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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, September 01, 1891, Morning, Image 6

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:. THE ` i
Men's Neekwear.
We have just received 450
dozen of Men's Silk Neckwear,
in Tecks, Puffs, Four in Hands
and Windsors. All tasty and neat
patterns, goods which usually re
tail at $z.oo and $z.5o each,
which we will sell at the uniform
Also full lines of other neck
wear from zoc upward.
Men's Underwear.
Our summer underwear must
be closed out this week so We
have marked them down at less
an manufacturers' cost.
AMen's Grey Mixed Summer
Underwear, regular price $1.50.
THIS WEEK 8oc per suit.
Men's Lisle Thread Summer
Underwear, tan shades, regular
price $2.0oo,
THIS WEEK $i.oo per suit.
Men's Normal Mixture French
Ealbriggan, light weight under
wear, regular nrice $2.50,
THIS WEEK $1.25 per suit.
Men's Striped Balbriggan Un
derwear, medium weight, regu
lar $3.oo goods,
THIS WEEK $1.50.
Men's Fancy French Ribbed
Lisle Thread Underwear, glove I
fitting. Something new, regular 1
price $4.00 per suit,
Men's Fast Black Balbriggan f
Underwear, regular price $3.50 f
per suit,
THIS WEEK $2.oo. r
). -TH BEE B 1- I1E M
3ol. Genzaberger & Co., 5 N. Main Street.
That is What Annie Jenness-Miller
Says About the Field for
Dress Reform.
The Foremost Advocate is Now
Resting From Her Labors in
Beautiful Evanston.
Whysleal Education Quite as Important
as Mental-A National Institution of
Physical Culture Demanded.
Mrs. Annie Jennese-Miller, the fair ad
Yocate of dress reform whose agitation of
the subject of artistic dress for the last half
dozen years has resulted in a universal in
terest among women, is quietly living in a
pioturesae cottage in Evanston at present,
taking a needed rest from her labors and
analyzing the movement among the women
at Chautauqua in favor of a further re
trenchment in the matter of feminine wear
ing apparel. To a reporter of the Chicago
Evening Post she said: "I have taken no
part in the present discussion of dress re
form for two reasons, the first of which is
because I am in need of the rest I am now
taking, and the second because the field for
dress reform is broad enough to permit
every intelligent woman to evolve some idea
which, in whole or in part, may in time be
of practical value to the world at large. I
am content to rest upon my oars, as it were.
I have, thanks to the intelligence of Am
erican women, planted the seeds of this
reform which is now approaching fruit
age. There are many gifted women enlist
ed in the cause at present, and they will, I
am sure, carry on the good work with a
conseientious regard for the offices I have
performed, and treat the subject with the
broad spirit of liberality it merits. To
benefit womankind is a duty of womankind
in general and not of individuals. My ef
forts in this respect are recognized by the
women who have adopted the reforms I
have advocated, and they are many.
"Dress reform will care for itself, and I
am content to leave it in the hands of
women who can add an idea to it. In the
future I shall devote myself to a greater
field for reform than existed when I first
turned my attention to reforming women's
dress. The care of the body and the thor
ough mental training of women embrace
an opportunity for reform of greater im
port than that relating to dress, because
the latter is contingent upon both physi
cal fitness and intelligent treatment. I
have long believed that the time must
come when the necessity for the physical
education of youth would be reconaized as
quite as important as the mental, and I
have desired to hope more so. Honud bod
ily development can certainly be demon
strated to be of more importance to the
immediate welfare of the individual than
mental culture, espmcially if the latter be
accompanied and limited by physical weak
ness and suffering; indeed, I am convinced
that well-sustained mental strength and
profound mental judgment and justice
must rest upon the solid foundation of
physical health; while the grace of bodily
oulture is cea tailly quite as pleasing as the
attraction of mental culture.
"The remedy li:es in rsientiico physical up
bnildment, and the means for widespread
physical upbuildment do not exist in this
country at present, nor inideed in any other.
It must be created, established and made to
app-al to the practical common sense of the
people for its support. A :.atioual institu
tion of phyaital culture is a demand of our
higher civilization. The time is ripe for it,
Hosiery and Ijiderwear.
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose,
o without seams, warranted stain
less. THIS WEEK 20c.
Children's Fast Black Ribbed
Cotton Hose, guaranteed stain
less, worth 35c.
AMen's Seamless Fast Black
Cotton Half Hose, worth 40c.
Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Vests,
Ladies' Fancy Jersey Ribbed
Vests, all colors, were 4oc.
Ladies' Extra Heavy Jersey
Ribbed Vests and pants, were
9oc. THIS WEEK 6oc.
Muslin Underwear,
Ladies' Night Gowns - 6oc,
8cc, $S.oo, $I.35, $x.6o.
Ladies' Chemises-45c, 6oc,
85c, $1.oo and upwards.
Ladies' Skirts-6oc, 85c, $I, 7
$1.25 and upwards. 8
Ladies' Drawers - 4oc, 6oc, 6
85c, $1 and upwards. 7
Ladies' Aprons--35c, 45c, 6oc, 8
7oc and upwards.
Men's Night Robes,
20 dozen Men's Fancy Night
Robes, full length, all sizes, made
of the best quality muslin, worth I
$1.50. This week only 75c.
20 dozen Men's Fancy Night
Robes, full length, all sizes, much
better and more elaborate em
broidery, worth $2. This week A
only $I.
Best Unlaundried White Shirts
for men and boys that can be A
found in the city,at 5oc and 75c.
Complete line of Men's Fur- A
nishing Goods at bottom prices.
and in my judgment the practical setting
forth of the self-evident advantages is all
that is needed to win generous and enthus
instic support to the cause which will make
it possible to establish and maintain a
model and thoroughly equipped institution
for the education of teachers who will find
employment in public schools all over the
land to develop, bodies coincident with
brains by rational and scientific methods.
"For a long time I have believed in the
necessity for such an institution, and my
judgment has been strengthened by discuss
ing the matter with able men and women
whose opinions are decidedly in favor, and
whose substantial contributions to such an
end have in more than one case been prom
"In my lectures next spring, when I shall
again go on the platform, I shall outline a
plan for such a work and set forth the ad
vantages of training at an institution de
voted exclusively to physical culture and
the spread of scientific ideas of life and de
velopment. To erect and furnish a suit
able building, of elassic and noble pro
portions, at the national capital, Wash
ington, to carry this work forward in a
manner worthy of a great nation like our
own, a large fund is necessary. I shall de
vote my best energies for the next five years
to the purpose of raising such a fund and
establishing such an institution, and I ask
the hearty co-operation of all who are in
terested in the development of a better
social status, of a sounder moral tons and a
generally higher and moere comprehensive
bodily education, which will include the
harmonious development of all the material
forces animated and controlled by the men
tal and moral. The main part of my public
lecture work will be in the interest of this
object, and I believe that my efforts will be
generously seconded by the press and the
people of the country.
"This work will be in no sense the work
of personal ambition, and it will know no
limitations of personality, nor will it appeal
to the interests of one class or another of
the whole people. It will not be sectarian,
connected with any 'ilm,' for the benefit of
any section of the country, or any favored
class of the people-it will be in the best
sense an institution for the national
physical education. Located at the capital,
as a moet convenient and appropriate
center, andi one favored by nature end art,
it most partake of the general tone of its
surroundings. Tihe o:ganization will be a
stock company, and the contpol of funds
and general management vested in a board
of trustees whose names will be the
guaranty for success and faithful manage
ment. Its faculty and its lecturers will be
the ablest the world affords, and its aim
unive sal physical, mental and moral up
"The course of training will include not
only a thorough knowledge of anatomy,
with dissecting, physiology and practical
experiments and the study of the chemistry
of foods in their relatoin to blood and
body building, heredity and other like sub
jects, but the best models of art, and lec
tures with artistic demoustations for the
cultivation of understanding and apprecia
tion of symmetry and proportion, will form
an important part of the course. The
stock company organization upon a large
and equitable basis will afford all localities
certain equal opportunities for securing
scholarshipn advantages. Any section, coin
munity, club, organization, school board
or individul may by the purchase of a lim
ited amount of stock secure the right to
send one student, pledged to teach for a
time, for the entire course without further
"I have received pledves of at least $50,
000 already, and am confident that within a
year or two all the money required will be
forthcoming. I think that il600,00l) could
be used to advantage in conastucting,
equipping and maintaing such an institu
Things Worth Itemembering.
That it is dangerous to stand near a tall
tree or spire during a thunder storm; that
the southwest corner of the cellar is the
"cyclone safety point;" that there is no
medicine so universally applicable to sick
ness as fresh air and unshine; that blowing
out the gas. before retiring is funny-to
everybody except the man who tries it;
that you may swear as hard as you please,
but it will not remove grease spots; that the
Wisconsin Cmntral is the most popular
route to Milwaukeeo. Chicago, and points
east and south. F'or tickets, etc.. appuly to
ony ticket agent
x lot infants' embro.deret Fiann
nel Cloaks, full length, in cream
and tan, worth $4.
x lot infants' embroidered Flan
nel Cloaks, better quality, cream
and tan, worth $4.50.
THIS WEEK $z.5o.
x lot infants' embroidered Flan
nel Cloaks, fine quality, cream
and tan, worth $6.
TItIS WEEK $3.5o.
I lot infants' embroidered Flan
nel Cloaks, best quality, cream
and tan worth $7.50.
THIS WEEK $4.75.
Full line of embroidered Flan
nel Cloaks, Skirts, Shawls, Etc.,
for Infants' wear, at special sale
5x4 Turkey Red Table Cloths, 400
6x4 " " 750
7x4 " " $1.00
8x4 " $1.60
5x4 Cardinal " 500
6x4 " " $1.(0
7x4 " $1.35
8x4 a $2.00
All sizes white and fancy border table
cloths at very low prices.
Heavy Linen Huck Towels, 25C
Fine Damask knotted fringe 25C
linen towels, 2
All linen, fancy center tidies. 35C
new patterns, 18x36,
All linen fancy center scarfs,
(damask) 18x50, 50
All linen fancy stcpd.i . soars,7
extra heavy, 18x50,
After an extraordinary rush upon our
stock of Wines, Cigars and Liquors, after
our positive announcement that we must
close out, we have now on hand that must
be closed out immediately
Fifty-Five Barrels of Bond & Lillard
Spring of 1887 Whiskies,
Besides numerous other brands, that we
will close out either in part, by the gallon
or barrel, or the entire outfit, at
Cigars, Wines and Fancy Liquors are
still being offered at PRICES NEVER
We wish to announce to the family
trade that we are able to stock their cel
lars and pantries with, the most delicious
Whiskies, Wines and Fancy Liquors at
prices never before heard of.
We still wish to impress upon the
minds of the public that when we say that
we must positively close out WE MEAN
BUSINESS. Give us a call.
Lundborg's Pedrfues
We are the headquarters for
the celebrated
bundborg's Perfumes
Which we are selling at
And our line includes every odor
manufactured by this wide-re
nowned firm, and all goods sold
in original packages, which guar
antees them free from adultera
tion. The latest odors out are:
Swiss Lilac, Tally Ho, Arca
dian Pink, Fascination, Edenia,
Marechial Niel Rose, Goya Lily,
Alpine Violet.
Sheet Music.
No one should fail to inspect
our line of SHEET 'MUSIC
which we are selling at the nomi
nal price of
We have 2,400 different and
distinct titles to select from, in
cluding the most popular Vocal
and Instrumental Music.
Catalogues furnished on appli
cation, or mailed to any address
free of charge.
Turkish Bath. Towels, 25c,
30c, 4oc.
Linen Damask Towels, I5c,
20c, 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c.
Fancy Turkish Tidies-were
35c and 5oc.
Foster Kid Gloves in all colors.
Every pair warranted.
Fels & Co.'s Glycerine Soap.
Books, Books. Books,
We place on sale this week
x,ooo volumes of cloth bound,
Izmos., comprising books of His
tory, Fiction, Poetry, etc., which
we have bought at a very low
price; all ice, clean fresh goods.
All paper bound novels, latest
publications, this week
Framed Pictures,
We carry a full line of beauti
ful pictures suitable for all pur
poses, in
Oil, Steel Engravings,
Wood Engravings,
Water Colors,
Oleographs, Etc.,
Which we are selling at very low
prices. We have the largest
assortment in the city, and invite
inspection of the *same. Prices
for framed pictures range in
PRICE FROM 5oc to $2o.
Special lines for Barrooms and
THE COOK AMALGAMATOR may take the plaoe of the ordinary mill
tables and operate close up to the batteries, or it works with splendid results oc
the tailings from other amalgamating devices. It is
and will save ninety-nine per cent. of all the metals which will amalgamate, no
matter how fine, and the oured quick in the tailings from other amalgamating
apparatus. There are very many places In Montana where the Cook Amalgamator
will pay for itself every month.
I Will Guarantee Satisfaction Where I Advise the Purchase.
G. C. Swallow, Helena, Sole Agent for Montana.
Having deolined tMh plae of State Mine Inspector, I am now prepared to
examine and report on mines, and aid in buying and selling the same. I have hac+
porty-five years' experience in mining. G. C. SWALLow.
See Amalgamator at my Office from 9 to 12 A. M.
We now have upon our floor
Refriiieratirs, the Finest and Most Complete LaW[ Sprilllkrs,
Ice Bxes, Lines of all kinds of Rubber
Ice Cream HOUSE Garden Hose,
Freezers, FURNISHING GOODS, HoA Reels,
Hose NOZZIls, and at prices to suit everybody. La IMowcrs,
Crockery and Chinaware.
56-Piece Decorated Porcelain Tea
Set, brown, blue and olive dec
ixx-Piece Decorated Dinner Set,
brown, blue and olive decora
Decorated Chamber Set, assorted
decorations, $3.75. With cov
ered Slop Jar, $7:
56-Piece Gold Band Imported
China Tea Set.
Io2-Piece Decorated China Din
ner Set, genuine Carlsbad
THIS WEEK $24.75
We are headquarters for
Toys, Dolls,
Plush s Leather Goods
Books, Stationery,
Novelties, Brio-a-Brao
Baby Carriages,
Boys' Wagons, Carts,
Lamps, Games,
Holiday and Wedding
Presents, Etc,

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