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All the Roads Vying With Each
Other in the Matter of Mal..
ing Time.
Managers Have Faith in Edison's
Promises and Are Waiting for
His Inventions.
Prosperity of the tlo Grnde . Western
Burlington South Dakota Extension
-Cattle Shipments.
About this time last year railroad man
agers were holding almost daily meetings
for the purpose of devising conourrent
methods of reducing operating expenses.
One of the ways proposed for doing this,
which excited much disuession at the time.
weeas the curtailment, if not entire abolition,
of fast trains, both in passenger and
freight service. For a time it looked very
much as if a retrograde movement would
be made in this direction. The public
were getting to good service for the money
they paid, it was nrdad, and the fast serv
cle, while very expensive to the companies,
did not bring back such returns in revenue
as warranted its continuance, unless special
rates were paid for it.
For some reason or other the scheme did
not go through, and since then the fast
service, especially in the passenger depart
ments. has been steadily increased. The
effort to-day is entirely in a different direc
tion from what it was tvwlve months ago.
All roads, no matter in what direction they
run, north, south, east or west, are vying
with each other to see which can furnish
the most expeditions service, and a rate of
steed is maintained on all of them at
which twenty years ago railroad managers
would have held up their hands. in terror.
There are very few roads having any repu
tation to maintain that have not added one
or two fast trains to their passenger service
since this time last year, Nor are there any
signs of this movement coming to an end.
The fact is, it seems to be only beginning,
and conservative railroad managers are be
ginning to predict that in a very few years
from now the highest speed of the present
time will be considered little better than a
snail's pace, and people will be wondering
how they could content themselves with
creeping along so slowly.
This prediction is based on the assertion
of Edison that he has solved the problem
of the apgplication of electricity to railroad
locomotion. It is one of the wonders of
the day the confidence which is reposed in
this assertion by careful railroad managers.
They do not seeam to entertain a doubt as
to the feasibility of the plan and they are
waiting with oonident expectancy to see its
experimental application on a scale large
enough to prove its general utility. Edison
himself says that with 100-pound steel rails
and a rook-ballasted roadbed these is noth
ing in the world to prevent a rate of 200
miles an hour being made. Whether peo- i
pie will want to be whirled over the ground
so rapidly as that or not remains to be seen.
At all events the prevailing opinion of prac- I
tical railroad men now is that they are only
on the threshold of fast service.
The Change From Narrow to Standard
Gauge Justified by Results.
The Rio Grande Western has always had
the advantage to be derived from a good
geographical location, but so long as the line
was narrow gauge and the finances of the
company in unsatisfactory shape, the prop
erty was heavily handicapped and not free
to develop its full possibilities. Now that
this has been changed-now that the gauge
of the road is of standard width, permitting
of the interchange of traffic, and ears with
other roads, and the company's finances are
in the best of shape-earn'ngs and traffic
are expanding in just the way that might be
expected, and, moreover, the acquisition of
pew branches and extensions will serve fur
ther to strengthen the hold on local traffic
now possessed. As compared with roads in
the east, the Rio Grande Western realizes
rather high average rates, the average on
freight in the late year having been 1.954
cents per ton per mile, the comparing with
2.07 cents in the year precseeding. While
the average mast be expected to decline,
the increase in traffio should furaish com
pensation for the loss resultingin that way.
P'his, however, relates entirely to the future.
At present, as already pointed out, earn
ings are increasing in a very decided and a
very encouraging manner, and President
Palmer is fully justified in the remarks he
s.ape in the opening paragraph of the re
port that stockholders have no cause to feel
disappointed at the results of the opera
tions, "which have fully vindicated the
wisdom of the large expenditures made to
strengthen the line since it was dec ded to
convert it into a link in the most central of
the great thorofares across the continment."
A Burlington Extension.
The Burlington railroad has decided upon
extending its line into Spearfish, situated
sixteen miles northwest of Deadwood. Au
thentic information that such a move was
contemplated was received the other morn
ing, when a train of fifteen cars pulled into
Deadwood and began unloading a complete
grading outfit. Teams and men were also
sent out on the surveyed line and have al
ready commenced work. Fifty more car
loads of men' teams, wagons and ecrapers
are now on the way in and due to reach the
work within forty-eight hours. Kilpatrick
Bros., who have the contract for grading,
state that they will put 1,000 men on the
work within the next two weeks.
lMontana Cattle Shipments.
C. F. M. Tinling, general agent of the
Northwestern line,who has made headquar
ters in Miles City since last July, was in
Helena yesterday. He says the cattle ship
ments from Montana this year have been
greater than in any previous year, but that
they are now about over. The last conetgn
ments over the Northern Pacific this year
will be made on Sunuday next. Ho far, more
than 9.000 cars of Montana cattle have been
handled by roads east of St. Paul. The
Northwestern has had its share of this
businers, and Mr. Tinling is very well
pleased wilti the season's business. He has
represented his line in Montana for a num
baer of years, and has as large an acquaint
ance in the state as any resident.
A Scheme to Prevent Scalping.
A prominent official of one of the Chi
cago has hit upon a plan for baffling the
ticket scalpers, which he thinks might be
used to advantage during the World's fair.
His method for reducing rates during the
exposition is to add or deduct from the
regular fare one way 25 per cent., and make
that a basis on which to fix all rates. For
example, the regular rate from New York
to Chicago is $20, and if low one way rates
are desired eubstract 25 per cent., making
the rate from New York to Chicago ~15,
and fix the return at $10. 'IThis would leave
the scalpers without any margin to work
on, and the railroad would get all the reve
nue derived from the sale of such tickets.
It is prorosed to apply the same system in
making rates from all points in the United
States if the roads can be induced to adopt
the scheme. The matter will probably be
laid before the Colombian passenger com
mittee at its next meeting.
itlo Grande Southern.
The Rio Grande Southern will be com
pleted its entire length, from Dallas to
Durango, Col., 180 miles, before the first of
the year. The road has been built by par
ties interested in the Denver & Rio Grande,
nad entered into a twenty-five-year traflic
alliance with the Denver & Rio Grande for
nan l rohe Of 'nbntrh1u The
pass oe ol t tkt riolthet agitteu.
hee pise timber iof r r stt* and saw
mills have qlickly tolpi the traoeklev
ng. It mst proven l at feeder ftr
the Denver Rio Grand. The earnings
on fifty miles in operation4rOui Deae 1 to
oept. 1, nine months. wor4 ;171,l51 gross
and $98,008 net: while the annual intereqst
charge on the $1,8l0l,000 goverlog the fifty
miles of road was $68,500. There are now
100 miles in operation.
B lreat Northern Extestlon
The Spokane Review says that it learns
on the most reliable information that the
Great Northern company is upon the eve of
letting the contract for the construction of
eighty-five miles of its line upon the weat
slope of the Oaseade mountains. Spokane
contractors are now on the sound for the
purpose of bidding upon this important
piece of work, and the news that the con
tract has been let may be expected soon.
This contract will cover the roughest and
most expensive piece of the entire line of
Sthe road. It will include several tunnels,
Sand the cost is roundly estimated at $4,
000,000. The contractors, preparatory to
the beginning of work upon the line itself,
will have to build a wagon road eighty
miles long, over which to haul their sup
plies. This road will cost $160,000. It is
estimated that two yearswill be required in
which to complete that portion of the rail
Areund the World.
Ticket Agent Keyes, of the Union Pacific,
is on the lookout for some one who wants
to make a rapid trip around the world. His
line has recently placed on sale a ticket for
the globe circlersa costing $1150 from Helena
and return, and according to Mr. Keyes'
figu es the trip can be made in sixty-four
days, twenty-nine minutes and thirty-three
seconds. That is, if the traveler has luck. To
the person who makes the trip in the min
imum time, the road Will present an en
graving of "The Oldest Inhabitant." The
route is as follows: Helena via the Union
Pacific to the Missouri river, any line to
Chicago, any line to New York, any steam
ship to London, Pacificand Oceanic steam
ship to Sydney, Oceanic steamship to San
Francisco, Southern Pacific to Ogden,
Union Paciflo to Helena.
Kid gloves fitted to the hand at Fowles' Cash
Store. Their glove department is the most com
plete of any in the city.
Immense stock of albums, photograph cases
and plush novelties received at the Bee Hive.
Table cloths, napkins, towels and stamped
linens in large variety at low prices. Butcher &
J. M. Boardman, of Deer Lodge, is a vis
itor at the capital.
Owen Byrns, of Stemple, is spending .a
few days in the city.
H. E. Moser went to Portland yesterday
over the Union Pacific.
Charles E. Duer and family, of Fort
Benton, are at The Helena.
Col. John Worth, reustering officer, went
down to Billings yesterday to muster out
Company H, First infantry.
A. A. Lamartine, who is superintending
the construction of the government road in
Yellowstone Park, is among tho visitors to
the city.
A. M. Holter and Samuel Word have been
appointed delegates on behalf of the Board
of Trade to the mining congress at Denver.
S. T. Hanser will probably go as the repre
sentative of the city.
Judge C. W. Bedell, chief postoffice in
spector for this district, leaves Monday
night for Washington city. where he will
attend a conference of all the chief in
spectors in the service.
W. W. Livermore and Billy White re
turned yesterday from a four days' hunting
trip. They made their headquarters at
Pugh's ranch, and while returning there
got on the wrong road and were lost for
two days. One night they spent in the
hills, without any bed but the snow and no
covering but the sky. The next night they
spent in a wood camp.
Arrivals at The Releas.
J. W. Ashley, Marys- J. F. W. DeJones, St.
ville. Paul,
J. M. Boardman, Deer Gee. E. Bnffum, St.
Lodge. Lonis. ,
E. It. Macoy, New York Marie Herth, New York
Philip Poznansni, New C. E. Kocke. Chicago.
York. C.(' . Alford. New York
E. A. Little, Minneapo- F. O. Wilson. Portland
lie. C. T. M, linling, Miles
Joe. A. Baker, Great City.
Falls. Chas. F. Doer, wife and
G. R. Atkinson. Minne- child, Port Beton.
apols. J. O. tircgg, Great Falls
A. K. Barbour, City. J. B. Walker and wile,
A. J. Shear. tireat Falls .City.
W. F. F.ray, Deer J. i. Murphy, iminL
Lodge. John I. Parks, City.
A. E. Barton, Philips- J. S. Tooker, City.
E. Rheinstrom, ban Alex ll.'l'arbet.Spokane c
Francisco. L. S. Wells, Helena.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
P. L. Bathrick, Elk- John Berkin, Boulder.
horn. T.W. erkert and wife,
Mayb.'l Eckert, Turk- Turkish Bath Co.
ioh Bath Co. Louis HBck jr., Turkish
Frank Murphy, Turkish Bath Co.
Bath Co. T. 10. Miles, Turkish
Mat Sholoy, Turkish Bath Co.
Bath Co. G. \\. Beasley and wife
Jno. Bloffeson. Montana Turkish Bath Co.
D. W. Jones, Townsend W. Dunstone, Radera
D. L. Boodhart, Ogden burg.
Mrs. M. E. Martin, Mis- Thomas N. Howard,
soela. Bimini.
J. J. Cunningham, St. Jas. kauldin, Dillon.
Paul. W. A. Mclntyre, Craig.
J. M. Anderoon. Craig. (G. T. Bach. ( ity.
Mrs. Annie McDonald 11. T. Hadley. Fort
and children, Marys- Madison. lowa,
villo. Fred Ker.a, City.
W.Wheeldon, Portland 0. A. r Ihomas, San
Frank Zak, Clicago. Fraciseco.
BJ. ii.Martell.,anFran- H. 'Tulin, City.
The World Enriched.
The fc-.ilities of the present day for the
.roedJctlon of everything that will condaee
a the material welfare and comfort of
mankind are almost unlimited and when
dyrup of Figs was first produced the world
was enriched wh the only perfect laxative
known, as it is the only remedy which is
truly pleasinu and refreshing to the taste
ada prompt and effectual to cleanse the
lyetem gently in the spring time, or, in fact,
tt any time, and the better it is known the
more popular it becomes
Typewriting, room Ill Halley block.
Toy pian.e, cnetl'latihnose, harmonicas music
boxes, lhorns, wohietle, e.I.., at The lie iivce.
You can save 0 paer cent, by buying youer
children's and infant's cloaks at The bie hive.
Mining Congress, Denver, Nov. 18 and 19
To the above meeting the Union Paciflo
company will sell round trip tickets from
Helena on Nov, 1I, uood returning until
)1ec. G, inclusive, at one and one-third fare.
For further information, call on or address
Ii. 0. W WioruN,
Freight and Passenger Agent, No. '8 North
Main street.
The I. X. S,. Iltazrar las remocved to foot
of Broadway. souIth of Pynteyltr Drug (o.
Iuy on of thocs new t,olont epitoons at The
Bee Hlive 'l'eheot. ieit,i.l ii oi.i. Ni trouhl,
to clean. unrelak.able alld ornamnoutal. 'Ilis
week only ;1.50.
Con Stocker
HIas opened a hay, grain, feed, produce and
commissiou h.vineEsf on corner Main street
and Eighth avenue. (live him a call.
Clildr en's and infanta' cloaks at a sacrilice at
The Bee Jlits.
jive oysters at Motor O!lico.
Drs. SkllnsiIn & Iesig, dentiets, Slsth
aveoae and Mainr street, over Itach. Cory
& Co. (Irow i mlld britlgs work i sperlallty.
Eatraletii. too:: viltllzeil air ned. We are
opened eveni.tegs.
You try a barrlI o' sack of Wasltourn-Crosby
Ci.v "Beat" flinlr and wi. will guaraitee it io
p!eaet you )icti,r tlan aliy olher flour in itse
world. A. I1. ,ateo, (;rouory Co., Mill Agents,
Helena, M.oonn.,.
Hay, grain, feed and fuel delivered
pronuptiE at lowesat market rates by lHer
bert Nllcltlson & Co., Ltd., corlner Park
avenue and Jidwarde street., Telephone
r'The Hele a Litn Bofe i iit i p of
the follol ng consmunleation fort gon
missioner Oarter, of the gners o lAd I ods
"From.the number of applldatons t.o
permits topt timber on' nob-itrl ppp.
lie lands iblived by the depar tet rof ýfc
interior and referred to this ofboe tor lnves.
tigation, it if apparent that an erroneous
impression exists among those intereaetl
in the vocation of eutting timber and manu
Sufaetrint the same into lqmber or other
product, as to where their application
should be flied. These like all other matt
tere relating to the publio domain, should
be filed in your offloe and traneamitted in
the usunal way, to this ofles for appropriate
action. The permit, it one i,j granted, will
he issuaned under the direotioi of the scarer
tary of the interior, but the preliminary
Investigation is made in thisoftice. Should
further inquiry in regard to the question
arise in your district you will so advire the
parties interested and relieve the depart
ment of much unnecessary work, and to
some extent exoedite the examination of
these applications."
Fowles' Cash Store is the place to look for
ladies' and chUidreu's cloaks.
Misa B. F1. irogan is now prepared to deal
kinds of vrritiag at her ohier. Idi Uranits block
If 'ou want any ba..rigns go to Thse lfe i-ive
thls.week. Their ad. on another page is full o
rare bargains.
The Elks held a regular meeting last
night at their hall.
The regular meeting of the Fortnightly
club will be hold this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Cornelius Hedges, 320 Broad
C. J. Tooker's work of lining the Wickes
tounnel with brick is to begin soon, the con
tract having been signed by the parties in
The contract for the stone work on the
candle faotors has been awarded to Bouncher
and Keilhauer, and is to be completed in
twenty days.
The school trustees have awarded the
contract for the heating apparatuo in the
seventh ward school building to Sturrock
& Brown at $1.825. The other bidders were
D. I. Smith $1,800, Helena Steam Heating
and Supply company $1,803, Arthur O'Brien
Secretary Walker of the Board of Trade,
yesterday mailed the thanks of that organi
zation to N. T. Brown, general agent of the
American Express company at Helena, and
F. C. Gench, agent of the Pacifio Express
company at Salt Lake, for their kindness in
forwarding the sugar beets free oa charge;
also to Thomas R. Cutler, manage" of the
Utah Sugar company, for polarizing the
samples free of charge.
Alex Wright and Dan Lucid, both practi
cal young newspaper men, have completed
arrangements to start a newspaper at Nei
hart. It will bb called the Neinart Times,
and will be democratic in polities. Mr.
Wright has been in a responsible position
in TrHE INDEPENDENT composing room, and
Mr. Lucid has been with the Rooky Moun
tain Husbandman. Both are enterprising
men, and their many friends wish them.
success in their new enterprise.
A wagon load of squashes left by the
Custer county exhibitors to the stats fair
were sent by the Board of Trade yesterday
to Mrs. Nicholas Fretz, to be baked into
pies. The pies will be eaten at the Board
of Trade rooms on the night before Thanks
giving day. It is expected that 600 pies
will disappear on that occasion. There
will be music and dancini as well. Mrs.
Fretz has the contract also to furnish the
doughnuts, popcorn and milk. R. C. Wal
lace will furnish the cider.
You can save money on ladies' and children's
underwear at Fowles' Cash etors.
Oysters on the half shell at the Motor Offeos.
Meals 50 cents at the Ilsses Nagle's
Merchants Hotel dining room.
The Weekly Independent, 12 pages, to
Jan, 1, 1893, for $2.
To Farmers.
We have money on hand to loan on im
proved ranch property throughoat the
state with water for irrigating, Lowest
rates. Time and terms to suit. Write, de
scribine your property. Five per cent, in
terest paid on savings deposits.
Helena, Montana.
For bargains in men's and boys' clothing,
dry goods, fancy goods, call at ties I. . L.
Bazaar, next doer to Paynter Drug Co,
Oh, reamma! Have you seen those pretty
dolls at The Bee Hive? I think they are so
The County Institute
Of Lewis and Clarke county will be held at
the Central school building, Helena, Nov.
23, 24 and 25. C. L. TURNLEY,
County Superintendent of Sohools.
Jackson's music store. Bailey block.
BORSCH-In Helena, Nov. 13, to the wife of
John Borsch, a son.
Queen City Lodge No. 42 I. O. O. F.
Moets every Saturday.
Reoalar meeting of the above lodge will be hold
at Odd Irellows hall this evening. Sojourning
brothers are cordially mlvited.
O. C. KIRKWOLD, lie0. SeOy.
Morning Star LTodge No. 1, A. F.& A,.M
Meets second and fonrth Saturday.
A regular communication of he above
_ namedlodge will take place at Masonic
Te'mrple, corner of Broadiway and Jackson
lslreote, this evening at 7:30 o'clocrk.. All
membosers are expected to be prom t. in attendance,
and sojourning brethren are cordially invited.
JOS. J. HINDSON, Secretary.
: : : THE : ::
Rock Springs, Wyoming,
(< 0 0A
1s shippedc as far east as iTueblo,
Coc., a cistarc. o fl snearly 1,000)O
miles, inrso a country sea ,tedl witkh
lart 'ye (.cal veins. This l:; prool
pots tIve of its
Superior guality,
Srlad v'hren once used it has come
'O stay, also sell.
KIENSC11II)T & BP)0., Agedls.
To Those Who Wish to Know
More About Numbers.
Mr. E. W. Robina, is now plrrrared to give
Drivate instroctions in his new syfemln of conm
plting by comparison. I'oreusa of lieilted ld
ucation who bhae but little tire to devole to
study will find the system invaluable asitlnables
them to aeqelro the greatest poesibll anmonnt of
practicable informllatio in Ithe least, posslble
time: simolicity, accuracy and bruvity are the
loading features of the work. FrI partiuilars,
references, tso me, call on
MR. ROBINS, AT 843. 11 AVE.
Of Special Sale.
S......... . . .........
In IIomespuns, Bedford Cords, Astrachan
Plaids, and Fine Imported Novelties, for
this week, at
In Seal, Beaver, Mink, Bear and other Fash
ionable Furs, and an elegant collection of Fu
Trimmed Cloth Garments.
The Helena Dressmaking Establishment for the West Side. is now open, Corner Lawrence Street and Park Avenue. Only Parlo
in Helena that makes Fashionable Dresses after Imported Fashion Plates. Paris' latest styles for Evening. Recoeption, Promenade
Ball and Wedding Dresses constantly on hand. Fashionable Furs made and altered. Dresses made for special occasions in twely
hours. By giving me a call you will be conyinced of my supremacy in regard to perfeot fit, latest styles and first-olass work.
Proprietreen Helena Fashionable Dressmaking Establishment, Corner Lawrence and Park. and 207 South Main Street.
I000 -Carats Montana Sapphirs--4,000
A rare chance for any person
wishing to procure these beautiful
gems. On exhibition at the office
of D. A. Richardson, Mining Broker,
Granite Block.
Having returned from the east I am prepared
to give instructions on Dress cutting and making
by a genuine Tailor system. A few of the many
Garments taught: French seamless waist, l'ari
ian dartless basque, French bias and Wortf
tart. Also all plain drafting. Any style sleeves
and skirts cut to measure. Ladies can make
heore own garments while learning. Satistac
ion guaranteed. Dressmaking Parlor in con
nection with school Tailor gowns and evening
reoses a specialty.
108 Grand St., Near Hotel Helena.
Real M
Estate, M
H -Mines. d
i In Easement Power
block, Corner Sixth
Ave. and Main St.,
United States and Foreign Pat
ents obtained and any information
Attorney at Law.
Pittsburgh Block. Helena, Mont.
Wholesale and Retail Fruits
and Produce.
Specialties: lButter, Egins, Fruits, Vegetables
isho, Poultry, Oyster,.
20 and 22 Edwards Streetl. elena, Montana.
We are makinik a Specialty
Untters of Diamonds and Precious Stone.,
1i and 69 Maiden Lane, New York.
On Improved Prope.ty and Ranches. Will purchase County, School and
Municipal Bonds altd Warrants, Commercial Paper and Mortgage Notes.
No. 10 Edwards Street. Merchants National Bank Buildlar. CorreSpOndenee $olelte
Grandon Block, Corner Sixth Avenue and Warren.
Is Generally Renovated and Under New Management
$6 Per Week. Tickets, 21 Meals, $7. Single Meals, 50 Cent
MRS. M. G. WARM KESSEEL, Proprietress.
We desire to inform the public that our butter is sold in
Helena only through
Who have arranged with us to take the entire product of
our creamery. Also that our goods are not branded except
ing the two-pound bricks, which bear the name of Rich
mond. Consumers of this butter will find It equal to any
creamery product of any market.
Agents for the Celebrated
Rough and Finishing Lunmber, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Sash andl Ionldlnu
Clfy 9.lees Boom 8. Thompson Blook, Main Street, Opposite Grand Central HoteS
LATEST! ........'
SeQeral cars of Washburn-Gros
by Go.'s "Best" Flour arrived at
J-lelena this v)eek, fresh from the
great Washburn Mills, the largest
and most perfectly equipped flour
mills in the vWorld. Our goods are
handled in J-lelena only by
S.-. .. .. " M. Reinig and the
. " A. R. Gates Grocery Co.

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