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Last Week of the Juoh Opera Com.
pany Filled With Clamorous
The Principale. Chorus and Orohes
tra Howl Disoordantly for
Salaries Overdue.
Outside Creditors Innumerable Attach the
Proceeds-Conditilon Under Which
the Plays Went On.
ST. Lours, .Mav 29.-The Emma Juoh
Opera company closed its regular season at
Musie Hall at about one o'clock last Friday
morning, after one of the most exciting
days that ever fell to the lot of any troupe.
During the whole or the evening two con
stables sat within easy reach of the leader
of the orchestra with their eyes on the
Foors of Die Walkare and their hands on
their revolvers, ready to resist with their
lives any attempt to steal the precious
One score had already been stolen, and
consequently the musicians were in a state
of siege, never knowing when a desperate
conflict would occur right among them. The
w'hole story of the experiences of the week
is so ludicrous that, if put on the stage
properly, it would draw better than any of
the performances given by the Juch com
pany. To begiu at the beginning, Manager
Locke came here head over ears in debt,
both to his singers and to outsiders. He
refuses to make any statement, but those
who ought to know say that when he ar
rived he owed his coxpany at least $10.000,
and that sum has grown during the week to
at least $15.000.
The box oilice has been tied up all week.
Bollman Bros. had charge of the sale of
'igets, and handled the receipts both of
MI.dilvence sale and of the sale at Music
hall at night. Manager Locke was not al
lowed to touch the money for several reas
ons. In the ttat place, the exposition di
rectors refused to rent the hall to him un
less the Bollmans would guarantee the rent,
about $1,500. Then Attorney Ryan had at
tached the receipts for $2,800. Next the St.
Louis musicians hired for the week refused
to play unless they got a Bollman guaran
tee. As the result, Bollman Bros. gave the
guarantees and held to the money to save
The singers then grew frightened, think
ing that the whole rece.ipts would be eaten
up by the creditors, and they demanded
their money. As the proceeds were at
tached, no payments could be made. The
result was that on Monday night sevoral of
the company refused to go on, and the pe:
formauco did not begin until 9:30 p. in.
In the meantime a mreting was held. Af
tor an hour's talk all the attorneys signed
an agreement, allowin, the 1lollmans to
pay part of the proceed-, notwithstanding
the attachments. The singers got some
money and the orchestra began to play at
9:30 p. m. The same so mes were repeated
every evening. 'the attorneys met and
signed a relerase of part of the money be
fore there was any music in Mousi hall.
The curtain never went up before 8;30 p.
m.-often later-and then the delay was
explained by "trouble with heavy scenery,"
Uar men was antIonucecl cor the matinee.
Shortly after two p. to. Conductor Adolph
Neuendoiff walked in with the score, and
put it on his desk. As he did so as man
sitting in the front row bf the parquette
grabbed the whole scoce and disappeared.
He was an attorney named Jones, from
P1orkopolis, representing a theater manager
named Fennessy, who claimed that Locke
owed him $2U10. Confusion immediately
broke out. Neuendorff rushed back of
the scenes to Lucke and told him what had
The singers again g-ew scared and re
fused to sing. They wanted their money.
Locke hunted up Jones, who offered to sell
his score for $200. This they refused.
Then Neuendorff began to howl for pay;
Charles Hedmondt, the tenor, yelled for
pay; Leo Stormont, Payne Clark and the
other male members shouted for pay; the
ladies all demanded money at once, and a
riot was narrowly averted. Locke could do
nothing. The singers would not listen.
They wanted money and he could not give
it to them.
Meanwhile an audience of 2.000 persons
sat in front and wondered what was the
matter. It might have been going on yet,
but for Manager Frank Gaiennie of the ex
position. seeing that no settl,.ment was
probable, Mr. Giiennie said: "G-ictlemon,
the reputation of the exposition is at stake
here. You must go on with the perform
ance at once."
"We have no score," said Locke.
"We want our pay liist," shouted the
sincels and musicians.
"I'll tell you what I'll do," said Mr. Gai
ennie." "If you do not go on at once I'll
go out on the stage, call the psoformance
off, and announce that mloney will be re
turned at the box ofileC."
The singers saw that Mr. Gaiennie meant
business. They did not want to lose the
receipts., of which they expected a divvy
later, and it was agreed to put on the IBohe
minen Girl. Locke went out and made a
speech, explaining the delay. Conductor
Neuendoiff carried out the scores, while two
deputy constables guarded him, and the
performance went on.
In the evening the trouble broke out
afresh. The singe a at first refused to sing
at all unless thov were paid in full. Locke
told them he could not pay. At one time
it looked as though Die W\alkure would not
be given at all. Finally the attorneys and
creditors all got together and agreed to turn
all the receipts of the evening over to the
company. The curtain want up at nine p.
in. There was a long delay between the
first and second acts. 'lThere had been
more demands. Locke had appeased his
]lut mutiny broke out among the chorus,
the scene shitters, etc. The second of tile
three acts was not finished until 11:30) p.
in. l'hen nearly two-thirds of the audience
of 2,000 ladies and gentlemen went out to
catch their caces and conveyances. leaving
the third act to take care of itself. This
aot was begun shortly before mlidnight.
Locke was dodging everybody. Nobody
seemed to care how the thing finished.
At Imidnight Conatablels Dolan and Hand
were holding the fI rt behind the scenes for
Attorney Ryan. They bad nunmerous as
sistants, prepared to meet all corumee. The
ladies of the company furnished many
laughable incidents during the afternoon
and evening. They were not allowed to go
near their trunks or to touch anything
without the cionsent of the constables.
When a trunk was opened, the owner was
forced to show that the a ticle she wantetl
was her private pro;erty, not a piece of
costume, nor any of the properties or the
company. The squabbles that ocourred were
counilese, but the constables held their
own. bolnu of tlhe womenl almost showed
fight, but it did not avail. Tbh constables
sat on the trunks, as they have been doing
all week, and allowed no removals.
The creditor who imade no trouble during
the week was the, maddest of all last night.
lis name is Wilt; he owns a theator in
Pittaburg, and he had advanced Manager
Locke $2,tA.) to get out of that town.
Locke had told himl, as he told everybody,
that he would settle in St. Louis. \ ill was
here before the company nrrived, preplard
to tile an attachment, but Constable Dolan
ot allead of himu by grabbing two car
ands of sluff that came ahead of the
troupe, and catching the lest of it as it
calme, shuttinc out the nman from Pittsburg.
Looke coddled Wilt during the week, but
last night told him he could do nothing.
Wilt was too luad to talk und he promuinrd
to ventilate the fat manager both in the
courts and in the newsrlipers.
Tihe result is the break.up of the conl
pany here. It had been arrunged to close
the season at St. Louis anyhow, and Man
ager Locke will not be allowed to touch a
cnt's Worth of his prfperty unless he set
tle in full. Miss Juoh herself took no part
in the disturbance, and is much grieved
over the turn afairs have, taken. ioom, of
the singers may be delayed here for some
disonnt namel~yoe books onl book
only Sie.
How to Prevent Rouglness of the Skln.
During cold, dry, windy weather this
ouestion agriats thle mind of every ylay in
he land who priee a smooth, soft kit.
There is nothing more harmless and lffect.
lye than Wisdom'q Violet Oream for pre
venting and eradliating the ill effects of
seyorb weather. Try it.
What a Noted Physielan Says,
WCmoAono, Jan. 1i, 1888.
W. P. Widomt
Dear Sir-As you requested I have exam
Ined the formula of your toilet preparation
aalled "Robertine." I can asrsue you that
the ingredients are both bland and harm
less, and that the compound would form an
excellenI application in irritated condi
tions of the skin. Yours truly,
ARTHuv DEAN ]iiiVAN, M. D.
Professor of Anatomy, tush Medical Col
lege and P. A. urgeoun, U. 13 M. H. S.
Passengers destined to the prominent cit
es east of the Missouri river should patron
ize the Chicago, Union Pacific & North
western line. Magnificeent Pullman and
Wagner sleeping cars,elegant Pullman and
Northwestern dining cars, free reclining
chair cars, handsome y coaches and com
fortable Pullman colonist sleepers.
Death 'From Kidney Disease
is the unfortunate and untimely ending of
thousands of the American people annually.
Olegon Kidney Tea is guaranteed to cure
all forms of kidney troubles. Take it in
uto itat
Y.'. hteal o and the peopular Chicago, .t
Paul and Kansas City Railway. The thou
sands of people who annually leave the
Dakotas, Manitoba and the northwest fol
their old homes in Canada and he east wil.
And the above-named route safe, comfort
able, speedy and exceedingly pleasant. It
is the banner line between IMinneapelis or
St. Paul and Chicago, and runs the flnes.
trains of any road in the west. Only 133
hours between Minneapolis or St. Paul and
Chiaoe. For particulars address F., B.
Boss, Northwestern passenger agent, 195
East Third street, St. Paul, Minn., or W.
R. Bloesenbark. General PasLenger and
Ticket Agent. Chicago. l.
Aato,.arie ianners.
But time changes winds as well as man.
ners, though even now when makin0
changes from one circle to another, it often
requires that adaptability which could be
said found in one who has automatic man.
ners. However, such radical changes not
only appear in drawimg-room repartee,
street dress, etc., among people1 but also 'a,
the conveniences and Inxuries affordej
mankind. Railroad travel is one instancn.
A few years ago, comparatively, one had to
consume much valuable time in an unoome
A"rtable way to make what is now thought
nothing of as a night's journey in a sleepor.
The most modern equipment and trane
portation facilities can be found on the
fast trains of the Minneapolis & St. Louis
railway to Chicago, St. Louie, Hot Springs,
Kansas City, eto. Inquire of any agent of
the company, or C. M. Pratt, general ticket
-nd passenger agent. Minneajeolis. Mina.
I i nan- n lnuu - umue
and the press teems with advertisements of
saramparillas, and other liver, blood and lung
remedi, hbut there is one. medicine, and onlii
one, the. elaitn for which. as a cure for ali
lingerIng diLseaae arising froml Torpid Liter
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backed .p fey at positive giuaralntee! if
it don't do Juns as represented in cvery can:,
the money pald for it is promptly refunded.
This pecuilir miedlcoie sells be'yond all
others throughout the civillzed -vorld; And
why should it not? "Talk Is cheap," but
when It's Ime!:d lup by a poMltile gtca.tei.
toe, by a h:bune w long establishe routluta
tien, for hi;:nirt'. inteagrity nod otllld innn
cuxl stanliec. te tuc arda nean tbniacrse. ' Andl
that's Just w5ctl the World's Di)opet :al;" nuiti -
Ical Aeso:iatirn, of iculfalo. N. V., mea:l it
Uiartanteoir: ii. :r 7)r. Pierce's G(nlien Inxt
all Dleovaer;.
Dr. Fierco'a3 Golden Medical Discovery
checlks thin frightful inroads of Scrofula rnld.
If takenl in tim-. arrests the marcoh of Con
oulnlpton of the Lungs, which LI Lunc
ecrofula, putitire' and enriches the blood,
thereby curiig til Skin and Scalp Diseasrs.
Ulcers, Suos,. Swellings, and kindred ail
for an nlourabh' ciaos of Ca
tarrh in the IiIead, b?
ihe proprietors of Dr. Sage s
Catarrh Remedy. By its
mild, soohing and healing
properties it cures the worst
oases, no mnatfr .t how long standing. Onul
U: cents. hby druggists everywhere.
Dealer in
Melnts, - - Mont
, cution in my andss. isued out of tihe district
canrt of the ee nad judii:il dii'triA . of i ti- state
of llnuttan. in and for tli.e conlty of Hiior iuow,
in the sait of Henry L. Franck seaiael ('harlos I'.
Hill a.d Jlohin temmota, duly allotted tie lth
day of May, A. U. 1081. I hiae levled up.t all iles
riht, title and interaet of the naid ('hsrler '.
hill a-al John Steintobtz. in and to the folhting
deascribed props, ty. sitanted in Lowis and Clarke
runny, state of cl'tunnsa, via:
1 ota nire (I) acid le tuluI is block six luidred
and two a1ti) of liobrek & Cannon' staiditiou to
the city of Haleca. And tlhe 'w. It of the sw. in
and the se. ) of the w. I a. d ttil W'a of the
as. '4 of aotion fotrteten r ii) towantlipl leven
Ii). ,aort. of ianis four i4) wart.
Torther with all anti peiugilar this tenoments,
hereditamnonts tila appsrtinante.a theteunto
lelotqil. or in anywise all prtainiilgr
holies to hereby given that oiln 'edetliey the
cir day of Jane. A. D. iPtI, r t el''l iour ti
12 otlo"k in., of aid lay at tihe
taot dunr of til cotl:r iunta. ill the
oily of elieina. I rwi l l alt thl right, title
and iitterat of the said ('harlo. I', Ilill tnd .lihn
Stoinmetz, in and to the raid ilativa che urib Id
propeary, to the hihhv-t hiddteorlIe erh ,tn ha ui.
Giaven under sy hand this the Hth day of
lay. A.D.E1$1.
CHAS. 1, JEFFI.III'll Eheriff.
O;PTI('E TO ('1iEDI'TORIlS-IN T1114 1Dl1n
Strict court of th flirat iuclsialdisetrit't of ti i
nsate .f Montans, in and for tihe ounty ator LAnni
and Ctlarko.
in th'l matter of the esta!ue of Edgar t. F. ('ar
lIstihr. dlei'essetI.
Notiro is heretby given by hthe ut.r.dllgneui, ad
inis'tratriix Iof til. estate lit Ildrar IL EK. Iaelt.
tel, doeaeaoi. to tlie creditors tf., stlll all iorao.
avitig cirlaimsi alntllut tle ,ai dta ct ul, to ex
hiblt tiue. witlli the neeNlary voitr~nrr, withinl
trn imolth h ila r .'ho tirnt llltiitalton tf thils
to:ics, to the aail alminiatfai't ai tie law itlli's
if td atee. tuitril, rttlt tt i illld bila.k. lilitath .
IAwls and Clarke canuty. MontanaI. a) ltlaoe for
transatitll the busines of laid estate.
Iia'eda lilena. , onlnanu. sy l1 ItHII.
d t IhMMr es . AIEI'drNTE1S IL
Admiiistlqtrie of the eltla of ldga it. f tCar
ystrllli lcu, I llltb
. wul4~SeloI
unne 1, rt.maling, until June 7, 8latsad on above
date. Ull vlht oleam each month than Cte r
Tbe Oldest, Most Successful, and
Only Reliable San Francisco
Specialists, Surgeons
and Physicians,
Who have the majority of Patients under treat
ment in San Franalico and on the Pacifie
CUoet for the following diseases,
are now in Ilhlte City.
U11 requiring expert medical or soargicl servieo
Gan be treated by the treat Pacilflo Coast
Doctore, now in Bultt City, with
out having to visit ban
k rancisco.
Entrance to Linbig World Dispensary, 8 3ea
lroadway, corner Main Street.
I)Dr. Liobig & Co. are regular gradnates in
me!clline and surepri and sepcial Inactitlonere
autlhorized by ti.e ltatee of Missouri. ('aliiornl
and Montana to treat all chronic, nervoun' a.n
private direeas , whether causre by imprudence
exaeec or ro'ltaioo] at, minal weakness, nihi
losses, sexael drbiilty [iea or sexual l owerl
nervone debility [los of nerve frcre I, dioaoeko of
the blood [Lsyphlia, gonorrhrea gleoto anl strie
troJ cured. Crabioe eases gearanori or moaei
refunded. Charome low, 's'houeand of cases
cured. All medicinee are ent.rciilcy repared for
each individual case at lnbora~nry. No wnljrious
or poisonous compoundm n need No time lost
from busines. Patients ats adistance treated by
s ail and expres. Modlictin cent, everywhere
tree from te or break e.
In dsreasee of the blioo, Unira, heart and nev
onEusstsm, as well as liver, kidney and uarvel
oml laints. rheunatism, paralysis. and al-oer
chrorlte dtleaeee.
Write for illustratd c napere on Deformitire.
I.Cub Free, Curvature of tIe tpine. Plies, Tumors.
Oancer, C(ttarrh, Bronclitin , Inhalation, Ilecvrio
ity. Magnetiemt, Paralyeise Jpilapey, Kidtey.
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eed p werationse.
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Vit'.l 'ower. Persons unable to visit us may he
treated at home by (orroepondenee. All com
muuications confidential. Medicines or Instreu
ments sent by mail or express securcly packed.
One personal interview preferred. Call and con
colt tie, or send history of your case and we will
entd in plain wrapper our hook free, explaining
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cndand Nervons diseases, Seminal Weakness,
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}leot, Varieoclee. etc.
Dre. Liebig & Co. are the only qualified or re
sponeible erecialists left in Montana 'kiace the
new medical law.
Office hours from9 to t and 7 to 8 p. m.; or by
appointmont in obscnre or urgent cases,
Agency for Dr. Liehig's invlgorator at Booe"
L East rrlwae. Butts.
Thlre set- ael IURTED
tlied s ..Ie- /lUI TEL
kercounty, Ore- O R
gon, near what lJi i
is now Baker City, a r.CENTUR
a man who has since i Lait
,ecorue identified with the rouresrc a nd d
developmentofthat country. Thisman ItAG
is no other than Mr. John Stewart, one of the
wealthiest and most influential citizens in the
county. In a recent letter he says: "I had been
suffering from pains in my back and general kid
ney compllaint for some time, and had used many
remedies without any but temporary relief. The
pains in my back had become so severe that I was
prevented from attending to my work and could I
rot mnove about without the use of a cane. Hear,
ing,. through a friend, of the wonderful cures eor
fected by Oregon Kidney Tea, I was irnduced to t9
a box. nrd from that very first dose I found instaot
relief, and before using half the contents of thel
box the pains in tmy back entirely disappeared.
I have every faith in the virtues of the Oregon
Kidney Tea, and can conscientiously recommend
it to nty friends. I would not be without it for
Oregon Kidney Tea enres hackache, inconti
nerce of urine, brick dust sediment, brrning or
painful sensation while urinating, and all affec
tipns of the kidney or urinoryorgans of etlrer sex.
·-· -u -- -
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amous "River Bank Route," along the
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Northern lines in the Grand Union depot at
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Apply to any coupon ticket agent in the
Scution in my handn, issued out of the dis
rict ceart of thse Firt jdicial district of the
itvto of s:ontna,. in and for tihe county of Lewis
and (:Carke. in the slit of \t. t. Riclhards, against
I. H. usseell, duly attcstad the lst day of March,
k. D. 1891, 1 have levie i upon all the right, title
nd interest of the said J. H. Russell in and to
he fullotwing descrilt;fl roperty, situated in
Lowl and t ountes. ta'e of Montana, viz:
All tlhat certain t'act. piece or partel, of min
'ral land situate, lying and being an township
nice (91. nurtlh of rane four (4) west. in t.wyhee
ark Mine district. ifwis and Clarke county,
-ontana. desainavo.lt a lot No. itt'-.yeevn 15l,
and mbracing twetrte .undls D1,2001 linear fret
if tee Spring Hill lde., eiUa an adjoining tract
if surface ground of irreoular shape co-tairit g
uselveand sevent.y -es ht handredths (12.58; actse,
Icr the convenionce of worcing tho same.
For a more particular dercriptlio of raid prop
'ry as to coursis anid istances,. reference is
h'rob made to theput'nt frvo, t ho U0itcd States
for said land and prumrnincu, sied va;nt being
umbotered 115 sand rc,cded in sith rev- r es in the
ufce of the general lrnd oIliceo at Waslington, in
volume 2. pages tl to 11. and in the tecordt of the
ftice of the county clerk and recordrr of I owts
and Clarke county, Montana, in volume U. ht..
Nuotrlc is hereby egvnn that on Saturday the
1dh day of June. A. 1). 1891, at the hour of tl
'clock Ml., of sthil day at tio front doer of the
rourt-house in the city otf HRelea. I sill sell all
le right.title and i. strestot theiad J. I. 1 usE.nll
n and tto tie said raboe described prope:ty, to
Io hitht at bhuditr for casl in Ihand.
(liven under my band thi tl te2nd day of May,
ri D. l1. C..
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No Closo Ot Heena
N0s. 112 and 114,." J. R. SANFORD.. Broadway, Helena
Missosla, Orrison, H xleu, Butte City,
Bosemas, Li gstoa, Billings,
Miles City r4 Glendive
.A.iS.T -Auhs. T3ll~e .
The in nothins better thea th r.iao. on
Through Pullman lespinl Oar ,and Fle
nlehed Tourlst Mibl5era Dally 8S.
twoen Points nh
Paioe Coast Trains Passin Through
Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana
Idaho, Oregon and Washington
arry 0omplets Equipmt of
IBt. C I "u : l.l.pes..r
_nPPclfofB . to p Nointt No . I ht
and West tin te Unitled States ua
In effect on and after Buneay, March 29, 1891.
No. 1. Pacific Mall. west bound ........ 1:3 p. m
No.2, Atante mail .t bond.......10:40 p. 10:
t o. 5, Loatn sd Helena Passeger,
ecnonttigm at Logan with train No.
3. l'acific Express. west hound ........ 1:80 a. I
No. 6, Mieouula and untto Ifprcs..... 12:50 p, o
N vo. 10, Marysvilio accommoatlon..... 6:30) p. m
No. W(2, Rimini mixed, Mo.,l.yo, Wed
nerda a andi Nriday+ ...... ........... 5:00 p. a
No. 9, Wickes, Boulder and Elkhorn
passenger ... .........................10:20 . m
No. 1, Pacifie Mail weot bounml........ 1:n0 p. a
No. 2, Atlantic Mail. cat bound........10:55 p. m
No. 0, Helena and .&tan passenger,
connecting with train No. 4 aPt Lgan,
Atlnti exres, est bond.......... 4:40 p m
No. 5, Misoreta and BLttn Express.... 8:00 a. m
No. 7, Marysville passenger............7:45 a. m
No. 9, Marysville accommodation....... 3:00 p. m
No. 101, Rimini mixed, Mondays, Wed
nca-las and Fridays ................ 8:15 a. m
No. 1., Wickes, Boulder and Elkhorn
Pasenger ................ ............. 8:80 . m
Tor Ants Sapss TllM Iablbs or I ýlJ
sation 5pply t 538y agen of th. Nertha btrol
OHA$. 8. FEE.
a. D. EDGAR. Gen'l Pa.s.'end T. At.,
General Ageont. ST. PAUL, M[5l ,
Cer. Mta & Grand ste. Helen. Mont.
Great Northern Railway
Montana Central Railway.
Great Northern RailWay,
Eastern Railway f Minnesota,
Wilmar & Sioux Falls Rallwu,
Duluth, Watertown & Pac. Ry,
A solid throngh train of Bleepers, Dining Car,
Day Coaohes and Fren Colonial Sleepers
to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth. West
Buperior and Sioux City. Close con.
neotions for Chicso, New York,
Boston and all Eastern cities.
Until farther otls Trains will run as lull
1:00 a. m......Atlautie Express .... 11:10 a. m
2:00p. mn. .....Pcifo i Exreess... .. 2:45p. m
6_:40 p. m. Helena and BEut Local. 8140 a. m
Sleeping Car Berth, Ticke, Tim Tablese. etc..
at Depot and City Tiket.Ofise. No. 6 North
Main street.
0. W. PITTS. City Ticket Agent.
E. H. HUBBARD. Tray. Pase. Agt. Helena.
-. E. LANGLEY, G. P. & T. Act. M. C. B'y.
t cution in my hands, issued out, of the dis
trict conrt of the ]first Judicial diatrict of the
state of Montana, in and for tie county of Lewis
and Clarke. in the suit of The Bank of ('om
merce, of tlwensboro, against G. W. Crutcher
ot al.. duly attested the 8th day of April A. D.,
1891. I nave levied upon all the, eight, title and in
teraest of the said (3. W. Crutcher,
in and to the following described property eitu
ated in Lewis and Clarke county, state of lon
rana. viz.:
An undivided one twenty-fourth (1-241 interest
in in I to the northeast quarter, and east halt of
the s.ontheset quarter of section :4. in township
10. nerth range 3 west of the principal meridian
of Montana.
Also lots 3 and 4 in block 12 of the Central ad
dition to the city of Helena. Also lots 18 and 19
in block 3, Shaw's additi nto the city of Helena.
Lots 1, 2,3, , ,in block 194. Ames addition to the
city of Helens. 1tts 1, 2, 9, 4,13, 14, 1, 16, 25,
26, 27, 28, in block 203, Ame addition to the city
of He lea. Lots 25. 26, 27, 28, in block 191.
Ames addition to the city of Helena. Lots 1. 2, 3,
4, 17, 18,19, 1020, 21, 22. 35 ,1i. in block 196, Ames
addition tothe city of Helena. Lots 11, 12. 15
14, in block 2071, Ames addition to the city of
Helena. Lots 9. 10. 11, 12 12,. 18, 19, 20. 29. Hu, 31.
:2,. in block 201. Ames addition to the city of
Helena. Lots 9, 10, 11. 12. 21, 22. 2., 24, in block
202, Ames ddition to the city of Helena. Lots
1.7, 18, 1', 20, 19, III, in block 190. Ames addition
to the city of Helena.
Aleo an undivided one-half (%) interest in the
southeast quarter, northwest quarter. north
west quarter, eoutheast quarter. section 13,
township 10, north range 3 west, all of said prop
erty lying and being in the county of Lewis and
Clarke. Montana. J'ogihor with all and singu
lar the tenements, hieredita ents an.l appurte
nances thereunto belonging or in anywise apper
Notice is herebygiven that on Monday, the 1st
day of June. A. D. 1891. at the hourof 12 o'clock
m. of said day, at the front door of the court
house, in saild city of helena, 1 will sell all tihe
right, title and interest of the said s. W.
Crutcher in and to the said above do
scribod property, to the highest bidder for cauh in
Given under my hand this, the 5th day of
May, A. D. 1691.
distriat court of the First judicial distriot of
the tate ct iontana. in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
In the matt ir of the est-itiof Eugene Iloorman,
lurouantto an oldoe of said court. made on the
(itll day .,f Nay. In 1. notico i. l,erbvgitell
that Satu day, tie 30 h day of Hay, 1891. at 10
,'clock a. mi. of said dhy, at the ooulrt rooml of
e'd court, at tl a court hous0 in ltherountly ,of
Leuis onso tilarko, ie LMbn h pPoi lcd tle t:ime
nd Ilaon for proving (1he wi I of si,t i t'utga
ilo'roau. ,d(1toaU. s, lld for hbaria gth l aptlllri
tilon of forothet lh11e:,1 ai ant Nicholas -leo r
for the iesuanct Il to t tm of lett rs ostatuentary.
,hen and where any reruion interested may ia
polr and contest tto asaine.
I ated May 18, 18 1.
By II. J. CAssc., repunty.
We will discontinue our .business, both in Helena and :._
Falls, and offer our entire stook at both houses at ACTUAL 0sn
mtil sold. We have at both places a complete and finely' aserte
took of Implements, consisting of
litchell Farm, Quartz and Sprine Waeons,
Buggies, Carriages, Phaetons, Road Carts,
Buggy and Sprine Wagon Tops and Shadeias
C.ornnick Binders and Mowers,
Walking, Sulky and Bane Plows,
Hay Loaders and COaie r
Thomas Hay Rakes, One and Two Horses,
Disc, Lever and Sprine Tooth Harrows, o
Field and Garden Cultivators,
Feed Cutters, Mills and Horse Powers,
Steel and Wood Scrapers,
Iron and Wood Wheelbarrows, .
Barbed and Smooth Fence Wire,
Wood Sawine Machines,
Dedrick Hay Pressess,
Dutton Sickle Grinders,
Root Cutters, Barrel Churns,
Pumps, Crindstones, Fanning Mills
Tents and Waeon Govers,
Harness of AII Kinds,
Horse Blankets, Lap Robes, Etc., Etc.I
An Investigation of our Stock is respectfully re-.
quested. Inquiries by mail for prices will be promptly

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