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Santa Claus has joined the firm and now we will have A MERRY CHRISTMAS. O)UR BIG HOLIDAY STOCK HAS COMA.
The elegant presents are now on exhibition. TiMe shrewd buyers are getting the first pick from our GRAND DISPLAY OF
HOLIDAY GOODS. Never have such nice goods been shown. Never have greater varieties been offered. Never have prices
been Lo low. Something for everybody and everybody is pleased who sees and purchases from our great line of choice selections in
Imported Work Baskets, entirely new. The grandest display of Xmas cards ever shown. Plush, silk, satin, metal, leather and
-polished wood dressing oases, manicure oases, odor cases, card cases, shaving sets, infant sets, jewel caskets, handkerchief and
glove cases, work boxes, photograph frames, etc,, artificial flowers, bronze and bisque ornaments, vases and bric a brae, French
and Austrian chinaware.
*--- SI L B RWT R = --------_ --
Hand painted novelties in fancy work and throws. Pin cushions, match stands, cigar stands and other novelties in brass and
oxydized goods. Children's books a nd games. Mechanical and steam toys. Wooden toys of all kinds. Iron and tin toys in pro
fusion. Music boxes for young and old. Rubber toys of all kinds. Handsome framed pictures. Albums of the latest importations.
Toy pianos, trunks, tool chests, furniture, stoves, dishes, banks and everything necessary to complete a stock of first-class holiday
All goods marked in plain figures. Special discounts to Sunday schools and wholesale buyers. Our closing out sale on ladies'
and gentlemen's furnishing goods, crockery, glassware, (and such goods as are not classed as holiday goods) still continu es.
The winter round-up of cattle has begun,
and the stookmen are obliged to face rain
and snow, wind and sunshine.
E. L. Peebles, of southern California,
came in Thursday to visit hise sisters. Mrs.
Harry Depuy and Miss Jessie, and brother,
Gus Peebles.
The Mary Ann got caught in Friday's
storm on the lake and drifted across. Vera
little damage was done, so her owner, W,
C. Hayware, says.
The steamery have been making their
regular trips to the foot of the lake, but gel
no freight to handle on account of the sofi
roads across the reservation.
Judge John Lang has received papers
from Veterinary Surgeon Holloway, of
Helens, and is now a fall-flededd deputj
veterinary surgeon for the Flathead valley,
J. T. Stuart has been appointed postmas
ter for the iheldon postofloe. The ofice
has already been moved to his residence or
his ranch, and now everything is in running
Jesse Gawith has sold his livery stable tc
Charles Allard and M. W. Falkner. The
latter gentleman will have charge of the
stable here, and the firm name will be Al
lard & Faikner.
J. T. Stuart has finished takingtke sohool
census in the Sheldon district and reports
forty-nine males and sixty-seven femalao
of school age. This is the largest distriel
at present in the valley.
C. F. Lighthall returned last Saturday
night from his eastern trip. He visited his
old home in New York, had a grand time
with schoolmates and friends, and got
snowbound in Dakota for forty-eight hours.
Taking it all in all, he had ai way-up tidgp.
Allen Johnson is fast der.,oping into the
champion deer hunter of thevalley. He
went out last Sunday and sueneeded in
bringing down two fine deer, opdp Which,
a large doe, he put three bullets Into her on
the run, hitting her each time in the shoun.
der in a four-inch space. He has already
killed ten this fall.
Morris Cain'q .new building on Merrill
avenue is rapidly approaching completion.
Died, at Olendive, Mont., Nov. 23, 1891,
Duncan Davidson, aged 86 years, a native
of Scotland,
The Home Land & Cattle company of
Dawson county are, as far as heard from,
the heaviest individual taxpayers in the
Quite a large delegation of Glendivianns
attended the ball given by the locomotive
firemen at Dickinson on Thanksgiving eve,
and all returned loud in praise of the
hospitality of their hosts.
A report reaches town that Austin Dilts
lost 800 thoroughbred ewes during the
storm last Saturday. Several other losses
of sheep are reported, but as we have no
anthentio news no particulars can be given.
H. F. J& W. R. Fountain, the merchants
of Mingusvllle, have sold out to Cannon &
Orgain, who will c.nduet the business In
the old building. The new firm are well
known in the Beaver valley and will extend
the several branches of the business.
Married, at Glendive, Thursday, Nov. 26,
by Reva, . G. Fairbanks, George M. Wil
son to Miss Lennie Thorpe; at Dibkinson,
N. D., Wednesday. Nov. 25, W. H. Runker
to Miss Elizabeth Williams, both of Min
ueville, Mont., Rev. J. G. Perrault, of
Mr. and Mrs. Bagge moved into thebuild
ng Jst in front of the Baptistlehutel last
Rev. J. B. Parnall returned last Tu.slda
from Demereville where he has beep assist
ing Rev. E. L. Lee in a protraeted &leeting.
V. Burch and son brought down from
Skalkaho a large drove of cattle and horses
to wiater on their ranch, Tuesday ;evning,
Thanksgiving eve the Odd Fello.e 'ave
a grand ball in F. & H. Book's hail, with a
sapper served atthe oity hotel. A auion
thanksgiving service at 11 a. m. was held
Thursday, and numerous dinner party in
vitations were extended.
W. A. Wright ran a thorn into his hand
some time ago and had it poisoned while
killing a beef. He is able to be about with
his hand tied up.
L. J. Knapp, who has been clerk in the
Amos Book Mercantile store here, started
for Helena last Monday to read law with
Massena Bullard.
Last Thursday night a goodly number of
people gathered at Stuart's hall, under the
auspices of the W. C. T. U. A good social
time was indulged in.
The Silverton mill started no last Mon
day with about fifty-five men employed.
W. H. Fowler is general manager and C. H.
Soliday mill manager.
Father Diomedi will officiate at the Stev
enaville Catholic church the first Sunday of
every other month, beginning with Decem
ber, until otherwise arranged for.
Mrs. James Rose, of Eight Mile, and
Mrs. Houtchins, who has just concluded a
very successful term of school on Eight
Mile, were shopping in town Saturday.
Mrs. Harry Toronto f.fseanted her husband
with a bouncing girl on the 10th lunst; a son
name to bless the home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Harwood on the morning of the
12th inst.
Great Falls.
Track laying on the street. railway exten
tion has begun and ere long the line to the
B. & M. addition will be completed.
A. H. Gnthrie, who was day clerk at the
Park hotel for a time, left last week for
Chicago, where he has accepted a position
with a real estate firm.
C. H. and W. H. Green, who had the con
braet for constructing the Eureka canal
near Choteau, have completed their part of
she ditch and are now in this city.
The firemen's ball at the Park hotel
Thanksgiving night was a complete success
ncially as well as financially. About 125
aouples were present, all of whom enjoyed
themselves to the utmost.
The completion of the new opera house is
ising lu.ked for with a good deal of inter
ret by the people of this city. It is very
irobable that the house will be dedicated
ibout the last of December.
Marshal Geo. Treat, who was severely
wounded in a recent shooting affray, is now
lily enough recovered to leave his rooms.
t is to be hoped that he will soon be on the
treets again with his acoustorned vigor.
E. L. Wyman, station agent at Barker,
rld Miss Annie C. Swaney, late of Iowa,
rare married at Kibby on the 24th inst.
Cho ceremony was performed at the rest
lence of Tomas A. Wall, Judge Lee
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
iazelton.-died at the residence of his
arents last T'uesday night and was buried
rednesday afternoon. The funeral ser
ices took place front the residence of the
arents, W. 1. Coombe, of the M. E,
hurch, officiating.
Martin Girrea and Miss Kate Liebert, re
ently from Jcrdan mine, were married last
'uesday morning at the Catholic church,
iev. Father Dohls, officiating. A reception
as given by the newly married couple in
he eveniun at the residence of AIlouie
toker, on Third avenue and Fifth struet.
It is constantly becoming more apparent
bat telephonic connection withGreat Falls
'odd be of inestimable benefit to the com
teroial interests of Lewistown and the Ju
ith basin, and if the businiess men of those
otions will interest themselves In the mat
sr the merchants of Great Falls will heart
co-ooserate and assist in the construction
sa line.
Little Girl's xperlepoe In a Light.
Mr. and Mrl. Loren Tresoott are keepera
! the government lighthouse at Sand
each, Mich,, and a, s blessed with a daugb
Ir, four years old. Last April she was
iken down with measles, followed with a
readful cough sad turning into a feve-.
ostors at home and at Detroit treated her.
at in vein, she grew worse rapidly, until
is was a mere "'nandful of bones." Thei
as tried Dr. King's New Discover' and
Iaer the use of two and one-half bottles,
as completely cared. They sa Dr, King's
ow Discovery is worth its weight in gold,
t you may get a trial bottle tree at 1i. 5,
ale " Co's drug store,
Jhleago's Great Road, the Famous Maple
Leaf Line.
The Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City *ar
the first railroad in the country to issne
speoial transportation advertising for thi
World's fair at Chicago. That is enterprise
and an illustration of the sort of manage
ment that within a few years has trans
formed the Chicano, St. Paul & Kansan
City from a short and unimportant line,
with little to encourage its continuance, so
one of the most prominent and most popu
lar lines in the northwest. With its termi
nals in Chicago, Kansas City and St. Paul,
it unites the east, the northwest and the
southwest. The territory it embriaces is
the garden spot of America. In it dwell
3,000,000 people whom this great road ao
commodates. The great states of Illinois,
Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas are
tapped by its lines.
The general headquarters of the road is
at bt. Paul, while the freight and pas
senger departments direct their business
from Chicago. In the latter city the com
pany's trains arrive at and depart f'om the
Grand Central passenger station, com
pleted at the beginning of the present year,
and acknowledged to be without a peer in
this country. The three main lines of the
road unite at Oelwein, in Northeastern
Iowa. Aside from these are several short
branches, all of importance, the longest
being from Sumner to Hampton, Iowa.
The latter state is divided nearly in halves
by the road, which crosses its very finest
portion. The mileage in Missouri, Kansas
and Minnsota is comparatively small, but
in Illionors again increases, the northern
and most populous part of the Prairie
state reverberating to the thunder of its
Mach of the success of the road is due to
the ability and energy of a railway man
well known to many in Rochester, W. I.
Blusenbark, the traffic manager of the road.
In his intercourse with the pstrons of the
road he has won thousands of friends for
hiriself and his company.
The equipment of the Chicago, St. Paul
& Kansas-City is unexcelled by that of any
road in the country. Its vestibuled com
partment sleeping cars are modelsof lux
ury, comfort and convenience. No other
line west of Chicago runs compartment
sleeping cars. The dining car service is
fully up to the requirements of the most
fastidious and luxury-loving of modern
travelers, In short the Chicago, St. 'Paul
& Kansas City is the beat line betwedn Chi
cago and -t. Paul, Minneapolis and the
northwest, between Chioago and the prin
cipal points in Iowa, between Chicago and
the southwest. Persons going from east
trn pointsrto Chicago and beyond will do
well to bear these facts in mind.-Roohes
ter, N.. Y., Democrat and Chronicle, Oct.
29, 1891.
Winsdolm's Violet Crearm
Is the most exquisite preparation iin the
world for softeninu and wlpiteninrr the
hands and face. It is not onlva substitute
for, but in every respect snporior to glycer
ine, cold cream, vasoline, and like prepara
lions. Try it,
Coarse of In _trrrtlona--, Cerlle1: I. Collet
Prspsrators; It, ýinnel /, Irmal 1 RuMule
At. Also lnatreotlon in Coumon liranrh,.
gll end for Catalogue to the .esldsnt..rlg
F, P. TOWER, A "M.. D. D
We do not give Goods away
We doenet needtosellat Gest
We can make a profit and sell goods as cheap as our would
be competitors can buy them.
Decoiated English Porcelain Tea Set, 56 Handsomely Chased 5-Bottle Castor, Triple
Silver Plate, O L 9
pieces, $ ONLY 980'"
ONLY $4.00 -
._.. Triple Plated Pickle Castor with Tongs,
Chamber Sets Decorated, on best Iron Stone ONLY $1.10
China, Nickel Silver Tea Spoons, will never wear
ONLY $2.30 'i out,
- PER SET, 300
Nickel Plated Central Draft Lamp, Roc-h- I.
esteir Iurner, Nickel Silver Table Spoons, will never wear
ster urnr, out,
ONLY $1.25 il PER SET, 600
These goods we will sell to anybody, and the best proof
of our sincerity is
"If the Goods are not found to be as represented, re
turn them and we will refund the money."
WM. WEINSTEIN & CO., Sixth and Main.
Sixth and Main.I--~·r · .

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