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They Will be Heard by the Supreme
Court Next Wednes.
Some Comments Made on the Am
davit of Henry 4. Root,
Rullng In the Edgerton reparate Malts.
nance Case-A New Panel of Trial
Jurors Summoned.
The attorneys for John A. Davis filed
their briefs yesterday in the supreme court
in reply to the briefs of Henry A. Root's
attorneys. The three appeal oases are set
down for hearing on Wednesday, July 1 at
two p. m. In reply to the charge of bias
and prejudice on the part of Judge MeHat
ton Davis' attorneys say: "The charge rests
upon the unsupported affidavit of Appellant
Root, and when reduced to its elements
eonsists in a complaint that the court has
in many instances differed on questions of
law from the afliant and his counsel.
The affidavit, however, is made the vehicle
for conveying to this court the most serious
charges that can be made against a judicial
officer; and upon the slight foundation
of this affidavit counsel for contestants in
their brief; have taken occasion to make
what we call an unwarranted and uncalled
for attack on the judge of the court below.
But it needs no counter affidavits to refute
many of Mr. Root's statements and
to show that he has sworn so
carelessly and recklessly without
examination to ascertain the truth in many
instances, as to render him unworthy of
belief in any. Thus what Mr. ioot says in
his affidavit in regard to the" rules of the
court and the wilful alteration of those
rules which he charges upon the judge be
low, is contradicted by the statements of
one of his own counsel, Mr. E. W. Tools.
That gentleman was too honorable to at
tempt to impose upon the court a statement
of hi9 client which he knew to be untrue."
Referring to the action of Judge McHat
ton in ordering a jury panel to be drawn
from which to select jurors in the case
Root's affidavit is quoted from as follows:
"Said list of names was, as affiant is in
formed and believes, made up entirely by
the judge of said court." To this Davis'
attorneys say: "This is a charge in effect,
as we understand it, that the judge in per
son and by his own direct action had
packed against contestants the panel from
which a jury for the trial of this cause
would be at least in part selected. Can it
be believed that such a charge as this,
which if true would consign a
judicial officer to everlasting infamy, would
be made and spread upon the recordsof the
court, and that too by a lawyer, for Mr.
Root, we believe is a member of the bar of
New York and of Montana, without first
having made thorough and careful investi
gations to uscertnin its truth?"
"Counsel for the appellant claim that the
contracts between John A. Davis and Er
win Davis and between John A. Davis and
T. J. Davis, establish a want of Integrity in
John A. Davis, and for this reason his ap
pointment should be revoked. To this we
reply that the want of integrity and any
and all other grounds which may be sug
gested for the revocation of the appoint.
ment of John A Davis, or in any way af
fecting the general administration of the
the estate. can only arise for consideration
after the issue of intestacy is determined
by refusing to probate the will. If the will'
be admitted to probate these questions can
never arise. for in that event there can be
no general administration."
On the anneIa of Marin c,.mm;... a.,m
an order denying and overruling petition to
set aside the order appointing John A. Da
vis administrator, the answer is made:
"The order is not appealable, and the court
has no jurisdiction except to dismiss the
appeal. The attempted appeal is from an
order denying the petition of Maria Cum
nings to set aside the order appointing
Davis administrator of the estate, and not
from an order refusing to vacate an order
directing John A. D)avis to qualify as ad
ministrator, as stated by appellants, for the
court made no order dlrecting Davis to
qualify. There was but one petition and
one order denying it. The court below made
an order on April 28, 1890, appointing Davis
administrator of the estate and directing
the issuance of letters to him nuon his exe
cuting bond and qualifying as such. Pending
the appeal of Root from that order and before
it was affirmed by the court on July 24,1890.
Davis presented to the court below the al
leged will of the deceased, and filed his
petition praying the probate thereof. Root
and Cummings have filed answers to the
petition denying the genuineness of the
will and resisting its probate. These issues
are now pending, undetermined in the court
below. Our contention is that in this state
of the case, rending the contest of the pro
bate of the will, and Davis not having qual
ified as administrator the district court
had no power or jurisdiction to take any
further steps regarding the general admin
istration of the estate; no jurisdiction to
grant general letters to Root or anyone
else, or to revoke the grant already made to
John A. Davis, or require him to qualify
or to do any act whatever as
general administrator of the estate.
That pending the contest as to the
probate of the will and until its determina
tion, the power of the court as regards the
general administration was and is suspend
ed, and that an exigency had arisen which
justified and required the appointment of a
special administrator to take charge of the
estate until it could finally be determined,
no question in iegard to the general ad
ministration. or in regard to the revocation
of the grant of letters to John A. Davis was
in order or could be properly considered by
the court."
The attorneys who sign the briefs for
Davis are Hon. W. W. Dixon, Col. W. F.
Manders, Judge M. Kirkpatrick and Forbis
& Forbis.
Edgerton vs. Edgerton.
Judge Hunt sustained the demurrer of E.
D. Edgerton yesterday to the complaint of
Kate D. Edgerton praying for separate
maintenance and $50,000. 1Her motion for
alimony and costs of urosecuting the suit
pending its determination was overruled.
A motion made by Mr. Edgerton's attor
neys that the complaint be stricken from
the filsc was overruled and Mrs. Edgeurton
was allowed ten days in which to file an
-.mended complaint.
Trial Jurors.
'The following taxpayers were sunmmoned
yesterday to serlve as jurors inl the district
court:llurmer Hewins, E. 1t. Tandv, Snm
Cook, David Morris, Ge.orgo Huifaker, Ed
.ard Pavne, David Blualher, A. C. Votaw,
J. E. Allen, M. A. Lovely, C(. B. Newbury,
D. C. Ross, J. J. P'ant, W. 11. Stymost, 1.
A. Hallenbeck, W. H. Clarke. John' Mo
riarity, C, 11. Conner, O. O. Krabul, John
iro. Essllg A Foote, Dentists, i'ower
Go to T lie |live for bargaine.
Sunday Excuirsloun.
The Northern Pacific railroad will sell
Sunday excur:ion tickets during the suim
nmer at one fare for thie onud trip from
lolelna to Murysvill, 'I ownsenh, Allamlbra,
Jdffteron, liuulder, h]lriulder liot -lprings,
Avon, Elliston, Deer Lodge and Warm
'priTing and retuln. Tickets on sale
naturldays and oundays. (:od to return
until Monday following.
A. D. EunAr, (en'l Agt.
CuAs. H. Fe. C. . P. and 1'. A.
reo- drive in Il lies' auw.er underwear this
cw'k i rt T'hu Ike ltie
The Ten Chapters of Montasa Organise a
Grand Chapter.
Representatives from the ten chapters of
the state of Montana, of the branch of ma
sonry known as Royal Arch Masons, met
yesterday in Masonic temple in this city, to
organize a grand chapter. The various
chapters of the state have heretofore been
under the jurisdiction of the grand chapter
of the United StateS. Afternoon and even
ing sessions were held. I. 0. Hickman,
Vlrginia Oity, acted as aemporary presiding
fimer, and Geo. M. Hays, Billings, anted as
temporary secretary. A constitution was
adopted for the government of the grand
chapter as well as for the subordinatechap.
The election o officers resulted as fol
M. E. G. H. . P.-. O. Hickman, Virginia
'-eputy M. E. G. H. P.-J. A. Hyde, Deer
M. E. G. K.-A. H. Barrett, Butte
M. E. . 8. -P. H. Poindexter. Dillon.
M. E. G. T.-F. W. Wright, Livingston.
M. E. G. S.--. Hedges, Helena.
M. E. G. O. H.-W. B. Coombe, Great
-M. E. G. P. 8.-C. A. Dewar, Billings.
M. E. G. H. A. C.- W. ]3. Norton, Glen
The installation of the elective and ap.
pointed oftlcers ewilloocur at 10 a. m. to-dey.
At which time the list of appointed officers
will be made known.
A banquet followed the election, inter
spersed with toasts and songs. Among the
visitors and representatives present were
the following: O. Baker, R. O. Hickman,
Theo. Mufflley, Virginia City; J. E. Van
Gandy, J. N. Fox, Deer Lodge; BI. J. Has
kell, Glendive; C. A. Dewar, George M.
Hays, L. H. Fenske, Billings; Fred. W.
Wright, John Mason, Charles. H. Stebbins,
Livingston; P. H. Poindexter, It. B.
Nuckoll, F. Huber, Dillon; W. B. Coombe,
H. P. Rolfe, F. W. Wright, Great Falls; J.
A. Hyde, W. T. Ellison, Phillipsburg, E. D.
Aiken, R. H. Waring. H. H. Guthrie, Will
iam Dyer, Butte; Henry Fisher. Newall,
Iowa; Charles E. Dodge, Manchester, N.H.;
F. Nunvar John Moflit, F. P. Sterling, C.
B. Nolan, E. D. Neill, Jr., F. D. Jones, W.
H. McCann, G. W. Jackson, Sam Schwab,
J. H. Walker, Fred Harper, H. R. Comly,
C. Hedges, John C. Major, C. F. Peris, C.
B. Garrett, Wm. McClatchey, A. M. Holter,
W. S. Snaulding. M. Holter, D. W. Middle
mae, Theo. Welcome, W. E. Fredericks,
Goo. Booker, John W. Thompson, M.
teinig, J. H. Dickey, J. J. Hindson, W. T.
Boardman, W. D. Smith, H. B. Palmer, W.
F. Rector, Helena.
Petermaun's Juvenile Orchestra, assisted
by his ether pupils, at Ming's Opera House,
July 2.
oin d-hand Carlsbad china tea set, 56 pieces,
splendid goods, only $12, at The lees Hive.
Ladies', misses and children's fast black hose
at The Uee Hive for 20c. and 2.c.
All the Western Union wires were down
last night east of Billings. The only com
munication with St. Paul was by way of
Seoretary J. W. Broumfeld, of the or
ganized masons, has called a meeting for
Saturday at .eight p. m. at James Fulker
son's place.
The following were admitted to citizen
ship in the district court yesterday: 0. 0.
Krabal. Norway; D. C. Ross, Great Britain;
John Hehl, Germany.
City Treosurer Walker will offer for sale
at noon July 1, cash warrants on the gen
eneral fund to the amount of $11,000 and
$1,000 on the fire department fund.
Epworth League, of St. Paul's Methodist
Episcopal church, gave a very pleasant and
satisfactory entertainment at the church
last evening. Ice cream, strawberries and
cake were served after the programme.
leeds were filed for record yesterday as
follows: Martha M. Pitts to Jesse I. Phelps,
lot 19, block 889, Helena townsite, $5,400; 8.
C. Baldwin, trustee, to George M. Kellogg.
lots 27 and 28, block 4, Flower Garden addi
tion, $2,300.
John Hanson has preferred a cross charge
of assault against Contractor Kassen, of
East Helena. Eassen had Hanson and
three others arrested Wedncselay for as
sault. The hearing in all the cases will
take place to-day.
The local land office is in receipt of seven
maps of definite locations of the Groat
Northern extension, approved by the gen
eral land office. They cover the route from
Fort Aseiniboine to the eastern boundary
of the Blackfeet reserve.
A Cornish wrestling tournament will be
gin on July 4 at John Fieethy's road house
near the Broadwater. Wrestlers from all
parts of the state will be present and the
event promises to be one of unusal attrac
tion. The tournament will continue for
three days.
Eugene Picot and Elsie Zeising, both of
w icres, were marrico yesterday by Hev. 1'.
D. Kelsey. So. D., pastor of the Congrega
tional church of this city. After the cere
mony at the home of L. V. Swiggett. Mrs.
Swilgett invited the wedding party to an
elegant dinner given in honor of the bride,
who is a familiar friend.
Judge Sanders has dismissed the charge
of grand larceny against Miner D. Red
mond for disposing of the furniture and
other belongings of Morgan F. Sherman
while the latter was serving a sentence in
the county jail for stealing a gun. There
is a charge of petit larceny still pending
against Redmond. The judge did not
think the value of the goods justified a
charge of grand larceny.
The third lecture in the series under the
auspices of the school of method will be
given in the high school room this evening
at 8:30 o'clock. 'lhe lecture will be given
by Dr. C. B. Miller, of the board of educa
tion of this city. The subject of the lecture
is the sanitary condition of the public
schools. This is a subject that Dr. Millet
has given a great deal of study and upon
which he is thoroughly qualitfied to speak.
The public is cordially invited to be present.
Henry Dahnoke and 0. A. Gilpatriok
started from the court house at 12:30 yes
terday on bicycles for Chicago. A num
her of local wheelmen and spectators were
present to see the start. A photograph was
taken of the group. As the bell in the tower
struck 12:30 the young men sprang upon
their wheels and commenced the long jour
ney of over 1,500 miles. They were escorted
as far as East Helena by a delegation of
local wheelmen. It is estimated that the
trip will take about thirty-eight days.
Marysvllle Will Celebrate.
The citizens of Marysville haveo arranged
a first-class programme for the observance
of the Fourth of July. A parade will take
place in the forenoon hended by the Marys
ville brass band and a grand car of state
representing the states and territories. The
Patriotic Sons of America, United Work
men, Odd Fellows, Knightsof Pythias, Sons
of St. George and other organizations will
participate. Prizes are offered in football,
100 yard foot race, slow horse race, hain
luer throwing and other athletic contests.
The contests are restricted to residents of
Marysville or vicinity. All entries must be
in the commiittee's hands by the evenltg )of
July 1. Au exhibition of lireworks will be
given in the evening to be followed by a
dance under the euspices of the Marvsville
brassbend to which an admission of $1.l50
will be charged. 'Ihei comit ei of ar
rnugoment' who have char:,r ,of t.h cillebnia
tion consists of Martin V. Shav. '. J. llan
rigan, F"auLk Murray, John A. B. Carbia, '.
L. liayha.
eaIli Baking
Used in Millions of Homes-4o Years the Standard.
The Northern Paclfc President
Shows How He Regards the,
Artesian Projeot.
An Option at a Nominal Sum
Given on a Seotion of Land
Near Helena.
With Eight Thousand Dollars Inthe land
Now, the Total Sum Needed Should
noe aised This Week.
With $8,000 subscribed as an option on a
section of railroad land near Helena, at a
nominal price, there is no reason why the
$15,000 asked in subscription for the
artesian well fund should not be raised
this week. Yesterday Col. Broadwater had
a talk with President Oakes on the artesian
well project, and the result was that the
Northern Pacific official agreed that it the
citizens of Helena raised the money to
guarantee the boring of the well to a suffi
cient depth to thoroughly test its feasi
bility, the railroad would give the well
company an option at a nominal price on a
section of land near Helena on which to
put the well. Mr. Oakes said he fully
recognized the great value a flow of
artesian water near Helena would be both
to the city and to the valley, and in addi
tion it would undoubtedly lead to the bor
ing of other wells in different portions of
the state.
Col. Broadwater has been the most active
in this artesian well enterprise, because,
probably, he has given the matter more
study, and recognizes fully the good results
which will follow its success. Talking about
it last evening, he said that with this offer
of Mr. Oakes the subscribers took but one
chance in boring the well-that of not get
ting an artesian flow. If the water is struck,
the company will then close the option on
the railroad section, sell it and the water,
and come out whole. Then the work of
boring additional wells can be done by
others. Another thing that must be taken
into account is that the sum asked is placed
at $15,000, on the ground that it may be
necessary to go deeper than 2,000 feet.
Should a flow be obtained at 500 or 1,000
feet, it will be seen that but a small
percentage of the subscriptions will be
called for, while should all the subscrip
tions be called in, and then a flow ob
tained, the sale of the land and water will
repay the subscribers. In every enterprise
some chances have to be taken, but in the
opinion of those who have carefully studied
the subject, an artesian well is more likely
to be a success than not in the Prickly Pear
Col. Broadwater is going to make a trip
to Alaska, starting about the first of July,
and he is anxious that all those gentlemen
who have promised to subscribe, as well r.e
all those who owe it to themselves and to
the community, and who are able to uo so
should put their names down on the lists
and raise the remaining $7,000. Below is
a list of the subscriptions already made.
'There are three lists, one at the Montana
National bank, another in Col. Broad
water's office, and a third with It. A. Har
'. A. nalnadwater.........................8 1,000
S. T. e nb rh....... .. ............. .. ....... O,15)0
A. M. tloltr & Hro........ .............. 00
Jno. t.Neiil o.... ....... ............... 0
I1. T'. tder ......................e ........ 100
Nick Kessler ............................... 10)
Vall:e ,t,'l rhrnburgh.................... r00l
W m. M oth.............................. 500
Jr.. Ml aulin .. ...................... ... 500
John It. Wilon ............................ 1100
I. ,. Harlow ...................... 200
hrie. r nc ............................ .. 2t0
I:. . Ini.lt. Sr .......... ....... ...... 200
S. T. Plortr.............................. 100
E. h . lehyt ................................. 100
:.W.. lnight, Jr........................... 100
Fred Gem ir ............................... 100
ii. It. Kilinochmidt ................ ....... 100 I
Elizar lirch ........ ...................... 100
A. J. Seligman ....................... 100 c
Th .. Goff .............................. .. 50
A. P.Ddge o& Co.......................... 100
l:. 0. renlch ..............................
(n. (. Swanllw .............................. 100
A. Il. Nelou............................... 100
It. It. Pl,,lod-Jonos........... ............ 200
C. 1). Hard................................. 100
F. H. 1'. Lindr.ay............................ 50
Brhwab & Zimmuorman ... ......... 100
Dr. N. balvail............................. 1t0
'lTotal .................................... $ 8,050
Deposits of $1 and upwards received by Mon
tanu Savings bank and five per cent. interest paid
Some of the beat Imusical tale.t in the
city at Petermann's Juvenile Orchestra
performance on July 2.
Curling irons at The Be IIHive from 15c. to 85c.
Wrestling Tournament.
The grandest wrestling tournament ever
held in the west will be given at John Free
thy's place, near the Broadwater hotel,
Helena, beginning July 4 and continuing
for three days. The money will be divided
among the winners in various sums, the
largest purse being $150. Cornish will be
the only style of wrestling allowed, but the
tournament will be free for all, nobody
barred. Six entries have already been
made. It ought to bring together the best
wrestlers in the country, and as a sporting
event it will take precedence over anything
of the kind that ever occurred in Montana.
Money to loan by Montana Savings bank on
good city property or improved ranches.
Granite ironware, tinware, kitchen utensils
and cheap counter goods at The liees Hive.
Petermaniu' ,TuveOnle Orchestra. assisted
by Is other pupils, at Ming's Opera House,
July 2.
A New Firm.
Dr. J. W. Essig and Dr. A. F. Foote have
formed a copartnership for the practice of
dentistry. Both gentlemen are well known
in Helena, Dr. ,Essig having been in active
practice for the pant two years in this city,
and Dr. Footo being a former dental prac
titioner here. Their offies are in the
Power building, rooms 510, 511 and 512.
Some of the best musical talent In the
city at Ileterlmanllin'u Juvonilo Orchestra
plerformtanci e on July 2.
('rookery of all klnds at The lIe ]live.
lIUy ino Iof t hoe decorated chamber Sts at The
Biee Ilive for $1.05.
To day's Fuish.
Blnock bass, pike, pickerel, rock bars, sal
mou, sturgeon, halibut., trout, white. Cu
cemb1ers, tonttoes, string beans and all
kinds of vegetubles at the Bloadway Fish
Mam ket. Telephone 2I18.
lln's gray sl ulmlr underwear oluly . e. Ier
suit oiote lI i-lo, iread, Si per srllt; eovaatt,,
li.b'iguc.,. 21.2i, tohr snit, and fancy striped lial
briga.t, .1;0 p. 1 suit, at o t1 he h i siv.
A large line of gents' neckwear at 'The floe Ilive
for teI tos.
A New List of Very Special
Offerings Selected from
Raleigh & Clarke's. N
The great Persuaders and the groat N
Convincers of the truth that theirs is
the only store in Helena where you are
sure of buying reliable Dry Coods at N
rock-bottom pricm.
We had a tremandous rush at our silk N
counters last week, notwithstanding the
nclemenny of the weather; but who
would not brave the elements to a'cure N
one of tuose silk dress patterns that are
worth $1.25 a yard in any market, which N
we are selling for the ridiculously low
price of tOc a yard, or that extra heavy
quality u ually sold at, $1.50 a yard we
have cut just halt into and will offer
you this week for 750 a yard. Those
beautiful Import-,d China Crepe do T
Ohines in all the most d siralo ovening
tints are the admiration of all who have
seen them, and are so d everywhere at
1.tO a yard. We are solling them this
week for a $1.2.i a yard. Now ia tth
time to provide yours lf with a new I
party dress at a nominal cost.
An early inspection of the bargains t
offered in our Silk and Dross Goo:ls do
partments this week is requested. 'I he P
barpaina we are offering you cannot be
duplicated in Montarua. Co:ne early in
the morl;nn. Our store is vopn from p
seven a. m. to six p. m., excepting hat
urdays, when we are open as long as
there is a dollar in sight. l
Raleig & Clarke,
Open NowUNo, 709, )9th Ave.
This is the Month for
Don't wait until the busy Fall
Season. Seal Garments Redyed
and Made Over.
Fire Proof Vault
is the place to store your Furs.
We insure them against all harm.
Mr. Babcock goes to New
York in July, and will give his
personal attention to special or
ders. Leave us your measures
and have a garment made first
class to fit you.
abcok Co.
An invoice of Gentleman's ele
gant and fashionable shoes in all
widths and sizes.
Opposite Grand Central Hotel.
1891. 1891.
Makes regular trips through "(late of Mountain"
on the Mierouri river, frontm Itller'n Iratdiug to
Pioa.o Canyon amnd i;hartooth Mountain and r.
turn, on Tuesdays, TI'hnr"dai s and tunday~, dur
ing the pro.ent navigable rrason, hanving lil
ger's Landing at 11 n. In. and return by :t: ti n.m.
of came day. Will also rmakt epreial trips with
parties of ten peruons or more on iMotdays,
Wednesdays, Fridays and ltatnrdays, during satom
hours of ti lday. Fare for one pIorso to Pionio
Canyon arnd reotrn ,n regular trils, $2 p t); to
4oartoo h Mountain, $3. Forr partiem of fifteen
or more perionan, $2 each to Piuioe (:"nyon, and
lt'artooth $2.O0, $pecial tltis fr palrt lio of ton
or more to I'iruie ('anyon $2.50; to Ihtrtooth t $3.
For parties of tifteen or more on l-etial trilps
$2 each. Per parties of firh.un or uori tll sp)o
cial or regular trips. inoluding col.olvrn .eO pair
John Zelgltr'a band-wagern, from IHelna to Hil
ger'., andt firo til:oera to I'onie ('anyon anal
riturn to Helena., leavling Hlena at 7 a. m. and
return at :3t0t p, l. samle dlay, $3 per lerson.
N. IlLteIER. l'Proptritor.
I)II S .HOI , T I O N N O 'It'I --T IE - '' . I: 'ARI IT -
nt. orthip h retlofor, xiiitig bl nihn littmintt
liichtrr amol ,JIns JonroIi. unrer hin ri tiat r
of Ili'hto'" ,1 ,,eno mh doingbn i buons, in tio
itly of thi:..tiirat Iti. air ioir if titril~tov anid
Ireltolin otili.-, i thli ,laty dta.otvcd Iyri Itittill
of .lit lfnm and itolo ott mrti'llititnitti dio Wllthe I
maid firm. hlgnrti IItEIIMAN tiIt'I11'TI.
hignrl Ji JNrt JIGNIJtN.
Helena, Montana, Jmoo Ma 1891.
There Are No Flies on These Prices,
No. 47 - New brick cottage, Bouth llodney
thre tome ind baasemont; lot 2x14(, 20
down. r2 paer month.............. Price. $1,0.0.
o. 48 'rhrmN room dwel;lng, hay and wood
.ho,,i. ho' l e i,·i (ell., ,raiok fIroa aeloetrlc
llle; o a0 s rsh. Lblano $21,) per mnli l.......
........ ..... ............. ...'rioe, *1,0)
Noti. t-'Thru, roorwm b ona Mooth llcdnlyrytsb, J
etc.; IrL )1150; $200 down, $25 per mouth....
...... .... Price, 80
No. 49 Fihe room brc,, iarge barne, haed.l
Swll; lot 0rulit; N. I'. acdihion; $es aarh,
$.0 per month ...................... Pric. $(1.400
No t0--Flonr room hone, wast idon; lit ri0xl(0;
nelt basin. a I .onter; 2,03 ach, $22 per monnth.
.......................... ...... . rm.. 1i.$1,700
No. 6i-Nwe houtse, livn rooms. west Bide, itre
Iot, pantry antl cellar, shed,, water; bloest
Iron, electric smoxr; 2tr0 eaeh,, $25 Itr month
............................ .... ..P rice, $1., O0
No. ..2-Fixv room .tnttrnrt, Ilolns to , .srlt
uote, hall,'arge oletlr, paflr;,, wan.tr lkitch
un: $l',o tI n n, $25 per r ,tt,....... rce. .400
No. .;-- 4ix rome, wot Lide, pLantry. eclar
good l'ot: b|ick from rottor; f.000 trenlt. ..
p-.r mo nilth ...................... .... Pri.e, 51,9'0
Nc. I5 N'w Itout,. cix rotmo, weot e.ll, `,an
try. EclR,te a.lar, wansr. etc.; bltc;k from
electric li1n; $1P0 cai, $25 per monthL.......
... ........... ................rice, $2,000
T'ue following will bo coald according to terms
No. :lt i:it,i room rtont honte, all modern
inlrlrovott;ent., iloardiay; haLrl wood loli*ol.
I'.ay trms. ......t.......... I ric. $.(100 t
No. 2- ight roomtn brick, near cornor Iulattig
and Hixth Lve.; nicely furnishedl ; tente ftr,
G4, per month. Tlels ije a ig rgain......
............................... rice. $.5,00
Nc. 13- -Fotr room framo. now. 'Ten.nh averne,
hear motr;r .cLtt for tlli.1(, pcr tronth. h..Fity
torme ..................... friea reduce I, $1,400
No. P., -8tvan roomt ad blath. new modern
improvemnta, corner Second and Umoattle.
T r., . . t attit ... .................. Price, ,0CO
Mtot. ,l1.-I.]galt, hI, ctoe. weHt sice. Hiowie street,.
iortgoago $1,('t. oush $500, La!lancroo .clt.
,.... .'..e, $ 200
No. B00-Six room brink, lot OxItO4. Eighth ave.:
Part cash., balance foar years...... rice, $3.2'0
No. 00- -Fiv. roo. nr:d I athl, new, on SpDrnce
;t.: hot wator Imating; Itt 25xm110...tiee, $4,2120
No. ItO--liix r,,oa, noi lth, Iiamlock streelt;
furnace heat, b table, cthickcn houser. Terms,
ay................... ..........rice, $0,.00
Full lie or miningatocke an hand. Call and
neo my prlces.
Reel Faitt, and LMining 1toc:k Exchange.
Eight-Room Frame HIouse on
Lawrence street. Sheds, stables, I
etc. Ample grounds.
Houses for Sale and Rent in
all parts of the city.
E. S. French &Co.
S2nd F;oir Herald Building.
-- BOOItSg
Books Neatly Ruled and Printed.
Jackson St., Opposite Opera House
Of W. Livingstone Anderson's Dieo
ramic Painting of
The Grand Canyon'
"of the Yellowstone,
Wilcox, the New York artist, has
this to cay of the picture:
"A genuine novelty and com.
memorate work of art, which no
person should fail to see."
Real Estate and Mines.
Easement Power Block, corner
tixth Avenue and Mail: Street,.
.= FOR SALE! +
4,000 HEAD
Good, Young Stock Sheep.
2,500 J-IEID
Three and Four-year old
Can deliver July i, 1891.
For particulars, write or call
Fort Benton, Mont.
IRWIN, .: .
**. & CO.,
For Bar, Angle, Teeo and Sheet Iron,
" Galvanized and Corragated Iron.
" Ieam. Axles, Hinges. and Wrought Good.,
" Steam Pumpn , Engines and I'oilera.
" Cut and \\ ire Nails, lhorse Shoes.
SShet Stoteel Hoofing. DecoratMed Ceiling.
Small SBtal Rail,. Anti-Friction Motel.
Stoves an HSteel RanIge, Tool Steel.
-Lamp and I.anterns, Nut, and Washer.
Carriage Loltl, Firo Brirk and Clay.
T --- ROOM 25,-H
Montana Grain & produce Go.
1332 Bozeman St., Helena. Telephone 108.
People who trade with us KNOW that we carry superior high
clash noer handiso c n!, no matter how low wour prices. The follow.
illng lines insure a big ru h, so COME .EARLY, as the quantity i lim
itoel. 'Iho prices seem ridiculous, but we guaranteeo values as adver
In untrimmed hats we have placed on our bargain counter a
gri at variet, of shap's, worth frotm 50o to $1.25 ea:h; your ohoico for
Ladios' gosamore, regular price $1, this weaik only 65c.
Our full line of steel and pearl buckles, worth from ;Oo to t1. -
each. this week only 23c oure.
Tourist Ruohing at 20. and 20o per box.
The thnest line of p rasols and silk umbrellas, from 25o up.
IN NOTIONS-'- boxes assorted hair pins for 10e; 2 spools white
tape for 5o; 2 oords darning cottan for 56; wire hair brusilos 2: o; 4
pap.or pins for i0c.
In Hamburg Edgings you will find baskets full, worth from 10o
to 15c per yard; take all you wait at . pe.r yard.
We offer at only 12::' per yard a complete line of morlrhno dotted
voiliings; our regular price. 200.
l)erby Satin Curtains, regular price $12 per pair; this v~ek
only $J.
Also, one lot of Children's seamless hose at 10J per pair.
Cotton Figured Madras Curtains, only 10o per yard.
F'igure:l silks, worth $1 and $1.25 per yard, for75c. Nothing like
these silks this teen offered it this oity at the prices quoted.
'I'ho above gre it bargains to be found only at
'he Leading Millinery and Fancy Dry Goods House in Montauw

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