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* City Counoil Deoldes That daw.,
rtone Street Shall Be a
owerinh the Grade of BroadWsa
sad Adjointdaf iStreets itn
Good Shape.
e Motor Line raaehlee Passed-The
OMfe of Inspector of Milk ahd
Food Created.
The oity council last night transacted a
t of business of importance. It was lb.
ded to open Lawrence street in aseor
nce with the petition of property owners.
he matter of lowering the grade of Broad
ay and cross streets was put into such
ape that it is in a fair way to pass if the
ads asked for is approved by the city en
ueer, or if another grade preferred by
at officer is agreeable to the petitioners.
e motor line's new franchise was passed
d the company can now go ahead with
e work of changing from steam to electric
wer, and can build the proposed west
e extension. The council also repealed
e old office of inspector of weights and
easures and established that of inspector
milk and food. These and other mat
re made up a busy and a long sesson.
Alderman Morris presented a resolution
at the prayer of the petitioners for the
ening of Lawrence street be granted and
ndemnation proceedings be begin.
derman Wieber said that while the open
g of Lawrence street would be a great
provement, he did not think it policy to
pt any street on conditions. If it were
nod with a proviso against putting a
llroad there, and the next council granted
ranohise, the people might come back on
e city for the money they had paid.
ayor Kleinsohmidt said that was a matter
r the next council. If it granted a fran
iee it would take the responsibility on
Alderman Lissner said he didn't propose
open up the street for the benefit of a
w people and have the city at large pay
r it, It should be opened by those inter
ted. The time thb city got through grad.
a it would cost $85,000 to open the street.
Aldermen Hartwig and Morris spoke of
e benefit that would accrue to the city at
rge. in order to provide a safe and con
nient thoroughfare from east to west.
derman Morris further thought it would
an improvement that would pay for it
If in a short time. The opening would
t cost the city more than $3,000. When
was done houses would be built on the
ound aid their value added to the assess
nt of the city. It was time to show that
lena was a live city and not a mining
lderman Lissner said it seemed strange
at he, a foreigner, should have to look
tsr the poor taxpayers. "You," he said,
s American born citizens, pay about the
me attention to the money mn the treass
y as if it were so much gravel. The city
ede such men as me in the council."
ter calling attention to the debt of the
y, which he placed at $400,000, he pre
ted that at this rate "eight years from
w the city will have to sell out."
ayor Kleinschmidt said if it was in
ded to make this a big city, now was the
e to do it. He could concievo of no
ater improvement than the opening of
wrence street. Every ward would be
nefited. It would pay for itself in the
ape of taxes in less than three years. It
s the same with the grading of Broad
y. The hill should be lowered, and the
p grades on the streets running south
Broadway cut down.
he council voted as follows to grant the
wrence street petition: Yeas, ten-Klein,
rrett, Steele, Hartwig, 'nller, Gamer,
rris, Witmer, Hanley and Wieber; nays,
e-Lissner. Absent, Harrity, Thompson
d Reece. The ordinance for the opening
Lawrence street was preeented after
rd and referred to the judiciary com
ttee and the city attorney.
he Broadway grading matter came no
t on a resolution of Alderman Morris to
nt the prayer of the petitioners. The
ition asked for a cut of eight and a-half
t at Ewing street, four and a-half feet at
dney, another cut of four feet at Chaucer
eet, the filling in of four feet at.Staborn
set and the lowering of the side streets.
was estimated by the city engineer that
work would cost over $38,000, of which
r $28,000 would be paid by the city and
,000 by the property owners. It was
ted that the property owners on Broad
y would pay for the grading there and
replacing of the sidewalkes The city
uld stand the expense of grading and
lacing sidewalks on the side streets.
ranklin R. Wallace, who was present in
audience, was called on for his views on
matter. He said that the progress of
city was retarded by the big bill on
adway. It was the most traveled street
the city, next to Main street. The in
vement would never cost less than now.
hould have been done before. Grade
street, and values would go up, and
at it cost the city would be rapidly
aid. He spoke of the fact that confi
ce was being restored in the east and
ney was coming this way. No place
uld get more of it than Montana and no
y was more thought of than Helena.
Ideraan Lisener spoke of the Broadway
ding as a very plausible proposition. The
ney would be put In the hands of the
pie and from them come bask to the
rehants and be circulated right here.
ould benefit the wards in the old town
. and would call for the boildlng of lots
ine business blocks. There was some
lause when Alderman Lissner sat down.
Iderman Morris spoke for the improve
nt. While it would cost some money,
hing the council could do would give it
eter record. It would be money well
nt and benefit the whole city.
Iderman Witmer moved to refer the
tier back to the streets and alleys com
tee. the city engineer and the city at
ney, to report back to the next meeting,
h the necessary profiles and other in
mation. His idea was to let the city en
eer make the profilee for grades which
should consider best and not confine
self to those established in the petition.
wanted it done so that the grade es
lished would last forever.
ayor Kleinsomidt said the dlfficulty
that if they deviated from the figures
he petition the people asking the im
vement might not consider themselves
ud to pay their part. It would be bet
to have the petition more flexible.
Iderman Morris said he thought there
lid be no trouble oetting the petitioners
cede to whatever grade the city council
ught best. In fract, one of the petitlon
had already told him that a mistake was
de in tying the city down to any parti
er grade.
derman Hartwig wanted the committee
hom the matter was referred to find out
he city engineer approved the grade
ad for. If he did there was no occasion
other thepetitioners any further. If he
not then the petitioners should be con
ed as to whether they were willing to
eptthe bchasges he mihlt suggest. This
added to Alderman Witmer' s motion
ch was adopted and the matter referred
he motor line franchise ordinance was
sed. It allows W. H. Olark to equip the
d with electric power, and to charge five
Sfare. It also authorizes the ranch
up Park avenue to Clark street, to
egher, to the shobol house alley, to liar.
n avenue, to Flowerreo street, to Ilayee
et, to Inirght street. 'Thle line is to be
peration by March 1. 1892. Instead of a
rail, the road will be equipped with
der rails. Alderman Hartwrg wanted an
endment added nrninrg it obllantory to
not less than twelve trips a day. Thi's
Sopposed on the grounrd that It would
hard to make that many trips a day in
e sorts of weather. The number was
n redceod to six trips a day rand the
endment adopted. After this was done
nrman Morris rsred to have the com
ey lft free in the matter of the
et tt wan o ataln to a to e
awtwti4 kgd eetr voting no ordi;
snaoe we then passed unamo ae
dame ron te lontmitte, A esperat or
nUaten was paseed allowing the present
.oe.ne gits motive power Stom steam
0 or inas e rpepslng ord 1U4Ue of
$4d alt, pr.iding for te eppattment of
an iasotogr of weithbs and measres wasee
ppsed, Anoke ordinance to take its
place wee pro e, providing for an
itnpector of milk igd foodl, It allow the
ayor to appoint a eompetent pertsn for
noeaseo. with the nenunt of the ounelno,
Ne is to prevent the sale of impaIU or nl
wholesom food or milk, an his slary
will be . The roles were uspe ded
and the ornance passed. Dr. W. M. Bul.
lard who has been flling the ofese tem
p y the mayot's orders, will be ap
pointed inspector.
A petition wasee presented asking that the
eity condemn and open an alley from Ed.
wards street to Sixth avenue, between the
heases fronting on Main street and Park
avenue. The petition was referred to the
streets and alleys committee and the city
engineer, to report on the most practicable
A. ..d. Holter', petition to be allowed to
put up a ont-etory brick building on Main
street between the Bailey and Gold blocks
was referred to the building committee and
the inspector with power to act.
The Society of the Framers of the Consti
tution to Meet.
Arrangements for the second annual re
union of the members of the constitutional
convention, to be held in this city Saturday,
Nov. 7, have been completed. It will un
doubtedly be largely attended. The ban
quet will' be served under the charge of
Manager Walker at The Helena, and will
therefore be beyond criticism. The pro
gramme as printed announces that the so
ciety will be called to order at noon, No',
7, by President A. W. Clark. The pro
gramme afterward is as follows: tociety
called to order, president; prayer, chaplain;
address of welcome, A.J. Craven; response,
C. B. Middleton: roll-call and minutes
read, secretary; report of treasurer, L. I.
Hershfleld: election of officers. At three
o'clock p. m. general business will be trans
The publie addresses are: " or Dead,"
H. Knippenberg: "Legislature,'"A.L. Luce;
'Revenues and Taxation," T. E. Collins.
At aine o'oloek p. m. the banquet will be
The executive commitee is composed of
the following members: Wi. A. Clark,
chairman, H. Knippenberg, Paris Gibson,
Chas. S. Marshall, Geo. W. Stapleton, Al
fred Myers, Martin Maginnis, J. E. Rick
The local committee at Helena is B. P.
Carpenter, chairman, W. A. Chessman, A.
J. Craven J. K. Toole, M. Maginnis, L. H.
Hershfield, Win. Muth.
The banquet committee is Wi. Math,
chairman, L, R. Hershfield, W. A. Chees
Large line of albums and photograph frames
just received at The Bee Hive.
Butcher & Bradley's prioes for worsted yarne
and knitting cotton, defy competitoin.
Dinaner from 8,30 to 7:30 at the Mer
chants Hotel dining rooms.
The artistic performance of the Philhar
mor.io olub needs no special commenda
tion. The members, from continual asso
ciation, have acquired the habit of playing
together, and the result is a unity which is
essential to good concerted music. In the
playing of the Philharmonic club there is
the essential earnstthess and absence of
any tendency to make an individual exhi
bition of skill which go far towards the
genuine enjoyment of their work by the
lovers of this class of musical entertain
The Philharmonic club deserves cordial
recognition from all persons interested in
the promotion of music. Each of the
members is a prominent artist, and thor
oughly competent to perform his share of
the work. T'here is, however, no evidence
of a tendency to display virtuosity by any
of the performers, and as a model of en
semble playing the club is without a rival
in any other similar association on the con
oert etage.
The club appears in the first musical re
ception of the season at Ming's opera house
October 80.
You can buy crockery china and glaswarer
cheaper at The Bee Hive than at any place in the
For the best dance music go to George
Dittman, 524 Hillsdale street.
Infants' cloaks. skirts, vents, hosiery, etc., in
great variety at The Bee Hive at eastern prices.
Democratic Executive Committee.
The officers and members of the executive
committee of the Hendricks Democratic
club will meet this evening at eight o'clock
at the office of W. J. Fuchs, in the rear of
the Montana National bank. Business of
importance to be transacted. A full at
tendance is requested.
You canbuy a complete nursery stove at The
Bee Hive for 250. Call and get one.
Blue points Rockaways and little neck
clams on halfishell at Helena Care.
Artificial flowers in hanging baskets ust ar
rived at The Bee Hive.
Notice, K. O. T. lit
t'here will be a regular meeting of Silver
State Tent No. 3, K. O. T. M., at G. A. R.
hall, Wednesday evening, Oct. 21, 1891.
HAnRv FlEaEMAN, W. W. ANFroaD,
Com. Record Keeper.
See The Bee Hive ad this week on special
prices of German linen napkins, of their own
Dinner from 5 to 8 at Helona Cale.
Goto The Bee Hive for woolen hosiery and un
Seven styles of kodaks and films at A. M.
Holter Hardware Co.
Blue Points at the motor waiting room.
You can buy the Foster five-hook kid gloves in
all colors at The Bee Ilive for $1.25. Every pair
Legal blanks at this office.
Go to Butcher & Bradley's for notions, hosiery,
underwear, Hs lead in low prices.
You hardly realize that it is medicine, when
taking Carter's Little Liver Pills; they are vera
mall no Lad efet;s: lnil troub.hee from torpid
liver are relieved by their tue.
Dre. Skimmin & Essig, dentist,, Sixth avenue
oil Alain Street, over Maeh, I :'ry & o. C rown
and bridge work a specialty. Extracting 50 cents;
vitalized air used.
Will positively cure sick haiaclhe and prevent
Its retlurn. (Carler's Lltte liver Pi'11. Thie is
nottalk, but truth. Onte pill a do.e. Becad
verlisement. Email pill. Small duso. Small
ragl Bakings
cud in Millions of Homes--o Years the Standar
Clark and Miller Arraigned to Hear
the Informations Against
Them Read.
An Appeal From a 8Otanoe for
S unning as ure Thing
Case From Deer Lodge Degardil a Med
Seat Certlfcate From the State
Doard--Other News.
Jndge Hunt's department of the diatrict
court was well filled with spectators yester.
day to see Henry Clark and Bertie Miller
arraigned. Several ladies were among the
audience. Clark came into court hand
ouffed and guarded by several deputy
sheriffs, He preserved his usunal coolness
throughout the prpoeedings. Bertie Miller
eame in soon after Clark, and took a meat
on one of the benches to the ldit of the
judpe'e bench. She was in her female
attire and wore her soft brown hat, which
is about the only head.gear that will be
come her in the present short-cropped con
dition of her hair. She leaned her head on
her hand for a few minutes, and then
looked around as apparently unconcerned
as Clark.
County Attorney Nolan's informations
against the alleged footpads were then
read. The first charged Clark with assault
on Policeman Grogan with intent to kill.
Lawyer Peak, who defended Clark at the
preliminary hearing, was' appointed to
represent him in the assault case. The next
information charged Clark with robbing
Robert Ray. W. W. Phelps was appointed
by the court to defend Clark on this charge.
The third information charged Clark and
the girl with holding up Conductor Rich
ardson. J. J. Williams was named to de
fend Clark on this and J. W. Kinsley ap
peared for Bertie Miller. The last infor
mation charged the girl with being acces
sory after the fact of the robbery of Con
ductor Richardson. Lawyer Kinsley
appears for her on this ease also.
When Judge Hunt asked the girl her
name, she hesitated for a moment and
then replied, "Helen Forslund." The in
formation will be amended accordingly, as
she was only known as Bertie Miller at
Clark and the girl will plead to the
charges to-day, and the time for the trial
will be set. The first case tried will be
that againstClark for robbing Robert Ray.
If no conviction is had in this, he will be
tried for shooting the policeman. The
penalty in the ,highway robbery case can
be fixed at life in the penitentiary. For
shooting the policeman it cannot exceed
fourteen years. The charge which is ex
pected to be easiest to prove gainst the
girl is complicity in the Richardson
Berman Levy Appeals From the Finding
of the Court In Butte.
Papers in the appeal of Herman Levy
from the findings of the Butte court were
received by Clerk Kennedy, of the supreme
court, yesterday. Levy, it apipare, ran a
faro game at the race track in BWtte during
August of last year. Evan Morgan started
in to play, but as the cases never seemed tc
come right, and he lost about $100 he con,
eluded he had struck a brace grame. He
had a warrant issued for Levy's arrest, and
it was served by Sheriff Lloyd, of Silvcr
Bow. The sheriff captured the outfit. One
of the boxes was handed to the sheriff bi
Levy. It was a straight faro box. At the
same time Levy passed another
box to a by-stander. Lloyd cap.
tured that too. It was what is
known as a two-card box, an unfair con
trivance whion deprives faro of any element
of chance and gives the dealer a sure thing.
Levy was indicted on Nov. 5, 1890, was
found guilty and given the lowetst penalty,
six months in the penitentiary and $10C
fine. A motion for a new trial was over
ruled and an exception taken on the ground
that it had not been shown that
the brace box offered in evidence
against objections was ever used by Levy,
either on Aug. 18. when Morgan said he lost
his money, orft any other time; also that
the court erred in its instiuctions. The
instruction claimed to be erroneous was
that in which Judge McHatton told the
jury that if Levy had in his possession a
fair box and a two-card box, the possession
of the latter, if unexplained, tended to
show the defendant guilty; and that cir
cumstantial evidence of such a character as
to preclude every reasonable hypothesis
other than that of guilt, is entitled to the
same weight as direct testimony.
QuestIoning the Board's Authority.
The supreme court yesterday set the case
of the State of Montana against Dr. Carl
Sohultz for a hearing on Nov. 12. Dr.
Schult z was prosecuted in Deer Lodge
county by the state medical board for prao
tieing without their certificate. He was
convicted and fined and takes an appeal.
Department No. 1, District Court.
W. C. Buskett vs. Penn Yan Mining com
pany. Judgment by default for $1,849, in
terest and costs.
Yellowstone Journal Publishing company
vs. J. W. Kinsley. Jury out.
Department No. 2. District Court.
Polsky vs. Friedman et al. Jury rendered
verdict for defendant.
Lindsay & Co. vs. Jacob Sultan & Co.
Judgment for plaintiff for $444.75.
Arthur O'Brien vs. Albert Kleinsohmidt
et al. Dismissed without prejudice.
Court Notes.
George H. Pew, charged with cruelty to
animals was arraigned in the district court
George B. Diehl, charged with man
slaughter in building a wall that fell and
caused the death of a little child, was to be
tried in the district court yesterday but as
enough jurors were not obtained the case
will come up to-day.
The World Enriched,
The facilities of the present day for the
prodaetion of everything that will conduce
to the material welfare and comfort of
mankind are almost unlimited and when
Syrap of Figs was frst produced the world
was enriseed with the only perfect laxative
known, as it is the only remedy which is
truly pleasian and refreshing to the taste
and prompt and efeetual to cleasde the
system gently in the spring time, or, in fact,
at any time, and the better it is known the
more popular it becomes
Why don't yon try Carter's Little Liver Pills?
They are a positive oure for lick headache, and
all tire lls produced by dlsorderdl liver' Only
one pill a dose.
Raleigh & Clarke.
We have plased on our bargains oounters,
WEAR at Afty cents on the dollar. They
are as followes
Ladies all wool Vest and Pants at
10, 06 and 7'1, all made of pure
of Misses' and Children's all wool
Red, at 2l, 80 and 860.
Misses' and Children's only, of the
Celebrated Norfolk
These goods are the very best made and
will not shrink in washing, we have marked
them at half price to close.
In addition to our Underwear sale, we
will offer Special Inducements in finr
California Blankete.
Inspection of goods and Comparison of
Prices solicited,
Raleigh & Clarke,
F~stern - Prices - Discounted.
Washing made easy. No boiling of
clothes or soaking over night necessary.
No sorub-board needed. Yon need not
bend over tub and get a lame back, or in
hale odor of soap suds. No odor of wash
ing, from effects of boiling clothes, through
the house. You can wash your Laces,
Flannels, Linens, Blankets-in fact, every
thing, and make like new without wear or
tear on cloth. The work that takes you one
half day to do you can now do in one hour.
We Let YOn Try a Machine
by taking it home. If it does not do all we
claim, you need not keep it or pay for it.
A child ten years old can do the family
washing as easy as .a grown person. Call
and see the
New Era Washing Machines,
that revelutionise the method of washing
elothes. The apparatus weighs only eight
pounad. We invite country people as well
as city folks to call and see the machine.
.ling's Opera House:
3--ights ant WednesdIy MaEine)--o
Commencing Monday, October 19.
Big City Show.
VW. 8.
The Eiffel Tower of MicntreleT. Politivoly tle
largest Muast Orininal amIOny I ( ,ti
maet Urganimation ou the kind in
the World!
Bse the Outinuc of the Swelle The IReoherohe
Autocurat of Manitioent Multiform eLa
Gorgeons Fashionable Street Display
Avid theo Orowds. 8eunre peats at Pope &
O'Cunnor'a.Saterday Mourniu, 1o advance In
tE netig of tUhe atrts of tLie' Jerseyr til
Mi"Ig otphald Out, 1, at the iotie of the
cotapasr.in ~elna, a safirniret amoent of
atone bhii repre+epted, it we. voted to cll a
peotlil meting oe thoe tookholders, at the onm
*.-y's o ' !r, in Heima, oan the lIt daty or De.
mtbr, at four o'clock. p. i., for the purpose o
voting upon the ts".tOli to eora ..e tIe cGm
pony uton an amiss bleetoo s
heleca. Oet.(. Q9 1r 11011
T. G. POWER & Goe,,
Mining an Farm Mac inery
Wire IEoistixng Rope, :Eto.
Wagons--Ouartz, Lumber and Farm--Wagons
Fence Wire, Wind Mills and Pumps.
In order to make room for Winter Goods will close out Vehicles
at an advance of 10 per cent. above cost. Call and see for yourself
Cheapl Cheaperl Cheapestl
Main Street, Opuosite Grand Central Hotel
Shorthand, Penmanship, Typewr;ting, Telegraphy and Architectural Drawing.
- a
z iomo
ý , e
NIGHT SCHOOL Offsrs·vr opportunity to Clerks. Mechanics and Laborers
SCHOOL OP COOKERY, Instruction gi.n in Cooking and Domesti Economy DAY A
S NIGH, to Cooks and Servants, at No. 703, Ninth Ava
1'SSpecial Boarding Hall for Students from abroad. Expense. Moderate..
For terms and other information address all communications to
PROF. H. T. EJ\QELHOJ PI, Jl. A., Principal.
In regard to the fashion in Kid Gloves for Fall, both in Style
and Colorings, we would inform our customers that, in Paris,
Mousquetaire Suedes are the most worn. At the same time you
will find our stock in all styles of Gloves the most complete in
the clty. We wish to callyour Attention to the important fact
that we fit all our Gloves to your han.l, and guarantes a PER.
Paragon, 5 hook, one row 12 button Suede Mousque
emb., Tans, Black and Gray, taires, in Tans, $2.50.
$1.25. 16 button Suede Mousque
La Rome, real Kid, in Tans, taires, in Cream. $3.25.
Black and Gray, 5 hook, one Ladies' Castor Gauntlet
row emnb., $1.75. Glove, $2.25.
Misses' 4 button, one row Ladies' Cashmere Gloves,
emb., 950. 25c., 40c., 600.
French Glace Bianitz, first Misses' Cashmere Gloves,
quality, in Black, Tans and 25c. and 450c.
Gray, $1.25. Infants Cashmere Mittens,
8 button. Mousquetaires, 20c.
hand-sewed, silk emb., in Children's Cashmere Mit
Tans and Slates, $1.25, tells, 25c. and 35c.
Le Bon Ton Suede Mous- Ladies' Cashmere Mittens,
quetaires, 8 button lengths, 35c0.
new styles, emb., in Tans, Ladies' Silk Mittens, $1,
Black and Gray, $1.95. $1.25 and $1.50.
The Leading Milllery, ,Notion and Fancy Dry Goods Ronse in the City
0 - - -_ _____ . ... .... .... ... .. .... .. ....- .
Joes 'l ool, deOceaed.
.Notice to hereby givrn by the ndereilrfed, ad
tministrator of the estate of Joe To.l., o.,emed,.
to the oreutitorl of and all persons having elatims
apalnst the said deteasdt, to rxhibit them, with
ti-a nooessary voactuer., wthin fuUr months
after the lirst paubltication of this notice, to t e
said asdmniastrator. at theo law o.ice of .. a.
itleminie. in the city of Hielens. the s.ame lieio
othe place tJr the trmnsaction of the business of
mid estato.
Dated Seat, I. 1891.
Admianletretor of the retate of Joe Toole de
r'eiUlcr, deceased
Notte. ti hereby givon by teudeb· t~,1d
miuiurator of the estate of Loshitr
taVM5td, to the creditors of and al l t un
ino olaitno afinot the .M teosaard, to t
mronths atter the first rpobtirathn ok tate motto.
to the void admtnsntrator it the law o }ee
Hstry C. fmith, rooms 24 and J. Hstte look,
tn Htoeles. the, same ein ho thepag o
the trotsootion of the ri the. o tdtate
ton tho county of Lewhs a rn ake.
Admintitrator of matt of Lot. Ze7iwger, 40Moia
ated Oct. 1v I41

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