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Mr. Brun's Measure Will Create
Fun When It Comes Up for
Mina Owners and Superintendents
Send in a Strong Protest
Against It.
A Big Bateh orf ills Befoere eth Reoses
More state Institution
When not engaged in actual legislation
the representatives are talking about Peter
Breen's eight-hoar bill. They are shy
about an open expression of views, but
there is much ourioslity to learn whether
the bill will become a law. The other day
the committee on education and labor
brought in two reports, the majority report
recommending passage. A motion to table
the bill was lost by a vote of twenty-eight
to nineteen, but this is not considered an
index of the final vote. Some of the repre
sentatives will do some hard thinking when
the third reading comes. The bill was sent
to the printer and may be brought before
the house any day. The different mining
unions have been encouraging the bill in
every way possible. James Oilfillan, presi
dent of the Miners' union at
(Gronite, has been in town several
weeks lobbying for the bill, while
W. H. Eddy, president of the Miners'
union, of Butte, runs over from the Smoky
city every day or so to help the bill along.
Several cords of petitions are stowed away
in Mr. Breen's desk. They are from the
miners of Butte, lied Lodge, Granite, Elb
horn and Barker and from labor unions.
The one from Butte contains over 8,000
names. It gives a table of figures showing
the money raised by the, union to take care
of its sick and bury its dead. Over $28,000
was paid out from this fuland last year. It is I
claimed that the mortality is greater than e
smong any other olas of laborers. Statis
tics are produced to show this. Bad air
and continuous hard work are largely re
sponsiblo for so many deaths, many of
which are causel by lung diseases. Mr.
Gilflilan save that if the bill becomes a law
the miners will do as much work in eight t
hours as they now do in ten. The bill is
receiving opposition from the mine owners c
and superintendenti, who have prepared
and signed the following protest, which
will be presented to the houne:
BtHll: Crrr, Mont.. Feb. :. --To the Hon
orable the House of liepresentatives of the c
State of Montana, Helena, Montan:a:
The undersrgned, operating mines in the r
state of Montana. having learned that a
bill is tobe tresented to your honorable
body fixing the working time of miners and
other underground lab-rere at a day of not
to exceed eight hours, would respectfully
beg to submit for your consideration a brief
statement regarding existing conditions
and the consequences that would result
from the enactment of such a measure.
While ten hours constitutes the present
working day nine hours night shirthasbeer:
the almost universal custom for the last ten
years, and in many cases on ISaturdays a
"sabort shift" of nine hours for day and
eight hours for night men is counted full
time. In wet workmnls eirbt hours pyr day
is and always has been the rule. and where
imperfect vwutilation exists the men are al
lowed and invariably take snth:etr:t time
after blastir.g for the noxious flumes to Le
come dissipated so that in such p,laces even
eight hours work per day is not accorm
plished. In shaft-sinking and similar work
eight-hour shifts prevail, and it is custom
ary to pay more than the regulation $3.60
per shift to miners so engaged.
Any reduction in the hours of labor is
equivalent to an increase in pay, since the
cost of production per ton of ore is corre
spondingly enhanced, and while the cost of
ilving has been materially reduced during
recent years, miners' wages and their hours
of labor have suffered no change.
The margin of profit enjoyed by mining
companies is not large except in iso
lated cases, and every year's operations
reduce it by reason of the augmented work
ing expense consequent upon hoisting and
pumping from greater depths. It is a well
known fact that by reason of the low price
of both silver and copper many mines
throughout the state are barely paying ex
penses, and for such mines any increase in
the cost of production would throw the
working balance on the wrong side and
force them to suspend operations.
For the reasons above cited we feel that
the passage of such a bill would seriously
militate against the interestf of both em
ployer and employe, and while we are an
xaons to adopt all possible means tending
toward the amelioration of the condition of
the working classes, we feel assured that
any legislation in the premises will be inim
ical to the best interests of the class it is in
tended to benefit.
It is signed as follows: Butte & Boston
Co., by C. H1. Palmer, superintendent; Lex
ington Mining Co., by Superintendent
Charles C. .nger; Park Coal and Coke Co.;
Cable Co.; Amy & Silversmith, by Presi
dent George W. Irvin: Champion Co., N. J.
Beilenberg; Boston A Montana Co., by
uiaperintendent Thomas Conch; Volunteer
Mining Co., by President W. i. Kenyon;
J. A. Leggatt, Bannister Mining Co., by
President E. L. Bannister; Colorado mroel
ting & Mining Co., by Manager C.W.
Goodale; Parrot Silver & Copper Co., by J.
E. Gaylord; Bluebird Co., by General
Manager W. C. Keller; Glengarry Co., by
Manager H. (C. Carney; Anaconda Co., by
Marcus Daly and Michael Carroll; Combi
nation Co., by President W. G. Lewis;
Black Rock Mining Co., Orimginal Co.,
ColMs Parrot Co., by Superintendent A. H.
Wethey; Elvmna Mining Co., by it. D. Leg
get; rhe Alice Co., by uhperintendent W.
E. Hail; Arlington Minin Co.. by C. W.
Goodale; Moulton Co., by tuperintendent
J. K. Clark.
Notices of the following bills were given
in the house:
]y MIr. Loud-An act appropriating money
fon bounties on stock-killing animals, and
an act to ao.an,1 section 1,iti0, fifth division,
compiled statutes.
Py Mr. Woodson-An act to provide for
the elction of certain state and county
offcers and presidential eletotors and repre
BIy Mr. Blakely-An act providing for an
gricuntsr:al college and location.
By Mir. G odman-Au act to prevent
gambling and the use of certain gambling
By Mr. Hughes--To prescribe the duties,
number and compensation of employes of
each bous, of legislature.
By Mr. Orenough--Amending a law pro
viding for the levy of taxes and assessment
of priperty.
Bills were introducel as follows:
Ey Mr. Thomplson--10o-To provide the
Compensation and mileage of members of
the legislative asembly.
By Mr. Wallace--105--To provide for
bonding the outstanding indebtedness of
By Mr. Blair--10'2--An act to faoilitate
the recording of marks and brands.
By Mr. Toole--l--An act appropriating
mopey for the care and masntenance of the
By Mr. Hnstie--lf.-An act to creste the
Eleventh judiciatl district, composed of the
sonaties of Choteau and Fergus.
The eommitteee on state boards and oBi
mrs favorably recommended the bill pre
scribing comlpen.tion and duties of the
clerk of the supreme eonrt and regulating
Miss Mand HMurray has received the ap
eointmeut of journal elerk in the bhouse.
5eueassie ,I, 7, a sad s.nate Joint
memortl RAo 4 ,sie4 ' aemslew.
The hboes was nh e.I. the whole
the grater part of 'othe fiub Yea, ourne
bills '14, 7. wet.d eea. Il t
was re-referred to b~ t*e, the
second was reeome wt a amed
meat and the thirL Was to f4, /ot
s.e lesion and s a w nt
diardyi ooommittea. v Mer't. La
k reo In tha chaar foqd
mittree eseslons. '
The senate worked industrlogely yeetim
day and cleared its Ales, B.l ry measre in
position was advanced a stage or two. and
the mles were suspended to enable this to
be done. The followlng bills were pealed:
Allowing colleges and univerltles under
the patronages of religious bodies to change
their names.
Providing for taking up and advertising
.-trays on public lauds.
preatlnthe ofics of marshal of the su
preme ceurt.
Providing for advertIslng for bids for
furnishing supplies to the legislature and
state officers.
Fixing bounties to be paid for killing of
certain stook destroying animals.
Making the irst Monday In September a
legal holiday, to he known as labor day.
Autholrsing state treasurer to transfer
$5,000 from d he stook indemnity fand to
the stock detective fund.
Senate memorial concerning the Orors
Indian reservation.
House memorial in referene to Fort
Shaw military resrvation.
Senator fledges made a motion to recon
sider the vote by whioh his supreme court
report bill had been lost, and argued in
favor of putting the work in the hands of
the clerk on the score of economy. Senator
Goddard doubted the ability of the elerk to
do the work properly. The olerk was not a
lawyer. The fact that he had accepted the
place was prima factl evidence that he was
not a lawyer. The motion to reconsider was
bills were introduced as follows in the
By Senator Hedges-Making an appropri.
stion to enable the Historiecal society to
collect fossils, etc.. and pay librarisan.
By Senator Thornton-Fixing the aom
penstion of members of the legislature at
sii dollars per day and 20 cents mileage and
luing the pay of the speaker of the house at
610 per day.
By Senator Buford-Providing for the re
noval of the state treasurer by the governor
and the appointment of his successor in
ase of default, etc.
By Senator Hoffman-Providing for an
Igrcultnral college and locating it at Isose
By Senator Goddard-Conferring addi- n
lonal powers and duties on clerks of dis- e
riot courts.
By Senator Matte -Creating a railroad t
ommission and fixing its duties.
Notices of bills were given in the senate
e follows:
By Senator Boecker-To locate the school v
f mines at Glendive. p
By benator Power--'To locate the states
eform school at Fort Benton.
By senator Goddard-To locate the state
liversity at BIillings. f.
By Menator Henunossy-Creating the office d
f land commissioner. C
By Senator Thompson-Annexing to Park
ounty that part of the Crow reservation tl
rest of Clarke Fork river. 51
By Senator ''hompso--Locating the state si
ormal eelbool at Livingston, h
HJy MenatoYr Matt--Locating the state h
nuiversity at Missula. a
Favorable retports from committees were h
:eceived as follows ih the senate: b
Educatiou-Substitute for senate bil a
)roviding for a great seal of the state. h
tubstituto for senate bill amending the a
Uontana school law. I
Judiciary-House bill ftling the fees of t
bli secretary of state. U
Counties, Towns, ce.--'nate bill creat- h
Int the counrty of Valley out of part of I
D)awon. t
Through an error in yesterday's INaD- 1
PEND.NT it was made to appear that Mr.
Penrose was endeavoring to get a bill
through which will place quack doctors on I
a legal plane with physicians of standing. I
It should have stated that this is the work a
if Dr. Stoddart, under whose direction the I
Dill was prepared. It was given to Mr.
Wallace, who requested Mr. Penrose to in- I
troduce it.
The maddest men in town yesterday were
the county officers when they read an edit
trial in Mr. Harrison's paper entitled a
'Banish the Lobby." They held a meeting
later in the day and decided to give the
publishers of the paper to understand that
they would make matters even for the in
Attention, Chivalsers.
All members of Canton Schuyler Colfax
No. two, L O. O. F., and all visiting chiv
aliers are requested to appear in fall uni
form on Sunday at two p. m. sharp, in Odd
Fellows' hall for the purpose of attending
the funeral of Chivalier John McClore. By
order of Hemwa Asnuseox, Capt.
Joan B. BALES, Clerk.
Tickets for grand masquerade ball ilven b
Naomi Lodge No.1. Dauuhrers of HIbektsh ar
now on sale at Blake & Wait's office, lelena Ca
and the California Wine house.
Barneyu & Berry's American club skates, forme
price $4, only $2.75, at The Bee Hive
Emmsa Joch's Seaoe.
The Emma Juoh company's season be
gins on 8saturday evemng, Feb. 21, at
MinK's Opera house. Richard Wagner's
wonderfol music drama, "Tannhuseor,"
with Miss Juch as "Elizabeth," and nearly
every artist in the company in the remain
ing roles, will be the opera produced. The
Juooh company's splendid orchestra and
chorus, with Nenendorf as musical di
ector, will be important factors in this and
the other operas announced for re-presenta
tion, which are as follows: Monday, Feb.
11, Meyerbeer'a "Les Huguenote," Mice
.Juch as Valentine; Tuesday evening, Feb.
24. Georges Bizet's "Carmen"; Wednesday
afternoon, Feb. 25, . Verdis' "Ii Trove
tore," and Wednesday evening, Feb. 25,
Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin,' with Mime
dJach as Ells. The fact of this affording an
opportunity of enjoying the first produo
tion of Wagner's and Mayerbeer's most cel
ebrated operas in this city, as well as Mics
Joeh in three of her grandest impersons
tinas, makes the coming season one of un
usual interest.
The seats for each of the performances
will be placed on sale Monday morning
next, Feb. 1(.
Seatuary and ase at considerably lees than
cost at The Beoe Bive.
the elerke in The !o Hive are so busr that
they ihav e no tim ea o to ke a display olode.
You are Invited to wear eot the threshold, at
New Elct,.._Che .tore. ii ,_Sooth Main.
Take advantage of the great closinr out male of
the efii mi. Tiis hnumbug, as the s ore
is mew offered for rent and the fiztsrm are for
Lmps and laeare at .ese than cost, to close
out, atjTe les Dire.
Odd Fellows, Attetiaon I
All members of Excelesior Lodge No. 5
are requested to be at their hall BSunday.
Feb. 15, at two p. m., sharp, to attend the
funeral of brother John McClnre.
It. H. Bma-xTa, N. G.
The Case of Jadge prier. Who Safered Thirty
IaLLE, Ore., April 10.
I hereby certify that I have been troubled
with a disease of the stomach and kidneys
for the last thirty yearsand after asing four
boxes of the Oregon Kidney Tea I have
found great beneit and relief from it.
A. i. Fasa,
Late county jadae of Polk county.
Osly a few more lamps imft at The Use Hive.
for of having $ "N
,bSt.. neHoltwer,
b iO Lopang O orpo '
" of the iaio d.
ve nos as yet and
owlag to the seut numb.i ~the
r.dinl wu dlspenaed with Mt. lter
will to-day give notiee in the homse that he
will latrodsce an sot to amlend t a
reating the Hekna oharter to
Hedges was of opinion thaý o difi
onlty would be eierlenoed in .pal the
bill thiough. faving it rlned would
expedte its consideration. As far as
could be learned Mr. Howey was the only
Lewis and Clarke member who has
raised any objections to the bill,
and his objectlons upon considersa
tion, prove to hAve no connec
tion with the pending ..uter.
el topposed to the legslaatuoe giving the
oity counacilpower to fund the oating in.
debtednees. He says the people should
have a ay on that. There is nothing in
the charter tounhing upon this subject. It
is the intention, however, to have a law en
acted provldlyg for fandin floating in
debtedness. his will comela special form
and it will provide that any question of
using funds shall be submitted to the vole
of the people,
The election of alderman at large Mr.
Holter said would strike the LewisJltd
Clarke members favorably, but he thought
some advantage might be gained in thist
the republicans. The general seNtinddt
was, however, that party lines are never
tightly drawn in local elections, and ex
perience has shown that Helena has had
an equal number of demooratice and reTputs
lioan mayors.
In this connection it was related that
several democrats went to O. K. Wells and
told him the democrats could not afford to
take chances on the election of aldermen at
large. During the same day a couple of
republicans made the same objection in the
Interest of their party. As lone as both
sides are afraid they will lose by the oleo
ion at large, the members of the commis
don felt sure they had struck the right
L. J. Craven Says He Did Not Mean to
Refer to the Prince.
A. J. Craven, whose remarks at the Lin
olu birthday celebration on Thursday
sight gave many the impression that he
ras making some personal allusion to Rns
all B. Harrison, said yesterday that he in
ended nothing of the kind. The only
bing in his remarks, he thought, which
sight be construed as referring to Russell a
I. Harrison was that about editing the ad
ertising department of a comic New Yok
aper. Evroen that might not have been
uken to mean Russell B. Harrison, though
great many people, being aware that his
ithor is president, may have supposed it
id. The innocent little paragraph in Mr.
raven's speech was as follows:
"If Lincoln's father had been a preacher,
ae boy, in the first place, would likely have
tarred to death in his youth; if he esoaped
barvation, it is likely he would have
onored his father and mother, especially
is father. by going into the garden truck
nd poultry business. If his father had
sen a doctor, the boy would have made a
ee line for the pulpit, vainly hoping to
ave an many as his father's pills killed. If
is father had been a congressman, he
rould likely have traveled abroad after
eking a course in the reform school, unt I
he old roan died of Blright's disease or ap
plexy, and then coueo back and live with
is mother, sometimes rejoicing in the
ileasure of a full house and generallv put
ing up for his ante. And if his father had
sappened to be president he would likely
nave busied himself lobbying about the de.
,artments, bargaining for a percentage of
he salaries of those whom he got appoint.
d to office, giving glowing recommends
ions to manufacturers of pianos and soap,
n consideration of their furnishing these
articles to the White house free of charge;
ie might possibly get to be an editor in the
advertising department of some comic New
fork paper."
Special Meeting.
The board of commissioners of Lewis
md Clarke county, Montana, will meet in
special session Thursday, February 19, 1891,
it 10 a.m. By order of the board.
J. S. Tooena, Clerk.
All goods at The Bee Hive must be sold as the
store will positively be closed out by May let.
omfoe Removed.
Dr. Carl Sohulin has removed his office
and residence to the Horsky building, cor
ner Sixth avenue and Main street, where he
opened elegant quarters. The doctor is a
graduate from the German universities of
Leipzig and Marburg. Consultation in
English, French or German. Office hours
from 10 to 12 a. m. and from 3 to 5 and 7
to 8 p. m. Telephone 804.
Genuine Blue Points on the halfshell. Motor
Wisdom's Violet Cream
Is the most exquisite preparation in the
world for softening and whitening the
hands and face. It is not only a substitute
for, but in every respect superior to glycer
ine, cold cream, vaseline and like prepara
tions. Try it.
ned yb Th. Bee Hii.,lt wil say you well t see
he.., as everything must be sold to cluas the
Ladies' and children's underwear and hosiery
at lee tban cost, to close the business, at The
les Hive.
B.nne& eBery's ladies' club skate. only $1.0,
The Military fall.
Troop A, K. N. G,, will give a grand blAll
Feb. 20. Watch out for ad.
iledsat from c0 cents and upwards at The Be.
The person that took the ladder from 318s War
ran street will retarn sanm at once or stand a
Tor sad dolls at onslderablr leas than cost,
to close the business, at The Bee Hive.
Cat Flowers.
Choicest selections always on hand.
Prices reasonable. Enquire 120 Broadway.
Jackson's muele store, Bailey blook.
Board and rooms at Miss Neagle's, 118
Clark street.
BSchlappi, the artistic piano tuner.
Jasmes W. Barker, merchant tailor, Main
street, opposite First National bank.
A Woman's Face is Her Fortune,.
aseel rle
Grand Annual .earng Sales
___., ------C~_~i ie-tri S.:~---------
- - II . -
$16.50 Garments Reduced to $11.25. $50.00 Garments Reduced to $85.00.
$18.00 Garments Reduced to $18.85. $60.00 Garments Reduced to $45.00.
822.00 G anents Reduoed to $16.50.
$25.00 Garments' eduoe to i18.00. $70.00 GGarments Reduced to $65.00.
$88.00 Garments Eeduoed to $25.00. $85.00 Garments Reduced to $60.00.
Jnst Opell--irst Shpiant or Sprlng Wash GooBds. li edon l it
Mforning Star Lodge No. 11, A. F. * A. M.
Meet seroond and fourth .atnrday.
R A ri dar communication of the above
named lodg will lako plac at Masonia
'Temple, orn.r of Broadweay and Jackson
" treet,, this evening at 1 o'clock. All
mnmhers are xported to beprompt in attendance,
and aojournlnu brthren are cordially invited.
E. . iKAILtBAtUK, W. M.
JO8. J. P PINDSON tdrretry.
Residence Lots
2 Corners on Dearborn St
2 Lots on Madison Ave,
Adjoined by fine residences,
Corner on Hauser Avenue
One block from Madison ave.
Dooms 10 and 17 Gold Block.
-Dealer In
Office: Basement Power block,
corner Sixth avenue and Main,
I ý LE r
- ft
D-a. In. -Old Kentucky.
Wines, " WHISKIES,
Liquors, Case Goo
Cigars Sixth Ave,. and ai
o ad purohase the Excelelor Portable, Sta.
SP, O. Box Su, Helen, Mont.
SPRICE $2.00. ipromptt.:
AMERS -AN s ood
!bl o r nivln e nlnor, ,oto
Sl' e o OBTAIN ,o
SEALS--$8, $3.50 and $4 ..... IbNO ,tO ,..,, ,,,Li .th.
ýr b¥ "'vv wrlMtta oat oncWritL
Corner Park Ave. and Edwards St.. ngfagee to L. MAY CO.,
Elt. Pauln. Mim' ,
HEEA --- -- -- * ONT.A.. ..... _.1
T. C. POW R, Pans. J. T. MURPHY, V.-Pase. C. L. RYAN, BSo.& TnaA
IMontana Packing Provision Co
Fresh and Cured Meats and Kettle Rendered Lard
"IG#E GCRA.ZD3H S.AVTSAG. , "lto., 3Eto.
A full stock of PORK and BEEF CUTS of all kinds constantly on hand.
The orders of outside dealers carefully and promptly attended to.
Real* Estate.* Loans* and. Investments
Managers Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust Co. for
Bailey Block, Helena, Montana.
French Optician, and leturer on the human eye and epectaleI. optician from many institutions
From hospitl. and eye infrmaree. Havi.g returned from France, can
now be found at
ROOM 22 . Merchats Hotel,
Helena, oBt.
Will call at reeidenes by request. Can be seen from Ni a. m. to 6 o'clock p. m.
A large stock of his French (,Glaes and Rook Crystel Improved ltpectaclee. Superior to an,
other in see; constructed in accordance with science and philosophy of nature, admirably adI.tsd
to the organs of sight, and perfectly natural to the eye, anording altogether the best help to the
natural vision ever invented. Uasd only by Dr. Meyer.
The dtvantages of there t,.etacle. over all others are:
1. They can be worn with perfect esae for any length of time at on. sit'ing, giving aostnihieog
elearneaa of vision by canlle or other artificial light and comlftort to thle rpecale wearer hitherto
2. flow to telect hlasee. Iterestires profeseional guidanre even when a go.m article is offe eal.
The docator not only has bet glasese that can be found in thei mar.et, but carerfully eamines and
gives mii peneible advice for the proper seicetion of thi m.
i i eer the ravelns anor at through the Uation of a bright light psuc a+ rePected from the
snow in warm weather, whie pap.r in reading, writing, sewing, o in ;lviol rOloet hoiee. these
enoe by softenleg the rays. reffect thi moat agreeable eenation am d give great rerlief.
I hm spectacles are cienteifically djms.ted In every cae ,of defective eight with unerrincg aertny,
whether arising from ae,. strain or premature decay, by Dr. Meyer on a new and xact. principle.
entlrel R hi owu. whirl h.s seldom felled to he core-t.
Dr. e her ie traveling at this time through the United States for the purp.e' of making known
his theory to the Americain public.
Dr. Meyer comes here wall rermuemoddrl in tihe highest terms of preis by numerons certificates
from the moat eminent phyiciu. oceuli.t, divin.e, anti the mtot prominent men of our e ,' ntry.
Who ontdereigned take p esare in stating that we Ileave eammlcedl mot of the lenes of Dr. A"
Meyer, nd give it our trhelief that he is entire master of hlis art as an optician ]He sa+ able to
demonstrate the adaptability of htie lenses to almost if not all disorders of the vision not depending
upon organic disease. It is ,uhermorh our belief that he is a randblL. lnent gentleman. enl no
one need feel afraid of being humbugged who mey trust tohins opinion. The credeauntials in h. pe
sesilen ate from pe=rsos of character end reslaseahiitfty; quite a number are known tots aid we
J Liser, Wm. Tey. I.I. D.. . al wn M . ID.L (.armLchal. M.D.Dyiapo e.iialval.ei
Mi D.. J. J. MacDonald M. D., Marla M. Dean. i. P. Refersues-: henry Klein. . ,eldb-g.
I. I;remhol.

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