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therewan ol. ar proof that the RW^M^not mineral. Tlif question in ni.iht import^ant. It is fur rivalling in itn results uinl^muv effect tli^' welfare aud indfix-ndcnoe of^tuhiiv of our r.n/.i-n*. It would not lie un-^MMMMblr Ui direct Unit tlie pntentH i^-^su.-d should them**!*** contain a reeervii-^tion of aiiv land therein ilnurrilied if it^proved npoii furl tier development to l^e hcI-^oallv mineral I ind.
Themm. rnl laud should he MMIM^for our MaplA mm there is no claim on the^part of tin railroad! to sM tin these source*^ofVaat wtn'th notintended fat ihum that
houldlie lnmi^rt d to the least d.vr.-e be^yond tin I *. I his I say in no spirit of^hostility t.i 'I' railroad coinpanies. Inn^from a ih'-r 'l' conviction that the 1ms(^intere^ts of tie republic would lie served by |
Aividinuthis rant hhihraj wealth among in- ,^dividual*, rathei than by tUowtnfl it bj aiiv i^mean- t,i Ml ^ ' ' liosseMsioll and C^litr..l of^ration*. It is not intended to he (^li , in. and Ihaj should not be al- '^i it by default. Sufficient^^ i xactly w In t the ch.irac- I^und w should he provided,^i^ several thou-uud old miniui;^awMtN back many ^eara. j^for which no ' iitries have Keen made. 1 j^aanroretbe reooai^wdMtrm of the com-1^miss,^i ' r. ^ Ich is a repetition of the sum^Oontaim I in t ^iner report*, that the delin-^an,.i,i | i shall la-comis lied to com^pi,,, (l^ : ;,! ^ 'I- and pay for their claims^witlnu i (.perilled time or suhinil to for^^feiture Mid ' ^ ellatioii.
I he decisi .11 of the laud ollloo is that^wher. tie SBtrj has been made in good,^faith for land as mftlHiral land, the^Otalm will n .' Iw defealed. nit luiiigh there^Bi.iv I., mineral thereafter discovered \\\^^\\^the h..n a ; hut it would Is-will to have a^law paaa d in iking the certilic.ite of i litrv a^bar t ^ ..i.v H i. claim based U|s^u a dis^^covery inade *uli*B*)B***i to the entry.^^ , here ban beta n wer new SaSSSC* fr iiud-^uluit mine- :. ported .tininn the punt year^than heretofore. Attention bus la-en called^hv m] DH di ^. - *i and is now retn-weU. to^tf^ nee.lot :.k-i-l;^ti^li giving r.-((isters and^iwetiven Kdtliorit* to issue MbpoMM torn-^palling witi^ to appear Mora them to
U..|lt\in land cases, or before colntlllS-^^ rs api^-ini.d by them. At present the^^h i.d HL'elits have the greatest dilllcultv^in i.i,K-iirniL: the attendance of desired wit-^MMM. which tlie acting e.iiiiiiiiMO.nicr of^tl, 1 .nd otlice attrihiites in his report to^Ihre, eatMeai Intimidation by parties in^il,,, .-^ ,inwi!liiii;ness of witnesses to testi^^fy up nly against tbeir neighbors, and m-^difl,:-!;.' , I witnesses who think that they^bat. doty .a m_'h when th.-v havi ei\eii tIn-^agent the intoriiiation on which to base his^re p,.it.
,. .-i - in mi.i-i i[ubs.^Krfrrrmg H the matter of forest )',res^and their prevention, the werctiirv says:^^'1 iiiiher d.-pred .tlolis, as much an tie \ . ic^to Is- guarded against, are by no means I 'i^^moht mHoiis -linger that threatens the^great pm. |..re-M that stretch ov. r the vast^area., ol our pil.lie lands. It is tire that is^most to b* in . I. d. The forest tires in the^timl.. i i. nioM .1 Montana, Wyoming and^other w.-l-rn territories have dcHtmvil^mor. tr,.-Hi. past summer than have been^lost hv all the depredations from the be^^ginning ol the tirst aettlenient until the^present .lit- these Iiniher lands are al-^mosl cnlir. iv removed from private iiciiin-^aiti..ii in t In- and regions, where the great^^est volume ..f public timber land now i-,
Th.-veannut b. anniilrarl by in of the
metluslspi..\ iiled in the houiest. ad, desert^land or UmbM culture laws: they are not^agrirultn .11 indn; tin y are not desert lands;^and the tmiher is not for culture, as it al^^ready exists, I ne arid lauds are at a dis^^tance bcl,.^ tin-tin.her, as these districts^are high on tbs mountain sides, where MM^gam. n ^ I beneath and about tin-lofty ntara
theioe and stn.us that, gradually milting^a^ the summer nivalin's, feed the streams^and may In- made to irrigate the h.-lds.^Small p-'ri -hi- under the laws may be used^for ^domestic purposes'* and for mines, hut^the (real b ^li can not be MntJn d by indi^^vidual^, and is left unprotected from the^gr.-.i Ilea thai -weep those regions.
Tin-value of these forests Is manifold,^and their proserv itioii and culture is a sub^^ject lo which thi Societies of Forest, is are^ieroUna their -tudv and active efforts.^They have r.api.-st^d that in this re|sirt, as^has Is , ii d.uie in previous re|sirts^of like kllld. It should be lee,,in-
mendedthat congressapisiuit ii commission^t.. take into coiiNideratloll the subject of t he^ptildic tirabef nds, with a view of a-cer-^iaintntl the beet meth.sl for their treatment,^management. prc-enratiou, or of their ^lis-^poMal. This recommendation 1 earnestly^make for the rea-outhat I Isdieve this prop^^erty has a commercial value lis great as any^the nation owns; that it is not only threat^^ened hut beiug absolutely destroyed in im^^mense ^|Uant it n - by tire; that its eiisteuce,^for a large p it at least, is essential to the^successful proaeonttoet of the nngatioii ol^the and land- n ,w iiudertuk. n by the gov^eruiueut, or that may be prosecuted by the^states or territories.
isTo riNsioM.^The secret uy isks for HfJMJM for the^pension departlu.-iit for the ensuing year,^aud recoiiiiin u.ls^tbat a peusioli he granted^to ev.-ry nihil, r and sailor who did substnn-^tial service dining tin) wsr in the army or^navy and wlio was honorably discharged^then f rum. an,I who, being d.'iM udeut on^his daily I d ,.r f,,r his supisirt is now, or^may heie.itter h. disabled from priH-iinng^panaisteni'i h^ -in h lulsir. A due regard to^it-u di. nit i mil charactel should pre^vent the gioeri.nieiit from allowing any of^the men who fungM to maintain the union^to sutler from int. when they have beooliie^^o liic.ipacitat. d. It is well known to all^our people that many who were never dis^^abled in tu. ftght or the service were yet^tho-e who in., the greatest dangers of the^war and who served contiini^Mai] ,,i^l taithfully. That I'mv-^id.iiee MVed th.-iii from wounds^Wdiaeaae, indthaj their strong constitu^^tions witli-lo.,,1 the hardshl|is of the Held,^give bq n taun why they should be h it dis^Ngardad and ausnppottnd now. I he |s-n-
ioli1- p ml I,y the governiueiit iii reward
forpaat lenrMei to those who fought to^^jejntain it-i ti-teiioe. It bus the sanction^of the law ,,l *i if-preservation, which no^Bjaveriinn nt in the trealineiit ot its vet. runs^can lafel) Umoea, 1 am not dis|^.sed to^Oonfer upon i il ^ no may ask the hia^y ai^the ]^..p.. ,,i.d Would have coiiliueil to^MU-aeoertained limits the claim-ot mow
Who ill 111 il, i , |m'usioii. NeVelthele-^,, ii
disret-urdof iimse of the aervice Banted^whose diKilulitN has Is come since tin war^ao gn at as to in a., them de|s-ndeut would^be both unjust to them aud unworthy of^our country.
Onthe subject of reruting the secretary^^a ^ -
noonat I. r the oommeiiceiii.-ut of this^illlnietreliiili there sprung up in the^bureau ol p a-iuoa practices in regard to^tb.- rarating ,,t )K usiom-rs that reqnued tin-
Interventlorj,.| tue secretary. It was found^that numbers of those who bad btsm receiv-^ing pensions, many of whom were employes^in the panatun luteal, bud had tin ir pea^aious not only increased I aome u|sui appli^^cation therefor und some without such up^plication i. hut the mcreaae had Iseii or^^dered to take i-ilect long anterior to the ap^^plication; slid. on the orders ol^the ooiuun-n, oner, large sums of^money had b en paid to these |ht-^eons. Many of the cases had also^been made ^npecial,^ that is, preferred in^time of hearing, and not a few called ^ ortv-^elght hour ,bad been hurried through
aoexaui niation aud the pension increased^within two days. The oaaea tirst discovered^were about ten in number, but mauy others^Were afterward- developod. It uppeared 1U^each of the ten cases that the increase was^allowed prior to the surgeon's oertibcate in^the pending claim, that in some there wns^no new examination, and in others not en n^an application, uud that the sums allowi-d^aggregated over $lii,UUM.
Ihe intention is to correct all of these^evils for the future under the present com^n -.-loner of |s-nsioUs, and so far as tin-^law will allow to exact a return of the^uion. y which has been found was illegally^paid. This will prove a tedious and some^^what difficult undertaking. Hut in view of^the cuorniou* sums of money that might^have been expended had not this evil been^corrected at the time it was, the govern^ment may lie well satisfied, I think, even if^it should have to lose a large portion of^that already paid out,
tSClSS^mmmtm^ kkds of
^(.KM^is D01BICT.
HutIt i- ^^^! sr. Abbreviation of (leutle^ins.i ' by Any Mean-.
Nowsee h.-re,^ said a bright girl to a^New York Kwiiing Sun r^ i^irter, ^I am^sick of all this outcry against the word^gent'. 1 like it and I'm going to use it,^for there isn't any other word to take its^place. Don't you know the 'gent'^ Why,^Ann rica is full of them. There glass one^now^a perfect ty|*\ Von see be Is well^dressed und gisal looking, but without the^distinctive -l imp of g.-ntle breeding, lie is^kind hearted, courteous, in his blunt way.^He his considerable knowledge of the^World and is a capital story-teller- He is^not actually vulgar: be is sometimes very^Well educated, hut he (tOM shoit of tin liu^e-t tact und the best .if t i-te.
HeBwWaf faiii III ii kllld of hi arty -oilled
chivaliv toward w-MM n that eMnebow nxlti
tillIII ill spite of It- CllllllsilieSH, beC lll.-e it
isso tratis|uir. ntlv Imnest ami In him-^ If^so deeply res|Hctful. He I- a ntth- pil-hlllg^and a-gressive, but he is neither a braggart^noT a bully. In short, the 'Rent1 is the type^of Americans whose MM will probably lie^gent leiueii.
Arrivalor tlie K^ l:.n|ier^r.^Lwuon, l^.e I The I'ortug.w steamer^Alagoas, with. i lanyafof limn I'edro and^patty mi board, arrived at St. Vincent, t'a|Hi
V.r.le lainn,I-. yaaV i Any, All t In- MajbMejl
theparty are well. I pon the arrival of the^Alagoa-, an attempt was made to interview^Deal I'edro coiieernitig the events that led
toniadepoaitton and exile. He deeHned,^however, to enter Into any discussion rela^^tive to the revolution, hut stated he hall^bun treated with the utmost kind^^ness throuolnmt. The Alagnas will
proceedtu liafinn to-morrow, Wh.n the
steiiiii.r arrived at St . V incent she was tly-^Ingl new flagol the I Bited St itesof Brazil.
Iin Hag remained Bybuj until the Brnsilian^vici consul boarded her and inforined the^ttlplnin that the provisional government^hid given instructions that the old Hag was^to be hoisted at St. Vincent, and the Lisbon^others of the sb-anicr not having dir. el^orders finiii Kio Janeiro, declined to make^the change. They, however, immediately^sent a cable di-|nitch to Klo Janeiro, asking^for orders rela'ive to the Mag, |m tilling the^arrival of which the Alagoas flu s no ll ,. at^fill. The Alagoas was convoyed four uud a^half days from Ilio Janeiro by a llrar.illan^man of war. The ship was much -lower^than the Aliigoas and the hitter's passage^Was conserpieiitlv lunch longer than it^Would otherwise have been.
TheTypleeJ Iteuioerat.
Thegirl of silt.- n. I think, is the typical^democrat all over the world. When I was^going to school I used to wonder why it was^that all the pretty girls showed favor to the^had boys and gave the cold should.-! to tin*^best ones. I couldn't understand M| and I^never did until hmg after I hud left school^and gone out into tlie world. Then I In-gun^to sec that the girls Were the bent iudges,^aft, rail, li was not that the girls liked t In^bud boys.
Itwas that tin y hl.nl some form- of char^in ter, manliness and aggressiveness, and^ware not attracted to tin milksops who^called the other crowd bad. When they get^older, unfortunately, there is a change, hut^up to this age of sixteen the girl is a demo^^crat of the most unerring instinct.^[St.^I.oil IS (ilobe-HellliH'rat.
m ^^ -
'taken Ai in^ the Hor.ler.
Wasiiin.it.in,lice. I. Assistant Secre^tary Ticheiior has approved the action of^Inspector (Jeorge W, Itaki r in the case of^two ( liin.se laborers smuggled into the^I nit, d State- from Gretna. Canada, cap^lured by him in North Dakota m arly thirty^mile- from the boundary line. 'I'he men^wen-arrested bv direct ion of the ms|s ctor^and taken before the ( luted Stales com^missioner, ami it being provi d they entered^the country illegally, they wen-taken MMM^the boundary DM and li.-liv.-ied to the for^^eign customs authorities.
Therewas a terrible tMMMMot dyseii^tery and bhsidy Hui in Hope county, Illi^^nois, last summer. As inanv us five deaths^occurred m one day. Messrs. Walter ltr.itli^ere. of Waltersburg, sold over Itso bottles of^Colic, Cholera and Dmrrhu a Keinedy dur^^ing this epidemic, and say they never heard^of its failing in any case when the dins'^turns were followed. It was the only inedl^cine used that did cure the worst cases.^Many is rsons were cured by it aft. r tin,^doctors had given them up. Iwnitvtive^and all-cent laittles for sale by 11. M. I'ar-^oheu 4 Co.
cnmpCm He rVerented.
W' want evi rj mother to km.w that crosp^oan he prevented. There is no qneetioe^slsuit tins; as it has las-n done in thousands^of casts., and you may ih-|S'iid u|sui it that^when a child takes ti e cl, up, it is wholly^..wing to the negligence of its pun Ills.^I'rue croup never ap|h-ars without due and^timely warning: a few hours or a day or^two MfOTe ti e attack, the child hecon.es^bourse. Tins hoarseness is the tilst ludlca-^tioii of croup, aud is u sure sign that croup^Is to follow, unless promptly and properly^treated. I he free Use of ('Ii hiiIh l lam's
OonghKemedy al directed with each bottle,
underthe beading, ^to prevent croup,^ wilt^dis|slall symptoms of the disease. 1 hi^^ll 1st sign of croup, hoarseness, may be over^looked by Vovng mothers or those not fa^^miliar with the disease. I nd. r such en^ciimstaiices, ol when not plop rly treati .1.^the hoarseness b.a .in. - more marked uud^tin- child shows symptoms of having^taken cold, then a |sculiar rough^Cough is develo|h,|. fe*M at^this stage Chamberlain's Cough^Keini'dy will preiiieut the cnuip. hut after^tile cough has di vi kiped, the mmm is liable^to apisar at any monieiit. The propMWM^is to Lis p a bottle of tins n in. dy at hand.^It costs but till v cents mid only a few doses,^or at most, in.t over one-third of a bottle is^fWtjnired to di-|k l all syinptoms of the dis^^ease. Can you aflordto risk so lutich for so^i little^ There is Hot the least danger ill giv^^ing this remedy in kWgrl and (MUMl rjMM,^which are always n .pnr. d, as it contains^no injurious substance. As a proof of this^fact. wt^ r. f.-r to John 1.. Olson, of D.-s^Moines, la., whose iii year-old boy drank^the entire content-of a Htty cent bottle of^Chamh. rlain's Cough Kemedy w ithout tin*^I. ist injury. For sale bv II. M. I'lircheii Ji^Co.
IIimmI'nSarsa|tari!la i- |,.irel^ s rs^etshle^pr^^,iarmtion, luaas free from iu,ariuui. ritfs-^iii.It is t-s'iilisr in its curative peMf.
l)ojriia sutler with catarrh!' \oiicaiilie ppeejl^if^ouUk^ ll.s-r- Hsr-a|iarilla. theirnwt bli-id^purifer. Hold by all driiiircists.
\Ml Mll'K K.s.
l.iM.Urliii vi lllll.-v. Menu./^Novemls-r IV. t-HH. (^Vtn'K KIH HKREB1 HIVKM rHATTHKrOL-^l.nriaa uauii-l settler has fihsl uotice of his^iuteutinu tu inski. tiusl MM iu Manport of hi*^clmini, ami that -aid proof will U* inaile ticfiir*^msi-ter and n-'eio-r si Helens, ^ int.. M I**-^(s'inlier Ju. Ishm. tu rlMeh Cejeh. slnir. estate of^Kstie Keliek. ilei-^M-l. who mwle MaMftntftM^U. s. No. Won for the n.-t, pe.-. 1- iwp. V ii r if w.
Hename*, the fullowiua wilinmw.*. to j.rove hi^eontiuiinus r*s.ideiu-e ni^.n and cultlvst inu of naid^l.ii. i tit Frank Tikat. John II. Ililmou, til^ward burns ^nd Frank llshm. of FJlisteD, Mnut.
W. LANOHUKNK. It.wii.ter
It.i. \ I Ml I 11 t ^.
viilliKtiF BTOt'KHULDKlOj UKlfTlNU^^' Notice i^ hereby itiven that a ni.s'tiua of tl^'^1 stockholders of Klktinni Q.iis-ii Miniiur coniiiauy^| ^ill Is- held st the law ..Mice of Ashhuru K. llsr-^] how, ill the Maeollic Tenil-b-. in the era of Ih'l-^, rjraa, eeenty of D-wi- and ^ Isrke. aisl -late of^, Moutana. ou Haturls). I).--. 7, A. ^. l-sn. st s^o'cl.s'k p. ni. of said da^. for the purpose of eoii-^i ni.ieriiis the pro|MN^itinn * if levyin* an s^n ^ ^ -,^of ten cuts per -hare nu the capital st.s-k of said^comjiaiiv. which said ni.iueyi. are tu lie used in^lisyilia the plswllt illdeht.-luf-w, of said ^ ^ r; : ic ^^By order of the Fn-ident.
CHAHLKttA. I LAKKK. he.-n.tari.^Hslina. Hunt.. Nuv. ltjtw.
Dltutrntndby gOnggl OMJUgggf of^FIFTlf ARTISTS!
Bringthe Childron toeae the unties of^the good SPIDER and Um rriksof^the wu kc.l I-'LV
Anentertuininetit eurlinii'ino even^thing that is DMJMliir: OMMdy. Musk:,^Bur(ue^|ue, I'untotiiitne, (^|m^rn and
lioHerviHlsent siile ^^|^dih Snturdu/^iiioriniio at i'ii|ie ,v OConnorfi Hew
st.irtn,llailey lil.svk.
l-.ltrVrWiIIH'llI i if
gfeiMmhwMkht,- - TIIKTltiKUw^Tl.nrs.isi Ni^ht. - - NIK III IHil.Mt^Fridsj NiKht. d'otinnlji nisht FAIItFAX^Sst.ir.Ur Nujhr THE Wultl.H AOAINHT IIKit
l('-k'iilr.ri'ririf* Kvcniiiht, fl nn^l Trii ccnlr*^Mni mm, 'Sh\. Mv, nml nm,
rvilHi^t*^ nu Knit- at IN-jsj- \ (i luitnur'i
TheGolcbrated French Cure.^V: , .:1 APHRODITINE*' v.
IsHold on *
voai rivf
ii .* ii ft any^loiinof Ml .on*
'N -^'. Ol M)^d.-ruder ol tlie
earnol rltl.e.^sex whetriai st- .^lalai iroiu tl..- AFTER^^x. t-k-iie live nf Kiiinalaiita TeknuM or ni-nim^'^ lUnnigli Toiiihful tuillsrretiuu, over bnt'iif,
Moe,gm,,mjmml.eejntMeJnrwwer, WHk. iu^le-n, Keaiiuir itowD Calm in t.'is rtaek. tternina^Nfaalnieni lli'ie.n Servons frost ration N.smr*^*.i tahnMna, iMnMrrtMn. nnniM wean Men.
orviFirmersrnl liinaoteiicr, which It o
rweeMlerhjej les.t lo i-reiimriireiililaresiiil ..nsat^n I'm , f I UC a Ink ^ tsixw lor V^ It Se- t t^jiai i,n ffjretnl of lirtne.
AIVKITTKNOI A It A V IKK loreverv ...^VaV ^ to retuiei ths nMHM i it s l'^rmaD^*t,^nr^i 1^ not egesent TboneMM el tcstimonin.
rrenieMeMTewnj of mm s-ta, nerms.u-i.i^it,nKl g; akhbopitins CtrraMM In* a.t Ira*^tHk. APHRU mloicine CU^westass ssinca,^eO^ TFOKTLANU O*
tl.11'iv (4 Itls t '^ ^ri ii4-4 ^ snrt rstatt^1*^i''^, ^ ^^ if^'' ' ^^ 'h mt tt ti t
A wwHMarnvMV w vv.,
REALESTATE^Offer Qreat togaiiii in
Warehouse loits n.ljiuvnt to liHilrotu'^tracks.
EUgkhMMI sits in b11 |iarts of the City^A n u in I sor i ^f Pigg K.ssi.lenive.
Sint-ralCottages noar De|sitfor eale ui
Townliots and Mining l'rn|*rty ii^(Vsike City.
AntunbwT dt FltM RnnohM in Flathead^Vnlley for gajg Wry Cheap.
wi'llTK.JOHWBTOiril CO,^^oogn ^^. in ii, - gmoN hi/o^*k.
IValor iu
imerica'tjGreates. Novell)!^m. b. LBAvrrni Mgjgjigggw I'r.-iu.-
turnof Krasor A (iill's S|s^:tacular^I'aiifoliiline BWMMjhwt.
LowestPrices flilsil fe Season i Fine Iwrtei Dress Goods!
FineFrench Costumes, Excellent Qualities and Novel Combinations. Choice of Fiftv Stvle,-*
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Theseason being far advanced, the sale of High-Priced Novelties is less^good than could be anticipated. We propose to sacrifice Now what we^otherwise might be compelled to later on. Beautiful long Garments as^follows:
5Otrmente, Price to date MO,FOR $21.50 19 Gttneiite, Price to (late lift,
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21Garments, h ire to date Slo. FOR $28.00 | 4 Garment*, Price to date. $76,^Hue Garment, an Kle^ant Article, and Stylish for Carriage Wear. Trice to date $126,^One Garment, Atoolatel] from the Louvre, h-ieo to date 81 -
FOR$33.00^FOR $37.50^FOR $47.50^FOR $83 00^FOR $100 00
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Outof Town orders Promptly Filled. Satisfaction Guaranteed.^NEW YORK DRY GOODS STOKE,
CornerBridge and Main Streets,Helena, Montana.
K.STA It 1.1 Nil 1-111 IN inn V
I.II I ll.T IN IHH7,
TimLnr^i^Ht IiOiulinif Hotel.' Una the very liest ncx'oninio.lntiong in tlie city.^Ilnten reduced; fcl |ier day nnd upward*, according t^i locution of rooms.
M.LISSNER, Proprietor.
vnii'i in i in 1.1 iintH is i hk lis
WMM Court of tli^ Fimt Jiulii-ial IliMrirt.^i .,mil; of lj^wiauul l larkr. StkU' of Houtaua.
InItiM malt.-r of tr* nrtaf* of. nil, r. ^ Kvurk,^dnorai^d.
N,,ri,'*. in Li^n-t,y aiv^n bj tti^ un.len.iaiiii.1, ail-^niiiiintrat.iriiof ttir wtat.' of l'ath^riu^ Krnrk,^ilwiianM. Ui tli*' rriHliton. of aiyt all i^mona ' m^tna claim* w^iiiMt tti^ ^,,1 iIwmmI. Ui exhibit^95nk wilb tliH n,s-i^n^rv ronrtiem, within r^n^moiilri.^ft.'r lh^* rrt^i |.iiuJi.aatiou of thi^ uoti.ii,^to liu' Maiil ailmiui^trat.ir^, at the oflireof 1*^-1, ,t^Km.. No. X^ Main ^trwt at ll-l.-na. M.intaiia. th*^MM tn'ittu IW pHM for ttir traniwtion of th^^liu^iiiMi^ of uiil Main iu muiI Count^ of I...I-
JA(X)ltUIKR^Ull IH HT.\ll|.KIt.^Ailniiui^trat,.r. of ti* Otata of Cath.'riue Krni k:
Ilatoilat Htl^na. Mont.. N..^. IS, i*a,
VOTHKJIU BTlH KltlU.IU IU* M1 I'll K IS^hr'nibj. iriveu that a niHetiiu^ of .(Ml llllilrk)H^ii. ^^^ N .AlN.tra.-t i oniiauy villi Iw
IihI.1at tin'iitriii* of the roni|iaii; iu the city of^lli'li'iia ..ii ihe 4th ,lay of .Unuary. 1*U. for the^pnri^nm*of aiitlniririna the atnenilment of tlie^oertitirate of incorporation anil in iii.'n^eina the^capital .tuck of tlie comiiaiir to $J' '*^'.
lmS\l.li HKAIIKOltl).
Jiis111 A AUMlTAliK
TheP*3M)* of the Great Westl
helena.^ montana.
SCHWAB^. ZIMMERMAN, Proprietors.
TheOldest, Mott Oetlrabla Leading Flrat-Olaat Hotel In the City.
Jl8. McM I LLAN ^ CO.,
I'ruprletonof the
andIlealera |la
Hides,Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow,rGinsene and SenecalRoot^[Sheep Pelts and Furs a Specialty.
Isdow prepared to deliver Coal from ita Mines at
Tooonsumers in this City. For Domestic and Steam iiur[H^^es Rocky Pork OonJ^hM no i-iiiriTiirr in thil m;irkct. It liK'litH Rnadilr, makes Hot Fire and leuves little
MO. Try it.
PrincipalOffice: ROOM 25, PITTSBURG BLOCK.
101.'103!^ 105 Second St. North.^Shipments Solicited.
Minneapolis,Minn,^Write for Circulars.
CityOffice Removed to SecondJNational Bank.
Sample*and Assays made of All Ores.-] Consignment solicited. Sample* of each^lot submitted to the different Smelters, and the Ore Sold to the Highest^Bidder Sampling Works at Northern Pacific and Montana^Central Kailroad Junction- Take Motor Line.^WRITE FOR TERMSTELEPHONE NO. 71.
FormerlySparey's Hotel.
Runon Both American and European Plant. Sample Rooms for^Traveling Men.
Mrs.T. H. MORSE, Proprietress,
E.L. Hon.vi- ii A Co.,
O.E. UtUM,^Bis ha i Bailk.y,
L.S. llOLLlKK,
Helena.Deer I ah
ButU.^Park City.^Big Timber.^Bor.eman.
li' i n, CoNNKLL Co.,
A.Fkazer,^(Jko. T. Vouno,^Mi mi Bros.,^W. H. White,
r.w. neill,
Manufacturerand Dealer in
is.Sine ms, upi m tie.
Bit*,Spurs, Quirts, Whips, Lashes, Blankets, Sheets, Dusters, Slicker*,^Nose Bags Sweat Collars, Horse B.x.ts,and all other goods usually kept^in a first class harness store. Hand made driving harness a specialty.^Opposite Grand Central Hotel, Main 8treet, . . HELENA, MONT.
ALarge stock of Imported ahd Domestic Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings and^r ancy Vestings, which I am prepared to make up on Shortest Notice On**)^Workmanship and stylish Fit (iuaranteed. Call and get my prices before aar-^chasing elsewhere.
PennBlock, Corner Main Street^Opposite International.)
EverythingNew and First Class. Steam Heat and Elevator^RATES: FROM $1 TO $2 PER DAY.
HaaNeatest Place id Uelaaa. andjlimid Acoommodationa: Street Cars eu and treaa ail
I'AKKPAID TO 11 ii I r I

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