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Recent Developments in the KENWOOD district, comprising the Bradford,
Brooke and Syndicate Additions to Helena, make the above statement almost
absolutely true.
But there are other features of this part of Helena that out
weigh the probability of finding gold in paying quantities, and
those are the freedom from smoke and dust that
Enjoys beyond any other suburb the direct water service, insur
ing purity and freshness, the fine view, the rich soil, school facil
ities, street car service, good drives and numerous other advantages.
Prices are now reasonable, and the present is the time to buy. My list com
prises many very choice locations.
tries of Snakes in a Land
Terior and Many
oisonous Reptiles Abound in t
Midst of the Weed That
oving Mountains in a Desert-Sprin
With Medicinal Qualities-A Hand
Car Journey.
There are easier billets in the world th
tt of roadmaster on a great railro
ere are few more responsible. A ro
ster is a tort of amatetur engineer, w
i pposed to possess exceptional ahi
an e able to cope with extraordinary c
gencies. If his division is on the Co
rd desert and beyond he is expected to
n sther prophet and a gaure rolled i
o, writes J. H. Gilmour in the San Fr
co Chronicle. If he is not a p
bulating; report-writing, intellc
l barometer the company has lit
for him. A roadmanter has
eion gangs under his immediate contl
o a velocipede and a sail car. Taken
iall he is an important personage in
tra ad commonwealth, so when E.
ulihill, whose division extends fr
Cton to Tortugo, asked me to take a r
wh him on the hondear from the lte
pc to Salton, I gladly consented, a
uld afford me opportunity to ma
ser acquaintance with that interest
l mysterious country.
'here is something positively fascinat
bnt the desert. Its weird stillness is c
tly startling. Nothing is more harass
the nerves than this desolate silece
n the desert is so quiet, so deathlike,
ionhess, that you are inclined to puc
yrself and feebly inquire whethery
anot inanimate clay, so awfully does
tert impress its strange personal
,n you. Aniting fertile fields a
adens glittering with trait a
Ilors you feel the mastery
nare; here nature is your master.. e
dolation has no sytmpethy with tano. h
re a his advatcei, and if Ie stase
itures him and deniicates iitu so th
ohly by ter liil. dry atmosphiri th
e nits a furtilizir he loses his ultim
Such were mv thoughts as I stood
fr the ortierly section house at Flow
Vlls. tohn tit llliran, the seotion bo
mas knlling a heave etieiavor to cultiv
sandy laitd, ni was showit ut two
ttital, tig trees and eastie yzlltaw-bi
itg iaeti. Mrs. ,Spillman, tihe ira
lker's wif,tn mad( the house happy w
b cheery personahty. her bustling w
a her ciitintted dispiaoititn--strtit
trgs contrstls to the dismal uurrou
there is a refreshing sound atloti
an of ]liwing wt , lls. lost it, is it sad i
no ittitntit. iu 1C82 the Foathern a
c ioinpany dug a will and wi S
rded by a I'ttrst of clear cool water
feet. Track Suitprintemlent Cur
Iotlier illicials threw high their h
lth I ir si confident were they of hav
uck fresh water, for it miuist be retit
ied that each train had to carry a tt
lrait Wtt'irs to V11ian, a tlistetice ofl
his. Their ietaey win, however, sh
.d, for the water was vire salty. It i
itses, for the Ilexictitis have stnk itIiti
t its liialitig irtlitorcties ate maervelos
r sluivhill telhitg te that lie has se
i who have Ioen terribly sillictetd
fc[ cured after ii witk's batiins in t
waerful lltlihesdua. hi is oomtllt
llit whin thetse wellsanre bater
kisWi they will be patrouhgil b
patients from all over California. In the
vicinage of those wells, and rather more
sparsely over the desert, grows the squaw
weed, which is employed by the Indians
for medical purposes. It is at coarse sort of
bamboo grass, having similar compart
menta and exceedingly bitter to the taste.
The squaws boil the spearsinto ten or make
poultices from them. Either cures certain
difficult complaints. So impressed weas an
Englishman with its healing qualities that
he packed and sent home to a doctor in
England quite a supply of the weed.
Between 'Tortuga and Mesquite are the
famous mnoving mountains. They are
enormous sandhills about half or three
quarters of a mile in length, and attain an
altitude of .00 feet. They point east and
west. In the spring months, when the
wind blows fresh and strong from the south
west the mountains of sand drift eastward,
coming year by year closer to the rail
road track, Then in the fall the wind
sets in from the northeast and the
sand mountains shift to the west. Malvi
hill says by actual measurement and close
observation, extending over several years,
he has learned that these hills move some
forty feet in a year, and, as I said, are
slowly encroaching upon the track.
About Tortuga is sea level, and the grade
from Flowing Wells to Salton is considera
ble, as the latter point is 268 feet below
the sea. 'Ihis is the lowest point in the
desert and also in the United States.
From Flowing Wells to a little above Vol
cano tbere is some vegetation. Here can
be seen thick bunches of gayeta, a coarse
grass, on which cattle can thrive. Old
prospectors have told me that it is exceed*
ingly nutritious and that stock prefer
it to hay. Here also are seen desert
flotwers unlike any elsewhere. A wild
pink verbena grows luxuriantly; a species
of dandelion displays its yellow petals in
big bright patches: little squares of vetch,
with the purolo blosoms hiding among
the pale-green sprays, delight the eyes,
while the sandy soil is almost hidden by
the thick growthof the snake weed. It has
never been so plentiful before, owing prob
ably to the copious winter rains. The
snake weed is a valuable plant. Rattle
snakes, which are here known as side
winders-because they wiggle along side
ways-cat it when they have been bitten
by other snakes, and teamsters inform me
that Indians and others, when they have
been struck by a sidowinder, make a poul
tice of the snake weed, and, quickly apply
ing it to the wound, have averted the fatal
There is much contention about the dan
gerous qualities of the sidewinder. One
class of men emphatically assert that the
bite is fatal despite the whisky, snake weed
and ammonin: while others contend that
beyond excruciating pain naught else need
be feared. George WV. Durbrow-nod there
is no better authority on the desert and its
life-declai es that the bite is fatal. He de
spises the sidewinder, and is never so happy
as when catching them. Some few woeeks
ago be sent to the Smithsonian institute ait
miagnilicent pair, male and female. Extra
orditnary stories are told about the side
Air. Mulvilill is resconsibloe for the fol
lowing: A seetion foreman was bitten by
one of the stnakes. He dinnk ntumeroust
bottles of whiiky and was sived. Bnt he
became the color of a rattlesnake, hissed
and would sonotities crawl on his side.
lie was positively a distressful object and
had to leave Walters. All, in fact, that he
could not do was to rattle. 11i was in this
awful condition for several siontus, "but
thank (od," says Mulvilhill plously, "hlie
wats cured, hut I warrant he's not hanker
ing after the deserlt."
'IThe emost desolate spot in the desert is
betwent Volcano Spritugs and Finks. For
aninny niles notlhing gi owe. The red. sun
scorcheld pitin is as clear of vegetation as
the p.lin of the hand. Nothing grows, ab
solutely nothing. The grouild underneath
seems hollow, snd the noise matte by the
htandcatr aits it passes over this suhterrtnean
unkonwn tunnel is very loud. "There is
aotethiung wrong about this place," said
IttMnlivihill with ait shudder. "()noe day we
will hear of a traitu falling through here."
It is indeod a mysterious, awe-Inspiring
countity. Close to the track tre two gov
sers. line is of yellow, hbubbling, muddy
water, which seothes and futmes is if bhuil
ing. but in reality is coid as ice; a few feet
distant is snother well of thick black, blue
andt greenish mud heaves and groans and
seatters the foul sulphurous soil in great
splashes. Mr. l)rling, the agent, told me
that one of his predeoaura holdt a oat over
this geyser and thatit died in a few minutes
from the exhalations.
Four miles from the section house and
depot are some hot wells which have med
icinal properties. But the feat of getting
there is surrounded with danger. At any
moment one may be plunged into a boiling
bath of mud, the upper crust being very
slight and treacherous. Prof. Hanks. while
exploring in this vicinity, fell through into
into such a mass of hot mud, and was so
severeiy scalded that his life was
in danger. Chief Engineer Hood
speaks in most respectful terms of
this place. His horse stepped into
such a hole, and he says if it had not
been for the wise and quickway the intelli
cent animal extricated himself and care
fully retraced his journey, both would have
perished. Undoubtedly those mud wells
are beneficial, for Mr. Bailiff, the agent at
Calbazon, who is a martyr to the pangs of
rheumatism, derived much relief by lesting
his legs dangle in the cooler of the baths.
The journey from Volcano Springs to Salton
is uneventful. At the latter place are the
famous salt beds which I have before de
scribed in the Chronicle.
Sunday Excursion Rates.
The Montana Central will sell during the
summer tickets from Helena to Alhambra
and Boulder and return at one fare for the
round trip. Tickets will be on sale Satur
days and Sundays and will be good to re
turn until the following Monday.
General Ticket Agent.
Fourth of July Excursions, 1891.
For the above holiday excursions the
Montana Central railway will sell tickets to
stations on their line within a distant" of
3100 miles from Helena at one and one-fifth
fare for the round trip. Dates of sale, July
3 and 4; limited to expire July 5.
B. H. LANEmuY, Gen'l Ticket Agt.
What a Noted 'Physician Says.
CnIcAo, Jan. 31, 183.
W. P. Wisdom:
Dear Sir-As you requested I have exam
ined the formula of your toilet preparataon
called "Itobertine." I can assure you that
the ingredients are both bland and harm
less, and that the compountd would form an
excellent application in irritated condi
tions of the skin. Yours truly,
ART'uu DEAN lirvAN, M. D.
Professor of Anatomy, Hush Medical Col
lege and P1'. A. Surgeon, U. S M. H. S.
National Educational A:oovintiom t'Convention
at Toronto, July 14 to July 17.
ror the above occasion the Great North
ern railway linte will sell tickets from Hel
ena at $73.95, which includes $2 for imenI
hership fee. T'ickets will be sold July t; to
11, with final limit Sepltember 30, 181.
B. 11. LANm.EY, (.en'l Ticket Agt.
O. K. T.-lonesut Resultt.-It. K. T.
Many of the pioneers of Oregon and
Washington have cheerfully testilled to the
wonder ltul curative properties of the cele
brated Oregon Kidney Tea. Purely vego
table anid lileasant to the taste and can be
takeno by the youngest child or moust deli
cate femaleo. O. K. T. is a never failing
remedy for pains in tlhe back and loins,
non retention of urine. scalding or burniing
senusation while urinaltingl. Ilueous dis
charges and all kidney troubles of either
sex. $1 at all druggists.
Aatsnnattleo Manner.
But time changes minds as well as man.
nors, though even now when making
changes from one circle to another, it often
requires that adaptability which could be
said found in one who has automatic man
ners. However, such radical changes not
only appear in drawing-room repartee,
street dres, etc., among people but lanlso 'n
the conveniences and luxuries affordej
mankind. Railroad travel ts one instance.
A few years ago, comparatively, one had to
consume unch valuable time in an uncomn
Sertable way to tusmake what is now thoughl
nothing of as a night's Journey in a sleeper.
The mosat modern equipment and trania
rortstion facilitlues can be found on the
fast trains of the Minneapolis & St. Louis
railway to Chicago St. Louis, Hot Springs,
Kansas City, etc. Inquire of any gelant ii
the company, or C. M. Pratt, general ticnit
sa pv age.r aent. MinnU stuls. Mlu.a
Coming on its Own Special Train.
New ,Railhoad Sho
Circus, Wild Animal Exposition,
--AND --
Grand Anthropological Museum.
Augmented In Every Departmnent. To
A ,allum l1nd A flIIsO.
Gran1 Ar nic Assembly of Nation`,. Over
The Laurol Crowned C.hanidonos of
Five C0nlillhnts in Fririldly Rivalry
. O-JO Europe's Greatest Wonder ,lO-JO
'The Auole a' of th,, Curiosity W\Vrid.
-..Eg tgnd at a Salary of---
$1,000--PER WEEK -$1,000.
'iTh Diald Moving Mountains.
Fiull 50,) Alhvoltely New Fe'atnrres, too Numoerous
to llnlitl lion' . A .n'e'ral I col ti' tve hi,
brooing Hloliday for All.
l)eora O(pn atI 1 1 7 I'. 11 I'~rrfortnltll t On()
liomr Afterw~ rls.
For particulars, ooll Ilulloltiln Ila, l. I ithographs
and tiho various lAdvorrt ioig o.Iti iii.
N irl I'. (T'llNIiI'TITOnIS -TIN rPN t1R'n'"
oullrt ofi ti, First judicial district of the st at,
I flTontana. in and fur the count) ll I.Nels anllt
dIt th I ti atter of the tulltate of Ni iorgi I'. Staples.
"L It i.h rol 'g givl by ii nll [l. rsiglN I. adll
tN iflninitriL ortf h". -colt oft (,r ti I,. hN1 ,;er,
tldcrrt'el,, to heeredliors f oIi oIt all niri, . lInaNV
li l ahti n ie lust NI,,, .eaid d, r'en.a , Nl exhibilt
(hent with tim l n leet"nart ,Olh,'l, with in fouir
oNlllNls after ithl. BNut t llN t iol N of tis notice,
I,, tIh ItlNt dilNll lltraii at. il' rtnl,'.onr in
ltM rytvllle, M nll all na. Nhi NNll llIi N tL il t Ill n,', frl
ihe lrat, tnatiolr otf Ihli l, aiiol'n oralj s 'idhti(U ill
ilt, Stahi otanty of Lowl. and N 'larki.
Adluin lritrix of the eualu OU UUage iIi IetallN
Dateod Aprnl 0, 1U81.
THE COOK AMALGAMATOR may take the plnce of the ordinary mill
tables and operate c<loso up to the hat or.os, or it works with splendid resulis oa
thle tailings fro u other am d·:anatin. deovices. I.t is
and will save ninety-nine per cent. of all the metals which will amalgamate, no
matter how fine, and the ltoured quick in the tailin!es from o:her umnalglmati:ag
apparatus. '1 hero ar, very many plac~s il Montana whoa, the C.'.k Amal.a.oa.'.or
will pay for itself every month.
I Will Guarantee Satisfaction Where I Advise the Purehase.
G. C. Swallow, Helena, Sole Agent for Montana.
IIavin, declined the plr.e~ of Sta t Mino Inspector. I am now prepared t*
exanmito and report ,m mione, anll aiI in bhyi+ng sad uslling the sa:me. I have hal
forty-live years' oxperin o i: mninng. G. C. Swttu.ow.
Clarke, Conrad & Curtin
We now have upon our floor the finest anl most complete
lines of all kinds of HOUSE FURNI;SIUNG GOODS, and at
prices to suit everybody.
1Refrigerlators, Iee Boxes,
Ice C.reaml FI'reezers,
Rubber rldeu llIlose,
Hose Nozzles, Lawn Sprinklers,
hose Reels andl Lawn Mowers.

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