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Kasdttaseas at the Hai1r o aubsoribor ualos
amade by reglsteresd letter, check, au postal or eas
prase order, payable to The Independeat Peb.
Ishlng Camisasy.
$g?'Pereas deiring the IaNDaESrr served
at their hboes 05 piece of business cn ordor by
postal cardor through telephone No. 100. Plemes
report rases of irltinar dalitery promptly.
Advertiesments, to insure prompt insertion,
should 1e handed in before 8 p. a.
lIoJected communitationa not returnable un
less postage is enclosed.
Daily (including Sundays per year.........5$10 00
Daily ilinclnding uaendi," six months...... 6 01
Daily (including Sundayl three months.... 2 50
Daily (excluding Sunday) per year........ god
Daily lexcluding Sunday) per month...... 75
Sunday only lin advaariI per years....... 2 6I
Weekly in advance only) per year.......2 01
Daily by carrier, per week, jseven isnuesi.. 25
HELENA, MONT., NOV. 11, 1891.
WMontanians abroad will always fad Tag
DAILY INDSrLlsuT on file at their favorite
hotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan. New
York; West, Minneapolis; Baldwin and Palace,
San Francisco; McDermott, Butte; Leland Hotel,
Springfield. Ill.
It is not probable that anything more
will be heard of the Chilian ditlioulty
until the full correspondence between
the countries is made public. When
the trouble is satisfactorily settled, and
we believe this will result, the detailed
history of the affair will be made known.
Several things are to be remembered un
til this conclusion is reached. Chili had
barely reached the end of a most disas
trous internecine war when the killing
of these sailors occurred. The final de
feat of Balmaceda's forces left the coun
try in a feverish and unsettled state.
Even at this time the government holds
the reins with an uncertain grasp and
finds it an extremely difficult matter to
obtain good order in the cities. The
situation is like that in some of our
southern cities immediately after the
close of the rebellion, except that it is
worse by reason of the more paseionate
and restless nature of the Chilians.
Under these conditions several Ameri
can sailors are attacked and killed by
a mob of irrepressible people in the city
of Valparaiso and, from information
gathered, it was a most atrocious and in
excusable outrage. But all informa
tion is not known. Did these sailors
commit ants which would afford an ex
cuse for mob violence? Did the police
in this distracted city endeavor to pro
tect these sailors and will the new Chil
ian government promptly investigate
the whole affair? We believe the fullest
investigation will be had and will ter
minate in an adjustment of the difficul
ties so far as the governments are con
cerned. With the present condition of
affairs at least, the Chilian government
will meet us more than half way to
avoid the probability of a war which
would retard Chilian prosperity for
many years. They know better than
any one what a war with the United
states means and having gone through
the vicissitudes of one war they are
not likely to go out of their way for an
Without drawing a parallel it may be
well to recall that not many months
have passed since the Italian govern
ment demanded reparation for the lives
of several of her citizens killed by a mob
in New Orleans after they had been
tried for murder and acquitted by an
American jury. The dispute was set
tied in a manner satisfactory to both
governments. Furthermore, in the dis
cussion of the present difficulty it may
be also well to remember that in no
country on earth does mob law prevail
with such unguarded violence and with
the sanction of as many reputable peo
ple as in the United States. Not long
ago, in the great and prosperous city of
Omaha, a crpwd of people broke into a
jail, snatched a criminal from his cell
and hung him over a trolley wire in a
leading street. Hardly a week passes
without a lynching in the southern or
western states. The fact that there are
honest courts where fair trials may be
had does not deter the citizens in some
parts of this enlightened republic from
assuming that they are better and
mightier than the law.
Now, then, three American citizens
have been killed in the far away city of
Valparaiso, in a country turn to pieces
by war among her own people, and at
this time no one outside the state de
partment knows from authority how the
affair occurred or what led to it. Until
these matters are determined it would
be comforting to enjoy a respite of peace
from the war howlers.
THe following tickets have been nom
inated for next year: Cleveland and
Boies and Blaine and McKinley. Prob
ably no quartetto, so far as personal I
strength goes, would be better received
by the respective parties. But nothing
is more improbable than Blaine and Mc
Kinley running t)gether on the issue of
protection. Blaine has already smashed
one silk hat because of the McKinley
bill and he is not likely to take off an
other hat before that fetish.
Ma. Tuos. A. EomaoN ini a recent in
terview advanced the theory thatevery
atom of living matter is imbued with in
telligence and that the intelligence of
man is the sum of the intelligences of the
atoms of which lie is composed. To get
down from this soaring to every-day life,
we offer in rebuttal a ruinor going about
that there are iany men to (lay without
an atom of intelligence.
Von the first time the French bankers
have dcclined to take Russian loans.
When the c/ar kindly takes snother
country into an alliance he expects
handsome returns for his favors, but the
French government evidently thinks
that France can worry along through
the winter without the protection of
the Russian bear skin.
IT is reported that a conspiracy has
been started to overthrow the now gov
ernient in Chili. It looks us though
" ambitious statesmen, cunneuted with
this government, would have their hands
full of business all winter.
Tar number of bank failures and
defalcations of bank oflicials during the
Hier few weeks Ae been sometbing r
t arilidle though the country Ia not sut
ftaring with finanoial depression. The
diffloulty seems to exist in the extraor
dinary powers given to bank ofiloera in
some places and the failure or inability
of bank examiners to perform their dtu
Tna Denver Paper Mills company will
expend $200,000 in the enlargement of
its plant. If this company can afford to
spend so much money in increasing its
already excellent facilities it is fair to
assume that a paper factory started on
a reasonable scale would prove a suo
cess in this city.
Tim twenty-fourth assembly district,
of New York, has 105,0(X) inhabitants
and one assemblyman, while Jefferson
county has 08,000 Inhabitants and two
assemblymen. Still the republican
newspapers call a redistricting of the
state gerrymandering.
IT is generally conceded by the press
of the country that the New York pres
bytery did right in dismissing the case
against Prof. Briggs. The men who can
define heresy in this age of the world
are-wise men indeed.
IT is nearly two weekb since the last
tin plate factory was started. This will
be an infant indewtry until the next
campaign, when tin plate factories will
be started at every crose-roads in the
WHEN Napoleon was forty years old
he had nearly all Europe in the palm of
his hand. Napoleon McKinley is about
the same age and has Ohio, providing we
count Sherman and Foraker under his f
Iv the people of Brazil are unable to
reduce the swelling of President Da
Fonseca's head we suggest they send
him to this country to run for office next
year on the issue of high protection.
A MINNESOTA editor entertained a
large party the other evening at a crow
banquet to settle an election wager.
Our republican friends are fortunate to
have crow this year.
IT is pretty thoroughly demonstrated
that the endorsement of Tom Platt is
becoming a mighty heavy handicap for c
any republican candidate in New York
Tnz boys and girls under twelve t
years old will be admitted free to the
matinee Saturday by showing a coupon e
to be printed in Friday's INDEPENDENT.
Yours Uncle Billy Claggett, of Idaho,
will have a fight of his own in the
United States senate this winter. If he
is right Montanians are with him.
H1ENRY CABOT LODGE concludes that
the significance of results in Massachu
setts is serious. It he refers to the re
publican party we agree with him.
THE newspapers on the west side are
engaged in a circulation war. There
seems to be an air of hesitancy on all
As this is the season for signing play
ers for the clubs next year, the base
ball crank is once more having his turn.
AN election changes many things.
Nobody cares now whether Jerry Simp
son wears socks or not.
How we miss that daily coat-of-arms
in the New York Recorder.
It appears that the Swede who wrote to us
some t:me ago is still in the state. He hasa
good job now, but is so ambitious that we
axrset he will either become the president of
the United States, or the son of the presi
dent, which is much the same. He writes
this time from Great Falls as follows:
Nov. 9, 1891.
MESTAn .ENDAPENDANT: Aye don't hear
from u abets enns yob, so aye get en free
tikket for fem dolar on go op on dae rel
rode; bot at vos too manna Etawlian en
Eirismans vod vork op deer, so ace beet 1
mae vai bak to Great Folo en get gode yob
an dae big smelter op dare. Aye York tre
uses on et vos a big Etawlian man (due i
same vod n kol en "deego") vod sleep vid <
mae on dae bonk hone. Hae tal mae et die
Eirie an Etewlians bay snake dae king oh
Seeden a preesoners, en es goen to lok hem
sir oa a reservashon. Aye don't ken exakly
beeleva hem, en tank abet due hoesn poody I
mete. Veu von of daa roan som york an
dee roetinc roam has sac to mae: "Syeed,
ef n let das heeg deego yosh naeny moar,
alyC vii tro n en dueareevarl"
Aye don't no vod has rosen bee "'yoeh."
bet aye ask boer; an bae tel m115 et yes nuek
foolianess. don eye get plante med. iln~
aye hit dae d-ego man vada beta mae bands
sri vonl ttiii on hes flies. sei rnk hem don. I
an yiliplloo Iis hodde. dun he holilar somo
tirug laik "Mswfeea!" a Koppol tainus, an
feiv sex irig sri littal doegos 1o0 o0 an sos
goearg to lKot ot 11115 hart vjd big long ruaifs.
dee footrane baa been moae frands en bee
korn en give all a, des ctawliarn mansa dare
teirechoks en tal en to go. Aye been pilrnts
afrade new vee aye go ot aftetr dork. ef u
skal beer rrf en dried boddle ov err svedie
rman all fuli aid big naif heals err bees illrt
kot ot en irmall ceases Iloaitirrg doe an rmae
snore reevar at val belong tim mae. on aye
tank dae rurwfeea val ha dee Kos cv at,
Aye rio a avedis man vod es name B~jelk
B~jelkeon vod es get e evedis she vod has
kel "Heen Svernson" eye ekel taut to him an
5ee ef ci kerr get yala. ha have bee she irt
bit rro Morntawns tre rlmout ogrI. lr aye
tank has es ot bar soamplees spot. Ave sea
see hem en hIada Illof (alrlwtlori lKontl
has vol raking tikata oni das doer don, en
rye oak herir. "haw as beeanes lrelk."
hire tal mae 'vao op en doe bllour." rat
ny sait.' "Killin drem ilaru." lDionlc ha rs e
to moes, "Goirr, ean hay treon lat vid dees
bar eho for tiree icont, err all aye have senrt
bak to onu chit err belrisa er dill list ov dire
towns ye hay slIoed in." So aye iornt tank
bee doing rieta lenans. Aye rev irlt akied
on rre sbohenuiio airy ayt. hblt lye taink et
as inute hettar err to ha atread sore ion ekrrl
kot at rar hartci ran k ue ircdris fall vid
trig risif heals yost baikue a etik rap for dire
kaen cv nra kiretre. pluas 1st noie ncr ved a
tank roe des Sio akeeni arid u skall til niruts
obisits hire iri. 0. (Jeoiravs.
des fodrurrir lia elik ,mae laoodyvril lirr.
0. Ci.
van a reit Ire mae pat on dee letter liken
dinevirin lictal hoe Noerd Great Fole.
Seven styles crf kodaks and dilme at A. M
Helter Hardware Co.
PREBIpiN : #fL 001U W
On ils oato s a A1pet44ho
President Hill, of the (reat Northern
railway, arrived in Helena yesterday after
noon, and after a shodt stay went eo0 .1
Butte, He will continue his journey ho
Spokane, where he goes to finally settle the
question whether the Great Northern exa
tension will go directly through that city,
or reach it by a spur. The people of Spo
kane have been anxiously looking for his
coming, and are prepared to offer bim some
inducements for a dirbot line. Concerning
work on the extension a recent dispatch
says that until within the past few days it
has been understood that all tracklayins
on the Great Northern would proceed from
the east. So decided has been the talk of
all the offlciats on this point that it created
something of a sensation this weak when
Chief Engineer Beokler visited Sand Point
and put a corps of encineers at work sur
veying a spur from the Northern Pacific
over to the Great Northern-a distance of
only a mile and a half at that point. Mr.
Beckler says that the orders from S. Paul
are to build the spur and commence laying
track both east and west with all possible
speed, and to continue all winter if the
weatLer will permit,
As if to give color to the report that the
Great Northern is getting ready to push
things, Contractor Siene and Chief Bookler
have been looking over the route this week,
noting progrees and giving orders to the
tubs to hurry up the work. It will be re
membered that all contracts to Albany
Falls call for completion by Jan. 1. Beck.
ler stated to the Nothern Paciflc agent at
Sand Point that he would have 600 car
loads of steel for him to look after this
Work on the Great Northern from the
Montana line to Bonner's Ferry is nearly
completed. The last of the subs will be
ready to pull out by Dec. 1. Some very bad
slides are enticipated along the Kootenai,
which will require considerable labor to.
clear away.
Burns & Chapman's work from Bonner's
Ferry to the Half Way house is not so well
along as the balance. Unless some extra
exertions are made it will drag on well
toward spring, but reports are that an extra
force will be put to work on it.
P. Welch & Co.. whose contract extends
from the Half Way house to Sand Point,
expect to have their work ready for the
rails in six weeks. Below Sand Point the
work is very nearly complete to Albany
Report of the Jay Hawk Consolidated
Mining Company.
The papers of the Jay Hawk Consolidated
Mining company, including certificate of
incorporation, appointment of agent, etc.,
were filed with the secretary of state yes
terday. The capital stock is £285,000 in
shares of £1 each. The amount paid in in
cash is £10,447 16s., and in other ways
£212,555 8se. There was paid to the holdei a
of the Jay Hawk and Pettingill groups, in
Beaverhead county, £92,655 8s., andto those
of the Lone Pine group, in the same
county, £120,000. The Jay Hawk and Pet
tincill groups include the Jay Hawk, Pet
tinuill, Monroe, Bonanza and Mountain
Maid mines, Thu Lone Pine includes the
Lone Pine, Silver Star, Silver King, Harri
son. H. Greeley, Excelsior, Black Pine and
Luna lodes. W. E. Collen is appointed
Montana agent of the company, which is a
foreign corporation.
A Card From Mr. Wade.
To THE INDEPENDENT: An article in yes
terday's Journal deserves some notice on
account of its apparent lack of truth and
on account of the animne of the writer, ex
hibited in every line of this little speech.
Mr. McPhee was lost but little over a month
ago-not six months ago. "There are men
who believe McPhee skipped." He 'had
better have used She singular number there.
7 here could not be more than one such be
liever. The terms "treasule " and "non
payment," etc., are used to cast the reflse
tion that this man has probably taken away
the funds; and the still further implication
appears that the company ao accomplices
with him in this way of defrauding people.
But not one dollar of the company's money
is missing, and furthermore nothing of
value is missing except the man himself.
"If alive and well it would be gratifying
to his friends to know it." I don't under
stand how the reporter draws this conclu
sion. He may have talked with some one
of them, but his article does not indicate
such a fact.
Now, as to the company "charging for
meals," I may be allowed to say one word
by way of probable excuse for this malic
ions statement. I am not a member of the
company, nor ever was, nor have I seen any
member of the company since reading that
remarkable statement, but I was employed
there two weeks tnd know something about
this "charging for meals." The company's
boarding house fed during these two weeks
probably twenty men not employee, but
men who were going to other camps or corn
ing to thin camp to seek employment) and
the matter became so serions that the su
perintendent, in my hearing, spoke to the
president and the general manager about
the matter, and it was determined then and
there that in justice to the stockholders
this thing should be stopped, and accord
ingly the men employed at the boarding
honey were instructed to charge every one
not an employe.
The company may not know that the
boarding steward failed to discriminate
even in the cases where men voluntarily
gave their services in search of the missing
mali. Who can be blamed fornotdiscrimi
natmg in such a case? Shall the steward
call the superintendent and the latter call a
meeting of the company-many of them
not even In the state, or shall we be more
sensible and say these men did right by
obeying ordere?
'Co close allow me to say that I have
known John MePhee for eleven years and
I am sufficiently acquainted with him to
say with great assrnance that he has not
left voluntarily, as meanly insinuated in the
Journal, but he has either become insane
from fatigue and excitement and in deepera
tion wandered away, or more probably has
become exhausted in his fruitless effort to
extricate himself from those dense woods
and perished from hunger and cold.
It is to be deprecated that such occur
cnces as this con not be consi.iered too
eaoied on account of the attendant sorrow
to be thus trumpeted in our newspapers,
but some people seem to regard nothing as
aicred and art accordingly. With respect
to the maligned company and sorrow for
the bereaved wife, I am, very respectfully.
JoinN W. WADE.
For the Next Feie lays Only
We oler:
Standard corn, 100 per can.
Standard tomatoes. 10o per can.
California peaehes, 19o per can.
California pears, loo per can.
California grapes, 5oc per can.
California ploins, 150 per can.
California cherries, 20e per can.
C()lifornia pie fruit. gallons. 40c per can.
laeetern sliced pineapple, 20c per can.
iiaton grated pineapple, 25c per can.
Club house pens. 22e per can.
Standaid lima beans, 12},; per can.
Standard string beans, 1Oc wo r can.
Standard Marriwfat peas, He per can.
Standard, three pounds, pumpkins, 1234o
ner coin.
Staridard. two pounds, succotash, 1234
Jloestic sardines, it ier can.
Iimrorted sardines, t5c per can.
lDo not mnse thli opportunity to lay in a
sup ly of canned goods at jobbera' whole
sale pricus. WM. Wemiwr,.mn k Co.
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You i esa vi, ro per r'It by buying y~our
rblhrue'e enu l iofoi~i,, clunk, at 'Ii,', lies it ire.
The W t1 l u.I pindent, 14 pages, to
.fan. 1, 11493, foi,,r$
'I se MI'trysville Conert,.
Thursday night will be a ienud combina
tion of nruoiniarie in this latest selections
and ii rare treat is in store. No one should
Wsain it.
A Popular Investment is
= WIT Y ? -
Because Helena is a live town. money for their inception and
Because Helena is already a support.
business center of large propor- Think of the vast sums re
tions. ceived by Helena men as profits
Because Helena is now a rail- and dividends from these same
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remin Then say, if you can, that Hel.
ena has no great future in store
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prises in every quarter of Mon- vite correspondence from out of
tana and the great northwest de- town buyers in regard to Helena
pendent upon Helena men and properties.
" Wallace & Thorrburgh,.
Broad lay and Warren Sts., J-Helena, Montana
Well improved and thoroughly ir
rigated, on fine range. A great
Household Goode. h or.es and Cattle will be
bold at public auotion at low commisesuns.
Also auction sates will ho conducted every
eveninr at our placo of bosincss, 102 8outb
main street, coeor Watt.
* Dealers in
Complicated Watch Repairing,
Artistic Engraving, Jewelry Manu
factured to Order.
Call and Examine Our Stock. No.
27 Main Street, Helena.
$500 Reward
Lest tn the mountains in Dear Lrdqe County
west or 1 0 ciorn t in outh of I'tijoton. Mr.
Mc.Phee wee ohn Ii feet, Ii inhes in hiei(Iht,
sad wetgtiiit abcut IN) rounds, tic had dota
yese, browa hair, a red at, brown full heard
hrimmed atsiinn ioie, atn a scar en the right
temnple wax last scan Veadnesday alternsoo,
kilpiemebr Itt, shoot three milse past of the On.
terme male. Us tail cc garsesm and wore a dalrk
suit of etiottic dark r primme no rmeat and dark
sprimig hat. lie eatrried a colt buating tuea
walch with his name engfraved oa ths Incide ease.
Address ipfort^oaaliiA to Time tirsand epublic
Minning a Helena, Moat
lalc titLes Rtrvual.wc MINstI Co.,
r4TyeL40 El ul(r OF agr AasA.
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