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4 iany Men Employed a Ever
S efore in the History of
the Camp
The Cumberland, Merrimso m.an
Jumbo Bhowing What the
Distriot Is Worth.
iMing in Madlena Ceanty--Plrgr s int
the British Kerotenal--r Blek
Jefraueon County.
Some people thinkthere is no wort oling
on in Oastle this year on aooount of our
failure to get a railroad, says the Reporter,
and the oonsequent deorease in business
from what it would have been with one.
They overlook the faot that there are nearly
as manuy men employed in our mines and
smelter as there ever has been at any one
time m our history.
The Cumberland has men in the mine
and smelter, and has bull teams, horse
teams and mule teams constantly hauling
coke, charcoal, wood and timber in, and
bullion out, and altogether gives employ
ment to about 400 men and between 500 and
600 horses, mules or oxen.
The Merrimao mine has quite a force
at work, and will continue to work right
The Jumbo property is being worked, and
probably will continue all winter.
The Yellowstone has been worked con
stantly since February, 1890, and they have
now twenty-five men employed on and
around the mine. This force will probably
be increased after this month.
Mr. Bush has a contract on the Hidden
Treasure that will last until next spring.
The Iron Chief has about fifteen men en
gaged on its property, and we all know
that the indefatigable Henry Kertz will not
let that property lay idle until the bottom is
The Cleopatra is working a force of men,
and expect to continue on indefinitely.
The Bondholder has started up, and will
work right along. They will go to ship.
ping ore, railroad on no railroad.
The Judge has been working for some
The Anna 0. has been at work all sum
mer, and has quite a force.
The Sherman and Rattler are at work and
both bid fair to be good properties.
This makes twelve mines that are actual
ly at work, and we know of no reason why
they will not continue working right along.
Besides a large number of properties who
have men employed to do their represent
ing. Hence you see that there is a good
deal of work going on in our mines though
it does seem dull These mines would all
be ore shippers with a railroad here and to
them would be added the California, Great
Eastern, Legal Tender, Silver Bill, Anna 8,
Armada, Silver Belt, Columbia and many
others. With such a showing as this, we
ought to get a road without putting up a
bonus, but it is customary all
through this country to give
the first railroad that enters a town
a donation, and that will have to be done
here and the sooner the people of this town
realize this, and put down what they can
reasonably afford to give, the sooner we will
get it. Some seem to be discouraged, be
cause in our first attempt to get a road we
failed, but it is our duty to ourselves, our
camp, and our country to keep on trying
until it comes. Remember the saying, "If
at first you don't succeed," etc. No one
any longer doubts but what a road to this
camp would be a paying investment, and
we should raise a bonus end offer it to the
first syndicate or company that would build
in here. If we failed with one, offer it to
another and keep on until we got some one
to do it. If this is done there is no doubt
but what we could get a road within a year.
Washlagton Bar bines.
Mayor Norris of the railroad metropolis
bearing his name, and his partner, Henry
Henselbeeked, has struck it rich on their
Ace of Clubs lode, says the Madisonian.
May A Badjett are working the Polaris
for all there is in it. They will soon ship a
a carload of ore to the Omaha smelter.
Hagerty A Co. are sinking a new shaft
upon the veto lode. This property will
surely prove valuable, as the ore is richer as
depth is attained.
Sparrell A Tupher have a shipment of ore
about ready. They will ship to Butte.
The Little Kid mine is showing up a fine
body of ore, thatis said to assay very high.
Wear & Gorham will make a clean-up be
fore the sun rises and sets many more
times. They expect to add t> the world's
wealth but a trifle less than the amount of
the surplus in the United States treasury.
The Eureka mine, under the able super
vision of Jo. Bonham, is showing up in
good shape. When Jo. gets after a quartz
vein it will have to dodge around pretty
lively if he doesn't run it down.
Mather A Lamb Bros. are working their
mines, which are located high up among
the clouds on the bleak sides of "Old
Baldy." They have lots of good ore in
sight. They intend to ship severalcarloads
to the Helena smelter this fall.
In the Britlih Kootenal.
In Hot Springs district development work
is being done on several claims and mines.
although ore extraction for immediate
shipment is confined to the Number One
alone, says the Nelson Miner. The vein in
that mine continues to carry good ore, and
although rather blankety in its dip con
tinues well defined. It is reported that
Bremner & Watson, the Ainsworth team
steres, have contracted to haul an additional
tonnage from the mine to the landing for
shipment to East Helena, Montana. The
Fourth also continues to show ore in the
tunnel, and is pronounced as looking as
well, if not better than any other claim in
the district for the amcount of work done.
The hkyline crosscut has not vet reached
the lodge, the ground being the hardest en
countered in the mine. The Tenderfoot's
double-compartment shaft is down twenty
feet. A double shift is at work on the
Snowbank, a claim located in line with the I
Foulth and Number One, and Irom which
great things are expected by its owners.
W. W. S:rague is sinking on the On Deck.
The usual amount of assessment work is
being done.
Superintendent Ray reports the Dandy
looking good. On :.onday last the lower
tunnel was in ninety-four feet and the up
per crosscut tunnel in eighty-four.
The main tunnel in the Silver King is in
over 600 feet and the crosscut at the bottom
of the shaft forty-five feet. The latter ran
through the ore body and is now in sort
shale. The second crosscut to the right in
the main tnnnel is in twenty-five feet and
the crosscut to the left in about ten feet
the latter in ore. The working force is be
tween twenty and twenty-five men.
Jefferson County Ylsnes.
George Platt has bonded his interest in
the Montana Consolidated mine, a patented
claim in Bighore unich, to Mr. M. L. Hew
ett, superintendent of the Obelisk mine.
Mr, Hewett will endeavor to bond the in
terests of N. J. McConnell, and will then
develop the property by a 300-foot tunnel
to strike the lead. He thinks the vein will
prove to be one of the biggest in the coun
try. His bond fiom Plait willruu eighteen
'he Canadian mine of Amos Calvin, 'The.
Ha, and others, above Bernice, continues
to improve with development. T'he tunnel
is now in 150 feet, and the vein shows ten
feet of ore in the face of the tunnel.
Jerry C. Kelly and John F. Cowan have
bonded the Silversmith end Hliomestake
mines, in Cataract district, to 'Patriok
Mullins and James Higgins, for $80,000, the
fet above Will be immedialy mad an
The machinery for the Boulderohiet eon
eetratto 1i being o hauled to the site and the
mill will soon be under onstrction.
The opr 'Dell, Cateract distriet,
steadily hiplnl ore from Wickes, and the
n iontlnl to improve. The hoistm
eotratson hbls mine ae e said to be one
of the best constructed in the country.
Mineral Patents.
Mineral patents have been received at the
Helena land ofoe as follows:
Henry A. Partridge and Nicholas O.
Partridge. Pandora lode, Little Pine die.
trict, Silver Bow county.
Blackfoot Mining and Reductios com
pany, Blackfoot placer claim, Deer Lodge
James H. King, James Keating, Louis N.
Obanvin and John B. Cameron, Parnell
lode. Summit valley, Silver Bow county.
George El. Tarbell, Arctic lode, Bryant
firtinrE Reaevrhanrld nnnt.
Daniel D. Merrill and Abel T. Atherton,
St. Lawrence and Rhode Island claims,
Jefferson county.
Daniel J. Hubbard, White Lead, Black
Iron, Grab All and Alice lodes, Lewis and
Clarke county.
Hidden Treasure Gold Mining company,
Hidden Treasure and Case claime, Deer
Lodge county.
Jacob Bauer end John Ulrich. Webster
lode, Independence district, Silver Bow
Henry Knippals, John L. Koonts, Charles
Reibold, DellM. Dick and John Engle
brecht, 160 acres placer ground, Lewis and
Clarke andJefferson counties.
John M. D. Greene, placer mining claim,
Jefferson county.
William Huselton, Wands lode, Summit
valley. Silver Bow county.
Joseph H. Harper, Drifter lode, Summit
Valley district, Silver Bow county.
The Red Bluff Mine.
A. K. Norris. of Helena, who has an op
tion on the Red Bluff mine, at Red Bluff.
was in the city this week, says the Madi
sonian. He informs us that the result of
his investigations of the property have
proven very satisfactory, and that he has
decided to put tup reduction works on the
mine to handle the ores from it, but did
not state positively how soon he would be
gin the work of construction.
Fine Coal Deposits.
Some splendid specimens of semi-bitumi
nous coal from the new mines near Colum
bia Falls are on exhibition at the First
National bank. Experts who have ex
amined the specimens say the coalis of high
quality. The rein'is said to be a large one
and is easily worked.
Save five cents for the church box and get your
yeast free at W. Weinstein & Co's.
Geo. H. Taylor, dentist. Denver block.
Don't tall to attend the opening, Wednes
day and Thursday, at Mrs. 8. A. Fisher's,
next door to Sands Bros.
Dr. J. A. Ghent, of Kalispell, is in town.
Col. S. G. Ramsey, of Missoula, is in the
L. D. Chapman, of Fort Aseinaboine, is
in the city.
Harry Winters, the mining man from
Basin, is in the city.
E. J. Baker, the well-known mining man
of Neihart, is at the Grand Central.
A. E, Walton, of Butte, came in from
Neihart and is at the Grand Central.
AttorneyGeneral Haskell is ill and con
fined to his room at the Cosmopolitan
Sheriff Huston, of Missoula, was in town
yesterday on his way home from Great
Jere Sullivan, United States collector of
internal revenue, at Fort Benton, is at The
Mr., Al. Smith, of Chicago, one of the
most popular traveling men in the north
west, Is in the city.
Judge DuBose, of Fort Benton, is in
town, and was an interested spectator at
the district court session yesterday.
F. T. Atkinson, former assistant cashier
of the Montana National bank, but now lo
cated at Great Falls, was shaking hands
with his friends in this city yester day.
L. R. Smith has resigned his position as
manager of the Northern Pacific Telegraph
company and has gone to Ohio. He has
been succeeded by C. H. Gaunt, formerly
manager here.
Henry N. Willey, formerly of the Hotel
Helena, of this city, and at present of the
Virginia hotel, Chicago, has been engaged
by the Eastman Hotel company, of Hot
Springs, Ark., to manage that house.
Arrivals at The Helena.
A. F. Emrich, Smelter. Miss P. Emrich, New
W. N. Kurtz, Philadel- York.
phis. S. W. Payne, New York
F. H. Nettleton, Wash- t. J. Woodward, P'eo
inton liar. ria, Ill.
S. Kohn, ian Francisco F. . Littlefield, Butte.
. I. nDudley, St. Paul. F. .W. Thompson, New
lGeo, F. 'incken, iDen- York.
nor. Wm. F. Foray, Deer
ieo. D. Easton, San Lodge.
Francisco. B. B. Townsend, Minne
J. M. Sullivan, Fort apo!is.
Ienton. Gee. H. ('amqbell, Min
S. J Prince, New York non olic
Philip FPhilips and wife A. Loman, New
New York. York.
DT.T. laskett. Chicago. E. d. Brown. Denver.
ioo. A. loyden, Chicsa- J. Ci Ramsey, Minne
go,. [,oiso.
Mrs. Westbrook. Cartel II. Nelson and wife
Maine. 1d.
W. J. McDonald, Chi- Robt. B1. Todd, San
cage. Francisco.
A. C. Robbins, Ogden. A. ,isteolI ager, South
Bend, Ind.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
(;. J. :Cunningham, I'.. 2 Quiln, Ilirnini.
lopre. I'. Ii. (lark, Tooton.
J. i. Airey, Townsend. W. (. Ireneow, Wikee,.
A. (arlchy, \Virkr-. William n chreinor,
II. 1. T. Lwrey. lelena. Wickirs.
W. ). Myers, Toton. Ilarry Murray, Towns
.I. S. Joerrh,. I!tel n . toy.
P. L. liathlrick, Elk- C. A. Cook, New York
horn. (lity.
J., II. h -iftriro, Blros- Frod A. Derille, Biloe
Iorg. burg.
Mrl.V. J. Airoy, Marys. Mrl. A. AI. .Dallis. Mla
rilln. ryovillo.
F. J brown, Ana- 1. J. loot, C(anyon
cora. ('rek.
Johr Murray, I elford. F. . Htratt arndl wife,
Nile SoraUt, York. York.
Georgr Miorris, San John Merry. Ten Mile
D)ig,. Thomas Hanford, -ie
W. 1'. Mendenrall, gun,
Mlontarla. W. I . ILand, White Sul
11. II. lotting, Maryse. litrr Sprinwi+.
villr Frank Ir threl, St.
Fri. J Iarker. Neilhart. Iaul.
MHir. h . W. Allen, t lro- A. E. Walton, London,
do nin. Englhrl.
H. I, Morrison, Crorat L. J. I I( hlman Fort
Falls. Avoinaholie.
\ m. Malger, Marys- F. T. llrown, Anasondla
SVillo P'oroy v .,rndorn, iMois
W. I. Mlarugran, city. vrllo,, oiy
W ".I. Iarl.rhrs, 31.1irl. Frnk l.rrrrt, Spokane.
If Ci. ilarr Io.tart. Anrirew (lark, Phiila
Irs. Evans, lirlt,. riolihiWa.
II. WV. Krar., Auntla. .1. II. Illnr,. White SuI
'I'. Mo i zr l, Whte ro iI- trlirr s rrir ohs.
rMis Ilainr,,Fr.rt Ilo.an I';. W. Irachl, Itutte.
IE. I). lerenret, Sltoe "O lion. h.IE. Malts Mel
lronr . M.t ri l t lrr rl e ld r la.
.liuirola. W. II. Andermon, hla
J. K. Sqiresd, I . , e vori.- orola.
villo. '. Largllorrl, C(olumih a
P. IFoley. Neov irork. Fale.
Ilcath Simlerr. Wallace. ir. ('. I)onrow, Wickes
Wm.al llivesir and wife W. i. tlroilcey, tas
aJni vrngotru., lFraulreiern.
'he W'orld Enrlehlbd.
ThIn facilities of the present day for the
nredaction of everything that will coaduce
to the material welfare and eomfort of
mankind ars almost unlimited and whea
Myrsp of l'igs was first produced the world
was enriched with the only perfect laxative
known, as it is the only remedy which is
truly pleasing aid refreshing to the taste
tud prompt ard effectual to cleanse the
systemn gently in the spring time, or, in fact,
it any time, and the better it, is known the
more popular it becomes.
the ighcaat wrrqyi:jbpt
the Northmr P.oite ratlera
Okna.aen who have bee
to theti native dountrm I with
him four deputise to look af _t ed
man. Under the marshal's
of the law he to not allowed to t the
mnen as prisoner, cannot hIde theom
nor othrwise intefore with their o a
foreign seubetse. All he man ,d to e
that they are 1Aely turned over to tCal
lfornia authorities for shipmeait` b. to
China. Under thee olrounesetantee it Is
necessary to take along a strong guard to
see that none of the Chinamen egoape.
Arriving at San Francliso Marshal F.ray
will turn the Chinamen over to the Cali
fornia marshal and take a receipt. The
California marshal will transfer them to
the collector of the port of San Francisco,
who will ship them back to China.
The taking along of a large foroe of deps
aties by the marshal might look to jome
like an unnecessary thing, But reoent per
formances on the part of returned China
men show that too much caution uannot be
observed. Three of them were being sent
back from a southern city, and when San
Francisco was reached the marshal in
charge found that he only had two. Where
t he other had gone no one knew, but the
supposition is that he flew out of the car
The law which exoludes Chinamen froc
the Unite ý States, and expels those wh,
cannot showa certificate of former reRsi
dence or prove it by competent witnesses is
one that the artful Celestial is liable to use
to his own advantage. When he gets
enough of "the land of the free," and de
sires a cheap trip back to China, he can
simply go to a strange city, have it whis
pered around that he has smuggled
himself in, get arrested and admit that he
had no right here, and the government will
furnish him a guard of honor to S(n Fran
cisco, and a free passage from there home.
There is no evidence so far that this has
been done, but there is no one who can s.r
positively that it has not. The Chinaman
can in a short time acquire in this country
what will be a life competency in his own
land, and if he is smart enough to make
this government send him back home with
out any expense there is no way to remedy
the natter after the thing is done.
The ninth Chinaman, who was held at
Fort Benton to allow him time to establish
his right to be in this country, has been re
leased, the United States district attorney
not thinking he had sufficient evidence to
Judge Knowles yesterday signed the de
cree of sale of the motor line.
The next attraction at Ming's will be
Philip Phillips in a "Chariot of Song."
(Gov. Toole has appointed Simon Bohm a
notary public for Lewis and Clark county.
The Catholic Ladies' Benevolent and
Literary society held its regular meeting in
St. Aloysius hall last night.
It is expected that some of the rooms in
the new high school building will be ready
for occupancy by January 1.
Mrs. E. D. Sperry, who was bitten by a
rattlesnake near the Missouri river recently,
is thought to have entirely recovered.
C. A. Bartruff will take a car load of
Huntley & Clarke's trotting horses to Den
ver, and his own colt Benteen with them.
A large crowd attended the lecture on
"potato souffle" and "acuonmbers a la pou
lette" at the Helena Business college last
The Livingston Ditch company has been
incorporated by J. C, Vilas, F. W. Wright,
Maurice Roth, Sigmund Deutch, John S.
Stuff and Samuel Schott, with a capital
stock of $60,000, in shares of $100 hobh.
John Ashby, a colored wood .hauler, yes
terday accused W. J. Spencer, also colored,
of striking him over the head with a chair.
Policeman Callahan arrested Spencer, who
will have a hearing later. Spencer denies
the charge. Ashby's head was split by the
Crockery, glassware, lamps, tinware, silver
ware and fancy goods. 1. J. Edwards, 19 South
Main street.
New Goods at Mrs S. 8. A. Flsher's.
Opening of fine millinery at Mrs. S. A.
Fisher's Wednesday and Thursday.
Jackson's music store, Bailey block.
Excelsior Lodge No. 5, I. O. O. B.
Meets every Wednesday.
SA regular meeting of the above
Lodge will be held this evening at
their lodge room min this city at 8:00
o'clock. Sojourning brethren are
cordially invited to attend.
Wx. SOaoTT, N. G.
DENVER P. DAYTON. Secretary.
:Ming's lpera Housei
The Sining Pilgrim,
With his Peerless Pictures and Songs, Under
Powerful Lime Light.
September 17, 18 and 19,
Each Night Entirely Different,
I'rices, liesorved SBats, 50c. Children 25o. Gal
lery Rye.
Hinerveo sale opens at Pope & O'Connor's Wed
,." TO,,
Housekeepers can best appreciate
the value of usin1; (hail fuel by
practical deinonslratiotn.
To cook by Gas reduces the labor
and discomfort of preparing food
to a rninlrulmrn, and also makes
cookery a positive delight, as well
as a pleasant moans of practicing
warm weathar, and be convinced
of our assertions;.
For rates and further information
apply at GAS CO.'S OFF'ICE.
• "re ow Compet .
Fashions for Ladie ..d h "l
dren in their Cloak Jpartiisent.
In Beavers, Cheviots, Diagonals,
Cords and Fancies, Fur, Astra.
chan and Feather Trimmed, in a
variety of styles and, all grades.
In Cheviot, Bedford Cords and
Thibet Cloths, Stanley shape,
Fur and Feather trimmed, in all
In Cheviots, Beavers, Scotch
Plaids and Fancies, with Stanley
cape or plain, in all sizes, for
Ladies and Children.
LADIES' JACKET. In Plush, Matellasse and Novel
ties, also short shoulder capes in Children's Newmarket.
Beaver, Fur and Feather Astrachan and Furs at specially Cheviot and Fnoles, Stan
attractive prices. ley, or Half Cape.
Early Examination Cordially Invited.
On Improved Property and Ranches. Will purchase County, School and
Municipal Bonds and Warrants, Commercial Paper and Mortgage Notes.
FRIDAY and SATURDAY No. 10 Edwards Street, Merchants National Bank Building. Correspondenee Sollelte
of this week the ladies of Hele
na are cordially invited to in- e
spect the most elegant stock of s r l ta
HATS & BON NETS The old hotel has chanced hands and the new proprietors have made a new hotel o
it. The best restaurant in the city is now being run in connection with the hotel, an
ever shown in the Northwest. you can get a A
Don't fail to see them as they MEAL FOIR 25 CEINTS.
are veritable creations of beauty
and art.
FRIDAY and SATURDAY. Room and Board, $7 and $8 Per Week
On Saturday evening all the
F KE"PSEy rGive us a call and satisfy yourself that the COSMOPOLITAN is the best pliee
Sthe city in which to stop for the price.
12 Warren Street, Helena, Mont. GARRETT & BURGARD, Prop's.
Real Estate
Sand Mines.
Basement Power Block, Cor.
Sixth Ave. and Main street,
Smarked "lOide for Paving" will be received
Ft the oilie of toe city clerk until noon .e ptom
bor.22. 1b1t for paving pad curb ng Main etreet
rern the "outh side of Cutter street to the north
side of lUclena avenue,
The paving epeoilfed will .onslat of sawed red
r bloks pplaerd ou a broken Slone foundation.
Detaled plae antd seilelations can bo eon at
the office of the city enginoer. Hide must be
oien the blank forms rovidod and must re an
rompaned by ac',rtfli hock of one thousand
ollars ($1.000).
The ertifiled chbook of the bidder to whom the
sratract is awarded, weil be covered into the
lty freanury a, a guarantee fund and returns.) to
the sonraetrur at tho times arid on the condition,
set forth in the epeofiorutliuo.
All ohet chock will te rolnrned, Amount of
bond required ten thousand dollar. $,1000.
bhe rijht is reserved to reject any an( at bid.
r ttha eortion o any bid for pavin street oar
tracks designated, in the specilcatlone as dia
trlct A.
Publilshed by order of the city Couneill
Helena, Montana, dept. 8.1l91. I.U
U ttst: B J. ~ street Commelone.,KU
roa nd I City Clerk.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Shoes, Hats, Etc.
Plumbers and Gas Fitters.
Merchants National Bank Building, Helena, Mont.
Agents for the Celebrated,
Rough anl Finishing Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Dours, Sash and IoluldilgL
- TELEPHONE 14.----
C01r 'omess room 8. Thompson Blogk. Main Street. Opposite Grand Contral Hotelt
$25,000 Worth of Prop
erty for $12,500.
The undersigned will sel our lease (for a terl
oat three y.ars) their hay ranch, coven mniln
nnrtheast of Helena. 'erms easy and eatisfactory
to any reasonabllo purchaser.
Also a beautiful mountain ranch, twenty-seven
miles north of lelena, and within three and one
halt miles of the Great !Northern railroad, to.
gather with slity hawl of ine qraled stock, onnu
half cattle and the other hall horae, nine head
broken to work and rian, naturalEI:l to tih
nelghborhood and all tame and gentle. The
ranch iA located on Sheep croek and GlRu Mario.
and inoludes two wa or rights and nomnltune
ditoehes, and sol t $500 worth of fruit of all
kinds suitable to the soil and climate. (tMe Ihun
dred acrmel fenced. enclosing fish ponds we.l
slocked with traot and live beavers to keep the
dams closed, and fair buildlings, sheds, etc., for
temporary use, For gardening, frnit ralRsin,
stock raising a dairy location or a gentleman'.
residence thm ranch cannot be equaled by any
other In thls part of (the tate.
otr termer a e or information call at the ranch or
write to Mitchell's iltation.
']'his proposition Is made on aoconnt of the
precarlous Ilealth of IMs. Wilkincson and theap
proallng old ange of thep, ,N N
Stenographers, Typewrlters zzM =
" "uN N=N = and Accountants.,
RooM 15, PITT.r.nusO B.tO.
oloenat --- Mert
Course of Instruction--l, Collogey 2. Collee
rroparatory; 3, HOminess 4, Normal; , Muslo;
Art. Also Instruction in Common Idranohe.
-Pa.end for Catalogue to the Prlsident.~
F. P. TOWER. A. M.. D. D
Madame Mitchell's Preparation develops a
beautifln form, the effect of which is permanent.
No instrumentc and. Develops the bust to any
deosired size. Abi.o.uely guarntoeed.
108 Grand St., Near Hotel Helena.'
.. . ... .. ,a ..,x ...,., `.ýi :" ý'e:'a zýa~ti° 'e~'ý~ttiý%wti

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