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Largest Hardware and Machinery Depot in the West.
Railway, Mill, and Blacksmith Supplies, Mininm, Hoisting and Reducing Machinery,
Artistic Builders' and Cabinet Hardware.
A Complete and Varied Assortment of all Goods to Select from.
Knowles' Steam Pumps, Atlas Engines and Boilers,
Pulsometer Irrigating Pumps, Willard's Engines and Boilers,
Rand's Rock Drill, Ledgerwood Hoisting Engines,
Rand's Air Compressors, Buffalo Horse' Whims,
Barnes' Woodworking Machin'y, Davis Horse Whims,
Gilbert's Wood Split Pulleys. Foot Power and Engine Lathes,
Howe's Scales and Trucks, Buffalo Forges and Blowers,
Ore Cars and Buckets, Crescent and Jessop Drill Steel,
Mining Wheelbarrows, Hand and Power Bolt Cutters,
Steel T Rails and Strap Iron, Roubling's Wire Rope,
Mine Ventilators, Electric Batteries and Exploders
Lubricating Oils, Powder, Caps and Fuse,
Differential Pulley Blocks, Belting, Hose and Packing,
Steel Cut and Wire Nails, Valves, Pipe and Fittings,
Duplex Screw Plates. Fire Brick and Clay.
All orders filled with the utmost dispatch. Correspondence will receive careful and immediate attention.
113 and 115 North Main Street, Helena, Montana.
How Breakfast Is Served and of What It
A plate of broth before each guest; in the
middle of a big red tray. containing tum
blers of water and syrup, and small plates
filled with sweets, caviare, sardines-all
kinds of hors d'ceuvre, in fact, which are
plentifully patronized. I am seated next to
the pasha's daughter. A promiscuous lout
of servants and slaves wait upon us. Some
are white; some are very, very black. The
latter wear the most elementary of colored
chemises or nighs dresses, caught around
the waist with a string. After the soup
comes a huge platter of little bits of roasted
mutton. In difference to my prejudices, I
am helped upon a separate plate, though I
had come prepared to act upon the prinei
ple of a whimsical old friend of my childish
days, whose paraphrasing of "A la guerre
comme a la guerre" was "In Turkey do as
the turkeys do."
I am bound to state that separate plates
are likewise set before the ladies of
the harem. But this is the merest matter
of form. By common consent all the forks
are dipped simultaneously into the central
dish. and bits are progged out and con
veyed to the lips without any unnecessary
delay. Sometimes the good old imaxim that
fngers were made before forks is acted
upnon. I am not sorry now that my pre1u
dices have been respected. T'he mutton
being cleared away, another great central
dish of eggs and onions succeeds. The same
scene as before is enacted.
And now comes a sweet dish of Turkish
pastry - the greasiest, flakiest, lightest,
sweetest, most surfeitest ,astryv n the
world. Then follow artichokes stuffed
with mincemeat, which are soon made real
mincemeat of by the crowd of forks and
fingers. More pastJy-meaty this time
and then a very curious di-:b, which is at
tacked by a dozen spoons at one and the
same time, that promptly return to the at
tack after leaving the lips to which they
have been directed in the interim. Once
more I cannot find it in my heart to regret
that my prejudices have led to my being
helped upon a plate to myself.
This munch esteemed dish is a kind of pap,
with an unpronounceable Turkish name,
spelt cavouk-guessv: it coenists of chichens'
breasts boiled down with milk until the
whole is reduced to a kind of sweet pulp,
very filling and cloying. 'lThe pap is suc
ceeded by a kind of jelly, strongly impreg
nated with essence of rose. Then comes a
huge dish of lamb, and as a final and
crowing triumph a huge platter of pilaf,
with the rice boiled as it ought to be for
eurryv--i separate grains, and properly
greased, browned and gravied, Even the
houger engendered by a conscientious ad
herence to the atamagan has its limits.
After oranges had been distributed to the
eomrany all round, the ladies of the harem
resaired to the adjoining room. 'Ther ser
vants and slaves flocked into an adjoining
apartment, where they and the children
took their Iftar with less of forks and more
of fingers than their mistresses; and I
sipped my Turkish coffee and lighted my
Turkish cigarette under the direct protec
tion of my friend, the Pasha's daughter.
-Temple Bar.
Fair Ground Trains.
The Montana Central will run trains at
frequent intervals during each day to the
fair grounds.
Avoid the rush and delay at depot and
fair ground ticket offices by purchasing re
turn tfckets which are on sale at reduced
rates at Montana Central city ticket otfice,
also by conductors of the electric railway.
General Ticket Agent.
Sunday Excursion Rates.
The Montana Central will sell during the
summer tickets from Helena to Alhambra
and Boulder and return at one fare for the
round trip. I ickets will be on sale S+atr
days and Sundays and wiil be good to re
turn until the following Monday.
B. I. LAxoI.ar,
General Ticket Agent.
Are You Suffering
From back ache, inflammation of the blad
der, drick dust deposit or stone in the blad
der, or in fact any derangement of the
kidneys or urinary organs? If thus afflicted
do not lose time and waste money on worth
less liniments and worse plasters, but strike
at the seat of the disease at once by using
the greatestof all known remedies, the cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tea. Pleasant to
take, purely vegetable. Batisfaction every
Aatoaatta e anner..
But time changes minds as well as man.
ners, though even new when making
changes from one circle to another, it often
requires that adaptability which could be
said found in one who has automatic man.
ners. However, sech radical changes not
sttly appear in drawing-room repartee,
street dres, etc., among people, but also !a
the conveysnienoes and luxuries afordio
mankind. Raiiread travel is one instane,
A few years ago, comparatively, one had to
consumse much valuable time in an uneom.
'ertable way to make what is now thought
nothing of as a night's journey in a sleeper.
The most modern equipment and trames
portation faoilites can be fornd on the
fast trains of the Minneanolis & St. Louis
railway to Chincage, St. Louis, Hot Springs,
Kansas City, etc. Inqaire of any agent of
the aompany, or C. M. Pratt, general tiet
and passenger agent. Minnea.olis. M(in,
Will open office at
Nov. 1, remaining to Nov. 5, 1891, and on same
dates will visit helena each month thereafter.
The Oldest, Most Successful, and
Only Reliable San Francisco
Specialists, Surgeons
and Physicians,
Who havethe majority of Patients under tret.
moent in ban Francisco and on the Paciie
Coast for the following diseases,
are now in Butte City.
.11 requiring expert medical or surgical services
ea be treated by the great Pacific Coast
Dootors, new in Butte City, with
out having to visit Ban
Entranoe to Liebig World Dispensary. 8 Sagt
Broadway, corner Main Street.
Dr,. Liebtg & (Co. are regular gradnates In
medliine andl urgoer and upu etial peactitwners
Dutholszd by the states of Missour. (California
sad Montian to treat all chronie, nervous and
private diseases t whether caaten by imprudence,
sie.aso contauiouil, seminal weakness, enigh
osase, reats! dbility loss of sexual sower(
ervoues dobility loss of nerve force], disease. of
th r bood Isyphu.ie. gnor.rloea, gleot and orlri
trarel ured. t'urablhre e. luaranltedjor money
refundrd. Char.es loW. Thou.ands of ease
tured. All medioinue are epeallylrreepared for
rach ,dividual c.,e at labriortey. Nre njurirtus
or poiu.,tos comypounds used No time lost
fr-m b.lsinea.. ]'atientt at a distanoe treated by
ealii and express. Mrditias sent evorywhere
Ste., fromn gae or breakage.
In diieass of the blood, Irain, heart sail ne.e~v.
Gus st',tm, s well s liver. kidney and gravel
rmpl.tlrrtLs. rh'urrnatium, ptralysi and all other
c,'rtie tor illuetratet papers on Deformities.
Club ('. '.. (urvatur of tri t-pine. Prlls,lTumorn.
Cancer, . fturri. Ulronchiti, inha!atio., Elrc'.rict
ty. Magtreticm, Paralysis. prletpsy, Kidney,
leludir, Eye, Iar, blin ad Blood and all murgi
cal operations.
DuIssseo of women a spescialty. Book on die
eases free.
'The only reliable Medical and tuorgical Inoti
ute makiit.g a st iality of private dieasto,.
All bluuddiueaoeu succesatfully treated. Syphi.
litie Poisons rnemoved from the sisyste.r withrrt
nArcury. New r.utorative treatment for lens of
Vit 1 Power. Pereronr l.sble tr visit us may bi
treatoed at home by torropondenoe. All reom
-usications confidenltal. hsedicisem or lnstro.
mente sent by rn;l or express securealy pcrked.
Dse prrroal intenrview preferred. ('allarnd coo
mlt us, or aond history of your r"aw and we will
isad in plain wraptor our book free, explaiuin.
wy tlhousuand taunot be cured of P rivests. rpe
island hSet Y. a iseases, Seminal Weakness,
permartorr-a. Impotencsy, Syptlis, (iGonorrh-el,
ieet, Varrr,c'lhs, etc.
Drs. Liebig A Co. are the only qnallfied or r.
Ipnsible sperialiste left In Montana sines the
ew mesltal law.
Office hours from9 to 6 and 7 to 6 p. m.; or by
appointment is oitenre or urgent cases,
Amsner for Dr. Lieb's linvigorator at Boon
I. Ifý %oulwe . Butt.
Recently the followlnq Notice appaered In the
San Franclrco Chronicle.
"LJudge S- bad been sick only about two
wejcs, and It was net until the last three or
four days that the malady took a serious turn.
At the beginning ofhis illneus re suffered from
diabetes and siomach disorder. t.ter the
kidneys rcfthed to perform their functions and
he passed quietly away. Thus ended the lite
of one of the most promninent men ilo Cali
fornia." Like thousands of others his un
timely death was the result ofneglectingl early
symptoms of kidney disease.
n I fOLJ
are troubled with diabetes, gravel, or any de
rangesent of the kidneys or urinary orgala,
dosst delay proper treatment until you are
forced to give upyour daily duties; don',
waste your money en worihless liniment
and worse plasters, but strlke at the seat of;
the disease at once by using the greatest of all
known remedies, the e.e.ctted Oregon KiCl-l
nay Tea. It has saved the lives of thousands.
Why should It not csre you? Try it. Putrely
vegetable and pleasant ta take. $1.00 a pack
age, 6 for $5.00.
1- ction in my hands, issued oat of the tie
trist eourt of the Virot Judicial district ot the
stare of ,iantuna, in and for the reunty cf Lewis
atd I larks, in the suit of F. W. DL'unton and Mlar
tha E. llolloca, plaintiffs, against William L.etd,
tgeorge B. Foote. I inzel '. gima. t iharlos Orth
and Ili Knob, defse;dans, Only attested the 5th
day of Angnost, A. D.. 1891, 1 have leovied soon
ail the right, title and interest of thesaid Will
isam tased, George B. 'oote,. Vin.el t. I'inda,
I harl-s Or:h and Eli Knob, in and to the follw
ins descrired propnrt, situated in Lewis and
(ilark ke onutty, st,.t of Montana, vie:
lot fourteen (1I) in block three hundred and
eightythree (ISt) of the 'srlena trwnsite of tOte
OtlO of Helena. county and state i foresaid.
'ogelther with all and bings ar tie tenements,
hereditarnents and spt.,urtenatoes thereunto bot
Intniug or in anywise apocrtainirg.
Notice is hereby g.ven that on Saturday the
20th day of Ansnat. A. D. 1891, at the hour of 12
oclock M., of cald day at the front door of the
courl-honse in the c1ita of Helena I will s0il all
the right, title and interestef the aid Willismn
-eed, George B. Foute, Vinmol C. liinda. Charlts
Orth and Eli Knob in and to the said above
described prolperty, to the highest bidder for
cash in hand.
Given and,.r my hand this the 6th day of Aug.
nst, A. D. l91.
RGALPH G. Jota;ý Sv, D..ent:; Sheriff.
Sthe First Judicinl district if the state of
Muontana, in and for the . .un.y of Lewis and
Juo, b C. DrinkwatLer. plaintiff. vs. George IB.
Ilutler, Nancy B. tlisild, Abby Butler, I). C;orn
lin Ctrie, James ,. (iriero. Levine lioby
David Bhby. Nati as Willoaghby. Frank -..But
lee, Ananetta . button, isenry W. Burton, (ierge
1d Gould, d.aralh .. lr,nl., Edwardl I. 'ierve
ocd the Pioran Minina & MIlling company,
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
obeve oarned defendant.
You are hOereby reItanri to appOar In an action
brought agaiunst .ou bh the ah,, e. nated Iplintif
in the diatriot cosrt of tlh I rct. judicial diatrict
of the state oft Montana. in and for tihe county of
I.awis an It (larke. n.l ito answer the complaint
filed therein, witlli ten days lexilusivs of the
day of service) aifr stli srvicer on you of this
snmmons, if served withli this county; or, if
served oout or this eonlty, hot within this district,
within twenty days: otlherwise within forty days.
or judgment by dofault will ha taken a'ainst yea,.
according to the prayer of said, omploint.
'1lo sasd action is brooglht to tesover thse snm
of eigh t L.andr.d ad ilrLt-rn 17-100 delstla, tu
rel her wtil interst thereon at tile rate or 10 Ipr
it at. per annl,' from teptaroehe 14, 18,, Iuntil
renditiaon of judzment against all of the above
umtted defendnntla rexett the Pieoan Mio;n5 A
Milling compay)land to foIrecioe a mcrtkingo
iaes to,, secure the emeeat elo the eamnr. on an
undividid .t interet in the I ihgati trra It.de
inisig elai, o and the Piegan spur oquartz lode
mining olanim, rIt'Ct at the hbol of Ilgon
Gulchb. osemple liiniegdiatriet. I owl. and Clar.e
county, states B, Menlra. saers 1 l. y all of said
dlteauautsL eraspts sa:d P ecan ;ininag and Mill
Log 'a1nyis. and to do tee the lien of aild
r0ortgage erir to any claim said Piggan Mining
A, ?tillig eemaunny msey lave upon said premi
aeu heroin b f.t Jrg,-rilp!.
And you are hreoby notifihad that If you fall to
sppear andl answer lie said oeni lainl as above
requiredl. the said plaintiff will take iltoault
ocgirs; you and aprly l.a the clart Ir the relief
in tile-,p'nipint Iheretl dileanded.[
Given nder my handl and the seal of the diel
trictcourt of tha Fsrrt jltdicial district of the
estate of Montana. in and for the county of Lewie
and Clarke. thil .lgotti.nth day of Aieu'.t. in
the year .f onur Lord, one thanoend eighthnuilre
and aineTy-oes.
[ ea)! JOHN IBEAN. Clerk.
lly h. It. T.oeprson. Deputy Clerk.
'mbaln A [email protected], Attorneys for I laitift
. of Lewis and Clarke . s-Inj utice'e conr
of Helena township, before C. W. Fleischer, jus
tice of the peace.
Morris Conhaim and David E. Conhaim. co
partners as Conhaim Bros. vs. Frank Wenyler.
The state of Montana to the above-named de
fendant, greeting:
onu are hereby summoned to he and appeal
before me, C. W. Fli0scher, a justice of the peace
in and for the township of ielena, county oe
Lewis and Clarke, tt my office in Helena. on
Tuesday. the 11th day of eptembher. A. D. 1891,
at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. tLea and there to
make answer to the complaint of Morri CTonhaim
and David I. ('enheim, co-t rener as Containm
Bros., the above-named plaintiff, in acivil actlon
to recover tihe om of ,ne hnadred end hftv f$1501
dollars, lawful money of the ;nited :States, for
merchandlise sold and aelivered to defendant at
his roqueet during the montlha of Marttch nd J un,
leS5. al of which apparre morti follly in the com
plaint on file herein. and ia dlefault thereof judg
ment will be rendered agaret you. Frank Weng
ler, the above-named defendant, for the ctim if
one utndrd sand fifty 1.:,:;1 dollars, and cost
of stit in this behoalf expended.
Given under my hands this lth day of August.
A. D. 1881.
Justice of the Peaoce of Said Township.
In accordance with the provisions of th
rules and regulatione governing the use of
timber on the public domain, promulgated by
Aircular, approved by the secrJtary of the interior,
May 5. 1bl1, notice is hb.rby given that the on
derAigned. S. J . Dodd, whose fostolrlce address
is Logging ('reek. Montana, sclll, at the expir.
tion of twenty-one dat e frlo the first pblica
tion of this notice, will make written app:ica
eion to the honorable secretnry of the inteilior for
authority tocnt and remova all the pinae end fir
timber suilabl, for saw loge, lumber or cordwood
from the following deacribed, nunsrved govern
ment lands. to-wil::
Beginning north of the month of Logging
greek at bridge No. 219, where the Montana
Central rasr-adt crosoes Belt creek: thence in a
westerly direction up Logging crek,. a dits:noe
of about four tiles Io a p.int one mid' north of
Logigng creek: thence in a tonuherly direction a
distance of too ailus to a point onie mile moith
of Logging creek; thence in an easterly d rection
a dlitance of four m les to a point on Belt ere k
about one mile :otth ol the mouth of Logging
creek; thence down ieolt creekli in a nrtherly di
rec:ion a dlistanee of aboun two miles to the place
of beninoing, it lcing tie intentrion to rcut said
timber from a tract of land extendling one mile
on eitlher sil of said LoggiOng creek end four
miles westward from the mouth thereof, being
in tho ftrm of a square two by four miloes. r.n
raining abont 5,120 acres of land, all said lands
being anasurvreyed govarntnent anils, mo ataiu
uns. nntit fir agricultuore or grazing. cituate, ly
inc andl being tihint the county of Cascadl,. state
of lontana, and being non-maneral ex,0ept as to
lims-stone. It i retimnited Ihbt .re i:, sufficient
ine tismbor ti oreon to nmake about 500,0) f.at ot
lumber. sand run:g, fir im ber to mnake about
t500,00 feet of lumber, heoides the ineatimablo
amount of cordiwood ihat may be made frnm iouchl
part of sail timber as may he unfit for lumber.
Laid timber is wanted fir thi purpose of mann
factoring lumber and cordwood for sale in the
market. S. M. )ODDD.
First publication Aug. 16.
ecution in my hands. ilsued out of the district
court of the Firlt judirial ditrirt of the itate
of MontanIa, i tanud for ti eronlyof eIwis and
( larke, in thie enit of Frederick W.I: unton and
Martlha I'. tiollok, plaintilte, against Harry
Thna:e, ('harle atrth and (lee it. Foote. defend
ante, duly attests .l lis , th day of Angnet. A.
D. 1911. I salve levied tpont all lisa right, title and
interact of tih e n ail llo.ry a halr,. I harle iOrth
and George H. Faoto. i and tsi the following de
scribed iroeperty. situated in Lewis and Clarko
coIniy, state of Moantana, vie:
Lo, fourt'en e 11) in block ehree hundred and
eiglhty-thrie lut i f the tHetensa townoite iof the
cite of Helena tounty atrt h onte afiuietaid.
Together with lland singlllsar the tenements.
hereditaments and apprrtynanetos thiltesto
belonrt ng, or in anywie aspeortoining.
Notice in hereby given that on Saturday, the
2th dlay of Augt t, A. 1). 189. at the hone of
12 o'cloik i.. of said day, at the
front rloor oif the court lie.e. in the olty
of Heleno. I will sell all the right, title
and interst of the sao l Harry 'hale. r i arles
Ortla anti fit-orga I. Foote, in and to the said
athboe desribal property, to the higyhest bidder
for cash in halldi.
liven under mtiy hand this the fth day of
Anugut. A.L).181.
RALPt O. JOnseos. IDepOty Sheriff
I. Power buildig.a
T'he annual meeting of the stockholders of the
aerusey t:lue Mining oompany will be held in the
stfiise .f the company room No. I. Power bhild
iig, in the city of Helena. Montsna. o Tn'lesday,
heptember 1, 1091. at four o'clook p. a., for
the eioittion of seven tt uste. to serve dring the
nsning year, and the transactiis, of sncho other
businesea as my properly come before sld meat
ilg. J. O. IfUDNU:T.
Meleia Monat.. Aag. 2. 1b91.
Attorney at Law.
Room 5, Ashby Block, Helena, Mont.
Physician and Surgeon.
SPECIATnrs--Eye, Ear and Throat.
Office: 1011% Broadws..
(D. B. Carpenter, M. J. Cavanaugh.)
Attorneys at Law.
Booms s and 10. Bailey Block.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Masonic Temple, Helena, Mont.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice in all courts of record in the
state. Office in Gold Block, Helena, Mont.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyors. Minerala
unte socured. Rooms 12-13, Atlas Building, Hiol
ina, Mont.
Physician, Surgeon, Accoucher, Oculist, Anrist.
Member of San Francisco Medical Society,
Sleo Nevada State Medical Society. Office on
Main street. over Steinmets Jewelry Btore.
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treatment.
a guaranteed epqcific for Hysteria, D)izziness,
Convulsons, Fits Nervous Neuralgia, Headache,
Nervous Prostration caused by the use of alcohol
or tobacco, Wakefulness. ltental Depression
Potteniog of the brain, resulting in insanity and
leading to misery, decay and death, Premature
Old Age. Ilarronness, Loss of Power in either sex.
Invohntray Losses and Spermetorrhica caused
ly over-exertion of the brain. self-abuse or over
indulgonce. Each box contains a month's treat
ment. $1.00 a box, or six boxes for $5.00, sent
by mai rrepaid on receipt of price
To cure any case. With each order received by
no for six boxes, accompanied by $5.00, we will
senti the purchaser our written guarantee to re
found the money it the treatment dose not effect a
cure. Guarantees isnned nly by H. M. Parchen
& Co., druggists, sole agents, Haleona, Moot.
$500 REWAR)D.
We will pay the above reward for any Oase of
.iver Compltaint. D)yspepsia, Sick Headache, In
dlgestiton, .onstlpation "r tostiventie we cannot
curs with West's Vegetable Liver Pills, when the
directions are strictly complied with 'They are
purely Vegetable and never fail to give satisfac
tiron. Snar coated. large boxes, containing
0 P'ills. :, cents. Beware of counterfeits and
imitations. Thes genuine manufactured only ty
Tur Jonu C. WesT tOMPsAN5YCrei. hicaeo. l.Sold
by H. M. Parchen & Co., druggists, Helena.___
-------Agents for the Celebrated
Rnough and Finishing Lumber, Shiniles, Laths, Doors, Sash and I0ualilnL
------TELEPONE 14.
CIty OMees Boom 8. Thompeon Bleek. HMaln treet, Opposite Gred Geaital MIs
New Sioux City Route
Passengers for the East from Helena san
other Western points will find the NEW
NOIS CENTRAL R. B. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one of the
most attractive, passing through Sioux City
the only Corn Palace City of the worlds
Dubuque, the handsome Key City of Iowas
Rockford, Illinois, a new manufacturing
city, that has become a "world within itl
self," and Chicago, whose growth and en
terprise is the wonder of the world. With
elegant free Chair Cars, and Pullman Pal
aoe;Sleeping Cars on every train between
Sioux City and Chioago, and with close eon
nection with the UNION PACIFIC trains
at Sioux City, the
reapectfully presents its claims for the new
and every way desirable BIOUX CITY
For folders and further particulars call
upon local ticket agent, or address the an.
lersigned at Manchester, Iowa.
As't. Gan Pass. Agt.
- Judicial ])istrict of the State of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
In the matter of the estae of William Kelll,
Order to show cause why sale of- mining prop.
arty shouald not be made.
Oln reading and filingh the petition of William
L. Steele and Michael Kelly. executors of the
last will and testament of William KIelly. de
ceased, and praying, among other things. for an
order of sale of the mining property of said es
tate of William Kelly.
It is ordered. that all persons interested ir
the rstate of the snid William Kelly, deceased
be and appear before the District Court, in and
for the county of Lewis and uClarke. at the court
room of said court, in the court hoose in said
county, on Monday, the tenth day of August,
e891, at 10 o'clock a. m., then and there to show
cause why an order of soale hould not be made
of the mining property of said estate, according
to law.
It is fnrthor ordered, That a copy of this order
e publishled for four successive, weeks beore
tie said tenth dayof August, 1891, in thle Helena
Indepeondeont. a nwspalper plrinted and pub
lishoed in the said Lewis anti Clarke county.
IMgieed. I /IUOACE It. BUCK. Judge.
Dated July e. 18901.
triot court of the first judicial district of the
state of Monutana. in and for the counol of Lewis
and Clesk. In the matter of the estate of David
Ruben. dceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, ad.
inistrator of tihe atate of DavLid Ruben,
ideceased, to the creditors of and all persons Ihv
ing claims egaeinst the said deoeas.d, to exhibit
ttenr writ the necessary vouchers, within ten
months after the first publcltation of this ntticeo
to the said administrator at the law office o
Ashburn K. Larbour, in the Masonic Temple, In
the city of Helens, coanty of Lewis and Clarke and
state of Montana, the same bring the place of
the transaction of the busines of the said
Adominlstrator of the estate of David ilunbe
D.ted. lsmens. M[ontana, Jul 28. 189.

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