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A Peouliarity of the Children in
the Family of Mr.
The Story Belated to Illustrate
the lDperienoo of Three
Newspaper Men.
Qrae1 Garrulousnems*of the Dentist Who
Put up the Job on Caeey, Oneo
of Them.
"Well, Casey, what do you And that's
Casey very rarely found anything to
speak of, but this question was fired at him
by the city editor every time he came into
the office, just the same, says the New York
Sunday News. He was not a brilliant fel
low, this man Casey. Some of the boys in
offce thought he was "twisted," as they ex
pressed it. He was slow of thought and
olumay in expression. But he was anxious
to be a reporter, and by his persistence he
had actually worried City Editor Brook, of
the Daily Hemisphere, into making him the
Newtown reporter of that paper.
He could write a paragraph about the
proceedings in the police court that would
serve its purpose-after the blue pencil
fiends had knocked it into shape-and he
could be depended upon to telephone to the
office a few lines about a small fAre, and
that was about all he ever did.
But this time Casey had something new,
for a fact, and he was surcharged with the
idea. So he pulled Brook out into the cor
ridor, and told him, in half incoherent
fashion, that he had got on the track of a
first-rate sensation for the Sunday paper.
He knew a family out in Newton, all the
members of which were afflicted, at birth,
in the strangest way. It almost amounted
to a deformity, he had been told. They all
outgrew the thing, in time, but the curious
part of the affair was that one child fol
lowed another with the same deficiency in
physical developments. The affliction was
not of the sort to make the discussion of it
disagreeable, and so it would be a good
feature, Casey thought, and he was anxious
to work it up for a couple of columns of
Now, Brook had a weakness for a "Sun
day story." He thought the Sunday edi
tion was lazy, not to say dull, and that he
didn't know a good, newsy story from a
secondhand umbrella, and it just suited
him to work up a tip top, semi-sensational
feature, even though it wasn't news, and
"run it in the main sheet" on a Sunday
morning. So Casey's "find" rather caught
his fancy. Of course he realized in a sec
ond that Casey could never write such a
story as that, but he couldn't in fairness
take his suggestions away from him and
give it to any other fellow. But it occurred
to him that Casey in his dogged, persever
ing way, might get all the facts, and put
them on paper in some sort of shape. Then
he could give the "stuff"io one of the sal
aried men, who weren't earning half their
salt, anyhow, to rewrite. In that way
Casey would get "the space" and the office
wouldn't have to pay double for it.
"All right Casey," he said. "That's a
good subject. Work it up carefully, now.
Let's see. This is Monday. Bring the story
in by Thursday, sure."
, So Casey departed. On Tuesday he re
ported proeress, in an indefinite way. So
ne 4id on Wednesday, and on Thursday he
didin't show nv. Brook had become inter
ested in the idea meanwhile, and perhaps
the more so because he had turned over to
the Sunday editor some matter for the sup
plement which he thought was pretty good
stuff, and which that official, who was ra
ther cranky that day, had sent back as "not
dignified enough for Sunday." Brook had
told his assistant about the scheme, and
now he began to discuss expedients with
"Seen Casey to-day?" he asked.
"No; hasn't been in," said the assistant.
"Wonder where in thunder he is. He
promised that story to-day, and I want it
The assistant was trying to straighten
out'a handful of "flimsy" and didn't reply.
"I've a mind to send some one out to help
Casey work up the thing," continued Brook.
"I'11 bet he hasn't begun it. Doesn't know
how to get at it."
"Shouldn't wonder," said the assistant,
"let Adams go. He's waiting for an assign
"No; he's space. Let's see the book.
Brace isn't doing anything to-day to speak
of. That reference case is postponed. Be
sides, we ought to get more work out of
Brace. He can do good work if he likes.
If he wants to go on space next month he
must show that he can earn it. Say, Bracel
I want you," he continued, in a louder tone,
as he caughtsight of thatyoung man stand
ing at the elevator.
Brace was a bright chap, who was just
completing his year of work on salary. He
had done two or three pretty good things,
when he happened to be in just the right
place, and he was getting so that he could
write a pretty good story, rather quaint and
entertaining in style.
So Brace was sent out to Newtown to
help Casey. He was to tell the latter
that his space would be all right anyhow,
but that Brook was in a hurry for the story,
and must have it at once. Hie found his
man without difficulty. Everybody in New
town seemed to know the Hemisphere re
porter, and everybody smiled just a little
at mention of him. The state of the case
was just as Brook had guessed. After Ca
saey ot the assignment he was appalled at
the thing.
Be didn't see how he was going to inter
view Miss Bell about the matter, for she
was rather a high-strung young woman, and
she was the only one of the afflicted family,
he understood, who could, or would, talk
about the matter. And so he explained the
matter in a shame-faced way to Brace. But
Brace took pride in the fact that he was
considered "very fly." This interview
didn't displease him in the least. Besides.
here was an opportunity to show a "jay"
how the thing was done.
"Oh, rubbish." he said, when Casey had
made confession. "Come along. Where
are the people, anyway? I'll fix it all
"'Bout a mile over that way," said Casey.
"But you'll do all the talking, won't you?"
Of course, Bruce agreed, especially as the
other had incidentally said something to
the effect that Miss .ull was "a daisy; a
regular stunner." Tlhey arrived at the
house, and OCasey fell back. Bruce rang the
A servant, who answered it, mistook his
enery, and a few momnents later left him
in the presence of a handsome woman of
middle age. And thus ran the conversa
"Have I the honor of addressing Misse
"I am Miss Bell's mother."
"Oh, ah-er-I beg your pardon, but it is
Miss Bell I want to see."
"Hhe is not at home at present."
"Ah! so sorry. Will she return soon?"
"Not for several days, Can 1 be of ser
vice to you?"
"N-no. I think ndt." Brace was "phased"
just a little, but he recovered immediately.
"Perhlaps you can. madaanc. Allow me to
introdloe myself," and he iresenrted his
card. "You nee, madame. we have heard in
the nMofice that the younger amembers of your
fantily ace ailllicted i a peculiar way at
birth, and the case becomes one of great
putblio interest Lecause all of them are
served by nature alike. Mo 1 have been
sent to invsstiasate. Of course, we will not
publish names, but really, the story itsell
mnut be very iterestinrlg. The I acn t io ,
madam, we are given to aunderstand thataIll
of your children were I,'rn witlhout teeth."
Mrs. Bell's face had lpassed through a
dozen abades of expression during the de
livery of his speech. Finally, blanuk astu
ishoment gave away to merriment.
"People unsally are, I think," she saL.
had nooo nitytc say or, if she
There was a scene in the ofoe a little
later, Brook gave Casey a salary at once,
to make Jlm keep quiet. He put Brabe on
space and gave him good assignments, with
a similar object in view. But the dentist
who porptrate4 the joke on Casey origin
lly, and hd no idea'thtit would go so
far, told the story.
Items of Interest concerning Premiums,
Raese, Eta,, Eto.
The Montana State fair opens Aug.22 and
closes Aug. 20.
Entries for premiums must be made ou
or before Saturday, Aug. 22; none can be
made after.
Every article or animal entered for a pre
mium must be in its proper place by Mon
day evening; two exceptions only, cut
flowers and bread. Exhibits in this line
must be in their place by Wednesday noon.
Music every day by the band.
Blue ribbons will be tied on Friday.
Hay and straw will be furnished free to
horses and cattle on exhibition.
There will be four or more races each day
of the fair.
Exhibitors requiring space should make
application to the superintendent of the
different departments.
Entries can be made or left at Pope &
O'Connor's drug store during the week pro
ceding the fair.
All rersonB, whether exhibitors or not,
must obtain tickets of admission to the
grounds at the ticket office, near the
entrance gate.
Coupon ticket, admitting one person
during the fair.....................5 00
Coupon ticket, admitting lady during
the fair............................ 250
Single ticket, admitting one person
once ........................ ... 1 00
Single ticket, admitting lady or child
once............................... 50
Children under eight when accompa
nied by their parents............. Free
Single ticket, admitting wagon, car
riage, buggy or saddle horse...... .. 50
Quarter stretch badge for the week.. 2 50
Each occupant of a vehicle, excepting
children under 8, must have a ticket.
Omnibuses and vehicles carrying pas
sengers to and from the grounds will be ad
mitted on such terms as the board of direo
tore may prescribe.
Supply wagons will be admitted free pre
vious to nine a. m. each day of the fair; at
all other times they must pay regular price
of admission.
The ticket system will be strictly ad
hered to.
The directors desire to say to the public
that they are entirely dependent upon the
gate receipts for funds to pay premiums
and the running expenses'of the fair.
They exact no entry fee upon articles or
animals exhibited and they deem it there
fore proper and right that all persons at
tending the fair should pay the regular
admission to the grounds.
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
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Attorney at lmw.
Room 5, Ashby Block. Helena, Mont.
1). F . I ,AwYCA.
) 'hyeioian and Surgeon.
SPEC ,1a1lc.---Eye, Ear and Throat.
Ollice: 10ti!4 Broadway.
(D. B. Carpenter, M. J. Cavanaugh.L
Attorneys at Law.
Rooms 9 and 10. Bailey Block.
SliiBU:.N LL. It11lSlt)Ui,
Attorney and ('ounsollor at Law.
Mhsonio Temple. Helena. Mont.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice in all onurt of record in tie
ltalo. Ollice in Gold Illook, IHelena. Mont.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
i'. S. DeDuty Minorai Surveyors. Mineral at
Intso ler, ci. Roont 12-13, Atlase luilding. Ilel
Loa, Moot.
XPhysioian, Surgeon, Accouchlr. Oculist. Anrist
Member of San Francisco, Medical Society,
Vlso Nevada Sit;:' lI, hclieal Scrielye. (liceo or
Uai street. over iStoi ueoet Jowelrv Stoeo
- --~------- -
c. . IBK ICFEiR,
Second door Heral bli fln l
•..To Order.;.
If you want the best. They have been in the market thirteen years, and are
W. S. Conrad, St. Paul, Distributing Agent. S. Ottenberg & Bros., New York, the Makers.
Will opmv ooe rat
4nlpt. I, renainlf, to Sept., g7, e, mad on sae
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Only Reliable San Francisco
Specialists, Surgeons
and Physicians,
Who havethe majority of Patients ender treat
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Coast for the following diseasoe,
are now In Butte City.
All requiring expert medical or enrgical mservis
man be treated by the great 'acifte Coast
Doctors. now in Butte City, with.
out having to visit ban
Entrance to Liebig World Dispensary, 8 Salt
Broadway, corner Main Street,
Drs. Liebig & Co. are regular graduates in
medicinoe and nisrgery and steclal psactitihiars
anuthorized by the states of 4lissouri. .alifornl:
and Montana to treat all chronot, nervous ant
private diseases I whheber cansed by imprudence.
excess or contagionl, seminal weakness, night
Ios, sexual debiiny nlos ofi sexual ptower
nervorn debility . loss of nerve force , dias.e. of
the blood [syphtlie. gonorrhoea, glest and etris
trel cured. Curable case garanted or money
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In *leaseem of the blood, brainA heart and nerv.
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Vit-I Power. Persons unable to visit us may t,.
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Dr. Liebig & do. are the only qualified or re.
eponsible s.epetaiste left in Montana since the
sew medical law.
Office hours from9 to and Ito 8 p. m.; or by
appointment in obscure or urgent casese,
Agency for l)r. Liebig's invigorator at Boos
L (t Bro. ida, Butte.
S Paulnt and Minaneapolis
S" " . TO CHICAGO. • a
Without change, connecting with the Fast Trains
of all lines for the
The Direct and Only Line running Through
Cars between
Minneapolis and Des Moines,
Iowa, via Albert Lea and Fort Dodge.
Solid Through Trains Between
and the prineipal cities of thu Miesisippi, and
connecting in Union repots for anl
points South and Southwest.
Many hours saved, and the only line running
two trains Iatily to ANSAS CdirY, LEAVE:N
WOR1TH, ATNCtISON, making connection with,
the Union Pacific and Atchison. Topeka & Saunt
I'e railways. ('love connections m'de in Union
Depot with all trains of the St. Paul. Minneapo
lis & Manitoba, Northern Pacific, t1. PaulR
Duluth Railways, from and to all points North
and Northwest.
The trains of the Minneapolis A St. Louis Bail
ways are comnosoed of Comfortable Day Coaches,
Magnificent Pullman Sleeping Cars Morton ToS
clining Chair Cars, and onr justly celebratod
150 lhs. of Baggage checked FREE. Fare .l
wtays as low as the lowest. For Time Tables,
Through 'lieket,, etc., call upon the nearest
ticket agent or write to
General Passenger and Ticket Age., Minneapolis,
To Chiago in Less than 14 Hours
-t VIA t
C. St P.Dr & 0. Ry. C, & N,-W., Ry,
The Shortest and Best Line From St, Paul
to Chicago, Sioux City and Omaha,
The only line running sil. its Passenger Train.
in loss thian 14 hours between St. Paul and Chi
cago, and while this time is quick, trains do not
Ihtve to run at as high rate of speed to mace
their time as on other lines, beooause this line is
heortor than any other line.
"'The Pullman and WVagner Vestibuled Limit
ed," leaving St. l'aul at 7:3) P. M., makes (tie
trip to t'hireeo in 1314 hours, reteruisig in I1
hours and 21, minutes.
"The Daylight Express," leaving St, Paul at
5:41 A. i., mntakcs the.tripto Chicago lc. 18 hours
anti 0 mmutea, returnmg in 13 hours ansi 4
This is the only line by which connectons are
assured in Chicago with nll fast line trains freln
Chicrgo to the east and sooth in the morning
and at night.
Close conosCtions are made at St. Paul with
Northern l'aelfio and Great Northern tinlns.
For rates, maps foldlers, etc.. apply to
C. I'. Mt. TrINLINO. (leneral Agent,
Ililey Blrck. No. 155 N. Min lit, lelns. huont.
Gen. Pasm. Agent, St. PauL. Mile.
*A.. l...
IIELn.A, - - Moms
Hay and Grain,
hitley Tricycle Mowers and Binders,
Extras for All Machines Sold by Us.
Dr. E. C. West's Norve and mrain Treatment.
a guararnteed .pDr'ifie for: lity'eria. I)izzinens,
('onvulsos. lfits. Neerous Neuralgi.a, haadacrhe,
Nervous IProilat i nl in cansed bly thl usce of alcohol
or tutacco. Wakefulnss,. Mental DOipresirn,
Foftening of the brain. esnulting in insrnilty and
leading t, mbnoiry. decay anti doath. I'remlaturr
Old Age. Barrannos, Loss of Power in ci!lar nsax,
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hy ovor-exortio, of tho brain. sPelf-'busa or rover
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& Co., drmggiltt, solo antonta. ra, Mont.
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We will pay the bwvo oreward for anva care of
ILiver Comlplaint. Di\Iotplia. Sink Iradacdhe., In.
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ireiaa with Waat's Vegeltable Liver Pills. whoa tha
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:li Pills, 2l5 eRatse. lowarra of r',nna rfita . anil
imirtations. 'i hogenuin ar mnaotaeal:r; l only y
Tarr: JoIN C. WenT 'aralr'Ny. 'hi'aaoa Ill. uald
by II. M. ]'archen & Co.. draugi: t'. IHelna.
JrJudiieal District of the State of lMontana.
in tanild for the ronnty of Lewis and Cilarko.
aIll rllolrati'or o tie einto atof \t iliunl Kelly,
leo ,a.ed.
oti.nr r to show canoe why anle of mining prop
o.rty shouildi not iO made.
Un reanliag and tiiinu the petition of William
L. btoelre and Michaeal Kelly. execetorsa of the
last will srld tnstaiaenrat of Williamr Kel v, d
'Ioalrt, anti Drayini. amlnlag other t'ling.. Itor ci
Oraler of .tor of thie miiniug propulrty lf aald ea'
tat, of William Kelly.
It is ordcrold, 'Iat, all persona intorastoal in
thu e tatn o0 tah alitd Willialu lIolly d' ric aaed,
he ald apptear before the District 'ourt. in an t'
for the countn ae lowis and 'larke, at tho cone t
roOn of aaai'a'caurt, ira the court hotao ar aril I
ciallllal., on lMonday, tlhi tenth day af Arlrlrt.
1it1, at. 10 o'cl(ock a. m.,, then anld throe ato how
cause why nn order of sale should not be Inatao
of Iho mining propetrty of said estatea, acaordlnar
to law.
It i farther ordered. 'Ilhat a copy of this order
he turblitshoar for ftar sancossi a wrvkr bettor
tie saMit tenth rday atf Arugust, 1811. In the I!eaeit
lu!operndont. a foarwpacar arinit and pub
laishedl ill tho sa.d loewiwa anal .'lurk aiualnt'y.
I siglel. I 1I IOlAt' It. ltUCK. Judlge.
Ited Jurly 0. 18111.
. tmreby given that a mroting of the .torlk.
holdars ot'lIh o eo Alinirr awl Millin' tlolm ,r
of Montana, will be hohl at ta O tlaeo of ti:\l'l
collllaanly at 80 Nort tl'l hirl tlrreot HStr laoui. Ma..
on Manrdar. tha 1ith day tf Aaugtrt. 1811, lor iha
arlrluoso O R alecting suvon (7) trustaud to serve
for the enrlulllg year.
i'dlls open Ironll2 m. tot p."i. GOOD
Fast Trains with Pullman Vestcbnlod Draw na
Room Slopars UDiing Caru and ('nao te t oo
latlst design, b'twoae C(hicago anl Milwaukoe
and St 'Paul and Mixnneapolis.
Fact Trainowith PIillman Vestibuled Drawing
Room YIlt.'lrs, Dining (:ar and ('oacle n .f
latst design, betwona Chicago and Milwaukee
a-nd Achand and Datluth.
Throu:;h Pltlman Vestibntled Drawing luotn
-antd otonist Sltetlers via the Northiern la';ili
Ralilroad betwotn Chicago and Portland,. Ore.
Convoniont Trains to and tron iasotern. West.
rn,. Norther and ('ential Wlsoonsin puiut.. at.
fordigllR :tOittlht corvice to and front Waoat.
stha, F,,'r du lAcu , ()thke.oh, En Clfire, Hurley.
Wis., and ironwood and Blacmoer. Mich.
For tickets, iTpiutig-Car rl. Sation , time ta
blos and other information, apply to agents of
tch line, or to ticket agents anywhere in the
Uliited Sptatos or Canada.
t. li. Ainslioe, Gen'i Manager, Milwaukee, Wis.
1. li. liannaford. loneral Traltc Manager.
St. Paul, Minn.
U. C. larlow, 'Iraffit' Mnna,er, Milwaukee; Wi3.
Louia EckLtein, Acat. (nen I P~'sl'r Ag't..
edLwatAkA . WiAs.
Railwvayj ine
Montana Central Railway.
Gie t Northern Railway,
Eastern Ra Iway of Minnesota,
Wilnmar and Si iux Falls Railway,
Duluth, Watertown & Pacific Ry.
A .slid throtulh train of tSlien:, . P Di:n:
lat, Day ,toaten and l to t'eon:ei.1
iSlerpera to lRinucatolis. 4t. li ul, 1) ,
llh, Wnet Sio'ttrior :nd Si inx C('ity.
('.o0o cotuloceli na for tl'hic.tg ., New
Tork. lHoton and all astoern C(itie..
Until furthnr totieon Trains will run as follow":
11. 1t. otn .. Atteatio Expriss.. 11:10 a. in.
:10,i p.ill. l'eltla . Hltoitt a I Iocal Slta t.t
. letping car lurthb, tirkotl, lithe tabloe, tie.,
at I:Pep t and City Ticket Olice. yo. i. Nertl
Main trt.,..
C. W, 1'Prs:. City 't'kot Agent.
1t. HI. Lowctn.L. a. i. I& T. Agt., Ai. C. IP'.
gives that the undersignod receiver by virtue
atf a dec:ro made and entered inthe :nitetil taste
circoit court, of the Ninth Judoiial circuit in and
'or the district of Montana. on Wednesday, July
1, 18.1I. na whlich iilchrist lrothert & Edgar a
ilat intil, agninlt telena, Hot Springs and tmel
ter Railroad company, et al .defendants. will sell
at I:ublic anc'ion. to the h:ghest bidder, on tie
slt lda of euttelnbtr 18tl.'at the north door of tie
court hoser. in t.e county of Iewis and Clarke.
state of Montana, at i2 o'clock m.. of said day,
all thu right, title and interest of the parties it
asid suit to thie following described property to
That cortain railway known as the Helena, Hot
SprtngsiTR nd imclert roilroai, commenctngonthe
boundary line between the Broadwater Hot
prin.e. toel property "and the premises of the
la.e Lwilt '1'. joodell, running thence In an
easterly direction to and through the city of
ltana.nt toI .i Northro acrific dpot. Togethler
with all thl lante, tenements and hereditaments.
acquired or appropriated for the right of way of
staii railroad and branches. And all the ease
ments. rights, libertins. privileges, franchise. ira.
tmunituo and exemptions of said railroad cor
pant a;,l:ertaining to, the owning, maintaining,
ot,'reting. using and njlljying the same; together
with all the railroad track.s right of way, depot
gronnd-. station ground and other lands, atruo
ture, a atii~n 4 se, engine house. car hon e. fuel
houea. warehouseu. shops, lamacinr house, turn
tables, euperotrc lctrt's. rolling stocks, cars, fulr
nituro, tfl, o! implement, machinerly, oi said
railorna o ampnno, and all other propertytreai
pers nal arnl mxote I.
W'ritten bidsl will alno he rceoivod by the under
signed for said property, which asd biles ill he
ol toned at the place and upont the day of sale and
otenly readl as the bids of parties making th
rame. The sale shall ,e.e C sad.ubject to the ap
proval and confirmation of the above named
Thie nr,,ortv will not ho sold for less than
;15.tlit,. of na:ith sum at least 12.000tI hall be
Iaic{ in ,ash, tni thIe balance may L I aid in six
and ninet montht., tcuret by a ntortgnre lion
etlon the ir per ty, or saht otler security as may
i-e aaprteld by thei court; all dteferred payments
b,,aring intoreeat at tho late of eight ter cant per
antnum. WItLlJAM I. CLAthl.
Is the Fast Mail Short Line from St. Paul
and Minnoeapolis via La Croseo and Milwau.
koen to Chioago and all points in the East
ern ttatoes and Canada. It is the only line
under one managemenn t botween St. Paul
and Chicago, and is the Finest Equipped
Railway in the Northwest. It is the only
line runningi Pullman Drawing-room Slleep.
Ing oare with luxurious smoking-roomaL, and
the finet dining-oars in tho world, via the
famtuous "River Bank Route," along the
shores of Lake l'opin and the beautiful
Misesissippi river to Milwaukee and Chiio
go. Its trains connect with thoses of the
SNorthern lines in the Grand Union depot at
tit. l'aul. No change of oars of any alai
between St. Paul and Chiougo. For thnrough
tickets, time tables, and full information.
apply to any coupon tick)et agent in the

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