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to `" Loae of 'le Bellsi
*Cufa y'Cv,$ o ! um r t
b e,' Loked .Will Power mand
Was a Victim of Aloo.
holisnm . .
rdered a Man He Wrongly luapeted I
tf beleg Has lival--Her Love
Syears ago Cley's cove on the Paciflo
t, a hundred miles or so above San
elsoo, was a lumber camp. But as it
pered, women cami and' children, a
1 house and a church. And above the
h and boietareas life which the lumber.
had led rose a cirole of society with re
meut and education and striet notions
what was right and what was wrong,
the New York Sun.
o this circle belonged the widow Thurs
who owned a adall ranch, lived in a
age with wide porches, and had adaugh
of 21 years. This daughter, May Thure
taught the village school until a year
and was the story-book schoolmarm in
erness and prettiness. In most ways
ey's cove swelldom approved of her. In
way they disapproved heartily.
he young school teacher was in love
a worthless, dissipated young man
ad Jackson Rhodes. When May was
out of short gowns Jackson drove the
I ooach which dashed into the village
y evening. He was a handsome man
looked particularly well on the box.
he soon gave that up and devoted his
le time to drinking and gambling, liv.
off his father, who was a ranchman.
eon was always in scrapes, and about
eyes wore circles which gave his good
s the doubtful charm of dissipation.
bree years ago Jackson was engaged to
ie Johnson. He met May Thurston,
'In love with her, and soon had her
more vio'ently in love with him. Her
her could do nothipg with her and she
sed to listen to the warnings of her
ads. Bat although Rhodes showed by
most devoted attentions that he loved
he refused to work and get ready a home
a living for a wife.'
metimes, at the urging of the girl, he
Id go away and work for a while. But
oon came back, and said that his jeal
fears forbade his leaving her. This
the way matters stood when the new
1 teacher came. Miss Thurston's snoe
r was a young man from Illinois
ed Sholl. He was good looking
ugh, rather better dressed than the
r young men of the town, quiet, in
ed to be religionus and a member of the
ey's Cove chureh.
e boarded at Mrs. Thurston's, and won
lady's heart. She besieged her daugh
more assiduously than ever about giving
hedes. This only had the effect of
ing May cling to him more closely and
him to get work that they might
tApril 25 last they talked matters over,
'he lent him $100 out of her little say
togo away and set a start. They
ed of different places where energy and
ity of bie kind could fid ,employment,
d doied-upon a place. to the north.
kson ex ressed some fear about Sholl
r 4Lsy Uot. ta, let. shol beguile
Thet e went away. But instead of
g north he went south, and began to
k and gamble and otherwise degrade
iself in the town of Bakersfield.
e wrote pb her and she answered him.
ters passed between them frequently,
their affection each for the other
ed as strong as ever. But before
keon had been gone a month stories of
method of life in Bakersfield came to
a Thurston. She gave up hope of ever
rming her lover. She wrote him that
ir engagement was broken and that she
ceased to care for a man who was so
orthy. It became the gossip of the
n that Mr. Sholl and Miss Thurston
s engaged.
hen Rhodes got this letter he proceeded
at drunker than he had been at any
vious time in his life. "She's shook me,
s," he said to his Bakersfield acquaint
es. "She was the only one that I cared
thing about, and now she's gone back
me." When he had sobered up a bit
tarted for Cuffey's Cove.
e got there on Monday, May 25, in a
dy and desperate frame of mind. It
s that he inherited bad qualities fron.
ancestors-weakness of will, a love for
k, frail mental balance. He found that
was calling on Miss Thompson, and
soon face to face with her in Miss
mpson's parlor. He pleaded with her
several hours, but although she shed
y tears, she told him she had at last
lized his unworthiness, and that things
ld never again be as they were.
Sflung himself out of the house and
saw him no more until Friday. But
h day she leard stories of how he was
king and carousing. Some people
ught be had gone mad. His handsome
e became terribly bloated and his eyes
e awful to look at.
n Friday Miss Thurston was teachIng a
a for Mr. Sholl in the large school. She
ked out of the window, saw him coming
went out to meet him. He came up to
when she stood in the porch, and began
old appeal. She listened to him with a
face. The children, who were peeping
er, told afterward that she wept and
ok like a leaf. Then she stretched out
hand and said:
Good-by, Jackson. It is your own
It. I can't stay here any longer. I must
back to my class."
e walked away with his head down. She
t in and dismissed the school. She
t home and found the house empty.
mother had gone to visit her ranch.
Sholl was down in the village. She
been home but a few minutes when she
Jackson Rhodes coming toward the
se, walking rapidly.
s she did not want to meet him alone
in she leckbd the front and rear doors
kept out of. view fom the windows.
odes knocked, called, then, after shak
the door, barst it in. He had seen her,
now the nustle of her skirts as she fled
ough the house told him which way to
At last she was cornered in a bedroom
m which there was but one exit.
e took her by the arm and shook her.
en, his fury rising, he elutched her
oat and choked her.
You were false to me," he said. "Now,
must die." and he cursed her and
ked her the more tightly. She tore at
hands and loosed her throat enough to
eam. At the scream his anwer left him.
burst out crying and fell down at her
hat are you doing?" she said. "Do
want to kill me?"
e pleaded with her to forgive him,
'I did not know what I was doing," said
"I am jealous of you. You have left
You were my only friend," and he
bed down the stairs and out of the
e he went, David Sholl paessd him and
ered. Rhodes wandered about in the
ode for an hour. Then he went to the
se of Mrs. Anderson, the nearest neigh
of the l'hurstons. "I have seen a deer,"
said to Mrs. Anderson. "I want to bor
a gun to kill it."
ra. Anderson notleed that he leoked
angely and seemed to be more excited
n the mere sight of a deer would war
t. She let him have her husband's
nchoster rifle, He hurried away with it
r his shoulder.
S5:80 o'clock May Thurston was in the
ehen getting supper for her mother, who
not yet come back, and for the boarder
o was reading in the parlor. David bholl
rd a knock a the front door, the upper
of which was glass. He looked to see
o was there and saw Rhodes with a
wnain fees. The Winohester was over
Sft• k%
With ran
ia n A i N ''.. ,
teas om t, hhe 4ga
on the the
tr on ho tra i armun
.husehler mohodet, re ms from the
ons oher drhter end a dotour ame.
boll. lia d.ed Ah b tollet n fr tho hi
No ooeetr had throughe nehis Bhodyll, t deathrogh
he lung and out at the right, breast.
Meanwhile hode, runnihbong froll te
scene of the murder met a boy astride a
horse. He begged toe boy to lend it to hbi,
od, havig go poeslt0 of it, fled to the
woods. He hid Inthe woods for aweek and
hen oamntpeo edth lo village and surrendered.
No sooner for the new of hol'. is death
aot abroad than young w o man, Mies, o
Ke chie, sm e had non neighbor in village
at Olsone and told that David sholl wae
her aopspted love'. The wedding day had
been set for the next week. It is not known
what Miss Thurston thought of this, or
whether she hed known it or whether Sholl
had intended to break oft the engagement
with the girl from rOlsone. Sholl was
buried on the day be had agreed to marry
liss MoKerohie.
After Sholl was buried May Thureton re
turned to her old atection for Rhodes. She
consulted with her lawyers and. sent him
notes of enoouragement to the jail, The
trial began on Oat, 14 and she was among
the first witnesses or the prosecution.
When she same into the oourt room
she looked first at the bloody coat
of the dead man, displayed on a
table, then at his murderer. Rhodes
leoked straight at her and smiled. She
looked at him without flinching, and there
was no oondemaation in her face. She told
the Ltory with as, few admissions as posel
bi..Kad,elthonh every word that was
forced .r.om her strengthened the proof
Sainst Rhodes, he still smiled at her as
t"ebLh to let her knew that he understood
and had nothing to forgive.
His lawyers made a strong plea of insan
ity. His mother swore that he was weak
minded from birth, and then swooned and
fell to the floor. The Jury brought in a
verdict of murder in the first degree, with a
recommendation .that the eondemned be
sentenced to prison for life. Jackson
Rhodes received this sentence with a
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F, P. TOWER. A. M., D. D
district court ou the First ludi ial distriot of
the tleat of Montmna, to and for the county of
Lewis and m 'laerke.
In tlhe maUtter of the setate of WTilliam New
cotue aerdnsr, deoeaued.
Pursuant to na order of old court, mad. on
the eighth da eor October. 18tIl. notice Is hereby
given, that Monday, thle lneteenth day of Or
toer. 5t91a, at 10 o'clock, a. m. of saiLd da, at
tle court room of said court, at the court kouse
fl the oounty of Lewis anmd Ulerke. has beet a
pointed as th time and pleoa or Proninuc a
will of saild Will.am uNawoombe tlardier., s
coesed, and for leartngthe applicatien of James
German antd John R. Watsones, r the issuanos to
them of letters testamentary, when and whets slo
prson interestedL may, Pp.lr end . contet the
snme. Itlusigolj A1 tN l, AN, tDperk.
Dated, ot o CbeUr. Deputy.
her ý HANTS HQ;ýLL j
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thee First Jsdiotl ldistricot tof the state of
Iontans, in and' for the county of Lewis and
Ii. H. randtgw and N. N. Prandegee part
ners doing and .trans.ctuing biness uader the
Irm name and style of Brandego Eros, plain
tiffe, vs. William L. Steele executor of the last
will and testament of llary Ann Eokert, de
Messd Martha Taylero Eokertchwabo )'red A.
Schwabe, Henry ftebherdt and Edwar W
lfefndants-Amondad summons. W .
The state of Montana aende greeting to tie ,t
ahove named defendants.
Yon are hereby rqulred to appear In an action
brought egainst yenb the above named plaintif
n the district court of th lirt judicial district
of the state of Montana. inand for the oounty of
Lewis and Clerks nld to answer rthe complaint
led therein, within ten dayl (exclusive of the
day oft service) after the service on yon of this
summons, if served within this county; or. if
served out of this county, but within this district,
within twenty dayvs; otherwise withih forty days,
r judgment by gdefault will be taken atailnstyo.
according to the prayer o said cemplaut.
,The eaiO adtiom a brought.te obtain.ade-.
ores of this court for the forolaosre of two cer
tain mortgagee described in the said complaint
and executed by the said William L. flt..e as the
exeoutorof the last will and testament of Mary i
Ann Eckert. deceased, Martha Taylor Eckert
tchwabe and Fred A, fohwabe, on the 21st day1
of August. 1889, the property embraced in and
affected by said mortgages being all those certain
lots, pieces or parcels of land situate lying and
being In the townsite of the city of oeleona, in
the county of Lewis and Clarke, then territory,
now state of Montana, bounded and particularly
described as follows, to-wit: Lots numbered
one, twao, four, fourteen and fifteen, in block
number seven; lot number two in block number
twenty-aix. and lot number four in block num
bor twenty-sevren: as said lots and blocks ares
numbered, designated and described on the plat i
of said townsite on file in the office of the county
recorder of said county of Lewis and Clarke.
bald lots numbered sne and two, in block num
ber sevan, having, subsequent to the execution
of said mortgages, been released from the lien of
eaid mortgagee by the plaintilta. Each of said
mortgages having been made to secure the pay
eent of a certain promissory note, dated Aug.
21, 1889, made by said William L. Stele as such
sxeautor, and Martha Tayloer Eckert chwabe
and Bred A. Brhwabe earn of said uotes being
for the sum of three thousand dollars, and each
being payable in gold. er its equivalent, on the
letday of August, 1892, to tha order of saidH.
M. and E. N. Brandegee, with auiesest theseon at
the rate of ten per cent. per annum, interest pay
able semi-annually, and e8eh of seid mortrgages
provided that in osse of default in the payment
of Interestsein such note and mortgage pro
vided, the whole of the prioncipal and Interest
should become, at the option of the mortqsgeeae,
payable whether the same shouldat such time be
by the terms theeoft due and payable or not: and
default having been made in ithe payment of the
interest of said notes and eachef them, and said
neotcs and each of them having become by reason
.f such dsfault payable, and the amount due
open said notes and mortgages in the aggregate
at the time of the commeucemmnt of this action
being the sum of six thousand dollars principal.
together with interest thereon at, the rate of ten
per cent per annum from the lIst day of August,
lb., and the sues of sixty-five dollars paid for
insurance as authorized by sal mortgagee, to
gether with interest on the sum of sixty-ivre dol
lar at the rate of ten per cent per annum from
the 11th day of January, 1891; that the premisee
conveyed by said mortgages may be sold, save
and except said lots numbered one and two, in
blook numbesr seven, so us atforsuid released
from the lien of said mortgages,and the prcceede
of the sale thereot applied to the psyment of said
mortgages and :promassory notes, with Interest
thereon at the rate of ten per cent, per annum
s aforesaid. sad fits hundred dollars counol
fees and costa of snit. And in case such pro
ceeds are not sutfficient to pay the same, then to
obtain execution against said defendants. Martha
'aylor Eckert Htchwabe, 1red A. Schwabe, and
the estate of the said Mary Ann Eckort, do
ceased, for the balance remaiing dee: and also
that the paid defendante. and all persons claim.
in. by, through or under them er either of them,
lay be hbarmed and foreclorel of all right, claim.
ien, equity of redemption and tlnterestin end to
said mortgaged tromismes, savre spd ercept as re
leased as aforesaid: andt airo tlhat any and all
claims of thi said ideen antes, Henry Geblardt
and Edward Wegner. in and to said premiers, if
may claims they haves. b adjudged' and decreed
to be subsequent and eubordinrlnte to the lien of
said tucrtraaos: snd for rnneral relief
And youen ere hereb notified that if you fail to
appear and answer the said complaint, as above
re.uired, the said plaintiff will apply to time
conrt fur tire rsoie dnmatided in said oomplair.t.
Given nunder my hand andtle seal of the die
trictcourt of the irst judicial district of the
state of Montana. In and for the county of Lewis
amd ('larke, this rtwelfth day of September. in
the year of osir Lord, one thousand eighthundred
spud nlnety~one.
Idlneyol n JOHN BEAN, Clerk.
i By H1 . TnoawsoN, Deputy Clerk.
Attorney for Plaintif,
it ~ raaauatu /Y.0hOhrOM a "
udpgb__dad b.ee akooatLt l bot two
w asO itwU o~t unuttt ta lit three de
ttdeerdi~:b utnýa ta goa teoa.
hbiaeys r&Wm~d to~p~p~ *am r*r.Lt.tbZuI
of bee or the most aroomtaeat tro n Ca at
tpnota" Zhe--theaaddl of ethosa his 'in
ssymplatnu f+oef 4 deeia. ýtipeal
ý. - YOU t rý
are troubled with diskette, *ravl, or aay de
mi t __ delay proper'treat outtII yare
lb7ed I. givy up ttir dal s,
wasi y~ssr mosey an wovfhluo ltatosqM
te nrdi eelS hltry~V bnt1ttics t tha oteself1
thaw emdis ease Ith ef~ltt~le ~a
W"?eoa. Ithasawdt'0 wle rt51 -ri ". tt ,e
.etoble pd itaoaat *kt take 1.O. apack.
age, Yfbr "
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a Trustees.
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y . John Faan.
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r compounded January and July.
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f Saturday and Monday evenings from 7 to t
d o'clock.
econd National Bank ...
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, Transacted.
d E. D. EDGERTON, - President
d . K. COLE. - - Vice President
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: JOSEPH N. KENCK, - Asse. Cashier
Board of Directors.
J. 3B. Sanford. C. G. Evaa.
H. W. Child, . J. Jonees.
r G. C. Swallow. Chris Keneb,
L.D.Edgerton, C.K. Colo
S George B. Child.
ontana National Bank
Capital Paid In - $500,000
Surplus and Profits, - $200,000
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C. W. Cannon. i. C. Wallace,
David A. Cory.
Dr. E. Ct West's Nerve and Brain Treatment.
a guaranteed speoltio for Hysteria, 1)izetnecs,
Convulsons, Fita Nrvoos Neuralgia, liendarhe
Nervos Prostrtiton rausud by thr usn ou alrohol
or tolaoe. aishfulnee. Mental Doemnaeion
SorteuAin of the braim, reosulting in inln'lty ant
leadig ito misery, decay land lerh. I'rrmat.re
Old hgre. Iarrenaeee, I.ews of 1 ower in either sex
lavoluntray LMses and tN ermstorrhcrs resttS~
by ever-eserttnn of t.h brain, f olf.aihnea Sr over
inditlael. Haseh ns ox oontaine a monath s treat
mont. 1.00 Ia box, or six buxte for $5 Oi, sent
by mail preId on receipt of priCre.
To ars any eee. With oaqh order receivwled by
as for six boee M, o elsie by$y1I.i, swe will
send the pnrebseer our wrltten guarantee to re
fund the money if the trentment does sot effeot a
curs. Guaranitm isued only by )I. I, '.arehen
& Co.. druggist, sole oestel, Beleaua, Mont.
We will pay lbe above reward for any soa of
dilsation, &onaoItitenrOoetiveen h we annot
core with West Vogeltabe Livesr Pills, when the
direetioas ate g5titlr oomplitld witlh '1 hey are
o]rely Vegetablg'a.d sever fal o rive satisfac
Boa. Sogar coated. Large boxes, noontainlnr
io Pills, al h Se. llwars of counterfeits and
iltations. TI genuine manufaoture only b
Tu JouletC WUT CoN. av, ld ie, Ill. Sold
Ii . Ml. YPeoae IC. la t~lay..
Clarke, Conrad & Curtin,
We offer a very complete line
of all kinds of
leating and CookingStove$
O For either Wood or Coal, and
SNat prices that will astonish
OJsr e.n'
ioll ---AGENCY FOR
GJlden Sunsh'n3 Steel Ranges,
., Acorn Line of Heaters a'i Cooks,
,,, .... MAN"T.' Superior Stoves and Range·
~ -_--I--- -- .--. i ii
1nmti rae, Carpots, Suados, Lace aidl CIomio lla lrtlL
Wall Paper OFFIE &
AT COST! Furniture
To Closo ont.
Nos. 112 and 114, * JI R, SNIfORD * Broadway. Helens
-- Agents for the Celebrated---
Routgh and Finishling Lumbilier, Shingles, Laths, Doorz, Sash anM lonlltlu.
CIV "Sees 3 .a See . Strom . Thomp io lak. Mai Street Oppoesite Oread Oateemi Selt
The Cook Amalgamator may take the place of tile ordinary Mill Tables and operate
close up to the Batteries, or it works with splendid resau!ta on the tailings from othe
amalgamating devices. It is
and will save ninety per cent. of all the metals which will amalgamate, no matter bow
.n.o, and the floured quick in the trailings from other amalgamatin apparatuas. There
aie very many places in Montana where the Cook Amalgamator will. pay for itself every
CIRICULA . G. SWALLOW, J-lelena. ForMe
Having declined the place of State Mine Inspector, I am now prepared to examine
and report on mines, and aid in buying and selling the same. I have had forty-f1V1
yeara' experience in mining.. O. SWALLOW.
See Amalgamator at my office from 9 to 12 A, M.
-via tho-
C. ST, P. M. & 0. Ry. C & N.-\V. Ry.
The Shortest and nest Line From St. Paul
to Chicago, Sioux City and Omaha.
The only ine running all it'lasrenger Trains
in l]Os tthan 14 hcurs hetwoern t. Pau'l atld liti
(aso, and while tItis tinte is quick, trains do nut
have to run at s high rate of oi odt to mak' thoir
time at on otheor lines, becunn t.il line is elhortor
(hun auy other line.
" The I'tllman end n agnvr Vestibuled Limit'
od," leavitni t. Pail alt 7:$t it: hi., makee the
Itri tot'hlago in tluh hours, returning iL 13
boo ru olr 11a tuitlllte.
"3 ho I eaylipht Eprare.," leavin St. Pentl at
7: .' .. tukksa tI tril to ('l(tego ill t3 houre
uni 10 tinutes, retnrutng in 13 hours andl .53
T'his latlhe olly line by which connectiotn are
esnrldl in t'hicego with all fast lint tlhins fronm
o hicego to the east and south in the utorning
and at niglt.).
(Close connect ioni are nmode at St. Paul with
Northern laoifio and trvat Northern traiens
hor rates, maps, fuldrrae, stc,, a4ly to
T. W. `1ItAtt)AIet
General' P'asengr Agent, St. Paul, Minn,.
'eiglrr, deceased
Notice is hereby given by thie nnderlsitned, ad
,ttntistrator of the estate of e oi Zeoigler.
alficOatsd, to the crredtore of, end al' le.rsuns thav
ing oltaims a einrt the said deeoaed, to exhibit
tIrm withl the neceaar vouchers., within four
umonthls alter the tiret publlIcation of tibis tltioe,
to the ,aid administrator at the law oitee oI
elsnry C. Smith, rooms n 2 a ntI 8. Halley block,
in Helits. the nsame being the ,plaoo four
thle tranaetion of the buinees of samid estate
In the county of Lewis and Clarke.
Admisletrator of estate of Losla eider. dmeUnsed,
Dated Ulet. 1, 181.
Joe 'l eol, deoesad.
Nellie is hereby given by the undersilned ad.
mlnietrator of the estate of Joe 'Toole, detaumed.
to the oredlitors of. and ill persntls having claims
gariuet the said drcraired, to exhibit them, with
tie nsreassary vsochers. wllin four months
after the ilst. publliationuu of this notios to te
said admitlstratur. at tile law otble of J. H.
t'l]entst. in the city of Helens. the s.mm bhelq
the place for the transuctitn of the bUnltes or
said mstats.
aled Ltet 1e. .t, 1891.
Adminietrator oe tis estate of Joe 'oole. de
. .. W ...
Sioux City Route
" . EAST.. .
Passengers for the East from Helena and
other western points will find the NEW
NOIS CENTRAL B. R. not only desirable
as to time and equipment, but one of the
most attractive, pasing through Sioux City.,
the only Corn Palace City of the world;
Dubuque, the handsome Key City of Iowa;
Rookford, Illinois, a new manufacturing
city, that has become a "world within it
self," and Chicago, whose growth and en
terprise is the wonder of the world. With
elegant free Chair Cars, and Pullman Pal
ace Sleeping Care on every train between
bioax City and Chicago, and with a close
connection with the UNION PACIJFIO
trains at Sioux City, the
respectfully presents its claims for the new
and every way desirable SIOUX CITY
For folders and further particulars call
Opon local tocket agent, or address the on
dersigned at Manchester, Iowa.
Asst. Gen. Pass. Alt.
0- --Dealer ra
* AND *
* Esz~sausI A g

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