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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, December 20, 1891, Morning, Image 12

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S* %b Ie this other bill,
and thbu imtnhole
c'r f' ap15rt,
st the crimson west
ill was eeen
mag led cushlon where
ip my loved to lean.
l IFve kept ou climbing hills
basy day to day,
ia fri the topmost peaks I ~tad
,is faraway.
t' ao many tumbles still
. W.mo. would preaoh:
stetet nn is graspinge for
htingWe sannot reach.
=Ik7. W. Foss in ankee Blade.
1 on the beach atLong Branch watch
the betherl I had made a sort of
toby burrowing in the white sand, whel
gyes were riveted upon the most beau
t figure I ever behold. It was that of t
o who wr swimming near the shore
aasadre*sed in a pearl-colored bathing
iae, that left her arms bare, and
r~ lot of scarf about her head.
e sae6med to be looking at me. Sh
t~s magnificently. No one was with her
ad`seed quite a stranger. For a lona
tai hhe sported with the waves near th,
re, thn suddenly set out seaward.
faher tossed to and fro upon a mad bil.
et and waving her arms toward me for aid
There was a boat of mine hard by. !
good into it and rowed toward her.
Ssheir. " am here," I cried; "you are
.e." I seized her by her floating sash
he ~instautly flung herself on her back and
on the water laughing at me.
'That is all I wanted-just a little sup
,"s shesaid. "How kind of you to come
here to offer it to me. I suppose you've
bard of Mr. Finnyman, the great pearl
nler. I'm his daughter; he's worth $10,
':"L"I am delighted to have an introduction,"
.` 'sid L "My card."
Sihbe took it and tucked it into her silver
auaas turban.
uaddenly she gave a cry and sank. I in
stantly jumped after her. I caught her by
her floating sash; she caught me by the waist
sad down we sank together-down, down,
down. At last we stopped and I found my
tilt in a sort of cave under the sea, just up
Stoany knees in water, and beside me floated
may beautiful companion, and I saw that she
WA. a mermaid.
Miss Finnyman, daughter of old Mr. Fin
Shlasn, the earl dealer. I saw it now.
'iih mermaid knew well enough that I had
oime to Long Branch to look for a rich
wife, and this was how she had trapped
i.e.. I looked up. Outside that arch of
roek the ocean rolled, thells were all
about me-shells and seaweed and coral.
Here were opals for the picking up, and
here was Mr. Finnyman himself. For his
tace and shoulders he might have dealt in
coats in Chatham street. For his lower
halt, he might have been a whale. He was
not the sort of gentleman to quarrel with.
-"Papa," said Miss Finnyman, "this is Mr.
Hunter, who saved my life just now. But
for him I might have been washed on
"I cannot ind words to express m grati
tude to Mr. Hunter," said Mr. Finnygan,
waving his band and spattering the water
rabWdt, "but anything I can do in the way of
peakle, I am sure-. An only child is very
precious, Mr. Hunter. My love, Mr. Hun
ter must stay and dine with us, We have
only jellyfish and cold periwinkles. I be
lieve,-but he'll excuse us."
"1 am just going out to see to the pearls.
my- child," said Mr. Finnyman. "Entertain
Mr. Hunter until my return." And he
flopped away.
"Papa doss like you," said Miss Finny
".,am proud of it," I said.
I:sat by her side on a rock, wondering
bow'I could escape eating cold jelly-fish. I
was very chilly. I tried to be agreeable,
bd sly unbappinesswas too great. If I were
but at the surface of the water! I made one
SI'Miss Finnyman," said I, "suppose we
take t little swim before dinner to-to give
-na-aem appetite?"
* She agreed. Together we arose to the
sarface. I saw long branch in the distance.
I falt that I might possibly reach it-at
least, that I might be picked up and saved
-but my mermaid clung close to me.
"Don't let go of me!" she cried. "Sup
pose I should be washed ashore?"
An idea struck me. She was good as a
lift-preserver. I could not drown while she
clutched me.
"I want them to see how lovely you are,"
said I. "Come close to those girls, who
daren't show their faces or their shoulders
in'this light. They'll die of envy."
.She jumped at the bait. Slowly we went
shoreward. I saw the five Misses Shrimp
staring at us, and Bluff, who always wears
his eyeglasses in the water.
"You see my love," I cried.
A moment more and I could call Bluff to
iy aid; but just then-
'"What i running away together ?" howled
a voiee in my ear-a voice like that of the
sea-lion; and there was Papa Finnyman
bearing down upon us. He clutched me
and tore ue apart, and in a moment I was
lying at the bottom of the sea, with Finny
man upon me.
But what was this? Not water, but sand.
in my eyes and ears; not the sea, but the
beach at Long Branch. Yes, and not
Finnyman, the father, but a bundle of sea
side bunting, bangles, large straw hat, and
striped parasol, and ever so many bones.
"Oh!l" shrieked a voice. "I expect I'm
killed. Oh! I hope I didn't hurt you!l Oh!
it was your fault, though; I didn't see any
body. 1 didn't know it was hollow. I
thought it was solid. Oh!"
I knewwhat had happened now. I had
fallen asleep on my extemporized sand
sofa, and Miss Pillsbory, the elderly spin-
ster, who was said to be such a lortune,
beaing near-sighted, hatd unconsciously
walkedover me. I had dreamed about the
mermaid after watching the eccentric
beauty, Mliss O'Connor, as she ewame about
in her elegant bathing wuit. I struggled to
my feet and picketd up Miss Pillabury. She
had sprained her ankle.
I offered her my arm and escorted her to
the hotel. Later I offered her my hand,
which was accented.--Found Floating.
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n'l ,A st, Helens, Mont,
Pr A~.6.eL;s euI~4Iinu.
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