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A Six Club Base Ball League
to Be Organized Here
The Leading Towns on Each
Side of the Range Will
Pitcher Grlfimth, of the Chicago Natlonal
League, Spending the Winter in
A strong movement is on foot for the
pernranent organization of a professional
base ball league in Montana, composed of
the cities of Butte, Anaconda, Great Falls,
Missoula, Bozeman and Helena, making a
six-club league. \Vardner and Wallace,
Idaho, which supported independent clubs
the last two seasons, have expressed their
willingness to enter such a league. The
league can easily be organized' and if put
on a good financial and business basis by
the business men of each city is will be one
of the most prosperous and successful
minor leagues in this country. The league
has everything in its favor for success, both
in population, railroad communication and
short distances, and the interest mani
fested in the national game of base ball by
the people. With a low salary limit, and a
good schedule, the league should flourish,
supported by the best people.
A successful base ball club is the bdst ad
vertisement a city can have, and is a bene
fit to every business man, as it brings many
people into the city to do their trading who
would otherwise stay at home. All of the
towns mentioned have enclosed parks, so
there is no expense to lay out grounds, and
signified their intention of taking stock in
support of such a movement. A meeting
will be held in this city at a later day for
the permanent organization, and every
city will be represented by a delegate.
Helena has two street railaay compa
nies that will be benefited by such
a movement and will subscribe for stock.
Chas. G. . Kilratrick, the well-known minor
league organizer and.base ball umpire, is in
the city. Mr. Kilpatrick organized the In
diana State league of '90 and the Wiscon
sin State league of '91. Both leagues are
in the field yet and prospering. He also
nmpired in the Illinois and Iowa league in
'90, and with the Western association last
season. Mr. Kilvatrick has been giving his
clever bicycle exhibitions in this city and
leaves for San Francisco Monday. He has
been stopping with Clark Griffith, the cele
brated pitcher of the Boston Reds of the
American association, who won the pen
nant last season. Mr. Griffith is spending
the winter with his mother, who resides on
Park street. Griflith will pitch for the
Chicago National League club next season.
A Six Club Circuit to Be Formed West of
Active work is going on in earnest in the
organization of a six-club circuit for the
Pacific Northwest league for the season of
1892. To the four cities of last year has al
most beyond doubt been added Walla
Walla as the fifth member. The sixth club
is as yet undecided. Up toa few days ago
Wardner, Idaho, had the call, but a new
candidate sprung into view during the past
week in Salem, Ore. Last season the town
had a taste of professional bail and liked
it. It supported a semi-professional team,
and on several occasions had games with
league clubs, which drew large crowds.
The grounds there are owned by J. C.
Smith, a wealthy citizen, with a passion for
baseball. He is anxious to place a club in
the league, and has for some time been
dickering with a well-known Pacific North
west league player to handle the team in
case he secures a franchise. Presi
dent Rockwell has been notified of
the desire of Salem to come in, and
will probably go to that city this week
to look over the field. The people of
Oregon's capital city are enthbusiastic over
the prospect of professional baseball and
claim that they can be relied on for better
support than either Walla Walls or Ward
ncr. Geographically Salem is desirable, as
it is but fift' miles from Portland. In case
it should be chosen in preference to Ward
nor there woula still be two clubs, Spokane
and Walla Walla, east of the mountains.
With four clubs in the west and two in the
east the schedule can be arranged as well,
or better, as with three in each section.
In the making up of teams and the sign
ing of players but little or nothing has
been done except by Seattle. Manager
Powell was given full power by the club
and has been in the east all winter, working
by himself. He announces that he has al
ready signed eleven players, but in view of
the fact that he is working entirely on his
own responsibility, he refuses to reveal'
their names at present. 'Thisetateof affairs
leaves evervthiung to conjecture. based on
what reports may from time to time appear
through the snorting uress.
The Tacoma club has is yet no manager,
although Billy Work, *of last season's
team,,is pretty apt to get" the berth. The
financial prospects of the club, which for a
time looked gloomy on account of the
withdrawal from active service of Presi
dent W. B. Bushnell, have brightened de
The company controlling all of the street
railways of Tacoma has entered into an
agreoement by which the club will receive a
share of the transportation receipts to and
from the grounds. The e is a Imove on
foot to give the preidencv of the club to
Philip Kerihaw, a restonsible and popular
young business sman. Kershaw' is an old
college plover, and has been prominently
identified with amateur sport in Tacoma
lie is well posted on the game and a great
enthusiast. and his election would be a
ureat stroke of policy on the part of the
The Spokane club is mince a manager by
the resignation of John S. Barnes a few
days since. Nothing is known as to who his
succr,,'or will be, or if any players are
being signed.
The I'ortland club, since losing Glenal
vin, hios beenl tiguin on Barn es for oman
aUger, and it is pretty certain that he will
go there,. The only player signed is I'ete
F'h e Inew fail for il'rrisn ririisiilrg r is r.en tlc h'
broil twle. (a nri, -trre is oitl in relrint of
au inulmenlsolioii il all I: "ens in winorstod and
Si,'cial isle l roe! [ Iorco si tre.i fir cont at j
,irtch:r &iran.li-'L t.i ueo..k.
"'I in'l the I,;nstilri."
Occasionally ,ni. hlicar tiris e.prenslon,
as a lady with i rt: ikliegl I oVe y compllx
ion liinn se aln : t: tl., str.,t. ('e. tainlI .
Sliro Ils the fa iII IInIt8 ilushi of ll( ( sraarn.
!actured by \ii F'ohita A. Jones. ;outh
laend, Ind. Sutlrlied by 'liss Julia h .
Lawre-nce, rooi:1 i. IDenversl block. lBroad
,'ve, Helena, lrent. i'Pric 7i cents per
Legal blanko at tios oilirc,.
Ns er. hbet riic L.it The lIe Ilivie 1' cent tier
ill,.i gl t. I larks hie are rage for Ihr e sil.
ki 'i,,,il I tie i-i [inil.e is "f IlI.ek trior g ,1
'lb "'c g,,,o - one . .S ti i},711 ,-t ion,,d hill rlinact
ri ali i iL staii.iid nie ua, l u:
i i r , , i yin, r . i i ' ri r.tr riil qiialielt ic. id ti re
r., !,l Illdllr aý gu rttr ul l i0 give entir- ai. -hl
1 Lii n.... orre ghw nlrs, .hn, w. a
t r u, !nl,,l r hit tl thu iii wool ;rd silk w'aih
ar"rnn.r, uuuii' viilinge. Ioulardi, el,. von r"n:
llvi." l, liiinkna ii tlh e.i odes. very i i e,
,t., th,, rVet-,tI nilra tie lirrild Ill rk pirinted , l
t.:, lit; , t iil"r i-Llir. r w s lileretali arr a
i-i'ill ig inlir l ii l LilO'i calling tliin !'ricytlý.
I'lwari.. Ieioi nb!r they can be had only of
-laisaih & larko.
'Growth or an Excelleut OrLanlsatlon for
the Young.
To Tnx Enrron: The Loyal Temperatnoe
Legion, which has been organized a little
over three months, will give3 its first enter.
tainment Monday night at St. Paul's M. E.
church. Since its first meeting, with an at
tendance of eleven, the membership has
increased till now there are forty-tour
names on the role of honor, and nineteen
members of instruction and drill, making
a total membership of sixty-nine. In ad
dition there are twenty-one probationers
who have not yet attended the required
number of limes to entitle them to be re
corded in the secretary's book. The tak
ing of the pledge 4s not obligatory, and
those who are too young or whose parents
object to their doing so are enrolled as
member for instruction and drill. Only
the soldiers of honor, however, are enti
tied to wear the L. T. L. badge. The fee is
merely a nominal one-five cents per
month, and even this is not exacted when a
member fols nnalble to pay. The children
of the poor are as welcome as those of the
rich. Miss Willard says, "Total abstinence
from alooholic liquors, tobacco, and pro
fanity, drilled into the forming brain of
childhood, and hidden in its plastic heart,
means Christian manhood and woman
hood." Parents, especially mothers, will
you not give your confidence ahd hearty co
operation, through which alone this grand
cause can succeed?
Miss Mary E. Jackmaun gives private
lesseom in lhortbha.d. Room 15, Balley
block. Call at ofee for terms.
Fowles' Cash Store carries an elegant line of
chenille curtains and table covers.
C. P. Hill, of Butte, is a visitor in Helena.
G. D. Kernee, of Nebraska, is in the city.
A. W. Nixon, of Missoula, is in the eity.
W. J. MoDonald, of Chicago, is in the
Maurice Sullivan, of Livingston. is in the
Geo. L. Carey, of Livingston, is at The
Frank Byers, of Buntte. is at, the Grand
A. K. Jones, of Demereville, is at the
Grand Central.
J. H. Fairfield, of Great Falls, is at the
New Merchants.
H. F. Allen, of London, England, is a
visitor in Helena.
Thoee. Norguay and U. C. Haywood, of
Victoria. B. C., are guests.at The Helena.
Mrs. W. F. Word and Mrs. B. C. Guthrie
go to St. Joe, Mo., over the Union Pacific,
A. Dennison, for St. Paul, was among
the departures over the Union Pacifio yes
Mrs. B. H. Barclay went to Granite
yesterday to visit her brother, Charles Jef
feris, Jr.
F. H. Fowles, the Broadway merchant,
went east yesterday over the Northern
Pabific. He was accompanied by Mrs.
O. W. Simpson, general manager of the
Montana Mineral Land Development com
pany, wept to Portland, Me., yesterday on
husiness for the company.
G. A. Morrison, for St. Paul; Louise
Gatewood, for Minneapolis; Mrs. A. M.
Hogan. and Miss S. logan, fdr Ballston,
N. Y.; L. A. Pond and F. R1. Wallace and
wife, for New York city, were among the
departures over the Notthern Pacific yes
Arrivals at The Helena
C. S. Chamberlain, Wm. J. Fuchs, city.
New York. Uoe . Chile, Kenwood.
F. W. tLacon, Marye- k. 1). ilofeller, loch
ville, ester.
Finlay Mctiae, city. Wn..1. MacDonald. Chi
Geo. ti. ulmstead, cago.
Cloveland. J. ssdgwick, Tacoma.
i. L. ChildL Tolelo. h i.E. Chaps, S. Toledo.
H. D. Shackleford, '. A. (trophy, C(hicago.
Cincinnati. ('has Swartz. St. t.aul.
J. U. banders. city. J. E. Jackson, Kansas
F. J. Manning, Port- City.
land., i. h. Coleman, To
Wm. B. Fisher. Boston. lode.
Ii. F. Allen, England. D. W. Millard, Great
J. 'T. Jackson. St. Palls.
A. C. Marslhma, Chi- O. I. Banks. St. Louis.
cage. VW. M I. Mason, toew
Gee. H. Denson. Clove- Yort .
land. , (e. L. Care;, Living
C. I. Eaton, Living- otn, ,
ston. This. Morgady, ViY
Win. C. Haywood, Vic- tors, hB. C.
torta. B. C.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
Frank Byors. Bozeman, A. W. Ni;.on, Missonla.
C. . hoemaker, IButte. Mrs. Thomas, Prickly
B. F. IBarteau, Boul- Pear Valley.
der. Miss Thomas, Prickly
W. N. Coneannon, Pdar Valley.
Boulder. M. D. Hartly, Marys
F. 1l. iroshell. Omaha. yile.
. P. licardon, lpo- l. ('. J Iendricks,
kane. M arys ville.
Frank Duff. Marys-. J. It. Whitmire. Blos.
ville. burg.
E. W. Beattie. city. T. WV. Elstoro, Drnm.
W. M. Stlong, Detroit. msod.
Aug. ]lornTchuck, Mii- W. I. Williams, Tyn
waOkee. dcli, S. o o.
P'. 1. Murphy, E lk- J.. . Cunningham, St.
thorn. Ptaul.
J. F. Sleight, Woest Will Btlden, Corbin.
1laven. Vt. Pierce ,1. Kelly, 0Ug
L. S. lobinson, Town- dunsbnrg, N. Y.
sernd. M. A. Lynch. Marys
Jas. A. l.aagan, La viele.
('rosce. Wis. \V. E. Hoag, city.
Ci. Witch, (lcicago. Charles McKondtrick,
A. J. Burns, Mar- ar,- carysavil.
ville. C. G. Horton, Marys..
Nick laatz, Marys- ville.
ville. Al ih. Joners. Deiners
C:has. I. Baldwin, vilie.
Tuownsion I. Mau trice Sullivan, L v
n. E. blhearwood, Lie- ingston.
ingston. i. H. Isairchild. Mis.
Jas. Uourley, city. souls.
'lhe New Merchants,
Operated by the Ierohants Hotel corn
pany, now begs to announce that its rooms
are open for the recepstion of guests.
Rooms will be offered to transient guests at
$1.25 pue d fay (patlor floor), $1 per day
thisrd floor), 7 cents pesr day (fourth floor).
Extra for more than one oeOnulant. Loomn
to permanent guests at less rates. All
modern improvements; steatn heat, electric
light, return olectic call bell system, and
sunshine in every guest chambe:. Broussels
end velvet carpets used exclusively
thruschont the hours. Office, elegant bar
and billiard room, sncar stand and palatial
barber shop on first fl6or.
'The dintug room in this hotel has been
leased to and is now operated selparately by
the Misse Nire, who are Iprepared to fo,
nls board alt $ for tickets gioo for twenty
tne metale, $7 for twenty-one continuous
uteotle t) centi l for sinle twoeals.
Mares t t'ieltsr, I i.e hatolhtcs, ts a removed
frtm WYarrrest usre. to tlarttlntta hall, on lBruad
haty. 'Itst'ds, u ) Ft.
'. C. lit-s' - .1: (o. Sr, its rst,'itt of thtir
sites., dis( h'trrowsv. (Irtg },rer(,its antl sulliva
luts It,rm t r'itett 'II,. ilt'.ir- t,,(e k is. iusiiiitale
larg atld s.l ,l Itlltl lthe' ;ire, otllrietg ltern at.
lr,,.s r:,,, r ,,t,.e tea ,, so ioltlsttalta. (livt
tirettt a call aud I< iteollvitl tel.
iast Ia u is U g.
'Il'he(;reat Nolthern lteaes Helena at 11:10
a. it., and ruoshs several hIours quicker
time than any other tine to St. lPatti, ('hi
case, and all eastetrnt r Ilttt to.
'I'iey rue etpla.t diillg null isleeping crrs:
aleo frio colonist sClettrs. 'I i'ktct offilce,
No. t;. Mluro s trtrt. It. II. lANstI.h,
(re:ieral 'ickete Agent.
(; t- t ,n.r I ig't.ity, it, Alsrsrl Itsu,e. s:s elt,:t,
tris. of ' ai I t, u, tllseai,"s. of the Court of lonulou.
by t}. i I,; allhi ,. Ilati.R "st Dr tll St ri,,li..
itsl e -th -"r o'ot I tkk jeust rczoivi.el at Th (lieu
--(Iii h l ('.tah Margot.L
out your meat bills in two by purchasing
for caill at the Rlialto, cash market. Jl't.
pho Inel:t.
and at luw ,", h t"-s: Ilr.,ct:(
"Wanet tsatues,, mditely by I". L. Foist, l1s'
Main street.
If th i r, t' . ., , 5 . :t s ce i t lti, utst O ne', tn tui s-sit, -
ss, (htic fr it. k h(tLt/tl.Letslo atl(i -"o)r tVomits|l
hould ktasw itst,. Uliy oit pill e d . '
Tomorrow being a legal boliday the
banks, schools, state offlcees and courts will
be closed.
The Helena Business Collepe orchestra
had another rehearsal at Prof. Petermanh's
last night.
A marriage license was issLued yestday
to ILA. A. Nixon, of Missoula, and Jennie
Nolan, of Helena.
Fred H. Foster has appropriated 150
inches of the waters of Fall oreek, in this
county, for irrigating purposes.
It f. Davies has sold to Ada F. Boyce
blocks 2, 15, 17 and 23 and the north half of
blook 18, in the Boyce addition, for $1,400.
The democrats will celebrate Washing
ton's birthday by a big meeting at the
rooms of the Hendricks club in theevening.
Mrs. Lamberton will organize a juvenile
olass in dancing at Calumet "hall on Park
avenue next Saturday afternoon at three
The free distribution of hot beef tea, un
der the eapervison of two attractive young
ladies, will begin at Bach, Cory & Co.'s to
The temperance people are reported to
SSa ouo5Jrsiera psmupe ae respursao so
have 800 signatures to the agreement to
vote only for prohibition candidates this
year in Helena.
A census is being taken of the schoolboys
I who smoke cigarettes. One boy of seven
years told the teacher he had been addicted
d to the vice all his life.
On Wednesday evening, Feb. 24, the
students of the Montana Business college
e will give a hop. Music will be furnished
by the Elite orchestra.
Some elegant prizes will be awarded at
the Y. A. W. club's mask ball to-morrow
evening at college hall. The attendance
promises to be very large.
Joseph L. Davis has bought of Jacob
Schafer sixteen-one-hundredths of an acre
in township nine, north of range four west
and a water right in Oro Fino gulch for
The following lode locations were flied
with the county clerk yesterday: Clarence,
Blue Cloud district, by Emil Banmann;
Needle Point, Quartz gulch, by Peter Hart
Ein genussreicher vortrag, thema: "Fritz
Reuters dichtungen wird hente abend in
der Turn halls, den Deutsohen Helenas,
duroh Herrn Dr. Sohwenesen zn theil.
Kommt alle.
To-morrow being the anniversary
of the birth of Washington, the
iyoung ladies of St. Vincent's academy
will give an entertainment in St. Aloysius
hall at 7,30 p. m.
The executive committee of the A. O. U.
W., Sons of Veterans, and all interested in
the meeting of the mining congress are re
quested to meet at A. O. U. W. hall this
afternoon at two o'clock.
Alderman Thompson intends introducing
an ordinance in the city council, prohibit
ing members of that body being interested
in any contracts with the city or selling any
feed or supplies to the city.
A gathering of the members of Myrtle
lodge No. 3, Knights of Pythias, will take
place this evening at eight o'clock sharp at
their hall. Come one and all and listen to
something attractive and entertaining.
Townsend lodge No. 6, A. O. U. W., will
give a ball to-morrow evening at Townsend.
The Elite orchestra of this city will furnish
the music, and it is expected there will be
quite a number of visitors from Helena.
The Y. M. C. A. service to-day will be one
of interest. Good singing will be one of
the features of the evening. Mr. A. H.
Nelson will address the service. All young
men invited. Service begins at four p. m.
Major G. W. Beard will not deliver his
lecture at the Y. M. C. A. Tuesday right,
Feb. 2,. as advertised, because of illness.
The major will, however, deliver his lecture
one week later, March 1, in the association
V . . ,i.h...i s .e .c f.- ... ,
J. L. Prichard, justice of the peace at
Sand Point, Idaho, denies the truth of the
story telegraphed from that place a few
days ago, giving the details of a shooting
mntch. He says there has been no trouble
there of any kind.
The Lewis and Clarke county grand jury
have been in session since last Monday
busily investigating county affairs. No in
dictments have been returned into court
yet. The jury adjourned on Saturday until
to. morrow forenoon.
The Frances E. Willard Loyal Temper
ance legion will give "Ye Hatchet Partie"
in Adams' hall the evening of Feb. 22. All
are cordially invited. "The Hatchet
Familie" will be pleased to serve appro
priate refreshments to their guests after
the entertainment.
A. J. Davidson has been appointed by
Gov. IToole to the vacancy on the board of
World's fair managers, occasioned by the
resignation of H. H. Hill. The vacancies
occasioned by the resignations of Mrs.
Toole and Mrs. Worden will be filled by
Messrs. Hershfield and Mitchell, the na
tional commissioners.
Marshall Sims started for Boise City yes
terday with a requisition for Doo. eeley in
his pocket. Seeley had signified his inten
tion of returning without a requisition,
but the marshal thought it best to be for
tified. lie will take the papers to Boise,
have them approved by the governor of
Idaho, and return by way of Pocatello to
get his prisoner, reaching here on Tuesday.
1he Provident Trust company, of the
state of Washington, filed its articles of
incorporation with the secretary of state
yesterday. It is incorporated by Chas. E.
Gibson, of West Newton, Mass., and Duff
S. Clement, of Spokane. Wash. The capi
tal stock is $500,000, all of which is paid in
The assets are $2133,175 and the liabilities
are $123,805. G. K. Reeder, of Helena, has
been appointed as the Montana agent of
the company.
The junior class of the hich school has
organized a club for the purpose of road
ing Shakespeare. The officers elected are:
President, Core Smith; vice-president,
Daisy Kinsloy; secretary and treasurer,
Evelyn Gebauer. The members are Core
Soratt, Daisy Kinsley, Evelyn Gebauer. Ida
O'Bannon, Mnamie l'Pope, Sophie Hoag.
Winifred Matheson, Jennie 'T'onn and
Grace Cullen. Thi second meeting was
held last Thursday evening at the resi
dence of Daisy Kinsley, at which meeting
all members were present. The play being
read is Othello, each undertaking a part.
For spring hosiery and underwear go to
Fowsle' Cakls lorse.
T. C. PowerO to. have received a shipment of
veryselect dMontana-grown limothy agh'd. En
coaragi' homes enterprise by buying the pro:lucts
of our own btate.
Samuel K. Davis' Special
125 and 100 Bald Butte, at $2.10. Divi
dend stock.
300 and 4100 Helena and Victor at $2.10.
Dividend stock.
1,000 ison Mountain. 8., cents. Dividend
1,000-l,0110 Yellowstone. Excellent in
5,0!)0 Cumberland. Ixcellent invest
5,000 California. Good at price.
(Castle stocks that have a reputation are a
purchase now, and money tells.
West Iron Mountain at ia price.
lioomu 20) atnd 27, liailey Block.
1. '. lw I' .:l' 1'r . are ria's a.. sn for the sole
ira'sed Joh, l I)tern, Iplore . iharrpws a lll 'rll iva
lia ."s' lo, hnder I c,!lars ar lured to 10e.
at Cowleta (ta-I, hrore.
lpi ninway's silks of all kulsIs .. r, r.'eived at
'ihe lire lyivs..
School Russel..
Fechool district No. I4, Neilhrt, feaghier
county, Montana, ofsr ifr uhr t.l . (l,) ' live
thousand dolluar selhol bids. '1 h. blends
to run ten years. As.eseys, v: lsittiOtL of i
property in district at !lso' Irsul'lllt w'as
$310,787. I. Vi, ( Alisl'r555i,
1'. 1I. (1Iw:,:,,
W'. I). (Clsri; , t slerk. rrsslter-s.
ESlecilri'ty ApPll.,l toi s .Ilirev, I'alu.
Atualgame and silver fillinrls. atnd isup.
Gold fillings. $; anld I.
A lull set of teeth, uipir or lowsr, yin,
Ie:xtractisin ,i testilt with electrncity, 50
DL)l. fS,sirsM N di lE.,-,lJ, deutists, Sixth av
onue and ktat l.
8 For'Spring and Summer wear, consisting of the latest novelties in
New, Bedford Gords,
New Brocaded Bedfords,
New Fancy Grepons,
New French Gheviets,
New Fancy Diagonals,
New Scotch Gheviots,
New Paris Novelties,
New English Broadcloths. .
And a superb collection of India Twill Silks, Brocaded
China Silks, two-toned Silks, Changeants, and the latest
importations in Silk and in Wool
"*"* DRESS "*"* PAT TERNS "*:
Where Smokers Can Get tile Best Goods
for tihe Least Money.
The retail cigar trade of Win. Weinstein
& Ct., the merchants on the corner of Main
street and Sixth avenue, is growing to great
proportions. It is not diffioult to account
for, because the house carries the best
domestic and imported goods, and sell
them and sell them for lower prices than
they can be bought for in New York. The
following price list showing the price for
cigars proves this: Henry Clay conches
especial extra, 10 cents; Henry Clay perfec
tos especiales, 20 cents: Henry Clay per
fectos. 2213 cents; Henry Clay boqunet,
171j cents; La Intimad perfectos, 20 cents;
La Intimad boquets. finoes, 17' cents: La
Anti-Seeded conches finos, 11 cents; El
Nueva Mondo favoritas, three for 25 cents;
El Mueva Mundo regalia, 10 cents; El Por
venor, perfectos, 17Y2 cents; El Porvenir
bouquets, 1234 ce'ts; H, Uppmann conchas
especials. 11 cents; Manuel Garcia private
stock, 10 cents; Manuel Garcia conches
finos especial, 11 cents; Jefferson conchas
especiale, 10 cents; Carl Upmann's bouquet,
four for 25 cents; Carl Upmaun's All
Nations, eight for 25 cents; Flor de Up
mann, three for 25 cents.
Two-dollar plush caps are selling for $1 at
Fowles' Cash Store.
New line of children's carriages at The Bee
Anesene lIc. per dozen, Brainard & Arm
strong's wash embroidered silk 45c. per dozen
at Fowles' Cash Store.
I. O. O. F. at East Helena.
A bail will be given by Silver State lodge
No. 46, 1. O. O. F., of East Helena, at the
Child ranch, Feb. 24. 1892. Tickets, includ
ing refreshments, $2.50. A special train
will leave the Northern Pacific depot at
7:30 p. ui. sharp. Railroad fare for round
trip, 50 cents for persons attending ball.
The special train is only for such persons.
Tickets furnished on application to W. C.
Child, Helena, or to the lodge committee.
My Jenness-Miller bodice came to hand and I
never was inmore delighted with anything. It fits
beautifully. MAnGInce MITcIaILL.
Fotr sale only at Fowles' Cash Store.
Masksks! Masks! Masks! at The B3e Hive.
Through Nes York Sleeper.
On Feb. 17th a through sleeper will leave
Ogden for New York via Union Pacific
Only one change of sleepers from Helena.
Reservation may be made by calling on
Freight and Passenger Agent.
No. 28, North Main street.
tony the celebrated Foster five-hook kid glove
at' lh l3ct tlive, every pair warranted. Price
only x1.25.
Examine the new embroideries and white
goods at Fowles' Cash Store.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Poultry, eggs, fish, and gaino, at hard
time prices at the Rialto cash market,
south end of Main street.
hlaroes & Fisher, th' hutchlr+, hivo removed
from War-re. street to liarmonia hall, on Broad
way. T'IelephonIo ITi.
Special ct It ricre ottn ladis' muslin underwear
this week at. ' he lire live.
The Montana Central have resumed the
running of tains between Heloten and Butte
on regular schedule time. l'assengers can
now rerei all points on our lile excepting
Corbin, Wickes and Portal.
II. IT. ,ANoasy,
Genesal Ticket Agent.
Jackson's music store. Hailey block.
STAIII ItN In Hlena. h. Fe. 1, to he wife of
4 hat , $t i 'rt. a t dtiglhter.
WOIOI)Wu':t'II I nl HIlrna, Feb. I'J. to the wife
etf . h. Woodwortlh, a son.
Inrestrnent Securities. Money to Loan
On improved Property and Ranches. Will purchase County, School and
Municipal bonds and warrants, commercial paper and mortgage notes.
No. 10 Edwards St., IMerchants National SBank Building. Correspondence Solicited.
For Particulars Aldress Gee, W. Shaw, 424 Harrison Avenue, Helena, Mont,
Capital paid in $5,000,000. Assets over $23,000,000.
For absolute security and for prompt payment of losses
insure with
Gail, Bumiller & Unzieker
General Milling and Mining Machinery,
Gold Mills, Wet and Dry Crushing Silver Mills, Smelting
and Concentrating Plants, Hoisting and Pumping works, Cars,
Cages, Skips, Ore Buckets and Water Buckets, Self-Oiling
Car Wheels, Corliss Engines, Compound and Condensing
Engines and Tramways.
Western Representative, Office and Works,
MENNO UNZICKER, Hawthorne Ave, and Willow St.,
No. 4 N. Main St., Helena. CHICAGO, ILL.
Ihn oldest Fruit anl Pro- Es lised . I I '. X''L
LINDSAY & CO., Nurseryman and
S. ...)A.,sI4 IN... Landscape Gardene,
Fruit, Produce and Seeds Hotel -lrk Nursery. IIelons. Mont
If yua want. freshl. Norlthern ,rofwn garden, Latdies if you want, to learn how to aut
lill gr grass ousdm s und fIlr uor illtutrg t d cat- all the latest rsly urlients, with if without
aloglle, u onof the l .l m orsom lete Is1ue in tie samrs. or refittinlg, calial In vell uely a the only
Unild tatet . \Ne sell it I ilner, prires and LADIES' TAIL) I YH'YI TM notalchart. T'fernus
thls arue you heavy frlght a eel eproeo charg ·a , moderate. titifaction gnerantl.ed.
We ale, ils.o iS wholesale prceo- lls, which ides- Rooms 7 and 8, Diamond Block,
ars will lind Itt t their advantagu to consult bd-.ore buin elw . C nr ond Parka
fore buhal elsewhere. Corner hixth street and Park svenes.

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