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irn ora e $ayint th
H 'Closed f1r Lack
of Fuands.
`Trutstees Are Entirely
gorant of the ~asance of
. `.- y Sudh Orders.
Xw* teressting Developments Expected
sews From the Cmnr d'Alenes-In
the Nelhart Country.
'Tie. last report from the Elizabeth is to
the denot that crossout No. 2 was in 148
feat, and the granite hard. 'the most imu
onrtant item, however, is that a drift, to
ta west, has been started in this No. 2
:roescudt, at a distance of fifty feet from
4ts month. This is the point in the cross
pUt where there was a flow of water. The
I~oe of the drift, now in twelve feet,
.'howed decomposed matter, like vein fil1
iRg. So far as the above report goes, there
ii nothing in it of interest to the stock
·holders, as it only tells the old story. The
:iatest news from Et. Louis on last Saturday
Maid sales were made at 71kj, the market
closing with G2=' bid.
Bnt the latest news from the mine comes
hrough a despatch from Granite, to the
nuaconda Standard, dated Dec. 22, as
ollows: The Elizabeth closed down this
tornina, presumably for the want of funds.
proposition was recently made by the
., Louis stockholders and directors to
make a voluntary assessment of 10 oants
pr share. This was not satisfactory to the
'Aoatana directors, who firmly believe that
'there is plenty of ore in sight to justify the
spending of a little money and doing less
prospecting. They get their impression
from theosuperintendent's reports, as well
as from their own observations, and it
looks as though they had the beet end of
the argument. The St. Louis people have
a majority of the directors, however, and
~s this is a country where majorities rule,
qn argument does not amount to much.
Leveral of the stockholders he:e have tele
graphed selling orders at any price to
bt. Louis, and the stock will probably go
pretty low."
T he above may all be true, but if so the
ihelena trustees are as ignorant of it as
they were of the issue of the 10 cent cir
nular, until its receipt by mail. If it is
true, there will probably be some develop
isents in Elizabeth within the next few
days that will be most interesting.
B. J. Jenalngs' Opinion of the Black
Traveler Mine in the St. Regis.
MULLAse, Idaho, Dec. 22.-[Special.]-R.
J. Jenninus, who has charge of the Black
TraveelF mine, in the St. Regis country,
was in Mullan last evening, he having
stepped over on his way to Spokane, where
he goes to spend the holidays. Mr. Jen.
nings save that the Black Traveler mine is
a "dandy," they having recently struck it
rich in this property. A good wagon road
has been completed to the mine and it will
net be long before they will be shipping
Hre. He says that the Alice, Bell and the
two copper properties on Silver creek near
Baltese, that are now being worked, are im
proving daily and will add much to the
Importance of the St. Regis as a mining
Col. I. N. Mnnev, who has a number of
mining proplrties in the vicinity of Osburn
and Mullau, left for St. Paul yesterday to
confer with his cavitalistic friends regard
ing his mines. While in St. Paul he will
complete final details regarding his bonded
interests here.
The Moulton.
The Moulton mine, under the manage
ment of the Diamond R Mining company,
R. M. ]Raymond superintendent, started
up their hoist yesterday, says the eihbart
Herald. The shaft on the Moulton is now
down 290 feet and at 300 feet the intention
is to crosscut to the vein, which is expectel
to be reached 150 feet from the shaft.
Tho lower stopes have been opened in the
old shaft and large amounts of o:e lhav
been taken out to swell the dumps. Tt:e
tramway and dumps have been very much
extended and the amount of first grade ore
taken out is simply enormouse. This ore
will be shipped and it is figured that 1500
cars will be required to convey it to the
smelter. t-hipment by wholesale will be
begun before long. It is highly piobable
thet this company will o oerate its own
mill in the near future. At any rate, with
compresaed air drills and the aid of their
large hoist, they will bo able to do a won
derful lot of developmient in the near fu
ture. The intention is to start the cross
cut before mentioned anct also sink the
main shaft to 1,000 feet, at every 100 feet
along which stations and crosscuts to the
main vein will be made.
It is thought that this mine will emrloy
200 to 500 men within a year and the plans
at present laid will require at least ten
years for their consummation.
Gold and Gem Explorations.
Articles of incorporation of the Montana
Gold and Gem Exploration company were
filed with the secretary of state yesterday.
The purposes of the company are the ex
ploring for and mining rubies, sapphires
and other gemrs, and mining and extracting
gold and other precious metals; to pur
chase, lease or otherwise acquire loends,
mines, mineral grounds, mining rights,
privileges to grant lease to other persons,
partnerships or co, porations of anly part or
parts of the property of the com;aitny. aod
to uma ke agreements for the working thereof,
subject to the pairyment of rents and royal
ties. lThe capital is $10,000, in $1,(0!O
shares. i. T. l-auser, L. H. Hierehlisld and
I'. 1). Spratt ale the incorporators.
Slls Mary :. lci ,no gie priv prate
le.ssons s t, uis.rhlritnsd. iaoln 00 Jnuley
block. 5lecal mratesa t, i)c. ii.
itfore ptlr(Ierlitri,, ietttsailta itaenst yonl
ah0o0-8 I0,,ic I." IHien ain Victor. st.kon of 1'.
t. L.s-rltla,I u J1ti S. alhot il.treet,
io to'th,, i;oe Iliven ar'l nave 10 per sent oa
the to-crall taleCi.ll riteo priOes.
Csn'1 O5. litivi' Speitrai.L
1,t00 Csmborland--great snap if taken at
at once.
210 . lengary, X1.25.
700--B00 Helena and Victor, $2.25-one of
the le.t stocks ollfered,
1,h500 iron Mountain, SIr. 'Ibis stock hast
,the call now.
1,000 l'oormunn, $1.07.,
1,00 t i-MStahrc Extension, 45S.
1,t00 Banoilt,t: (r,'ular dividend payer).
oThe only lot ver r onl lc d.
There is niot a stock in this lot that i- not
Safe to buy for ,Iorktiirnt, or that will not
pay big initerest iiin 1tt.
hullo s 2ure and 27, Bailey !ok.
antua ('lirs' ]loariu..r , s. Fo, osur ign
and soak le Ino lisoa a.. IhaieCr n& !hti.d:u.
Go to The Ilosa hliveo for Christmas card,.
Why Is oRocky Fork Coat Ilecolning So
and giving such great uatisfaetion? Because
hey are down 1,100 fiet and it is very com
pact, Allordurs filled promptly by
hiteuuatits Btias. t lti'It t
Dolls of all kisola r-as now he seen at Tire flea
1ire. hid Ioly titolls, b!,'ue bePtl d~olls, thtirs
mius dolls. rubber dolli chins doll,, ra, dills.
stsd anl udrarssed dolls, to fact every kind
.., in al sisl. and at prcles to sail.
When the . Grn Ov i i.Piotý' t
opened to the publi in 1885 was aa evi.
deunce of another progrelsive ttep on the
part of felena. Pitted with modern con
veniences, in the heart of the business
section, convenient to the banks, and the
state, county and federal ofices, it did not
take long to demonstrate that the venture
was a wise one. From the first day it
opened until the precut time it has been
conducted in a first class manner, and has
in conseqeuece grown in popularity with
the traveling publio. It has been for several
years the headquArters of th6 mining uen'of
the state, and some of the biggest deals have
been consumated within its walls. Local
mining men also make it their headquar
te;s, and if a stranger is looking for a min
ing operator, he is directed first to the
Grand Central. lint the mining men do
not by any means make up all its
patronage. The fine sample rooms,
good taste, and excellent acoom
mnodations generally attract the com
mercial men, and of this elasa it has
its full share. An examination of the hotel
iegister shows that it is the popular state
hotel of the city. While it enjoys a good
businese from that portion of the traveling
public iivind outside of Montana, its big
trade comes from residents of the state, a
majority of whom, when they come to the
capital, make it their headqua ters.
Equipped with all the modlern convent
rnoes, with ai table sup:lied with all the
substantials and delicaoies to be had, a chef
in the culinary deipartmient, and a splendid
dining room service, it is a matter of no
surprise that the Grand Central has attain
ed its high standing with the traveling
Delegates to the Irrigation Convention
which meuntH January 7, who make their
headquarters at the Grand Central, will
have no ounse for complaint.
In honor of the day, Messrs. Reed &
Rinds will on Chrirtmane give an unusually
excellent dinner. Holiday slreads at this
hotel have always been po;.ular, and the
one on Flidsy will not be less worthy of
patronage than those which have preceded.
Dec. 31 is the last day for paying city
taxes before the penalty of ten per cent, is
C. F. Loyd, of Buntte, has sent in his
resignation to Gov. Toole as colonel of the
Montana militia.
Patrick McDonald has sold to A. L: Reed
a one-fourth interest in the Minnesota lode
Stemple district, for $500.
The snow storm which struck Helena yes
terday is general over the entire state. The
indications are for colder weather.
The regular meeting of Wadsworth Post,
G. A. it., falling on Cht istmas day it has
been postponed until Dec. 29, at 7:d0 p. m.
James 1. i ampson, of Marysville, and
Clara Ellen Sincox. are to be married to
day by Rev. F. 1'. Webb, rector of St. Pe
ter's Episcopal church.
Agent Wilson, of the Union Pacific, is
now prepared to issue half-fare permits
over his line to all ministers entitled to
them for the year 1892.
Three Bears, the Cheyenne convicted of
stealing a pony from Loves-His-Knife, near
Fort Keogh, was taken to Deer Lodge yes
terday by Marshal Furay, to serve out his
sentence of two months.
Jake Harris, whose left leg was ampu
tated on Tuesday by Dr. Rockman, at St.
Peter's hospital, was reported last night by
his nurse to be doing nicely. This contra
dicts several reports to the contrary which
were circulated last evening.
Judge Reeves, of Missoula, was among the
visitors in the city yesterday.
Miss Graham went to Leavenworth, Kan.,
on the Union lacific yesterday.
Dr. J. M. Read and family leave to-day
for Woodland, Cal., for a two months' visit.
MArs. Sperling has removed from the Den
ver block to 14 Warren street, near the
Merchants hotel.
Great Northe:n arrivals in Helena to-day
are Charles B. Power, Mrs. George Pu cell,
William t horn, W. C. Sterling and wife, D.
Flowers and wife.
Arrivals at The Helena.
A. H, Angsley, city. C. A. oleon, Elkborn.
W. i'. .anders, city. J. . Tooker. city.
W. 11. I cndeun. Law- Daniel Hanley, city.
rence, Kan. W. L. Corker, New
C. I.,. Edwetrd. -.w York.
York. J. E. Clark, Now York,
W. J. Gilbort. St. Paul. F. E. Irish, (.t. t'aill.
L. B. h.its.a, eNow C. W. .issor, tlilwan
York. watulee.
Win. I. Eird, N. P. I. E . P erkins, New
It. ('o. York.
T. ]". Batten, New J. Ai ovam. 1 owell,
York. Ike Ihaw or. Now York.
J. T. Jackson, St. I. i. , adcliffl, Cinci
l'ault. nati.
E. J. Clasen, St. Paul. J. .i. Yonhtg, city.
U. 1H. l'eek, Minneapolia.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
II. W. Jane.. Itutto. Mph. W. Morritt, Roch
c. H. h bemtakrr. uttle, ester.
John t a hi,.., \\ick .c. 1'. L. Batllrick, Elk
WVn. i, er-, i oulider. horn.
C. I Vi. CIIy. rt. oaul. S. 0. 1 honnser, Om
J. W. (jilun. lozeman. nta.
C. K. Iianr. . imini. W. \V. I ralnt Neihart.
tiecar J. tLllin..r, Bar- 1. Ilin'a. JleLeod.
ker H. ('. oster. Cloeden
A. MlcGrgrgr, Dia- nin.
mono. Jerse Wilkinson, Rim
J. corhoet;. talla'in. in.
t(eoroe Seyimnr, Ten J. It. FIrbhi. Boulder.
tll .er. Wrin Iolkr incr, Wtc: en.
Lonic Biller. Crtlin. John . ietarde, ladecrs
EI. 11. Trerise, hluly bar-.
Ber. tJ. 1 . r '' rim, l tte.
thus. II, Spratt. York. (' i l..hstlToteton,
itrt Ford. city. V I indetout, Law
.1. F. ]Natiorn; r, city. 1t. eto hrson, Portland.
IWVn. tnyyern, litt" (;. A. t'ook, New ork.
I :tt. J.. Evoy. Phli)s- Cli liraeitt Black
burg. ins.
'lThe New Merchants.
Operated by the Merchants Hotel company
now begs to announce that it is open for
the reception of guests. Board $8 for
twenty-one meal tickets; $7 for twenty-one
continuous meals; fifty cents for each meal:
irooms i1.25 per day, (pirlor floor), $1 .eur
day, (third Ilour), seventy-five eente per
day, (fonttht floor). ltounle it lees rates by
the week or month. I'atront a e at liberty
to board in the hiotel and room elseewhere,
or room in the housei and ktkoe lnals out
All nlodern imllprovementst. teatnin heat,
electric light, return electrio c ll boll ays
t ll iatld ernlahiue in eovr guest ehnmbticr.
itruscls ;tilnt v'lVlb car,. t ured exclu
eivelv tironghont the hitel; elrniint ibar
snld billiard ntonh ,il r LHaid, lpdtti'tl
harb,.r bih,). ntld olliee and mutinlg ntolu O n
lire llnor..
Ith dning i tli atltitnt is ioplritewr aitpa-"
rately, by the N.Iu.o siste S.
''h" lia n t. I'aloi d ltid car is nowV a' ih N.
1'. drpot rind will romaiu lrlt Satarinty it noiin.
il.ly your wiis al- Illrl, tlsr for the holi
idlays att (li C(;tlit'orila t iutse llouse,
To Stockholders oif tile ltlizctbetlh Melnctn
C('miili JiIiy.
Please take notice that; tile Eliztbeth
Mining company talis catlled uponl ilS stock
holdlete for a voluntlary loutn of teno cent
(10:) per ehare of st(uick. Stockholders do
-ring to contribute will planie addrensa I
M. ltutusey, protident, at St. JLouis, Mo.,
withlout delay.
By order of the board of tiusters.
LM.M. ltuMA.i'c, Prost.
J. H. DIECKMAN, See'y.
ltny your 'Christmas cantieb at the Motor Cf
Thile WVerkly ilndelleudent, 1t pages, to
,lda. 1, 1 89i, for *3.
Filltty Cents on tihe lnollar.
A finine ne of clothing and gents' furnish.
ing goody must be closed out immediutely,
trick will be offered at 50 cents on the dol
lar. Call soon in Novelty block, oppoeitt
hands Bros.
Between you, s and Saunta Claus, bargain,
were necor better or bigger than at Butrlcer i
The Beie live has the largeet tur montat eaom
pheteline of dolls in the city at priesa to suit tlu
N5 Itl is s t e*4I G Wi el
* began business in 'elenes, the Arts loa
e tion was on Broadway near Jaoksof strlil,
where he handled stationery as well a g.n.
e oral musical merchandise, He soon real
ised that one business properly conduoted
war as as much as one man should try to run,
Io be sold out the stationery department,
and ever since has devoted his attention to
the musical instrument business, He was
I careful in the beginning to handle the best
makes, treated all his patron justly, 'and
in conequenee his trade kepit, growi
This growth 'neessitated a removal to.sh.
present handsome loation in the Bailey
block, Businmess kept pace with the pro
gress of the cite and state, when the fire; a
couple of months ago, came and caused a
removal. The loss entailed was fully cov
ered by insurance, and a few weeks
ago the damage was repaired and Mr.
Jackson moved back to his remodeled
store. He puat in a new lot of instruments
and old patrons and new ones have fonund
the stock equal to what it was be fore the
lAre. Some idea of the class of instruments
carried oan be had, when it is said that it
comprises Chiokering do Sons, Decker Bros.,
lBehr Bros., the Fisher and New England
pianos: the Storey & Clark, Chicago Cot
tage, A. B. Chase and the Vocalion church
organs. In addition there are Washburne
guita:s, Gatcomb, Dobson & Steward ban
jos, and a full and complete line of musical
merchandise generally. The house has in
stock 150,000 pieces of sheet music, and has
arrangements with publishers so that every
thing new in this line is sent immediately
on its issue, without the necessity of send
ing an order.
It is the only musto house in the state do
ing an exclusive music business, and its
prices are as low as can be obtained in the
east. Mr. Jackson offers intending pur
chasers this sort of an arrangement: They
may pick out any niake of instrument they
want in any style, send east and get a price
on it. He will then sell the instrument at
the eastern figure, freight added. Wit1h
this offer there is no excuse for Montanians
sending east for pianos and organs.
The California Wine House handles the
best and purest wines direct from the
Gentlemen's traveling eases in great
variety at R. 8. Hale , Co.'s.
The Attractions Sands Bros. Offer to the
Holiday Shoppers.
Sands Bros., the dry goods merchants,
have no cause to complain of their holiday
business, They made extra preparations
for the season and the results have justified
their expectations. Hundreds of people will
be made happy on Friday by gifts which
came from Sands Bro.'s big stock. Hand
some dress patterns, cloaks, handkerchiefs,
gloves and the thousand and one things use
ful and pretty which they show. have
caught the public fancy. In addition, they
have a large and carefully selected line of
fancy goods, the finest manufactured, which
have appealed to lovers of the beautiful.
Many a little girl will be supremely happy
this Christmas time on receiving one of the
handsomely dressed dolls tue firm was for
tunate enough to secure for their patrons.
Despite the big business already done,there
remains a lot of handsome things, suitable
for presents, and as to-day is the last day
before Christmas, those who have not made
their selections should visit Sands Bros.
before doing so.
lemember the Haynes car will leave Helena
Saturday at noon. 'I his affords a rare oppor
tunity of securing a high class of photographic
The grandest display of holiday goods will be
on exhibition this week at The Bee Hlive.
Odd Fellows Attention! Naomi Rebekah
Lodge No. 1.
All members of above lodge are requested
to meet at Odd Fellows hall Dec. 25 (Fri
day), at 12 m., to attend the funeral of Sis
ter James Hindle.
Miss LULU BURT, Secretary.
Statuary in bronze and hisque, vases, French
chin novelties, clocks. flowers in baskets, orna
ments. bric-a-brac, etc., at The Biee Hive.
Albums' albums! albums! 'the Boe Hive has
the largest display of albums in the city and
prices are very low.
Who use cosmetics or powders to cover up
or hide a bad complexion, do not know that
Miss Julia S. Lawrence, room 11, Brown
block. Warren street, Helena, Mont., can
furnish them with Blush of 1oses, which is
clear as water, purifies the skin. and posi
tivcly removes black heads and all akin dis
eases, takes the shiny look from the face
and whitens it soon as applied.
Tho Boo Hive solicits the trade of Snnday
school and other rmmmittees. and are prepared
tu fill any and all kinds of order. to suit the
amount of funds to be expen Is . A liberal dis
count allowed on all suach orders.
1Do You WVant a Furnished House?
An opportunity is offered to parties de
siring an elegantly furnished house for the
winter. All the modern improvements and
located in the best portion of the city.
Willt not rent to parties having small chil
drn. ]tent reasonable. Address box AL,
this city.
('hristmas comes habut once a year and The Bee
Ilive take. ul, the interwvn.n titum to place their
ordero uo as to mIet the wants of all.
Thle Weekly ludeprnenut, 1; pages, to
Jan. 1. 18t93, for $2.
Boston Fish Market.
13 N. Warren street.
Telephone 57.
The Weekly Independent, 18 pages to
Jau. 1, Is)l3, for $:l
Try Stoocky Fork Lump Coal
in your furnaces and hard coal burners.
It's fine. Only $t,2;.5 r ton.
(.i;tiutausT Bnros. & EDnAU.
Wild turkeys, Quail. opossum, fox squir
rels, grey squirrels, etc., at
TInNo.s)Y . Co.'s, Edwards street.
I -Th- i
j 5
That you can get Furniture
and Draperies at your own
Come and see them at the
I Bradstreet-Thurber o,.
Lo.sms.N/Meoo. NN. m.ss...msN.1 +
i buneI, so that el the extra holiday
lt. Blying in lrgg~ quantities, and only
estadard goods, aalgth not asktLagt..ex
aeting st makerto. sh. itonate profn t tO *e
elanI. omfteir:bUh every T ea Ton to
be mtteled with i_ their agroy bantsi
asin he eowi Staisy thaxr ogi ayt
lik a yer in. lreuteibeui Of ane onlt
give tin t e a etton to ir. ob the
result that patrons hve no reason to'.om
lain. Knowledge of the needs of Helena
yers and a thorough kquaaintance with
the markets of the eotntry enable thlhouse
to eater suceeestullytball etasses of people.
Come early and avoid the rush for their bar
gains ltout itcher & Ieahieys.
The assignee'sea a or atrunetlt Co.'s
stock is attraettn rwds daily, It will
pay you to laspeeoo'elr offerings.
To Parmers.
We have money on hand to loan on im
proved ranch property throughout the
state with water for irrigating, Lowest
rates. Time and teme to suit. Write, de
soribing your propcrty. Five per cent. in
terest paid on savl deposits.
M iO.AliT Sdviase BAK,
Helena, Montana.
The Bee ls . has a complote line of toys and
hohday goo lat prices to suit all. They guar
ant.o to sell An goods in their house cheeper
thau any special sale fakia that may be sdver
Ilmint Spsge Line.
The office of thedaily stage line to Rimini
is now at Payne's hotel, Park avenue. To
accommodate passengers the stage will call
each morning at. 7:80 at Turner's grocery
store, toot of Broadway.
C. E. AKIN, Prop.
Concord and- Ctawba Grapes.
We have a few of the above for the holi
day trade. They are fine.
LINDSA d& Co., Edwards street.
Bmos tool chests in all sizes, hobby and rocking
horses in every style, school desks, blaekboards,
bock and saw, magic lanterns, tops, norns, mar
blos. t'n pin games. buard games, card games,
paint boxes, books, steam oetlnes, mechanical
oys, etc., in great variety at 'lio Bee Hive.
Jackson's music Store, Bailey block.
Ladies' and children's hose at less than
coat at the I. X. L. Bazaar.
For bargains in Christmas presents call
at the I. X. L. Bazaar, one door south of
Painter Drug Co.
Bishop . Averill have the only dental
office where you can make engagements by
telephone. Their telephone is 291.
Clothing, dry goods, ladies' and chil
dren's cloaks, jackets and capes at less than
cost at the I. X. I.,Bazaar, No. 18, foot of
Ladies' and gents' woolen and cotton un
derwear in all colors at less than cost at the
I. X. L. Bazaar. No. 18, foot of Broadway,
next door to Paynter Drug Co.
Myrtle Lodge No. 3.
Meets every Thursday.
negatur meeting of above lodge
will hbe hlid this I hursday even
ing at eight o'clock sharp. So
journing brurthers are kindly in
vited to attend.
O. W. JAcrsoN,
JAcoB Lois. C. C.
K. of R. and 8.
Positively the Last 8 lays
Brew Boot and Shoe Stock
40 Per Cent, Reduction in Prices Since Dec. 1
At Cost I At Cost I
Am overstocked and will sell Men's Suits and Overcoats at Cost until
Feb. 1. Reductions on Underwear.
J. C. STDBBS, Clothier of Sixth Ward
Cut Prices on Furs
Wholesale and Retail Fruits
and Produce.
Specialtiue: Hutter, 5Eg , Fruits, Vogetables
tFish. Poultry, Oystars.
10 aad 23 Edwards Street. Helena. Montana.
,r., ,ý`ý)ý' ýq 'ýýý, T , xF, . C, 1 / " $i' ý t* . .F ' !: ' 6Y yak..
Amazing Reduotion in
Never before have such bargains
been offered in Helena; never be
fore have we had such a crowded
Cloak Department, or so many sur
p rneed and pleased customers as
during the past week. Notwith
standing that we have greatly
reduoed our surplus stock of Cloaks,
we have still a full assortment and
for this week will offer the same
surprising valves. Note the prices:
Jackets, Capes
and Newmarkets1
$5.00 Reduced to $2.90
6.50 " " 3.49
7.50 " " 4.09
9.00 " " 5.35
10.00 " 5.75
12.50 " " 7.90
15.00 " " 10.00
16.00 " " 12.45
18.00 " " 13.50
20.00 " " 15.00
25.00 " " 16.50
28.00 " 18.25
35.00 " " 27.50
[ine Seal Plush Coats.
40 Inch Plush Coats
From $25.00 to $16.98
42 Inch Plush Coats
From $35.00 to $23.50
45 Inch Plush Coats
From $40.00 to $27.70
50 Inch Plush Coats
From $50.00 to $36.70
Elegant Seal Plush Newmarkets
From $60.00 to $45.00
Special inducements offered in
our Fur Department on Alaska seal
Garments, Seal Sets and all Fur
Sands Bros.
Grand Clearing Sale of
For the next Thirty Days I will sell at
Cost all Trimmed and Untrimmed
Goods, Beaver and Felt Hats, and an
elegant Line of Fancy Feathers. Now
is your time for bargains, as these goode
must go to make room for new stook.
No. 12 Warren Street.
Helena, Dec. 12. 1891.
We are making a Specialty
Cattors of Diamonds and Procious Etones,
51 and 58 Maiden Lane, Nlow York.
tri.t court of the First judicial district of
h o Htate of Montana in and for the County of
Lowis and (larke.
In the mnalter of the estate of William Now
oomlo ti;rrdnor es'oeaoed.
* ,otdn is heresy given by the undersnIuned, ad~
nilstrator of the estate of William N eowomibe
Gardner. decoaced, to the creditors of and all
t.ersont having claimo acainst the said deceased,
to exhibit tlem,t with the necoesary vouchers
withi tu na mont.h aftr the tert t publication of
this notice, to the saidadtninibtrator, at the law
office f Maaerna Buitlrd. room No. P, Gold
Ilock, in the city of Helena. county of Lewis
and t'larke, state of Montana, the sates beIng
t'i place for the tratteaction of the business of
said estate in said county of Lewis and (lhske.
Administrator of tie estate of William New
oomhe tardnet, deceased.
leated December i. 15ti.
trit court of the Wirnt Judicial dlitrict of
the stats of Montana, ln und for Lewis and
t.:-lac ke county,
In ilne latter of the estaLo of Patrick A. Ben.
nott, deceasmed.
Notiot is hereby given by the undersguned, ad.
ministratria o tLoe ertats of Patrick A. dennott,
dtcoaead. l, t i te ordteors of and all p.esons imo
tog rlaintr against tr said deceased, to elhibtt
tters, with the n.neliary voucher., within four
tnonuthe after the tiret pobiicatit n of this nottloe.
o teo Id addministratrix, a. room li, in tite
, ,ort houom of L.ewl and Clarke kountr, In the
city of IlLoea. Meoutana, tlhet ame bein the
pla.e for the transaotion of ts oo boetnesf raid
atateo in the county oa l ewis anti (larke.
Admlnlittatrtx of the eliate of latrik Ab, ten"
nott, doesteld.
l)tad it. e:, JI LIM.
Prices Slaughtered
in Dress Goods,
Colored Cashmeres
Reduced from 40o to 250
50 Inch Dark Plaids
Reduced from 650 to 400
French Plaids, Stripes, Fancies,
Cheviots and Mixtures
Reduced from 85o to 52%o
All Wool French Serges
Reduced from 85c to 573o
Fine Freanch Henriettan
Reduced from $1.00 to 750 a yard
Black Silk Warp Ilenriettas
Reduced from $1.50 to $1.10
Black Silk Warp Henriettas
Reduced from $1.75 to $1.25
Black Silk Warp Henrietta
Reduced from $2.00 to $1.50
Black Silic Warp Henriettas
Reduced from $2.50 to $1.90
Our magnificent assortment of Rich
Novelty Dress Patterns in London,
Paris and American designs at
One Quarter Off
From Regular Prices
Holiday Display Now Open
We will not be undersold.
KLEINSGHJVIIDJ & BRO., -lelena, fgents.
H. B. P7 LMER,
On Improved Property and Ranohes. Will purchase County, School and
Municipal Bonds and Warrants, Commercial Paper and Mortgage Notes.
NO. 10 Edwards Street. Merohants National Bask Bulldlna. €orree,5nadence Bollelted.
W'indcsor ±lEouse.
11 1, 413, 415 AND 417, LOWER MAIN STREET, HELENA
European and American plan. Excellent board and good accommodations.
Pleasant rooms and steam }eat. Modern conviniences.
RATES: 51.25 TO $2 PER DAY. A. P. GINCHEREAU. Pr.nri;et.r
Flrlitrt , Carets, Shalaes, Lace anld Chillol Curtains.
A Reduction of 50 Per Cent.
T_. _ ..l"EORD, ",
1os. 112 ~ad.c 11,4, Broadtw.-ay, IHelexla
We desire to inform the public that our butter is sold in
Helena only through
WVho have arranged with us to take the entire product of
our creamory. Also that our goods are not branded except
ing the two-pound bricks, which bear the name of Rich
mond. Consumers of this butter will find It equal to any
creamery product of any market.
You Must Rely on the Brand
There is no other way to be sure of getting the best. There
are many imitations of Minnesota Flour ior' sale. You can obtain
the genuine article by ordering your grocer to send you
Made in the Washburn Mills, Minneapolis, the largest and
most perfectly equipped flour mills in the world,
or Sale y M. Reini eand The A, R, Gates Grocery Co,
Extraordinary Values
Colored Surab Silks
Reduced from 50o to 350 a yard
Colored Ohba Silks
Reduced from 85o to 60c a yard
Canton Silks in Evening Shades
Reduced from $L25 to 80o a yard
Black Satin Rhadame
Reduced from $1.00 to 700
Black Satin Rhadame
Reducedfrom $1.25 to 90
Black Satin Rhadame
Reduced from $1,50 to $1.15
Black Gros Grain Silk
Reduced from $1.00 to 69o
Black Gros Grain Silk
Roeuced from $1.25 to 800
Black Faille Francaise
Reduced from $1.25 to 95o
Black Faille Franoaise
Reduced from $1.50 to 81.05
Black Faille Franoaise
Reduced from $1.75 to $1.40
Faille Francaise Dress Patterns in
Street Shades, twenty yard lengths
Reduced to $1.00 a yard
Faille Francaise Dress Patterns in
Evening Shades and Brocaded
Combinations At about Half Price
A Critical Examination
and Comparison Cor
dially Invited.
Sands Bros.

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