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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, January 24, 1892, Morning, Image 11

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Dr Goods, Cloaks, Notions and Fancy Goods,
We will positively close in the time stated. Your chance to get these goods for next to nothing
is therefore very limited. You cannot afford to delay. The .goods are fresh and seasonable, and at
about one-fourth the price you will have to pay elsewhere. Come forenoons. You get better
during the interview when the "generale"
was put to the question. But I was not
present on that Interesting oooasion, and I
have only had the pleasure of imagining it.
I can see the Lung Arno Nuova almost
dazzling white in the brilliant Italian san
and under the pure brightness of the blue
sky. I can see the familiar, gaily orna
mented figures of the peasant women, who
stand always in the same place with their
pile of queer home-made stuffs and em
broideries in purple and red and ellow and
green. I can see the few morning prome
naders, mostly "forestieri," and children
and nurses taking their slow walk by the
low wall which borders the bank of the
shallow, unreliable river Arno. I ean see
the old man with the old basket piled with
violets and jonquils and daffodils and hya
cinths, or deep blue and red anemonies and
delicate, shivering sprays and branches of
yellow mimosa. I can hear his voice as he
chants; "Belle Violi! Belle Violi! Mainm
mole Belle Mammole." And as I listen I
see Signor Babe marching valiantly with a
swerd in his sash, and poor Margarqthe
trting to keep up with him-because it is
never the illustrissimo who tries to keep up
with her.
And in the distance there approaches a
tall old soldier, with a martial tread and
sword and spurs, and a fine gray mustache.
and the uniform of a "Generate dei Cara
And the illustrissimo catches eight of
him and shrieks aloud with rapture.
"The generals," he says, "Come quick,
come run fast after me. I am going to ask
He flies, and his "bosoles blondes" stream
after him like a yellow silk bknner, his
shining sword dances, and the generale"eel
him and smiles, as people always do when
they see Signor Bobe.
And I imagine how the. generals looked
and how his smile grew as the little figare
drew up before him and bestowed uponhim
a most military salute.
"Generalse," says theillustrissimo boldly.,
"I told my mamma I would ask you. Do
you ever wear petticoats and long curls ?"
"Petticeatsl Curls! my dearl" eiclaimed
the old officer.
"I knew you did not; I have told my
mamma. How can a soldier wear curls
and petticoats. How could he fight and
use his sword. I am a soldier. I am going
to be a generale like you. And a pretty
renerale I should be with cuarls and frooks.
My mamma must take them of. You do
not wear them, do you?"
"No," said the generals, bending over
him, smillag. "Idonot."
"Then I must not. No generals does,
You never wore them, did you?"
"Well," admits the generale smiling more
than ever. "I thb.k perhaps I did-when I
was as young as ,on."
"I am six," cried the illustriselmo,
"When you are sixteen," said the nuer
ale patlea the small hand he ha st
and nodding his head consolingly. "Your
aurls will be out off and you will not wear
i oan imagine the consternation of poor
Margarethe when she reached the field of
action and her tremulous "Scusi, sosi,
signor generale," as she dragged her gestio
ulating, expostulatiag charge away.
It was after we had left Florence that the
great decision was made that the illustris
simo zignor must go to school. It must
have been a decision arrived at with no
small misgivings and with no trivial die
cussion in family conclave. It was not an
insignificant matter and there was always
oni serious point to be considered. His
papa and mamma, his grandmothers and
godmothers might decide that he should go
-but what if his decision did not accord
with theirs? What if Illustrissimo Bebe
decided that he would not? I can imagine
how carefully the subject was broached,
how diplomatically it was dealt with, and
what a specious military air all echolastic
training was given. I should have wished
to have been present on these occasions
also, but this, too, was a joyful experience
denied me. I only heard that somehow
military training skillfully interweven with
the alphabet and "pot hooks and hangers"
and never being allowed todisconneot them
selves in the illustrissimo's mind, finally
prevailed. There was a delightful legend
that he required his mamma to go to school
with him, and that this very charming and
veraoipus person dutifully accompanied
him daily to the seat of learning and
learned the alphabet also-but this seems
really too delicious to be true, se I have al
ways preferred to believe it without in
quiring into it too closely.
At any rate I know that at this time the
despised sottanl was east aside with other
unmilitary trivialities, the bonules blondes
were crepped off, and armed to the teeth
Illnstriasimo Signor Babe want to sohool.
He never went without a sword, sometimes
he took also a gun, and as many stilettoes
as could be stuck in his belt. It appears
that be regarded the field of letters as a
ield of battle only to be entered in full
"Where is my sword?" he used to say at
nine o'clock as other children say "Where
is my spelling book?"
We used to be entertained from time to
time with animated descriptions of his ed
uoational progress. This, it appeared, was
"You will be charmed to hear," his mam
ma wrote to his "Cara Laisa," "that Bebe
brings home always des diplomas de sa
gese" (Diplomas good behavior.)
"It is rather a mystery, but it is no less
true that he gains them."
We were charmed and also rather sur
prised. For myself, reflecting upon past
anecdotes, I was a little inclined to think
that in the case of the illustriseimo the pen
might not be mightier than the sword. I
suggested to 'Cara Luis' that perhaps the
sword induced the pen to inscribe these
noteworthy certificates.
"Bobe gets always his diplomes de sa
geese," wrote another friend of his family.
"We don't quite understand why-as he
stays at home from school whenever he is
inclined to-which is generally."
It was at this time that the wonderful
autograph letter was written, which stands
framed on the little table. I was thinking
then of returning to revisit Florence, and
'Cara Luisa' spoke of this in answering the
letter and said that she would take to the
Illustrissimo a veritable sailor costume of
'an vero Capitano Inglese.' From this mo
ment until we reached Florence every vies
itor who entered the house was greeted at
the door with the ecstatio and excited pro.
olamation that 'La Lulea-La Lualsa-' was
coming back and was bringing him the cos
tame of a real 'Capitano Inglese.' 'La
Luisa' took It-collar and anchors and
cords and whistle, gold banded cap and
nutlass and all. Among all his other uni
forms he had never possessed one like this.
When she went to call she asked the ser.
vant politely for Signor Roberto, and she
was sitting alone in the salon when he en
tered. .
He had grown and lost his plumpness, he
wore a little coat and his curls were
oropped close to his head and his hair was
no longer golden. But he was still as ever
Illuetriselmo Signor Babe. He approached
her holding out his hand to shake hands in
the proper Jtmglish style, in deference to
her foreign sojourn.
"' d o you do?" he remarked trl
umphantly. "High do you do, La Luisa?
Do you apik English? I spik English."
And having exhausted his vocabulary he
poured forth a volley of his native Italian,
the point of which was, of course, his de
sire to put on immediately the costume of
the real English captain. His mamma
thought she had taught him to say "How
do you do," but the fact that it became
"High do you do" when he reached the sa
lon was of small moment. He felt himself
perfectly at ease in his character of lin
"And how about the diplomeu de sa
gesse, Bebe?" asked his visitor. "How do
get them, when they tell me that you stay
at home so often, and sea cely go to school
at all?"
He made a fine sw eeping gesture of tri
"Yes," he said. "You see! There are
some of those others who go every day and
do not get any. And I-I who stay at
home so many days can still get one every
This, it was suggested later by a subtle
mind, was perhaps an excellent reason-
the sole occasions when the recipient was
"sage" being when he was absent from the
scene of his scholastic triumphs. When
we were in Rome a few weeks later "La
Luisa" received a photograph. It repre
sented a small English naval officer with a
small Italian face apparently seated on the
shore of the boundless ocean, and looking
most nautically into the "offing" (whatso
ever "offing" may be).
Its place is on the table near the framed
letter, and under it is written:
"Illustriosimo, Signor Babe, qul regards
son navire."
Guaranteed Cure.
We authorize our advertised druggist to
sell Dr. King's New Discovery for con
sumption, coughs and colds, upon this con
dition. If you are aflloted with a cough,
cold or any lung, throat or chest trouble,
and will use this remedy as directed, giving
it a fair trial, and experience no benefit,
you may return the bottle and have your
money refunded. We could not make this
offer did we not know that Dr. King's New
Discovery could be relied on. It never dis
appoints. Trial bottles free at R. S. Hale
& Co.'s drug store. Large size 50 cents and
Excursion Rates to Calirornal.
On the 15th of each month the Northern
Pacific railroad will sell round trip tickets
to California points as follows:
Helena to San Francisco and return, go
ing via Portland and returning same way,
To San Francisco, going via Portland
and returning via Ogden and Silver Bow,
To Los Angeles, going and returning via
Portland, entering San Franoisco in one
direction either goinc or returning, $99.
To Los Angeles, gomng via Portland and
San Francisco and returning same route,
To Los Angeles, going via Portland and
San Francisco and returning via Sacra
mento and Ogden, $99.50.
Tickets will be limited for sixty days for
going passage, with return at any time
within the final limit of six months.
A. D. EonAR. Gen. Agt., Helena. Mont.
CuAn. S. Fa., G. P. & T. A., St. Paul, Minn.
Are Tea Suferlng
From back ashe, inflammation of the blad
der, driek dust deposit or stone in the blad
der, or in faet any derangement of the
kidneys or urinary organs? If thus aicoted
do not late time and wastemoney on werth
less linimenth and worse plasters, but strike
at the seat of the disease at ones by using
the greatestof all knoewn remedies, the eel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tee. Pleasant to
take, purely vegetable. Batlsfaetien every
That nightmare of man's existence which
makes food a mockery and banishes sleep
nom weary eyes, readily yields to the r.
ent Influence of the ealebrted Englieb
Dandelion Tlonlc, It tones us the digestiv e
ergans, restores the apletite maLkes as
limilation of food ossible and invingorat
'he .holersut . A glaa 5.eI.. it at
11 Par bott fslan. All dnggiala Mp it at;
"Coming to Helena."
Feb. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
..T MOT., . ,
Feb. 5 and 6.
Feb. 7 to 12.
Feb. 13 and 14.
The oldest and most successful
San Francisco Specialist and now
President of the Liebil World
Of Kansas City, Mo., and San
Francisco, Cal., will be at the
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Feb. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
On account of enormous increase
in practice can only stay at Helena
four days-,Feb. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
All persons desiring to meet and
consult, free, with the greatest
Special Surgeon and Physician of
our greatest cities right here at
Helena, should take advantage of
this opportunity. Remember,
Dr. A, C. Stoddart, the Pioneer Specialist
No charge for remedies this trip,
the object being to secure the rec
ommendation of all cured.
judicial district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county or Lewio and Clarke.
in the matter of the estate and gnardianshlip
of Henry J. Crutteuen , Lauriston J. Crntten
den, Sarah L. Crttendeu and RHuth Cruttenden.
Order to show cause why erder of etle of real
estate should not. be made.
Viola L. Crottendeu , the duly appointed,
qualitled and actin l guardianu of lenry J. Crut
uenden, Laurletun. Cratteodon. Saralh L. Crut.
tendon and Ruth ('rutteudon, nminor heirs of
Jarions H. Crnttendeu, deceased, having tiled
her petition herein, praying for an order of sale
Sthe real estate of said minor children for the
purpoees therein set forth.
It is therefore ordered by the jude uf setid
conrt that the neat of kin ot said minor chil
dreu and ail.rone intereeted in the estate of
said minor children, appear before the sid dis
triot court on Saturday, the f3d day ot January,
112, at tO o'clock a. in. of said day. at the court
roomof std distriot court at the court ionse in
the city of Heleua, county of Lewis and Clarke,
to show cause why an order slhuld not be granted
o the jaid gueardan to sell the real estate of
said einor children at private sle.
And thata copy of this order be published
at leaust once a eelk for four successiuve weeks
in the D.il lndeltwndont, a unewspaper printed
Crnd published in the said county of Lewis and
larke, state of Montana.
Jude of the district court of thte First judicial
MWs* Al ie91
A Home That Cannot be Duplicated in California.
For the first time to-day place their lands before the public. They are
situated in the heart of the beautiful Sacramento Valley, the finest
location in the State of California, the natural home of the vine, fruit
and nuts. No finer oranges are grown in the state than with us. It is
absolutely healthy.
Our lands are all first-class dark sediment land, all under a high
state of cultivation, and under an irrigation ditch. Upon these lands
we can show you the largest fig tree in the United States, nearly four
feet through, and this last year raised over three tons of figs. The title
is United States patent. For a limited time we make the following
phen.rmenal offer:
5 ACRES $200, PAYABLE $2.50 A WEEK.
10 ACRES $400, PAYABLE $5.00 A WEEK.
20 ACRES $800, PAYABLE $10.00 A WEEI
40 ACRES $1600, PAYABLE $20.00 A WEEK.
No payment required down, no interest, and no taxes on deferred
payments; or will sell one-third cash and balance in one and two
years at 8 per cent. on deferred payments, if desired. Immediate pos
session given. In case purchasers desire, we will put, it into any kind of
fruits or vines desired and care for it until in full bearing at actual cost.
Call or send immediately for maps and full information.
Western Land Go.,'
Gail, Bumiller & Unzieker
General Milling and Mining Macdnery,
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry Crushing Silver Mills, Smelting
and Concentrating Plants, Hoisting and Pumping works, Cars,
Cages, Skips, Ore Buckets and Water Buckets, Self-Oiling
Car Wheels, Corliss Engines, Compound and Condensing
Engines and Tramways.
Western Representative, Office and Works,
MENNO UNZICKER,1 Hawthorne Ave, and Willow $t.
No, 4 N. ngi. 14, 404466 ýCaQ1li r~r; ;--:

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