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ASeries of Interesting Topics Dis^^cussed by the Live News-^papers of Montana.
QueerHands Denlt in a Game of^Poker at tho Town of^Mullau.
Dr.Wi'tihamt Dr. KrUpy l^i^^ u^^ Krllgluii.^Tin in. ..
AtSt. IV ter's cliurrb \,-r.nla^ monitn^^lli-v. Dr. WVbb preached nu able and inter^tstiii)' dcnmin. Tin t*-xt (or the MMMM^watt tak-'ii fruni St. Luke 1 Oi^^What inau-^uer uf child shall this be*
Afteraouie introductory tliMnelits appro^^priate to the s^'asou. the rector said: ^Sag-^Ke*!nl liy the passH^e. think for one Christ-^iu is li-sn in this ui^ ruins of The l'lomifc*^of ( Inldhood. Consider flint the promise of^fhiiM's lurth. He Wm} preeminently the^child of promise. CircuniHtslices both un-^; MMl MM n.imenlous preceded mid attend^^ed Ills advent. Thev excited wondi r; they^A Woolen Mill X\ Milled at 1.1\lliu-lon- ^ rills, d . ncat ions. In anau'e jealous as i l.i*
ofimraileH. these Mipemntural fea-^I tures are clowly scrni iiii/i d and ipiestioned.^tin nan.'UVf is oM singularly lieautiful.^The atmosphere in winch all the ocean^floats is not of earth: tlie heavensliend over^and angels sine,. Km the only inquiry vte^ined make is : Did the rest of our Lord's^life conform to this lie-inning^ About the^birth of many other liens m of history won-^Ui rful portent* have bunu. I In ).'ods of^(In ice and lione, of Fg\pt .mil India, had^all of them, it was claimed, suiiernatural^IwgillllllMW. Hut is it not a perilous claim^The player who lie Id the ^i due^ opened the i to maker When nab origins are invented^pot, the next player ^raised^ mid the next ^a' subsequ, nl careers must tm made to
alsoand so ou'to the dealer who ^raised^ I !^1'!'h(^1' ,'^,ootts,ror' ^ l'f'' '^'iV ******^,, ,... ^ i with supi rl.uimin promise, shall close us
also,each plavir siood the raise until a cal dninclv as it lie^aii, is a task greater than
.V..... ..,,../,...., ..ii n*....i.,.l ,.li.l tint ,1. ,1. - i .i.^. .
IB) MB has yet wrought, unless the^character of Jesus is the single grand ex^^ception; not only at the tragic last in His^precious death and burial, but all the
theirlarge patronage find it neeeaaary to mm^ivirrv n very full stock of goods even up to |
thelatter put Of the MM Mid BOW thtj r- ^ r/tlk|TniCHI A V/
proposem their customers the adv.n I- I h ( i A N IUliirl AY
UiJlow prices in many instances I,, low LLLUHM. UIOIL.ni
'coat, in order to reduce their stock to a low^i point and give room for early spring ahip-
meiits. This is an opportunity which the
ladlesof Helena and tue aurnmudiug coun^^try can not afford to lose. Weahould judge
fromthe activity in their various depart-
ment*.and the large numbers of buyers in
dail\attendance from early mom to night
thattine world not he many gIs left to
carryover into next year if their boom
keepsup as it is Roiug M now.
WoolenMill^Prlre Acre
\tallied at I l\Inn-loll-^f rotstoe* -An Over-^of (Moral.
Jueer H.iikN at I'oker.
Recentlya game of poker was in progress^in Mull.ui and there happi ntd to la.il^jack^^pot,^ says t In- Mullan 'I ribune. win n a new-^deck of cards was called for. The new dick^wasshufllid and dealt without i vaiiimatioii.
NewMontsint t eulral Hrpot.
Acorner lot on Helena and Montana ave^^nues. Tho Montana Central local trains arc^to stop op|s^site this lot. and the street car^line on Moulana avenue will be completed^next spring. This corner will then Is. the^most frequented on the avenue.
Fi.ovn-.IoMM.Atlas Hlock.
waseffected all around and the drain- laid^the deck down, each player ^standing pat.^^F.acb player grinned and pu-si-d iinu the^dealer with a suspicious smile laid down his^hand of four aces and a Ugl ''^ ^^exl^player laid dowu four kings and an ace:^the next four aces and a king: tin-^next three aces and two kings; and the ik it^three kings mid two aces. Lain player^looked at tin la it, and upon examining the^deck it was found to consist of eces and^kings, having come from the factory m Uxi^^way. lhere was about *!^^^ in the ^pot^^anil each player withdrew ins money. The^two pluyers holding invincible hand.- n^marking that they tnvi r held four aces^against four uces before.
AWoolen Mill.
Sofar no attempt has been made to lunti-^ufacture the product of Moutm i's Hoik^masters within the borders of the stute. It^Aould therefore be in a measure c\tjcii-^inental, and for this reason the lect in tir^ritorial legislature ottered a bonus fof t^ ^^^s' il lishmt ut of woolen iuiIIh in Montana.^Then is no ri nson why the iiiiiuuf.icture of^Montnun's wool pioilint cannot be sue Mi^fuily Conducted within the state, and hung^profitable returns to the manufacturer upon^t he capital invested. No point in MoBtMM^offer*B better or BMM BbVbM RMM I^k i-^ti hi for the operation of such a plant thai^Livingston. Its superior wilier power,^cheap and abundant tue!, and ci lit nil lor^t ion wn h reference to wool growing dis^triets make it nu objective [mint far BBt'h^nn enterpi is,-, and we believe VOttld ili-.u:^its profitable operation.
tM At i t- of I'dtiltiM's.
SomeMontana farmer should win thnt^p-ize of ^.^^.0(K) offered by the Am. nc. ii^Agriculturist for the best acre of BBtBtOM^aays the Hivcr Pl-es*. It would MfBiBI BBl^little extra atieiitiou on the part of tin-^grower to raise over ^Lit luishi Is to tin ai i.^upon Montana land*. 'I hat is what tin^Maine man ruisid who carried oil iBaprii^this season. The AjTiCtUtariat offers lik.^prizes next year. Here is ^ chance for u^Montana farmer to make a neat little ttkki^with small capital.
AnOverdose ul ( hlural.^At the coroner's ini| uest over the remain-,^of T. M. Johnson, who died suddenly iti^Tate's saloon, tin. jury found that th.- m^ceased came to his death by taking an over^^dose of chloral, says tho Hozenian ^ ourier.^The father of the deceased : ; an Kpiscors.l^clergviuan, residing at TotfBBfi Ln-land.^His brother is also in tho ii.'iuistry at thut |^pluce. Mr. .lohiison was at one time em j^ployed in n large drug hous- in I^iin'on.^wwned by his uncle, and was in Africa two^Jears representing MM l ouse BW to hn^Coining to this country Is years ago. Whil.^heres.didi.iMoiitanihefoliow.il tho oc^cupation of teaching school. Tin remaiiir^*ere interred in the BoBMBaB cinii-t. iv oil^'J'hursday lust, Lev. Frank II. Lewis of this^city offlcutiiig.
bMmbBbbbbMi^It is said that I ^e r L-..L i now fishing^for a United States land ollice. Conprcssn ,-tn^Carter has introduced the Ul to establish^the office in this city, and for good reasons,^too. A glance at the newspapers published^in Missoula county will show that the land ;^business here is ti n times as big as in Dei i
alonglb realized the hopes that His^wnndeiful birth inspirid. And for the^BBaWWtu the qBMtioB which filled many^minds at His birth. ^What manner of^chihi shall this be^^ The word by its ever-^gn i us i i:d Calais and Kindly thoughtB and^||ifUBipreBStw hut fiebly its thaukfuiness.
Tlink, again, how a similar promise is h^^vohea w Bil vkiklBouda There is never u^birth over which eager eves do uot look^longingly into the future for a reply to this^same ipit sy. It is Wi II that the response is^left to come slowly out of the days, as they^go by ^that it t ikes veals to complete it. As^you statnl looking ovi r the lit'le ones of^Ml - household^while you give M thoncht^to all po--rtiilitie.^el.cn-b only this hope-^ii.I expictaucv. i'each them by w ise pre^^cept ami. moii BOB lit I v. bv ex nuple. And^by liih Illy lik ^ that ol Cwrikt't inatchh s^life, h t us strive to make an BBMMf to tUis^BUM iBteirogi.torv thai shall be pleasing to
Dm.KssU trnl tirnen. .leuti-i^. Otlicee iu Bailej^bhs k. T^ke elevator. Itooiu HU.
Din or from H to ft at the Hob Tob.
O.W. Jackson, music dealer. Hailey^building. Main street.
JameaW. Barker, merchant tailor, MaiB^street, opposite First National bank.
(hito H. Nicholson Co's. for the best hay^and grain at lowest prices. Cordwood de^Uvtnd in any qnaatitv. lelephone '-'W.
Ooeast via the Montana Central and^Manitoba railways, the new sleeping and^dining car route to St. Paul and the east.^1 hrough trains leave Helena daily at Ual^S. to.
liev. III. Iv.
Lodgecounty, f'rob ihlv Missoula count v^has as much laud business as all the rest ol^Montana together, says the Missoiilinn, in^^here is the cream of agriculture of ihu state^together with all the fruit. The Deer^Lodgers win, used to make so much fun of^Missoula pumpkin patches now get down^on their knees and ask for the legitimate^public office of our own people. They can't^have it.
Wantsu Kallinml,
Col.Carter the energetic Bull owner lit^HluifH, is deeply impressed with the idea uf^having a railroad built from Kozeuian to^Hed Hluff. says the Hozemnn Chronicb-.^connecting there with the Mad to Hntte.^He says that BoBBBBBB people o^ I Ut take^nn iaterert in the uuitter, or h y wiM Iv^cut off by other roads. If thi^ *.|! lend^their aid ho thinks that tho road c b .,i^built.
ley at I he^I hiirell.
Followingin a syuopsis of the sermon de^^livered by liiv. F. D. KeLi y at the Cougre-^gitioud church vcstcrdiy evening. He^ts^k his text from Job, chapter B, lath^v BBtM ^lla.st thou maiked the old way in^w.iu li wick d null have tnaldeu^^ Look^over the pist. said the eloquent divine, and^, ate whither you h ive trodden in tiiat path,^and niiko your plans for the fut-^un . tm} e'.-tmux year liu.ls many^of you linppy and BBBBMefBi, but^! u .. i hi paused to mark Die old way^in winch the wick, d have trod-^il n. 'I Ins path is as oid as the age of man.^It txlah d in the day! of Adam. In the ihivs^uf BBOteBI QfBM* U VM iTBOBed iu blood^by Ah'.nib r, ami i lit land of Kgypt was^dvliledhyit. In the holy Uwd wiieie the^.'lente-t scriptural light M i given the p ith^^I thi w.cked was distinctly inaised, and^t he patience of Qod ceas. d. 'J'he hi story of^the .lews sh,^ws that the* were blind, fool-^li ildy ami obtuse. The path of the wicked^u is been veil trodden, and is as hind us^ulaiuaiit. You have seen it in your lives^oid in tin lives of tho i around you. It is^IBB with Moodl black ns night, gray^all^colors combined^that old way in which^-imi'-rs have trodden. .Many n ..tet their^p i-l lives, hut it vo..t BBi TaBJ can onlv re^^vive lulli.ess of lite and j ^y througli the^Mood of Ji-siis Christ. Ths'old wav is not^a good way because many BBBfle walk bj it.^l itis is a sellish world; tin- God of M nn-^BMtB is v.oi^hipid. Jl.c old v iv is the^way of gaml linliOMrtioCIB H, riscality;^uivthing for money, evir\,....ig for self,^IM the devil take the BluliiiBll Many are^v. ry imp nt..nt in their own estimation:^n rkuov ^ ^ prnl ^ i ml si It-couceit . and if^t icy Wrle 11.13 J ill ti e b il ncc on ol e sidi^u ... ..ii t j .. * rood and till- mid tioiile in^too other. Umf would tnink their side^^o lid kick the lieam. What have we done.'^What have we accomplished in the Woild^that wu should be so putt ii tip v. i:h piiih '!^Head the cyclopedia anu lino iheft-w great^bbbbm that are worthy ol a plan-^the IB mid it will tike sou i of the pride out^of you. i'onng mi n should go to college.^Mui pirlicjlailv tor the BWBBBI of study-^iiigtinek and Latin, hut for the hazing.^(M4 BMBBUm ^Vstem of hazing. It t ikes^the pride out ol a young man will n nothing^^las will. Whipping won't do it. 'I heir^pride inus' be ertMuVd b^ foro you can
struckthe Vein.
EnochHodsoB has struck his coal vein m^ v ^' siu.sh.ue and blessing; hut uot
u.Tnn ^ i ^. i_vi ii. ,o d wav. tor tliut will end in hell.
the.(XJ-foot tunnel, on which he has been^..
teachtin m any good. Don't drink ; H vou^i do, it will have a n ndeiiey t.. h ad you into
thelovvist depth- of degradation. Mark
th oldwiy and leave it. Have vou ever^) hwn in low couip my'i Many go there and^IBMM to enjoy die toBlaty of the wicktd.
I'hisp-ith begius iu brightniand ends in^| darkness.
'1he gieat sin of the Aryan rare is intern-^j peratici'. It ought to be prohibited; but^! piohibition does not get the devil out of the^b1m1b BBBIt Mark tin way: look at the^. end thereof. Where there is a tendency to^- a downward course through drink, remem-^I bM that Niagara Falls is but a little ways^I off. Watch it. Thank liod so iiimiiv of you^ire in a christian church to-night! The^day of grace i^ near when you are in the^' church, among (hi I s people. I can do BO^! more than inipnss U|hhi your hearts that^vou should leave the old way. If we could^livt our lives over again, how different we^I would be! Hut we can accomplish nothing^I by useless regrets. Now is the time to turn^around,'oid live and do better in tho new
engagedfor nearly Inns' years, saya the^Courier. The Mara is about four feet in^thickness, with a heavy trend toward the^north and proves to be tho cleanest and^best cooking coal so far discovered m Mon^^tana. The tunnel has about BOO feet Ii.t^t ^ the crest of the mountain, which demon^strates that the vein or seam is permanent^and practically ineihaustable.
AnKlertrlr Kettnery.^Those who think that Three Forks w ill^Hot have the electric rohuery, lays the^1. /.email Chronicle, are infornifd that^Countv Clerk Drennan has furnished the^necessary abstracts of the prois-rty and^that nearly all of the I'Xi.tKJU has been paid^by the parties bonding the land.
MuiiltolmI'ucifle Line Iteopeil,^The above line, consisting of the Minne^^apolis \ Manitoba and Montana Central^railways, via Hum-, in connection with the^fnion l'aciflc and Southern Pucihc rail^^ways, hue been reopened for the fnight and^passenger business to and from Ban Fran^Cisco, Portland and other Pacific, ooast^punts. This will he a great convenience^lor Helena merchants and the traveling^public.
Tryour beat patent flour, the best in the^1 market, and Whittaker Star hams, at
JohnT. Mi in iiv A. Co.'a.
Riser!!SBffpal nw^Hive, liver) one ijTisrai.ns^n]*tct ol money refuieJ.st.
ist in ever^- re-
I.'el.^~' ^ril children's tolH^|ri;an rips at roel at^li e bee Hive.
IfMB are in BSadoi a lump be sure and seo^thus., si j I,. 11... Hive tjefuro I... ok one.
Lndkw'and ehiVirsa'l innlerwear very cheap at^lbs II-- Ho^.
cents and npwanle at The Bee
Alarmclocks only st Th^ lies Hive.
Avery ff'Ksl^ceute at The I!
unlanndriedwhiu^ shirt only jO
ti,i of I iee nn the Molilalia Central.
ITaking effen Sua lav. Ik-.-. 'j. trains will arrive^, and depart fioin Helena as follows:
ITrain No. 1. IM-ria and
Butteexpreae6:13 a.m.
Tra.nNo. . Helena unrl
Batta-ii rass7 00 p. m.
Tia'uNo H. doD'nnaPai ito
ssprea*boasaasl I.Up.m. SUp.m.
TralaNo. I, St. Paul ox-
bmsSjfor east11.30 a. m. 11.10 a. m.
ITram Nu. I, Marjsi ille ex-
TiainNo. a, Marjsi ille ex.
*^I Ppsm ^:00 a.m.
Tenper cent, discsant on all erw-kerj, -hina- \.n'.a Marj-svilla ... fl to p. m.^ware and aiawaare fnr seven SBpi al the Hee Irain No. s, aUryeviile|4.00 p.m.
Ord)a few children's cloaks left at The B -e^Hire which will be sold it a goori ileal lw, than^cost.
NOTARYWKA1.H- New^^ ones made ,ni old^ones cbanned. ('. E. Kemp. Helena. Munu
rirturenof ail kimls at The Bee Hive.
r^ui cesser to Moaes ilorrie.1
Chaudelieraand Hanging^Lamps,
andFancy Decorated China.
Hand Paintod Glassware in As^^sorted Colors.^Rogers Bros'. Al 1847 Silver^^ware.
PlushGoods in Endless Vanoty.
YuurCallRespectfully Solicited.
Ladies'Solid Gold Watches at -$20
ThreeStoneDiamond Rings at -$15
FiveStone Diamond Rings at ^$25
ElegantDiamond Earrings at ^$25
VeryPretty Diamond Scarf Pins at -$10
C.A. COOPER. - Pittsburg Block.
PRICESReal Estate!
OnOur Entire Stock of
Nowis Your Chance for
Fur: Coats,
TheMost Desirable Property^in this Growing City is now^Oflered to those Desiring Quick^Returns on Money Invested.
Lotscan now be purchased^that will yioldlnvestors
withinNinety Days.
thele^iDinsra-^SHOE HOUSE
ofthe City is Located next door to the First National Bank.
Whohandle all the Latest Novelties in FASHIONABLE FINE FOOTWEAR,^the Finest assortment of Shinier* and Ties ever shown in the west, are also airenta^for JOHNSTON ^ MURPHY'S FINE FOOTWEAR.
ANow, Commodious Cottage, on Fifth Avenue. Contains Four^Rooms, Pantry. Two Closets; City Water.
$100DOWN; $25 PER MONTH.
Matheson^ Steele,
HolidayNovelties in
IMushami Leather Collar and Cuff Koxes.
FinenSTccl-x^rcctr, sit
oii n: \ i i;
ToClcso Out the Steele.
TheI X.I*Bmmt, OKI PBI0I ^'A*H BTORE, Om l^'^^r North of Grand^Central UoUl,OffWIOlMtRaduotiOM POB ONE WEEK ONLY^IN
Thisbeing tin* MMOn when OVERCOATS are in demand We would call^Your Attention to the fact that tho
isthrowing out Greater Inducements than any other house in the city;^not only in Oven oats, hut also in Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods.^Spaee does not permit our mentioning all our Bargains. Call and see us.
Bayyour Chrirtrnan ^lipp^ra ^l Fn^l (iamn's.^the latvwt ami bwt helwuxl uUx k ui tuwu.
AllBeady.^The toboftff^n ^Ud^ on Helena avenue in^all ready for bu^ince*. Come and bric^^yonr beat girl.
'SanltarT Kii|cinurrln||.^^Plans and S|^eciflcati^ng (or flue plumb-^inK. See O'Brien. The Plumber,^fan t .
k*i* v nn rent, diar'jant nn kll aott. and^t uurtjr da^t vaii at, Juhn 11. Juun-
n.H. LAimLKr,
Ttreenice furuich^ d rwran at Oro Fino^Clab. Knqaire of Folk .\ Duviur.
Hall',rabloela at |3 I'rr Doicn.
Cabinetpbotua $3 per dowu at Ball'*^nailery. Helena arenas, corner Warren, on
The^'ew York Dry l.uo.l. Mora
Announcein this {Ml a material redaction^iu prioee tbrnaKhout their entile bouse^preparatory to tbeir stock taking which is
Januaryand February.

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