con^^vict Run Down and Now^in the Toils
TbeScreamB of Two Young Wo^^men Spoil the Plans ot Two^Bad Men.
Thel^eteetl^^i are sure They Have
\i BmmBmi IHf^Penltrullarr.
Thecity sleutliH have run down k pair of^bold I'll rt_-l.iT- Tlie work of placniK them^in Uir lolls, linn liecii diligently ^^d quietly^conducted, mid tile detectiveH have weuved^^ cliaiu of evidence around their prisoner*^that lenveH no room for doubt Hint they^will (jo over the road. The men Hrrented^are Jo*. Kelly, alias Jesse Kick Hiid Kd.^Nieiuan. the latter one .if the anide detec^^ts, s who ^na mentioned in tlittae columns^recently, hm a representative of a Sacramen^^to di tective bureau. The scheme was to^Hive a Imjkuh c. rt iiicate of membership mid^a star to an applicant and upm the receipt^of ^-.'^^ the dupe was made a full Hedged de^^tective. Through some menus Niernan^carried genuine |^u pent and used them lis a^shield.
Kelly,alias Hick, has only been out of the^peniteiitiarv since October. He wiia sen^^tenced in Hutu last sunmier to one year for^stealing a watch from a saloon on l'ark^street, kept by a woman. He is a young^man. but old in crime, and his confine^^ment docs not seem to have benefited him^in the least. For some time ljast Nc ilium^has been working in Kurris bUcksniith^shop im Lawrence street. He was arrested^there yesterday by Detective Walters and^City Marshal Haul, ami Kelly was __TMfa d^on Bridge strei I bv Walters and Phil Hi -t.^Walters lodged a complaint of burglary^against the pair, The particular cast Im^which tin y are wanted is this: (hi Satur^day, Nov. II. two men attempted to burglar^^ize the residence of F. K. Ward, at No. US^Montana avenue, corner of Eighth avi inn^One entered through the kitchen window^and tbe other kepi guard on the outside.^This was about 1(1:1-1) p. in. One of the men^went into a bedroom where two young M^en were sleeping, and asthe prowler end -n d^the room one of the young women awoke^and saw a man approaching the bed with^a knife in one hand and a haudkerohief in^the other. As she noticed this she screamed^aloud and her sister, who was aroused by^the screams, joined in the chorus and the^unwelcome visitor turned on his heels and^fled. About U o'clock Mr. Ward came^home and he at once in it iced a strong smell^of chlorforin. Mr. Ward did not^notify the authorities of the^currence until three days after it happen, al.^Datectives Walters and Hest and Officer^Vanasae were put to work on the cnse, and^suspicion at once rested on Neiman, as he^was one of a gang which was frustrated ill^an attempt to burglarize the residence of ('^K. Wells a few weeks Ma when Neiman^and aeveral of his confederates were ar^rested.
(die of the Miss Wards has identified ont^of the prisoners as one of the men wh^entered her house. Tin- recent bnmlaru s^of tin residences of the Itevs. Herry and^Price are attributed to these men. One of^the prisoners is in the county jail and the^other in the city jail.
KdNieman was seen at the city jail last^niir.it by a reporter. He is L'l years of age^and has been working in Owrgo Hums'^blacksmith shop since lust August. He laid^the blame for everything to Ilia partner^Kelly. He admitted he was a detective and^followed Kelly solely for the puriioae of net^^ting on to one of his robberies, that be^might inform the authorities and get the^reward, if any should he offered. He said^be promised IftttlM] Detective Walters into^hia scheme, and the reason he did Hot sis'ak^of the attempted burglary at the Ward^residence, he said, wus l.ecause it fell^through. He said that Kelly attempted to^break into four houses that night. In one^place, next disir to the Ward house. In-^entered the cellar and Nieman says he wanted^remain on tin- outside, but Kelly who is^older, caught him by the hand and threat^^ened to cut him to pieces if he went back on^him there. They could not effect an en^^trance and left turning their attention to^the Ward residence. Neiman aaid it was^Kelly who went ill there and he saw him^ponr chloroform on a handkerchief. On the^other hand Kelly says it was Neiman who^did all this.
Neimansays that Kelly had in contem^^plation the the robbery of 1'hos. Cruae's^cabinet, at the Cruse hank, valued at f(K^.-^UtJU. The fact that a watchman is employed^at this place had no terrors for him, as he^remarked that he could put the watchman^to sleep.
WhetherNeiiiian^a story ia true or not^will probably bt determined at the trial to^^day before Judge Sanders, itoth men have^Imm-u in jail before. Neiman saya he was^in jail fifteen days in Anaconda, two years^^K^^. He says his home ia in Nevada, where^he drove a stage. Kelly is known to be a^hard criminal and has a I-^ti^_^ list of roblier-^les to his credit, which Neiiimn claims he^told him about.
Holjrpicture,, frsiinsl under glass only ft at^Ife-e Hive.
IMslrlct ^ mirl Ite.ord. _____
Thefollowing business was transacted in^the district court yesterday.
4.7X0 Helmett and Hennett vs. Thomas^K. (bsidwin: default and judgment taken.
4.7.MWilliams and Whiteside va. John^McCarthy: default and judgment taken.
Inthe estate of Henry Aggetis. deceased;^final account and afttlenient rendered; bal^^ance of *_^^^..^.:' on hand for distribution to^heirs.
Anattachment was filed in the case of^Hannah H. Kills va. August Weiaenhon.
Marriagelicenaea were granted to Angus^H. McDonald and Cecelia Day, of Helena;^John A. Schneider and Martha Milch, of^Helena: George B. H. Ferrel and Cora B.^Holt, of Clancy.
Thecalendar for to-day ia Boren va. Oil-^more; Florence Canal va, A. E. Groa, et al.;^W. O. Keefe va. J. H. Brand.
TheyAre (irrally Plrased With (lie Hatha^ami Hotel II rua^l water.
Hievisiting physiciana at the Hotel^Broadwater amused themselves yeaterday^by viewing the sights uf Helena and vicinity^and bathing in the thermal waters. They^were delighted with the luaguillcent swim^^ming bath in which they bathed in a Isjdy.^To-day they leave for Butte returning from^that city over the Montana Central and^Manitoba roads to St. l'aul and Minncapo-^lii. They assembled yesterday and after^addressing a complimentary letter to Col.^Broadwater paaaed the following reaolu-^tiona which were signed by all:
Thatwe admire and applaud the enter-^priae and foresight which have seized upon^the means of nature in tins beautiful spot,^and have adapted them to the ends of^man.
Thatnever Is'fore have we been put into^hot water with so much comfort and satis^^faction to ourselves, and with more faith in^the In ,dim: propertiea of the bath.
1'hatwhenever we exhaust our own akill in^tin- elfori to cure the chrome coiupluinta of^,.iir patients we shall take pleasure in point^^ing them to this pool of Bethesda ill the^sanitarium of the hot springs of Helena, in^the full belief that they will be rejuvenated^by its healthful influence and hygienic sur^^roundings.
Thatwe extend to Colonel Broadwater an^expreaaioii of our grateful appreciation of^his cordial welcome and abounding hospi^^tality.
A.L. Love returned yesterday from Crow^creek.
C.H. Kowland. of Anaconda, is at the^Pacific.
J.K. Wharton, of Butte, waa in the city^yesterday.
Hon.K. B. Smith MM up from Dillon^last evening.
Chas.McKelvey. of Augusta, is at the^Cosmopolitan.
MayorFairfield, of (treat Falls, is ut the^Cirand Central.
Hon.Walter CiKiper. of Bozeman, was in^town yesterday.
Sheriff('litis. T. Under, of White Sulphur^Springs, is in town.
JoelK. Whatlev. a well known caterer of^Butte, is in the capital.
Dr.William Barberry, of White Sulphur^Spring* was in town yesterday.
JudgeHunt has retired from the law^firm of CariH-nter Buck ^V Hunt.
M.O. Cohn and Donald Broadford re^^turned last ( veiling from a trip to Butte.
B.(I. Hedd, democratic senator elect^from Custer county, iB at the Cosmopolitan.
E.J.Colton, of New York, and A. C.^Johnson, of Chicago, are at the Grand Cen^^tral.
.1H. Chamberlain, of St. Paul, and B.^Merriman, of Spokane Falls, are at the^Merchants.
Win.I.. I'erkim. Ho/eman, J. N.Ander^^son and G. K. Pool, Itudcrsburg, are at the^Grand Central.
Chas.Hiirman, Jefferson City, Mo.; Ed^^ward Clancy, Chicago, and Sam J. Bcnin r^Portland, Ore., are registered at the Pacific
WilliamS. Mellen. general manager of^the Northern Pacific mid J. M. Hanuaford,^general traffic manager, arrived in Helena^l ist evening from the west accompanied by^Supt. G. W. Dickinson, who went down tin-^road to meet them.
Ladies'tine wool and cashmere hose just m-
ialvMal The Im Hive.
PopeA O'Connor have removed their^stock of drugs and assnyer's material to the^elegant store room in the Bailey block,^where they will have more room to attend^to the wanta of their customers and the re^^quirements of their increasing trade. Give^tln ni a call in their new store.
a.O. I . W.
Membersof Capital I,oil a No. \1, A. O.^C W., are requested to meet at their hall^this l Wednesday) afternoon at 1:30 o'clock^to attend the funeral of Bro. Charles Smith,^of Butte Lislge No. L
Bynldet ofB. H. HOWEY,
ActingMaster Workman^S. A. D. Haiin, Iti-corder.
Oyaterain every style at llie ( rystal ltestauraiit.
Indies'and children's winter gloves and mit^^tens at The Hee Hive.
Kosterlace kid gloves, bent ijoalitr. only $1.15^at The Hee Hive.
Helena'sHug ( atelier.
Thedog catcher was around yesterday^and bagged an even dozen canines of vari^ous kinds and descriptions. The Helena^dog catcher d'h-s not use a rope, nor does he^throw the dogs in a wagon. He ia a man^whom the dogs take to very kindly, and^will follow him at hia bidding. He aays^Ulere ia not a dog in the country that will^not come to him if he calls. Yesterday^some of them were so infatuated with him,^he aays, that it whs with difficulty he could^keep them hwiiv from his feet. If you see a^lot of dogs following a man to day you will^know he is the dog catcher.
MemlH-raof the legislature and their^friends, who are seeking a location for the^winter, c.-in find bright, cheerful rooms at^the Harvey block, Grand atreet. Central^location and lir-t el is-i amini .dations.
Wodilint;anil birthday presents to suit the rich^and the |ss^r at The lt,s- Hire.
Whata Fortune,^la a good healthy, pearly skin. Few are^aware of the short time it takes for a disor^^dered liver to cause blotches on the face,^and a dark greasy skin. One bottle of^BEGGH' BLOOD PDBJFIElt and BLOOD^MAKEU will restore this organ to its natu^^ral and healthy state, and cleanae the blissl^of all impurities. It is meeting with won^^derful success. We guarantee every bottle.^B. 8. Hale 4 Co., Druggists.
lionllH^en|^or| t iml Company; office re-
ion\edto Oalea' lu. i i i i in.-raff Warren
andMllll avenue. Coal exclusively.
Itm-klrn'sArnica Salve.^The best aalve ill the world for cuts,^bruises, Bores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever^Bores, titter, chapped hands, chilblains,^corns, and all skill eruptions, and positively^cures piles, or no pay required. It is guar^^anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money^refunded. Prioe ia cents |mt bin. For sale^by B. S. Hale a Co.
Plushand combination toilet, manicure and^odor i-as4*s in an endless variety now ois-iieu at
TheHee Hive. Call and see the line.
Agreat secret: To restore your ^p|ietite ifu to^Crystal lies tan rant, 11 rand street.
A^ hiiutre.
Dr.E. H. Bruce who is a student with the^Liebig World Dispensary ill Butte City has^gone to the eastern division of that inati-^tute at Kansas City for a few weeks. Dr.^Stoddard, president of the Liebig Medical^company, is now personally hsiking after^the pmctice of the Liebig World Dispen^^sary in Butte City.
nr.BMMawth^Dr. Sbsldart. who is so well-known and^who has practiced so long and successfully^in Butte and vicinity, has just arrived, anil^will remain one month. The doctor has^effected iimny remarkable cures and can be^aafely set down as the leading specialist in^the went. Hia headquarters is the Liebig^World Dispensary, of Butte.
merinounderwear oiTIy* fl per mil at
TkeHee Hive.
l-amiwcomplete ,,nh .C.e. at Tin- B-^- Hive.
fieutu'heavy wool s^s ks only iBc. at The Bee^lln..
uudmin raw.
G.W. Jackson, muaic dealer.
Dinnerfrom VJ to ^^ at the Bon Ton.
JamesW. Barker, merchant tailor, Main^atreet. opposite First National hank.
Goeast via the Montana Central and^Manitoba railwaya, the new sleeping and^dining car route to bt. Paul and the eaat.^Through trains have Helena daily at UM
HEFINEST LINE OK ETCHlViS KVY'M^brought to tlie city Dow ou tale at Calkins A^Featherly s.
TWOBEST LOTS IN EAST HELENA. OP^1 lsisite Northern I'acihc depot. Term* rea^^sonable, lnguireat East Helena hotel.
iFlRST-CIiAHH UMIOHSE. IDWEK AUTO-^^^ matic engine; will be ^old^t a lau-awin. I i^quire at Uiis ortice.
MUM.LADY BOOKKEEPEB A i' ONCK^i Address p. o. box ^Ci. city.
tLITTLE (ilKL FOB CDMPANY. liOOIl^^ home, in Marysville. A Kirl M^ assist in liiiht
housework. rVivilep* to mu to arh.ail in town.
Yii-egirl. Apply ('apitat employment othiv. 'ill
TTHE WOMAN'S EXCHANGE. (ilULS FOB^all kin,! of work.
IADYIX) HANDLE THE DELIMONlCOCtHIK^I. B^Hik. Bauilsouie iucomes Isuiig nuvle by^thoa* now at work on it. Five hundred thousand^copies wiU be sold. Liberal terms to gissl i^rty.^Aildns* for lauliculars. Charlea L. Welwter ^^Co.. Minneapolis, \liau. Send for cauvaaaer'e^catalogue.
IIEI.I'W (M i ll ^l U K.
UTKADYMAN TO COOK FOB EIU MINIS^1 I'.KS-ins' camp. N.s^l not b.^ an exis^rt.^St^w.ly man t.i drive milk wa^on and man to
rorkou ranch. Apply at Capital employment
Hlee,-U Ijiwn'u.*.1 st.
'rillBTYWOOD ^ IIOI'I'EBS WANTED AT^I Montana Employ men! Agency. Main st. bsit^of Broadway.
/ii VNDLEB WANTS THBEE CAUI'ENTEBS.^' one blai'ksiuilh, one brick yard^ranch man, one cisik Jl'i, one eunk t-'l
'I'AILOBS-COAT,BANTS AND VEST^* makers. MacTaggart A Fisher. Spokane^Kails, Wash.
oneblacksmith, one brick yard man. one
iiHSPC LASS TIN NEB.^^oaug C^.
U'Ol'LDLIKE tO HIVE A FBENCH Wo^^man a home, so as to lie assisted in the^language. Address Inix UTi*. city.
UAUCSMAMWANTED IN THIS D1STHKT^O One of our men earned $4,tVIU in -V and^^a.Jlitl ill 'ss and ia doing better this year. 1'. O.^Box 1,371. New Y..k.
Advertisementsunder this head three time*
\K DEI.IVEHYM AN OB SALESMAN BY^* young man well acqiiainteil with city. Ad^^dress J. M.. this office.
HYHOY FIFTEEN YEABS OLD TO WOHK^for board and attend eclusiL Address p. o.
S BOOKKEEPEB OB SALESMAN IN^-line. Address,). D., this office.
\NENGLISH LADY WELL EDUCATED^^^ and of gissl family would like situation as^lady's eoaapaawi or housekeeper. Address W.^Imlependent office.
UY A COMI'ETENT WIDOW LADY AS^housekis-|ier in a first-class hotel. Address^Box m, Helena.
OY YOUNtl MAN THAT I'NDEBSTANDS^grocery business. In store or driving delivery^wagon; kois! references. E. J.
UY A COMI'ETENT DBFJhSMAKI.B.^straiis-i-ri. some driwsee to make at once,^dp-es X., this office.
DYA BELIABLE YOUNU MAN WITH HI Sl-^nees experience, excellent |Mumxn xiul tig-^iir.*r, in store or office; can give security if re-^ipiinil. A-ldrohs II. It H.. Indepeiidenl othee.
YAN EXPERIENCED TA1LOB: TEMI'OB-^arilyapawition in i-lothing house will -at
isfv ta English.
tbig uffioe.
4I I, K1MW OK SKWIMi TO DO AT BOMK.^^ * ipcMni MMUUHtmtii; uw* Ki'Hokk^ Y rench l*iltir
YAN EXPERIENCED MEAT COOK. AD-^iti^-s A. II.. Ilns utln e.
HYA COMPETENT YOUN0 WOM AN TO Do^chamlier work or house work in small fam^^ily. Address M., Independent Ortice.
fHANDLESWANTS IX) SELL Ills Eol B^' lots in Ming addition. Ctit*at^ for cash.^Block 105, Iota lu, II. St U.
'CHECAPITAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE HAS^' the u-i ifirls and ls^st places for girls. Ijui-^ii-s. leave your orders when* you can get help you^can de(s*nd on; 'li'l Ijawrence str**et.
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I)YAN EXPERIENCED HORSE TAMER.^^ fifty horses to break to saildle and harness at^(10 each. Party's desiring horses broken may^address W. T. Ju., East Helena..
VEWLYFURNISHED BOOMS WITH STEAM^^' heat. Ill North lUslney strfs't.
L'iUN 1KB ED BOOMM FOB BENT 114 FHTH^c avenue, lau-k of Crystal Restaurant,
\NICELY FURNISHED ROOM WITH HEAT^^^ for lUat r^JI Haaith Idsluey strct.
'TWOPLEASANT BOOMS; PHI\ATE EAM-^I ily down town. D.. Iiide|s-iident office.
'I ^ H K PACIFIC OR LENOIR HOUSE.^* Steam heat. Elegant psims, fiUc., 7:^-.. ^1.;^suites, jI.M) per day. Special weekly and monthly^rates^
VICEI.YFURNISHED BOOM, BATH, FUB-^uace, Al board, 'M South lUslney.
L'lBUT CLASS FURNISHED BOOM IN^I suite or single. 40S llns-kenriilgo, corner^It'idno).
) BiM.MH EOB IIOLhEKEEPINl).^Jellcrs,ai at.
VEWLYFURNISHED PABUIB AND BED^A' nsim and furnished ris.ms for gentlemen,^near Main street. Inquire at No. \ 't Ming stn^ft.
L'D BNISHED BOOMS AT PORTER FLATS.^1 Ewing stnvM: entirely renovated and under^new mauaiiemeiit. Call in basement oral Porter,^Muth A Cox, (told block.
MABVEYHOCSK. GRAND STREET, NEW^11 and elegantly furnished ris.ni*, single or in^suites.
IllMM sn i || \ m | s.
HOYNOW ILHHH ISH, |1 JU ONE YEAR.^11 llZd two years will buy five ami one eiahth^acres within lift.-en hundred feet of where prop^^erty is sellinuat ^2na front f.m^t: this land wall s.-ll^for iloiible tin- money as s.s111 as spring o|s-ns and^contemplat.sl improvements in its iimn.sliate^vicinity are heuiia. B. If. Floyd-Jones, MM I.^Atlas Blis-k.
FOBKIM m 1st i m \ HI oi s.
ARMon WEST SIDE; (HMD STABLE DOT.^Eii'piire of ('haiuller.
mumy tO LOAM.
TOUlANBYH.B. PALMER. SEE ADYEB-^' tis..ment on the fourth j^tfe.
MONEYTO LOAN UPON HELENA HEAL^*^ real estale upon reasonable terms. Apply^to Edward ('. Busaell. ns.in I, Thoiii|Mio blisnk,^Helena. MouL
IABLE AMIB NTS ok MONEY TO IXIAN^^* ouimprore.1 and unimproved city real e^ut^^and on ranches at low rates. C. F. Ellis A Co..^insurance agent*, real estate agents, mortaagea^loan*.
Mootto IslAN ON IMPBOVED HELENA^property. Time and terms to suit. Juo. S.^M. Neill. It's hi- a and 7. Aahby budiUnc.
CVENBOOM HOUSE ON WARREN STREI r^for rent. Eu^|uire at Lindsay A Co.. Eilward^street.
KBOOM HOUSE NEAR CORNER RBOAD-^^^ way and Davis. A.klresa John A. Quirk; p.^O. Box *7. City.
NEBmm boom HOUSE, 117 SOUTH^Main street. Enquire on the premises.
4FOUR-ROOM HOUSE. Kl'BNlSIIEI) OR^-x unfurnished: 7i'J. Eighth avenue.
O-BOOMFURNISHED HOUSE. ( EN DIAL,^O misieru imnrvirements; ou uue of the u -i^atreiHs; west side; will make a nice home for this^winter. Malhiw.nl A Steele. I.te, Main street.
DITIBOOM HOUSE, FURNISHED. EN-^^ quire at HU Eighth avenue.
IMHJROR TWO BOOM HOUSE. 41^ .MINI)^^ alreet. back of Howie street.
VIXAND SEVEN ikhim HOUSES. ALL mod-^13 ,.
eruimprovement*. Inquire of J. S. Keath-
rranFRONT IBH1MS IN BBOADWATEK^I building, now ^M-eiipie.l by A. ,1. SteeleA C.k.^will bo for rent Nov. 1. Apply to S. C. Aahby
v'lXIBEBOOMSIN I'ENN HUM'S.. A1J40^'' Storensmis anil Ottiisw in 1'itlsburg Blin k.^Inquire of John W. Thompson, rts.iu 12, Pitta-^burg bhs-k.
(,NESIDE Off A DOUBLE RO0SE.COM-^^ taiuing tire nsuns each, to let to a faiuily^wbo would wish lo tsiard the proprietor and his^wife. Address B. at lndependeut ottice
4SM ALL SKY E 1HMI ANSWERI.Vi TO THE^-^ name of I , aai\. Die finder will ns-cive live^dollars reward by rcturiiina the same to Mrs.^Holmis. lirover. Coliseum Tlewtri.,
irisii~si^iteIT~ pi p~di Kil.^ ^^Finder
Iplease return to John Wilson. s^s retary Ken^^nel club, u Pittsburg bhs-k.
IkARKRED COW WHITE SPOT ON FORE^' ' lotf; no brand. Ib'turn to Mm Harrison ave.^and receive reward.
tQOLD w \ I ' H, BETWEEN THE IBON^front builaiutf and Sixth avenue. A lils-ral^n^wanl will Is- given to the tinder for its return^to this offi.m..
1PINE CROCHET PURSE BETWEEN 0M^*^ Mailison avenue and r.2 Park avenue, hinder^wilt pi..-.-- li^ve it al this om.-eaud n-i-eive suit^^able reward.
PARTNERWl I'll BEADY CAPITAL Or^^ to rV.IKll to take an interest in plumbiug, gas^and st.*m ritlimt business. For |^rliculara a.1-^dress Profitable Kiisiucm.. can- luili'isiudent
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rmPURCHASE A SECOND-HANH E1BE-^I tiDNtf safe. Must U. in mssl oondiUon.
iir.aifsafe.^Send iiarticulars to B. II
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10Per Cent.
ForI to I Years Tiinp M RprI^Kstalp in (lie City of
Noi ommissions. Interest najraliln senii-aunnally.
Whentitles are |s^rf.s*t then, will Is. no delay In
rl.aiingLian.^Also mon.*y t.t h^n on* improv.sl Farms and^Ham las. in Molilalia.
II.II. I'AI.MK.K. (told III... k.
ICstiii)-J. Second h'hsir
C.B. LEBKICHER,^3d Floor Herald Building,
Hca.ksNeatly Mmlti and; fllMttWl OSI^and See what we ran do.
Thethird aniuial ui.s'tiiiK of the stts-kholders^of the ,uld A I ramer Minini; OCNRpM} will la.
heldat IIIti^f McConn.-ll. Carter A i la.
la-rgoh Friday. Nov. 'Jiah^at 2 |^. m.
Byolder of pns*ident.
F.V. Back. Hia-..1. B. OtAIMMa
B.i. ^-.
Therewill Is- a regular llns-tillK of Marialll^Chapter No. I, o. E. S., this i VYcdneaita) i even^^ing al Masonic Temple nl 7:1*1 o'elm-k.
Mr-,i . Ill in.I s W. M.
Mrs.Ml K FRET/. Secretary.
BillOf Fare For^Hot Roast Beef
Thisbeing the season when 0VEB00AT8 ire indeintiid Vf^ wovld etil^Vour Attention to the tun thai the
plymouthclothing house
i throwing onl G^retter [ndueementM than toy other honse in the city;^not only in Orereoate, bnt also in Clothing and Gents' Furnishing (foods.
Spacedoes not permit our mentioning all our Bargains, ( all anil see us.
ILot Black Fur Mulls Onh oOe. Bach, Worth $1.^1 Lot Black Fur Mull's. ^^nl\ si Kadi. Worth Si'.^I Lot Possum Muffs, Only $2.:.:^ Each, Worth $S.
1Lot Misses Im.Sea'l Mull's, with I'.oa, Sl^.7:^. Worth *:{.:,0.^1 Lot Seal Mull's, (in\\ |3 Bach, Worth $8.95.
ILot Monkev MuITh, ^^nl\ s:,.iii^ Kaeli. Worth S7.:^(i.
TheLeading Millinery and Fancy Goods 1 louse in Montana.

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