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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, September 22, 1891, Morning, Image 5

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*e Lessees of the Keystone Mine,
in Missoula County, Get a
Good Bonus.
,oh Strike Reported in the Snow
Shoe Property, in the Amer.
loan Kootenal.
hat Ji Bsing Dones n the Belt Meountain
Country-Reineorporatlon of the
Old Yellowstone Co.
MnseouLa, Sept. 21.-[Spseial.]--Thework
f the lessees of the Keystone mine in
pring gulch has been stopped by the own
s. By the terms of the lease the owners
served the privilege of closing the work at
ay time before the expiration of six months
pen payment to the lessees of $2,000,
r after six months upon payment of $1,500.
bout four months of the lease had expired,
he lessees were extracting from ten to
enty tons of ore per day which was worth
t the dump $70 per ton.. The owners came
own and concluded that they could better
ford to forfeit the $2,000 than to permit
o work to go on and get only the 20 per
et. royalty. The mine shows up better
an ever and there is now from six to
ight feet of high grade ore in the lower
vels. It is is not yet learned what the
wners will do with the property. It is a
rtion of the King and Queen group in the
unnel of which a promising strike was
ads a few days since.
Wm. Caderman came in a few days since
rom the American Kootenay country and
sports that the Snow Shoehasenou nineteen
eet of ore in a cross out from the tunnel.
Bell Mountain Mines.
In sinking the shaft on the Sir Walter
cott, Running Wolf, at the eighty foot
evel, a cave was broken into Monday
ight, says the Belt Mountain Miner. After
nlarging the opening, branches orrooms
ere found extending in three different
irections. 'The caves are irregular in
ize, and of unknown length. The sides
nd floor are clustered with beautiful orys
alizations, of pure white, which are found
n an endless variety of sizes and shapes.
the eaves have been explored about 800
eet and the air is perfectly pure and fresh.
The boys at work on the Queen Eather
re driving the tunnel straight on the lead,
hich now shows twenty-eight inches of
rgh grade galena and sulphuret in the
ace. They are taking out and sacking ten
aeks of ore per day and already have over
car load on the dump. The tunnel is
icely timbered. The double compartment
tarted, on a cross lead, will out the main
sin at fifty-four feet. At present it is
own only sixteen feet, but there are indi
iations that ore will soon be encountered.
C. A. Martin was in camp Saturday. He
eports finding a ledge of fine magnetic iron,
en feet wide, cropping out of the ground
nd extending over 6,000 feet. The dis
overy is about three miles south of
onaroh. The ore is high grade and said
o be excellent for the manufacture of steel.
With others he located two full claims.
Another strike of ore in the May & Edna
hows that this is a wonderful mine and
capable of producing a large amount of ore.
While at work near a station in tunnel No.
1, which is near the sop of the mountain,
buperintendeut Schlenker encountered a
body of high grade sand carbonate ore.
Ile run in on this several feet and found it
to be over six feet wide. Sltopers are at
work in the mine getting ore ready for
shipment. It is estimated that this pro
perty alone can produce four car loads of
ore daily.
The Tellowstone to Releorporate.
At the meeting of the Yellowstone Mining
company which was held Monday last, 420,
000 shares out of 500,000 were represented
and all voted unanimously for reineorpora
tion. John W. Eddy, mining attorney, of
Helena, was present and had charge of the
legal part of the business and as soon as all
the red tape in the matter of signing of
papers of the old company has been gone
through with, articles of incorporation will
be filed and the mine set to work on a new
basis. The old company was The Yellow
stone Mining and Smelting company, with
its business office at White Sulphur
Springs. The articles of incorporation
will be filed by Dr. Thomas Hampton,
W. R. Baker and John' Potter, while Dr.
Parberry will be president of the new com
plany, with Charles Maya as vice president,
James T. Wood as secretary and treasurer,
and Dr. Palberry, John A. Woodson. Chas.
Mayn, J. P. Rhoads and John E. Hensley
as a board of tlustees. The business office
of the new company will be White Sulphnr
Springs. A now superintendent will be in
charge, and everything will be changed into
a diffleent groove. The shaft is being made
ready for a case, and will be driven 100
feet deeper than it is at present forthwith.
New stock will be issued, and it being in
corporated on the assessment plan instead
of non-assessable, an assessment will be
made to cover the liabilitiespf the company
and furnish a working capital, and it is
hoped the Yellowstone will soon become
one of the leading properties of the state,
end this hope is founded upon excellent
Everything first-class at the Helena Cafe.
Oysters any style at Sam Herz's.
You can buy crockery, china and glassware
cheaper at The Bee liive than at any place in the
Samuel K. Davis' Special.
1,000 Bald Butte, P. T. Paid four divi
dends in '91. New twenty-stamp mill will
be in operation in October.
550 Bald Butte, $2.50.
1,000 Helena & Victor, $2.25. Paid seven
dividends in'91. Six cash, 300, one stock,
2,500 Cumberland P. T. Smelter earn
ings $30.000 per month.
2,000 Iron Mountain, 75c. Paid $125,
C00 in '90 and '91.
1,000 to 5,000 Copper Bell, 120. Paid
threecente dividend July.
10,000 Boulder Chief (Cataract) 7c0.
Assessment paid.
1.000 Coaur d'Alene, $1.02- (Poorman).
2,000 O. N. & N., 3i.
1,500 Iron Mountain, 68o.
Rooms 26 and 27, Bailey Block.
Geo. II. Taylor, dentist. Denver block.
Yon can buy a complete nurrery stove at The
Lee hive for 2io. (tall and get ,nn.
lie eeHivire bryn all ihr.ir crockery and glass
v are from first hande, therefore can underselI
acy compe itoir.
A New Proprietor.
The Bristol, formerly known as the
\Yooldridge house, situated at the corner of
Bouth Main and State streets, has been pur
c.isued and thoroughly renovated by the
I ,larnr and well-kaown caterer to the pub
. " comfort, Finlay Urquhart, which is an
rriauraace that tte patrons and the public
1. general will ; ,r; lve the utmost courtesy
a ad attention. Reasonable rates to tran
r nt guests. Rooms by the day, week or
tronth. I'atronnage solicited.
Infnats' emtror.orod ea.inmere cloaks at The
Tri llive for $L.tO, worth double.
Wiroln hose for ladies and children for I0o at
l1: liee ilive.
(Cenlenerl Kidt Gloves
Fitted and guaranteed by Mrs. P. J.
7.: ller at Mrs. ., A. Fisher's, next door to
a, lidse ros.
ateeeta Mtlesat T lls lew It was .aiesn
late a U leh Coaditties. 0
quariet made abclt the Enaore ellb and ite
futurs, by old embsers and friends, and
the writer,who speaksby the oard,would an.
awer them. For a long time past the interest a
in the Encore clab as a musical soolety has
bee waning. The heavy erpense con- t
neted with their hall (Encore hall) and the
purehase of their two pianos, forced the
club to give light operas publicly in order
to raise the neousesry funds. Both the
music and the acting were distasteful to
many of the older and better members, and r
they dropped away. Ieveral times special
efforts were made to turn back and devote
the time and energy to real study of good
musie, only to be met again with a new
crIsis in the finances, demanding the pro
duotion of another opera. These continued
Interruptions of the regular work discour
aged the students of good music, and a few r
of the old members found they had to drag
the club along instead of simply guide and
direct its management. Such being the' I
case, at a recent meeting of the trustees the F
fact was accepted, not without sincere re- I
gret, that the club had reached a condition
of "innocuous desuetude" which it was
idle to prolong. The club was en
tirely out of debt, there was
no obligation to outsiders, demanding
further effort. The failing pulse of the
once lively Encore club, which has been
the pride of its members and of the town,
and has afforded entertainment and amuse
ment for the many, fluttered and died out.
But it is the organization only that has
died. 'lbe love of good music, the desire
and need of a musical society, which will
meet for real study and improvement, and
the determination in a few, at least, to
have such a society still lives. And it is
with a fesher, brighter feeling of hope and
confidenee in the success of such an organi
zation, that the workers start in, unham
nered by the dead weight of apathy, which
killed the old club. It is proposed that the
new elub, already under way, shall abso
lutely prohibit light opera, shall confine
itself to the study and practice of the best
in music, under able leaders, and shall
secure this at such an expense only as
shall not be a burden upon the society. It
is believed there is an excellent field for
such an organization, and that carried on
on that basis, it will have a long and useful
life before it. Meetings will soon be called
to perfect the formal organization. "The
king is dead, long live the king."
Don'tfall to attend the bargain towel sale at
The Bee Hlive this week.
First-clases oyster parlor, Motor Waiting Room.
The Bee Hive has just received 200 dozen men's
neckties. worth $1 each; which they are selling at
a uniform priceof 50c.
The Entre Nous Club.
The first meeting of the Entre None club
was held Monday evening, Sept. 21, 1891,
and the following officers were elected:
President, W. H. Schmitt; vice-president,
Harry Freeman; secretary, W. J. Campion;
treasurer, J. C. Ricker; executive commit
tee, Orvis Evans, Arthur Pelletier, Harry
Sterling, Geo. W. Faust, W. H. Schmitt.
The following committees were appointed
on constitution and by-laws: Harry Free
man, L. O. Evans, H. H. Sterling, to report
at next meeting, Monday evening, 28th
Lunch from 12 to 2 p. m. at the Helena
New pictures at The Bee Hive.
Typewriting, room 15 Bailey block.
A Business Snap.
A paying saloon, located on Central ave
nue, in Great Falls, Mont., is offered for
sale as the owners desire to retire from the
business. The purchase price has been
I placed at an extremely low figure. and a
steady annual profit is assured to any com
petent business man. This offer will be
open but a few days only and any one de
siring to secure a desirable location and
profitable business at once will do well
to write to John Anderach, P. O. box 267,
Great Falls, Mont.
New York counts at Motor Waiting Room.
Jouvin's kid gloves in evening shades worth
$2 are being sold this week at The Bee Hive for
Ribbons lower than ever at The liee Hive.
Bee ad.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the firm of H.
J. Herrin & Co., doing business at Marys
ville as butchers, is this day mutually dis
solved by mutual consent-H. J. Herrin re
tiring. Banford Bros. will conduct the
business, who alone are authorized to col
lect all accounts and who assume all in
debtedness of the firm of H. J, Herrin & Co.
Sept. 5th, 1891. HERoIN & MSANFORD.
Drs. Essig & Foote, dentists, roomss 510
and 511 Power block-fifth floor.
See The Bee Hive ad this week on special
prices of German linen napkins, of their own
Fancy table covers at The l'oe Hive in chenille,
plush. silk, linen, topsetry. velvet, crash, etc., at
import prices. Call and see them. Ad on
another page,
Preparing for Vinter.
The contract has been let for heating Ho
tel May, at Boulder hot springs, with hot
water from the springs. And will be run as
a winter resort. The water. fom the springs
are a sure cure for kidney troubles, rhen
matism, dyspepesa and other diseases of
like nature. For rates apply to the mana
Men's winter underwear in now in at The Bee
Hive, and prices are lower than ever. Can snit
everyone. Heavy weights from $1 per suit up
Board of Trade.
There will be a special meeting of the
Helena Boarsl of Trade this (Tuesday)
evening at 8 o'clook for the purpose of ex
tending an invitation to the executive Com
mittee of the irrigation congress to hold
their next convention in Montana in 1892.
ROBERT C. WALrKEn, Secretary.
Go to The BIee Hive for yarns and woolens,
Large line of albums anI photograph frames
just received at 'ho T les Ilsiv
Excursion to iuzotnman.
On acccount of the StateFiremen's tourn
ament to be held at Bozeman, Mont., Sep
tember 23 Ald 24, the Northern Pacific rail
road will make a rate of one and one-fifth
fare, Helena to Bozoman and return. Tick
ets on sale September 22, 23 and 24, good to
return until September 25.
CshAs. S. F Rs, G. P. & T. A.
A. B. D. EoAR, Gen'l Agt.
Dr. Skihnmln, painle*s dentlstry, Sixth and
Masin. Extracting teeth 500.
Infants' cloasks. skirts, vests. hoiery, ite., in
great variety at The lolee livo at eastern prices.
Hair Chains and Switches
Made to order by Mrs. H. Miller, who is
now located at 222 Broadway, next to the
court house.
am Baking
- Mo Powder.
Used In Millions of Homes--4o Years the Standard
The new kindergertea on Neatos svenue
opened yeeterdsy,
lditor Will Kennedy, of the Boulder
Sentinel, is in the city.
The Vulture lode in Mitbeli district,
has been located by edial Sandwick.
The oity council maste tonight and will
open bids for the paving of Main street.
BRichard Hobaok and daughter left yes
terday for California, and will be gone
several months.
Mrs. Michael leinlg, with bet son and
daughter, left yesterday for Boulder hot
springs to be gone several days.
Mr. and Mrs, J. F. Meredith, of Chatta
nooga, Tenn. are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. James W. Eastin, at 106 Alta street.
J. H. Thompson secured a udgament
against William Harrison in the distriot l
court yesterday for $9(I.,25 and $9.10 costs.
J. P. Porter has been appointed agent of
the Colorado and Montana Investment
company for service of process of sum
The United Smelting and Refining com
pany filed its annual statement yesterday,
showing the capital stock to be $1,530,000;
liabilities, $500,000.
J. E. Cronin was on trial yesterday in the
district court for breaking into a Montana
Central freight ear a short time ago. The
case will go to the jury to-day.
Two small boys were before Judge San
ders yesterday for throwing stones at a
Chinaman's house, but as no one appeared
to ptosecute, they were released.
Thomas Tynn, a miner working near
Placer, was preparing a blast on Friday
when a box of dynamite cape exploded.
lacerating his face and body. Ii was
brought to St. Petols hospital.
Crockery, glassware, lamps, tinware, silver
ware and fancy goods. F. J. Edwards, 19 South
Main street.
Artificlal flowersin hanging baskets just ar
rived at The Bee Hive.
Clerk Kennedy, of the supreme court,
has returned from the National park.
There will be a meeting of the H. C.
Dramitac club Wednesday evening at Bt.
Aloyeins hall.
Charles S. Fee, general passenger and
ticket agent of the Northern Pacific,
passed through Helena on his way west
yesterday with a number of ticket agents
who had been taking in the park.
Dr. Charles F. Mussigbrod, of Warm
Springs, was warmly greeted by hosts of
friends in this city yesterday. He retsrns
from Europe much improved in health and,
as his friends hope, good for many years of
active life.
Will Arrive To-day.
The following passengers will arrive on
to-day's west bound Northern Pacific ex
press: Mr. Lewis Meyers, Mr. C. D. Hard
and child, Mr. Ri. P. Scales, Mr. E. A.
Arrivals at The Hlena.
D. R. Asbury, Bozeman Jas. Kasson, St. Paul.
W, T. Davis, Cooke. J. K. C(lark, Great Falls
Patrick Talent, Butte. J T. Quigley, Deer
A. J. Cempboll, Living- Lodge.
ston. J.E. Swindleohurst, Liv
Wmn. Cockrll, Great ingston.
Falls. T. Wl. Thomas, Barker.
John Lavalle, city. Chas. S. Warren, Butte.
eo.I H. Casey, Butte. H. S. Clark, Butte.
H. Melbach, Butte. A. Heilbram, Jr., New
Edwin lReynolds; Mil-. York.
waukee E. W. Tucker, Mil
W. .l Moore, NewYork. waukee.
Thos. It. K. lerry, Ana- Pat. Cnddihy,Anaconda
conda. Geo. sarich,
W. It. Connolly, Phil- Jas. McDlonel, Phil
ipabnrg. ipsbnrg.
Pat. McGraw, Philips- J. KI Bormann, Ana
burg. conda.
S. Hughs, Anaconda. W.M . Thornton, An..
E.. C. Morrison, ban conda.
Francisco. L. B. Edwards, San
W. H. Jadson, Boston. Franuiso,.
L tferiecnorse, New Mrs. J. P. Allison,
York. Sioux City,
Miss F. Allision, Sioux Miss E. M, Eerris,Boze
City. man.
Walter Cooper, Boze- Chas. Both, Lonisville.
man. H. B. Argue, wife and
Geo. M. Hays, Billings. boy, Bradford, 1a.
H. W. Rowley, M. U. Rodemaker, Bil
A. Campbell, lingo.
Edwin O. Satter, Chi- James M. Beach, Phil
cage. addiphia.
G. W. Myers MilesCity E. Butler. Miles City.
W. i. D. Randall Great F. L. btreet.Great Falls
Fails. E. D. Weed, city.
Jr. Meisner, Butte. J. 5. Hammond, M.D.,
E. W. S. Tingle and Butte.
wife. Butte. W. A. Clark, Butte.
A. N. Walker, Anaconda J. M. Kennedy, Ana
M. Martin, conda.
Otto Ilallman, " W. H. Dawson, St
H. C. MoConnell, New Louis.
York. G. W. Kosnig, Boston.
lRalph F. Thompson, W. M. Bickford Mis
Chicago. souls
A. M. Brown, San J. lekmton, Chicago.
Francisco. Lee Gunsp, San Fran
Frank F. Beebe. Col- cisco.
umrse, 0. 3. W. Mentz, Chicgo.
A. B. Wood, Detroit. Chas. . Mackorn,5t.
C. W. Wilson, Chicago. Paul.
Artivals at the Grand Central.
Mrs. Smith, Elliqton. T. U. Donaldson, East
1l. C. Jones, Marysvitle Alex. Gilliam, Boulder
W. C. Whaley, Bedford Mrs. A. H. Fey, Bed
J. A. Mclntosh, Boul- ford.
der. W. E. Jewell. Raders
H. J. Murdoek. Ketch- burg.
um. J. J. Reeves, Boze
W. A. Clark, Virginia man.
City. J. W. Tinsley, Towns
W. H. Britts and wife, end.
Duluh. G. W. Bishop, Duluth.
Ralph Shephard,Dlunth James Wilmutt, Great
Dave Anchoid, Dear- Falls.
born. Dr. J. L.Eelchter,Town
Chas. Baswitz, city. send.
C. t'allaghan. Three S. P. DeNt ills, city.
Forks. E. W. ieattio, city.
J.J. Hickey. Billings. John A. larts, Ioolder
J. G. Smith, Boulder. Chas. Z. PIod, Boulder
W. C. Birkhead, Marys- Jas. N. lialeton, Ma
vylle. rysvillo.
. B. MoKellican, Ma- IWm. MoKendrick, Ma
rysville, rysville.
('Cha. Iirner, Wickes. Will Kennedy. Boulder
C. A. Wilson, Philips- T. *. Thomas, Marys
burg. ville
D. Willioms, Marysville J. B. B. Coon., Btte.
John Betray, Bedford. C. lussoell and wife, El
JolhnLudeut, Chicago. liston.
U. lillagher. Nevada. John Smith, Great
J. O. Murphy, I)emers- Palls.
Villa. W. eo . Gordon, Wickes.
B. M. Vaubn. Townsend i. C. Cockrill,nBoeenan
Miss Susie M¶tchals, Mrs. N. Vetal, !limini
White S.. p rins J. R. Wine, Townsend
Jamoes E. Walter, Town- F. (. Brooke, White
send. hall.
J, Sehreiner, Townsend IB. W. James. Butte
S. A. Clarke, t)regon Geo. W. Signor, Butts
J. V. Jones. Bzeermai J. N. Smith, Inozeman
W. W. Johnson, East '. F. Murray, Boulder
Helena. F. W. Merrill, Helena.
Alexander Macauley, J. L. Nenan, Butte.
York, P'. S. Smith, Lavensa.
Frank Nelson, Wicks. C. A. Wing. Carter.
It. 2. Decoteau, Boa- J. C. Cromie, ('enrter.
ton. F. S Davey. Deer Lodge.
G. J. Cunningham, J. F. Omera, city.
city. James Conley, Deer
W. .L. Tierney, Towns. Lodge.
Go to The lire live for woolen hosiery and un
Crockery and rla-swaro very clhen at The lIeo
Hive. New stock arriving daily.
This Evening.
A regular meeting of the Mt. Helena
Council No, 13182, Royal Arcanum, will be
heold in A. . U. W. hall Tuesday evening,
Sept. 22. A full attendasnce is requested.
H, C. YFAauun, tegeont.
0. T. WALKeOn, Jr., Secretary,
For Rent.
The store now occupied by Simon Marks,
at foot of IBroadway and Main street.
Enquire of A. Birkenuteld, t111 Fifth avenue.
You can bsy the Foster fivelhook kid gloves lii
all otlors at The BIO lllvo for $1.il. Every pair
We have not the least hesitation in sav
ing that we are showing this season the
ineat and largest lines of New Wraps.
Jackets and Newmarkets, etc., that was
ever shown in Helena, and have marked
them at prices that should, and certainly
will, sell them very rapidly, in spite of the
hard times and scarcity of money.
One among the many rich Novelties we
are showing in this department, is the La
dies' Long English Homespun Cloth Capes
with Undervest and Storm Sleeves, for cold
weather protection, High Collar, edged
with Marabout. and trimmed with Cut Jet
Nail Heads. They are pronounced very
handsome by all who have seen them. lBe
sides we are showing a great variety of La
dies' and Misses' Fur Trimmed Reefer
Jackets, in beautiful styles and all the most I
popular colors. They are being sold very
rapidly at the very low prices we have
placed on them, and we would advise an
early inspection, before the assortment of
sizes is broken, Parents and guardians
that are interested in Cloaks for Children
now at the commencement of school and
the cold season, should be particularly in
terested in our Cloak department. We are
offering some very rare bargains in Chil
dren's Cloaks this week, and are selling
them for very much less than you can buy
them for later in the season.
Raleigh & Clarke.
Dunlap and Ghristy
--IS A
We respectfully invite all Ladies' interested
in beautiful fitting G(armeuts to call at our school
and investigate. You can cut any garment with it,
any style, any size, to fit any form perfect with
out altering one stitch. A few of many garmeints
taughl: French seamless waist, Parisian dart
leass, Basque Freneh-iias. Also all plain draft
t ing any style. Skirts cut to meaosurre. Tealh the
ir latest methods of bsstiug, boning and finishiug
gowns. You can make your own garment. while
learning. Every Lady onug be her own Dress
maker, after a through course with the Ladies
'railor. Hours from 9 a. in. to 5 p. m.
n 108 Grand St., Near Hotel Helena,
Eight-Room Frame House on
Lawrence street. Sheds, stables,
etc. Ample grounds.
Houses for Sale and Rent in
all parts of the city.
E. S. French &Co.
Deserve Success by Qualify
ing Yourself to Secure it.
Thern is no branch of an education which has
so important a part in the part of liofe as
in thlse days of sharp oompotilion, the bust
as mtlan who expects to win mlUt figure closely.
Ito oennot do this without knowing the exact
condition of his afafirv, which a correct iatomn
of llook-Keeping exhibi e.
Time eavod is money gained, and he who would
make monoy innat mako the boat use of his time.
and Typowriting save time and labor.
Plomstashlp, Commercial Law :and common
Engllsh Ir:,nohes are just the atudtcn you aho tld
become profieiout in. All or the above can bw
a'qanirod b' joining the DAY and NIGIIT ohcosej
at the Eugolhorn
llena Bnsinesi Colle .
L nenotl n ol of the ulockhollor of tile Lurela
lheaorvoir, ('anal and Irrlaation (Cootpsan ftor the
elthtlott of truttnee and sutth otllhr brinoea as
ttsy cl'ttoln bLfore Jlitet, will bt hold at the oilica
uf tIho cotllany. oonom 11, loliy block, loelena,
on ISaturday, tiL. t. at h.10 0 a om.
Y. M. I0, 'I'TI4O4L , ltcretrjl.
z % uuaTON, 1'reddent, .
'T. 6. POWER & oe.,
Mimu auo Farm Mahiner
'Wire HIoisting Rope, 2Etc.
Wagons--Ouartz, Lumber and Farm--Wagons
Fence Wire, Wind Mills and Pumps.
In order to make room for Winter Goods will close out Vehicles
at an advance of 10 per cent. above cost. Call and see for yourself
Cheapl Cheaperl Cheapestl
Main Street, Opposite Grand Central Hotel
Lissner's Mineral Water1
This Water is used in co mnection with and for the benefit
of the Guests of the
It has been analyzed and foundto contain the very beat
of medicinal qualities for
,yspepsia, Indigetion, Biliousness, Gh vel, Piles, Diseae; of the Kidneys
And Bladder, Constipation, Sour Stomach, Catarrh of
the Stomach and Bowels, Skin Diseases, Etc.
HELENA, July 28, 1891.
Mr. M Lissner.-Dear Sir: For many years I
have suffered from a cAmplaint which phtysicians
cailed gravel. My back was so bad from kidney
and bladder trouble that I was unable to stoop
to pick up a pin from the flor. In the last fit
teen years 1 have spent hundredi of dollars in
trying to get relief. till no relief. A friend of
mine induced me to try your mineral water about
the time it was put into the hotel. It has done
me so much good that, in fact, I consider myself
corel, and I could nor resist the imtnlse of
wriing and thanking you for the benefit I have
received from your great mineral water. oun can
show this if yon see fit. Thanking you again. I
am most respectfelly yours.
MeS. M. GooDnLTT.
HtELENA, Mont.. Nov. 8. ,1890.
Maronas I. ner, Elq.--Iy IDear Sir: tice I
read the retort of au analysis made by Prof.
T'homas Price & Son, of your spring water, I
found that it is not only a pure drinking watcr,
but is of great therapeutic valce for many din
eases, viz.: Ililiousness. indigestion, constipa
tion, liver, kidney and bladder diseases, as also
or throse .uffering with gravel. 1 at justified iu
recommending your spring water to those suffer
ing with| h, saove men ioned diseaset..antd by
using the water for two or three weenos it will
recommenditeelf. Very truly ,ours,
M. 13oiKMAN, M. D.
IIrLENA, Mont.. Aug. 20, 1891.
My Dear Mr. Lisasner--lt gives me great pleas
ire to state briefly the great benefit I have re
r..ved fr so the use of the Lise-our spring water.
I h ire been f, r tlhree years afflictedl with kidney
trouble. causing me intense plain. I have taken
much mtdicine, with but little relief. I have
nsed peroeus piasters. They gave me tmpiorary
relief. The severt pains in my back ypt re
mainedl. I commonced the use of ithe spring
water about five weeks ego and immedliately got
relief. I fil no more pai:ns or arthesr. urinate
with perfect frtetedhm, and have every reaomlt to
believo 1 am entirely cored. With my whole
heart do It hank you for this water of life. Yetre.
in haste, FRANCIe IMURPHr:
zro ---_-
Millinery and Fancy Goods,
Solt. 21 .d 22,
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., Oct. 21, 1800.
Marcus Listner, Esq. luinoral Sprlngs Hote'
Helena, Mont.-Dear t ir: \e have made a care
ful qualitative analysis of a sample of water
sn', to this office by you and find it to contain
the chloridles. carhbonates and sulphates of lime,
magneosa, sodl and potash. and it is free from
organic and e :stable matter. We recommend
the water. Yours truly S P
TooeAstsnRos & Boa.
BETTER THAN SnATroonA.-Francis Murphi
during his stay in Helena, has paid many a conm
pliment to Lisener'e mineral water. Thnrsday
night, during the course of the last meeting in
his cc:n se of gospel temperance gatherings, he
paid tue prettiest compliment. "1 cams hero
sore in every limb," he said. 'After being in the
Yellowstone accident I tsa full of pains but
that water took them all away. It's a fact. home
of you folks go to Saratoga and rave over the
waters of that place and you have something bet
ter than Saratoga right in your midst. Its a
great water."
DEN.VER, Col., Nov. 4, 1i80.
Maruon Lissner. Esq.. Helena, Mont.-Dear
Sir: it gives mle pleasuro to give you this testi
monial about your spr:ng wator. I have suffered
for nearly ten yerrs with eonotinatioa of the
bowels--wonldgo sometimes as long as fifteen
days without a passage, never less than eight
days. I never was a minute during all these
ears witlhout a lheadaclihe, osonutimes the tain
was eo great I thosrtht I would lose ily nind. It
also prolducedl congestion of tie womlt). I triod
several doctors and different medicines with but
litlle relief. I thIe caale I on Dr. Rocknanu, of
your city, while ther on a visit, and he advieed
tme to drink our spring water hot three times a
day, about hait' a pint. ana to my great relief
and pleeure I found rmyeelf curet within three
week s. It is now tis s weekna rine, I left your
city, andi 1 still felt woll. not a ingtlo b.id symlc
tom of my lres ilous trouble ista shown itself
PIleas aucept my heartfelt t lauks for the great
relief your spring water ave me. Sincerely
.oure. MRs. JstE ls EiDWARDne.

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