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HELENA, MONT, FEB. 4, 1892.
gWMsontanians abroad will always find Thn
DAILY 1NDrPI~aNENT on file at their favorite
kotels: Fifth Avenue and Metropolitan. New
York; West. Minneapolis: Baldwin and Palace,
SBan Francisco; Mhllormott. Butte; Loland Hotel.
Suringlield. 111.
T'rE WEiATHER. ýhi
Reported for THEar INDEPENDENT daily by E. J.
Glass, United States observer.
8:00 a. m. 1:00 p. m.
arom eter ................... 0.3J 30161
Temneraturo . ....... . .... 22.0 26.0
W id ................... ... W- 3 w-- 0
Minimum temperature, 16.0.
Maximum temperature. 31l3.
Forecast: Fair: \armetr.
HnLeNA, Mont.,. Feb. 1, 1892.
Ex-SPEAKER RErD:i's defense of his
rulings is innocent and harmless read
A NATI)NAl, beet sugar convention
will be held in Omaha before summer.
Montana must be represented.
THE daily Russell Harrison should
postpone its next attack on Gov. Toole
until its quiver is filled with arrows.
NEBRASKA republicans should secure
points from their Montana brethren be
fore they again attempt to steal a state. i
TatH Twilight's attack on the Irish de
mocracy of Montana will materially in
crease the democratic majority next I
WE look for careful and caustic ad
vice from Judge Hunt if the next grand
jury is to investigate Helena school
IF the Chilian trouble results in pro
viding proper coast defences for our sea
port cities the controversy will not have
been in vain.
A D.IMoc uIATu.: split in New York state
will not weaken Grover Cleveland in the
country at large, which, by the way, is a
very large country.
THE money which the Chilian govern
ment will pay for the outrages to the
American seamen will meroly balance
Uncle Satu's account with Italy.
CHAIRMAN CoIuINS should be en
couraged by republican attention to
the democratic campaign documents
distributed throughout M.ontana.
IIELENA is the central point of Mon
tana and is, therefore, the most desira
ble location for a large military post.
If you don't believe it, look at the map.
It, Chili can do nothing better, she
might send Matta to occupy her space
at the World's fair. He would at least
attract attention to that noisy ropub
THE change from advocacy of honest
democratic principles to hollow and
echoeless whines for republicanism
comes hard to tile Fort Benton Daily
Tom Power.
IT is quite certain that the discussion
of several different opera house plans
will end in the construction of a house
that will be a credit to H1elena for many
years to come.
A NI:w arrival among the exchauges is
the Cieur d'Alene Barblarian. It is not a
barborous looking paper, but a credit to
the enterprising camp on which it de
pends for support.
Wno are thile l3aeine leaders of thie re
republican party in Montana? It is
tinme for tlhem to show their hea:ds if
they expect to :end ain anti-Halrrison
delegation to Minnelpolis.
Ih is noticedt tlhalt republilcan newspa
pers have delayed expressing disapproval
of tihe fforts tto deprIve (.v. lloyd of
his seat untIl alter ti, decision of the
United Sttates supremil court.
Oct- replubllhcan contempnllorairies will
be wine if they pIostponle ltho wool dis
cussion ulntil that comlldlulity reaches
the market price obtainable durilg ex
Pronident Cleveland's tadllinistratio.
:JIHE peoplle wli elect a denlocratic
presildent next fall who will assist in
giving the country what it demands in
thie way of tlarillf and silver legslation.
Tl'lihat ithle kinld of recirocily needed.
'lIiE C'onlltic:ltl. legi:lt:!. nr is a badly
mixed U11 b y. iThe rlepullicins
shoulh(ti nd !tnor I .il,'l.ardl5 to Inilh the
rulingv, eec:lire the legl:l ittliice( of1 San
ders lanld borrow Ilbler's roelports of the
pro;cee tlings ltf hle tirst rlevada ilegislh
V.lyv, certainly. '11he next lutlli:rn
coinvenlttion of the trians-Mi:sslissipipi -,.
gress must be heli in llelena. WVlheri
else under thile sun would the delegates
meet if they wantI the best suimmeor
climate on earth anud "all the com
forts of homi."
l'!lycr: l:ssiio:.r.s order to the repuib
li,:n nllice-holders of Montallna to stay
wilh the "old man" will not arouse an
enlthllusiastic rasponi:e. lortnllIltcly fi"
the state the United States oflicors are
possessedl of sullicient intelligence to dlis
cover the direction of tlie wilnd.
Yrs, let us lnhave a full investigation
of tihe affairs of both school bIoards. No
trustoe wilho has Iltonestly served thle
public can lubject and if there are true
tvee who have leen unfaithful to their
duties let us know who they are, and
what they have done. If the grand
jury can succeed in fully ventilating the
affairs of those boards it will perform a
service for which the people of Helena
will be grateful.
Tur Helena Journal asks who is the
true friend of silver? In view of the
fact that the republicans had a pres
ident and two houses of congress last
your and that silver is down to ItK)t we
may conclude that there is no republi
can friendship for the white metal.
Cosan.anca hath her victories no less re
nowned than war. Chili and the United
States will probably be bound together in
the ties of trade reciproolty before the
Fourth of July.-St. Louis Globe-Demuo
Yes, providing Egan is withdrawn be
fore that historic holiday.
CoLtornAno farmers find it profitable
during the dull winter months to dis
cuss agricultural matters at i'armers
institutes. Papers and addresses on
agricultural topics and interesting dis
cussions form the programme. The
farmers of Montana could have such
gatherings with like profit.
Iv Minister Montt, from Chili, does not
know that it is time to go in thehouse when
the rain pours he should be told so. He
has made such a mess of things in Wash
ington that he cannot be kept there as min
ister without disgracing his country.-New
York Press.
All right. Let us reciprocate with
Chili by recalling Egan.
FeIn. present appearances there will
be a lively light in New York between
the Cloeveland and Iill forces. Should
the contest be carried to the national
convention and there continued with
any degree of bitterness it is likely to
result in the nomination of an outside
candidate. In this event the west will
furnish several actoptable names.
IT is earnestly hoped that Commodore
Power's health will be restored. While
aot a legal United States senator he is
a loyal Montanian, and so long as he is
ronnected with the United States sen
to lhe will work for the interests of this
state. To that end, as well as for the
satisfaction of his many personal friends,
ll Montanlans should unite in wishing
or hind speedy recovery to health.
'TTHE Buffalo News, in commenting on
he rumor that J. Sloat Fasett will be
appointed to succeed Whitelaw Reid as
iinister to France, cruelly suggests
hat: the young man be sent to Japan,
aecause that country is further away.
This is not a bad idea, providing Fas- 1
sett can be accompanied by Tom Platt.
Xfter a month's stay in that country 1
:he mikado's right to his seat would be
,on tested before the supreme court of
Japan and that distinguished dignitary
would be relegated to the position of
henchman to the Platt ring.
OrE effect of mortality in the grip t
epidemic in London is a great revival in
the manufacture of crape. Several fac
tories that have been idle for some time c
are now working at full capacity to sup
ply the demand. It is possible that the
wearing of crape, which is more com
mon in England than in any other coudi
try, will likewise increase the prevalence o
of grip. One reason why. this form I
of mourning has been discarded in the
United States is because arsenic is used
in the manufacture of the cloth. When
arsenic is inhaled it is exceedingly injur
ious to tholungs. The use of crape there
fore makes an easy mark for the grip,
particularly in the dump English atmos
Rtight You Are.
The Tribune will not presume to say
whether the Helena croject will materialize
or whether it will spend its force upon
paper and end where it began-in words
and wishes. It will ayr, however, there is
some exceedingly good leather among Hel
ens business men and that they general!y
"get there" in any proposition in which
there is money for their city. They are
public spirited, enterprising, energetic and
industrious, and what is more important,
they pull together when they do get into
harness, as one man. That they will leave
no s.one unturned to securediroot rail coinm
munication with Castle goes without say
ing. As to the advantages which may so
crue to them and to Castle through such
connection they may properly be loft to the
business men of the one place and the
miners ,f the other to measure.-Great
Faills Tribune.
A Corruption of ithe G(oold Irish Name
An old resident of San Francisco says a
great deal of time has been wasted in
isearching for the derivation of the word
"hoodlum," and it hes been credited to
many different languages, but all the deri
vations given are wroung.
Soume t wenty or twenty-five rears ago there
lived in that section ,f Sean Francisco
known as the ltarbury Coast a couple by
the nama of )'Houuhlihan, who were
blessed with a family of boys who were tihe
terior of that unatorn re rgilon; iunorant,
bretnl yonng toughs, whose sol. delight ,as
etl itir l dlsluk, wlose only pastime wee
tormenting, abusing, end bhatinag all thei
otner youcgste a in the neighborhood.
'They wori so i)ueh dreaded by the neigh
lrch,,. d that whoer they weo oseen ap
proaclllhng hildren were called indoors and
kept tbhorn till they hal goneir by tor a saeo'
distance, llid i1 \5i5 array tC, krnow whIn
tLEr. we.s iiin :igit by hearine womenl
calling: "Patsy, Mary Ann. come in: the
IHonghllihans in comml'." The () was
d.o':!ed iL tie lhate of calling tle little
on s. arid rt:tr alttille namli, a esouowhlet
litlicilt o.n to r I)rioune(' at the best. Was
in thi iroltho ,,f th,, Gelrmai ls, Italisbo ,
i . l(r. sel e n i nat onalitico r sidin onii the
Brie chrv coast, corrulpted into "'lhoodlums,"
ail, til J-I in.blihio boys and their asis
clait eals i )oinia Uirrally ktown na the hood
lumi.-- ['ortlasnl I Irigon itin.
Isver*io.. l iii llHs Rl5 |,r-.esnte,¢l.
I vtiaevoee(, tob. 3. - The Liverpool
cimilbllter or cninerce lhave reconsidired
the decision they arrivled at lastr month not
to tt as a localI committee for the lhicat'go
eioxibltin., and the secretary has informed
,ir fto-lry Wood that tihe chamber, having
reacinledi their I,revioui resolutliot, t.a
now Iloe ae I to serve as n local corllllittee
for Liverpool, and to distribute inforemn
tion about the exhibition in their district.
Pirew I'p thie (.audalole Treatly.
Cemlicoi, Fb. :.----Word was received hero
to-day that Col. Geo. 1). Minor had died
suddenly in a hotel in St. Louis, whither he
went Monday on ai brief buisness trip,. Dea
Sceased was well known as a solldier, havinu
strveed in both t ll Mlexican and civil wars.
it was he who drew up the articles of agree
ime:t between thie is'ited States and Mexioa
at the end of the Mexican war-the Oauda
loupe treaty.
A 5attle With Wolves and Another Wits1
Robbers In a Dream.
W, J. (Idley, the manager of the stage
line between Gillette and Buffalo, in Wy
oming, has had many exciting adventures
on the box. Psrhaps the worst-the one
that left him gray-haired, he says--wa a
battle with wolves in the Bad Lands of, Dfa
kota. H1e was driving ix, horses and had a
full load of passengers. It was midwinter,
intensely cold and with two feet or more of
seow everywhere. A pack of wolves iilrd
a determined assault on the outfit. For
three hourse it was a desperate battle for
life. No less than thirty wolves were shot
down. Finding destruction was almost
certain, Gidley tied the lines to the brake
and, walking out on the tongue, leaped on
the back of the "awing" horses. From this
perilous position, with the wolves snapping
at him, he managed to loose the teasl of,
leaders. The wolves took after the liber
ated horses and the coach was brought into
a station safely.
The very nearest Gidley came to beinR
killed by road agents, he says, was one
night between Blismarck and Deadwood.
The treasure-box and express messenger
were both full and the night was pitch dark.
Its think, that there was "not less than
$i,000),000 worth on the stage." This was
more money than he had ever had in his
keeping at one time before and it made
him nervous. He was suddenly brought to
a full realization of his danger by a stern
command to halt, with the accompaniment
of clicking rifle and revolver hammers.
He stopped at once and recognized by
their actions two of the worst despera
does ever at large on earth. The highway
men took the gold, robbed the passengers,
hound and gagged the driver, and forced
his body into the hollow stump of a cotton
wood tree.
Then the thieves sat down and began to
speculate on a plan to get the boodle safely
away. He heard somebody yell: "Oh,
The whole business had been a realistic
dream. He had fallen asleep and slid down
into the boot of the stage, where he had be
come firmly wedged in among the mail bags.
The gea in his mouth was a monstrous chew
of tobacco, which was nearly strangling
him. The voice that awakened him be
longed to a nervous passenger, who had be
come alarmed at the rough riding.-Salt
Luako Tribune.
An Interesting bliscovery of Tools In the
TKeweeuaw Mines.
A peninsula called Keweenaw point, jut
ting into Lake Superior from the southern
shore toward the northeast, is famous as
the center of a vast copper mining indus
try, says the Chicago News. Last year the
mines produced no less than 105,586,000
pounds of refined copper, and it is eati
mated that duringnext year the production
will be increased by at least 20 per cent. I
E. B. Hinsdale, who contributes to the 7
latest bulletin of the American Geograph
ical society an article on the subject, has
much that is interesting to say about the
numerous prehistoric mines which have
been found in this region.
These ancient mines, judging from their
extent, must have been worked for centu
ries. Who the workers were no one can
tell. They seem to have known nothing of
the smelting of copper. What they sought
were pieces that could be fashioned by cold
hammering into useful articles and orna
ments. They understood the use of fire in I
softening the rocks to enable them to break
away the rock front the masses of copper.
They could not drill but used the stone
hammer freely.
More than ten cart loads of stone ham
merse were found in the neighborhood of
the Minnesota mine. In one place the ex
cavation was about fifty feet deep and at
the bottom were found timbers forming a
sonaffolding, and a large sheet of copper
was discovered there. In another place, in
one of the old pits, was found a mass of
copper weighing forty-six tone. At another
point the excavation was twenty-six feet
In another opening, at the depth of eigh
teen feet, a mass of copper weighing over
six tons was found, raised about five feet
from its native bed by the ancients, and se
cured on oaken pro: s. Every projecting
point had been taken off, so that the ex
posed surface was smooth. Whouver the
workers may have been, many centuries
must have passed since their mines were
abandoned. The trenches and openings
have been filled up or nearly so. Mon
strous trees have grown over their work and
fallen to decay, other generations of'trees
springing up. When the mines were redis
covered decayed trunks of large trees were
lying over the works, while a heavy growth
of live limber stood on the ground.
Success in Teaching How to Cook.
Superintendent Joseph, of the public
schools of New York City, reports that the
teaching of cookery has been wholly suc
cessful in the schools, It forms a part of
the work of the girls in the second and third
grammar grades. The real object of the
study is commendable. It is not so much
the ability to make palatable dishes,
though that is certainly to be desired, as it
is the thorough understanding of food val
ues, the choice of raw material with refer
ence to their nutritive qualities, their com
position and chemical changes together with
their effect upon the body. All these, and
much more are taught. The physiology of
feeding is another topic of Instruction, and
the young girls in these classes understand
as well as anyof nsdo that wonderfulchem
ist y of the body which transmutes bread
into blood and even into thought.
When a certain actor, now famous, mrade I
his first appiearance some critical person
threw a cabbage head at him. As it fell on
the starge the actor picked it up anrd stepped
forward to the footlights. Lie raised his
hand to command silence, and wien his
tormentors prnaused to hear what hlie had to
say, exclaimed, pointing to the cabbage
"Ladies and gentlemen, I expected to
ploese you with my acting, but I confess I
aid not exrpect any one in the audience
would lose his head over it.'
He wras allowed to pIroceed without fur
ther interruption.- I]arper's Mrnazine.
Hltlingt.ror l IHmlunds.
BIOaOros, , lFeb. 3.-A oircular has been is
sued offtoring the I!urlington stocklholders
the right to substecribe at oar for 10 per cent.
of their stock holdinei to the secondl issue
of five per cent. inotes, convertible into
stock at pir. The comnpany willuieo e4,0{t0,
00 for inow equilpmenut. A dividend uof 15
per cent. was dleclarea to-daiy.
Alsllnrlloi CRlatc'ity for' Iilggi,l-.
Vsl AsIiri'rONr , Pa., FEOi. :.--(aorge (tar
lislo, a iyoung farlmer of Armwell townshiip,
crlleotl on his betrothodl, Miss Nellieo Ardams,
nlast night. lie btca rer so affeoctiornate and
his em briaes were sro fond tihat li icrllptulrre.
aer artery in his errlr, rand t doctor wo eu ent
for. Nellie's ribla are still intact.
Ip1lr1ir tihe 'esrooner" (CIalm,,.
fTiIeiare, (. '1'., IFen. :1.-lhb ruepreme
court hras retoirnld a docisiorn uniholdirrle 'he
clturso rif thie law openirig ()l:ier:hcri,
l.rklWoi 'lr tie 'h'e loorer' claIutner, prrovidinri
tihit tlly leertln who etort e, l tir . laId bittrrefird I
the hour of otpening shroiill Ih, IlI theirI
rights to oibtain titlu to arry lriad whaltevr.
rWrnt ni lonlly ort Ilevenuae.
loweroer, Feb. 3.--Tihe Atlversal IBanking
aceociation loseod its doors. It wes onile of
tho.se short tecrir end'w!rrllolit ordlerl, theu
first certilicateas of wrbchr were aourt to
imrituret l Ther certililetrOt Ioldr-s are niow
clianorilg for their lrlanOy or for revengo.
5/ SPrZlrjKS r Rj M i 1i WiE'll E Ri1:t.
.ohi m'srtett killred Frank Irangdlon at
Crelar (Grove, 'leTinr. Tie ceriff atnd a
1 priss weit aftetr himi. l'rtett rind the
shoriff fell in thie barttle.
S \Var hires brorlkenr out Iretween the Irish.
men arid Italianlr emrlhryd Ilu the street
clhanillng depirrlrint of New York.
Ncx-Jfdge .lohn litter, ca.shier if thle lIe
e poait bank of G(lascow, Ky., which failed
last week, went insane Wednesday. lie
owes the bank $3e,00t.
Less Than Half Price.
Even if not an actual present necessity, purchases at the prices we now offer become a paying
investment. Come and see what a really nice store we have and the standard Footwear we
offer at half price. "
Power Building, Under American National Bank, Sixth Ave, and Main St,
J. C. REMINGTON, Manager.
Feb.5and 6
Saturday Matineo I
--OENGCAGEMEINT [email protected]
: lTie younngoet. prottiest, most charming
and versatile actreoss hie coat las seen.
t'ortland Orogonian.)
And her company of players. in a repertoire of
standard plays, under the direction of Mr. Kent
Friday hight: I Saturday Matinee:
The Honeymoon, Our Boys.
Faturday Night:
Pygmalion and Galatea,
Reserve sale opens at Pope & O'Connor'n Drun
Store. Thursday morning, Feb. 4.
Civil Procedure
Complete Sets For Sale at This Oicfee.
$10 PER SET.
Manufactured only by the North
Dakota Milling Company at Grand
Forks, N. D.
Well improved and thoroughly ir
rigated, on fine range. A great
-- PATENTS. -.
United States and Foreign Pat
ents obtained and any information
Attorney at Law.
Pittsburgh Block. Helena, Mont
caJo Ial lad Comeany, room I, i'ower build.
:.ptie i iro ertf giOn tht at a eoirLar
Dteontty mueelia of t10, it t.5s o0 tHo f ho (sot le
La uld t'o..l et ii h c 011 h l;thmlat d y of ~ec e lt or.
Icl. tit a~ ius.rclu t ot twtentty (tLt crattnt per
al al - w ea tee t I ojnll otu l tie capital ct ,,:k of aaii
(aerarlei, L.atlt c lolltpany. , ayal t oiltt the 1th day
of Jlanary. 1jO1M. to 11. Hrltwnt. aerreiarl of said
ro ol ttany. at (lt tonlta tly"a olliro. rooet I, Power
building, itt iilo city of Ilelcut ilonlalpa.
Acy ctcrk Iop|otl wiiichl,oe.clirinItt hltalI remain
uutpatld noit thu 10th tLa oA Febreary.ird. i, all
IHe.rtiatted I, tItIb l tu t aol e.ali heIj ditly adeer
tierd for sale at lpebliO acitit. attil ctest jay -
ment shall be miml o before, will ben, ,itl oI the
,·atn.ent, foglthor with cotiS d atlvertlaittl atid
elpenae of ii a 1B. RIOWN. lseeretare.
Dated Doe. 10, 111i1. elenoa. Meot.
The Pulsometer Steamll Irrigating Puni
Has been awarded the prizes at all
recent trials, notably at the North
western Industrial Exposition at
Spokane Falls. Wash. It is the most
economical and practical Pump to
handle large volumes of water now
in the .market. These machines are
rapidly growing in favor with Irri
gating Engineers. We will furnish
catalogues and list of testimonials on
A. M11 Holter Hardware Co.
Mining Machinery, Engines, Pumps and Boilers, Tools,
Mathematical and Surveying Instruments.
"Wi indsor BEouse.
.11, 418, 415 AND 417, LOWER MAIN STREET, HELENA
European and American plan. Excellent board and good aecommodations.
Pleasant rooms and steam heat. Modern sonvenienoss.
RATES: St1.25 TO 82 PER DAY. A. P. GINCHEREAU. Pro.riet-r.
"J Feb. 10 We Will
Oper Our SpriRg Styles
--We have also added--
Which we ask you to inspect before purchasing your
Headgear for Spring.
Our Buyers are now East purchasing and shipping
We can honestly declare that it will equal if not excel
anything in the Northwest. Due notice will be given of our
Gans & Klein.

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