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an~Tale Coyers.
Our buyer has secured a great j
argain in these goods, and we
re able to sell them at prices
uoted previous to the passage
f the high tariff bill, which has
rtually ruled these goods out of
he market.
-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $1.4o.
"4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $2.00.
-4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
THIS WEEK $2.25.
-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $3,75*
4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
THIS WEEK $4.75.
zo-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
10-4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
12-4 fancy Chenille Covers frngd,
22x22 plush Center Covers,
25x25 plush Center Covers,
36x36 plush Center Covers,
THIS WEEK $1.50,
28x28 plush Center Covers,
THIS -WEEK $x.25.
6-4 fancy Covers, fringed,
THIS WEEK $i.oo.
8-4 fancy Covers, fringed,
THIS WEEK $1.50.
French Velour Mats,
THIS WEEK $1.40.
Fancy Turkish Linen Cloths,
Oriental patterns, with fringe,
THIS WEEK $1.25.
anufacturers Are Buying Their
Heaviest Supplies and Values
Are Advancing,
Most of the Mines Have Inoreaoed
Their Output During
the Year.
Increase in the Value of copper Exported
From January 1 1o August 1
The Stock.
The situation of copper is stronger, ac
cording to Bradstreet's. Naturally this is
the time when manufacturers are buying
their heaviest supplies and values are ad
vanoing. There is more buying on the part
of the rolling mills and the manufacturers
of electrical machines. If prices are not
higher the influence of the improved de
mand is at least shown in the check which
has been placed upon the decline in values.
Manufacturers generally report more busi
ness, and consequently more copper is be
ing consumed. We are nearing the time of
reduced production, and this almost invari
ably gives strength to the market. New
electric companies have alnmost generally
succeeded in floating their bonds, and this
has crested a demand for machinery,
in whose construction copper enters as
the most important element. This out
let for the large supply which is on the
market can hardly be overestimated. It is
the basis upon which many of the leading
mine-owners havecalculated for an advance
in values. When copper was worth 170 per
)round the demand changed to a cheaper
article made of zinc, but with the decline in
copper values consumers are taking the
copper sheets in place of the zinc, because
at to-day's prices it is the cheat er article.
Judgi: g from the exports of copper and
the stocks in this country, our oakput dur
ing the year has beenonormous. There are
very few mines which have not increased
their production.
Between Jrnuary 1 and August 1 we ex
ported $6,960,859 worth more of cooper and
manufactures of copper than during the
corresponding months of 1893. Our ship
ments by months for the two years were as
1691. 1890.
.rannery ...................6. 0017,971 $581.069
Fer asry ................... 1,5114,600 D124 7-21
earch.................... 1,8, 02 1;71.078
April...................... 1,222,519 207.028
a ... 1,253,1912 100,423
Jiae........ . ..,28,4119 524,891
Jul .......................... 1,512,829 588,675
Totals... .................$9,959,942 2.9o9,083
Our exports of copper and manufactures
of copper for the flsral yearl891 wore larger
than for any preceding year. The total
shipments were valued at $11,875,490. while
for 1890 they amounted to 8,403,628, for
1189 to 69,867,212, for 1888 to 8,877,486, for
1027 to 8,727,447, for 1886 to 6,071,748, for
10i1. to 10,186,024, for 1884 to $5,605,809 and
io 1888 to $2,848,004.
We imported copper in 1891 to the value
o' $790,684, which were the lowest recepts
for aereral years. The following have been
onu imports for four years:
Ore. Mauufaotures. Totals..
181411........P28,180 $6282,01 1799,Ilt
18910......... 388,301 " 988.129 1,u880,401
18,N.............. 41.1147 819,907 1,271,124
1858.............. 191,1851 1,031.008 1.X92,491
ilelico and Canada are our principal
sos nes of foreign supply, the najor part
of the receiptacoming fromn the dominion.
The following were our receipts in pounds
ifom Mexico between 1885 and 1801:
tre Pis, bars eto
13080............. ... 1,907,242 30,i31
1:3 ...............1,1284u Iptil
1887 ......... ...........589,78++ 6,125
1b80.....................924$,614 39,449
Stocks in England and France on Mept.
1 showed an increase for August of 1,047
Dozen children's heavy
ribbed, hand-knit, Wool
en Hose, in fast Black,
Steel, Vicuna and Blue Gray.
The best Hose in the market.
Worth 50c. Per Pair,
6o dozen ladies' fast Black, all
wool Hose, worth 4oc.
This week 25c.
6o dozen ladies' fast black all
wool Hose, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
6o dozen children's fast Black,
all wool Hose, worth 35c.
This week 2oc.
go dozen ladies' fast Black Sax
ony wool, hand-made hose, worth
75c. This week Soc.
20 dozen misses' Hose, sizes
5 1-2 to 8 1-2 same quality, worth
hoc. This week 4oc.
20 dozen children's Hose, sizes
4 1-2 to 5 1-2, same quality.
Worth Soc. This week 30c.
zoo dozen men's all wool heavy
calf hose, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
Also full and complete lines of
in Cotton, Balbriggan, Lisle
Thread and Silk, at, very low
prices. The largest line of Hos
iery in the city.
tone, the amount then held being estimated
at 58,829 tons, against 57,782 tons on August I
1, 60,596 tons on January 1, 69,959 tone on
Sent. 1, 1890, and 105,985 tons on Sept. 1,
1889. The charters received from Chili dur
ing August amounted to 1,500 tons, while
for July they were but 1,400.tons. Now that I
the revolution has ended in Chili the out
puts and shipments may be expected to in
crease. The average monthly export from
Chili to England is not far from 2,200 tons,
or about 500 jer cent. greater than the ship
mente for August,
The imports into England and France
last mouth from North America were 3,805
tons, from Spain and Portugal 1,4:36 tons,
and from all other countries 2,262 tons. The
following were the estimated deliveries in
the two countries by months sinceJanuary 1:
Tonts Tons
January......12.`201 I Slay ............i11,181
F'ebuary..... 8,810 Juns........11,819
March........ %2 Jusly ............ 8,818
April........11,2640 Augast.......8,306
His Imposition Discovered, He Died of
Suppressed Fiction.
As an illustration of the times I give the
story of William Blakeney. He was a shut
tlemaker by trade, but a pilarim by profes
sion. He dressed for the part with long
hair, long gown, and bare feet. He loitered
about in places where men resorted-tar
eins and snuh-and there entertained all
cowers with traveler's tales. He had been
everywhere, this pious and adventurous
pilgrim. He had seen Seville, city of sacred
relic; Rome, the abode of his holiness the
popoe he had even seen the pope himself.
He had been to the holy land, and stood
within the very sepulchre of our Lord.
And what with the strange creatures he
had met with in those far-off lands.
and the men and women among whom he
had sojourned, and the things he could tell
you, and the thinig which he postponed till
the next time, the story would fill volames.
For six years he lived in great comfort. eat
ing and d inking of the best, always at the
expense of his hearers. This man must
have been an unequalled story teller. Six
years of invention ever fresh and new!
Then he was found out-be had never been
a pilgrimage in his life. He had never been
out of sight of the London walls. So he
stood in pillory-this poor novelist, who
would in these days have commanded so
touch respect and such solid rewards-ha
Stood in pillory, with a whetstone round his
neck, as it he had been a common liar!
And thon he had to go back to the dull
monotony of shuttle-malting, and that in
alience, with nobody to believe him any
more. Well, he shortly Afterwards died, I
am convinced, of suppressed fiction. But
perhaps his old frienos rallied round hin
and by the light of the fire he still beguile]
the long evenings by telling for the hun
dredth time of the one-eyed men, and the
men with tails, and the men who have but
one leg and use their one foot for
an umbrella agai4st the scorching sun-all
ef whom he had seen in the deserts on the
way from Jerusalem to Damascus, where
St. Paul was converteJ.-From "London
Plantagenet," by Walter Besant, in Her
per's Magazine for October.
Queer Bequests to Actors.
People certainly do make queer testamen
tary dispositions. A Parisian widow left
by will a tidy scm to the Theatre Comique,
asking that it be invested and the income
used to supply real champags in all per
formances where wine was one of the pro
per ties. Now she has an English imitator,
also a widow, who hus bequeathed to
Henry Irving £3,000--that is $15,000-for
exactly the same purpose. The giver, it is
said, was the daughter of a well-known and
very secentIdo London physician. Charit.
able folks no doubt think she could have
devoted her monsy to better use, but actors
and actresses will probably bless her and
keep her memory moist If not green.-New
York Recorder.
Things Worth Itememberiag.
That it is dangerous to stand anar a tall
tree or spire daring a thander storms that
the southwest corner of the cellar is the
"cyclone safety point;" that there is no
medicine so universally applicable to sick
atess as fresh air and sunshine; that blowing
out the gas, before retiring is funny-to
1?oys ald---
Holiday goods,
We are headquarters on these
goods, and our stock is arriving
every day, and we ihivite pur
chasers to call and see us in this
line. Full assortments of
Dolls, Iron Toys, Mechanical
Toys, Wooden Toys, Blocks,
Toy Books, Plush Cases, Leather
Cases, Polished Wood Cases,
Albums, Photograph Frames in
Plush, Wood, Metal and Glass,
Silverware, Royal Devon Ware,
China and Glassware, Bronzes,
Bisque Goods, Clocks, Music
Boxes, Fancy Lamps, Etc.
Ciockery and Chinaware,
56-Piece Decorated Porcelain Tea
Set, brown, blue and olive dec
i r i-Piece Decorated Dinner Set,
brown, blue and olive decora
Decorated Chamber Set, assorted
decorations, $3.5. With cov
ered Slop Jar, $7.
102-Piece Decorated China Din
ner Set, genuine Carlsbad
THIS WEEK $24.75
A large lot of Carlsbad China
v Spittoons, direct importation.
- Worth $2.0o each.
everybody except the man who tries it;
that you may swear as hard as you please,
but it will not remove grease spots; that the
Wisconsin Central is the most popular
route to Milwaukee, Chicago, and points
east and south.- For tickets, etc., apply to
any ticket agent.
a eaulaite Manners.
.Bnt time changes minds as well as man.
mers, though even now when making
changes from one circle to another, it often
requires that adaptability which could be
said found in one who has automatic man.
nors. However, such radical changes not
only appear in drawing-room repartee,
street drops, eta., among people but also tq
the conveniences and lnxarfss affordeJ
mankind. Railroad travel is one instance.
A few years ago, comparatively, one had to
aensume much valuable time In an uncom.
Atrtable way to make what is now thought
nothing of as a night's journey in a sleeper.
The most modern equipment and trans.
portation facilities can be fornd on the
last trains of the Minneapolis A St. Louis
railway to Chicago St. Louis, Hot Spring.,
Kansas City, eta. Inqaire of any agent of
the company, or C. M. Pratt, general tislet
and passenger agent. Minneanolia, MinLa
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
ntly yt ploy n the Kidneys,
Liver and t3owels, clec uses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation permanently. For sale
in 50o and $1 bottles by all druggists.
Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with
Of Lime and Soda.
There are emulsions ansd etdisufons,
and4 there is still snseh shiteene,5 *n~lt
w Mhh eeasquenades as ereane. ry as
thewill essecy ,,sassqflsehwwers esnasst
so dtepuid. their and liter elt st en.;e mi
it palatable toenessltheernsalona. BStt's
lfndsitons 17UI5f NORWIlJf&lI.4N COD
LI VFil OIL, coshtnaed with flypephes.
Ahtes is of oat as palatable as with.
> ht reesse egsntyps*
ebrthi roas ~as awesll as jlr the jtsrt
the pldophtea, Phyaitacost treguse» ly pre
All Drugglsceset l5it, lust be ersu'y nu get
th unnas shore ass peer tsasl Haees.
Kid Gloves.]
We carry the Well Known
Foster Kid Gloves, 5-hook, in
black, tans and slates, which we 1
will sell THIS WEEK at $1.25.
50o pairs Jouvins Kid Gloves
In evening shades only. To
close out this stock we will sell
these Gloves, which are worth
$2.00 per pair,
We offer this week the fol
lowing special bargains in fine
German Linen Napkins, our ,own
Lot 30, size i8xi8,
This week $1.25 per doz.
Lot 42, size 18x18,
This week $1.5o per doz.
Lot 129, size 22x22,
This week $1.65 per doz.
Lot 135, size 24X24,
This week $2.10 per doz.
Lot 145, size 24X24,
This week $2.40 per doz.
Lot 155, size 25X25,
This week $2.95 per doz.
Lot 165, size 25x25,
This week $3.40 per doz.
Lot 175, size 25x25,
This week $3.65 per doz.
Lot 200, size 26x26,
This week $4.70 per doz.
Also full and complete line of
German Linen Table Cloths,
Fringed Doylies,etc.
the First judicial district of the state of Mon
tana, in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
Lena Olson, plaintiff, vs. Peter Olson, defend
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above-named defendant:
You are hereby required to appear in an action
bronght against you by the aovee-named plain
tiff in the district coart of the First jedicial
district of the state ef Montana, in and for the
coont of Lewis and Clarke and to answer the
complaint filed thereint within ten days (exclu
sive of the day of service) after the service on
yen of thissummoas. if erved within tlierountli
or, if served out of this county, but within tine
district, within twenty days; otherwise within
fortyi days, or indiment by default will be taken
agnaictyio, according to the prayer of said com
the said action I. brought to dissolve the bonds
of muatrimeny existing betweetn plaiteiff and do.
fendant for the rhason that defendatat has will
folly ahoentedhicuseif from pltaitiff withouniny
reasonable canse for the epace of one year be
fore the comotencement qf this action.
And yeu are hereby notched thai if you fall to
appear and answer the eald comnplaint, as above
required, the said ilaNtuit will apply to the court
fer the relief demanded in his compclaint.
Given under my hand end the aeni of the district
court of the First ljudicial district of the state of
Montana, in and for the ouncety of Lewi alid
Clarke. thie 5th day of repietber, in beytor of
or Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety
on eNA e. JttN DEAN, ClIer
y It. C Fuaralct, Deputy Clerk.
Bltann C. fittain,
Planillfo s Attorney.
VthejFirst Judiciali district of the state of
Montian, in end for the cunuty of Lewis and
Jacob C. Drinkwster. plainttff, vs. George B.
rutler, Naner 13. Gould, Antb Butler, I). thce
tindoreSt James it. Iritn. Levena Bloy,
David itbhy. Natanati WCillouhb . Fiank . Bitt
ler, Auselia I. Hnorio, Henry Vo. Borton. George
It. Gionld, c~arali If. Ciould, Edward IH. tierce
and the uiegen Mining & Milling company,
dief dsr its.
~estate of Montana sends greeting to the
above namted defendant.
You are hereby re tuireci to appear lo an action
bronght against yo0u~ the above namerd plaintiff
in the dietriot court of the ' drat judicial district
of he slate of Mentana, in and for the cotnuty of
Lewis an~t Clarke. enil to answer the complaint
filed therein, within ten days (exclneive oif the
day of service) after the secvii' sin you of this
sontecoas, it served within this county: or. if
served out of thitl county, but within thit district,
within twenty dayot otherwise wvithuin forty days,
or~udtmsmt nb defautlt will be taken acainstyso.
actctrding tsthucprsysr oif said t snitplaint.
't lie said action is birought to recover the sum
of citd, t l onttr- it a.id ithitiran 17-11i0 dclola e, lto
gteler with inleesot thtereon at lthe rate of lit per
it ot- p'int annutni frotta t~epietiber 14, I83C, tistil
rendititia if judgmuent. ogainst it1l of lthe altver
ceanted defeoedsnt.s lexecc.t the lision Mitingc A
flitiliui tompsty)ni and to foreclose a mtrt'catce
cit-In it socurs hit paymenet oi the Faern, on etc
tut-.itt -it a t lnti-re-t in the 1 lutfen qoorta lode
mini' g claim evil the l'itiati Stir quertz lode
n~ilind cotim, ti-n its at the hi at of I inion
t; tticii I ecttpe iitoitilec district. I owls and Clarke
tountty, state tf Montatnia. eaeru'e.l lip all of said
tetiendeuits. exctctt said Paegati Miming acid Mill
luin c'titpatitf andt I de teoe the lion of said
atoicufe ptrtor to any claim raid P'leatn Mining
ea hiui'ieýf etiutcnii meynhave uopn said premi
Anti yen eve hetrebyr notified that if you fail to
apyear entil cewer tite isaid itiittpindict as abocve
ratquised. the raid pilaintiff will tacae detanlt
oat tri-s tuv anti atiilv to thes coucrt for the relief
tue Is iit' rplsictliereiO itrenadsd
li t ci noulcr tiy bean anti cthe seal of the die
triot ctitrt sf the' 1iret ):tdielal dittriet oif Vth
a ate at Motlecana. In and for th councty of Lewis
and lrk.tit1toth day of Atcgt-t. in
the year if ocr Lor, one thousand eight hundred
and lnet y-cae. JOIHN BEAN, Clerk.
l 11. Teocursots Preptty C'lerk.,
fistoera & h ohs.sc Attorneys for I laintliff.
Willard t
Yon are hereby notified that I have expended
one liuuetred dollars in labor anti improvements
usen the )tbu ceseta ,;uarts Lode situste In
btmletoi Mit acg disitriet, L~ents sod ((Jlarks
ceunty. state of hlioittusa, in urder to hitll said
premises tinder thie povtstelost of mitteon 'tti4,
rovisod siatutes of the IJtoted ntate, hbein this
amniunt required tos hold the sasee for lbs year
settin D~egender 8ii, 15tol: tnu t I within ninety
dlays after thiti notic-. of pultlicast a, yeol fail or
gefsae to etontribute, your proport en of such es
sicadlture. ao co-owner, four invteret in the aidd
claim will( leccime tihe prot-erty of the enbeccilcec
uider said seetlion c1.4 i
lArtliCit MoktoDNALDi
lticel poblicatioa July 21(, 181(1.
jellA tn. teXu Ki - i. tit~itltvhh M.NI' OFt
Sresl, personal and Wtledi ptroperty it the city
of elbuene foc the year loll1 will be tait belore the
citty coutnicil, sitting as a board cit equalleation,
ontsi udall p isosa feelioc tlteuselves, asgeyrlevestohowld
a;,pear before the. board at that time to muakte
moo w ob ok re low ct~ee for Inspection at Vnise
- City Aseeessr ead Treeencen
Infat& Veav.
Embroidered Flannel Cloaks,
full length, in cream and tan.
Worth $4.
THIS WEEK $2.00.
Embroidered flannel long
Cloaks, all wool, cream and tan.
Worth $4.50.
THIS WEEK $2.50.
Embroidered flannel long
Cloaks, full length, in tan and
cream, better quality. Worth
THIS WEEK, $3.50.
Also better grades in long
Cloaks, at $4.00, $4.50, $4.75,
$5.00, $6.oo and $7.00
Embroidered Flannel Short
Cloaks, in cream only, at $3.oo
$4.oo and $5.
Embroidered Flannel Long
Skirts, $2.00, $2.50, $2.75.
Infants' Muslin Dresses,
Infants' Lamb's Wool Vests,
Infants' Wool and
Silk Caps,
Infants' White and Black
Cashmere Hose,
Infants' Bootees,
Infants' Mitts,
Infants' Shawls,
Infants' Sundrics,
Etc., Etc.
7o dozen Linen Damask Tow
f els, knotted fringe, assorted
, colored borders, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
41" I Will and Must Close Out *40
In was short a time as possible, my entire stock of
50 Barrels Bld & Lillard Whisk ey,
I will furnish the United States guager's certificate with
each and every barrels. These goods are now being of
fered at the extremely low price of
1 have also on hand 200,000 of Cigars of all grades and
brands which I will offer at
5 Per Cent. Less Than Factory Prices for Cash.
We wish to announce to the family trade that we are
able to stock their cellars and pantries with the most deli
cious Whiskies, Wines and Fancy Liquors at prices never
before heard of.
_A Splendid Opportunity.
We will give a special inducement to any one desiring
to start in business, by selling out our entire stock at a
price that will be an object to any purchaser. My stock
is a first-class one, my business is a well established one,
and my only object for offering such a bargain, is my de
termination to retire from business.
.1. L. ISRAEL & £0..
35 dozen Linen Damask Tow
els, knotted fringe, open
drawn work borders, assorted
colors, worth Soc.
This week 33 z-3c.
20 dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 16x36.
This week 2oc.
20 dozen unbleached bath Tow
eli, 20x48.
This week 25c.
20 dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 22x44.
This week 30c.
20 dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 25x50.
This week 4oc.
20 dozen fancy Turkish Tidier,
knotted fringe, all colors, 17x38
This week 25c.
Silki I a1
26-inch Helvetia silk Umbrel
las, warranted all silk, oxydized
handles, worth $3.
This week $1.75.
28-inch Helvetia silk Umbrel
las, same as above but larger
size, worth $3.so.
This week $2.00.
24-inch Carola silk Umbrellas,
fancy silverine handles, all silk,
worth $3.25. This week $1.90.
28-inch Carola silk Umbrellas,
very unique designs, silveine
handle, worth $4.50.
This week $2.75.
24-inch Acme silk ladies' Um
brella, very fine quality, worth
$4- This week $2.50.
We also have a line of very
fine Parasols, which will be sold
this week at eastern cost.

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