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Money Made by Members of the
"1 aoon and Beans Brigade"
Near Mullan.
The Bunker Hill and Sullivan to
Have a Great Conoen
trating Plant.
Development la the Cmur d'Alene Country
-Montana Sapphire Prospectors
in England.
MULLAN, Idaho, Oct. 6.-[Special.1-The
number of Mullan men who have made a
"stake" out of the mines in the vicinity is
quite large. They are:
J. G. Hunter......................... $40,000
F. H. . oore.: .................... 40,00
James Rommell.................... .00
Waldo .. Clark .............. ........ 30,000
D. Ui. inebargor......... ............... 1i5,00.
(leo. S. Gore...... ................ . 15,0J0
John rV. North (eotate .................. 10,10
Co. G.Hllammond testate) .............. 10.00
John H. Fo.e ............ ............... 10,n0
C. (. Eckert .................... ........ ( 10.00
0. . Coos ...... ...................... 10,c0
J. F Harrison .......................... 10,00
B. F. Harrison............................ .000
Alex DaOeau ........... ................ ,t00(
iy Sta oer .. .......................... a6.000
J D. Euln eld ............................ 6,00
l. Wy att t.ý............................ 6,M000
P. P. Pott ........................... 5,000
1homo hl eney .......................... ,MO
C. C. A. trle .......s.....................5,000
. H. J. Rice ............................ .000
Fant Lindrean ................ ....... 00
John Lenhun ........ ............... 5,000
Grand Total ........................... 1290,000
Of this amount about $20,000 was received
for property south of the river, $80,000 from
Hunter Hill and a majority of the balance
from the Chloride hill group of mines. All
of the above named gentlemen, with one
single exception, were prospectors and
members of the "bacon and beans brigade,"
as late as the spring of 1887. and all of
them packed their blankets and "grub" in
to the Cceur d'Alenes on their baoks. The
principal properties from which the above
amount has been received are:
The Gold Hunter, Morning, Evening,
Gettysburg, Lucretia, Grouse, Iron Crown,.
Yon Like, Just What, Yolanda, Silver King,
Independence and Central mines.
All of these properties are in the vicinity
of Mullan, and form a silver girdle around
the town. The present values of these
properties can be-lpt down at $1,920,000.
These figures are It very conservative esti
mate. If this is not a fine showing for a
young camp, where shall we find it? The
writer challenges a comparison with any
four-year-old mining camp in the world on
silver-lead properties.
There are also as many more mining
properties here that will be added to the
list in the near future and the "thousand"
figure will be placed to the credit of the
owners. It is only a question with us of
whose turn will come next:
Capacity of the Bunker HIll & Sullivan
WAaDNan, Ida., Oct. 6.-[Speoial.]-The
contract for erecting the. building for the
new concentrator for the Bunker Hill &
Sullivan Mining & Concentrating company,
has been awarded to Thomas F. Cosgriff,
to completed on Jan. 1 next. It will stand
at the side of the present one, started up in
May last, on the west, and will be one of
corresponding capacity. When completed
nhe two will handle 1,000 tons of ore every
twenty-four hours, and will be the largest
plant for reduction of galena ore on this
continent. It will require 800 to 1,000 men
in various capacities to keep this immense
plant in operation, and 800 to 900 in and
about the mine. This mine will send a
greater quantity of lead into the channels
of commerce than any other mine in the
great Rooky Mountain region. It will em
ploy a greater number of men than any lead
property in the west, and is the biggest
mine of its class on earth. A gentleman
familiar with all the prominent asines of
this country, where immense ore bodies
are common, recently remarked that he
could put all the mines of the Cceur d'Alene
country into one of the Banker Hill &
Sullivan stopes. Their Bleichert tramway,
now erected, and being repaired, will han
dle all the ore required for this immense
plant and call for more. Its capacity will
not be taxed to the maximum in sending
one ton of ore per minute from the mine
to the twin concentrators, two miles dis
tant, not 'mentioning the loads of cord
wood, mining timbers, mine and boarding
house supplies.
A new machine for framing timbers,
making all outs, tennons, etc., at one
stroke, has been added at the saw mill, lo
cated on the flume at the concentrator,
where the timbers and wood is delivered by
the same water that supplies the power for
the concentrator, dynamos for illumination,
the mill, etc.
The hearing of the cases of the Last
Chance company against the Tyler com
pany and the Tyler against the former, to
be heard in the United States circuit court
at Boise City next Monday, the 5th instant,
have drawn a large number of men from
here to Boise.
8. A. Denaugh has completed the repairs
and changes in the Sitemwinder conoentra
tor. Now jigs have been added, and
changes increasing the capacity from sixty
to 100 tons daily. New cable has been
placed in position on the Halliday tram
way. It is delivering ore that is being
treated at the concentrator, and twenty to
thirty tons of concentrates will be shipped
The Tiger company at Burke is erecting
a hoist, good for 1,600 feet, at their new
working shaft, now down 400 feet. It will
be located about 100 feet south of the old
working tunnel and will be geared for both
water and steam power. The latter will
not be used when wanter is plentiful.
James Clark, brother of Patsy Clark,
manager of tihe Poorman mine at Burke,
has accepted the position of foreman at
the Sierra Nevada mine here, Thomas Cur
now, who has held that position several
years past, having resigned.
C. 8. Jennings has bonded the Plainview
location, adjoining the Cwur d'Alene Nel
lie, and other prominent locations, near
Osburn. Mr. Jennings is maneger of the
War Eagle group. in the same locality, also
adjoining the Pleinview. The conditions
of the bona are: Two men must be kept at
work constantiy, five per cent of the pur
chase price, $5,000. to be paid on Dec. 20.
The bond runs one year. The owners are
AL Page, landlord of the Central hotel
here, W. H. Payne, Fred Stevens et al.
The Butler is giving good promise of de
reloping into a mine. This property is at
the lower end of Wardner.
A contract has been let for running 200
feet on the Old Abe, a prominent location
on Elk creek, two miles east of Wardner.
It is expected that this will cut the ledge,
or the southern one of the two, cropping on
the asurface.
Senator Julius Kleine has returned from
Chicago, where he succeeded in organizing
a stock company for the development of
the Old Blindy and other adjacent locations
on Big cruek, four miles east of Wardner.
A drift will be driven about 600 feet to
crosscut the ledge. P. C. Coohran is in
charge of the work. This ledge is on the
dry ore belt, running parallel with the
Bouth Fork. The Blake brothers, owners
of the Yankee Boy, now have thirty to
:forty tons of grap copper ore at the track
ready for shipment, worth $y,0 per ton,
also on this ledge. The Sherman, on Elk
creek, a discovery of the past summer, is
also on the same ledge.
A deal is being consumated on the Eureka
Crown Point location, on Government
gulah, which has been in dispute the past
rve years, being in possession of the two
parties alternately, it is stated that the con
flicting interests have been consolidated.
The Union mine at Barke have built
their concentrator near the month of
Oanyon croek, six milHes doWu., dependi~n
upon railroad transportatIon for 4ei.trinp
their ore from the mine to conesntrator.
Their plant is nearly ready to be started,
and they are anxious to per.clt arrange
meptslfr shipments, but a new trouble is
eet. Their ore bin at Bark', i built be
tween the Union and Northern Poifito
tracks. The gulch being narrow, the tracki
are beina near esoh other, and each oiam
pany reasee to allow the other to treepaes
on its ground to lay tracks to the bin,
An English Company BDring Formed to
Work Eldorado Btr.
A cable from London, under date of Oo
tober 4, announces that financiers of that
city are about to float a company known as
the Sapphire and Ruby company of Mon
tna. The cable says the report made by
Mr. Streeter, the noted dealer in preioous
stones. and other experts, are favorable to
the samples which have been submitted,
"but none of them state they have person
ally viewed the property where the so.called
samples are supposed to have been gaRth
ered," The item coneludes: "London in
vestors have written to the governor of
Montana about it, and his reply is awaited
with much anxiety."
It was scarcely necessary for the London
ors to write to Gov. Toole, as young Mr.
Streeter visited the Montana fields a year
ago last spring, took some of the stone out
himself. went to London, and reported
most favorably on them. He came to Mon
tana direct from the South African dia
mond ields, and in his report to the elder
Streeter, the latter pronounced the discov
eries in Montana the most important
since the finds in the South
tfrioan fielde. 'he formation of this
3ompany is simply depending upon the
luestion of the stones being in Montana.
end of there being several thousand acres
sf these sapphire and ruby fields,
here is no question. The property
n question is probably that owned
vy the Spratt syndicate, which, while it has
sever been worked, has been so thoroughly
erospected as to establish beyond doubt its
alue as a producer of rubles, sapphires
ed other stones of like character. If the
Bnglish doubters will visit Helena they
vlll have the evidence of the existence of
heus .eolds in the windows of every jewelry
stablishmoent in the city. Up to two years
go, while the stones were known to be in
ubnndance on Eldorado bar, they were
bought to be of no value. That is the
eason the world has heard so little of them
ip to the present time.
The Etta.
Peter Larson, the well-known mining
nan of Castle, who has been in town ssv
ral days, announces that work on the Etta
as been continued. Six men are now
rorking night and day. The shaft is dpwn
80 feet and will be nushed farther down
lrough the great ore- body. The vein is
hat of the Cumberland extension. It
romises to be a great property and will be
xtensively developed.
C. L. Vawter went out to Elkhorn yester
Henry Longmaid, of Empire, is in the
Mr. W. MoWhite, of Butte, is at The
Hon. W. E. Cullen left last night for Bil
lings on legal business.
Mrs. D. A. Sanford left for Boston yes
terday over the Northern Pacifio.
George D. Beattie has been summoned to
his Illinois home by the serious illness of
his mother.
Theodore Roosevelt, of the civil service
commission, has been making a tour of the
National park.
Among the passengers on the Northern
Paciflo yesterday was C. E. Rathburn, who
went to Cordova, Ill.
Sheriff Jones, of Caster county, stopped
in town yesterday on his way home from
the Warm Springs asylum, where he has
placed an insane patient.
Dr. C. K. Cole will leave for the east and
after a few weeks visit will start for
Europe, where he will spend six months in
hospitals of Vienna, Berlin and Paris. He
will return in the spring to resume his
practice in this city.
Mrs. Laura E. Howey left for Philadel
phia via the Northern Pacific railroad yes
terday to attend the, meeting of the Pan
Republic congress committee, which con
venes on Oat. 11. At this meeting addresses
will be made by Cardinal Gibbons, Rev.
Phillip Brooks, Robert G. Ingersoll and
other noted speakers. Mrs. Howey will re
turn about Nov. 1.
Arrivals at The Helena
E. J. Carter, city. Henry Longmaid, Em
A. D. 'ranstillatt, San pire.
Francisco. J. II. Long, Syracuse,
G. A. Jeltrey, St. I'Paul. Olls.
F. . E. Baswell, St. Paul. O. A. Baker, Chicago.
Geo. S. Withers, ielana, E. I. Felthinser and
Cal. wife. Buffalo.
Mrs. H. 8. King, Bof- Miss .L. M. Norton,
fale. Buffalo.
H. S. Dinkelspoil, San E. B. Dana, New York.
Francisco. S. D. Calhoon, ht.
I. Kenney. St. Paul. Paul.
W. H. Pierce, Austin, T. H. BIanbridge, Vic
Minn. tor, Mont.
John Lavelle, city. H. H1. Brown. city.
V. McC. White, Butte Win. F. Furey. Doer
City. Lodge
J. W. Kirk, Detroit. W. K. Braden. St. Paul.
N. ('. Thrall, St. Paul. Evan Muiles, . S. A.
Petr Hiems, St. Paul. J.T. Araitngton, Arm
J. Sullivan, Fort Ben- ington, Mout.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
W. A. Roland, Logan. 1I. ('. IRoche. Helena.
C. ,. Kankel, Town- W. Bl. Yates, Blalm
send. Ville.
W. BI. Orr, Helena. It. W. Van Horn and
B. F. Berrin and wife, wifeElkhorn.
Linrcoln. lin llake. Oseburn,
P. L. iBathrick, Elk- Idaho.
horn. J. S. Joseph, Wolf
GCo. FI'ros. Marysville. Creak.
J. H. Whitmire, Blocs- T'. B. Hull, city.
burg. F. 1). tiowi, Kansas
Hon. W. D. Flowers, City.
Manhattla. iNew . Day, Minneapo
Chbar. I. toltz, New lie.
York. George lIppert and
B. F. O'Neal. Brnton. wife. bort Yellow
David Anohard, Do&r- stone.
born. John If. Cottle, An
James Hanson Ioch,s- gusta.
tr WV. II. Smith, Mis
W,. I). Marsh, Endi- soula.
aott. Wash. T. I. Ilenderson, Endi
J. Wlls, (',olfax, Wash. Cott. Wash.
S. ID. Eldrd, iMt. l'leas- Charley IteCallam,
ant, Mir,. Ftpracue. Warsh.
O. F. l,iudquist, Bless- J. hlorrison, Marysville.
burg. .W. IV. O'il, Valley.
H. H. Brown, Great W. b. Church, St.
FallsI. I'aul
V. ii. Nelson. Great F. J. Wood, sity.
lThie tiree livo lha., jst. rec'ived 20110 lozen men's
serklioe. worthl ¥1 ,ctll; whitch they are srlilng at
a uniform priceof th50c.
Goo. H. Taylor, dentist, Denver block.
Preparing for Winter.
The contract has been let for heating Ho
tel May, at Boulder hot eprilnge, with hot
water from the springs. And will be run as
a wintor resort. The water from the springs
are a sure cure for kidney troubles, rheu
matism, dyspopsia and other diseases of
like nature. For rates apply to the mana
ger, G(Ous(JE (I. B rCKWITH.
Legal blanks at this oatice.
You can buy a eomplletor nureery stove at The
Bee live for 25e. f'atll and g.t one.
Antonle Zacharlas.
The undersigned will be greatly indebted
to any person sending the address of above
named person to JoUN H. BI5AsronD,
Springfield, Ill.
Con Heeker
Has opened a hay, grain, feed, produce and
commission business on corner Main street
and Eighth avenue. Give him a call.
oSee 'lo he Be Iliv nad this week on special
pricesof ierman linou napkins, of their own
tln sortation.
Beven styles of kodake and films at A. M.
Holter Hardware Co.
You can ibuy crockery, china and glassware
cheaper at The iBoo livts thana at ny platse in the
One of the dourihlng of
Helena is Soclety 8vue. It Ihts Orlanu
tied eighteen months; and hM, .In the
treasury. It is a looal a oet
soolety. Sinces its organsatiU have
been paid out o siok ma e he of
whom eceived $%84the bnafii d being
$0 per week. lorty-fve a were
t at the rooms of seociety
in in the Merchants National ban dh
last night when ,the annual inal. lon o
offloers oourred. after the a4ilatlon
there was a bepnuet. The 041aD 9b gave
several of their fine vocal n le tlq e. se
eral soloists also, favored the rblpary and
a most enjoyable time was hau. C. A
Donnelly, senior presdent, installed the
new officers. They are Mtrte.s Benson,
president; N. P. Walters, vie-prlident;
$. N. Hohaquest. recording sece0ta . J.
Lundquest. financial secretary; D Nel
son, treasurer; Peter Hanson, marshal;
John Palmgreen, treustee. . . Anderson.
the retiring president, was the relpient of
complimentary expressions upon his ad
ministration of the office.
The new heating apparatus for Ming's
opera house is in fine working order.
M. W. Johnson has sold to L. D, John
son eight lots in Woodla~tn Park addition
for $2,0'0.
The engagement of Thomas W. Keene,
the eminent tragedian, will commence at
Ming's this evening.
A hunting party is being formed by Hel
ena sportsmen to go to the Blaokfdot coun
try next week for elk.
The ease against George H. Pew for cru
elty to animals, will come up before Judge
Sanders at 10 o'clock this morning.
A marriage license was issued yesterday
to Sumner L. Crane, aged .30, of Wickes,
and Edith L. White, aged 19, of Silver
John A. Lament, J. A. Freeman, of Great
Falls, and Clifford P. Smith, of Kalispell,
were admitted to practice yesterday in the
supreme court.
some fine looking apples are on exhibi
tion at the Board of Trade rooms. They
wore raised in the yard of J. B. Sanford, of
Helena, and are called "Maiden's Blush,"
T. A. McCarthy hit a stranger on the head
with a pop bottle, in the Fashion saloon on
Sixth avenue, last night. He gave $25 bail
for his appearance m the police court to
The medical examinations were conclud
ed last evening and the papers will be ex
amined to-day. Drs. Green, of Livinrston,
and Handridge, of Victor, were the only
new applicants yesterday.
The Salvation army will render a special
programme of meetings this week. Last
evening there was a musical festival known
as the Hosanna meeting. This evening
there will be a meeting for the particular
benefit of ex-drunkards and to-morrow
evening there will be a Peculiar meeting.
The officers declined to reveal the secrets
of this affair. Saturday night there will be
a War Cry meeting.
Crockery, glassware, lamas, tinware. silver
wars and fancy goods. M. J'. dwards, 19 South
Main street.
Union Pacific System.
The only line running free reclining
chair cars between Montana and the east.
Solid vestibule trains with elegant diners,
colonist and Pullman slee,ing cars.
The only line that can route passengers
eastward via Salt Lake, Denver, Omaha or
Kansas City.
Round trip excursion tickets for Salt
Lake and Pacific coast points sold on the
15th of each month.
Round trip excursion tickets for Denver,
Omaha. Kansas City, St. Paul, St. Louis
and Chicago, on sale daily.
No lay over at Butte or Pocatello (as
For further particular call on address
H. O. WILeoN,
Freight and Pass. Agent.
28 North Main street.
Men's winter underwear is now in at The Bee
Hive, and prices are lower than ever. Can suit
everyone. Heavy weights from $1 per suit up
Jackson's music store, Bailey block.
FTw Yonu. Oct. 7.-Bar silver. f6%o.
Copper-Dull; easy.
Lead-Steady; domestic 455.
Opening prices in the stock market were from
6 to As lower than last night's figures and prices
tegan to settle immediately with Rock Island,
tissouri Pacific and ViLlard's leading at differ
ant times during the day. The day was unusually
barren of interest. The close was dull, heavy,
weak, at about lowest figures. Losses include
(iseouri Pacific, 14; Sugar and Hock Island,
Northorn l'acific preferred, and Wabash pre
erred, each i14; Burlington 1l3.
Petroleum--Closed at 6314c.
Closing Closing
LI. S. 4s rog........1187 New YorkCentral.110
LI. S. 4s coupon....llt61 Oregon imp....... 20
I. S. 2s reg....... 1Vg4 Oregon Nay....... 78
Pacifs..........l1 Pacific Mail....... 87
tchison........ . 1414 heading........... 404
anada ss .l'ac... 8/s Hoc island....... 82/,
Lanada soutth..... 584 St. Paul ........... 74
entral Pacific ... 33 St. Paul & Omaha. 314
Hurlington........ 979. Texas Pacific...... 141
Lack & Western..141%, Union Pacific..... 411
D & H. G.,pref.. 50% L. H. Express..... 57
Kri .............. 31 argo Express....138
Kansa s&Texas.... 17N \\etern Union.... 182,
Lake Shore .......1244 Anmeri. Cotton Oil. 246
L,'ville c Nash..... 797 Terminal.......... 13l"
Michigan Central.101iO Olro'nbthortLine. 25
Missouri Pacific... 59Ol Lead Trusts....... 16.
Northern Pacific.. 28!, I. .G. Western.... 40
N. P. prof......... 75 1.G0. W.pref...... 7214
Northwestern.....1151 1. G. W. lsts...... 761
Northwestern prof.137
Money on call easy; closed offered at 414;
!rime paper. 6(07ld; strlinag exhange qulet;
asy; t0-day bills $4.79!4/; demand $4.s334.
(CurIAOO. Oct. 7.-Cattle--lIeneltot. 20.010;
loll; steady to lower: prime toextra natives
1i.00al.62;; good to chicr $5.0iit5.F5: others $3.25
o4.r85: Texans [email protected]:1.45; rangers $&[email protected];
tockors $2.050 2.4.
Hogs--Heceipts, 22,000: fairly active; steady at
ceterday's closing prices; rough and common,
3.5(4.2725; mixel sal packers. $4.50t;47t
rime heavy and butchers' weights. $4.855..10
OhiladolpiasI. $5 2Urt5.25; light. $4.00(4490.
flheep-Hceiet.r 6o00le: fairly active, sheep
toady; lambs ower; natives, $t.:'25.,0; Tezans.
BO D T4rl A Tseeue lf ITIES,
Correspondence suolelted.
10, 165 Dearborn Street, CHICACO.
I5 Wall Street, NEW YORK.
70 State St.. BOSTON.
Myrtle Lodge No. :I.
Mlcets every T''hursday.
Ioegulf r meeting of above lodge
will Ito held thlis 'J'hurday even
ing at right o'clock sharp. So
journing brothers are kindly in
vilted to attend.
Jo . W. JACeSON,
JAcon Lo.r C.. C.C
KI. of It. and t.
Ifonsehold Goods. btorees and ('attle will be
oil at public ItalCtill at low cemmislslons.
leo auction sales will obe ondulcted every
evoening at, our plaeto of bueelt, So 102 Sout
Mlain street, corner Well.
IlOl1flliR(1t &I. ItECHNITZ,
Autc ioneers.
Your Form lae Boaltifl,.
Attention, Ladllts,
If you desire a beautiful, shapely bust. plump
rock, arms and ,houldrs, true to nature, by a
iellepe but hrernt.tic trea'meat, endorsed by emi
sat: ithlician. Abolutelsty puarantsd. Butl
ers Strictly confirdetia. (jfl olr adlress tMme
Mitchell, 108 Qrand street.
/t I
We are now offering in our
Extra Values in
In Our Cloak Department
We are showing the Latest Importations in
Fur Trimmed Cloth Garments and an immense
assortment of Plush Jackets, Sacques, Capes
and Newmarkets, at reasonable prices.
We have just placed on sale several cases of White and Colored Blankets, at very
attractive prices, and also display an elegant collection of Down Quilts, Pillows
and Cushions, in Satin, China Silk and Satines, at correspondingly low prices.
Business College.
We are grieved to see students going out from
school after a few weeks' course in some busi
eess college (our own not excepted), only half
itted to perform the ordinary duties of business
ife. It is true that we can furnish the finishing
ouches in the science of accounts to, and make
first-class accountant out of a person who has
lad two or three years' experience in business for
ilmself or his employer, in three months' time,
or he realizes what his deficiencies are and what
principles must necessarily b3 well impressed on
lie mind; but we cannot make a first-class book
ceeper out of a student who has hadno previous
rnowledge of actual business in less than six
No school can conscientiously advertise to
omplete a course in either shorthand or book
ceeping in less time, for neither science can be
completed in leas time, to say nothing of other
>ranches absolutely necessary to the qualification
of a first-class stenographer or bookkeeper.
ituaents often come to us, having been promised
I situation by some business man, to qualify for
ne position, as if his whole snot es depended
en that one position. He asks us to fit him for
hat position in the short time of one month or
ix week. He performs his duties to the satis
action of his employer, perhaps, but when he
omes to cope with a first-class bookkeeper or
tenographer, alas! he is "left," to use the school
ory expr3ession. A sad experience teaches many
hat it is better to be futly competent, though it
ost more, than partially fitted, to cope with an
Now we want students to come for a term of
ix months, in which time we guarantee to give
hem a complete course, if they make good use
f th it time. The theory of bookkeeping will
onsume about four months, taking into consid
ration the other necessary branches. The other
,wo months will be given to business practice.
Ye mean to go further than edvertise a business
ractice department. We shall have it in our
chool and get out of it the best results possible.
es have the best room for this department in
Realizing that many students are not able to
ay out much money in an education, we shall
educe tuition for six months from $50 to $t0.
this reduction will, we think, be appreciated by
nany students who are economic in their ex
senditure of money. The reduction will take
tfect at once, and continue until Oct. 30, 1891.
Although the Montana Business C'ollege has
lone but little advertising, except through its
tudente, it has been well patronized, as students
nud others friendly to its existence are aware.
Phis can be accounted for only in the fact that it
ers founded by men of integrity and moral
worth, and I ept alive on principles of true merit.
ts pr. sent manager hopes to make it the ideal
eusiness college of Montana. It takes time to
uild up a school that will meet the approval of
in intelligent people, such as we have in Mon
We solicit the hearty co-operation of all that
save an interest in such an institution; also in
rite you to come to Electric lnilding, corner
tixth and Park avenues, and learn something of
he management and courses of study. Very
HOMER G. PHELPS, Principal,
Ming's Opera House=
-The Opening of the Regular Season- .
The Distingaished Tragedian.
And an excellent company of players in the feol
lowing select repertoire:
rrlces: Setinse A, I, O, D, .1 11'8 , F, ii;
eallery ito Sears open at Pops k O' oaaoc's
WeQttewiay morning,
On Improved Property and Ranches. Will purehase County, School and
Municipal Bonds and Warrants, Commercial Paper and Mortqage Notes.
N., 10 d.wards Btreet. Merchants Natlonal Bank Balldin.. Correspondence Solicit.
Plumbers and Gas Fitters
Merchants National Bank Building, Helena, Mon
-----Under Management of the
Board, $7 Per Week. Tickets, 21 Meals, $8 Per Week, Sinle Meals 50e, Eac
LATEST !'"m-m m"
Se)eral cars of Washburn-Gros
by Go.'s "Best" Flour arri'ed at
J-lelena this v)eek, fresh from the
great Washburn Mills, the largest
and most perfectly equipped flour
mills in the Wvorld. Our goods are
handled'in J-lelena only by
""**... M. Reinig and th
*** A. R. Gates Grocery Co
flardest Ball
Hotel May,
Friday ve., Oct 9.
Orton's Orchestra, of Butte,
TICKUETS Ineolelml Snppor, $ 150.
Stenographers, Typewriters =
.mmmmm.-::m- and Accounntants.
RoMon 35, LfJ~TzsU IhAd.
Reoma M. rrese 0ss.
B Estate,
I Mines.
In Basement Power
block, Corner Sixth
Ave. and Main St.,
Turkish sib II. Rusian Bath IL h1. .mpi
Iud tlbower BsLth ro. Hour a. iu m. to 10 p.
orner MaIn and Silth avenul, trom. ned
lqll aaBuines. Cofleg.

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