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LADIES' GO BS A LL invited to attend the sale of ShoesS
......_ at the lowest priced shoe house in I
Hand-turned Dongola Kid. ,Helena. Will be glad to show you our great
$2.00 Opera and common "sense variety, Our $3 Shoe department.
lasts. -. ------- - $3.00 We carry a full line of the
-----j lasts.
.__ ,,_ jcelebrated W. L. Douglass
Our $3 Fine Shoes. You $3 Calf Shoes. You should see the shoe
$3.00 would be surprised at their you can buy of us for $3 before paying
value. They always givq REMEMBER more elsewhere for no better shoe.
satisfaction. Should they fail, we will WE CLOSE Hand-sewed welt fine calf
make it good to you. Can fit wide or $350 SHand-sewed welt fine calf
narrow feet, high or low insteps with AT 8 P. M. $3.50 Shoe for $3.50, made on
our $3 shoes. We keep them in opera the new foot-form last, the
and common sense lasts. most practical shape for comfort in
an up and down grade country.
Dongola Kid. Shoes with - --
$225 patent leather tips. Opera .An all solid leather dress
last. Shoe for $1.75. Wide and
___--__ narrow toe.
Hand-turned, fine Dongola - _--_ _----.
$3,50 Kid, patent leather tip, Our $5 fine hand-sewed
stylish, warranted not to $5.00 Calf and Kangaroo are the
rip. y best for the money west of
Fine Dongola Kid Oxfords, . -, . Chicago, made in the latest styles and
$1,0 patent tip, opera and cor- all practical shapes. All sizes, 5 to 11.
mon sense lasts. "XTE justly claim to carry the largest
Kid House Slippers from 65c to $1,50 V stock and most extensive variety of Motto "o Facy
Children's shoes in the city. Also that we Ti
We have Ladies' Spring heel Shoes. sell them at closer margins, and give special
Our Stock at present is quit complete attention to fitting children properly. he whole amring Mail orders will recive careful attention.
New England Shoe Store, S, L, Smithers, 11 South Main Street, Helena,
flO IbtT91TAN P R QrNR ┬║ ..... , - I,... -L. - 1
Dun's Review of the State orf Trade-Gen
eral Iinprovemeut.
NEw Yonx, March 12.-Distribution of
products is unquestionably improving.
Transactions are on the whole larger than
a year ago, in spite of dep:ession at the
south, being very much larger at the west.
Nor is improvement confined to that sec
tion, though general there; it is also more
distinctly felt in eastern aities, and there
are not wanting signs that trade at the
south, though still much embarlaesed by
the low price of 'otton, is steadily gaining.
With all the great inlustries active, with
money abundant in spite of gold exio:ts,
and with speculation kept in wholesome
check, the outlook would seem to be un
usually favorable, notwithstanding general
complaints that prices are low and mar
gins of profit unusually small.
Iron has been the dismal feature, but in
stead of a decrease the weekly outi.ut
shows a large inorease, so that March 1 it
was the largest aver known, 192,902 tons,
against 188,135 last December, hitherto the
maximum: A year ago there was a shrink
age owing to strikes, but 183,846 tons had
been reached in December, 1890, and 180.
011 in March, 1890, so that for two years the
increase has been but seven per cent. The
trouble in this industry is that while sharp
competition between nbrthen and southern
producers put down prices, the consump
tion has been irregular, at some seasons ex
tlrordiuary, but atothershesitating. There
is such shrinkage new that a leading Le
high producer has reduced the price $1 ter
ton this week, making the lowest quota
tions on record, 8onthern companies are
trying to consolidate, and meanwhile No. I
Birmingham is offered delivered at Troy
for $15.90. Rails are innetive, bar is dull
and plates weaker. In copper there is also
an effort to consolidate or combine pro
ducers, as yet with uncertain results. Trade
in tin has been small and lead is dull.
The textile industries ara improving.
Sales of wool at Boston, Philndelphia anlo
Now York for the year now exceed last
year's to same date by 4,700,000 pounds, or
10 per cent, and while buyers do not specu
late and the tone is weaker, it is clear that
manufacturers are taking wool more
largely. On the whole, more machinery is
busy than a year ago, espeially in chev
lots, overcoatings and eloukings, and the
dress goods trade has successfully closed a
big season. In knit goods buyers hesitate.
The trade in cotton goods is larg, ly in ox
coos of last year, sales in February ehow
ing a big increase in every department.
Busiuesa the past week has been better at
Boston, especially in leather and shoes, and
shipments have been a shade larger than a
yJ .r ago, though tie ,eo. ease for tire your
thus far is still six per cent. Wools a l were
3,211,600 pounds against 2,711,300) oundle
last year. Hartford notes much better
hardware traoic and improvement in dry
goods. At .'Philadlubia, while iron is de.
moralized, and the market for wool in
buyers' favor, liberal orders appear for dry
goods. and the trade, except with the south,
is the best for many years. In groceries,
paints, oil and glass, there is gradual im
provement, and in tobacco, the larger ciar
makers being busy. Pittsbulg tinds the
volume of trade in iron smaller, and tonle
further talk of olosing furnaces, but the
glass trade is fair. The grocery trade at
Cliincnati is good, and saddlery and har
ness active. Good trade is noted at Cleve
laud in dry goods, hardware, boots and
crockery, and jobbing trade exceeding last
year's at Detroit. UtIicago repo:rtt liaeral
increase in sales of moerchandise ex
ceeding last year's thus far, and
receipts of productsr show gains of a third
in cattle, half in earn and rye, double last
year's in flour and barley, three times in
wheat, four timUnR in dressed beef, while a
decrease of a third is seen in cnred meats,
hogs and wool. Money is plenty for legit
imata trade. Througlhout the northwest
the storm has unsettlud trade, though
everywhere proapecte are considered bright,
and at Milwaukee and ht. Paul trade much
exceeds last year's, while at Omaha thoh
siderable increase is seen. At Kansas City
cattle receipts are 10,00(0 head above last
year's for the week, and at St. Luais pros
pects are considered good for a large in
crease of trade. It is gratifying that notes
of cheer colme from the south; Louslvilll
reports the largest sales of tobaeco in the
history of the trade, and general improve
ment, while the business is fair but im
proving at Nashville and MCemphis, and
some improvement is seen at New Orleans,
where sugar is rising with an active de
mand, and better feeling ins seen in cotton.
Speculation in products is weak, wheat
being two and three-fourths cents lower,
and corn a quarter, exports falling much
below those of recent weeks. The govern
ment report that after the enormous move
ment thus far, 171,000,000 bushels of wheat
remained in farme:s' hands March 1, the
largost proportion ever reported, tends to
depress prices further. Oats and pork pro
ducts are unchanged, oil three-eights
higher, but coffee three-eights lower. A
drop of an eighth in cotton puts, the price
down to 6.93 cents, the lowest for more
than forty years, and receipts continue to
exceed last year's, though this week ex
ports fall behind. All exports from New
York show a deorease for the month thus
far of about eight per cent. The outgo of
gold doss not entirely cease, though
sterling exohange has deolined to
$4.87x., for it is understood
that Austrian preparations permit a
small premium to be paid. ''lhe stock
market hat been unimuortant, at times
noisily advancing in some stocks but
quickly losing activity. Though money is
abundant, rates on call have slightly ad
vanced, and the market for commercial
loans is a little stiffer at most eastern cities.
The business failures occurring through
out the country during the last sevtn days,
as reported to 11. G. Dun & Co., the mer
cantile agency, by telegraph, number, for
the United States 230, and for Canada
twenty-six, or a total of 250, as conmpared
with totals of 240 last week, and 270 the
week previous to the last. For the corres
ponding week of last year the figures were
273, representing 234 failures in the United
Mtates, and thirty-nine in the Dominion of
TJo CMuch "Ladying."
"One of the most maddening things on
earth," said a woman the other day, "is
the persistent 'ladyipg' I get at the hands
of the tradesmen," says the New York
press, "My butcher and grocar and fish
man are so hopelessly committed to this
form of address I expect no relief in their
cases, but why the clerks in the dry goods
stores are not taught better I cannot see.
It is so much more pleasing to be called
'madame:' the continued interpolating of
'lady' as I am making a purchase irritates
me to the verge of exasperation, and has on
a fw occasions driven me from a counter
without waiting to select the goods I
wanted." "Madame" is certainly more
digniliod, formal and general. It acn b3
applied to the oost youthful shopper who
ever matched samples or the elderly and
sedate purchaser of household goods.
"Leddy" always sounds so erintiun and se
tally. while "madame" is a term applie.i to
ostch other by the highest in the land, a fact
that should surely recommend it in these
days, when the assumption of inequality on
the pai t of the employer and employed is
resented as an insult.
Fell Flat.
The conversation flagged a little at a re
cent high tea hold within the select circle
of the 150, and one of the guests-a practi
cal joker by the way-said, facetiously:
"Evidently we are at a loss for a subject
to keep the conversation poing. Let us talk
about the genealogy of our families."
Strange to any the suggestion instead of
looseninug the tontnues of the company,
noted like the traditional wet blanket, and
the silence that followed became so thick
that it could have been cut with a butter
knife.-New York Press.
Are Yea Sulerlag
From back aheke. Inlamration of the blad
der, driek dust deposit or stoae in the blad
der, or in feeat any deraugemeant of the
kidneys er arinary organs? If thus afflicted
do not leea time and wastemoney on worth
less linimaegnt'ead worse plasters, but strike
at the seat ef the diseats et sues by asing
the greatestof all known remedies, the cel.
ebratesd Oreges Kidney Tea. Pleassat to
take, parly vegetable. atistieftieo every
Remarkable Experience
of John Turk, a Pio
neer of Helena.
39 Doses Taken at Once Did
Not Kill, but Succeeded
in Curing Him.
john Turk, Cascade, Montana, took 39
doses of a so-called "San Francisco Qunck's
Medicine," at once, and was not killed,
as promised by tival doctors. In Septem
ber, 1889, he called on Dr. A. C. Stoddart,
visiting physician for Dr. Liebig & Co.,
Liebig World Dispensary, San Francisco
and Butte City, who had offices for two
weeks at the Merihants Hotel, Helena.
Mr. Turk had suffered for years with
Rheumatism, Impurity of Blood and effects
of mercurial Sailivation. He had four of
the best physicians in Montana attend him,
and they failed to relieve him. pr. Stlod
dart examined him, sent his prescriptions
to Liebig Dispensary, San Francisco. to be
prepared. After Dr. Stoddart left, Mr.
Tuark iet the local doctors and told them
what he had done. They laughed at him,
and said "that Ban Francisco quack would
kill him." He was so frightened that when
the medicine from San Francisco came he
'put the bottle upon a shelf at his house,
707 Park street, Helena, and it stood neg
leoted until December (nearly three
months) while Mr. Turk suffered day and
night, had not slept half an hour at a time
in years. Being in great agony late in
December, at midnight, his eve cauliht
eight of the so-called "Quack's?" medi
TANA.) 1He, in desperation decided to kill
himself with the "Quack's" medicine, as
he was told by former attending doctors it
would kill him, so he swallowed half a
month's medicine at enole--3.9 doses-and
fell asleep, sloet until 1ooll next day, lnd
never has had a pain or ache since.
The above reads like fiction, but truth is
stranger, and to prove that the above ul
true, write to John Turk, Ciascade, Mon
tans, or call on Mrs. E. Verley, or Mrs. ..
H. Danbar, 707 Park avenue, Helens, Mont.
Dr.. Stoddart, L.lebig & Co. will have
offices in Helena at Merchants Hlotel. lTt to
4th of each month. Montana oflices 8 East
Broadway, Butte. Call or write.
Reoently the folltowln Notice appeared in the
San Franclco sUhroalle.
"' udagc S- had been sick only about two
weeks, and it was not ulntil the last thIer or
four davy that the mnalady took a serilus turn.
At the cegli nlng ofIlis Illtfiunes he sufrledl fsn
diabetes anid stomalch dlisorder. Itler lthe
kidnleys refused to perform ttheir fluicilio, nilld
he passed quietly away. Thus eniled the lilfi
of one of the miot pmroitienit itue I Clli
fiirnia." Iike thoualnduls of otlherir his tIl
lmely deathl was t he restll of neglecti ng early
sy mpltoms of kidney disease.
are troubilled with dliheles, gravel, or any de
Iileillelhe l otll le I i te i s i ii0 T oillll . icllIIs,
dai'L delay ploliet r treitillla t Iuliitil you are
forced to give lup your dily diuties don't
waeste yoir aiIIaCy Oii S'li olllelis Ililisisl ha
5td1 wor.e pluasters, but s.rikie at t(hr atl of
the disease at onit'e t i untiih tie h rreate'l f illi
known remlledies, the celebratedl Orelgon Kid.
n 'v 'le. It has saved the lives of tholusiii.Id.
Why should it not clre syoul? Try it. Plrtlyi
vegetable anld pleaant io take. 1.O0 u piack
age, 0 for $.S,00.
the First judicial distrlet of tlh state of
lontana, in and for thie county of Lewis and
Anna Loewe, plaintiff, as. Itenry Loe'we, de
'l'hte state of Mlontana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
Yoblare heerehy required to tlapear inman action
brougnht egainst you by the above nanttd plaintiff
in the diet rit: cotrt ot tie First jndticial dietrict
of the state of Montana, in and for tihe county of
Lewis aid ( laric. end t, aentcw- the co teelanto
filed thelrein.withi ten dstyt (exclusve or the day.
of er r ice) aflor the c trvico of this sumo
monua if served wititin this c eunty or it served
oCt Wt this countly, bttl i thi 'listrict, within
tttenty days, otherists within forty days. or
juhdgccet by tofault will br taken agaitstyoa
atcordint to hitar rtherr tf taid cop laint.
'lhe enid aection is sdrotglt teo obutai a deoreo of
thtscoure di t he otie hoIeindtah atite of rifttony
now exiw initg between eaid tlaintif and defrnd
ant, stteon tite gvrotntds set larth ill tile comnlcaint
on hlo in this atiott. and for the coustody of the
miuoetr children and for pgenteral lrlif.
iltitintiff allegsr Ite eeivL ooeacplaict, an grounds
fotr snct divrcte that on the 13th daty tf I)e enl
ter. A. d. one thotsntd eiglt hItllUdred and
el-hty-nine, (Itli)) the dtletendnto wvillfully ando
eciteesec| caoce evserterl anti lehaunloeiod tih9 pllain
titl and ahseeeeted hi: self froltt plaint5it aeteiost
her will ran id withont her tconolt, andt dpeartrd
front tte state of t :nlaua, otld htil contiltltes to
live soperellt tnot altart- frontt leer.
And you are heie)y notiAie.i thet i youe feail to
appear ane an wi r the rsaid romtttiet, e ah eloe
required, tie said plaintiftf will ao ly, th te court
for the relict eleeanteld ice aur otntstlainte.
liven nder t y hleand onlled the teal of the dil
rier roualt of thte iirst jodicial district of th e
state of. Iontana, in and for the ctoenty of L -ewi
and ('larke, this (tlh dcay of Febrnary. it tite
year of our Iordl one tllousand eiht hondreud
and nioety.tveo.
Icsrn .h JOuN BrEAN.
tlerk of it kittrict te'turk,
C. W, FLEIeCIItR. Attt roey for Plaintiff.3
T~N lT~lE DIB'I'I(L(]TI (:OUll RT U 'lliE FIrHST
jodialsdialtrrt t;.tte of Montana ltnd Lewi.
anted ( larks ceuutty.
In the matter of the tesate and gtardiensalip
of Villia I), Whiteheahd, May i. Whelitelead
and John C. Whitlehbead, nLtor heirs of J. C.
thileleead, dearsse.d. -L
it acepeurint to this reourt frotmt thte teclitiont
this dlcey ptnsontl', end tiled by Jteaunel o ts Wite
heseti, tites gtuanrditn cf the pereons atttl etldesL s of
Williatm it. Wlhitr-lesehea May i. thiteleatd tend
,oltn t'. \V'litvhcrsd, cainor.-, rtayitn for an or
dtlt of sale of crtnal r:eel settte tttbehmgleg tto
her tsaL werds, tlal, it is teteseaty,, nntt would
he enef'icial to asid awards that sauih renleetate
oltonld beH ll.
It is hleerby ordered thaet the next of kin of the
teleit wartln, atel all peneltonr interestled in the
sail eseate, tile)eatIr blefrO tle etenert etn 'I'teediy.
tile fifth day cf Altrit, A. it. il!i2, at 1ti o'elock tee
the forrltOeetl of said dlay, at, tiee rttert roei tet
ttle rotert, at thie eeet t I.o sae in the aily of Ilel
en,. conntly of h.:'wis ntel e lerke, atat, te f eMson
tanas. e.o and Ihtee:' t, sltoes' rteeoao wIty an order
sholeal neet I e Scaloitoei for thse alet ot t lotl atate;
and it is frthver oredl rect. tI at tetoopey efI this or
tler bie Itleloimlrd at hster four a.escasrive n'teeeke
before ite' asid slay at Iharcn f lell tite Dlily ltle
pondterse, a tawklcstater lIe i slteee l)l |t 1 ellie ed to
ti-a r:tiel elty- of t Iet-te. eteette ctef Itotti Sltel
Clarka. state of tetntet.lta
CltllAt',- Ii. Utl'li, Jndge.
]atd Mlatelh 4, olf}.
A. t'. tlotkin and 'hleee. Shet. attorneys for
FAl,'H\IB- SCLl-ItI Irllx l dlt elil~ IN
t rile sr the et┬Ětetot seeniett Oef a tiallcetent
Hlettlec'd it'ir, lilled wisth treee h, eiglh ftee. wiaele ili
rette tsr ceitn Itw et-y feet hlseg, atwlth trees teas ie
ctat sthole tee iteohls aitert, eclertist the sen t eteed
tet erecelec.t eBrilgt at iI tee rreesleeg etl ta Ithe sotv
eetre rhr ariver htlt ia titl feet apso , witle tues
netl lls 1r lee' hosee s lhetigl'ltlt e thle sprrt C et ridges,
tee les oie sattll te nl eveer at ll ritriteers eof le lists
cllee at retciethla tee Ilto let.e, ait he a tltale tiLllted -
iteitton t tln r mcel eittd ect rtle Ililetillod witI eteti
celtse to tettioe sethas\ten vr theltrteettotte tetts ealeet
et) Cth frts pa, eagee el \\etir. Isiddero tee aeleenei
cdelhet stee etseitlecat lotts ,f t he wetrk, lth'eseettlnt
retqriveing t te rialh to vise- net tsr tll bledta
lids te)e ee th'setdlee tie,'! telnlerseenetl. to lee re.
teietld ecntelil l0la. . - lseet a .\rlt 13, 10113,
lly uetror of Ilor eI1oar
J. - . Ii- Tnt1111, lteork.
itleleena., Mtntto., larte I2. CaR2.
8-1UtitlItG ti;It' IIH I-Il liNtI. Ill tl AN.
etnal moateeineg of he atesk tcteera of Cte Elk
ttror 'I'rsttlier tee, isnlaie well let hosld at. tleiI teol,
cita Pal Cieteal tesuk. I tlhteets, Metthli set T'ltetdesyes
telaresh 22,. de2, as lItre-s o'e'tcest tee ,l flitr tle
seorlteses of ttetlieeel~n a beeetel e {I retreneeos antI ctit
ni. it At,ItN, roltveeieel.
je.P Wecce.isi..tA its'tlterlUy.
Itetbesne. liletot., Metric ye, 18t2.
ehat tee lesteks set l/eo Ilesiteca ,5 t'asti a ial-.
neTy) ttittleaetey will lhteettette fli eeti teseteg ettesesr iec"
teotes Co nIec aleeleehl slteIk ccl' Selel\ eser ecrelalecte, at
tea law ottirsofO eAeeesh eer I Ilarhoter, in itee
llceat-teice testes iei., inlte Ito' te f It st-ta. letntattita,
lltees let't day ittAt r~l, 1411.., ccl lIt oc'ssleok to see.
Ilatotel Macelitc5 ly, iJ2.
(itl,~ MAY'
Ii. t. TuLLHI.
Wholesale Liquor House of 1. L Israel& Co,
For the Month of M1arch.
This is no advertising dodge, but I mean business, as prices
quoted below will prove. All whiskies are quoted at Eastern
prices and are subject to change monthly. Now is the chance for
dealers to buy strictly pure whiskies (at Distillers' prices in large
quantities) and save freight. Will sell in quantities to suit, from
one barrel to limit of stock. The following goods in stock:
12 bbls Old Crow, Spring '86............ $3.65 Gallon
15 " Hermitage, Spring '86........... 3.50
30 a W. H. McBrayer, Spring '87...... 3.25 "
48 " Bond & Lillard, Spring '7 ....... 3.oo a
25 " James E. Pepper, Spri ng '87...... 3.25
20 " W. H. McBrayer, Fall '88......... 2.75
S " Tea Kettle, Spring '83,........... 4.00
Jo " Nelson, Spring '8o.............. 4.50 "
5 " Monarch, Spring '8o ............ 6.oo
5 6( Gukenheimer Rye, Spring '87.... 3.75 "
5 '* Clifton Spring, Spring '8g........ 1.9o0
20 " Anderson, Spring 'go............ 2.00o
Free Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
50 bbls. W. II. McBrayer, Fall 'SS........ $2.4o Gallon
Will sell only in 5-bbl lots. Delivered with U. S. gauger, cer
tificate, free of all clharges, in Lawrenceburg, Ky.
U, S, Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
Will sell only in 5-bbl. lots:
25 bbls James E. Pepper, Spring '91g..... Soc Gallon
1oo , W. II. McBraver, Fall 'go ...... 9oc
50 " Bond & Lillard, Spring '9o........ 8oc
45 " Mellwood, Spring '90o............ 75c
Consistiunl ca Whiskies, Brandies, Gins, Wines, and all Cordials, Porter,
Ale, etc., being the best brands of Imported Goods in the market, at
specially low prices.
Will be sold at Factory Prices. An additional discount of live per coent,
on cigars for Cash.
In the city by the bottle or gallon, at very low prices. Orders by Tole.
phone promptly attended to. Telephone No. 12,.
I. L. ISRAEL & GO. INW3 o. i

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