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HELENA, MONT., AUG(. 2. 1S91.
ICI"Montanians abroad will always find 'Tu.
DAILY INDIrrINDENT on tile at their favorite
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan, New
York; West. Minneapolis: Baldwin and Palace,
Ian Francisco; McDermott, Butte; Leland Hotel,
ipriagfi.ld. Ill.
In anticipation of the crowds and
business of fair week our enterprising
merchants have made such demand
upon our space that to-morrow's Ix
DEPENDENT will be a double number, of
sixteen pages, or ninety-six columns.
By this enlargement we shall be able to
give our readers the usual choice variety
of reading matter, and, if the demands
of advertisers continue, extra pas. e,
will be added to meet thetm. In atddi
tion to the usual budget of stato and
city news, foreign correspondence,
society happenings, etc., this number
will contain special features of rare in
terest. Among them will be an illus
trated article on "Harrison at Saratoga,"
giving an account of the President's life
and surroundings on his vacation
sojourn at the famous watering place;
another paper will give a pictute of the
summer haunts of another famous
American whose name just now is
on everybody's lips. It is entitled,
"Bar Harbor Whisperings," and is a
charming description of life at the
Maine resort, which is James r. Blaine's
summer home. Mrs. Sherwood gives
another practical article in her home
series, this time treating of the summer
salad in its infinite variety; Howard
Fielding will appear in one of his clev- I
erest humorous sketches; .Owen Lang
don, in his New York letter, gives his
bright and sprightly melange of life in
the metropolis. In addition there will be
the usual illustrated fashion letter, gos
sip of the day, and a charming sketch
of summer life on a Montana ranch by i
Helena's famous author, Mrs. Smedes.
Beginning with Monday morning and
continuing through the week THnE Ix
DEPENDEnT will consist of twelve pages
daily. It will contain from day to day
the fullest and most accurate reports
of the progress of the fair, the races, etc.
Newsdealers should place their orders
at once for extra copies during the week. 1
THE. St. Paul Pioneer Press is one of
the very few republican journals that
has anything to say about the shameful
violation of republican pledges with re
gard to civil service reform. It reads a
sharp lesson to Mr. Harrison on the vio
lations of law as pointed out by Com
missioner Roosevelt in the federal ser
vice at Baltimore and brings up the
change in the collector's office at Now
York as another case in point. It says:
"Collector Erhardt has given place to
Collector Fassett for no other reason
that the public can discern than to sat
isfy one wing of the party as against an
other." Mr. I"aseett, it says, is appoint
ed bacause he is more agreeable and is B
supposed to be more valuable to the ,
Platt men during tile active political f
season that lies ahead of us. This is
stating the case very mildly. Mr. Er
hardt was crowded out because hei
would not use his office as a political e
machine and Mr. l"rassett was put in be
cause lie would not hesitate to engage
in much needed umalipulation to secure a
a Hlarrison delegation from the Empire I
state next year. '1 hel change was a P
piece of c:old-bloded, politics that would Ii
have made even Conkling hesitate in the 3
days when ho was at the head of the re- f,
pubhican ma.:hino in New York. r
Wiarshall it profit a man if the(
saloons are loseed on Sunday and he
goeth a rihing oil a bicycle? 'That is the t"
question that is agii itatin the clergy in
some of our eastern c·il i-s, and a writer n
in the Con(gregat L,,tli-tl. er unds the e
alarm in the statementi that "It does not i
require great discerllll melt to see that u
one of the strongest competitors of the
preachers and Stutllly st-hI rl) teathorst
and the rhome to-lday is the bicycle."
The writer sees a gleam of hopo, how
ever, in a paragraplh froini the ('hristian
World which rannouncres that at Barns
lay, on Sunday, at St. lMary's church, a
cyclist char-ch parade took pIlae: when
the rector preached his sermon from tihe
text, "The prudent man l]orketh well to
his going." 'I'his happened in Eingland. I
And another religious paper containit -
the intelligence that forty bicycle clubs c
mn uniform met outtside the vit-, rotei in it
double tile to \Vinchestor crathonuratl, I
where they were mitot by thie clergy and u
choir, escorted to seats iand farvorel by a
specital serlron by the dean. It is pios i
ruble thiat in tie niear future that in- t
it-mad of gospel temUperaInce meetings we j
nmay see special berritra tn ~ Snday c
aflternoon to which the wicked cyelist
will be temnpted by peculiarly attractive
T. IHelena- MIissoula oxturaslon to thei r
Cour d'Alenes will be lonhg rmiemrbered
by the fortunrate participants from tihe tt
two Montana cities, who have not only
bea'-rne, better aclquainteld i.. th thie I)O- P
pie of our aiste.r stat, lint with one ri
o'.ther. (treat banefit ril arccrue to both
cities fr-ru thoopening of tire new re
gion. 'lhe Misoula Gaztto, in corn-ii
r menting on the great event, utters
sentiment that will find a generous re
, sponse from the citizens of Helena. I
s- ays:
To the people of Helena we extend a warn
greeting. Helena is enterprising and ther
are hundreds of bright, bfilliant, brain
Smen in that town." They are going to the
Oeur d'Alenes to meet the men of that
place and Missoula wants them to have al
the trade they can get. Whatever benefiti
one Montanian benefits all. We can joest
and joke and even call names, but when ii
comes down to hard pan, "we be brothers.'
Montana first, the world afterwards.
Helena reciprocates with the wisl
° that Missoula may have her full share
of the prosperity that will come to us
all through the extensions of our busi
noss and social relations westward,
Friendly competition will hurt neither
place. May the most deserving got the
larger prize.
Tloe objection of the black republic of
Hayti to Frederick Douglas as a repre
sentative from this country on the
ground that he is a colored man at first
strikes the renders as an incongruity,
but the argumont the Haytians make is
unanswerable. They say that the
United States would not send a colored
man as minister to London, Paris or
Berlin, and there is no reason why our
minister to Hlayti should not be
one of the ablest representative men we
have. It is apparent that it is a mis
taken notion that the people of Inayti
look upon the sending of a colored man
to them as a compliment, but we see no
reason why President HIarrison should
resent this by sending them the terrible
Blair, whom even the Chinese could not
A wl:rrtr:a in the Baltimore Sun
argues interestingly in favor of the em
ployment of smoko in harbor defenses.
lie shows how on the approach of a
hostile fleet groeat masses of thick smoke
might be generated at the mouth of the
harbor, which would effectually prevent
a near approach or any great damage
from the firing of big guns. Here may
possibly be a way for Butte to work off
its surplus and open another source of
revenue for its enterprising citizens. A
smoke pipe line to the seaboard would
be a great thing.
As wirs. be seen by the call elsewhere
publisheld the citizen's committee ap
pointed to arrange for the reception of
the visiting committee of the National
Educational association are requested to
meet at the Board of Trade rooms to
night. It is the patriotic duty of every
member of this committee to be pres
ant. The teachers' committee will be
here early next week and we must be
ready for them. Let every member be
on hand promptly to-night. Business
of importance is to be discussed. No
'J' great State Palr is under way
and a lively week is in prospect for lIel
ena. 'he coming of Forepaugh's big
show next Thursday will bring addi
tional thousands of people to Helepa,
but our city can take care of all coniers.
If the officers of the fair association
could arrange the races so as to give the
circus the undivided crowd for Thurs
lay afternoon it would accommodate I
many visitors. The last day of the races
might be fixed for Monday and thus
prolong the week of pleasure.
WF appreciate the kindly interest
manifested by the Butte Miner in our
efforts to secure the National Edu
cational association for Helena in 1892.
We beg to assure our esteemed con
temporary that there is no occasion for
its solicitude. Helena's attractions will
prove simply overwhelming, and the
allurements of the metropolis over the
range will keep the teachers from ever
desiring to go further away from Butte.
Seattle is not in it.
Ii the esteemed Journal wishes to
discuss the effects of the wool tariff
with THE INDEPENI)ENT it must case to
garble its quotations from this paper
and get down to business. Suppose it
wrestles for a few days with the hard'
fact that the price of wool does not ad
vance und,-r the McKinley law, and that
wool has been higher iunder a low tariff
than it is now under the highest tariff
ever ktnown.
TiE: replublican leaders in New York
are preparing for ia very pretty row.
Harrison's licker with boss l'latt in the
New York custom house appointment
lias brought Platt's old enemy, Warner
Miller, out with a declaration for Blaine
for 1829. Miller is the wheel-horse of
rural republicanism in New York andI
will give Platt a hard fight.
itiE sulperbl weather. the albundantl
erops, the prospects of great, prosperity
for the ensuing yoer will ill comblino to
make the State I',iir this year the best
ever seou illn lonutanti. We hoIpe here will
be a groat attenldance frotm cvery part
of the state. Oulr race track is in spleln
did condition andt great records will ihe
iade by tthe ltyers. (io,nis ,.verybly.
WiHE.N .Itlames . laine wrote that the
McKtiltey bill would not enable the
('nited States to sell orie ttort) Ibarrel of
pork or one morn bullht i of wheat hle
ight have addettd that neither would it
add to the price of A .I1ri ca. 'wool.
('CHAmrM:N ('i:t o, r u elni,"4 that the
presiient told l it he w,,hii nut Ie a
candidate for ronutliuiiit ion. 1ie duclines
to say what Mr. Ililri·n-n II teoll him.
li rhaps lie infritme-l ('I;liks ttn that
Ilaine was a very t;,lki tiatn.
Altiovel all the Ihlele .a ria:,c s Illl t bilt
fair. ()ur horses can boat thl world on
their merits and we l ti not witnlt to in
jure their roputation by joc:keying or
sharp practice.
The V'litlng /'unlna tin.
Barnard ltrolwn hs iir t:tiied from it.
'aul wheret hI w.Lnt wilth 4 iio tliMake t,
nieet the visiting cPianititcl of lthe Nat itnal
Edutlational itsuci;ltit,n. !1,. rielports thitS
the conmittoo will ie Itri. r t" ' |I'll- i ti i t
week. They lhve been visit iah . oij,,cts ofl
intl-rentt ialoug the toute tii are very Iiauch
plersrd with all they thive i utci. 'I it -e tt
tItttits wlIl II('utlettu the lturl' if tilUe |'til
beture arrivnl u in I lei'Li;
M,.n',ta mtn,.r und w .. at 'L.- l.{,, II;f,. for
I'. ,il $i.t 5 S e1. lr Sutt. unutl- tnil, -i doublev.1
iihbe pb il,
Tbhe Miner thus doescribes the $a% e
pearance of "The Hustler" in Buttes
If "The Hustler" has to do any hbutli
during the remainder of its stay in Butte,
it will not be for an audience, but for space
in which to seat people, If any one who
was present in the crowd that filled the
opera house last nliht were askeda to Rt'e
an account of the pla, he would simply
say it cannot be deribed; hustle a ticket
and go and see for yourself. There are no
car loads of scenery and soenio effeots, but
there is a band of actors and aottirmes
whose business it is to make fun, and they
know and attend to their business in a
manner that would make Capt. Shepherd
laugh while on dress parade.
As a farce it can double discount a meet
inn of the city council, the school trustees
tand the Salvation *Army, all three com
bined. Hero and there a sentimental song
or a bewitching dance is introduced for the
sole purpose of giving the audience a
chance to catch their breaths and rest their
aching sides.
John Kernoll as "McFadden" is the best
Irishman on the stage to-day, and his
charm is in his peculiar originahlity of
dialect, Ile not only talks, but he looks
and acts funny, end can make one laugh
without opening his own mouth. His
witticisms, and for that matter those of the
entire company, are all new, there being no
Fale of seats opens at Pope & O'Connor's
this morning.
Sol Smith lRussell.
This favorite comedian will prodno his
new and very successful comedy-drama
"Peaceful Valley" at the Opera house on
Wednesday and Thursday.
'I'here are few American theater-goers
who have not spent an evening of mirth
with this inimitable comedian. We heard
a man at the entertainment say: "If i had
my choice between being a United States
senator with great ability as a statesman,
a divine with power to sway an audience
of thousands, and the ability Sol Smith
tussell has to reach the hearts of the pub
lic and make the public laugh in spite of
itself, I would choose the rank of Sol Smith
Russell every time." Russell is more than
actor. He is a lean of keen perceptions,
limitless wit, genuine humanitr and pos
seeses brains enough for a governor, nt a
senator, or even ia resident. He does
:hings for otheors to imitate. He is a leader
.n his profession, a genuine gentleman, a
warm-hearted, sympathetic, real friend of
is race.
But Twenty-four Were Ready to be Made
Postal Clerks.
There were twenty-four applicants for
civil service examination yesterday. Six
teen were from Helena. two from Butte,
three from Livingston, two from Townsend
and one from Chinook. Postmaster
Clewell, Assistant Mr. Fredericks and Wil
liam Bishop were appointed by the com
missioner to have charge of the examina
tion, but it was found necassary
to substitute Chief Clerk Barclay
of the railway mail service for one of the
examiners. All applicants were after posi
tions in the railway mail service. Only ten
blanks were sent by the department, as it
was not anticipated that there would be
more than that number of applicants. Post
master Cleoell the:efore divided up the
list. so that there were five from Helena,
one from Butte, and one each from the
other towns. 'The papers wae returned to
the department after being tilled.
Attention is called to the calls for the
different committees for the teachers' con
vention this evening.
The excavations for the Montana club
building are complete. The laying of tie
foundation will begin on Wednesday ne ).
Secretary Ramsey, of the Wold's expabi
tion commissioners, has secured offices in
the Montana National Bank building, over
the bank.
The Rocky Mountain Telegraph company
has run a special wire to the fair grounds
and opened an office there, which will be in
use during the races.
The west-bound Great Northern express
yesterday ran over a cow just outside the
city limits and cut off both its hind legs.
Tile cow was shot by one of the passengers
to put it out of its misery.
The game between the Helena Athletics
and the Bozemau team will be called at 3:30
p. m. to-morrow. The visitors have a record
this season for a series of victories unbroken
by a single defeat. Manager Solomon has
his men in good shape, and there will be a
great game.
George Kendall, who was formerly agent
of the National Building and Loan associa
tion in this city, was recently arrested at
Green River, Wyoming, for obtaininb
money under false pretenses. He was ar
rested on a similar charge at Pocatello, but
was discharged.
The police were on the look out for suns
picious characters last night. They
run in some eight or ten. Among
them was a" man with a square piece of
black lace, evidently used for ia mask, and
a knife which showed evidence of having
heen used to pry ol(en something.
The Ge(rman Singing society will give a
delightful entertainment at Turner hall
Sunday night. The comic opera in five
acts "Die, 'Maschlnenbnuer von Berlin"
(The foundrymen of Berlin), will be pro
dacr.d unler the direction of Mr. H. Blume.
After the performance there will be a grand
Trhu, New Mlneral Springs Hotel.
The Mineral Springs hotel, formerly the
popular old International, will be re- opened
to the public to-day by Proprietor Marous
Liesner. The hotel has been completely re
modeled and refitted and will be run better
than ever. The mineral springu water will
be run directly into the hotel for the ben
eflt of guests and will be greatly appreoi
ated. 'I'his water has now becomo famous
amion; the mineral wators of America for
its unusual qualities. It not only restores
broken hlea!tt but brings now life to the
healthy. The hotel will be run to a stand
ard to please all. The cuisine will receive
l atecialt ttention. All old patrons of the
Interniational will be better pleased with
their old resort than ever while equal satis
faction will be given to nlowcomlers.
Dllloner froml 5 to 8 p. m, at tIe Helena
relIerlnerhornhIi " IW.Vi1t. Tailtors and
I)rapers, corunr (Grand cliandl.Ji-knhl slreets.
t'tall goods now ready for |us.|lpetion,.
A Great Opportunity.
The I:nion hak'rv, located at(i:ent Falls,
Mont., is offered for sale ait a lo,,w figure.
Thli hotel is owned and operattil by the
ihotel anid rea'iuiraut keepers of.Great Falls
lid is gul,'aiantled their pi:ironage. 'this is
a chenie in a life timn to the right man,
S f t .~ | a i n Oa i e rlont s
iit fi! tluu caI easily he madi bi steady
iitluetrv anld aliicatilon to tIne hiis liles ill
(;:ct, Folll I'r furthir iifloritmation and
i att'icelarv writ., to Arthil MtcDolnald,
(;eist Falls, Mont., box 44:;.
MenW8 e.elit ritea ill fanvy ",tbroidril fronte
_allk plain whit, i:,c at '[ le. it,, ltivo .
I'rl valto htale.
lIing alhout to olbvt to iiv new ,patorate
at Iivinlgton, Motlt.. I slow offer atitl special
bargair:, a good new parlor anld bed room
stilt; also cook Istve anldl wltd,w haldes.
('all imunedtately at IIn; Chllncer , tret(.
I.Iv.) l. lE. `. cirrn.
ons of l1. (leorge.
Albii Ion lodge io. ::A7 tIrrtt .very O latur
day evniOn at c.ilt p. Ill. In, the (,. A. IH.
ll, (Iit Plark aIVh-ll-- -.. A -t--rdt he tlitisu
i1 (xt, odltl to nit mrnln'll i nn.l4 vait ', rs to
, ..~I I 15 , I I t.i il, , V . llV.
l , , h .I1 ,' eo ' h . ... i , ; r 1t
{ to iOppenheme or .A ehil, Itle t tIo!t
ltel lluck, and try aI bLttle of l, ter at
I. eaute.
sEHarre r"&ox G .le
Of every description and located in all parts of the City.
Some Exceptionally Good Bargains in
Are on their lists.
ihey Also Can Offer Some Choice Unimproved Properties at Most Attractive Pries.
They are Sole Agents for
Which is now conceded by all to be without a rival among
the Additions to Helena for Residezice Purposes.
Denver Block, - Broadway and Warren Streets.
- Dealers in-.
Complicated Watch Repairing,
Artistic Engraving. Jewelry
Manufactured to Order. Mon
tana Sapphire and Nugget Jew
elry a
27 Main Street.
Money to Loan.
I am prepared to make loans promptly on
No Delays. Funds Always on Hand.
Correeponiente Solicited.
- - II. 13. 'A ALMER. - -
Boom 15, Merchant.s National Bank Building.
United Sltntc. and Foreign Pat
en uL. obtained and any inforrnatlon
ALltornry at Law,
Pittsburgh block, HeItlena, Mont.
RANCH or 2.000oACRES
iVei iprove. and thoroughly irrigated, aD
Ilje lat,(l.
Until September 1, we will allow
On Lightweight Clothing. You
know what that means!!!
$25 SUITS, NOW $20
$20 SUITS, NOW $16
$15 SUITS, NOW $12
$10 SUITS, NOW $ 8
A Big Cut in Underwear!
Leading Clothiers, Hatters and Haber

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