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ThePosition of the Montana Democ^^racy Plainly Stated in the^House of Representatives.
TwoGood Speeches on the Situa^^tion From Representatives^Comly and Wallace
I - . - ... . - I Brier \^kn (.oierilor I ^ i *^I mi Klctlon ^^rtllli ate HM
III T. . . . l| I ii |( -
Theroutine busmena of tun house of n p^reaenUtivcH were broken by . discn^nioii of^aiiumnil interest yesterday afternoon. It^bid lieeti undurHtiMHl t but it resolution,^statin^, tln^ democratic position in the legis^^lative trouble, would In- introduced at the^inorninK session mid afterward Im apM for^Ktilmml discussion by the house. At the^clone of the BorniuK session iniiiicdiiitclv^tH'fore adjournment Mr. ('omly rend the^following resolution
Whereas,The present disoroain/.cd Oon-^dition of the h ernial urn iisscuihly of the^state iit Montana ih yreiitl) to Im- deplored^by all jiii-t and true men and iI citi/cus,^and while we ilo not cinsider that the MM^hern of this house of representatives are in^the least responsible foi such disorganiza^^tion, yet we are prune to believe that a di -^^nut regard for the opniiotiH of the |ssiple^should prompt t hoHe entrusted by the inu^^tile with such p^iwers ami trusts as those of^legislators, to at leust declare their reasons^for present action and then intent ions for^the future, therefore I* it
KcHolved,by the house of repri sentutives^of tbe state of Montana ttutt it iscoiitrarv^and antaKoiiiftic to the principles winch^underlie the foundation of our American^republic to in any manner ree-ocm/,' as rep^reseiitatives m the legislative assembly of a^free |^oplc any person or body of aafaoM^who do not derive their authority to act by^virtue of an election of the |s-ople. That^we characteri/.e the action of returning^hoards as revoluti.iiiarv and subversive ot^democratic institutions und a republican^form of covenum-nt, w ho disft untiling their^ollicial duties in the interest of poiitieaj^parties and ambitious d. in a. oyiles, have^I pressed will of the |s^oplc lit
ignoredthe cipressed will of tin^the ballot I.^i and issued cr ridicules ^ ^t^election to candidates who were not elected^by tbe |^eople and have refused to certify^those who nave received a majority of the^|m^oples votes.
lb-solved.That in the interest of free^coviriilnc.it and for the future welfare of^the people as well as in the furlherance of^justice, unlit, and the protection of the bill^lot box from irres|ionsible rcturiiino boards,^it I., e.mi.i s our duty to pursue the colllse We^have already followed ill the recognition of^our members, and that we base the nnht of^one to act as representative U|miii the fact of^his election by the people lrres|sstive ol all^frauduleiil uid illegal actum of ntannuo^boards, surrounded us they may be bv eel^tificateH and seal, ever MMMMMClDfl the^declaration of John Adams in a similar rase^in eonyreos. ^The ureal seal of the state is^not broad enough to covnr fraud.
Atthe conclusion of the reading loud ..p^plans.' followed. I |Hill liiotloll of Mr. Pen^^rose the resolution was made a s|^ecia!order^for tbe afternoon. After the asHemblinu of^thchotiHc at 1 o'clock ami tbe routine at^roll cull, tile rcHolutioii was soiilii taken up.^Many spectator* were preHeut 111 the gal^^leries and on the floor of the bouse. Anion^^them were ilon. W. A. Clarke, of Untie^and Maj. Maoinnis. of this city.
Whenthe H|s cial order was called lb pre^^sent.itive ('omly ansa- mid said: ^At the^silKUcslion of iiiauv uiembers I drew these^resolutions, which I 1 hulk ^ iiihotly the views^of the members of this house. It is our^duty to be guided bv the lirst IfMl principle^that Constitutes i he unlit of a member to^his scat, that is Ins election by the majority^v.itcuf the people. It ih 11^^^ n that priuci-^pl^ that all form of representative govern^mi nt is founded. We have admitted in our^lorui of ^overniiient that the majority uf^Hie ipiabtied electors shall constitute the^Will of the |M-ople. Only by a majority of^I Heir votes can any one hold u seat m the^home' of representative*. It is ticcfssin y^for ua to impure into the ipucstnm who has^hceii elccti-d. II these returning und cm-^yOWtiuK boards have issued certificates to^members who have not Ist-n elected, it i-^our duty to find who has lecelved the in.i^jority of votea. So [ftf as the pii liuiinarv
1.1 .' 1111 i i ^ *l. of the botly is collCeriled the
firstiiintti r to look, to is die ccitilicales o|^the count \ ch i ks. I lie crll loi'iilcs of tin-^county clerks have MM received and t In^members kjvHUng llieiu are entitled bj |i 40^heats. If I Irene ccrtilleates mi fraudulent^tt is our duty to investigate them. I'ln^matter resolves itself into the question as^to who have been elected by the |sople, not^w ithstamlniL' caiiviiasinu boards. I Ills^|ireciHieiit haa Ihm'H priH.*htimcd at various^tunes in our history. I lie notable pre^cedent occurred niiiliv years lino upon the^HeatniL,^ of several nieiiibi'rs of congress^from New .leis^y.^ II p Mr CoMljf 0 ted^the case show in^; that it was nyht to mi^back ol tin' certilicateH to show that the^vote of the MNMM should deterniiue the^riyht of a representative lii a seat. Con^Untune, Mr. Comly said, ^it was tiiuilty^decided to leave the matter to John IJuincy^Adams, His answer to the projsisition was^'the ureal seal of the state is not broad^enough to cover fraud.' In the state of^Maine in 1*7!! a Mini11 ir en*, la'cum-d when^a returning board MMMMMj of the uuvcr-^nor and council of state threw out the vote^of the city of Cortland 1 think, because two^ItlMMl votes were cast in otic precinct. The^action was similar to that of our returning^board. In the dilemna of the Maine^MMI the unit It-r was carried by a pro^^vision of law to the supreme court and the^case will be found in Maine re|Kilts No, 70.^Ihcsiipiime court decided that it was not^within the province of the ri tuniiiio board^to ^o into the quest ion of the UMtlit] ol^votes. H w as their duty to count the \ui. -^I n cJVt^ lliem anv other |siwer was revolu^tioiiary. Tin court said tin- ipi. sti.ui to Ml^decided was who were eh ctcd to the le^isla-^ture. lfthat returning board has not i d it^its authority and issued certificates ti^wroitK |iers.iiis tnose ,^ .sous wa le MMMItl .1.^tied, and the persons who weie elected had^lights to their suits without eel I inc.lies.^The piMitioii of that house Is tin position^taken by this house. I have said tti.it tliese^reaolutiotis enibisly this principle that the^qualification of a iiiemlier consists in his^i In lion and not in any certificate of any^MtotntlMJ bonnl.^ Mr. CoiiiIv'm remark*^w.re frequently ut-rruuted by applause^Afte- the resolutions had a^ain bi en read,^Mr. Wallace said: ^Thisresolution presents^for consideration the entire controversy ol^the election in Silver How county. Ou^February KMgMi provided for the ad-^inissioii of four new states. An election of^d^ legates to the constitutional convention^was held. tin Maichour terri
toriallegislature p.,ss^d the ele^^-^tioii and reL'i-tr .tion law. liv virtue^of the election ol ttitular I we are^here as representatives ot the state. That^election law providi .1 tor tin conduct of the^i lection of October 1. Mr. Wallace heie^read the election laws auu told how It was
tooperate ^|^ Mihl' county clerks to iasue
certificatesto nieinls-is. Hi' then yave a^well ari'fciik'i d and di failed history of the^priK'eeiliii|.'s of the canvassnii; I maid l in^unsiiately followiiiL' the election, lie K na^^me 11111^ - of tin election in the tunnel pre^^cinct dwelling U]miii the fact that HOof tin
Nlli)ballots issued to the election judk'ea^were returned. Allowing for those |swted^in the booths and a few that were destroyed^the charttesof fraud were simmered down to^two or thnii ballot*, lie said the returning^board refused to oount the Mites of this pre^^cinct. An invest lust ion was refused, the^precinct thrown out and a mandamus was^issued. I In coint. in a filial hnariii^.'held^that the cluiiires were not sufficient to I., v.^tin- precinct thrown out. Mr. Walhic then^showed that the courts order was compiled^with only in part and that the returns went^in '.vi re marked by |s ncil. The certificates^of Silver MM were rtfMMfll when Mr. Wal^^lace said ^ the presi-nt state of affair* is de^^plorable from tin- staud|n^int of i/ikk! gov^^ernment. We are here to maintain a BtM^ciple of uovernuieiit. It is the riyht of^the citizen to declare by his ballot by whom^he shall be |^oveinisi. It may lie said that^mutter* could be mljusl.il. but when vni^make a compromise with wrong; you iftjMI^recognition to the lenalitv of wrotiK. i here^is no doubt of the law emit rolling this n it^t^'r. It Isi'umes iin|sirtaiit to iMMMl^what the pipular voice ia. To this end^machinery is provided The canvassing^boards are machine*. MlthiMJI more. When^thev depart from their inachine dntns^MMtttiMJ is wroiio. This piiint was iiicelv^illustrated by Mr. Wallace bj eomparmi;^the n tin nun.' board w ith the UmM ballot^machine that Is intended to count till votes^as thev are rt-cciv J, ami which, as Mr.^Wallace said, is designed to take the place^of the members of the canvassing board,^lie said: ^It I* the will of the pMMM that^must be arrived at and it is the will of the^|s ople that must control. When a li'tflsla^lure hMMafUiand itwlf it t ikes control of^the qualification* of it* members. Where^can be found the precedent for discardniu^the vote of an entire asm liiblune of people^bMMM ol irrct'iilaritii s of two or three^votes. Those pirtifiilar votes, should be^pureed from the ballot hole* ana cast aside.^I hill is to be done in a regular way by tin^submission of proof*. There is a mar^^velous coincidence in the Maine case^referred lo and in this case. Mr. Wallace^then read from the Maine statutes a com^plete history of the fraudulent attempts in^the election of that atate. Tin argument*^and decisions were niven at length, Icaviuc^llo nsiiu lor doubt of the almost exact^parallel of the lines of action ol the returti-^M| board of llmt state and the state culi-^VaatiMJ board of Montana He continued^^|t must coiiclusivelv MM that there^was a decision of the court wluch required^the cutiviiasill!! board to count the vote of^this precinct. I he vol* should have been^counted that the Hid* of the |snple could^In secllled. tt In n' lire the pnsifs of flallil/^If fraud can he established the fraudulent^ballots will I., cast out. Ilcposilfd in the^desk of Kl (iovemor While were five cer^tllicates. one of them rOllllitlK to Senator^Ib niii ssy, the other* for four di nuH iatic^n presentative*. These ccitilicaU'm were^si. i,i d by Kx Siscretai y W alker, dated^Nov. 4. when the priM'eediliK*^wen- MMMMtel) but they were^not HiKiied by the governor. What the^ih sion or purpose of thi* board was we can^inly conjecture. It seems to me that the^resolution under discussion is proper.^It n coeiiizi s the principles of the popular^t which must be recociiized under all^circumstances. Mr. Wallace'* s|*-ecli was^regarded by all as n remarkably clear state^incut of the law lieariuu uisui the case. The^argument* were placed before the limine in^a careful mid intelligent manner, while tin^iui|Mirtancc of the subject was made appar^^ lit by the Hpeukcr's earnest and impressive^delivery.
I'liitherconsideration of the subject was^inist|*iued and the Iioiikc adjourned until^Kridny at I p. in.
Mr.Penrose introduced a series of reso^bit mils id the mortilii'/ session of the^muse jesterduy, to Im' forwarded us a peti^^tion to coii^ri ss. Sonic discussion followed^as to the advisability of forwarding the^resolutions villiii Isith houses of the legisla^^ture had assembled, but It was decided that^the iuiisirtaiice of the subject demanded^iininediiite attention. The resolution*^were adopted, and if was directed thai tin v^Is' forwarded to Washington. I hey Mi^a* follow*:
lothe Honorable President of the Senate^and Hpraker of the House of lb prescnta-^t ive*:
Wherea*,I he Northern I'acitic railroad^coiiipiiiiy. undi'i the provision of its grant,^^tainM t .tic or the right to procure I it le to a^large area of the mineral bind* of Montana,^embracing a large number of our best gold,^silver. DOppef mid lead piialucing districts,^and. Whereas. Congress, in its grunt to^said railroad company, ha* excluded all^mineral hinds except coal and iron lands,^but has ftill d to di line what arc linn. i..1^lauds within the iin anilU! of said giant and^win reus numerous controversies have^arisen respect nig the deliuitimi of what con^^stitute mineral and whereas, if put-
III* should be Issued to the said
railroadlompiuiv for these mineral lauds^rtified to them for patent by Ihe I lilted^^^!.^ X^ s land ollicers, a treat number of dia-^avered ami recorded mines now in process^i development would be taken from the^present claimants and would not only work^great hardship ami lossof property to indi^^viduals but would also be very dj Ml rolls^totlM milling interest* ol Montana: now.^then fore, we, ymn |s tdinners, tin- house of^repri seiil itive of the slide of Montana, do^MM earnestly pray votir honorable bislie*^to immediately take such steps and enact^such necessary legislation us will prevent^said Northern I'acitic railroad company^from acquiring title to our mineral domain ^^under the provisions of their grantor in^any other manner except a* prescribed mi^del the laws of the I lilted State* relative
hearty*up|sirt to idl meaaures pro|*Mcd^that in.iv Is' conducive to that end.
liov.Toole yeaterday received a telegram^from Congressman Carter asking for an^election certificate to enable him to get hi*^mat in the national house of lepresentii-^live*. The congressman for some unex^^plained reason failed to secure the certifi^^cate before starting for Washington. It^wa* made out. signed by ^iov. l oole and^Secretary llotwitt and immediately for^^warded to Mr. Carter, the governor being^*atistied that the congressman was elected.^Now contrast this honest, straight forward^proceeding of a democratic executive and^the knavish and fraudulent actions iif re^publican conspirators in at tempting to force^regularly elected representative* out of^their scat*. It was within Gov. looh's^iHiwer to make u very annoying and em^^barrassing delay for Congressman Carter^and possibly deprive him of his seat in cou-^gnss for | tune.
Iherepublican senators met again yester-^tUy, There being no quorum present the^usual order of pris ii dings was followed^and the mis ling adjourned until Friday at^* p. m.
Ihe house met at 10 i^. in. Afbr roll call^and a pray, r by the chaplain the n unites^^i le read by the clerk. A recess of thirty^minutes was then taken. At the request of^the s|s aki r Mr. Frank bsik the chair. Tin*^resolutions presented by Mr. 1'enrose were^adopted. I|siuthe motion of Mr. Toole,^Mi. Wallace's resolutions relative to the^silver convention were adopted and upon^motion of Mr. Iluinbcr were wind to the^St. I/otiia convention. Ihe resolution* pre^^sented by Mr. Comly were bud over for a^s|*'^ ial order for the afternoon session.r|^^n^motion of Mr. I'i iiiosi . a n cess until 1 p.^lu. wa* then taken.
Theafternoon session was devoted lo a^discussion of the reeolution* introduced by^Mi I'nuily. The resolutions being adopted^the house was adjourned until I p. m.^Krida).
Nothingmuch was done yesterday by the^rumpers in their dreary back room m the^Iron Front. They met at 10 o'clock and^went into committee of the whole to further^consider the rule* reported by l*m^krny of^the sclcet committee.
Whilethe house wa* waiting for the com-^itiittee of absentees to report, Wing -k .1^leave to make a few remarks. He called at^^tention to the article in Tiik Imikikm.im^which had excited his indignation This^article, he said, was in keeping with every^^thing else w hich had ap|s ared in t hat paper,^mid was an uiiqualih.il misrepresentation^which might mislead many people, mining^whom might be some republicans, to form^t wrong conclusion in regard to which was^right in this controversy. On their side the^matter had not been put before the people^as i uiphatically a* it should be, nml the^commit tec in caucus ought Input the true^facts MM the (sople of the coiintrv mid^he hop d a caucus would Is- held after the^Hireling to consider how this should be^done.
Itayadjourned over until 'j o'clock to^MM afteriiiMin, when it is again^ex|scb'il they will be on hand in^a better Irnuie of mind, tjuite a^number of the ruin|m left on trains last^ui||fa( to spend Thanksgiving at home. The^double MM t,i tin man. HMWM) of the^Iron Front wen 1..eki d vesterday and pasted^on them |ufl 111tie, of paper mi which was^writtui. T'lease go aro iud the buck way^for the Iccjslntuies hall.^ The hall was ai^most deserted, only the janitor and watch^^man being then even Iteruard wa* not be^seen.
mv rile I o^iK^- No. :t, k. ^^r |*.
Amoiv nwHiM M th^* al^ovf^i^mI^^' will bn htia ImuvbiII km^LM Hi i:.MI oVliM-k Ml DhW 1
*a\l('^'t^r- afaaNv HiiwiN oor-^r mU| invititl to Hltt'hil.
141^^H \a*vm. K. of K. ami H.
jAj j. CIS
Xiiias(toodfl thai^sonic nml Ven
tomineral lauds. In presenting this reso-^lilt ion we arc actuaU'd soh lv bv feeling* of^great anvii iv for the welfare ot the citizen*^of our state, iiianv of whom are in gn at^danger ot UviMJ their property wrested^from them by the said Northern I'acitic^company if they are allowed the privileges^of the provisions of tin ir grant M constnn-il^bv t hciii.
I'hcimportance of the silver question to^the interests of Montana prompted Mr.
Wallaceto lllttodtlie the following lesolu
tionsto the bouse vesterday morning.^I'hcv were teli t'l-ipln d t.i the silver cotivcn^lion now in session at St. IrTffriti
Whereas,the National silver convention^heretofore called to assemble at the city of^St. I,oui* in the state of Missouri on Nov.^SH, ls--i. there to consider and devise means^to further and protect the interest* of silver^a* a MM] ami a* a medium of circulation,
hi reuiUrij mmUn to the mmiol
x* deli L'.des auioiig w hom are delegates^duly eiiquiwcli'd and coiiimissioued bv the^ll i eMOUtiveoj Montana to repri Mill the^interest of the state in such convent ion: and^whereas. Molituei lui* of lite j is bifii^slc'idilv and rapklly iMMMiMJ her output
ofpreeioxu netaU, ImImIImj silver, until
sluIm bci'.'iiie one of the cliii ft st if not
thechief eel metal producing mmmhn Ulk
n.th union: and wherea*. of these produc-^tioiis silver in en pie* the foremost place in^its iuiiiiiil' and reduction, giving employ^^ment to thousand* of laborer* and to null^ions of cipit d, and our number of pro-^ducitic; silver ii'iins could mid Would be^mmi) tinns increased could the present de-^preeeiot] of silver Is- removed: ami whereas,^the chief can*' of depre**loli is t he rest I lc-^t ion of its coinage and circulation^us MMMjrt be it eliacttsj that^wc. the house of replesi ntatives,^recognize the importance of the convention^audio deliberations to tbe |s-oi^le of our^^Mte, its |s^wer and the force of its utter^^ances as repic.-m ntuig the rapidly unite lug^interest* and increasing ii sauces of the^west to combat and counteract the gold sus-^taiiiiiiit and silver destioviug c- lutiiuation^of VS. all stria I and the evtrciui cant, that we^extend to them hearty supput in their ef^^forts to sustain and remouitiz.c silver; and^to this end we cull upon tin deh gates n pri ^^st tiling there the interests of our state us^well as all others having at heart the M^perit] of the sdvi t producing distnct* of^our I nion to do all ill theif |*iwer to pur-^HUade the convention to view* luvoriug the^Ulilliuited coinage of silver and to lend their
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