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Fancy Table Covers1
Our buyer has secured a greal
bargain in these goods, and we
are able to sell them at prices
quoted previous to the passage
of tle high tariff bill, which has
virtually ruled these goods out of
the market.
5-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $1.40.
5-4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
6-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $2.00.
6-4 fancy Chenillq Covers, frngd,
THIS WEEK $2.25.
8-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $3,75.
8-4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
THIS WEEK $4.75.
10-4 fancy Chenille Covers, plain,
THIS WEEK $4.75.
1o-4 fancy Chenille Covers, frngd,
12-4 fancy Chenlle Covers frngd,
22x22 plush Center Covers,
25x25 plush Center Covers,
36x36 plush Center Covers,
THIS WEEK $1.50,
28x28 plush Center Covers,
6-4 fancy Covers, fringed,
THIS WEEK $i.oo.
8-4 fancy Covers, fringed,
THIS WEEI $1.50.
French Velour Mats,
THIS WEEK $r.4o.
Fancy Turkish Linen Cloths,
Oriental patterns, with fringe,
THIS WEEK $1.25.
1. T' 1HE B'~- HIVE M. I
The bad shape the roads have been left
in by the storm has kept all country visi
tore unwilling captives.
A marriage license was issued Tuesday,
authorizing Lucius A. Nutting, of Laurel,
to wed Miss Lillie M. Ellis, of Blakely.
Lawyers and court officers are busy these
days preparing for the long term of the
district court, which commences Tuesday
E. S. Tutt, the stockman of Rapids, has
branched out into the sheep business, and
hasa fine band of 1,800sheep, and wishes to
buy more.
Hunting parties for ducks and geese have
quite numerously started out from this
city during the week with more or less
success. Wild geese are plenty in the val
ley and ducks are thicker than flies.
The Yellowstone National bank will soon
occupy its new quarters in theLarson build
ing, recently vacated by H. T. Ramsey.
The building is in the hands of the car
penters, and will be remodeled and a vault
Before Justice Hart Friday last, John
Mueller, the hold-up villain who was ar
rested and brought back from Glendive by
Will Ramsey, had a preliminary examina
tion and was held to await the action of
the grand jury on the charge of highway
R. J. Martin & Sons purchased during
the week 2,000 head of stocl sheep from J.
J, Nickey at $3.25 a head, and 1,000 lambs
from W. O. Parker, paying therefor $2.25.
Mr. Martin loaded with supplies yesterday
and started for the California ranch,
whither the new lot of sheep are now being
Clate Warner returned yesterday from
the east, where has been during the past
month disposing of two carloads of western
horses. He will not rebuild his barn on
Twenty-seventh street, which was destoyed
by fire, but expects to put up a barn end
corral in the suburbs which will be better
accommodation for his stock.
The old Conrad quarters in the First Na
tional bank block are occupied this week
by H. T. Ramsey's drug store, in the main
mrom opening on Montana avenue. A par
tition cuts off the lower half and finishes
out store room and quarters for A. Hireh's
dry goods store which faces on Twenty
seventh street next to the postofllce, end
the next room is to be occupied as offices by
C. F. Burton and Harry Burton.
An attempt was made at Livingston one
night last week to rustle a band of cattle
rancing near that town and belonging to
James Milligan & Metzel Bros. The cattle
were driven up a side street of the town
about daybreak and attracted the atten
tion of parties in that vicinity who a few
hours afterward notified the owners. A
warrant was procured and the officers
started in pursuit. The cattle were found
cached in the mountains about ten miles
west of Livingston but the rustlers had dis
appeared. It is believed the cattle were
driven off with the intention of selling the
beef at Timberline and Cokedale. No trace
of the thieves and no clue as to their iden
White Sulphur Springs.
Wm. McGinness and bride have gone to
housekeeping in a neat cottage home on
North First street.
The physicians of our town complain
that the sanitary conditions are not as per
fect as they should be.
Miss Tillie Fuchs left one day last week,
much to the regret of her many young
friends, for a visit to Cleveland, O.
The work of threshing is still progressing
throughout several valleys and the work
will probably not be completed until No
The graded school under Prof. Keeling
and his able corps of teachers is progressing
nicely and the patrons are unusually well
C. C. Bonham has sold the choice stock
and implements of his tonsorial establish.
ment to Geo. Calkins and leaves this week
Dozen children's heavy
ribbed, hand-knit, Wool
en Hose, in fast Black,
Steel, Vicuna and Blue Gray.
The best IIose in the market.
Wcrth 500. Por Pair.
6o dozen ladies' fast Black, all
wool Hose, worth 4oc.
This week 25c.
60o dozen ladies' fast black all
wool Hose, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
6o dozen children's fast Black,
all wool Hose, worth 35c.
This week 2oc.
20 dozen ladies' fast Black Sax
ony wool, hand-made hose, worth
75c. This week 5oc.
20o dozen misses' Hose, sizes
5 1-2 to 8 1-2 same quality, worth
6oc. This week 4oc.
20 dozen children's Hose, sizes
4 1-2 to 5 1-2, same quality.
Worth 5oc. This week 3oc.
zoo dozen men's all wool heavy
calf hose, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
Also full and complete lines of
in Cotton, Balbriggan, Lisle
Thread and Silk, at very low
prices. The largest line of Hos
iery in the city.
for Minneapolis. Mr. Calkins has secured
a lease of the building occupied by Mr.
Bonham and will continue the business.
The new addition to the White Sulphur
Springs hotel is rapidly nearing comple
tion. This will add ten or a dozen elegant
rooms to the house together with a billiard
room and bar accommodations.
Miss Mary Potter, the very pleasant young
lady who has been spending the summer
with her cousin, Miss Eva Wright, left
Monday morning last for her home neat
Sedalia, Mo. She was accompanied as far
as Omaha by Miss Bowen, who has been
spending the summer with Mrs. Len Lewis,.
Travel between this point and Neihart
has more than doubled since the comple
tion of the ne* wagon road, Heretofore no
one went over the route that could avoid it
and all traveled by coach. But now the
coach is not only loaded each way every
trip, but private conveyances are running
constantly and it is now the liveliest road
in the county.
We take pleasure in announcing that Mr.
Chas. H. Miller, late of Kansas City, Mo.,
has formed a co-partnership with L. Peavey
of Castle and the firm will be known as
Miller & Peavey, attorneys-at-law. Mr.
Miller has had seventeen years' experience
at the bar and with his energetic partner,
Mr. Peavey, makes one of the best law
firms in this region.
The enterprising manager of the Idaho
Stage company, W. S. Boom, has decided
to put daily coaches on his line between
Neihart and White Sulphur Springs. This
will be a great convenience to the travel
ling public. The new road being in good
condition, the coaches will make fast time,
and parties leaving Neihart will arrive
here early in the afternoon.
Union Pacific System.
The only line running free reclining
chair cars between Montana and the east.
Solid vestibule trains with elegant diners,
colonist and Pullman eleeing cars.
The only line that can route passengers
eastward via Salt Lake, Denver, Omaha or
Kansas City.
Round trip excursion tickets for Salt
Lake and Pacific coast points sold on the
15th of each month.
Round trip excursion tickets for Denver,
Omaha. Kansas City, St. Paul, St. Louis
and Chicago, on sale daily.
No lay over at Butte or Pocatello (as
For further particular call on address
H. O. WILsoN,
Freight and Pass. Agent.
28 North Main street.
A.tomarle Mannera.
But time changes minds as well as man
ners, though even now when making
changes from one circle to another, it often
requires that adaptability which could be
said found in one who has automatic man.
ners. However, such radical changes not
only appear in drawing-room repartee,
street dress, etc., among people, but also iq
the conveniences and luxuries affordej
mankind, Railroad travel is one instance.
A few years ago, comparatively, one had to
consume much valuable time in an nncom.
.rtable way to make what is now thought
-othing of as a n-kht's journey in a sleeper.
The most modern equipment and trans.
portation facilities can be found on the
fast trains of the Minneapolis & St. Louis
railway to Chicago, St. Louis, Hot Springs,
Kansas City, etc. lnquiare of any agent of
the company, or C. M. Pratt, general ticket
and passenger agent. Minnasaolis. MiitL.
Are You Suffering
From back ache, inflammation of the blad
der, drick dust deposit or stone in the blad
der, or in fact any derangement of the
kidneys or orinary organs? If thus afflicted
do not lose time and waste money on worth.
less liniments and worse plasters, but strike
at the seat of the disemae at once by using
the greatest of all klown remedies, the cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tee. Pleasant to
take, purely vegetable. Satisfaction every
Wisdomi's Violet Cream
Is the most exquisite preparation in tihe
world for softening and whitening the
hands and face. It is not only a substitute
for, but in every respect superior to glyuer
ins. cold cream, vaseline, and like prepara
tione. Try it.
Toys and -
---Holiday t ds
We ere headquarters on these
goods, and our stock is arriving
every day, and we invite pur
chasers to call and see us in this
line. Full assortments of
Dolls, Iron Toys, Mechanical
Toys, Wooden Toys, Blocks,
Toy Books, Plush Cases, Leather
Cases, Polished Wood Cases,
Albums, Photograph Frames in
Plush, Wood, Metal and Glass,
Silverware, Royal Devon Ware,
China and Glassware, Bronzes,
Bisque Goods, Clocks, Music
Boxes, Fancy Lamps, Etc.
Crockery and Chinaware,
56-Piece Decorated Porcelain Tea
Set, brown, blue and olive dec
IIz-Piece Decorated Dinner Set,
brown, blue and olive decora
Decorated Chamber Set, assorted
decorations, $3.75. With cov
ered Slop Jar, $7.
1o2-Piece Decorated China Din
ner Set, genuine Carlslad
THIS WEEK $24.75
A large lot of Carlsbad China
Spittoons, direct importation.
Worth $2.00oo each.
district court of the First judicial district of
the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
Inthe matter of the estate of Squire Calvert,
Pursuant to an order of said court. made on
the eighth day of October, 1801, notice is hereby
given, thast Monday, the 19th day of October,
1891, at 10 o'clock a. m.. of said day, at the court
room of said court, at the court house in the
county of Lewie and Clarke, has been appointed
as the time and place for proving the will of said
Squire Calvert. deceased, and for hearing the ap
plication of Sttephen C. Gilpatrick for the isen
ance to him of letters testamentary, when and
where any person interested may appear and con
test the same.
igined.] JOHN BEAN, Clerk.
Be y Isigned.] H. J. CASEDY, Deputy.
Dated. October 8th, 1891.
district court of the First judicial district of
the State of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
In the matter of the etatte of William New
combe Gardner, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of raid court, made on
the eighth day of October, 1891, notice is Ihereby
given, that Monday. the nineteenth day of Oc
tober. 1891. at 10 o'clock, a. m.. of said day, at
the court room of said court, at the court house.
in the county of Lewis and Clarke. has been ap
pointed as the time and place for prosing the
will of said William Newoombe Gardner, do
ceased, and for ihering the application of James
Gorman and John It. Watton, for thq issuance to
them of letters testamentary, when antd whetre any
person interested may appear and contest the
same. Signed,] JOHN BSiAN. Clerk.
Dated. Otobe lignod H. J. CAsEDY, Deputy.
lst.d. OctloLr 8th, 1891.
nIeast mei sot tLe stockholders of tho
Meoccasin Live stock company will o e held atthe
octice of A. J. Davidson c Co., corner Fourteenth
treet and Helena avenue, oa tih 12th day of
October. A. D, 1191, at 10 o'clock a. in., for the
election of trustees and the tran.ation of such
other business as man appear before th meeting.
F. a. PAoP Ki E, d ecretary
ST. PAUL R'Y..... .
Is the Fast Mail Short Line from St. Paul
and Minneapolis via La Crosse and Milwau
kee to Chicago and all points in the East.
ern States and Canada. It is the only line
under one management between St. Paul
and Chicago, and it is the Finest Equipped
Railway in the Northwe at. It is the only
line running Pullman Drawing-room Sleep.
ing oars with luxurious smoking-rooms. and
the finest dining-cars in the world, via the
famous "River Bank R]oute," along the
shores of Lake Pepin and the beautiful
Mississippi river to Milwaukee and Ohica
go. ,Its trains connect with those of the
Northern lines in the Grand Union depot at
St. Paul. No change of oar. of any class
between St. Paul and Chicago. For through
tickets, time tables, and full information,
apply to any coupon ticket agent In the
. ccnd Flonr Herald Bnildin.,
;. To Order.;.
FS'..+ .'2, ,% . .,dCH A.0,oo
Cocaiceus ot .tld Ila rutb t .
dfore,, assndn , etcne.o
h sllmtu Sorlth, [:n'a and ts
- I$ Sod t1i.cAr .ed Ora te 1
We carry the Well -Known
Foster Kid Gloves, 5-hook, in
black, tans and slates, which we
will sell THIS WEEK at $1.2S.
Soo pairs Jouvins Kid Gloves
In evening shades only. To
close out this stock we will sell
these Gloves, which are worth
$2.00 per pair,
We offer this week the fol
lowing special bargains in fine
German Linen Napkins, our own
Lot 30, size i8xi8,
This week $r.25 per doz.
Lot 42, size i8x18,
This week $1.5o per doz.
Lot 129, size 22x22,
This week $1.65 per doz.
Lot 135, size 24x24,
This week $2.o10 per doz.
Lot 145, size 24X24,
This week $2.40 per doz.
Lot 155, size 25x25,
This week $2.95 per doz.
Lot i65, size 25x25,
This week $3.40 per doz.
Lot 175, size 25x25,
This wgek $3.65 per doz.
Lot 200, size 26x26,
This week $4.70 per doz.
Also full and complete line of
German Linen Table Cloths,
Fringed Doylies,etc.
plaintiff. vs. Andrew Glass, defendant.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decreeof foreclosure and sale issued out of tllhe
district court of the First judicial district of the
state if Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, cn the 2'd da" of September. A. D.
1091. in the above entitled action, wherein
Johannah Glass, the above named plaintiff, ob
tained a judgment and decree of foreclosure
and sale agaioest Andrew Glass. defend
ant, on the 1lth day orf June, A. D.
lol1. fur the sum of 0800. besides interest
costs and attorney fees. which said decree was on
the itth day of June. A.D. 1891, recorded in jndg
ment book No. "t#" of said court at page 107. I
em commanded to sell all those certa n lots.
pieces or parcels of land, situate, lying and being
in the county of Lewis and Clarke. state of Mon
tana, and iounded and described as follows, to
The northeast quarter of the sonthwestqul r
ter of section four (4). township ten (10), nor th
of range four (4) west of the prlnsioal meridi an
of Montana, containing in all about forty so, as
of land.
'Togoether with all and singular the tenements,
hiereditamonts and ppurleniarees thereunto be
longing or in anywise nppertaming.
Public notice is hereby given thaton Saturday,
the 17th day of Octobr, A. D. 1811. at lt o clock,
m. of that day at the front door of the courthouae,
Helena, Lewis and C]arke county, Montana, I
will, in obhedience to said order of saleond decree
of foreclosure and sale. solet the above tdescribed
property, or so much thereof as may be necessary
to saltisfy said judgment with interest anul costs,
to the highest end best bidder, for cash in hand.
Given under my hand this 24th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1891.
Deputy theriff.
Ithe First Judicial district of the state of
Montana, in and for the county of Lewis and
John S. ed&wards, plaintiff, vs. Caroline Ed.
kards, defendant
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant.
You are hereby requirdc to appear in an action
brought against you by the above named plaintiiff
in the district court of the Cirst judicial district
of bhe state of Montana, in and for the county- of
Lewis ant Clarke i and to answer the complaint
filed therein, within ten days (exclusive of the
day of aservice) after the service on you of this
summons, if served within this county; or. it
servedl out of this county. but within this district,
within twenty daye: otherwise within forty days.
or judgment by default will be taken asainstyou,
accordinn to the prayer ofsaid complaint.
The said action is brought to dissolve the
bonds of matrimony between the plantif and do
fondant tn the grounds tlst the defendlant di,
on or about the first day of January, 1811. wil.
folly and without cause, desert and abandon
plaintiff and ever since has, and still does,
wilfully and without cause, continue to desert
and abandon plaintiff and live ,operate and
apart from him.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
;Cpear and answer the said complainl, as above
]aoired. the said plaintiff will apply to the
court ior the reltif demanded In the complaint.
Given under my hand andthe seal of the dLis
trictcourt of the 1.irst judicial district of the
state of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
ans ('larke, this rlg;tsenth day of August. in
the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred
and ninety-one.
I Seal] JOHN BEAN. Clerk.
By1H. R TRouPsON. De)puty Clerk.
WALSH & NLwMAN. Plaintiff's Attorneys.
of the First Judicial District of state of
Monians, in and for the county of Lewis and
Alice M. Fetterolf, plaintiff, vs. I J. Fetterolf
The state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
You are hereby required to appear inan action
brought against you by the above named plaintiff
in the district court of the Flirst judicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke and to answer the complaint
filed therein.wlthin ten days (exclusive or the day
of service) after the service on you of this sum
m.ons if served within this conty or if served
out oI! this county, but within this district, within
twenty days, otherwilse within forty days, or
judgment by default will ba taken aainst you
·acord!in to the prayer of said compaint.
Jie aid action is brought to obtain a decree of
s-id court dissolving theu bonds of matrimony
now existing between you and the plaint' ff here
in upon the grounds of extreme cruelty on your
part towards pleiltill while roslding In tit sta'e
of Mnuota a. and for the tnamody of the minor
clild. of and for a more particular stittesunt of
th case euf action herein you are referii to t he
complalnt on file in said court.
And you are hereby nuotiied that if yoe fail to
appear and answer i lie said complaint. M above
required, the said plaintiff will apply to the
court for the relief demended in the oomplaint.
(Olsen under my ihand and the a of the dis.
trlot court of the first Judicial diitrlct of the
tate oif Montans, in andt for the county of Lewis
and Ilarke, this lst day of eeptember, In the year
of our Lord, ons thousand eight hundrJel and
sero,.I JOHN IEAN, (Clerk.
1I. R. TseoorsoN, Deputy Clerk.
J. MI. CLxez'TS. Attorney for plaintiff.
t. - - ~ ---.. t. a. t--i--~
Embroidered Flannel Cloaks,
full length, in c:ream and tan.
Worth $4.
THIS WEEK' $.oo.
Embroidered flannel long
Cloaks, all wool, cream and tan,
Worth $4.50.
THIS WEEK $2.50o.
Embroidered flannel long
Cloaks, full length, in tan and
cream, better quality. Worth
THIS WEEK, $3.50.
Also better grades in long
Cloaks, at $4.00, $4.50, $4'75,
$5.00, $6.00 and $7.00oo
Embroidered Flannel Short
Cloaks, in cream only, at $3.00
$4.0oo and $5.
Embroidered Flannel Long
Skirts, $2.oo, $2.50, $2.75.
Infants' Muslin Dresses,
Infants' Lamb's Wool Vests,
Infants' Wool and
Silk Caps,
Infants' White and Black
Cashmere Hose,
Infants' Bootees,
Infants' Mitts,
Infants' Shawls,
Infants' Sundries,
Etc., Etc.
70o dozen Linen Damask Tow
;Is, knotted fringe, assorted
:olored borders, worth 40c.
This week 25c.
Clarke, Conrad & Curtin,
We offer a very complete line
f of all kinds of
lHeatin and Cooking Stoves
For either Wood or Coal. and
- oat prices that will astonish
Oder one
GI)den Sunsline Steel Ranges,
. Acorn Line of Heaters and Cooks,
S'Sup Siperior Stoves and Ranges,
THE COOK AMALGAMATOR may take the place of the ordinary mill
tables and operato close up to the batteries, or it works with splendid results on
the taillings from other amalgamating devices. It is
and will save ninety-nine gr cent. of all the metals which will amalgamate, no
matter how fine, and the Boured quick in the tailings from other amalgamating
apparatus. 'there are very many plsose Ia Montana where the Cook Amalgamator
will pay for itself every month.
[ Will Guarantee Satisfaction Where I Advise the Purchase.
G. C. Swallow, Helena, Sole Agent for Montana,
SHaving deolined te plaai of State Mine Inspeotor, I am now prepared to
examine and report on mines, and aid in buying and selling the same. I have had'
lorty-five years' exr'erinre in min:ng G. C. SwArmw.
See Amalgamator at my Offloe from 0 to 12 A.. M
35 dosent tl4nei Datnask Tow
els ,k.notted , fringe, open
drawn wok' 'borders, aasortedo r
colors, worth oc.
This week g3 1-3c.
20o dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 16x36.
This week 2oc.
o20 dozen unbleached bath Tow
els, 2ox48.
This week 25c.
20 dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 22X44.
This week 3oc.
2o dozen bleached Bath Tow
els, 25x5o.
.This week 40oc.
o20 dozen fancy Turkish Tidies,
knotted fringe, all colors, I7x38
This week zsc.
Silk Umbrellas.
26-inch Helvetia silk Umbrel
las, warranted all silk, oxydized
handles, worth $.3.
This week $1.75.
28-inch Helvetia silk Umbrel
las, same as above but larger
size, worth $3.50.
This week $2.oo.
24-inch Carola silk Umbrellas,
fancy silverine handles, all silk,
worth $3.25. This week $.90o.
28-inch Carola silk Umbrellas,
very unique designs, silv-ine
handle, worth $4.50.
This week $2.75.
24-inch Acme silk ladies' Um
brella, very fine quality, worth
$4. This week $2.50.
We also have a line of very
fine Parasols, which will be sold
this week at eastern cost.

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