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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, August 27, 1891, Morning, Image 6

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Largest Hardware and Machinery Depot in the West.
Railway, Mill, and Blacksmith Supplies, Mining, Hoisting and Reducing Machinery,
Artistic Builders' and Cabinet Hardware.
A Complete and Varied Assortment of all Goods to Select from.
KI owles' Steam Pumps, Atlas Engines and Boilers,
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Gilbert's Wood Split Pulleys. Foot Power and Engine Lathes,
Uowe's Scales and Trucks, Buffalo Forges and Blowers,
O e Oars Mwd Buckets, Crescent and Jessop Drill Steel,
Mlnty Wheelbarrows, Hand and Power Bolt Cutters,
Steel T Rails and Strap Iron, Roubling's Wire Rope,
Wie Ventilators, Electric Batteries and Exploders
Lubricating Oils, W Powder, Caps and Fuse,
Differential Pulley Blocks, Belting, Hose and Packing,
Steel Cut and Wire Nails, Valves, Pipe and Fittings,
Duplex Sorew Plates. Fire Brick and Clay.
All orders filled with the utmost dispatch. Correspondence will receive careful and immediate attention.
113 and 115 North Main Street, Helena, Montana.
In the Hour of Sore Need the Men
Who Did so Turn Against
But by His Own Acts He Both In
vited and Deserved the
The Chief Beneficiary of Infamously Cor
rupt Methods-Despised by the
Men Who Made Him.
Mr. Harrison has reached a crisis in his
administration and in his public career.
The men who made him president have
turned against him. The republican state
of Pennsylvania, a state that, next to Kan
sas. gave him the largest plurality of all the
states in the presidential vote of 1888, and,
next to New York, gave him the largest
number of votes, has virtually declared in
the great council of the party that he is un
worthy to be renominated, and that his
chief rival for the nomination must be pre
ferred to him. There is no mistaking the
meaning of the Harrisburg resolutions,
even in the softened form in which they
were adopted, says the New York Times.
Were Mr. Harrison not an ardent aspirant
for the hopor of a renomination, Pennsyl
vania's coldly formal praise of his adminis
tration and its enthusiastic indorsement
of Mr. Blaine would not disturb his
equenimity or turn upon him the pitying
glances of his countrymen, But his aspira
tions are obvious, if not yet avowed, his
plans and preparations for a second term
have been made in the sight of men, and
his quest of powerful supporters is uncon
cealed. The opposition he now confronts
forces upon him, in the last year of his
administration, either a change in his
advisers or the abandonment of his am
It would be impossible for men of feeling
to withhold their sympathy from Mr. Har
rison had he not by his own acts invited
and deserved the disaster that has now
overtaken him. He has been the willing
beneficiary of the corrupt doings and the
immoral schemes of the men who have now
repudiated him, but he has not been will
ing to share the odium of their misdeeds.
The money that Mr. Wanamaker raised and
the ways of spending it that Mr. Quay do
vised put Mr. Harrison in the chair of the
chief executive. The country was not long
in Snding out the abominable corruption
of Mr. Quay's campaign methods and the
pious Wansmaker's active and consenting
part in making them seccessful. Mr. Har
rison well knew what had been done. His
Presbyterian conscience doubtless protest
ed. but his controlling ambition comforta
bly acquiesed. The expert and unscrupu
lous political managers who had served him
once could serve him again. They were too
powerful to be frowned upon; they must be
accepted and conciliated. Mr. Wanamaker
became his postmaster general and his
friend. Mr. Qosy, for whom he could not
quite conceal his inward abhorrence, has
continued to be his political advisor. The
president condoned the sins of those who
had made him president, and became an
accomplice after the fact. Quay's criminal
record and Wananaker's unpleasant hypoc
risy we:e obstinately overlooked by the
president, and the country rnaoned that
what he chose to overlook he did not con
d mun.
Mr. Harrison's weak and unworthy tol
erance of Quny and Wanamaker has now
become the plague of his existence. Ha
cannot with good grace repudiate these
me. for they have already repudiated him,
*gd the tardy action he might now take
would be attributed, not to an awakened
conscience, but to the spirit of spite and
revenge. It is too late for any profitable
confession of his sins. He can only confese
his weakness. And, in truth, his weakness
in the effort to make his name heard above
the swelling cry for Blaine is evident and
deplorable. He has a stronger and better
claim upon the moral sense of the republi
can party of the country than Mr. Blaine
vastly stronger and better notwithstanding
his repeated and shifty compromises in
matters where he should have stood up
right, and in spite of his miserable failures
to make his practices agree with his pro
feasions. But the active leadership of the
party has gone bodily over to Mr. Blaine.
The voice of republicanism, whenever it
makes itself heard, is raised for Blaine
and not for Harrison.
Against such a strong rod general senti
ment, declaring itself a full year before the
nomination is to be made, Mr. Harrison
can make headway only by most uncom
men skill, no little daring, and at grave
risk. The attempt to force his candidacy
must speedily involve him in difficulties
comparable to those that wrecked Andrew
Johnson. The effort to secure by intrigue
what he cannotopenly capture would doubt
lose be doomed to failure, because the ex
perienced intriguers are all on the other
side. It is a discouraginz, even an alarm
ing, outlook for the president.
Will open office at
Nov. 1, emeining to Nov. 5, tait and on same
dates will visit iteiena each month thereaftier.
The Oldest, Most Successful, and
Only Reliable San Francisco
Specialists, Surgeons
and Physicians,
Who havethe majority of Patients under treat.
meat in San I raunisco and on the Pacific
Coast for the following diseases.
are now in Butte City.
Pii requiring expert medical or surgical servics.
can be treated by the great Pacific Coast
Dontor., now in Butte City, with.
out havina to visit San
C rancieso.
Entranes to Liebig World Dispensary. 8 Eass
Broadway, corner Main street.
tres. iebiig & Ca.o are regular gradeates is
mediies ata wenrgry aad specialt .p otitionsri
authorized by the states of dissour,. t alifenia
and Montana to treat all chronic, nervous and
prVit e dreasrs Iwhether causes by imprudence,
ecesase r cootainu]m aemnpal weakness, night
lsesxl eiit~y (loss of sexual vowerl
screns docility (ose of nervdo fare]. dims.,,. of
thre blode yphilas geoarrhsea. dleet and strie
apsointmes t bacearcs arrm, , |
refunodd. Charges lot. Thnirands of canss
cured. Alt aisliciries are erpecrally ~rrpared for
sack, .adiviitual ca-s at laboratrey. it. cinjclea
or psiunenus compunisds seed No time lbat
froer busina','. P'auser to at a distance treated by
mail and expresa. Modicine seat sverywhere
free from gaze or breakais.
is diseases of the blood. traiu, heart ani nerv
ass elettim, aso welt as lises, kidney and gravel
comi'l~ua to. chroinatieso, paralysis and all o~thsr
charonicr diseases.
Write foc illustratord papers as i)efermitios,
Club F'e.:, tloroatore .,r t e 5dpi.,. Piles, 'titoors
Canrer. teatarch, Bronrlritir, inhalatio~n, i.l'o~ric.
Ity., Magaetismn, Paralysis, h pilcpoy, Kidney,
tsladdvc, Eye, Far, Iskin and Bilood sod ali surgi.
eat Operations.
Diseases of women a speciatty. Ilook en die.
wmen free.
'The only retiahle Miediral and Sunrgical aasti
utot emnking aet e iral:y of psriostediseases.
All blrosddi:eeeuos r'lrc't~fslly trsatrt. Syphl
ltit P.,ioooe rmiored from, the syruem webhont
meetery. New r,.st,,etiseitreatmniat tor loncao
Vii 1 lower. Fur'nre, trible toe,,elt is rtylhe
trested at horne b~y orrasuarlnirure Alt rim
municutios~n rsotdentiti. Medirlines or Irtoic.
Recte sent by mail or sxpress securety parked.
Oine personaal interriow p~referred. t'all anud roe
sait us, or send history of year rase sod we wilt
mad in iptlai weiapper sur book fiee explaining
why theosantlai cannot he eared of I'rivate, rips.
clad and Nervoua diseasets, Seotissl Weakness,
Sppermaterrswa. impotency, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea,
Glset. Varirscls, etr.
Des. Liebig & tao. are the esty qinalified or rti
ssruneibte speciealists left in Montana sines the
aew medial lesaw.
Offic honre fromlAto 6and 7to Sop. m,;er by
appoinatment iii obscure or nrgent cases.
~neyyfrDr. Liebises isvigoratosr at Reem
tssentll tih followog Notice appeared in the
Sun Fesncfaoa Chronfice.
.judge s-- bad been tick only about two
wee cassd It was not ismtl tht last thtee ar
four days Ithat the malady toetk amerious turn.
At the begiouing of his illness be sufferetd from
diabetes and stomach disorder. Later the
kidneys refused to parform their functions and
he passed ietly away. Thus ended the life
fone of he most prominent men in Call
fornia." Like tkwnsnands of others his on
titnely death was the result of neglecting early
symptoms of kidney disease.
- * I F YOU.
are troubled with diabetes, gravel, or any de
ransemeint of the kidneys or urisary organs,
dosat delay proper treatmtent until you are
forced to give up your daily duties; don't
waste your money 05n worthless liniments
and woese plaster. but trikae at the seat of
the disease at once by uwing the greatest of all
known renesiles, the elebrated ttrepon Kit
eTe. It hassaved the lives of thsands.
c hy should it not euse you? try it. mnrety
vegetable and rleas nt to take. $1.00 a pack
age, 0 for $5it00.
ttin ias my hands, isosed out of the dis
trict court at thc Iir: t judicial district of the
state ol Al oana , in and for th e county of Lewis
and t larko. in tic suit of F. W. ounton and bier
tha E, liullock. plaintiffs, egpinst Williant I eed,
tteoege K. Foote. Vitnnel C, Linda. charmes Orth
and Eli Knob, dofottdnts. duly attested the 5th
day at August. A. D.. ida, 1 lace levied npoun
anl the right, title and Interhet of liu said till
iam eend, (It urge B. Nuots. Vinast . luas,
(toel a Orth and Eli Knob, in cad to the follwt.
log detscribed property, s~tdateci in Lewis and
Clarke custy, state of Montahu, viz:
Lot fourteen (l14 in bloan threts hundred and
eighty-three (t111 of the telessa trwnits ot the
act~y af Helena. eounaty and sate fressaiti.
'(oa-ether wilt, all ans i lut cr the tenesmveant,
hnrestitsmonta and apl,nretnasnoeo theraunto be
lt~n-itg or in ctiywis * appnertalntna.
Notice is herebsy £ van that en Staturday the
211th day of Aundut. A. D. 1891, at the hour of 12
u'ctuak Ms., sit saint day at tis front. dour at thts
cosurt-itome to the city of loIason, t will stll nill
the rightl. title, and itoessotof ti~e said Wtilliamn
1'eed, Geocges B. Foute. Vis""el C. l'ucia. Citsrlce
O~rth aod Eli Knots in east to ithsacid oboves
dascribed itrouse~ty, to the biabrat bidder for
cash is Itand.
Given under my band this the Rth day of Aug
ust, A. U. 1a1.
tHiAtiLbES M1. JEFF~kIIlA, tiheriff.
hiAtt-. . fottyttyvt, les't, t; ltrtll.
tLUMIct\S-INr THE ltltuT:ht'T 'OUttT OF'
I thu Fleet Jodlo si die'.iict ct the saate of
Mtontana, is and tar the eanaty at Lewis and
Jscob C. Drinkwsler. plaintiff. yo e. reB
llut'.e., Nanny it. Gould. Al. by l~otler, I.seoroB
tin t uifii', James ii. tnti, a. Ltviiie tiuby,
Daid olty, ball a' Wloh .H nk . ltts
lerAnnita . Mrto, thory\( stoutn, Gearge
It. tienid, usrali i'. lioon,~ Edwaetd It. Pierce
and the Fcregan Mining & !socling company.
'ho stats of tlctatsac sends greeting to the
abs,,e easass d'tfentdant.
Yen ace herebiy rat ii red to appear tunan action
brought agugattt usa bly tike ahoer rtantd plainstff
in the diatriat court at tlte ,ret judicial distriot
of 'ho state of Milntanta, in asd fue tics cutnty of
Lewis ans Clarke. endl to atawer the cotmpflait
filed therein, within ten danys tsoslaeive of the
day at service) otter it'e survice on yotu of thisl
mutnmoem, it sorved withinti hit coanly: or. it
metved ou~t or ithis rotmty. but atithis thitn diietrat,
within twenty day s: ttarwise swithtin fatty days,
or lndgmttnt byp efeault will he taken a 'tash yau,
according to the prayer at said tcosmplaint.
'Ih tstant action to broutght to enooers thte smo
of ci-1 t Isatir d and thitlt ln 7-1ltO dolta s, in
totther waith interest there'n at Itta rate at 10 per
c nt. pwr eqsno from tepttet:her 14. t89t, until
rendition rf slidmenot aguinut o 1 of the above
earned defendants (except the trie an Milning&
Millng ompny)andto f'reelo.e a mnrrttsge
gi~ oaor opataetent at the same, on an
natititidd 1. intere- ti' a thI -guni qitarta lode
mini: g cti, tt attil the aligas lipur sisaro mldc
minsing olaim, ci',. toe t ttse It at1 it I itton
tiuttit. , tom;: is !tiltrgdttlatr.t 1 etyl and Cliarhe
county, eta's of Munrotan mse"n.s by all tnf rsid
defeudante, eateit sa d)¢ span~ s4lining a,.d Mill
hncetne opa'y. and to die roe h tislen of said
alurtctmge tnrior to anay claim cold Oleisn Pinisnsg
a y~i'i,, arem~utu y mrey leo, spas said premi
ae" a."eitt ic f oto 1 esrrlh-d,
Ac~d vtttareherebty nt; lthat if Otalo
5ppnet d ant sewer lite mci tstalncO.fi t ao
requited. she raid plainswhi isuas 1e~a niotal
hie ndrm and ant il iis mat at the din.
teiettconFFt of ithe I 1rt slictsl -t'.it f the
orate cif Montana. is and Inr the eentts sit Lewis
and lare, tis ct' ath stiy tt An, n"t. in
trIm yecv of see Lord, one thousand eight hsundred
anti ninety-nea.
loca!] Jttl1N IIF.&N, Clerk.
fl) Ui. 11. Tioeursose, Ttesmoy t orat.
haoona .h lloscu, Attorstoya far i lainthie
ofLtisadCla-ke. oa.-In juttice's court
of lielents township. tbefore C. W. Fleischer, jus
tice of the peace.
Morris Couhaim ana David E. Conhaim. co
partners as Cunhaim Bros. vs. Frank Wenoler.
The atate of Montana to the above-named de
fendant, greeting:
bon are heres summoned to he and appear
before moe, C. W. F 1eiocher. a justiceof the pea,-e
to and for the township of Itelena, conity of
Lewis and Clarke, at my office in Helena. onf
Tueaday, the 5toh lay of vebplsroher, A. I). 1891.
at tO o'clock a. u. of said dra. tle and there to
make answer to the complaint of Morris (onhaim
and David hi. ('enhaim, ia-tsrerussas ('tnltiir
Bros., thy ahove-oamed ptuiutilf,in acivil ci~un
to rcoroer the sunm of noe hun dred end fifty $.5u1
dollars. lawful money of th. unitdl ate', for
merchandise sold and Celivered to defendant at
his request during thumonths of 'tarch and Juno,
G1911 all of which appears nine fthdy in the cA i
plaint os tile h-ofte. and ion de nit thoerof udhi
ment will he rendeHred ac HOa'rni, Frank WtG.
lee, the anabe-iuemd dofendant for the sum of
one hundred acnd oifty or., dollore, and rout
of sIit in this behalf expended.
Givei nder my hands this 14th day of August,
A. D.. 1801.
Justice of the Peace of Said Township.
Miller and Borman R r. partners, doing
business as borake, Miller &t Co., plaintifto, ne.
Catherine Fcllenius, deafendant.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of fo ciloiro and nato toned out of lie
district cuoro thu rof the s juticti diotrict of the
sotttt of ,tloutans. iu snd foir the actunty of Lewis
and Clarke. on the 5tb lay 0v uugtiet, A. D. 18011
in the abuse entitled action, wheretio ohnt
Hurky, 1g. oiltor and tierron titehtir, part
ners. doing ho-incas as ttrsroy, Mtller it tsr.,
she abotve nain~d plaintiffs, ohtiatutd a judg
ment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against l'otherine Fotleiute. defendant,
on the _ttth day rif November. A. D. 181111.
for tie enrol of 11.131.40. besides interest, costa
and attorsey fous, which said decroe was on Otie
Dliih dat of Nun smts'o. A, D. 11190, recorded in
judgment buok No. "F" of said court at page
'itt. 11 am cuoroanded to sell atl Stist certain lot
piers or parcel rof t andt situate t 'lug and
benti h iyof Ht'e: a,' cunty of Lewis atnd
('ae -neof:l~tanta. and tounded and do
acribed as follows. to-wit:
Lot twin-u (ill ii bltock thirty (..O) in the
Nortelhrs Fat-ine a !dition to the city of Helena
county andit oate aforesaidi, trgothor with all and
aingutar the islisuonemt hereditaments and ap
purteniances thes'.,unto belonging or in any wise
aPtblicunoti Is hereby given that en Thursday,
the 27th day of Augur.t A. D. 18,51, at 12 o'clock
in. of that iday, at the least. rnor of the eriurt
lious-, Hfelenia. Lewis aiid Clarke counity, Mon
tanatn lilt, in obitl-mocs is raid oirdertif vate
and il-oreo of forecl'isaro and oale, rall the
abiove de-ertibud property, i-r so cinch thereof
as may be nosostuary to, citiufy said joidgmenct,
with interect aind auto, tro the hiighisot and heat
bidider, for rash ini htndi.
Givetn under soy baud this 51th dayof August,
A. D. 1801.
CHAS, M. J~IeF'let:tl. Sheriff.
My tlaipk G. Juonunyl. liapoto Sheriff.
- sctin i myhans.issued iout of the tdistritt
court of the Fit- -t judicital di-trirt of tho slats
of Mtontana, iii suit for the county of Leiwis anod
1 elire, in rthe suit. iof Preasietot \t . uutirt and
Martha K'. l~utloth. otlaiiiifls, againet Barry
ftha's, Charies tirtli and (leo it. Foote, idefend
aiile, duly attestrid itie rth day ut Asige"t. A.
1). tell. I have levied upusi all tins right, title and
iteirest cf the Paidlotrry ,halt'. ticetee tirth
and Gteioge It. Foote. in ricd to the fills-lng tie
sert-id ptroperty. situated iii Lewis and Clarke
coun~ty. stats of Montana, slat
liot funoturan lit1 tin hiock three huindred and
eighty-three (1911) if ftis Helena tawosit oef the
city of elsens cocntty and stare aforsealid.
Together with sill ant intigular ntis tenemenuts,
liorotitaorossia snd allintt'ulivite the custin
beloniginug. ur in anywise appsertininlg.
Notice is hereby given thut an batneday, the
211th dac of August, A. D. 1801t, at the hour of
12 o dock IQ.. of maid day, at the
front dour of this etitrt house. to the city
at Helens, I will seail alt the right. titto
anti tinterest of Cthe sail Harry 'I tati'. fliartes
tlrtli andI tiettge hI. 11,010, lin and ts the said
alives deecritbnsl property, to the highrest bisduer
for cash to hantd.
(liven under sty hand tliie the 6th day of
Auguat. Al.lei.91
ItA~rte 0. Juoucnve, Uspaty Sheriff
-'the Jerasy. tueo Mining -comptany. ream No.
1. t'sower baildhing.
'ther annual munieting of the etveshsolders at the
Jarsey t Isis Aliatg osonpa's will he heilt ini tr~i
sii'oes '11 the casejisny, . oi05Ni, I, Power ttild
leg, to t its city o aloe tsea. lihotanis. en Isiseday.
Kelsembar 1. 1°91, at fuir a'aiuch p. an.. fosr
the election of a-van tuaetoes.t Is eese dar'ng the
carsiaK year, and the traneaettlna of sash ether
business as may~ properly comas I soees acid meiet
ing. J2. U. HIUhP-UG.'l'.
lieleon. Mont.. Aag. 2. 191.1
Attorney at Law.
Room 5, Ashby Block, Helena, Mont.
Physician and Surgeon.
SPcEoAnrsTs-Eye, Ear and Throat.
Office: 101¼ Broadwry.
(D. B. Carpenter, M. J. Cavanaugh.)
Attorneys at Law.
Rooms t and 10. Bailey Block.
Attornoy and Counsellor at Law.
Masonic Temple, Helena, Mont.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice in all cmono of recrd in the
state, Offi1ce in Gold Block, Itolona. Merit.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
U. i. De sty Mineral Burveyror. Mineral pat
tots tesors d. Rooms 12-13, Atlas Building, Hlsi
oe.a Moot.
Physician. Burgeon, Accoucher. Oculist, Aurist.
Member of Sen Francisco Medical Society,
}l so Nevadla Siate H dicat Sorieiy. Office on
stai s treel. over Stinmosetz Jewelry Store.
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment.
a guaranteed speciefi for Hysteria, Dizzineea,
Convnleons. Fit.. Nervous Neuralgia, Headache.
Nervous Prostration caused by the use of alcohol
or totacco, Wakefulness. Mentai Depression
Softening of the brain. resulting in insanity anti
leading to misery. dsecay and deaths. Premature
Old Age, Blarrenn..ss. toes of Power in either sox
Ineolnutray Losess anud S ersniertoreer canon.{
by over-exertisin of the brain. seif-apnesso r over.
indulgence. Each box contains a month'e ireat
meet. $1.00 a box, or six boxes for 1 00, sent
by mail prseaid on receipt of prire.
To cur, any ease. With each order received hr
us for six boones, accompanied by $5.00. we wiii
send the purchaser sue written guarantee to re
fund the money if the treatment dees not effect a
cure. Gutarantees issued only luy If. M. larchen
& Co., druggists. soie agenta, Helena, Mont.
$1100 REWARD.
We wiil pay the above reward fsr any canse of
Liver Complaint. lb pes~iia. Siek Hieadache, In
digesti.n. C unstipation or Costiveness we cannott
cure swith Went's Vegetable Lieer Pills, when the
directions are strictly ersusplisis with '1 hey arts
purely Vegetable andi never fail to give sarisfacs
tson Suar oatd. arcs sexes, containing~
BI) Pills. 25 enets. Blewace ef counlerfeits and
imtitatione. 1 the gientine msanufuslurod only by
Tull JOtti C. WEST tOPAspugs Chiicaus. 111. Sold
by H. M. Farehen & Co., druggists, Helena.__
Agents for the Celebrated
Rllugh and Finishing Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Fasl ant Ioulolils.
01ty OMees Room 8, Thompson Ulook, Mala Mtreet, Opposite Grand Oeatral Hotel
New Sioux Cijy Route.
Passenger. for the East from Helena and
other Western points will find the NEW
NOIS CENTRAL R. R. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one of the
most attractive, passing through Sioux City
the only Corn Palace City of the woridi
Dubuque, the handsome Key City of Iowa;
Rockford, Illinois, a new manufacturing
city, that has become a "world within it.
self," and Chicago, whose growth and en
terprise is the wonder of the world. With
elegant free Chair Care, and Pullman Pal
aceSleeping Cars on every train between
Sioux Oity and Chicago, and with close con
nection with the UNION PACIFIC trains
at Sioux City, the
reepectfully presents its claims for the new
and every way desirable SIOUX CITY
For folders and further particulars call
upon local ticket agent, or address the una.
deraigued at Manchester, Iowa.
Ass't GAen Pase. Agt.
Judicial District of the State of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
In the matter of the estate of Villiam Kelly,
Order to show canue why sale of mining prop.
artehy should not he mneide.
On readitnc and tiling the petition of William
L. lit -le and Mtichael Kelly. executors of the
lest will and testament of William Keliy. de
ceased, and praying, among other things, for ott
order of eel,, of the mining property of said es
tate of William Kelly.
It is ordered 1I l hat all prsons interested id
the etste osf 1t1HO sd William Kelly, deceased
he and appear before the District Court, in th
for the count of Lewis and Clarke. at the court
room of satid court, int the cotert house in said
county, on Monday, the tenth day of Ang nf,
lest, at 10 o'clock a. in. then and there to etiow
cause wh ant order of sale ehould not he made
of the mining property of said estate, according
to law.
It eo further ordered, That a copy of this order
he published for four eucceosi, weeks before
tue said tenth day of August, 189t, in the Helena
Independent, a nwswpaeeer printed aind pub
laishd in the said Lewis and Clarke county.
D Signed.] IllilACLt it liUCK. Judge.
trictcour of te fist j dicildstrict of lbs
atate of Montana. so aod for the conoty of Lewis
and Clarke. lottie matter of the estat of David
Ruben. deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the estate of D~avid Rub-c,
dtsreased, to the creditors of, soil all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceas d, to exhibit
tniam with the nereasary veerhers. within ten
months after the first ptubllcation of this cellos
to tse said administrator at the' liaw oiies of
Ashbtirn K. Itarbour. lit the Mastnie Tem pie, in
the city of Helena, rninty of Lewis sand Clack,, and
state of Montana, the samie being the place of
the transaction of the business of thte said
Administrator of the estate of David Itubet
listed, Helene. Montana, July 288.189L

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