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Hand-turned Dongola Kid.
$2.00 Opera and common sense
Our $3 Fine Shoes. You
$3.00 would be surprised at their
value. They always give
satisfaction. Should they fail, we will
make it good to you. Can fit wide or
narrow feet, high or low insteps with
our $3 shoes. We keep them in opera
and common sense lasts.
Dongola Kid Shoes with
$2,25 patent leather tips. Opera
Hand-turned, fine Dongola
$3.50 Kid, patent leather tip,
rstylish, warranted not to
Fine Dongola Kid Oxfords,
$1.50 patent tip, opera and co_
mon sense las .s.
Kid House Slippers from 65c to $1.50
We have Ladies' Spring heel Shoes.
Our Stock at present is quite complete.
New England Shoe Store, S, L, Smithers, 11 South Main Street, Helena,
An Ohio World's fair commissioner has
estimated that the exhibitors from his state
will spend upwards of $5,000,00: in the
preparation of their exhibits for the expo
The California building at the fair will
be an imposing structure of the "old mis
sion" type, 110x500 feet, with a dome, and
costing about $75.000. It will be sur
rounded by a hedge of Monterey cypress.
Vermont will have a building at the ex
position without drawing on the state ap
propriation for the cost of its erection.
One hundred substantial citizens have
guaranteed $10.000 for that purpose, each
one pledging himself to pay $100.
Michigan's building will measure 100x140
feet and be three stories high. It will be
constructed of Michigan material, which
with the furnishings will be donated.
'Though but $20,000 of the appropriation
will be devoted to its erection, it will in
reality be a $50,000 building.
Denmark will spend about $5,500 in show
ing, as-a leading feature of its World's fair
exhibit, a Danish dairy, complete and in
operation. The dairy interest is one of, the
most important in Denmark, and the most
approved methods and mechanical appli
ances are utilized in the dairies of that
The governments of Norway and Sweden
have, respectively, asked for World's fair
appropriations of $61,288 and $53,600. In
Norway a number of private citizens are
raising a fund of $10,720 with which to
build and send to Chicago a counterpart of
the Viking ship which was exhumed near
'bandefiord. a few years ago.
W. L. Libby & Sons, of Toledo, intend to
erect on Midway plaisance a factory in
which the manufacture of cut glass can be
seen, ftom the furnace, on through the cut
ting, finishing and decorating departments,
until the finished product is turned out.
The factory plans call for a structure 125x
200 feet, of stone, iron and glass, and with
imposing dome. The firm intends to spend
$10,000 on the building alone.
Connecticut held an enthusiastic World's
fair meeting at Hartford on Washington's
birthday, ex-Gov. s Waller presiding. A
committee of sixteen, two from eachoounty,
were appointed to look after the state's
representation at the exposition. Sixteen
lady managers were also chosen. Sub
scriptions being called for, $S0,000 was
pledged on the spot. It is expected that
the legislature, when its deadlock is broken,
will reimburse the subscribers.
Special WVorld's Fair Commissioner Alex
ander Campbell has returned from Austral
asia and reports that great enthusiasm over
tihe exposition is felt in that pa:t of the
world. New South \Wales, South Australia,
Victoria, Queensland, Now Zealanid, Tas
uiania aco all making extensive prepara
tions for their represeotation, and splendid
exhibits ale relorted suar to be sent. Three
new steamers between Sydnoy and Nan
Francisco are about to be put onl.
Baron do Borlevech, German minister of
commerce, bits written to the chamber of
c,,mmerce of Crefeld, thb Iprincipal place in
Prussia for the unnoufacturs of silk goods,
that the emper or ardently desires that there
should be as line a display as possi',le of
Gorman silks and velvets at the Chicago
World's fair. A majo-ity of the silk and
velvet manufacturing irums in the lthenlish
Iurovincee will comply with the wishes of
the emperor, whoeo interest in Germiany's
share of the exhibition i, having a stimu
lating effect in all directions.
Italy will make no governmental display
at the exposition. The king, however, has
recognized the fair, by appointing a comn
mission, and Minister of State itudinl has
informed Vice-President Bryan and Di
rector Higinbotham. that the gitvernment
will encourage individual exhibitors in aversy
way possible. lie intimated that it would
oven pay for the transportation of all ex
hibits. Mr. Higinbothalu repirts that there
is throughout Italy much enthusiasm over
the exposition and that the painters,
sculptors and manufacturers of artistic
wares are hard at work on intended ex
Itemenyl, the well known violin virtuoso,
hia made application for a spaie of not
less than 400 square feet in which to ex
hibit his great collection of rare Africao
etlhnological specimens. The selection
which comprises over 1,500 carefully ne
lected specimens, bhas been formed during
the last forty years, and is beyond ques
tion the most perfect of its kind. It i
especially rich in the ancient regal symp
bols in use among the Zulus, including
sceptres, royal bracelets, which were uses
instead of crowns, and other emblems oJ
hammered silver, of carved and polishes
ivory and of rhinoceros horn. The royas
bracelets are especially interesting. The3
are hollowed rings made from transverse
sections of huge elephant tusks, and, until
his death, were never taken off, after once
placed on the arm of the king. There arc
also several splendid specimens of the ex.
ceedingly rare and beautiful royal silt
mantles of the sovereigns of Madagascar,
300 and more years aco. These mantles are
curiously adorned with broideries of metai
and of uncut precious stones and of feather
work. Every speoimon in the collection is
perfect and unique of its kind.
Mr. Uarilusow, of St. Petersburg, Russia,
a dealer in fine oriental goods, intends tc
exhibit at the exposition rare carpets,
shawls, hangings and textile fabrics from
the far orient. He will furnish a number
of rooms in rich oriental styles represent
ing the residences of the wealthy Mahome
tans of Asia, and by way of contrast the
tents of tie nomad tribes of the Kirguir
Tartars. home of the apartments will be
in the style of the Caueasus, others in the
Bokkars and Chiva styles. The furniture
and decorations for these apartments have
been for the most part collected at great
expense in the remote orient. Snirnow A
Co., of the same capital, will exhibit a com
plete suite of apartments of a "B]oyar" or
wealthy Russian noble of the XII century,
and also the cabin of the rich Russian peas
ant of modern times. Each of these ex
hibits will be in a separate pavillion of dis
tinctively Russian architecture. The great
samovar factory of T''oula, Russia, will send
to the exposition a large exhibit of its pro
ducts. It will also erect a great tea saloon
that will be a great reproduction of the
most luxurious of these establishments to
be found in the great citiesof Russia in the
early part of this century.
A Candidate Sltlipiped by tet urll Steanter
According to peuelllcatltons.
Having made his fortune in the provinces,
a wealthy Frenchman wrote to his business
correspondent in Paris to the following
"As I have taken a resolution to marry,
and do not find a suitable match out Ihele,
do not fail to send by the next ship bound
hither a younc lady of the sunbjoined quali
fications: Let her be of an honest family,
between A0 and :i. years of ane, of a mniddlu
stature ant well proportioned; her fties
agreeable, her character blameless and her
constitution strong enough to bear tihe
change of rlimant; that there mnry be no
occasion to look for a second wife becau.o
of the death of the first soon after
sao camie to hand, which must be pro
vided against as nm h as possible. (Consid
ering the groat distance and the daulors of
the seao. 1 demand no portion. If she ar
rives here on the conditions stipulated,
With the present letter indorsed by you, I
hereby enunce to marry the bearer at fif
teen days' sight."
This is a sensible letter, very different
from ordinary billet doux, and it was re
plied to with punctuality and in the earmn
terms, says the Irish 'limes.
Amrong goods sent by his correspondent
was the follhwing itemu: "A young gentle
woman, 25 years of age, of the quality antd
shape as conditioned per order, as appears
by the rttidavitn and certificates she has to
A few days, we are told, were devoted to
coutship., when the nuptial ceremony took
place with gront maguiliconce; "nor did
Itlartiniqus boast of a lihal,ier couple than
the one thus singularly united."
It Vas ('atteimt lit Ihte 'aecltie anti Weighed
Four Ittndred f'ounds.
A lugo crowd on the noon ferrybont, col
looted about one of the trunk carts yester
day, attracted by a huge and queer fish that
was extended along the frame of the truck.
LL invited to attend the sale of Shoes
at the lowest priced shoe house in
Helena. Will be glad to show you our great
. AT 8 P. M.
WE justly claim to carry the largest
stock and most extensive variety of
Children's s hoes in the city. Also that we
sell them at closer margins, and give special
attention to fitting children properly. Bring
in the whole family.
To every appearance the fish belonged to
the trout family, and was judged to be a
freak in size.
One of the curious lookers-on measured
the length of the monster and found it to
be nearly seven feet, while the greatest
breadth about the body was three and a
half feet. The scales appeared very much
like pieces of abalone shell, but were duc
tile and semi-transparent, says the Sau
Francisco Chronicle.
By and by the inevitable know-all came
along, and he explained the wonder to the
lcowd. The sea leviathan was a species of
the black sea bass, and by all odds the
largest of its kind ever captured on the
coast, Its weight was about 400 pounds. It
was capotured off the Catalina islands, and
the powerful rope fastened through its
enormous month attested its prodigious
It was learned that smaller specimens of
this fish are brought up from Santa
Barbara and sold to wholesale dealers. The
restaurants, by a process of seasoning and
hammering out of the flesh, are enabled to
serve the fish to their patrons under a dozen
different names.
Could Love anil Editor
A drummer for a certain paper mill met
a sentimental young woman on a Grand
Trunk train going up to Port Huron, and it
was not long before his modest diffidence
so impressed her that she let him sit beside
her and divide the charming landscape with
her through the same window. After a der
lightful talk of half an hour, says the i)e
troit Free Press, he began to refer to him
self and his labor.
"What bhusiness are you in?" she in
quired, naively.
"The newspaper business," he said.
COh," she twittered, "how lovely it must
be to be an editor. So much intelligence is
required. Such intellect. Such a compre
hoeaivr'breadth and knowledge. So much
of all that develops a man's brain and
makes him equally a scientist, teacher,
poet, artist, lolitician and statesmen. 1
am sure"-and. oh, how softly sweet her
eyes turned upon him-"I tam sure I could
love an editor."
Then the modest, diffident drummer
kicked his sample case under the seat and
aidn't tell ther any better.
Bueklen's srulica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruption', and positively
uereaspiles or no pay required. It is guar
antsed togive erfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cents per. box. Fox
Pale by R. S. Lale A O.
A VlWarninulg--Don't Use i tS W'ords.
In promulgating esoteric cogitations or
erticulatinig superficilal sentiluuentnlitio
and philosophical or psychological obser
vntious, bltwiare or platitudinmons ponder
osity. Lot your statements possess a clari
fled concisenies, compacted comuprehensi
blenIrs, coalescont consListency ainld a
concentrated cogency. Eechow atll ton
glomerationb of flatuleont grrulity, jejune
babblenmon and neinuloa alTfoctrrtion. In
trying to iunplas u eon others the superior
ity of the Wisconsin Central lines, :and why
you and so many others use thin tlhorongh
fare from St. Paul and Minneanolis atnd
Duluth and Ashland to Milwaukee. Chicago
and points east and south, it is not necees
sary to use jawbreakers. Let your extlet
poraneous dleoattinus and unuroemoditatted
expatiatlons have intelligibility and vera
icnus vivacity, without thodoluntade or
thrasonionl bombast. Sedulounly avoid nil
all polysyllabic profundity. psittnoeous vao
ulty, ventrilo qutal verbosity and vandilo
quest vapidity, shun double enitoudres,
prurient juoosity end postifronns profanity,
obscurent or apparent. In other words,
talk plainly, nautanlly, sensibly, and truth
fully say the Wisconsin Central lines is the
route, and that ends it.
That nightmare of mani's existence which
makes food a mockery and banishes sleep
from weary eyes, readily yields to the po
tent Influence of the celeblated English
Dandelion Tonlc. It tones tai the digestive
organls, restores the a etite, makes as
sImilation of food possie and invigoratos
the whole sstem. All drugaists sell it at
41 per bottle.
New Merchants Hotel,
March 1, 2, 3 and 4.
AT BOULDER, March 5 and 6.
VILLE, Feb. 29 and March 12
and 13.
AT MISSOULA, March 14 and 15.
March 16 and 17.
AT ANACONDA. Commercial Ho
tel, March 18.
The oldest and most successful
San Francisco Specialist, and now
President of the Liebig World Dis
pensary of Kansas City, Mo., San
Francisco. Cal., and Butte City,
Montana, will be at the
Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday
and Friday, March 1, 2, 3 and 4.
On account of enormous increase
of practice can only stay at Helena
four days- March 1, 2, 3 and 4.
All persons desiring to meet and
consult, tree, with tho greatest
Special Surgeon and Physician of
our greatest cities, right, here at
Helena, should take advantage of
this opportunity.
No charge for remedies this trip,
the object. boing to secure the jec
olnmendatian oa all cured.
Permlanent Montana Offices:
Secontl Floor, Herald Baildin1.,
OOKS Order
NOTICil TO CON'rI,)(lCTOR-i 1 0h)D WILh
bo r'oeivf d by (Is udl+tlerignll utitl tt arh
1. IRIt.ior the uollrtrletltI ,Ii twolety wild e o! .x
tillr~tuo l Il |o the l'| Wo llintlll Irrletat io elell.4..
iy's enotl is tit 1 \Wota (tillatin onloy. (falleti,
"tull|i + ~ty lt, fwito , bid m wel l at e h[ . tar oo |lct
,ehlluoard f-r earth, remk nldd r av.I ratty.
peoitloeatloai ote ersty ho oehlatltd tlit elhto ofloo o
A. t'IIMhIINln.
Efnlgineer W. G. icr. Co. Hiolons. Munt,
....... Our $3 Shoe department.
$3,00 e carry a full line of the
...... celebrated W. L. Douglass
$3 Calf Shoes. You should see the shoe
you can buy of us for $3 before paying
more elsewhere for no better shoe.
$..0--1' Hand-sewed welt fine calf
$3.50 Shoe for $3.50, made on
the new foot-form last, the
most practical shape for comfort in
an up and down grade country.
An all solid leather dress
1$1.75 Shoe for $1.75. Wide and
narrow toe.
Our $5 fine hand-sewed
$5.00 Calf and Kangaroo are the
S- -- best for the money west of
Chicago, made in the latest styles and
all practical shapes. All sizes, 5 to 11.
Motto: "No Fancy Prices,"
Mail orders will recive careful attention,
---OF THE--
WholesaIle iquor House of I, L1 Isra & Co.
For the Month of M.arcl.h.
This is no advertising dodge, but I mean business, as prices
quoted below will prove. All whiskies are quoted at Eastern
prices and are subject to change monthly. Now is the chance for
dealers to buy strictly pure whiskies (at Distillers' prices in. large
quantities) and save freight. Will sell in quantities to suit, from
one barrel to limit of stock. The following goods in stock:
12 bbls Old Crow, Spring '86............ 3..65 Gallon
15 " Hermitage, Spring '86........... 3.50
30 " W. . H. Mcrayer, Spring '87 ...... 3.25
48 " Bond & Lillard, Spring 'S7....... 3.00o
25 " James E. Pepper, Spring '87 ...... 3.25
20 " W. H. MclBrayer, Fall '88........ 2.75 "
S " Tea Kettle, Spring '83 ........... .4.oo 0
10 " Nelson, Spring '8o.............. 4.50
5 " Monarch, Spring 'So............ 6.oo
5 " Gukenheimer Rye, Spring '87.... 3.75
5 '" Clifton Spring, Spring '89........ 1.90 "
2o " Anderson, Spring 'go............ 2.00
Free Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
5o bbls. W. II. McBrayer, Fall '88........ $2.40 Gallon
Will sell only in 5-bbl lots. Delivered with U. S. gauger cer
tificate, free of all charges, in Lawrenceburg, Ky.
U, S, Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
Will sell only in 5-bbl. lots:
25 bbls James E. Pepper, Spring '91...... Soc Gallon
zoo " W. I1. McBrayer, Fall '9o ....... 9c
5o " Bond & Lillard, Spring 'go....... oc "
5 " Mlellwood, Spring 'go............. 75c
Consisting cf Whiskies, Brandies, Gins, Wines, and all Cordials. Porter,
Al, etc., being the best brands of Imported Goods in the market, at
specially low prices.
Will be sold at Factory Prices. An additional discount of live per cent.
on cigars for Cash.
In the city by the bottle or gallon, at very low prices. Orders by Tele"
phone promptiy attended to. Telephone No. 122.
I. L. ISRAEL & 60. 1 o, 3 ,ri l

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