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:te Amekian Mlinng Comppany
Closes a Contract for a Line
to Handle Its Ore.
To Be Completed by 1894, and to
Handle All the Company'e
Mines In Jefferson County-An Iron Work
er's Discovery-onecentrator for
tihe Pony Distriot.
The American Mining company (limited)
of Montana has just closed 'a contract with
Thomas W. Bates, of Payette, Idaho, to
build a standard gauge road from a point
on the Oregon Short Line to the Blue
Jacket mine, in the Seven Devils district,
in Washington county, Idaho. Under the
terms of the contract cohstruction work is
to commence on or before May 1, 1892.
Fifty miles are to be completed on or be
fore January, 1898, and the remainder is to
be built by January, 1894. The mining
company agrees in consideration of the
construction of the road to ship all ores,
matte or copper, from any mines in which
it holds an interest. These properties are
the Blue Jacket, Blue Jacket No. 2, Legal
"Tender, Copper Crescent, Norma Calumet
Copper Queen, White Monument, Peaook
and Helena. The company also agrees to t
begin the work of taking out ore for ship- I
ment as soon as the first fifty miles of the
road are completed. The contract between
Bates and the company is made for a period
of five years. Bates on his part agrees to 1
furnish all transportation facilities for r
hauling ore at the rate of $5 per ton from a
the Bine Jacket mine to the junction on the I
Oregon Short Line. The American Mining
company is a Montana organization con
trolled by Helena men. Albert Kleinsohmidt
is the president of the company. d
In the Big Foot Dlstrlct-Reports From
Other Sections.
Boulder Age: The machinery for the
Big Foot is on the ground, and the men are
hard at work putting it in place, and the
doctor thinks he will soon be making regu
lar shipments, as the Big Foot is a good
Messrs. Anderson and Magee have com
pleted their work of representing for this
year, and are now at work on the White
Dog, with the expectation of soon being
able to make another shipment. One assay,
made from a sample taken from the tunnel,
went over $100. and they expect to find a
large body of this high grade soon. They
struck some very fine ore while represent
ing on the Mountain Queen.
Among the mines of Jefferson county for
which applications for patents have recently
been made are the Roble Burns and Bed
rook, Cataract district, owned by A. H.
Nelson and Wm. M. G. Settles, of Helena,
and John Sheahan and George W. Powrie,
of Corbin: the Skipper lode, Cataract dis
trict, owned by E. E. Williams and David
Bevan; the Monarch lode, Elkhorn district,
owned by George Benjamin and A. H. Fos
ter, of Boulder, and Charles S. Warren,
P. A. Largey, Henry L. Frank, and Lee
Mantle, of Butte: aqd the Cataract placer,
cataract district, represented by Charles K,
Cole, trustee.
The Goodyear Mining company, operat
ing in the Park district, has levied an as
sessment of one cent a share, payable to-day
and delinquent stock to be sold Noyem
ber 14.
The ore from the Ella mine, Amazon
district, ran about $35 to the ton at the
Boulder Sampling works, which was quite
satisfactory. A little more careful sorting
of the ore would probably bring it up to
$45 or $50 rock.
The Hiawatha Mining company. operat
ina in Cataract district, a few miles from
Basin, and with office in Butte, has levied
an assessment of two cents a share, payable
November 15, the delinquent stock to be
sold December 10.
It is understood that some Colorado men
have leased the Amazon smelter and will
resuame operations very soon.
A new shaft has been started on the Mono
mine. Amazon district, and the owners
hope to push work steadily hereafter. Some
500 tons of ore are on the old dump.
The returns from the State ore, Bigfoot
district; were hardly as good as anticipated,
some of it, however, running $30 in gold
to the ton. The owners of the mine intend
to continue development work.
Ore bins are in course of erection at the
Obelisk mine, two miles below Basin, and
other improvement are being made on the
E. F. Simmons reports the B. & G. mine,
1)ogtown district, as, looking very well.
The shaft is down foray-two feet and drift
ing along the vein is being done to develop
the property. The vein has about a foot of
steel galena which goes about $100 to the
Smith & Howard continue to take out
good ore from the Wilbur mine, in Amazon
district. This is one of the most promis
ing properties for development in the dis
trict, the vein being distinctly defined as
far as developed, say for a distance of 150
feet, with four feet of low grade ore which
is interspersed with bunches of rich ore.
eaerge A. Clarke's Find in the Rocky
Mountain Region.
George A. Clarke, an experienced iron
worker of Boston, claims to have dis
covered an ore in the -Rocky mountains
which he believes is new to the world. He
says: "I took specimens of the ore to ae
sayers in Cincinnati, Chicago and Boston
and not one of them could tell me the
name of the mineral. Then I began here
a series of experiments myself, mixing
it with molten iron, and I found that
only a small quantity was necessary to
increase the fluidity of the metal. It
rendered iron ductile and in low grades
acted as a purifier. The product of alloy
was a homogeneous metal of very fine
pores, capable of higher finish than before.
The slag expelled by its use contained no
metal and was very light. In the new treat
ment of iron with only one per cent. of the
new ore, the former's tensile strength was
increased from 10 to 25 per cent. Using
half of one per cent. of this ore mn a mix
ture with copper, I found that it gave the
metal greater increase-from 60 to 100 ler
cent.-of tensile strength. The resulting,
too, is capable of a high polish. In a word,
I found that the ore increased the tensile
strength and fluidity under heat of both
these metals and makes them both of finer
grain. It is noncorrosive." The ore looks
ike a fine sandstone, save that it is black,
and many pieces of it presented highly pol
ished surfaces as smooth as a bit of glass.
Mr. Clarke refuses to state the location of
the field, which, he states, was exposed over
the face of an acre, as he is trying to get
control of it first.
The St. Louis People to Put in a Fifty-Ton
Mr. F. C. Wood, one of the largest stock
holders of the Glenn Mining company,
whose home is in ht. Louis, arrived in Pony
Tuesday, and has been looking over the
group of claims owned by the company on
Mineral hill, says the Pony Express. Mr.
Wood expressed himself as being highly
pleased with the proereus and development
of the properties. Ile also said it was defi
oitely settled that the company would erect
a flfty-ton concentrator as soon as they
could determine on what process would be
the most practicable for the class of ore in
this district, and their intention is to have
the mill in active operation early in the
spring. A test sample of ore was taken to
e one of the a eisite to
pansei operating in Montana benag
made up of kit. Lotuis captaliets. The aopy
puny own sixteen claims ina $r.up, gad
lsterai of theimgiye promise o being se !
hd to none is tie .iteas tar e llpi rq e'
Biena is onerne . T'ilee ar vlimFr n
per ton u wardio veral hunert, olare
per ton.
The Yukon.
A. D. Sehmit returned Wednesday
night from Jefferson county, where he has
been prospecting tfr several weeks, says the
Walkervills Telegraph. He brought with
him samples of lead ore from the Yukon
mine, in which he has a half owner which
runs from 60 to 75 per cent. lead and about
$15 in gold and silver. The Yukon is a
new claim just purchased by Mr. Schmidt
and the same day he bought he was offered
several hundred dollars profit if he would
sell it, but he thought too much
of the prospect to do that. He will
put two men working on it running a tan
nel this winter and has great hopes that it
will prove a bonanza, Mr. Schmidt speaks
of thes camp in glowing terms and says that
within a few years the country in the vicin
ity of Basin and Bernice will be one of the
beat mining districts in Montana.
Leased the Easton.
Messrs. C. M. Dinwoody, of Butte, and
W. H. Thomas, of this city, have leased the
Easton mine, situated in Brown's auloh, of
Mr. Jos. Emery, says the Madisonian. We
understand that Mr. Thomas in turn, has
sub-leased his interest to another Butte
party, who will, with Mr. Dinwoody work
the lease. The Easton is a small vein, but
the ore in it is high grade, and we believe
the intention of the leases is to extract and
ship the ores to Butte, or elsewhere. for re
duction. Mr. Dinwoody has been engaged
in the business of leasing and working
mines for years, and is said to be an excel
lent miner and to have made considerable
money out of the properties he has oper
ated. He is confident the Easton is a good
mine and that his investment in it will
prove a a remunerative one.
The Boston and Montana has declared
dividend No. 14 of $1 a share, aggregating
$125,000, payable Nov. 20.
The Hecla company's dividend No. 114 of
50 cents, aggregating $15,000, paid Oct.
24, makes $150,000 paid this year.
It is understood that the Queen of the
Hills company, at Neihart, have decided on
the erection of a twenty-stamp mill.
Mr. Emile Hotz has had the Emma mine t
surveyed and will soon apply for a patent.
It is an extension of the noted Gold Dast.
There is three feet of ore.
The Moulton at Neihart is expected to
develop wonderful things as an ore pro
ducer in the near future. The force of
workmen has been largely increased of late,
and much is expected from this property.
The copper product of the Boston and
Montana company for the year ending June
30 was 26,693,842 pounds. Silver product,
285,856 ounces. So far the company has
declared dividends amounting to $2,750,000.
News from Red Bluff is to the effect that
the work of development on the Red Bluff 5
is progressing rapidly and satisfactorily,
while all the other mines in the camp that t
are being worked are showing up in good
Sinking continues on the Kennett mine,
and as depth is attained indications of
striking ore are at the level that it has been
encountered in the other shafts that have
been sunk on this great mine (which is the
same as the Bertha) are most favorable.
Fancy goods of all kinds at The Bee Hive.
Live oysters at Motor Office.
Foster's five-hook kid gloves, in blacks, tans
and drabs, at The Bee nlive, only 51.25. Every
pair warranted.
Peter Winne goes east to-day.
David G. Brown, of Fort Benton, is at
The Helena.
Howard Crosby and wife, of Great Falls,
are at The Helena.
Edward Lafferty went to San Francisco
yesterday via the Northern Pai:fic.
Among the east-bound passengers over
the Northern Pacific yesterday was L. C.
Crute, for Indianapolis.
Mrs. 0. D. Thompson. of Marshall, Mich.,
arrived in this city yesterday and is stop
ping at the Grand Pacific.
Will Arrive To-day,
The following passengers will arrive to
day over the west bound Northern Pacific:
Mrs. M. Mitchell, A. L. Merriman, Mr..
Arrivals at The Helena.
Leo W. Mayer, New Gen. B. Cramer, Phila.
York. J. P. Haoberts. Mple.
M. G. Hellar. Tacoma. J.C. Taylor Salt Lake.
Varb Gounaberger, New C. P. Hill, Demers
York. ville.
Mrs. T. S. Kennedy, L. S. Wells City.
Cleveland. J. IH. Blodel, Fair
A. B. Wood, Tacoma. haven.
lobt. H. Dtouglas, W. I. Timpane. St.
New York. Joe,, Mo.
James T. . Sanders., Go. Ii. Cleveland,
City. Chicago.
W. S. laynes, Chicago. J. E. Bradley, St.
E. D. Huekins, t. Louies.
Louis. J. t. Tooker, City.
.1 T. -'awhill, Missoula. W\'. (iladis, Fort
I. M. Maxted, Port. Logan, Mont.
land. David (i. Browne, Fort
M. J. Franklin, rSan ienton.
Francisco. J. t. L'rocter, St. Paul.
R1. H. Crangle, St. S. H. Greenwood, St.
Paul. Louis.
Howard Crosby and l . 0. Gregg, Great
wife, Gre t. ails. Falls.
. F. Hukt, SaMn ran- G. C(. (aetos. City.
cisso. John Levolee, City.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
J. H. Coddingtou, J. C'arevan. Castle.
New York. Clhas. W. Efricison,
l. France, ltadersbcrg. ('astln.
H. F. foot and wife. F. J. Wood, City.
('anyon ferry. H M. Krauo. Augusta.
P. J. Oonahnw,, Marys- Louis Hoiland. iutte.
ville. If. K. Emrreon, City.
Win. Wood, Castle. N. . 'lucket, halt
John Klein and family, Lake.
Boulder. lcnui Miller, Corbin.
Wm. lDriintton, Buttse, H. M. Ogden, Missoula.
Win. Iloberts. ledford. J. A. Harris, St. Clair.
W. L. (:lhurrh. t. Paul, Mrs. S. E. Downer,
Mrs. L. Miller, Whit, Whit) Suiphur
Hulphur Springs. DSprings.
W. Rorkin, Three D. . Gocdhart.
Forks. Ogd'n
Joe. W. De Camp, J.J. Cronk, Missoula.
'Townsend. W. Ray Williams,
Mrs Sampson. Marys- Caetrlo
villa. W. E. Minoe, Kansta
J.1. ('. key. HIogan. City.
P'. C. lathrick. IElk- H. 1I. Potting, Marys
horn. ville.
A. leghlee. Iloolrlor. 0. r'. Keymore, Syra
M. O'Rourko, Marys- cuoe.
villr. C. WV. Icynolds and
D.W. Grinnell, Iope. wife. Placer.
The World Enrlched.
The facilities of the present day for the
prodaction of everything that will conduce
to the material welfare and eemfort of
mankind are almost unlimited and when
Syrup of Figs was first produced the world
was enriched with the only perfect laxative
known, as it is the only remedy which is
truly pleasing and refreshing to the taste
snd prompt and effeetual to cleanse the
system gently in the spring tlie, or, in fact,
tt any time, and the better it is known the
more popular it becomles
Typewriting, room 15 Balley bleck.
Bllocks. cames and toy books, of all kinds, at
The les Hiive.
Tl'he eVeky Independent, 12 pages, to
Jan. 1, 1893, :for*.
Iay, grain, feed acnd futel delivered
oromnptlly at lowest market rates by Her
bertl Niho Itot & to., Ltd., corner Park
avenue andc IEdwarde street. Telephone
Con Ilecker
Has opened a hay, grain, feed. produce and
commission business on corner Main street
and Eighth avenue. Give him a call.
gr, a soia at Ue ~ia l ,
v itUl , this evaein ;i m
Suse er eourtt Qleý a
lia eat upse he y 0 pub tle g Othe
un~ity on a ahItp ,
John, W. Collins im*do
Placer Lewis and Ga
I gRatnt tl & mrlraqe llole y
moln G. l Cminey iassd o o.
eeii block 11, i
ento Th as L. (IreeTougbh ao Miu , for
Advooat el of the caho of
who attend the a tt.lneinn .W e
hall Saturday net will be h i t-,
The silk plush cutlnl t.taltsbl y
S ands Broa. for otheboes at ~ a
house are among the ban l$to h and
largest used n any public building n the
The reward for the disoovery of Jlohn
MePhee, lost near the Grand . ep abllo
mine, has been inoreansd from o69( vMiWO.
MoPhee'a brother is yet engaged mn the
Duncan S. Taylor has about roedvered
from the electric shook he receliv d in
Ming's opera house Tuesday night. uJfwas
able to walk about yesterday, eltholrph a
little lame.
The many friends of Ohuas. Wagner,
county commissioner of Cascade county.
will regret to learn of the death of hislwife
at Great Falls Tuesday night, The funeral
takes place at two o'clock to-day.
Among the passengers for Helena yester
day over the Northern Pacific was a three
year-old girl. who had been on a visit to
relatives in Minnesota. The came through
with a tag on, all rig'ht, and was met at the
depot by her parents.
Mayor Kleinschmidt, e number of alder
men, and City Engineer Heeder yesterday
afternoon spent somre tie t in estimating
inst how much below the grade the side
walks in front of Brunell's dry gooos store,
the new Watson building and Marks' place,
The case of George R. Newhall, of Minne
sota, against MIA. Meyendorff, of Helena,
went to the jury yesterday in the dlitriot
court, with instrnctions to bring in a sealed
verdict this morning. The suit grows out
of a transaction concerning a special brand
of cigars, of which Meyendorff claims he
was to have the exclusive use in Helena.
Laborers were busy yesterday demolish
ing another land mark. The city council
has granted A. M. Holter the privilege of
building on the site where the old King
paint shop stands, on Main street, between
the Bailey and Gold blocks, and as soon as
the ground is cleared work will be com
menced on the new structure. The founda
tion will be for a big building but only one
story will be put up a present.
Blue points, Roekaway and little neck
clams on half shell at Helena Cafe.
Dinner from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Mer
abants Hotel (ining rooms.
Men's underwear is bound to sell at prices
quoted at 'he Bee Hive. Select your winter's
Contemplated Excursion to Balt Lake City,
Gilmore's band, assisted by the Choral
society and the Tabernacle choir, 800
voices, will give a grand concert at the
tabernacle, Salt Lake City, on Nov. 5. 6
and 7.
If twenty-five or more persons Signify
their intention to attend from Helena, in
time to put in rate, special rate of $20 will
be made.
Tickets good going Nov. 4, and returning
arrive at Helens1 Nov .10.
To secure this rate a deposit must be
made on each ticket; in case requisite num
ber of people do not go, money will be re
Sleeper reservation made and full itor
motion given by calling at Union P#citic
office, No. 28 North Main street.
H. O. WILsor,
Freight and Passenger Agent.
To Farmers.
We have money on hand to loan on im -
proved ranch property throughout the
state with water for irrigating, Lowest
rates. Time and terms to suit. Write, de
scribinu your property. Five per cent. In
terest paid on savings deposits.
Helena, Montana.
A full line of new shades in embroidery ma
terials just received. Butcher & Bradley.
Children's all-wool natural grey underwear
very cheap this week at Ihe Bee Hive.
To the Public.
Notice is hereby given to the public that
no one is authorized to receipt for or collect
any account due and owing Horsky, Miller
& Co., except the undersigned.
OTrro PETkSON, Receiver.
Fancy table coversat eastern prices at The
Bee Hive.
Go to Butcher & Bradley's for notions, hosiery.
underwear. We lead in low prices.
Llebig World Dispensary.
On account of increase of practice the
can spare three days only for Helena, in
November: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,
1st, 2d and 3d. Offices at the Merchants
hotel, room 15.
The largest line of dolls ever shown in Helena
can be seen at The Bee Hive. This firm Imports
all of this line of goods direct, thereby saving
the profit of the middle man; therefore the lower
prices than their competitors.
Great bargains in infants' embroidered cash
mere cloaks at The Bee Hive. Don't fail to
secure one.
Dr. King
With us until Oct. 31. Last chance to have
your eyes examined by him. With The J.
Steinmetz Jewelry Co.
Drs. Skimmin & Esig, dentists, Sixth avenue
and Main street, over Bach, Cory & to. Crown
and bridge work a specialty. Extracting 50 cents;
vitalized air used.
"Johnny get yoor gun" at The Bee Hive. They
have the largest uasortm'nt.
Herbert Nicholson & Co., Ltd., are now
prepared to deliver ,nthrnelte hard coal
dry yellow pine, or fir wood to anly part of
the city promptly at mnarket prices. Tele
phone 323.
Jackson's music store. Bailey blook.
lllyrtle Lodge No. 3.
Mleets voery Thursday.
Ilogular meeting of above lodsge
will be held this '1 hbrsday evea
ilg at right o'clock uharp. 8o
journing brothers are kindly in.
vited to attendl.
JAn0 LOin. C. C.
R fK. o an.l H.
$500 Reward
Lout in the mountains in bear I, (tae Conunti
wont of Ilimul anrd youth ofr illiu:;ton. Mr.
MoPhee wasn abut 5 foIt. I I ind. in. hoiphy,
asil weigicid albut 1o t).,,l s. tit had d l l_ id
eyes. brown hair. a redialh brown full beard
trimmed Modiuleaniosm , mual a sur on thue rilhlt
temple. w.. last s.coI1 .%.toedatly afternoon,
September it, ahout Itrie rlotios tet of thle On.
tario mine. lie had on glaraeo and wore a dar.
snit of clothes dark ipring overcoat and drrk
spring hat. Hie carried a gold huoting ocM
watch with his namo ongraved on the indide ca.e,
Acldross information to The tlranjltepublio
Minning t.o., tlclena, Mont.
'tI.. (ItDuAi RBliiari: MiNis.o Co.,
Ate now c4iOfg /
des', Misses' * ,)-.r~~ rtati 1
and Children's Fine .. IN
In Fur, Plush, Cloth and Fur Trim E ffect
med Garments, representing cor. -.
rct London, Paris and American .
Fashions. " ....... IN ..... ....
Complete I4nes of In VELVETS,
:-:Winter Jequisites:-: -
in all departments. VWe also have an elegant assort.
ment of
" Gurtairns & Draperies.
+ New Dressmaking Estab1lishment on the West Side. +
On account of my increasing number of customers from the West Side I will, from Nov. 1, open up the largest and most fash
ionable parlor in Helena, on corner Lawrence Street and Park Averse. Ladies that wont Perfeot Pitting Dresses, made after the
Latest Parisian Fashion are cordially invited to inspect y great aseortment of Imported Fashion Plates, the largest and beat pub
lication from Paris, London and Vienna. All fashionable Fur Garments altered and repaired, and Fur Garments of any desoription
made in eight days at New York prices. By gyiing me a trial you will be convinced of ny supremacy in regard to Perfect Fit
Latest Styles and First-Class work. Respectfully. MR8. JAMES MAIK ALEXANDEI.
Proprietress of Helena Fashionable Dressmaking Eetablshrmnt. 207 and 201) RuthMein Rtp et and (nr. Lawrence and Park Ave.
As eastern houses are so crowded
with Fur work and decline any
further orders, we have (in order
to supply the demand for repair
ing) secured a
who will be with us for ten days.
He is prepared to Fit, Alter and
Repair Seal or other Fur Garments.
Practical and Reliable Furriers.
Rock Springs, Wyoming, Soft
Coal, from Union Pacific
Railroad Company.
Kleinschmidt & Bro.,
Also dealers in Lehigh Anthra.
cite Hard Coal and best Cumber
land Blacksmith Coal.
Bring your orders to the Granite
Elegantly furnished, at No. 517
Knight street, on Motor line, be
tween Harrison and Madison, to
be sold at public-auction, on
THURSDAY, 11T. 29,
at 2 o'clock P. M. Will be sold
without reserve or limit, to the
best and highest bidder.
By order of
WM. :ERSKINE & 00.,
Plumbers and Gas Fitters.
Merchants National Bank Building, Helena, Mont.
On Improved Property and Ranohes. Will purchase County, Scohool and .
Municipal Bonds and Warrants., Commercial Paper and Mortgage Ndtes.
NO. 10 Edwards Street. Merchants National Bank BulldltaG Correusondnce Solioited.
Under Management of the
Boar4, $7 Per Week. Tickets, 21 Meals, $8 Per Wook. Sinle Meals 50c, Each
LATEST! *'m m m--*.
Several cars of Washburn-Gros
by Go.'s "Best" Flour arrived at
J-lelena this week, fresh from the
great Washburn Mills, the largest
and most perfectly equipped flour
mills in the Wvorld. Our goods are
handled in Jielena only by
/***0*** M. Reinig and the
S*** A. R. Gates Grocery Co.
Wholesale and Retail Fruits
and Produce.
Speclahies: Butter, EkFruit., Vegetables J POI
Wish, Poultry, Oyster.
20 and 22 Edwards Street. Helena. Montana. _ _ _ -
B.ATT S. Estate,
Turkish Iath 1 lRnJtuan akth l. Bhampeo
seonr. gp nI.I Mines.
PROF. D. B. WHITTLE. Proprietor.
ITY A TIONEERS. In Basement Pwer
. * block, Corner Sixth
gi hmbold Goode. horm and Cattle will be Ave. and Main St.,
Ilo at public auction at low asommuslon. HELENA,
Also saotls n sales will be coidueted eve
esal . at our paoe of business, 10 n
MJsiet rt, W* Rg & AND MINES. *

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