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Miss Frances Jurgens and Mr.
Charles Rplnig Entert in
Friends Tuesday
In Celebration of Their Coitmion
Natal Day, He Attainiig
Hsl Majorlty.
Cenramlo Palnters of lrilena-Musloale at
Mrs. Oh.slrman's-People in and Out
of elesna.
A double birthday celebration took place
on Tuesday evening among the young so
ciety people of Helenn, it being the natal
day of both Miss Frances Jurgens and
Charles Reinig. The young couple enter
tained a number of their friends at the
hospitable home of Miss Jurgens on Park
avenue, and a highly epjoyable time was
participated in. The house was beautifully
decorated with quantities of ferns, carna
tions and roses. The dining table was a
mass of beautiful flowers, fifteen dozen
roses being used in the decorations, be
sides other flowers. The birthday cake
was placed in the center of the table, and
bore on it approprlate Spanish and Latin
mottoes. The early part of the evening
was devoted to a cobweb gathering, and
great fun it was picking out one's thread
from the labyrinth that wound in and out,
under chairs, over pictures, under tables,
through doorways, up on the celiings. On
the end of all the threads were beautiful
fanoy cobwebs of colored silks, and to the
two who were winners in the race were
given prises. The filst prize awarded to
the lady winner was a beautiful hand
painted tray (the work of the young hos
tess) and Miss Clara Ballard carried it off
in triumph. The fortunate gentleman was
Albert Hotter, and the award a painted
ash tray. The sluggards in the race, while
their progress may have been like the
snail's, slow, were not in this instance sure.
The booby prizes were an A B C book and
a baby doll, won respectively by Mr. Ster
ling and Miss Ada Roberts. After elabor
ate refreshments were served the young
folks present were blindfolded and re
quired to draw a pig and to sign their
name to their product while yet blind
folded. The prize for the best drawn
work was given to Walter Sanford, a box
of Hyler's candy, and Miss Alta Child se
cured the booby prize, which was a candy
*Mies Jurgens received some very beauti
ful presents; twenty acres of sapphire fields,
a gold watch, teree sapphire buttons, four
beautiful souvenir spoons, a silk umbrella,
a gold lover's knot, handsome gauze fan,
silver vinecarette, large basket of flowers,
boxes of flowers, a bouquet of lillies of the
yalley, chiffon handkerchief, and yellow
silk party bag. The guests present were
Mrs. Beinig, the Misses Alta Child, Al
berta Quirk, Liza Rector, Ada Roberts,
Clara Bullard, Jessie Nelson, Luella Has
kell, Bessie Blake, Annie Reinig and
Martha Baird; Messrs. Clifford, Champion,
Sterling, Hedges, Harry and Fred Yaeger,
Fred Sterling, Ballard, Wolfolk, Klein
schmidt, Rolter, Sanford and E. K. Preuitt.
Much interest is being shown all over the
country toward the formation of a national
organization of the ceramic amateurs of
America. The chief idea of the proposed
association is to promote mineral painting,
so that at the World's Columbian expo
sition Americans may be represented in
this branch of fine art and to establish a
purely native school of ceramic art with a
view to encourage and strengthen the po
sition of mineral painters. This class of
artists have not hitherto worked as a body,
but it is hoped that by a combined move
ment of clubs in the different cities cer
amic workers can . cure space at the
World's fair which would be denied to in
dividuals. This art was in the past kept
clouded in mystery, and it is only within
the last half of the present century that
much light has been thrown on the subject.
The members of the national club have no
doubt that success will bring honor to the
founders and to America.
At the world's exhibit there will be no
charge for space but to mese the expenses
of transportation of goods and their ar
rangement, and for a custodian to keep I
them in order a small fee will be required
from each member. The greater part of
the display at the exposition will be the
work of women. It is estimated that about
thirty branch societies have been started
throughout the United States. They all
seem to be flourishing, the members all be
ing exceedingly enthu.siastio, giving der
lightful receptions. and are deeply inter
ested in the work.
Mrs. Frankelton, who was in Helena sv- t
eral weeks during last summer and in
structed several ladies in mineral painting,
is the honorary president of the Manhattan
club of New York, of the Salt Lake City
China club, of the California Ceramic club,
and has lately been elected. the honorary
president of the club formed in this city..
She has been engaged in organiziung ceramic
clubs all over the country in view of the
proposed exposition, and is now occupied
in that pursuit in the western palt of the
Mr. L. F. Grunewald, of Chicago, who
has done more than any one else, especially
at the west, toward the advancement of this
art, has been urged for the position of chief I
of the department of coramnic art at the 1
World's fair. Miss Phillips, of our city, 1
has had displayed in the art rooms of Mr.
Grunewald specimens of her work, and that
gentleman has communicated with her ask
ing that she should organize a like club in
Helena that would be a part of the national
association. There has been one mneetinu i
of ladies regarding this proposed plain, held
at the apartments of Mrs. Phillips, in the
Diamond blook. A ceramic club was I
formed, Mrs. J. T. Murphy beting elocted
cresident, Miss IRumley secretary, and Miss
Phillips treasurer. The other ladies present
were Mesdames Botkin, Child, Joseph Davis.
Siebin, Misses Ciuse, Gerner, Dickenson,
Marie Kleinschmidt and Irma Kleinsolmidt.
It was decided to hold meetinug on the first
Monday in each month. It is not compul
sory that all who join the club shall send I
speooimens of their work to the exhibit, but I
a large membership is desired, and it is
hoped that all who are interested in the
proposed work for the ensuine year will not
fail to attend the next meeting, which will
be held April 41, at the rooms of Miss Phil- I
lips, in the Diamond block.
Mrs. Murphy, the president of the Co- 1
ramic club, of the city, has received a com- i
munication from the preiident of the Man- I
hattan club, of New York, asking if the so
ciety hero will join the national association
anti if the membors in this city will senid a
delegate on to New York. As thers are
several matters of importanoce to comle be- .
fole the club, it is desired that the ladies E
should mneet at an early day. All that are
interested in the ! roposed work of tLhiclub
are cordially invited to meet at the apart
mentis of Miss Phillips, in Diamond blook,
on Monday evening, the 28th.
A notable event took place at the Masonic
hall last 'ruonesday evening, fully (10 mam
bers of Miriamu Chapter, No. 1, O. E. S.,
being present to witness the "exemplifica
tion of the Floral Addenda upon Mra. C.
Hedges." The worthy matron, Mrs. E, O. .
ltailebsok, assisted by other officere of the
order, most ably conducted the beautiful
and implessive uceremony. Those present
then adjourned to the banquet hall where
they were delightfully surpriesd by the
artistico decoration by Mrs. N. Fretz. The
banquet was under the upeorvision of the
Misses Boucher and Frank,. Toasts were
In order and the palrtlcilante acquittedl
themselves with oredit. G(eaC.(, 8. Nolallc
officiated as toast crisstor ill his customary
happy manner, Mrs. C, Hedges replied to
the toast, the "Floral Addenda," with her
well known ability, Prof. Youbdg' response
to "First impressions of the Order, was
esrndlte to t marked eateot, as was shown
by his knowledge of astronormy. Iie was
followed by Mrs, Joho loruky, who re
plied to Iihe toast, the "Gietlemen," in hear
usually bright and witty style. Sthe was
sccseded by Mre, Kirkendall, whlosen sub
seat Was "New MemlieN, Our Duties to
Them and Their Dhttees to the Older Meom
bers and the Chapter." The exercises
ended by a brief and able discourse on
"Masiohri" by Solomon Hepner,
The elegant and hospitable home of Mr.
and Mrs, Williqm Chessman on Ewing
street was open to a large number of their
friends on Thursday evening, it being the
third musical entertainment given by the
Mueical society of Helene. The assembled
guests listened to a most 'pleasing pro.
gramme rendered by several members of
the society, thb names on the programme
indicating that the music rendered would
be finished and artistic. It consisted of the
1. Petite Marche......... .. .....Mosakowaki
Mis lHitker anrd Mr. iHrselhfeld.
2. Medltation ..................... Chenory
Mr. i). P. Owen.
2., Third Ballald ....... .... .....Chopin
Mirs Wade.
4. (a) We Two, When We Parted ...............
(b) 'he Angel. ................ ubenstein
Mrs. Foots and Miass Broorke.
5. Love ls a Dream.. ................Cowen
Mrs. Babcock.
6. Faust Fantainsi...................... .Liszt
Mrs. itirech.fld.
7. Oh. H py the Maiden .... ..................
Mrs.. roto, Misses Brooke and Wade.
8. Humoreske...... ......... ....Moeskowkil
dtis Baker and Mr, Hir.-ehfeld.
The guests present were: Messrs. and
Meadames Blake, Wade, Harwood, Bailey,
C. F. Ellis, Josnerh Davis, Woodbridge,
Sizer, Atwater. O. T. Crane, Odell McCon
nell, Bradshaw, Sterling, Howey, T. H.
Kleinsohmidt, W. C. Child, Wm. Muth,
Floyd-Jones, John T. Murphy, Kelsey, Hill,
Nicholson, Parchen. Will Jones, Cox, Mc
Donald, Henry Foote, Carl Klelnsohmidt,
Jr., Lathrop, Babcock, May, Bullard, Foote;
Mesdasmes Lyman, Potts, J. D. Wilson,
Avery, Swallow, S. J. Jones, S. Word, Oes
terhaut, Brooke, Hedges. Kate Bullard,
Madame Medini; Misses Wade, Leslie,
Hedges, Kleinechmidt, Cram, Greene, Hill,
Mite Hill, Guthrie. McMillan, Brooke,
Hedges, Sperling, Blake. Baker, Wilcox,
Aldrich, Barbour, Kirkendall, Swan. Phil
lips, Muth, Getz, May Cuthbert; Messrs. T.
V. Moore, B. H. Langley, Ryan, H. Brand
egee, E. Blrandegee, Linn, Tilly, Barrows,
Hirschfeld, Leslie, Thornburg, Owens,
Hallet, Carpenter, Scohroeder.
Charlie Swett, entertained a number of
his young friends at his home on Madison
avenue on Friday fromt six to 0:80 p. m.
The little folk were entertained in the early
part of the evening by the never-failing
amusing game of "The Donkey," and
would have shamed some of their older
friends by the nearly correct idea of where
the animal's appendage should be placed.
The head prizes were awarded to Grace De
Noille and Percy Bullard, the booby prizes
to Daisy Brunell and Frank Lamberton.
A delicious supper was served to the little
pairty about eight o'clock, consisting of
sandwiches, turkey, rolls, olives, cake, cream
and fruit, after which they tripped the
light fantastic until the hour for them to
depart. The guests present were: Percy
and Aubrey Holter, Marguerite and Charles
Greenfield, Percy and Osqar Bullard, Clare
Brunell, Helen Herner, Florence McCann,
Pess Cullen, Grace DeNoille, Charles Lotz,
Alma and Philip Cole, Lillian Fuller, Ed
ward Crowell, Don Treacy, Edith Harrah,
Leslie Craven, Homer Hewins, Frank Lam
baerton, Peep Kellogg, Rita Cobb, Stella
Mr. John S. M. Neill, of Ninth avenue,
enjoyed a pleasant surprise on Friday even
ing by the appearance of a small number
of invited guests to help him celebrate a
birthday. Progressive euchre was the
game of the evening in which four tables
participated. The head prizes were won by
Mrs. Brundage and Mr. Davidson, and were
respectively a beautiful spoon and hand
some illustrated book. The foot plires
were secured by Mrs. Reeder and Mr. J. R.
Neill, and were packs of cards in cases.
Late in the evening elaborate refreshments
were served anld it was very early when the
guests departed. They were Mesdames
Brundale, Perrin, Reeder, Edward Neill,
John W. Thompson and Miss Nellie Leh
man; Messrs. Brundage, Reeder, E. Neill,
Thompson, Frank Jones, Davidson and
Personal and General.
John W. Plummer is at the Helena.
Miss M. L. Bryce has returned to Helena
from Phihpsburg.
Miss Eliza Rector has returned from a
visit to Great Falls.
B, D. Hatcher, of Krlispell, made a short
business trip to Helena.
William Braden has gone to Denver for a
two weeks' business trip.
Mrs. W. C. lRiddell, of Elkhorn, has been
at The Helena daring the past week.
State Senator Matte, of Missoula, called
on friends in Helena during the last week.
Mrs. O. W. Jackson has returned from an
extended eastern trip in the interests of her
Mr, and Mrs. Cullen and Miss Collen
returned Friday irom an extended trip
through the east.
Miss Frances Jurgens expects to leave on
Tuesday next for an extended summer visit
with eastern friends.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Selignan are enter
taining the latter's sister and husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Bernetein, of New York.
MIr. and Mrs. Don Davenport and little
daughter Margaret have gone to Granite
for a visit with Mrs. Davenport's parents.
Miss Maggie Ryan will bgini teachitg
Monday, April 2, in the Harmony district.
lier many friends hope she may have good
Dr. George . T'aylor was given a sur
prise on Monday evening by a number of
his friends, the date being his fiftieth
On Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. R. E.
Fisk celebrated their silver wedding anni
versaly in a very quiet manner, assisted by
a small number ot their friends.
Mrs. T1'. G. D)avis, of Anaconda, has been
in ilelena the past week, visiting friende.
She is otL her way home from St. Louis
where, with her little daughter, she sveput
the wintor.
The table and chair, relies of NapoleoIn,
exhibited on the statge Tuesday evening
during the lecturu given by Mr. MacKnight.
are worth over $1,000 ta relios and are
highly prized by the owner.
Miss Pauline Zietz entertained about
twenty of lier little friends t a birthday
party yesterday, at thie leeidence of her
parents on Monroe avenue. (lalioe waeo
Indulged in and delightful refrueslhuents
served. 't'he tarry was voted a geat sue
cess by all whito participated.
1t. H. TatemR and Mrs. Tatem, who have
rbeen spending several weeuks in southern
(alifornia for tae tienetlit of Mr. 'J'aten'se
lealth, airrived iin leletn on Wtednetsday
last. T'lhe sarchi for restored health monast
harve been successful, for Mr. Tatom re
turns loorkiung exceedingly well.
'IThle itnmense audieue that assembled to
witness the play "Henrietta,"' given by Mr.
Stuart RIobson with splentdid suiport on
F'riday evening at tile olera house, fully
showed their ttptroeittior of tile higlih Olass
of entecrtruntents Maniager lieilintton is
so earnestly striving to present to ltelon
The Ladies' Aid society, auxiliary to the
:one of Veterans, gave aI delightful enter
tainnent at thle U. A. R1, hall on T'hursday
eventuig, in the nature of crazy party, to
which a large number of their fieUds were
welcomedl. Refreshmsnts were served,
dtutcing was enjoyed, and a moust pleasant
evening passed.
bliss Shober entertained a number ct
guests at hier pleasant Ihomue on Wudnesday
eveniug, at whist. Those participating in
the gauit were: Mesers. iand Meadames
Hedges, Storling, t'iatt, I'aynter, Mortle,
Pritn; Misses Iockmuni, lIly, uHopper;
Measrs. Nolan, BUna. Morris. Delicious re
freshments waoe served, consisting of sand
wiohes, olives, almonds, fruits, orange ico
cream, cake, coffee and oenOu.
Mr. MacKnight gave his interesting dile
course on Napoleon at the opera hlouse on
'Tuesday evening to a large, appreooiltive
and enthusiaseio audience. 'IThel lecturo
was admirably delivered and the Illustra
tions; In the way of over fifty storeoptlcon
views, added dot a little to the enjoyment
of the entertainment. Mr. MaoKuight has
reon the rcilpient of muht commendation
for the talk he gives upon suoh an interest
ing subject as tioe groat Frenchsoldier, and
has received already several offers to de
liver it at differeut points.
The Fortnightly club will hold their rag
ular meeting at the residence of the presl
dent, Mrs. Wickes, on Saturday next, A
most interesting programme' will be deliv
ered on that occasion, comprising the re.
dition of the letter, murder and sleep
walking scenes fron "Macbeth" by differ
eat members of the, society. Extraordin
try interet has boon ebown by the mem
bere of this tine literary poject during the
present season, and wishes are expressed
generally that the women comprising this
club would give their friends frequent
chances to enjoy the readings and rendi
tions of the society.
A club to be known as the Prospeet club
has recently been oracnized in Helena.
The object of the club is to arrange pleas
ure trips into the surrounding country dur
ing the coming summer. The first meeting
was held Monday evening at the residence
of T. H. Kleinschmidt, and the following
officers were elected for the coming season:
President, Arthur B. Kleineshmidt; vice
president, H. Harry Sterling; treasurur, E.
Morley Clifford; and secretary, W. James
Campion. The orospect for this organiza
tion seems very flattering and the society
girls may expect a summer season of gaiety
in the way of picnics, pedestrian tours, etc.
Under the very apt instructions of Mrs.
Cartter, the ladies selected for the Spanish
dance to be performed in the comic opera
Madjoon, arJ making rapid and favorable
progress. Thb dance will be perhaps the
most pleasing feature of the opera, and
the ladies who take pars in it are In all
respects capable of meeting the require
ments of the dance. To facilitate the re
hearsals, and, to assure the success ol
Madjoon, the manuscript score of the opera
has been sent to New York by 0. W. Jack
son for publication, so that with a book o1
the opena fdr each participant things will
go more smoothly and more rapidly than
Central Presbyterian church, Helena ave
nue and Cooke street.-Services at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 2;30 p. m
Unitarian service, G. A. It. hell-Rev. J,
H. Crocker will preach at 11 a. m. on "The
Divine Use of Sunday." and at 7:30 p. m,
on "The Cure for Skepticism."
Norwegian Lutheran church, Idaho street
and 'Twelfth avenue.-Rev. J. M. Gugel will
hold German Lutheran services to-day at
10:30 a. m. All are cordially invited.
St. Paul's Methodist church, Broadway
11 a. m., sermon by Rev. Dr. Tower. Sac
rament will be administered. At 7:30 ser
mon by the pastor. All welcome. W. itol.
lins, pastor.
First Presbyterian church-Eleventh ave
nue and Ewink street-Services at 11 a. m,
and 7:30 p. m. Preaching by the pastor,
Rev. T. V. Moore. Sunday school at 2:3(
p. m. Young people's prayer meeting al
6:45 p.m.
Grand street Methodist church, corner
Grand and Warren streets, D. B. Price
pastor-Preaching at 11 a. im. and 7:30 p.
m., by the pastor. Sunday school at 2:30 p.
m. The public is cordially invited to at
tend all these services.
Congregational church-Preaching by the
pastor, Rev. F. D. Kelsey, Sc. D., on the
themes: "Where Art Thou?" and "How Art
Thou?" Sunday school and Bible classes
immediately after the morning preaching
service. Branch Sunday school at three p.
m. in the German Methodist church on Ho.
back street, Y. P. S. C. E. in the vestry
at 6:45 p. m. All cordially welcomed.
All the new shadrre of kid gloves will be shown
to-morrow at Fiowles' C.'a:lt Store.
Wait for lIe grand open'ng of millinery at
Mrs. H. A. Fishtrr's.
Ladies' corsets only i5 cents. W\nl. Weinstein
& Co.
Attractive Fasihidlls.
The attractiveness of the new fashions
displayed in Sands Bros.' show windows is
a continual magnet for the ladies this sea
son. Their dress goods display is exquis
itely handsome and shows the latest weaves
and colorings and all the new materials
tastefully draped in the latest fashions.
The assortment of exclusive styles in dress
patterns shown by Sands Bros. is really
amazing. Hundred and hundreds of novel
ties are shown in different effects in crepons,
chevrons, plisse. cheyiots, silk and wool
mixtures, fancy diagonals, storm serges.
French plaids and innumerable new de
signs in handsome novelties. Never before
have Montana ladies had such an exten
sive collection to select from in choice pat
terns that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
Sands Bros. announce that the values in
these patterns have never been equalled at
this time of the year. The assortment in
oludes all grades, from the most exeensive
novelties to the extremely moderate priced
cheviots and fancies. Sea their elegant
Mrs. S. A. Fisher has just returned from New
York with the fine.t line of novelties in milli
nery. \Vait for the grarnd opening which will be
ill ier new store, opposie old stand, N'. 15 Nov
elty block.
Ladies' linen lawn aurone ouly 20 cents. Wm.
Weinstein A Co.
News From the East.
Miss Rodney: "I'm so glad to see you,
Miss Ewing. When did you get back?
You're looking so owe-"
Miss Ewing: "Oh! I've been back a week
or more. 1l-id the loveliest time ever was.
Went to all the leading -"
Miss Rodney: '"I Eeo you have on a beau
tifulnew gown. I suppose you can do a
grert deal better in the orat shopping than
out here. Things are so-"
Miss Ewing: "Not a bit ,f it. I used to
thing so, but I'vo chrniged my mind. ' Iis
gown was made right here. I bought the
goods at Raleigh & Clarke's. They have
some of the prettiest Clheval, crepon, oheff
ron and Bedford cord goods I ever saw and
their prices are as che.p as prices in the
Miss Rodney: "What! Why didn't you
tell me before? I was just going to send
east for a pattern, but I'll try home mer
chants now."
A Ieantifulr line of infants' good juste receivedt
at FowlOsI' t( ish Store.
Freerh sarar ribs at the Ritalto Cash Markoet.
T'elephonle 105.
Frornl tie linesat iroductions of the famo~nr
Iliinoigr s iol:. ioli'rl to the cheapeit dol lr-tio
g-,,,ti. WO will .I!oSv rt)rr inure artel rsltlalrr crwI.Ck
cry Ithan auy oinn rln'o. W ri. Wninstein & i o.
"Artlrtlic, llon1iithfrIr lressr and Pilhyshcil
By Mlrs. Annie Jenuoes Miller, oni Tuiesdaiiy,
April 12. Elegant gowns shown, nrade by
Liberty, of London. One dress ashlown is
onebFroidcreil by thie women of Constanti
nelrr. A Cnhicargo artist has requested por
miission of Mrs. Mlillcr to copy this gown ii
his paintinig for the World's fair. A rainy
day dress, business wolarin's dress, scholol
girl's dress and a mottier's geowLI will be
shown. Admission tt0 centi.
byoeS' btiyele trst, fast black. very- heavy arid
erli'a lerngths, ullly ii , n rll rr 'li T Ii liaii iliit,.
New errilrg wralpa at I,'wloe' 'Cash SltorE.
The 1i:tlril 'Io-l,,r of Toilet A rtliclORes.
lThree hundred and sixteen thousand live
hundred and seveuty-four bott.loes of leshi
of Roses sold in 189t0. You know I could
niot have sold no tirurb if llulsh of I(orIer
was nriot as Urepsi-enIted. It sure icrer for
,itullm., freckles anid blaOlkhr'nlds. i u1'02
1 predict it will be sold Iby every druggist,
Iand uned by every lady tand gentleman i il
the liUitod Staten.
Miss Julia S. Irtwrmono, room ,1, )Denver
hlrlok, lIroadwly, lichnat, MontL., will
supply you at 75 cents pc.r bottle.
Larlis' hilm threal., balblriggan anl silk w'.te
lii eurnr. eriamlr white and black at 'lThe lis Ili\.
Nolletio Wishilng to (live )alles
can have the Turner hall at a very low
nrle. Eulnuire by Il. Toun or slenry
Forty dozen black ribbed, French lisle hosiery,
47 Yc per pair; worth 75c.
Twenty dozen Onyx black cotton 32 inch opera length,
H" 7 c per pair; worth 1I.25.
L I Thirty-eight dozen 32-inch opera length,
sa silk, in colors and black, $2.00(, pcr pair; worth $3.00.
C I We say without fear that our hosiery has the universal appro-- 1
I bation of every lady in Montana. There is no more positive proof
than our great sales in this line, both in Helena and in orders from
I every part of the state. Our special offer this week, in these II
grades, should receive your prompt attention.
U - - ----- -------------.--ยท-------.--- .-------- -
Foster's Celebrated Kid Gloves.
We are sole agents for Foster's celebrated kid gloves for Helena. Posi
tively none genuine unless purchased from us. Ladies who are particular
in regard to appearance, should remember that a well fitting glove is
very essential.
S --------. __ _ _ _ - - . _
Others Are Offering and Trying to Impose Upon the
Public a Brand Called ")iamond."
See That You Get the Yellow Oiamond
Mallfactured by the North I)akota Milliu Co., at Grand Forks, N. II.

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