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R. . Mr. Pattison arrived last week to
take charge of theof the Baptist church, which
has long been without a pastor.
L. 1. Holller has been awarded the eon
tract of eisrying the mail from the depot
tethe postoffioe for this year, at $594.150.
MaJ, Alderson has been selected by Pres
Ident Gordont of the Montana Press asesooi
ation to deliver an address before that
body at Butte on the 3d of September.
Gee. L. Ramsey has been appointed cor.
responding secretary of the National Dem
acratie Club association for Gallatin coun
ty, by C. P. Blakeley, state committeeman
of this county.
F. J. Huntley, formerly of this city, has
aceepted a position with the Pacific Mutual
Life Insuranee company and on Wednes
day, in response to a telegram from a sup-s
rior oloer, went to Kansas City.
The warm weather of the past few days
is just the thing needed. Winter wheat is
ripe and a great deal of it is in the shock.
With plenty of moisture in the ground the
grain is ripening in good shape.
W. D. Flowers has gone into the onlture
of lax to an experimental extent at Man
hattan and expects to demonstrate the
feasibility of raising flax in this region.
So far his crop'is all that could be asked
Ed. Getchel, engineer, running from
Bozeman to Helena, was hit by a switch
target near Logan on Thursday. He was
leaning out of the cab and was hit on the
back of the head. He was immediately
brought home in a critical condition.
The public schools will open Sept. 7.
The following is the list of teachers en
gaged for the ensuing term: Superintend
ent, W. E. Harmon. West side--principal,
Miss A. J. Albers; grammar, Miss Olive
Jones, Mollie Johnson, Edith Cook and
Florence Milner. East side-Jno. Kay,
Mrs. J. M. Wilkeuson, Olnla Lndwall and
Bertha Maynard.
Skew Johnson, the well-known cattleman
and Northern Pacific railroad cattle agent,
stopped in Boxeman on Wednesday night.
on his retarn from the meeting of the
world's fair managers. Skew save that the
Northern Pacific will carry 125,000 head of
cattle east this fall, unless the market be
comes demoralized, which is not improba
ble from present appearancss.
Great Falls.
It is in order for all to remember that the
races begin Saturday, that big inducements
are offered for this day and that great sport
may be seen.
Following the good example of Gus Oker
man, who was one of the pioneer prospect.
ors and miners of Neihart, two other old
timers of that camp will soon lead blushing
brides to the hymeneal altar.
The work on the Fifteenth-street bridge
has been delayed by the recent heavy rains.
It was intended to commence work there
this week, but it will have to be postponed
till the river goes down again.
Capt. John W. Payne, one of the pioneer
citizens of Great Falls, passed through the
city Tuesday en route to Dakota to look
after his big wheat rop. Mr. Payne ex
pects to return to Montana in a month or
The Montana Central train from Helena
Tuesday was crowded to the utmost. and in
the sleeping car seats were at a discount.
This is about the situation every day, and
it shows the necessity of a local daily be
tween Great Falls and Helena. Such a
train would pay from the start.
M. A. Arnold, a horse and cattle dealer
from the Bear Paw country, is at the Ulm
house. He reports everything in a pros
perous condition in this locality. The cat
tile are all fat enough to ship, but he thinks 4
that the flesh will become harder and the
shrinkage less after they have fed another
month on the cared erase. The Judith
outfit have driven 80,000 head of cattle into
his country preparatory to shipping them
from Chinook and Big Sandy. He antici
pates a good price for beef this year.
Mrs. J. H. Viol has returned from a visit
to her daughter in Anaconda.
P. Jacoby departed for Kalispell, Mis
souls county, Wednesday, to take charge of
a jeweler shop.
The semi-annual election of the Granite
Miners' Union will be held in their hall
Tuesday, Sept. 1.
Miss Eva Stevenson departed for Ana
conda last Saturday to spend two weeks
with her mother.
The new railroad to Clark is completed.
The first train was pulled over the line
Monday morning.
Haying is in progress in the valley, The
wild grass is heavy, to a great extent above
the yield of former years.
Dr. McDonald, of Anaconda, arrived in
town Wednesday and has opened a dental
parlor in the Creighton building, above the
"Golden Eagle."
Mrs. H. E. Boyd, wife of our fellow
townsman, accompanied by little Gordon,
returned from Wheatland, N. D., last week.
Mr. Boyd and family are making their
home in the burg.
Adaptability of the American Girl.
Charles Dudley Warner. in the August
Harper, puts the ease of the American girl
this way: "If the American girl goes in
seriously for repose she will be able to give
odds to any modern languidity or to any
ancient marble. If what is wanted in soci
ety is cold hauteur and languid supercil
iousnessor lofty immobility we are confident
that with a little practice she can sit stiller
and look more impassive and move with
less motion than any other created woman.
We have that confidence in he: ability end
adaptability. It is a question whether it is
worth while to do this; to sacrifice the vi
vacity and charm native to her, and the
natural impulsiveness and guno one gift of
herself, which belong to a new race in a
new land, which is walking always toward
Emperor William Likes Plain Womenl .
The German emperor has anything but
liberal views concerning the advancement
of women, and has declared frankly that
"for his part he preferred a woman with a
talent for making jams to one who had an
aptitude for discussing the constitution."
His worthy spouse sets an examile
to all devoted wives by ineistin,,, despite
the demands of her exalted social place, on
preparing her husbands coffee with her own
royal hands. No one is allowed to s~erv
him in this capacity except berself, even
thonuh he is frequently obliged to leave the
palace on military business at the uncom
fortable hour of li:30 in the morning.
Sunday Excursion .iates.
'lhe Montana Central will sell during the
summer tickets from Helena to Alhanmbra
and Boulder and return at one fare for the
round trip. T'ickets will be on sale Satur
days and Sundays and will be .ood to re
turn until the following Monday.
B11. I. lANoayr,
Gene.al Ticket Agent.
What a Noted Physiciant Says.
CtICAoo, Jan. 31, 1888.
W. P. Wisdom
Dear Sir-As you requested I have exam
ined the formula of your toilet preparation
called "jtobertine." 1 can assate you that
the iugredients are both bland and harm
less, and that the compound would form an
exeelleni application in irritated condi
tions of the skin. Yours truly,
ARTnua DLEAN IlirvAN, AM. D.
Professor of Anatomy, Rush Medical Col
legeand P. A. Surgeon. U. S t. . S.
O. K. T.--llaunt Resalts.-t- . K. TP.
Many of the pioneers of (r)gun and
Washington hrve cheerfully testified to the
wondeiful curative properties of the cele
brated Oregon Kidney 1'ea. Purely vege
table and pleasant to the taste anid can be
taken by the youngess child or most deli
cate female. (). K. 'T'. is a ver fasliiig
remedy for pains in the back and loins.
non zetention of urine, scalding or burning
sensation while urinating, raucous dis
charges and all kidney troubles of either
sx.- $1 at all druggists.
Judio i itrlct of the ante of t a,
ad ter the county 'of LAwis aad Clarke. ' .
a. th er ortoe $tate tale( p u p of
h I a dmi aims for p a s
Is Order thi k a h order of tl eel ese u
tate at out t not be aads.
It 4ppearteg to the or d court by the pttt.oa
thiuday p ete nfln nd lndby Jacob Load, the
iguprdian of the pesoen and estate of Also
isok, a mier. pratyloag for an order ot tsae of
Dt eat eitate, that it is neeay to soil the interest
oh isad miner in the Alto t lode. the Buffoao lode,
the Cavana .h lode, the Adam lode, the Augtsta
lode, theJulia lodoand the MIlnrew lode,. the
erns beingsn minog claims, for the purpeca set
t forth in said petition.
It is therefore ordered by the said court that
all persons interoeted in t.9 estate of said minor
- appear before the said district cocur on taotur
day, the fifth day of September, A. D. 1i91. at 10
t o'clock i the formooa of sed day, in the court
room of rtmet d epa rtment num ber t ddtstio
court, at the cenrt hou. in the said county of
Lewis end Clarke, to show causne why an order of
sale should net be granted to the said mnuardiro
to sell the interest of the aid minor in said
uining olaimn.
And that a cop of this order be pobliehed eI
leset three tuoesesie weeks in 'I'he beleona I ait
SIndadpendet, a newspaper printed and punlishe
in said county.
Dated Auusnt , 1891.
rseao l Dihtrlot Judg.
A true copy. Attest:
)N BEAN,, Clrk.
Sy) By, J, CAauuiy, Deputy.
Judicial DistriCt. in the state of iontana, in
and for thie conty of Lewis oed ('lathe.
tn the matter oft hbes tate of Katharine Keo-k,
Order to show cases why order of sale of real
re'tate should not be made,
It epupoariltrt thh d court, by the petition
thisday prented ti4it by Jacob Loeb and
nouin tay4tr, the itd etrators of the estate of
itathrcne teachmetad ebd. pryincg for an order
eof sale oi toal estate, that it is ne-essary to sell
the .ferese ofý d estate in the Alice lode. the
fruNfale lode. t.te ('tanrauh lode, the Adad
lode, the Auogetklede, the Julia lode end the
ulOgrew lode, the some tbmeing mining claims, for
the reauon set ferth In said prtition.
lt is therefore ordered by the said court that
all pereons interestod in the estate of said de
reaeed aplpear beforr the said district court on
at.nrdoy. the li h day of September, A. 1). 1891,
st i o'o:u.ok i the forenoon of tte cad day, in
the ceurt roolut of department number two, of
saed oirt, in the court hones of sali county of
Luewis aend trl;are, to show caouse wh an order
a'"ould o. be gra'uted to the said administrators
to asell twoe said mining claimus.
And that a oopy of tlhise order be published at
last fe'ur weksen t he I oily Helena Independ
rnt, a nawseaper printed and published in said
f ated August 5, 1891.
lt Fral District Judge.
A traO copy, Attest:
J J tt - fR l, Cler't.
F;4 ti. J. tCAoonr, Deputy.
You are hereby notidfed that I have expended
one hundred dollars in labor and imprOcvmonto
upon the Minnesotan Qumt Lode siteluae in
Sltemplo Mining dttrct, Leis andti Clarko
county, stateh of itouttna, ih order to hold said
premises under tho previsionu of section 2224,
revisred statutes of the United State; being tihe
amorunt required to hold the same for the year
ending D)aember 31, 18i9; and if within ninety
days after this notire of 1publicatlol, yOnu fil or
refuve to contrihbuto your prororticri of sueh es
penditlce. as co-owner, your interest in the said
claim will become the property of the subscriber
under said section 2324.
First publication July 28. 1891.
In accordance with the provisionrs of section
8, of the act of Miarch , 1901. and under the
rules and regulatiens of Moay 5, 1l91. 1, the
nudersigued, hereb, give notice that at the expi
ration of twenty-one date from the first pnblica
tion of this notice. I will make written appLica
tion to the honorable aecretary of the interior for
authority to cot and remote all th. merchantable
saw logs, whitt and red pine, on the following
described land:
The land being nnserversd, but commencing at
what will be the southwest corner of section II..,
township 12 north, of range No. 2 west, when
surreyea: running thence east three miles, thence
north one mile, thence mast three miles, thence
south one mile to pl"e "f beginning. comprising
sections 21, 22 and 2D. ef the sid township, and
containing nineteen hundred and twenty 11,820)
baid land having thereon about six hundred
thousand feet of witte and red pine in about
equal qaemntities. Said land being non-mineral
reough and steep and not fit for agrica!tnral per
poses, and is located in the county of Meagher in
the state of Moutana.
Datled Aug. 4. l491.
Itirst publication Aug. Is
the Jersey ,'lIe Mining company. room No.
i. Power hutilltng.
'! he aununi meeting of the stockholders of the
Jarsey EIle Mining company will he held in the
silce cf the company, room Ro. 1, Power build
ing. in the city of tiHlena, Montana. on Tuesday,
September 1, lb91, at four o'clock p. in., for
the election of soven trusteec, to soemve during the
ensuing year, and the tronsaution of such other
business as may properly come before said meet
leg. J. O. H DNU''T.
Helena, Mont.. Aug. 2, 1891.
* FOR "
Qrard J-otel
The only Hotel in the Town, and
c!ng a Good Business. For fur
h'r particulars address all corm
..L.±uICtions to
Fllings, Mont.
* *AND..
j r ht al Trahsfer L no,
All kinde of ranc',tndiio and other frolgbto
inclndinug or -', fl,", ls y lransferrd from the
aepe. Ord 1 rs w:l r',,o prompt i ttentio,.
tic'lc --At J. al0ditrg'e $toos and at the Depot.
Theo Gelebrated French Gure,
IS ' n,.' ON A
a " ',I i,')V II O i. R!ý
ItI. o f t '
EF E t. f t.,," AFTER
0x) . , t vl O .* I ( ,to ll t nllh 'I,,Il,*, ,,t Hlt In.
tlE H a t , 1 ne11 I',Ol ,,,t1., v it t
enP , ,Su'R.IiI d ~ru t ( i)o. ztt Ii t la P t l\,, -i'\tl
{º'r~llne .Y,{ c.. .,,. O T ll A , O R't
o.il n, 'n' of b ,n trriutitt
ord er, to 1r-011 , . t l l otihe to ",a fr lial I ro t.
Ac 'lured - '1rr Iq N €. rl: A'F', A N' 1,: froe' A bvey$
ld by IL S. hiale & (o.. drTgglota
ei·~i~M u IP(1- It. flll
Between Missoula, Garo sodfa el
ena, Butte City, Boase an*,Liv.
Ingston, Billings, Miles Cit an4
Glendive, and all points
bTherM tnothing better than the ** .o on
The Dining Gar' tirbe.
t rough Pullman 1 leag Cara and a.rnshed
Tourist Sleepers Duaiy between points in
Fa'o n ('east Traine Passing through Minnesota
North Dakota. Montana, Idaho, Oregon and
aashington, carry complete equipments of
TIAROUGH TICKETS are sold at all couron
oficeausof the Northorn Pacific I. t., to points
North, Enst, South anti West in the United
Utates and Canada.
In effect on and after Sunday, March 29, 1891.
No. 1, Pacific Mail. west bound ........ l:35 p. m
No.2, Atlantio mail, east broad........10:40 p. b
No. 5, Lsoan and Ile.ona Passengor.
connecting at iLogan with train d4o.
. Pacific Expresa west bound ...... 1:30 a. m
No. 6, Misoula and utte Exp s ..... 12:50 p, m
No. I8, Marrysville pasenger.............11:10 a. mto
No. 10 Marysville aroonmodation..... 6:u p. m
No. t0', Itiinni mixed, Mondays. Wed.
noiada and Frk~lay ............. .... 5:W0 . n
No. , Wickee, Boulder and Elkhorn
pasegonger... .... ............. 10:25 a. m
No. 1, Paifie Mail wet bound........ 1:50 p. m
No. , AtMantic Mall. oast bound........ 10:55 p. m
No. 6, HIelena and Logan passenger,
connecting with train No. 4 at Logan,
Atlantic exprecs, east bound.......... 4:0 p mo
No. 5, aMisoula and Butte Express..... 8:01 a. m
No. 7, Marysville passeger............ 7: a. m
No. 9. Marsville accommodation ...... S:00 p. m
No. 1., Bimini E mixerd, Mondlays, Wed.
nseda and Fridas ..... .. 8:15 a.
No. 10, Wickes, Boulder and Elkhorn
raseenger ............... ............. 3:30 p. m
,or rater, mape, tine tables or special inror
mation, apply to any agent of the Northern Par
cii ii. Ri., or to
A. D. EDGAR. Gen'l Pias. & T. Agt,
General Agent, NT. PAULs t MIN
Cor. Main t Grand ate.. lHelarns. Mont.
,'irit Ward--Notice is hrereby given that on
Monday. the litllh day of Auc st, 1891, tirere will
he a s ecialolection in the fir t ward of the
city of Helena for the purpose of electing one
sltisrman to till the vacancy rcanused by the resig
nation of Alderman Connally.
The following placen in said ward have been
Desianated for holding said elections: In tho
firt precinct at, houso nnmanerd 215 on fit:rIe
street. bhetween Warren and Ewisg etreets: for
eoondl precinct, at the marshal's office in the
tit hrall.
the polls will be opened at nine o'clock a. m.
and closed at seven o'clock p. mn. The judges of
election hcretofore selectedri by the council for
each precinct will also act as registors of cloe,
tion, and as sucoh will meet at the paces above
designated in their respective precincts on
iharoday, August 13, lt91, at one o'clock p. mn.,
and remain in session as provided by the ordi.
nances of the city. for the purpoee of revising
correctiag and completing the roegirtry lists of
the last annual city election for their said resrt e.
ties precincts, at which time and place all elcc
tore of the respectlve precinte whose n..ae du
not apssar on the registry list for said last an
neal election are itereby notified to appear and
see that their names are properly registered.
Dated Auaust 8, 1891.
By order of the city council.
City Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that in accordanoe
with the eroviaiooa of lhe roles and regulations
proscribed by the honorable secretary of the in
terior, on May i5th. inell, at the expiration of
twenty-ori daye from the first publiention of this
notice, the undrsigned. tliarlea W. Touel .rhose
pout-ofidce addiress is Wallace, Shoshonen county,
idaho, will make written application to the
honorable secretary of the interior for anthority
to outand remove timber for merchandise and
sale fron th:-, following naorrveetd and nnap
pnopriated public insad of the United tSates sit
Uated in Missoular couaty, Montana, and de
scriber:l asi follows :
Tract No. 1, Ieginning at A point on the north
bank of the Kootndai riter one mile below the
"Big h.ed" of the sarns. end tihe same distance
west of t i:.t o h twhf a illdr creek: thence rlln
ning wa*ot long aid north bank follrwing the
bnnds and curves oa same for about tour inltes i
the mouth of ithiny creek: thense, north oeo-half
mile (lY) to northwet't corner: thence cart along
the top of the first hill or bluffs four miles;
thence nooth ono-hal. milei (hi) to thea pace of
bhginnine, eomprisilg ahont twelve hundred
(1,-00) acres, and c:a:raining five hundred thotu
sond (,',00.u0) feet of pines timber, andt one nun
dred thonousand (lOIrai tret of fir and tamarack
timber. 'Ihe land in this tract i roungh and
broken; the soil cocky and sandy, unfit for culti
vation or grazing erpote oe.
Tract No. . bheniuning at a point on the north
bank of tie Kootenal river one-half ((u) mile
belew, or west of the toutlh of Rlainy creek,
which is aboot four stiles below or went of tihe
month of Fisher creek, which it at the big bend
of the Kootenai river: thene from said initial
point wept lengr the north batk of the Kootenri
river a distance of two and oce-half r2bi) miles
to a point, one-quart-r of f mile west of where
the point of the mountain rtns south to the river
han: thnrce northi one-quarter of a mile (al)
thence w-st one-half a mile; thence north one
quarter of a mile; thence west three :1 miles to
a point one-half (%-i) mile eatt of Pit a croak and
one-half milt- north of the mouth or tht name;
thence n.rth one iII mile: thence east etx and
one-half (6'/) miles on a line parallel with trhe
Koutenai river and two miles (i2 norti of the
some to itainy creek; theon soneth to thfe oiut -
aert corner, the place of beginning. (cntaiiong
about sin thoasand (6,030) arte, anid containing
about five million (5i000.03) feet of pine tirmber:
about one mllion (1.tr0000li feet of tanara,!k
timber, and abont one hundred thonane l (100,
000) tfet of fir timlber. the land in this tract
No, 2. is rocky, sandy and sterile, unfit for culti
vation or for grazing purposes.
'I tac;. No. 3,beginninit at a piint on the north
baak of the aootseai river one-half (i, milea bi
low or west of rho mouth of Pipe croik: theace
ronning west along the said north blan; follow
ing theb -nds and curves of the sarer for a dis
tance of el:rht tils to rihe head of or rn a end
of the Kootenni .illa, thanre north inLa-q Iaarter
(24 t ,f a mi e; t!.ence ea t eightl ails ina line
parallel wilh tie Kootenai river and oce truarrer
of a mile north o: s is, t thle northrst co-irer:;
thentr ou!ah onae-qturtcnr Oi ,f a mile to the
Aoutheoat lrrrer, the plare of bitininir: crom
pri-inr bount thirteen lndriled (1,800N acres: anr
corlliiaiuagaa ott -re m.l.i'n 1 rn0.ril)t freeti of
tnoa titmber, sr, hnndrel itholarrna ,-(0.' 0, feet
if tarnar;c ttrrirbrr, srand oe hrundrer d tl;- irsand
lr)tt.Ot,it feet or fir timber. "1h-, Irnd itr this
tic. is, rocky. lrr,"k an a:rr ,lrrritr :nrtr tir soil
is rc:cky nod sandy, and oufit for orutliation or
,ere:ene ia hereby mode tro plat filedl In the
Ut'i ed. tate I rad othcr. di.-, -ult. alonrtara.
Illsret-fYinn- iad aias--nrc a enurotic yetit-tiar ite
acrciarri -' ti. Irholir if tlir rrttI '"pir which"
tlhis IvictiloRe isrra1ri:i toe-' ob-rislns
'fhi total aria of th- abrve l.,rr--h-.,l tract"- i
shout l,71ii-tt ter.and it a seetmm.rrtl thlt there
ic growiing thirsri about 6,iiu.'- r, ri.- o-f pine
limrhbr, ebir-t I,lil(,tO0 oent of tarr,-ack r: I
ariut 20itJt, test of lie, whioh it to d.Iired to
'I he esrracter of the lands trrorn which all of
tint-aove,namnecl tinrher in ar-,wiont in roltghl,
brokt a:nd muir ntainooia the -ri ir iik--". siel'
aid hirteic, ittlI fitr ecrlticatirr on,- aning puo
paser, and aion-mlnsal ill lt:ari, ter
'1 e icrposa f--r whicira tihe trmler it Io ie et
and ried a Irr the mansrltamt-rn- i, lumber,.
srrtm c lei ,rdonher merchatlai'le Ilrrrlrbr, to b'i
ribai fr nletorii buid,ag andi otiher ueuani andi
beneficral prrpoeie.
J:1l,.ial Distariot of the r.ate of 3 ntaona in
an for tn raonts of I.ewi and (,lack.
lI tir ian. Oter af the entate and gnarJiaInslip
of Hio,rny lienck, a oiser.
tdI,-r to alh,: caunn wIry order of sa!oe f real
entansnl.4rr-,lrlcl1t tit ri-"rlu.
it appuarin:, to the , ort by thcr p-tiio
this day pr rInoutd and r Liled by Loulo,,ta·. 'r.
.un'ii.ir,, f thire persomn and e.tte if Ilhenry
lt-:a, rholor, prornr ftr an rilar of rtle of
r. al moat,. (lit it is eoiraiiary tr. "- Ihn i.iierrst
oif said rinlo- it thie '1irronld,, the trtitli, toila,
tII se'uaril-li lnd-, th-- "dwar lo,. th, A gu.sta
Ioe., (Ice l tll ait loeanrll Mula.d d the trc lde i
era- * lomrn, m ainn, tinie. fior rh paioriteeoso et
.:.tlr tthro!lorid,,reit by the r:id rl :llrl, that all
1,erouae ir't>;e-t",! ii: tht ,.i-mteo I ,.tit trinor,
oDirarL b.:'4)rt ein irrl thadtrri , ' ern dati'r
o el,.k in theI forenoou of 'aid dyy irr the coirt
io nir irf depratoir'tlt inmtt.r t vo ci ,,rridl irle.rirt
tirItattIl.e ourt ho irao in h, raid icinary in
ILwis and t:4.Ikb, to ihow ,'aua wlty an ordyr of
sa!o h-i,ri i r-ot hi -ras.tl to tlIn erail uardllrit.,
tI Esl thi intorost of nail minor ii c. :Il inirng
And that a copy of thin ordr ti purblisherd. at
terOM, thtroa siooesoree. vilrksi in The lIer na
Isi y indepundrol, a itnesynper i-rinted and
publishedls in said eoutlty.
iao:er4 Auget , lI.n-l.
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$2. 5
Will Buy a Pair of Ladies' Extra Fine as
Have placed on sale several new makes of Ladies' Fine
Shoes, ranging in price from $3.00 to $5.00, and being de
sirous of introducing them and their superiority over all
others of equal price, as to Fit, Style and Durability, will
for one week sell any and all at
a pair. The quality is fine Dongola Kid, MoKey sewed,
hand sewed turn, hand welt, and flexible soles with tack
less innersoles. The styles are Common Sense, Half Common
Sense, Opera last, with patent tips, fine cloth tips, lace and
button. Remember they are all new, fresh, desirable goods,
just from the factory, of which our regular retail price will
be from $3.00 to $5.00,
$2.50 P Ol PI R
----BY THE -
20 Ibs. Granulated Sugar, - $1.00
2 Ib. Roll Finest Table Butter, - 40c
3 lbs. Finest Japan Tea, - $1.00
Finest Loose Muscatel Raisins, per Ib., I Oc
Finest Transparent Glycerine Soap, 60c. doz.
I Pint Price's Vanilla Extract, - $1.90
12 oz. Cans Price's Baking Powder, 30c
Peaches and Pears, per can, - 20c
Grapes, Apricots, Plums, - 3 cans for 50c
+. WM. WEINSTEIN & CO.' .+

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