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S The following Corsets in regular Large se urkish Bath Tow
INFANTS' CLOAKS B :'":l 0 s ol L a aielci Bath oo SHEET MUSIC I
A U G S NFANTTIS LO K stock at Prices quoted below: els, sold at special dales foroc
lot infants' embroidered Flan C.G., in Black and Tan, 00 Our price,
nel Cloaks, full length, in cream uple, Wite and Ecru, 00IS 25. New Sheet Music, comprisin
and tan, worth $4. Haut Ton Waist, - 00 TInstrumental and Vocal Music of
THIS WEEK $2. J. & C., Blact , - - I.oo EAT EDUCINS Lindsay's Celebrated Ilos allthe most populr composers,
lot infants'embroidered Flan- Palmetto (Summer), - 1.25 Supporters at the following 1Oc. PER COPY.
nel Cloaks, better quality, cream No. 44, Black, - - 1.25 --- prices this week: Over 2,200 titles to select from.
and tan, worth $4.50. Children's H. T. Corset - Our $z5.oo Carriage 1 Children's Size, loc. C'atalogues furnished on applica
This month reminds s THIS WEEK $2.5. Waist, - - - 65c Reduced to - Misses' Size, 5c. tion. Mail orders solicited. No
that the time is 'fast ap- nel Cloak, fin e qualembroidered Fian- liad:' Size, 2c. extra charge for postage.
nel Cloaks, fine quality, cream Fancy Turkish Tidy Towels, in Our $19.oo Carriage $1 50
preaching to make room for and tan, worth EEK $3.50 allcolors, with Knotted Fringe, Reduced to - The celebrated Foster 5-ooke Goods Depart
cur immense fall shipment 1I lot infants' embroidered Flan- new designs, worth 5oc. Our $9.5o Carriage 1 Kid G.oves' in Black, Tan and m ment contains a full line of
of nel Cloaks, best quality, cream THIS WEE 5C Reduced to $1 0 Drab, dressed and undressed, a d a
and tan worth $7.50.. T HIcW E regular 2.. ul.r
THIS WEEK $.75. Our $24.oo Carriages 75 uality.
HOL IDAY GOODS Full line of embroidered Flan- Knotted Fringe Linen )am- Reduced to $16,00 THIS WEEK 81.25. (,hildren' iresses Aprons
nel Cloaks, Skirts, Shawls Etc., ask Towels, full sizes, 15 assort- Our $27.oo Carriage i Every Pair Warranted.
for Infants' wear, at special sale ed patterns, regular 4oc. oods. goo Reduced to Etc., which will be closed out at
S AND TOYS prices. THIS WEEK 250. Our $32.50 Carriage Water Tumblers of all kinds LESS THAN COST.
wUMBRELLAS and PARASOLS Ladies' Japanese Silk Em- Reduced to - $-2,00 from Toc. per doz. to $5.00.
which will be larger and Our buyer has secu:ed another broidered Handkerchiefs, in all D oated Tea Set el ebrated Ansonia Nick
lot of all Silk Umbrellas and Par- colors, scolloped borders, war- y a ew ore eft.coratter in Brown, B lue sold AM CLOCK, usually
more complete than ever asols at a bankrupt sale, which ranted all Silk, WORTH 5oc., n ew pattern in Brown, Blue sold at $$7.0
before, and we are obliged we ill sell at the following low,
before, and we are oligedpces: THIS WEEK 25C. Berry Sets in Glass, Large THIS WEEK s5 This W eek $ .oo
to reduce our present stock, 26-inch Helvetia Silk Umbrel- Dish, with six Sauce Dishes,
as every available foot in las, Paragon frame, oxidized sil- Ladies' Japanese Silk Hand-1.00, $1.2 piece Decorted Dinner Our Bargain Countersarestill
ver handles, worth $3. kerchiefs, assorted, colored em- 750., $1,00, $1.25. 111 pec "ecorated Dinner Our Bargain Counters are still
our store will be taxed to THIS WEEK $r.75. broideries, much finer, Set, "Bee Hive" special replete with all kinds of useful
28-inch, same quality, worth - - - WORTH $~oo , Tea Set, six pieces for 90e pattern, in Brown, Blue and Dark and ornamental goods at popular
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24-inch, Carola Silk Umbrellas, canter and Glass Tray, $1.50 ,
en route. We offer this Paragon frame, fancy metal han- Dozen Ladies' Misses'.and $150 10 Cent Counters,
week such inducements t dles, worth $3.25. 20 Children's fast black Hose, Jelly Glases, per Do., Decorated Chamber Set, in 15 Cent Counters,
week such inducements to THIS WEEK $.90. regular35 and 4c goods,will Jelly Glasses, pe Doz., 50 Brown, Blue ad Dark Green 20 Cent Counters,
buyers that they must buy, 24-inch Acme Silk Umbrellas, be sold this week, or until stock -decorations, special pattern. 25 Cent Counters,
Paragon frame, assorted handles, is exhausted, DOZEN CORSETS, odds5 Cent Counters,
at prices quoted, or buy at very fine, worth $4. and ends, CORSETS, oddsWEEK .75. 35 Cent ounters,
other places and pay double 28-inch WEEK $2.5. 6 PAIRS FOR $1. $2.,,oo each, broken sizes will be With Jar to Match $oo.00. 50 Cent Counters.
other places and pay double 2-inch Carola Silk Umbrellas, $05tsold
the amount fer tile same very fine, extra quality, worth Only 6 pairs of Ladies' Hose, and sold
$4.25. same quantity of Children's will THIS WEEK AT Plain White Wae at Very TINWARE OF ALL
goods. THIS WEEK $2.75. be sold to any one customer. THIS WEEKAT 25C Low Prices. KINDS.
o1. Oenzberger & Co., 5 N. Main Street.
Three Men Who Shared That Distinction
at Different Times.
One would be interested to know some
thing of the man to whose lot it fell to
plant the first seeds of knowledge in the
mind of Shakespeare. By consulting the
records of Stratford we find that there were
three who may have shared this distinction.
Curiously enough one of them, if the name
-of Jenkins is to be taken as a proof, was a
Welshman. It is possible that he may have
stood for the character of Sir Hugh Evans.
We know how easily schoolboys are im
pressed by their master's peculiarities,
whether they be those of accent or of man
nor. It is noteworthy, too, that Jenkins
was very unpopular, as in the year 1759 a
sum of money was paid him by the authori
ties on c-ndition that he resign his post as
head master.
Prof. Baynes has shown that Ben Jon
son's famous saying, that Shakespeare had
little Latin and less Greek, is hardly a fair
statement of the real facts of the case. A
critical examination of the poet's works
will prove that he had an acquaintance
with classical literature such as would be
possessed by a man who had been trained
at a school like the old Stratford grammar
school. We must not expect from him nice
scholarship or a strict attention to details.
Knowledge is simply relative, and Ben Jon
son's standard was undoubtedly a high one.
He would naturally look with contempt
upon the classical attainments of one who
had received such an education as Shake
sp;are had; but we are justilied in coming
to the conclusion that the I oet could read
Latin fluently and fairly, and that any au
thor he cared for he would be able to read
for his pleasure and information.
That the instruction in Latin was thor
ough is proved by a letter preserved by
Malone written in that language, in 1598,
by the son of it. Quinury to his father, then
staying in London. It is a very creditable
performance for a boy of eleven. This
Richard Quiner, one of the aldermen of
Stratford in Shakespeare's day, who had
certainly been brouaht up at the school
for his family had been long established in
the town-was so well acquainted with
Latin that his brother-in-law, Abraham
Starley, in writing to him frequently made
use of long Latin sentences and para
Sunday Excursion Rates.
The Montana Central will sell during the
summer tickets from Hulena to Alhambra
and Boulder and return at one fare for the
round trip. Tickets will be on sale Satur
days and Sundays and will be good to re
turn until the following Monday.
B. 1. LANotYr,
General Ticket Agent.
What a Noted Physician Says.
CW. P. Wisdom C , Jan. 31, 1888.
W. P. Windon'.
Dear Sir-As you requested I have exam
ined the formula of your toilet preparation
called "Robertine." I can assure you that
the ingredients are both bland and harm.
lees, and that the compound would form an
exeellent application in irritated condi
tions of the skin. Yours truly,
AITuava DeAN Bavia, M. D.
Professor of Anatomy, Rush Medical Col
legeand P. A. Surgeon.'U. S. M. H. S.
Excursion Rates to California.
On the 15th of each month the Northern
PaciFic railroad will sell round-trip tickets
to California points as follows:
Helena to San Francisco and return, go.
ing via Portland and returning same way,
To San Franciasco, going via Portland and
returning via Ogden and Silver how, $90.
To Los Angeles, guing antd returning via
Po tlnnd, entering San Francisco in one
d. action eithe, going or returning, $89.
'lo Los Angeles, going via Portland and
san Francisco, and returning same route,
To Los Angeles, going via Portland and
San Franoisco, returning via Sacramento'
cnd Ogden, $99.50.
'TIckets will be limited for sixty days for
going passnae, with return at any time with
in the finol limit of six months.
A. ), E.1nixs, CGen. Agt. Helena, Mont.
CAs,. G.. i, . & 1.A,, St. Paul, Minn.
S-- Saint Paul, - IMIinnesota,----. .
•+ Are the Only and Sole Distributing Agents for Montana of the Celebrated +
Mail Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention. SAUL I. GINSBURG, Western Salesman.
Judicial District.. in the Rtate of Montano, in
and for the county of Lewis end ('larke.
In the matter of the estate of Itatharineo Kenok,
O.der to show canse why order of sale of real
estate houltd not be tonde,
It d)1'ioai\tc +o the q.ad rourt, by the petition
thi day pyr Mtad and bled by Jacob Loeb and
Louis bstadl'r. the adlnimiatrators of the estate of
lrater no inuck. d.eneel..d, praying for an olcdr
i oa0le of reel eotote, that it in no.resary to roll
th· .n'o set of aid octal. in the Alice lode. tfl,o
Bo.f 1i ledt. the ('Caarau h lode. the Adam
lode, the Atuustalode. the Julia lod and l the
Uolirow lode, the ernme beinr mining claimo, for
thei reaon set forth in Eaid potitioI.
It i- therefore erdor:,d by the cad court tiat
tI persuo. lutereotoct in the estate of eaid do.
reased a', ear beont- the saidl district court on
hatneaclay. it fifth d.y of teetolamber, A. D. 16lt,
ot Iro u'':oc. in the forenoon of te ra d day, in
I.e mourt r'not at dpa rtmcot un.thor two, of
said wAsrt. in te courct iou.e of eaid county of
l.,tie anlld l('arke, to Jhew onmco why an order
a oelhl not L% t;riuFd to the said admaioletratoro
to oIl tr a anid miCtn ofalairk.
d that op tta :s rlt.or. :ao pub:aihed at
'e'l fnec wre iln he ally Ihelona lndoptred
oat, a newsinoer printed and pbliahod in ioid
corint bf.
Dated August 5, 1o91.
ileali Distriot Judge.
A true copy, Attest:
J ulN B A N, Clerk.
Ry H. J. CAsoD', Deputy.
Judicial Distrct of the State of Montana. in
apd for the county of Lewis and Clarke
In th matt~tr of the oetate and guardiosnhip of
Allgoaa nronk, mla.r.
Urgeor to thaw ausoe ye L order of sale of real ea.
t Dlaold not be mde.
lj~ x a to tn said court by the petition
tt.relshe i ed and filed by Louies ttadlr,.
he O e.f the eposon and etatet of Anguta
1t i.tt minor. j;etying for an ardor of eate of
roatu lte, t.t Ic is c ncossac to soll all the in
toreset of ptrd iner mo th Alio lsded tihe 1 offal.
)lode, the aranaugh loee, the Adanm lode. the
Auouta lode, the Jnlia lode and the haulgrow
lode. the "me baivb cinloc claims, for the pur
oss seat forth in said petitlole
It it therefore ordered by said court, that all
persenainerat ,din tbhe cea. of said minor,
epppe "eforeOe ratd dlqtriet court on Satur
tii, the 5 h due of Fop;,otber, A. t. l80t1 .t 10
o'elito' in the forrr.o to of said day In tbeo coor
room oatdteea -oa.egt number two of d .lt riot
oou at tioootaet b.o.a in the sild ennt of
Leowe asd c;larks, to show easee why a order of
sale hoaald rot bI granted to tle saiUd guerdian.
to tell the interest of said minor In eaid mlmnin
And that a copy of this orler be apblushed at
least three socorsaive woeks in The 51lena Daily
lo.delondont. a newnpaper rIlnted anI pubs
lihehd in said county.
Dated Anugat 5, IttOL
[ie AltrC District Judlge.
JOIN l dle,
Hy H. J. CAesrDY. Deputy.
the Jere.. ltle Mining company. room No.
1. Power balldibg.
fi'b aenual meeetlg of the stoolrholdere of the.
Jersey }t3ue MtinLg oempaya will e held I the
elite. of theeemnny room No. 3, Power bqtld
ingl, i he city of HIelena, Montana, on ua day,
tetembber 1, 1t01. at four o'olok . m.., for
the election ef .even truestees, to servI durlng the
e-a.nlg year, and the tranaeetion of atob other
basin... as may properll om. behfere aId meet
Ing. J. O. HUDNUlt '.
H Moat. Io Ag. . , .
Is the Fast Mail Short Line from St. Paul
and Minneapolis via La Crosse and Milwau.
kee to Chicago and all point, in the East.
ern States and Canada. It is the only line
under one management between St. Paul
and Chicago, and is the Finest Equipped
Railway in the Northwest. It is the only
line running Pullman Drawing-room Sleep.
mIn ears with lnxurious smoking-rooms, and
the finest dining-cars in the world, via the
famous "River Bank Route," along the
shores of Lake Pepin and the beautiful
Missis sippi river to Milwaukee and Chica.
go. Its trains connect with those of the
Northern lines in the Grand Union depot at
St. Paul. No change of oars of any clasp
between St. Paul and Chicago. For through
tickets, time tables, and full information,
apply to any coupon ticket agent in the
Sgiven thiat the ondetoigne I receiver by virtue
,la b oderc ltutlo and entor,,d in the t nittte Statl.
rircuit coulrt, of tile -\noh Jud tiatl circont in ant
:'or the ,litrict of Motana. tl n Wtdne:tiay, July
1. 181,. ti whlirh Gilchtiet I'roihorer t. Edgarare
Ilalntiffl, sal;l t Itolnotn. Ilot Silringe anhnd tme'
'or ltiiironi, 'o.ipnn; t .l . rfeintlsz..s, will twil
at pubtlic ntil ion, to the hghnest bidder, on tin
lot day of heopttabier 1881. :tthe northe lldr oi thu
tourr hotve. in the cou ity ,f Lewis and (:Carko.
elitel of llontana, at 1 o, evihc', m.. of said day.
dtl tohe righl titlet an intero* t of thin parlios is
esld suit to tit following t.nocribted property to.
That certain railway knowln as the llelonn. Iot
HSrings nilnd .ntrltr railro ti, rotlllnoncltig ott tlto
hboundry line hitwo. c the Itloadwater lint
ttprin littel troprrtl anti, the protniasl ofthit
an liwight '1'. tioodell running tttnt'o in no
sesterly diroctiotn to. anl IhroIttIgh thi ci y Uf
Iotl:,it, toI t'n Northetrn l'aiflt dreot. 'lot-thor
with all th' In tl. teemoteut. anld hertditatnlouto.
acOlu'ed or approprinted fur I ht right of way oh
-ai rilatrotdul atl branohno. And all thle eas,
mentl. rlighto, libertiro. privilege,% franerhi.e it.
tll.tlltloi tdl onempt ions ol raidl rallroad lcon.
pont alt ertainiong to the owning. tOnitltalinin.,
opt rtt uig. t:ltleg nd enoyihl the tt.nu; tog-ther
with all tho raltro:.d tctrck, right of way, de.ot
ground, lstatilon grotlnti and other lniuc, strlt'
tore. s anion Ihouln,. etgine houtlt, oer huitn-. iulet
holltOs, wooltrnhoeotl., sioti, machine huase.. turn
tales, stteorstrrattreo. rolling stooks, cars. fur
nituro. tools. itplemonnt., talohinetyl. of raid
ratilrosdl o.lltsllvv anli all other property f.rol,
pcrsonal and mixed.
I riltrt bids will alto i lereslvi bre bthe untlr
signed for said properte. which aid bit will be
olmowia at the place and upon the day of sale ald
otenly trtl aos the bide of partIes making the
etmen. The oalts sall It made nubjectl to the at.
pirovld and confirmatlon of the sbove nateed
The pruterty will not bhe sold for iess thtan
$C35,0u. of whIch sum at. learst $12.00M shall be
paid in' a.h, saod the balance tay i.t t aid in loo
ahd sine Imonth', ectlnnl byi a Iorti.ge lien
pton the proIerty, or s0ooh oilier eourityy as may
be aproved by Ithe oourt; all dleforrel paymlents
oarlltg intesrst at the rate of eiglit itr cent per
Second National Bank *...
PAID UP CAPITAL, - $75,000
A General Banking Business
E. D. EDGERTON, - President
C. K. COLE. - - Vice rhesident
GEORGE B. CHILD, - Cashier
JOSEPH N. KENCK, - Auet. Cashier
Board of Directors.
J. II. Sanford. C. G. Evans,
H. W. thild, R. 1. Jones,
. C. Swaltow, ('hris I(euck,
k. D. Edgerton. C. K. Cole,
George B. Child.
Railvhaij ine.
Montana Central Railway.
Gre t Northern Railway,
Eastern Ra Iway of Minnesota,
Wilmar and Sioux Falls Railway,
Duluth, Watertown & Pacific Ry.
A solid through train of BlSoper., Dinjin
(ar. Day Coaches and FreO (Colouili
Bloopers to liunoaprolis, St. Putl, DvI
lhth, W\Vet Stperior anit Fioux (ity.
l'iose conanectlcn for ('hicago, Now
York. Boston and all Eastern (Cities.
Until farther notice Train will run as folh we.
nanrov. ALL TRAINS DAILY i nrrAlrr.
1 )i0 a. m. ...Atlantio Express... 11:10 a. mt.
'::311 . in B aocioc Lx ni. ... 2:t5 n
.:;O p. M. HIlena ,' _Bute a!coal I8:10n a Ito.
leping ar berthtickets, ti meket i tablet., ee.,
at lDep t and City 'Tircet Uttice, No. 6, NUrth
Main atroot.
( W. W Prrra. City Ticket Agent.
B. H. LANtILIY. G. P. & T. Agt.. IT. C. It'.
uare her-iboe notifie that I have rXportle'd
eve launcred dollar in labor and iniireviimiuts
upon the Moinnesota Quartz lte ito laio in
tFioiple Mliunlg ditr.ulot, l.ewls anil Clarke
county, stats of huoutna, in ordnler to hold said
pitrelotls under thli provaltoen of sroilon 2ati,
revlsrd statutes et the J tilted Stiate being tiel
amount required to held the stame for tile yeaur
etdint tlecember II, 1ne9: a.,i( if wilnin nainety
days otter this notice of pBileutlou. so.i fail or
renase to oeatribute your prolortiln it f cilh oe
Sneditnoa,. . -owner, yoalr lntert. in thle A id
claim wI beoocmo the prOul.ert of the sub.criber
utader sidJ Setlo ZIC.,
leet publloatlon July 35 ,si.
First National Bank .-..
PAID UP CAPITAL, - $500,000
Designated Depository of the Uni
ted States.
Intorest AlloweJ on Timne Deposits.
General Fanking it s'nos 'Iransacte I.
Safety I)eposit Duxes for Rent.
8. T. HAUSEI, - - President
E. W. KNIGHT. - - Cashier
T. H. KLEINSOHMIDT, - Anst. Cashier
GEO. H. HILL, *. 2nd Asst. Cashier
G ranvill Strert, - - Stockgrower
lIon. T. '. Power, - - U. B. Senator
J. ('. (urtin, - (lnrko, Conrad & ( urtin
I. B. Ilamilton. - - ('apitalist
0. It. Allen. - Mining aut Stcookgr, w"e
Chas. K. Wells, - - Mrolrelut
A. . llolter. - A. M. Holter Hardware Co
Associated ltanl .
Northwestern National hank, - Great Fall,
First N.tionsl BIank, - - lMieouals
lr'tt Nnt.otal i :hlk. • - H t
Serchants National Bank
Paid in Capital, - $350,000
Surplus and Profits, - $ 00,000
L. H. HEISHIFIELD, - - President
A. J. DAVIDSON, - - V!ce President
S Board of Directol.
Thomen ('aeruse, . anlds,
S.8. .unthley, A. K. Its1' ntt.
A. J. l)avllon, lt hses Morris1
L 11. lterelthioll. Aarou lorehltield.
J. Swltzer.
liret-elela ('Cty, County and State Securities
bought and sold.
l'.achange i-esnal on the prineial oities of the
Unitod SOtatt and Europe. rua.fr. l tra uof tuuy
umade by teleraph.l.
Interest allowed on tine depoa:ts. :olleltions
promptyly attended to.
Bexes fur rtot at roatontalao prIcesO in one of
the Ilest otontructed tire enll burglar rouot ra'O
d.pe it Itn its in l country.
authoort) of an order and docree of the die
,riot eo.lrt for I.ess is and ('llt ko eount v. state of
Montana, I will soIl at a public auc
tion to the highelat bidlder ctr cash in
hatnd. at the r.stdtotte of MrN. Mary
hIe('arler, willtw oV Allrdl MoCarler. do
eellel, ill IHelu. of ajid toSnty, and sttre, o
ite Intih cday of Att.Oat. A. It. I I, oumt nlnq
at two o'irock p1. in.. all ltlwber. sash. idoors, sto
ehuet, itotulhing., ,to.. All credtitre and build.
ing oontrarctsor invited to attend.
Administrator tfr A. MeCarter. decesed.
The Thomas Cruse Savings
Incorporated Under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, - $100,00d
THOIIAS CRUSE. · - President
FRANK H. CRUSE, - Vice President
WM. J. COOKE, - So, and Asst. Trea
W. J. SWEENEY, - Treasurer
hoard of Trustees.
Thomas Crose, Frank H. Crise.
W. J. Cooke John Faan.
W. J. Sweenay.
Allows 4 per rent. interest otn Savings Deoielta
eompoundod January atnd July.
'ranracts a general banking buainoss. Draws
exclbanrn on the principal cities of the United
tSeato and Europe.
lDeal in comnty and city bondt, ant makes
loans on real esate nlortgsgos.
Ollrco hours frn Il a. m. to 4 p. m. Also on
atllrd ay and oIlotiay ovoeiugu from I to 8
Capital Paid In - $500,000
Surplus and Profits, - $200,000
0. A. BRIOADWATER, - President
L. 0. PHELPS, - - Vice President
R. L. MoCIULLOH, . Cashler
8. E. ATKINSON, - Ast. Cashier
A. G. Clarko, Herman Gann,
IH. F. (al. t. 'Potr Larson.
C. W. CannonR, . c Wlaalss
l)ssld A. Cory.
uhe Americn National...
CAPITAL. *$200,000
T. C. POWER, - President
A. J. BELIGMAN, - Viee-President
A. C. JOHNSON, . Osabis
GEO. F. COPE, Assistant Cashler
T. C. Power, A. J. Beligmsa,
A. G. Johns a, Blhard Lookqe.
James Sullivan.
Interet allowed on time deposidt. Etchangs
lsued on prinalpal citls. of the United States,
Caa.dsand Europe, Tssasuers of money made
br telegraph. Colleotios promptl~ atteded to,
(lty, county sad etatessearits lughtl sad .e.

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