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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 28, 1889, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Tiltsilence of the csteemi-d Herald oh^mm exposures of the tric k of Um Ktat^ ^^returning hoard In keep even the elected^meiuliers from Silwr How county nut (if
theirseats in w thick it ild l^i out
witha knife
Dk.moikai^ Kin I rttpti 1.1 n-jiriM alike eun^tie thankf'il tip ilay the democrats that^the state hasn't Uieu stolen from them;^the republicans that neither Sanders imr^llerdilidil har^ lieen uhle to elect linn^self tu the I'mteil StateM senate m dt^llM uf pll I ^l if Hetitiineiit.
JohnBoon Hahrihox, a ntjmSw uf
president,has come into Ink inherit^^Mi that is. he has rcicired an up^point Illi'llt tu a ehoice place III the Kali
sat*city iiiiHtiiiiii e. 'I'he ippoiatiag of
liferhas only just reeeivetl Ihh t'otntlitfl^Bum It would he iiiikiinl. nut tu nay^discourteous, to say that there was an^understandine; re^ariliiiK the cousin uf^our own Kusscll II.
Out;of the things for which we of^Montana hIiouIi! return thanks tu day.^und tu UrM iih *cll, and fur all lime,^is that we have a governor who cannot^Ik- I^tii ^ ^^ t or coaxed hy the conspirators^who are trying to overturn the reHiilt of^the election, even though the conspiracy^has the HHtiction of Benjamin I Ian imih,^hy virtue of accidental circumstances^president of the Tinted States.
itappear that Campla-ll, Sherman Hiid^^tlicrs were pecuniarily concerned in an^effort to have a certain patent liallot^liox adopted hy the government as a^part of official election paraphernalia,^and for his part in concocting the fraud^ulent scheme Wnud was ap|Hiinted^sim ^ke iMptotOf of Cincinnati ii|a m^recommenilation of (}uv. Foraker^Messrs Sherman and Butterworth hare^joitied with Mr. Campbell in a prosecu^tion of \Vi^m1 for forgery, and u|mhi the^trial it is ev|h-cted the whole story of^I'oraker's connection w ith one of the^most despicable of recent politico crim^mat plots will come out. The hlatunt^governor is politically dead beyond Iiojhj^uf resurrection, hut .John Sherinan does^not stand among the mourners
TlMre rated pensioners employed in^the pension bureau are being uiudt' to^walk the plank one after another, ami^yet in accepting re ratings they only^followed the principle of the present mi^tional administration that ^A public of^lice is a private snap.^ Harrison con^^tinues to provide for impecunious rela^tives at the public crib, regardless of^Bp|s'aranees and of the principle he is^enforcing in the case of pMMaM bureau^clerks.
Acomi'Anv of Iowa Methodist clergy^uien discussing the i| nest ion of loootiag^the denominational state university the^other day, showed Ihemselves the peer-^of the Helena city council when it came^tu the matt4-r of calling names and im^pugning the veracity of one another.^Heretofore the supremacy of the Hclctiu^councilmen in this direction has not^been ipiestioned; now that it is assailed^an may look for a fresh outburst from^the citv fathers.
Ib.nvi.iMM s Tom Carter will give fer^rent thanks today that Montana has^an holiest democratic governor He^found himself in Washington without a^proper ^ertilicate and telegraphed back^for one yesterday. There are contlict^ing authorities as to who shall issue^such certificates, and (lov. Toole, had hu^liven a man of the returning Isiard type,^might have taken advantage of ttH'hhi^calitles and left Mr. Carter nut in the^cold. Hut the governor isn't thitt sort^of a man. The certificate went to^Washington hy I.e.' night's mail, and^the congressman can eat his turkey^with unlet mind. And here's hoping^be will swear off misrepresenting the^Montana democrats for at least this^day.
Tin.house of representatives did good^work yesterday, and the democrats^deiiinnstrated that they were alive to^the public interest by their timely ac^^tion on the silver and mineral laud^questions.
Thediscussion of the Silver How elec^tion contest w III lie followed w ith close^attention by readers of Imth parties.^The democratic party has nothing to^fear from the fullest and most rigid m^quiry into the vote at precinct IH. They^have demanded time and again that if^the republican leaders had evidence of^fraud they should produce it, but the in^tegrity of that vote stands uniiupeached^today. About one hundred of the^rotors at that precinct have voluntarily^made atlidavits that the election w^fair and honest; not one has been found^who charges fraud there All theu^facts w ill Is' more fully brought bitDM^the public. It is a goal ^ u I ijiit to^ 11*^enss, and the more thoroughly the Is-t^ter. If the democratic party cannot^demonstrate its integrity in this matter^it does not ask popular judgment in it*^favor.
uiit i \ i lit HA1 KM
I'harisnismis nut the only character^istn- common to lailh the Hayes and the^Harris hi administration The DOM^Rotary of the electoral bunco game of^1870 had a plan for the propagation of^republicans in the southern states, in^tin- elaboration uf which he ^CpOOjOM a^great deal of the energy that, in the^earlier portmWof his incuinls ncy, should^have Is-en directed to the redemption of^the public wrrioofrom the demorali/.a^tion which had OHM upon it through^President i 1 runt's fondness for old army^friends who lacked the ability or apph^cation necessary to the efficient dis^charge of duties in a civil office. The
schemeI no fruit, and the south
afterthe close of Hues' term wav ;is^solidly democratic as ever. The Iliirn^son administration resurrected this still^liorn offspring of Hayesism. and for six^months every effort has BOH made to^establish a white men's republican party^in the south. Alabama was made the^part ii uhii laM of hihor in this direction,^but the only effect thus far discernible^is a disposition on the part of the negroes^of tha. state to waver in their tidehty to^the party which they sup|ioseil was to^give each of them forty acres of land and^a mule. 'I'he theory u|miii which Mr.^Harrison was operating was defective in^that it did not recognize n mditionB which^have long existed in the south and^which the enfranchiseiuent of the col^^ored people has only served to com^plicate
Hutthe one particular in which Har^nson has followed in the footsteps of^Hayes is that of interference in the^internal affairs of states of the^union His title resting upon^fraudulent returns from some^of the states and u|miii the de^cision of a pOoitod OrjUft* Hayes early en^gaged ui the dicker with corrupt repub^^licans in Ijouisiana, which made his ad^minist ration a by word; and now Har^nson, the choice of the minority, is en^gaged in a barefaced attempt to defeat^the will of the ooaojo ^^f Montana. It^can scarcely Is- doubted that, even if he^has not counseled with the des|icrat^^politicwho have been managing the^republican plot, he has ls^en cognizant^of and consenting to all the measures^they have adopted. His proclamation of^the state when he had not. and knew he^ad not. the full official returns of tin^lection, was an act that will leave an^ineffaceable brand of infamy ii|hiii his^reputation as chief magistrate of tl^I'nited States. It is a burden such us^none of Ins predecessors, except it la^Hayes, have staggered under. Its enor^uiity will bOOOOM l^etter known from^wevk to week, month to month and year^to M'lir. until the cold, self seeking, but^short sighted trickster who occupies th^^white house in apite of an adverse plu^rulit^ of lini.um votes, shall realize that^il had been lietter for him to have had a^millstone tied almut his neck and lieen^list into the sea than that he should^have committed this act.
.1iiulfjc*- MItrflliM-a l,.'.i hlcrletl to llir
Aaarintilyby lo '^^ ItoartU.
\contested election case of uncomuiuli^mil lest ii.icl.t liavr been (Mrrud into the^next New York usseiuhly fur determination^in connection with the canting of n lot of il^^legal republican ballots in Delaware county^were it not for the abhorrence with which^deunKTut* regard elections by returning^boards, i'he r^spective candidates foi the^usseiuhly in UelawHre county, which con^^stitutes an iisM-mbly district, were Judge^Isaac H. Maynard, late iisaistaiit si-crrtary^of the Irt-HHury under the deuiiKTatic ad-^iii i m st rut ii ui st Washington, and James Ifid-^lantme. a republican politician of local note.^The contest was one ot the most spirited
ivi r hud in the county, mid w hile the repub-^hi'Hii candidate for secretary of state cur^^ried tin eonuty by 1.1H7 majority over his^deiiiis ratie opiKiin iit, the mnjority of Ilul-^lantine over Mnvnard fur iiHseiiibly wua^only :t^.
Whilethe republicans of Uelawiire ^^ re^Mill slmking m their Insits over the narrow^iiiartrm by which tin) hud escaped defeat^in the assembly coiiti -t. the sur|^rising Uis-^coven was made that KVi ballots cast for^Juno -. Hallantine in one of the Sidney dis^^tricts were illegal, inasmuch as they were^print' (I on culenderiil pa|a.'r with green ink.^the act parsed in I Hull ^to secure uniform
ballot*and ataaaffra t he purity of elections
expri-~!v pro\ mV I that they must be print^^ed with black ink on soft white pa|ier. The
II loW I Id out of I III Si illegal billots Wollld
giveJudge Maynard the certificate of elec
iimi b] M iniijority. and great was the ps-i^turhution lest the deiuocriits should in- -1^upon confonuanoe in the otlicial count^with the strict letter of the law.
Hutwhen the hoard of county canvnsseis^im t to ascertain and declare the result of^the election they were notified by Judge^Maynard in a dignified and straight for^ward aaaaBMUiOatiou that while the ballots^in question were clearly illegal, uuder in^circumstances would he ucccp*. a certificate^of elect ion unless it clearly appeared that^he had a plurality of the votes east for the^ffice.
Thefollowing is Judge Maynard's letter
theraging billowa. The work was executed^by Fred. UOBM of liilliuga. It is to be raf^^fled. The owner says he carred everything^with n coiuuion pockt t knit. Hiid apent five^months tune on the work.
Dinners-l^. Iiamlsomel) iteroraUsl. 112 plena,^only (It at The liee Hive.
Hull- loo.. - $:t IVr Itnarn.
Cabinetphoti^ if.; |wr dozen at Hall's^gallery, Helena avenue, corner Warren, on^ear Inn'.
Ijcnd|^'l.i lls I'l rent* IrfT^Him
ilou-uit Ttte Hea
Thaiik'KlTinirItlroirr IteueHt of A
Inbasement of (iranite Idis'k. Muin^street, under V. M. ('. A. risaus. The beat^dinni i in the city for .ri0 rents. Opossum,^sweet |sitatiK-s, turkey, chicken, etc. Come^and help ua out.
tavlivanhnuld call at Krnl i mtn.-r's ami ip-t a^pair of slipidTs. as he in selliiui thi'tii at a very^low tiifiiri'.
Membersof the legislature slid their^friends, who are set king a locution for the^winter, can find bright, elm rful rooms ut^the Harvey block. Grand strict. Central^location and first-classawoui u kIUioiis.
Fineriiib skat^*s for geaili'iiM-a and livlies at^Hryan's Otin Store. In.1 llroailwa).
Kei;lst'|-eil Wiu-ruiits.
AMwarrants of the citv of Helena regis^^tered prior to April 1, lss;i. will be paid on^Monday. December 'J. 1**:', Hiid interest^thereon will cease on that date.
S.It. DoldLXB,
CityTreasurer.^Helena. NiiVeiiilsT M) MHL
0 ^ ii
tr^^t|.ri'|iaratioiis are being iimdi' at Hotel^Hroaila-nii'r to nerve the tiiiest ThanksxiTiuK din^^ner ever serviil in Moutaaa.
rartlaaaJust received carload Port laud^cutters, finest in the land.
ISwell^A. .1. Davidson A Co.
Ii is not an omen of liimnon il tl^republican party uf Ohio that Seiiato^Sherman is u party to the prosecution i^WiksI. who was the principal in the si^called ballot bix forgery that OOT, For^aker sprung upon Mr. CaiupuW m tin1^rexient political canvasa. The forgery^a as a clumsily contrived effort to make
s.1 .loins Win ii^ lll^ I'arlj It Mii^l Act
MaMMBMiNov. 'Ji'i,-I Kditor ladapoi^dent. |^Dear Sir: 1 fully agree with my^brother republican in your issue of to day^in regard to precinct M. Now I happened^to be there on election da) mid would havt^ted the republican ticket if I could OBX^voted. And I saw with ui) own eyes the^wsy the election was carried on, and I must^say, so far as I could see. everything was^conducted according to law us near as it^was |Kisaiblc for It to be. I he party was^baOteU 11 mean my party ^ and beaten fuirlv^and sipuirely at their own game, under their^own election laws and voting system. Now^let me ask, in conclusion, if those judges at^precinct M did what our party claim they did^Why on earth don't they arrest them and send^them where they properly ladling^ (to Det^IjikIlt. i I have never heard of those ras^cally judges being even spoken of much less^brought into court and sent to jail, whet^they surely belong if they did what they^ure accused ot. I am surprised at such uu^as Holler and Cory going with the rumpcrs^1 with mmy others will iput tue party if^t lav don't 11 ii it this aaMMHM and do what^tiler were electisl to doS. J. Junks
tireslnlliiaraUOOUaOl 'he Meul
ChicagoDispatch St. Paul Olobe. Nov^Ml Thill Judge (Ireshaiii Would not be^especially phased with the administrate^was iiaturallv to be expected, but that I^should bOOOOM disgusted with his own^party isanother matter. I'lu
evideti'lvthe case, at least in regard to the^recent history of party all uis in M int ma^In answer to a iplestioii about the tight now^bltal waged over the organ./itnui of thi^legislature in that state to-day. he re^^marked:
'It is very ch ar to me that the demo^crats have carried Molilalia, and I do not^see why the n publicans will not let them^have the fruits of their victory. Vou are at^liberty to quote me to that effect.
Ian, mformed that the ipiest may arise |^QQQ gQ 1L^.|^(M^^ H0^M
leforeyour board it its pn sent session with | ^ j
NearBngiiiegs Center.
ferenee to the legality of lOTi ballots cast^for Mr. Hallantine in the Sidney Centre dis^tnct. winch do not confonn to the reipiim^inelilsof the act of IsHO. entitled, an act to^secure uniform ballots and preserve the^purity of elections. I desire to state that^no pel son is authorized to raise any such^question in my behalf before your hoard or^elsewhere. From the information which I^have these ballots are clearly illegal, und^the casting of them is declared by statute^to tie an unlawful act. What disposition^hall be made of them it is not for me even^to suggest. The matter must be determined^by the members of your body acting upon^their official oaths. I can only say that uu^Icr no circumstances would 1 accept a cer^litlcateof election at your hands unless it^clearly appeared that I hud u plurality of^the votes cast for the office. If that fact^does not ap|*ar without the rejection of^these ballots, the certificate of bImMM must^be given to some other candidate than my^^self, or the office will become vacant.
Itiniiv be that if these distinctive bal^^lots had not been used my vote in that dis^tnct would have been men usi d. The mem^her of your board from that town, who was^a worker at llu* poll, assures me that some^republican voters were deterred from voting^for me by their use. Hut your board has no^iiithority to iiinke an inquiry of that ctntr^iicter; and there is no means of determining^to what extent this may be true.^^I'he democratic way of obtaining an^lective office is all election hy popular^vote, and not by returning board methods.
Iam well satisfied with the result us it^stands, if the |h'ople of Deluware county^are.
Anhonorable defeat is always to be pre^fcrred to victory with dishonor.
Till:111 IF TIARKMttlVINO.
Hip|hmt t^M riimirtTw nxt* lii^m^^*^ick autl ***t*k^They hre an liliml tn (lie ru:lit ^- n Intl.^Tlicy vUily arrow Nitlilfr.
Huttil**) !l^Tl* llir* r^tt'|i-|aVitllT
Alit. tlif) ought Ui Im* tlitiuWful fur (hat.
Theyarc out in thf cold lik^^ ImIm* in th*^ wtu^cU^V tlir^ct.!iMttat(* a* a drnwiDHl rat.^If ttic rumiM*r* arc al^l^^^To k^^i*p tht* Kri'ftwil table.^Tin*) txtttlit to Im* thankful for that.
.'he.*'nrc ^lol^^ful tinu'f for tht* |*m.r old riini[^^.^t^'t Uf around tho hat.^If the*** mi*lt*vl ninncrH^(i^*t Thank^4rivinK dinnert*.^Thfjr otiatht to U^ iliankful for that.
Geo.(irecn colored i paid a tine of ^ u^yesterday for assault and battery
Therewill be a social dance ut Hunuoina^hall to-night, and gissl music will be pn^vided. Tickets only .VI cents.
I'heI'liioii I'ucitio has issued a cummer^cial salesmen's expense Issik, which is very^handy. Agent Ycuzic has some for free^distribution.
Thecontest case of Iaish vs. Price for the^justiceship of Mirysville township was^argued before Judge Hunt yesterdav wh.^has reserved Ins decision.
the happiest man in town visterdayw s|^Jacob A. Vuud, the well Known pawn^broker. It was a DOf aud the Thanksgiving^dsy in the Vund household will be a happy^one.
ChiefJustice Itlake yesterday united ill^in image John 0, Ik iimtt and Ida M. Cole.^This is the first marriage ceremony per-1^f irmed by the chief justice in the new |
W.D. Weir, an old-tinier of this city, fell
downon MaajrikM Ufaal TVjaaday night and
wasseverlv uijuml. He thinks more atten^^tion (hould be pad to keeping bovs from |^c lasting on the sidewalks.
McPherson.the would lie highwavmaii,
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Il\.. il. r ,if pnni'lent,
K.I', lid (. BJpe.J. II. I . , ; t ....
Hrir\c Nnv. iw.ls^v.
whoatteinpted to hold n mini up ui the n nr^of the Kldorado sahain. w is sentenced t^thirty dayi.' iniprisoiuueiit yesterday t,y^ladg. Sunders.
TheQaJaataaiaM ViO hold their grand^liaui|iii t and entertaiiinieiit at the Cry-til^restaurant Saturday where covers wifl |..^ainUhJM for 1.'^. It will be a strictly^^st ic^ pirtv Mini a great tune is imticputed^iaaotta the Scots mid their friends whu^know how to enjoy themselves as n.i others^can. Music and speeches will Im- hii iiupor^taut feature next to the elegant stip|a-r tli.it^will Is- servevl.
AtWorth's Atlas sahsm there is an ex^hihitiou in a handsome glass cast' a scene I^of the iK-ean. A large ateaiuship, wrecked^vessel, life saving station, two men of war
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JOHNI). THOMAS^Three luilis. frmn lli luna mi Ten Mile ( nvk
larnucTiif TiTiix
toall^WUtt tXTATK^In Mi-ismla Ciiuiity.
Pieniare uu iiuiri.^I'nited Siatisi.
a.i' iraie alMtrat t- in tlip
Puri'liaser*nf p^il ,^.tare in Mi^-uiila rniiiity.luuk^tu yuur titles.
Shouldyiuir title fail, yuii will wi.li. when t.m^latejiuu hid iitaaimd and alsnraei uf title !^^^futv yuii tiuei-liasisl
mida li|{ht house are up|iarently afloat on I Ruums I. 'J and ;i. ttldy;Hhi k.^ Mis^mht. Muiit
The(iatt'way of the Monu-^tains.
UmCenter of the \Udmt^AgrienltartJ l^i.strict^ofa th
AnAlmndance 'fit Pare^Mountain Water.
Aeoming HailroadVeHter.
Oneof the Finest Tim-^bered Sections of the North^^west.
Withall of its Natural ad^^vantages it is Sure to be one
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H.I'. MtlKtlAM,
Prpsiilent.Vi.-.' PfMtdMt,^Vh c I'rosi.li-nt^Vice-Presiili-iit.
Itol.anhI'. CoMKLI^,^S. L ('omki.in,^III km id Mll.l.s
W.M. CltAKT.
Ass't.Seor.tary.^Aunt. Treasurer.^Counsel.
Mortgageson Real Estate and Municipal Corporation Bonds Negotiate^.
Ixvan C. Murrav, l'resiilent I'liited
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(iiai.K. Peck, ^ lensral Solicitor Atchison,^Top^ka A Santa Fe liailroad I'ai., To^peka, Kansas.
(ico.W. McCrary, Kx Secretary of War,
(Viunsel,Kansas City.^II. M. lieardaley. Attorney, Kansas Oitf.^II ^' tiilliert. VPresident, Kausaa
H.P. Morgan, Vice-President, Prori-^denee.
IvolandK. Conklin, Secretary, Kansas^City.
Sumad M. Jams, President, Kansas
AlfredFryer, Vice President, Ixmdon,
JosephThompson. J. P., Communion..-,^of rpiar Mersey Navigation, Alder^^man of Manchester, Manchester, Eng-^hm.I.
J.K. Ca lirane, J. P., Calder 01^n, Blaa-
tyre,Scotland.^I Ij Slid.Ion. Manacer, Londoa, N^.
IC),(iresham Street. London, B. C.^Col. ,lanu^8 T. (Iritlln, Oneota, Netker-
halleHardens, Hempstead, Lond*o.
BRANCHOFFICES:^Bailey Block, G-round Floor,^HELENA, MONTANA.
Providence,K. I.. '27 Custom Houee, St.^Boston, Mass., ^'^j State Street.^Philadelhia, Pa., 518 Walnut Street.^Dallas, Texas.^Little Rock, Arkansas.
Portland.Oregon.^Denver, Colorado.^Salt L*ke City, Utah.^Wintield, Kansas.^Memphis, Tenns

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