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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, February 29, 1892, Morning, Image 4

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]trLENA, Mont., Fob. 2t , 1892.
Tnt. Helena Journal is sadly in need Si
of liberal injections of bi-chloride of e
THaE H1ill presidential boom seems to
have spent its force at Albany, a very u
dead town. IT
SENATOR BRnIC:'s announcement that
he had no connection whatever with the "
Hill boom is another nail in the coffin.
OnR very "original" contemporary, the o
Journal, has reached the point where p
originality and crankiness are on a par. o
TIEREIF is no truth in the rumor that I
Senator Manderson's bill to punish ,
"green goods" omen was prepared by t
Russell B. IlHarrison.
TuE latest problem in the Blaine
family concerns the ability of young
James G., Jr., to raise $100 a month for
his divorced wife's alimony.
THE retirement of Prince Russell g
from Frank Leslie's would naturally a
sugifest that Arkell has changed his n
views on the value of certain advertise
THE Herald's fight against Harrison's n
renomination is bearing fruit. It is be- t.
lieved that Alger will be able to cut
down the democratic majority in Texas a
to 190,000.
Iv the bill to prohibit dealing in fu- n
tures passes there will be hope for Sen- s
ator Palmer's bill providing for the c
election of United States senators by F
popular vote. a
THE McNally case has been appealed c
to the supreme court. Will City At- c
torney Craven defend him, or will the a
city council follow its past course by
paying his attorney's bills?
Pa sI rDENT HfirPPOIYTE having secured
a loan of $1,800,000 from the merchants
of Port au Prince, it may be inferred
that his administration will break all
previous records by lasting until spring.
OUR republican contemporaries should
remain discreetly silent concerning re
publican friendship for silver until they
can explain why a republican congress
and president did not give the metal its
right value.
THE serious illness of Mr. Crisp is 1
greatly regretted, but fortunately the
silver majority in the house is large
enough to assure the passage of the I
Bland bill without the assistance of the
free coinage speaker.
['aRi Butte Miner very promptly re
tracted the "fake" telegram alleged to
have been sent by .Manager Maguire. 1
Such mistakes are so common in Butte
as to suggest the employment of a de
teotive force to avoid them.
TrF. St. Louis Globe-D)emocrat in
sists that GCov. Boies voted for tarlield
and Blaine, despite the latter's denials.
To the constant reader it, will occur
that the governor's information on that
point should be of greater value.
TFu: A. O. (. W. of Montana will
manke lthe comiiog convention in Helena
the greatest event in the history of that
order. The arrangemlents are under
direction of colinitttess working nighti
and day to bring ab:out this result.
FROM oUn O91'-ieloLd C(:(,llItllcirary, atoe
I-ed Lodgee Picket, we iarn tlihat ni
mai with isuilicient inteliigence to foIi.l
a yellow dtiog ever had the big head. ih
this sweeping statement we rise to ask
if tlie I-loun. ienjamiinlHarrison, presi
dlent of thie I'nited Staites, Is included.
Ie Actor .11. B. ('uirtis secures an lie
quittal hie nght add io his notoriety by
appearing in tle lIaling role of a dra
matization of thie tragedy in whiichl he
is now playing a s.tar part. 'The \VlWhite
chapel nmurdlirs hl;e ,abeen successfully
en.ted on the stage.
\W g to assure t h Issr [l, lournarsl that at
no tinto within the pi;:is live years did it
becone 'apllarent thal thie tldemoc'atic
party would get conutrul of' natinial
legislation. Democratio control of the
ULnited States senate wal comee only
afteIr the election of il delmclratic pIresi
tdent in November, 18152.
'F'rT Journal holds that, this action is in
ino with the duty of newalpapere every
whelo:re, and the paper that can do tihe muost
good in p.otectinr and forwarding the vub
lic ;nterests ia thie most worthy of public
sappo t.--HOluaha iJournal.
Wei!l, then, why not come out with an
hl:nest en-dor·semunt of the Blland free
coinago bill.
Tia reuntrkiabhl lidelity to art dis
played by Edw.ard M. Fiteld in the role
of a madiasnn, is suggestive of several
things. .in the event of his acquittal
he would be of more than ordinary
value to the dime museum manager
who announces a real dramatic per.
formance every hour.
IT will be news to the reanders of our
morning contemporary to learn that the
democrats have secured control of con
greess. This is the only explanation
offered of the decline of silver to go I
though there as a free coinage bill be- t
fore the house supported by a free coin
age majority.
Tic: Boston Traveller makes a very
fair resume of the situation when it
says: "It was once said of Franklin
Pierce: '1ie may be a big man in his
own state, but when you come to spread
him over the whole United States he
spreads thin'.' We commend this state
ment to the attention of David B. Hill."
nlsINrANA wANTS r.
If the editor of the Montana Stock
Journal is posted on the wool question,
as ha should bi, he knows full well that
in no country under the sun is there
grown the same grade of wool produced i
in Montana. Under the Springer bill
there can be no competition with wool
grown in this state. We challenge a
tim to show otherwise. The wool pro
duct of this state is peculiar to Mon
tana in grade. Buyers know that it is
best of all adapted for mixing with Aus
tralian wools which must be had in
manufacture. These are not platitudes,
but facts. Now, then, let us for the
sake of argument accept the Journal's
explaunation that the price of wool has
declined because the supply has in
creased faster than the povulation in
proportion. It this be true, the only
apparent relief is to be found in greater
markets. This is exactly what the
Springer bill proposes to give. Free
wool means higher grades of Australian
wools duty free, and with the mixing of ]
these wools with our native products
our manufacturers will lie able to com
pete with foreigners. With a new market
open there will assuredly be a greater
demand for wools grown in this coun
try, and in consequence, as we have sug
gested, if higher and steadier price. It
cieans mutual advantage for grower as
well as manufacturer. Free wool means
an extension of the industry in this
The endorsemnent of the Springer bill
has been given fully and freely by trade
journals published in the interest of
grower and manufacturer alike, for such
a measure is understood by aill to be a
The plaintive cry of the Helena Jour
nal for sympathy in its blundering dis.
tress is really pitiful.
Why, bless its heart, THE INDEPEN
DENT distinctly said there was no politics
in the silver issue; that the esteemed
contemporary in the place of advising
miners to accept reduced wages should
shout for free coinage; that it should
cease hunting amniong - the weeds of re
publicanism to evade a fair question,
and should come to the front like a
true Montana paper and show it patri
otic colors. In proof, we submit that
our contemporary advised the miners to
accept a reduction of wages, a sugges
tion that had occurred to neither mine
owners or employees. We merely inti
mated that a reduction of wages now
might mean reduction for all time to
come. While not prepared to deny that
the Journal is the leading labor organ
of the state we again submit that its
concern for the welfare of honest labor,
while possibly genuine, is clothed in
language which slhould be sufficient
evidence of assininity. If the mine own
ers of this state could foresee permanent
relief by a reduction of wages it would
long have been proposed, and if the
miners were willing to accept such a
basis it would have taken form. It only
remained for the ,ntundity of the Daily
Harrison to suggest ia policy which was
supremely absunr1. The truth of the
matter is that because of administration
influences it fears to give such full and
open endorsenment of tile land bill as
ihas been given by the Inter Mountain.
We again ask it to come to the front
and either favor the bill or repudiate it,
and in the latter event to show cause.
I The Bland measure proposes free coin
for silvor, which means untold benefits
for Montana'si greatest industry; it
should, therefore, receive the heartiest
support of all Montanians. The Harri
son plaper, however, lihais seen tit to
sneer at the bill sinc. it originated
and now that tie results of thre present
silver hliw live r-suilted in seriously imm
pairing the chief industry of the state it
proposes a reniedy wi cih lmeoans less
wages aind fewer comforts for the meni
Iwho bring thie nmeotal to the surface.
As wia.; .uggiesteId, why niot persisteultly
'uiLpport a Il;csuirer disrignced i lincrease
vaiuesr Of minies, ikeep wages upt o the
stantdard and give eiiployument to imore
'l'e lournal's suiploiinrentary rxlrlan
atioa of its very bad bIreak was orven
more vague than the alleged :niiior in
the adjrinineg iolumn. Iohereafter it
should furnilh with iti editorials a dia
grani frr tbi, understanding r i rts read
erls. ;.:is :- larinrg point we sugg'est lhu
TI', I1UONhElt IhEATi[ lOLtl,.
Tw'o Old R.,identmr s of the Strti. (Ione to
ill· (Grea:t IHeyonld.
Mrs. (t;wellihani Evans, mothter of MIor
gan Ev::nsll, artl d tio late 1ri. E. 'P. 'l'hol:rs,
died at the re.si.linc of ticr s.r), ine:tr .Arli.
.condsn, on Fiob. 1I:, 189', and was buried rL
Mondaiy, ti;e 15mill.
T'ln deov'rnse'd wan blr i ini (ladox ont,
Saouth 'A tirle Ap. il 15, i" i, emigirated Ct
Anmrrica iii I(;)i, and ha suncLo reCidei 11i
Dicer L.ol!e vlloy. iThus ihaes closed ii lfr
ulu nof yesire iaid ioable dr-rds. It slmy wel
be said of ti.re ire-ipar tid "Slhte Iat notia livei
IL via'l The mIvll woerds of waIiolu antr
Sntuth she hrais ,lokul rave slili ead aim tlii.
al tC for e omies ll Inio irl v,'h l hiht luiew, rand t
.the u err srirl, Ill(: wres ho mii t left Ir I iltn l
titeir lhss, etia they roalize iRi th Lolugh li
i. ltle wIrd.s of e' m rlrtl rind it vicerl trom
switl hrtar Iir illuore, sihe has set iIl exsIrpi l
S li'forri l ilt ie w ich will alr-; ys l rnl-itiri
fi'esh and irie in nctmaio y. Alt r irerrlm
niniety i, emr r.' iarces inri vir-iusrtiudes o
lile, how sweit is rest.--Silver tlittr..
e T. W. Arvc:. who wtas asin-d i tn l I;.i yeirr
crmil r ,o S llrniruit Oiu Lt r i witth ire2 ov
cmti tr:nl-1 d i r n.m rilantyr, vritu whlrirh I
c vesrid Il 1 i71,-li. Chr he was lroriorr.ir dia
tliriuti i. mr-'crrrrrf e-xmriexpiration of trerrm u
e sr rvrer-. lie rimh srt-tled oar a irrtrch ti th
Ieui th fork it finn ,iver, whoe he hrs rs
siderI ever nhica. lie Wsis ii widrrwr tar
iileaves ncr children. Mc, Avery ,ij,.i VL. *
The Students From Thise State Itanquet
Uon. J. R Cayberg. of Helens.
Feb. 22 and 18 were notable days to the
Montana students at the University :of
Miohigan at Ann Arbor. On Waehinlgton's
birthday the university was honored by a
visit from ex-President Oleveland, who deo
llyered an address under the agspioes of
the law department. On the following
evening twenty-four students from Mon
tann united in a reception and banquet to
ex-Attorney General John B. Clayberg,
who is the lecturer on mining law at the
university, He is on his way east for a
tour of Europe, but stopped at Ann Arbor
for a few days. At thio banquet the follow
ing were the toasts: Montana, A. I. Loeb,
of Helena; Our Honored Guest, J. B. Clay
berg; The Pioneer, M. It. Wilson, of Liv
ingston; The Pilgrim, Lula Sonthmayd of
Virginia City; The University and the Far
West, J. C. Knowlton; Butte, D. W. Yan
cey, of Butte; The Ladies of Montana. E.
A. Hall. of White Sulphur Springs, The
Co-ed, W. K. Cullen, of Helena; Our Alma
Mater, E. D. \Vickes, of Helena. Thi
toastmaster was A. C. Gormley, of Virginia
City. The others present were: D. H.
Crooker, Will Israel, John B. Keating, Lil
lian keating, John Kinna.Jeannette Kinna,
Gustavo Lehman, of Helena; Walter Noyes,
of Butte; George Dilworth, Charlotte Dil
worth. Martha Dilworth, of Dilworth; Le
Roy Southmayd, of Virginia City; F. H.
H1athorn, of Livingston; H. H. Parsons, of
Missoula; C. 1P. Richardson, of Musselehell.
The list of Montana studetts at the univer
sity for 1891-2 numbers twenty-four. Of
this number eleven are from Helena.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Brondol preached at
Great Falls yesterday.
E. G. Worden has gone to Lewistown,
Fergus county, to practice law.
United States Attorney Weed and Mar
shal Furay left for Missoula Sunday.
Edward Lowry and Miss L. Lowry, of
East Helena, are registered at the Grand
Thomas Corcoran is expected to arrive in
Helena to-day on the west bound Northern
Pacific express.
Miss Ella Cooney, of Helena, a sister of
E. H. Coouny, of the Mining Journal, is
visiting in Butte.
State Auditor Kinney has returned from
Fort Benton, where he went to give testi.
moun in several illegal bounty cases.
Harry O. Williard, the successful candi
date for the \Vest Point cadetship, was
among the visitors in Helena yesterday.
Executive Commissioner Bickford, of the
board of managers of the world's fair, has
gone to Washington to look after the inter
ests of Missoula in the matter of the al
regedremoval of the fort from that vicinity.
Arrivals at The /felens.
De Lauey Stone, New H. I. Parry, St. Paul.
York. J. W. Swan, DIenver.
L. E Chase, Grand Joe. C. Furst, C.incin
Rapide. nail.
John h. Kelly, St.Pa l. IR. :. ('raugle, St. Paul
A. U. Alyesworth, Chi- Gee, S. bpaulding,
cage. Minneapolis.
K. D. flaskine. St.Louis J. . Blanchard, Rich
('has. Bloswitz, St. raul mend, \'a,
(ico. Birink. Omaha. F. P. Brown, et. Paul.
E. ItI. Cobb, Minnseap- ('ol. J. S. Cole. New
ells. York.
1). H. Coles, New York. G. A. Jeffery, St. Paul.
It. ('. To id, Boston. A. B. Murray. City.
J. . Watt, Pittsburg. Herman Ottenberg,New
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
L. F. Paskell, Phillips- A A. Dennis. Tacoma.
burg. hiley E. Hendricks,
Johnl fockler, Marys- Marysville,
ville. John Verehow. Chicago
D. L. Enullard, Town- W. F. Evereoll, Town
send. send.
A. T. Ingalls, Placer. O. 0. Rindall, Minne
Ml. M. Keogh, Butte. apolils.
Ed Lowry, East Helena Miss S. Lowry. East
H. P. A array. Enmpire. Helena.
A. W. Sohriebsr, Dia- A, Mittower, Victor.
mood. Mrs. A. Alittowor Victor
S. It. RuHsell. St.Louas H-larry . Willard, Door
J. P. Hensoleiwood, l.odge,
Basin. Jame. tlass, Basin.
S. Nilson. Toston.
Every man, woman and child should buy a
ticket to the proposed dramatic eitertainment
for theo benefit of St. Peter's hospital, and thus
enable this institution to meet the deficiency
incurred by doing works of charity.
The New Merchants,
Operated by the Merchants Hotel com
pany, now begs to announce that its rooms
are open for the reception of guests.
Rooms will be offered to transient guests at
$1.115 per day (parlor floor), $1 per day
(third floor), 75 cents per day (fourth floor).
Extra for more than one occumaut. Rooms
to permanent guests at less rates. All
modern improvements; steam heat, electric
light, return electic call bell system, and
sunshine in every guest chambe:. Brussels
and velvet carpets used exclusively
throughout the house. Office, elegant bar
and billiard room, cigar stand and palatial
barber shop on first floor.
The dining room in this hotel has been
leased to and is now operated separately by
the Misses Nagle, who are prepared to fur
nis board at $8 for tickets good for twenty
one meals, $7 for twenty-one continuous
meals, 50 cents for single meals.
Muslin underwear at one-half regular prices at
The les ieve special sale to-imorrow.
nmoke Adelina Patti cigar-(inest In the
world. J. iB. Lokswoodl' drug store.
You can buy twenty-four sheets of shelf oaper,
any color, for live cents at 'lhe Bee live.
Golud Block.
Elegant office rooms for rent; also hall
suitable for lecture, lodge or club room.
Apply to lJas. Snullivau, rooum 17.
Go to The lHeo iliv for bird cages. Full line
eust rcceied.
Inlldividual Patterns
of foreign and domestio suitings have just
been received by JOHnSON.
liemiunway knittinlg silk, embroidery silks,
sownug silks,. otc., at rhe Sloe liv
Jaikrson's music store. Bailey block.
Ieenlta Iodcgo No. 3, 1. 0. (G. T.
41 Evyry.Monday.
ý'3{ tr ':lii,ý r 'rullar noo'tii or t(h
oio lotlgle will h~o hvilcl
Yho (!. A. 1 LIa1 on ('ark
f ', t oý'l',lcý Virtlig 1) ,V1ly(:rVs ar oar
(hbiVI1r Temlar.
x,11 c tary. I
;'1)'1'11'1: O (ON'IC'-` I'o11S VIOl,
'i CO f V- r U~, I' Vo 'I'i,-vt'oCfl ý'u' it Lintc1
i. 1'77' ,rt1',', (r30~m" 1w" I) 7 ,1, of m,)
tý':,"-i ý,n ( -,:0 11',-t Gaillatin 1,I ril.'l 'lllll (oI11ln
booty, \lujtfln, lod n,o,lod tap ,.it I or
c..l 1,1vr,0, f'W Rrth.. rI'oi k lI ,:r'')t.'! (,:Lntatrly.
5I piiaiuun;,oclot~y ;e oht,t ~io,I at I;I,, (iCV of
-- -.---I
. 1",. C 1 1' I ,(;. y
Fn'in, cr IV. G. Irr. Co , ~ll· /Ilvl.'n11 . Mont.O.
will 7o7t1 . I 1 o fy all Ii)l)
o' etip I ~w - i IIn a : . ." nYI 1 enja
mi11 - . l II ,W A
I II Iiwiln I, t1 t. I' l), IOa ro
ta r:. t,· iI tr ;iI:,: ·· :I ''',llv, " Icy I1I1 1I1 I'·lid·t,
wilaollt and VIii,a l LI,01.O in
JN I,,\J. (3A7IHAY, l twtatAy
,Il~, ,Trll II In", 2 r IVA National d"aIO
Iloito'watu o Arthitoeto.
J. C. REUMINTON, M1tarer,.
o-Night - Feb. 29.
One Performance Only
by the
latholic Literary Society
Hazel Kirke.
Reserved Seats at Pope & O'Con
tor's Drug Store.
J. C. REMINGTON, Manager.
Nednesday and Thursday,
The Spanish Troubadors.
Thrlought reading extraordinary. The curtains
f the mild withdrawn. The telephone sup
ased. Brait pi:curings transcribed. Hidden
rticles. discove ed.
toogether with the
Jnder the direct ion of Doun Jose t.amirez, on the
mandolin and guitar: liamlnirz, the world's
champion mandolinist.
Solo Guitarists,
A Unique and Attractive Entertainment.
Reserved seats at Pope & O'Connor's Tuesday,
iarch 1.
F. M. SHAW & CO.
Expert Accountants and Bookkeepers.
The above filmm straighten out old hooks
which have fallen into arrears, tender balance
beets, open new ledgers, etc., with rapidity and
tbsolute accuracy. Will also instruct in the
atest and most approved practical methods of
iookkeeping. Charges reasonable. Address all
aorreopondenet F. M. Shaw & Co., P. O. box
13. HIelena, Mont.
Well improved and thoroughly Irri
gated, on fine range.
W. E. Cox, Gold Block.
A Cro(w)cus From Dakota.
The cricket may crick, and the
froglet frog, and the farmer may
chant his strain, for Dakota's crop
is always on top-when there is
plenty of rain, and when there is
a big crop of No. I hard wheat as
there was last year the North Da
kota Milling Co. can make a su
perlative article of flour, as evi
denced by their Diamond brand of
Hard Wheat Patent. Try it.
There is no better in the world.
Ask your grocer for it.
' the liirst judicial district of thu state of
lontoin:a, in and lor tih clllnt.y of Lewis and
In Loonwe, plaintiff, vn. Henry Loewe, de
'the t:ato of Montana sondsgreeting to the
sboot IIauuI d, ledant:
Yu areo herely required to appear inan aRtaion
bro:;hll aRtinat yOll by I Ie above name, d otiptilaiti
in t i i.u:ritr court or thl First jidijiat distri.t
of ti l snttu if Mnonlta, in and for the colunty of
lwivnwl tClarke. an, 11to anlswr tho ieoplaint
filih itinn.nit hin ton d:tay (xcitin.vn or the day
olf aO"rice) afie tlh fervi'r, of this nun.
inou-, if morted within thi 'oiunt: ori. if 8s'erveid
iou of thi c lil . il . l t in thi dirjtrict, within
tonit.w i laue. otitrwiti' within fneiy dnv,. or
according to the Prater ,f raid t ,nplainoit.
'l no said outi ol is brought -to aobiit. detreo of
thin:c lllrt diso'l on:: tn hal:tn of im:arimtonllly
now exitiilng botw a i hknd ,laiutiltl nod lefnd
ant. upon l , tin e r udS'.l l o. t Lor in thiio nplel int
il tiu in this ncatio,l. ntd for tli. caltody of the
Snintor n:iildrmn and for gooerai rlief.
'l unltii l ta .',re , lsi i c',mlllit,t, as grounds
for ult h div. i e,. that on the l;;it day If Dleveni
t.or, . i. ouo thous ald eght huniIdreP: alnt
tolthyniliao, 'lieSn thie (tfen.nitalt wilfllllly und
I itll ;h t t au- o ti..ll .id auld litanldonl t t I plain.
I till ani aut evO o itiaelf troi pliiutitt aguliot
her whIl and withlloll hor conniit, ad deplarled
fronm tha atato of Montaltla, an t ill contllllll 10to
live niitarui[:i lland aplirt farol hiLr.
And you ate ilo ry notiiia i that tif you fail to
rIiliri'n an:d .n w r t ha .nld cormplaint, as aoveo
r u'uird, tho.Fat dt plainti!i will ap.y to the court
for Ihe rubot AInlna:t.iod it, hor omaplaint.
tij .n ui der ty hianl and ti , ll eal of thi, dit
Irit t , ou i (,f ihi 0irc jmdici tj iin triet of to
istat of otintnta, in anl for t hevcnuintv of laiowi
and t(letrke, this, ii t ay of Fltirtu ry. in |lu
Jear of ler Lord onle tholouand oight hundiru.
lnt:at,.. ,tIIN lIlAN.
I('ork of District ('ourt
SI'. . .l. ,niur.R, Attorney foVr I'Paintllf.
! TOCKi Ot iolIIal' lFtlIR'TIN(I-NO'TIt'I It
hirebyt ii ot ti t ma noting of It lstock
holdetrif tre I1 pll, Yan Mlilting ioaipaony will hI
I,'ia at to laew thfei oif A Ii I lt'ltrii. in Mba
s.o lia Ilnllpo, ill tlie ciy of InIoaia M.Nli., I n
lFrlnay the 4th day of M:uct,. 18ot. at finer i'chltik
vi. n of aid ila. ftr ti lirlin it flaethng a
board of truoteoas tr tihe ensuiu yar
M Ieo N. Y N . HIbL. L'r'ei.deat.
melons. Feb. M~. Il'd.k
The Cheapest,
Most Durable
-N. Econornica?
In the market. Give It a trlal. It is no experiment.
All pumps put in under guarantee.
TS a double acting pump without any meohanioal apt
pileance to absorb power, or oet oat of order. All work
fn r part arcnterclhaulOable and can be replacedwhen
worn, without skilled labor.. or mchlnoe shop. It is
automatic in its operation. No mahineory or engine
required to ran it, only a steam pipe from boleor to
pIump. Tile reresere ot steam forcoe 1he water above
the pump. due to the pressnre in the baoiler. The anc
'tion is obtained without the expense ot team by means
Write for ecreulars, price lists ot a vacuum formed by the eondensation of the steam
andtstim al to ~after it has been utilized to elevate the water above the
and testimonialsto pump.
A M. Holter Hardware Company,
Helena, Mont., Dealers in Hardware, Tools, Machimery, Engines, Boilers, Pumps
and Mining Supplies.
Capital paid in $5,000,000. Assets over $23,000,000.
For absolute seourity and for prompt payment of losses
insure with
S=I:LENi A. 1 d.ONTaNA.
F'RNITURE An Reduction of o50 Per Cent.
Lace and Chenille J. R. SANFORD,
C IJ I1 R/AL II S Nos, 112 and 114 Broadway, Helena.
Helena Lumber Company
e--ALSO DEALERS IN--.--.-e
hough and ~nishing Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Sash and. Lumber,
Telephone 14. City Office: Room 8, Thompson Bloek, Main Street,
Opposite Grand Central HoteL
Our goods purchased for Spring Trade are arriving daily
and we are prepared to display to our patrons the
Of goods already in stock, purchased this season by Mr.
Gans, and equal in taste and finish to ordinary Custom
Clothing, and at prices much lower.
Ourl Children's Novelties
Will be unexcelled. Those already shipped are
handsome in design.
We are agents for the Celebrated

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