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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, April 11, 1892, Morning, Image 6

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T E.'PEO LE'S FAV RIT ; e lay over competitors in the
Embrace the opportunity and ,way of liberaltreatment and very
buy while prices are low and as- 6 moderate prices.
sortment away up.i
We carry all kinds of Shoes made, and can give youjust what you want. We make no attempt
at bulldozing you into what you don't want, under a pretense that we think it is the shoe
you ought to- buy, etc.
WE ARE EXPERT SHOE In Selling We Exercise Great Caution
And principally buy such goods as In recommending such shoes as,
are most suited to the wants of will, give best wear, as as are most
the masses. suitable to the customer's needs.
, ,W/ake up to your own interests, .
Therefore, remember we are ever ready to make good any loss you may sustain on Shoes
bought at our store.
We sell the best $3 shoe in the city either for man or woman. We also carry
Sthem in greater variety. Our $2 Shoes for Men and Ladies are extra good value,
made of good wearing leather throughout, are shapely and attractive, and when on K
the foot could not be told from much finer shoes. The style of toe and heel is the / TO
Ea .8LE8 9 same as fine goods, and parties not feeling able to buy higher priced goods can
be suited with our $2 shoes. Resolve to buy the next pair at the
But remember we are the peo
eShoes madeto orer and mend- NEW ENGLAND SHO E STO RE. pie yououghttodealwith.
ed. Ail reasonable repairs made
free of charge.
Concluded from Fifth Page.
God's favor. He said for his part he didn't
fight that way; that as a boxer he did not
throw and swing his arms to go through the
motions-not as one beating the air-he
struck to knock down; that was his idea of
fighting. It seems not to hayse ocearred to
him that going through the motions of
boxing and then saying, "God bless the
means used," would give him the slightest
security against being knocked down him
self. There is a dapendenoe on the spirit
which is sheer laziness. Our successful
evangelists insist much upon the truth that
we must depend on Him, but notice how
they depend. You ask Fay Mills to con
duct revival services. He questions you,
and demands that all the Christian forges
of the community be as elaborately organ
ized for special work as if it were the prep
aration for one battle whieh should decide
a nation's fate. Then he comes with simi
lar preparations on his part. Is it any
wonder that the Lord, who is Himself a
man of war, answers that sort of praying
with victory? * *
And our fight is aggressive. The right
cannot be maintained against evil in a de.
fensive war. Carthage must be destroyed.
We demand surrender of the world to
Christ, whose sole right it is to rule, but the
demand will be mocked until we enforce it.
And despite that lack of discipline, which
is our own fault, the church is to-day fur
nished for an advance. She has abundance
of money, th'$ best talent and scholarship
of the world; she has social power that she
could make tyrannical if she chose; her in
fluence is most commanding in the nations
which are foremost in the present order of
man's march. * * *
If we Christians were really soldiers we
should be spared that spectacle-the church
alarmed at prospect of a fight. Think of
,it, the army of the living God filled with
foreboding because the enemy seems not
inclined to keep the peasce. The pastor, or
some member of the church, has for a mo
ment forgotten himself, and spoken disre
spectfully of the devil. His feelings are
hurt; he talks of fighting. There's coins
to be trouble. Alas, my masterl how shall
we do? This cowardly spirit comes of
shutting ourselves no in our defences. The
enemy surrounds us and twits us, as Rab
shakeh did the frightened soldiers of Heze
kiah on the walls of Jerusalem. He warns
us that his philosophers and historioal ex
perts have run a mine under us. He is
just ready to blow up one whole establish
ment, Bible tower and all, but his humane
feeling prompts him to tell us a little in
advance that we may have the advantage of
surrendering to him at discretion. So long
as the church sets on the defensive she
shall be terrified with wars and rumors of
ware. Her enemy is expert in playing upon
fears. He knows what alarms to sound:
The scientists be upon thee, Samson; the
higher critics be upon thee, Samson; the
customs of society be uron thee; and to
our American church, the foreigners be
upon the Samson. And now he hbrs a y
especially for ministers-the Sunday news
papers be upon thee Samson; they'll soon
have your audience detained at home rend
ing scandals. Against all such alarms God
has p:ovided us help, and that help is not
a retreat behind barracks, but an advance
into the open fieold. * *
God is spneaking with a great voice to His
Israel to-day that they go forward. 11, the
prevalence of evil in our own dear land, by 1
the corruption of government and the in
flowing immorality, by the oven doors of
all heathendom, by that countless proces
sion of souls groping and stumbling in
darkness, by the abounding wretchedness
of their women and little children, by the
Good Shepherd's pity for them, by the un
rest of every nation, by the increasing ru..h
and roar of the world's business, hastening
on to some glorious issue or dread cates
trolhe, by the gifts with which the church
is already furnished for such a time as this,
by thtest victories and her sure promises
for the fhture. by the constraining love of
Christ, the Captain of our salvation-go
The Great Northern
Leaves Helena daily at 11:10 a. m. and is
the short fast line to the east. They run
palace, dining and sleeping cars and free
colonist sleepers. Cheap one-way, also
round trip tickets on sale at city ticket
office, No. 6 North Main street.
General Ticket Agent.
Thousands of Suffering Women.
Delicate women who complain of tired
feeling, pains in the back and loins, desire
to sleep, dizziness, painful or suppressed
menstruation, will And in Oregon Kidney
Tea a faithful friend. Itean be relied neon
in every instance to give immediate relief
from kidney and urinary troubles Thou
sands of women are uffering every day
from some disorder of the kidneys or liver,
who might be permanently cured by using
Oregon Kidney Tea.
That nightmare of man's existence which
makes food a mockery and banishes sleep
from wqary eyes. readily yields to the po
tent In lemne of the celebrated English
Dandelion Tonic. It tenes us the digestive
organs, restores the a petite, makes as
eimnilation of food npssible and invigorates
the whole system. All drggists sell it at
81 per bottle.
Are Yeo Surering
From bask ache, inflammation of the blad
der, driek dust deposit or stone in the blad
der, or in faset any derangement of the
kidneys or urinary organs? If thus afieted
do not lose tice and waste money enworth
less liniments and worse plasters, but strike
at the seat of the diseoase at once by using
the greatestof all lesew remedies, the cel
ebrated Oregon Kidney Tea. Pleasant to
take, purely vegetable. Satisfaction every
A now and Complete Treatment, consisting of
Suppositerie, Ointment in epfsules. also in
hox and lWls; a Positive Core for External, In
ternal. Blind or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic, Re
rent or Hereditary File,. and many other dis
eases and famale weaknosees; it is always a great
beneet to the general health. The first discovery
of a medical cure rendering an operation witi
the knife unnecessary hereafter. T'his Remedy
has never been known to faiL $1 ter box, 6 for
l5: seat by mail. Why suffer from this terrible
disease whel a nvriten guarantee is positively
given with 5 boxes, to refund the money if nor
cored. Send atanin tr free sample. Guarantee
isued b IH. M. Parehen & Co., drauggiset, sole
sgents. lelena, Meat.
8500 Reoward!
We will pay the above reward for any cane of
Liver (Complaint, Dyspepsia. tiek headache., In
digestion, Constipation or Costiveness we can
not care with Wet'a YVegelableliver Pills, when
the directions are strictly cemplied with. They
are pnrely vegetable, and never fail to give eatie
faction, lugar (Csated. Large boxes, 25 conls.
leware of coanterf.its and imitations. T'he
genuine sold by It M. I'rchen & C(o. Helena.
1, College. 2, College Preparatory.,
S3, Business. 4, Normal. 5, Music.
3 6, Art. Also instructiom ixn Com.
Enon Branches.
Send for Catalogue to the President.
a F. P. TOWER. A. M.. D. D
If you ha've a
acute or leading to
This preparation contains the stimula
ting properties of the Hsypophqsphitea
and fine Norwegian Cod Liver O. Used
by physicians all the world over. It is as
palatable as nUilk. Three times as etica
cilous as plain Cod Liver Oil. A perfect
Emulsion, better than allothers made. For
all forms of Wasting Diseases, Bronchitis,
Scrofula, and as a Flesh Producer
there is nothing like SCOTT'S EMULSION.
It is sold by all Druggists. Let no one by
profuse explanation or impudent entreaty
induce you to accept a substitute.
(C., ST. P., M. & O. RY.)
This is the only line making oonnsction at St.
Paulnt with the breat Northern Railway every da)
In the week for Chicago. Through time is au
Leave Butte, via Great Northern...... 7:30 a i
Leave He'eas, via Great Northrn..... ll:10 a m
Leave great Salls, via Great Northern 2:55 p m
Arrive at Min ........................ 1 :50 a
Arrive at ctrand Ferks ...... ....... p
Arrive at St. Peal................... . 8:55 a e
Leave Buttse, via Northern Pacific..... 7:00 p
Leave Helena, via Northern Pacific.... 7:3i p .
Leave Bozeman, via Northern Paeific 11:40 p a
Arrive at Slt. Pant ...................... 5:50 p n
Via "The Northwestern Line":
Leave St, Paul ............... 7:50 a m l:50 p a
Arrive at Milwaukee......... 7:45 pm 7:25 a a
Arrive at Chicago........ ..:3 pm 9:00 a
Severeyour tickets over "The Northwestern
Line." Jtis the short liue both in lime and
distanee to Chicago.
General Passenger Agent. St. Paul.
Is the Fast Mail Short Line from St
Paul and Minneapolis via La
Crosse anti Milwaukee to Chicago
and all points in the Eastern states
and Canaisd. It is the only line
under one managemrnent between
iSt. Paul and Chicago, and it is the
finest equipped railway in the
Northwest. It is the only line run
ning Pullman drawing-roorn sleep
ing cars with the luxurious smok.
ing-rooms, and the line::t dining.
cars in the world, via the lamous
"River Bank Route," along thai
shores of Lake Pepin and the beau.
tiful Mississippi river to Milwaukee
and Chioago. Its trai:s connect
with those of the northern lines in
the Grand Union depot at St. Paul.
No change of cars of any class be
tween St. Paul and Chicano. For
through tickets, time tables, and
full information, apply to any
coupon ticket agent in the North
Passes through Winconain. Minnesota, North Dio
tots. Manitoba. Montana, Idaho. Oregom
and Washington.
Dining Cars are run between Chioago. St. Pau],
Minneapolis Winnipeg, Helena, iutte. Tacom
Seattle and l1ortland.
Pullman service daily between Chicago, St.
Paul. Montana, and the 'aciflo Northwest;
and between Bt. Paul, Minneapolis and Man.
noeota, North Dakota and Manitoba points.
Daily Express Trains cr eletant Pullman
Bleeping Care, Dining Cars, ay Coaches, Pall.
man Tourist Sleepers and Free Colonist Sleea.
ag C(;ar.
The Northern Pacifid P. R. is the rail line to
Yellowstone Park; the popular line to Califor
nia and Alaska; and its trains pass through the
grandest scenery of seven states.
Ar sold at all coupon offices of the Northers
Pacific Hailroad to points North. Ltst. South
and West, in the United States and Canada.
No. 1, Pacific Mail. west bound ........ 1:35 p. m
No. 2, Atlantic mail. east bound........10:20 p. m
No. 5, Log.l. paasengor, connecting at
Logan witl No. ,. 'acilio express,
west houndt ....................... 2:10 a. m
No.ti. Mio soul, and iotlte passenger.... 1250 p.m
No. 8, Marysville passenger ...........11:20 ai m
No. 10. Mdar.vville acommodation..... :145 p. m
No. 1, Wickes, Bouldor and Elkhorn
passenger ........... ... ......... :40 p.m
No. 102, Rimini mixed, Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays ............. 5:00 p. m
No. I, l'acifio Mail. west hound........ 1:50p. m
No. 2, Atlantic Mail. esot bound........10:35 p. m
:o. I i, Loran lrpla'orger. connecting at
Logan with Atlautic express, cast
lundl. . .. 1:10 p. m
No. 5, Blutte nd MisoeNllair aenger.... H:0 a. m
No. 7, Marysville passenger............. 7:4a.
No. 0, Mlrsville acconmmnodation ...... 3:00 p. m
No, IS, Wicktes, lIouldnr anaL Elkhorn
P'assengoer . ................ 7:35a. m
No. 101, limrini mixed, Mondays, Wed
nesedays and Fridnea ................. 8:15 a. m
For Tates, Mlal., Time Tables or Speclial
Information apply to C(:ls. S. Fee, General
Passenger anti Ticket Agent, ot. Paul,
MKlnn., or
General Ageot rf tl:e Nortlnrn P'acific ii. ., at
located at lied Mountain. lewis and ctlarke
county, tlontana--Notic is Ihereby given, that at
a maotina of the trustees of said company, held
on the 2lth day of March. A. 1). 159., an aassess
meat of one and oue-half (1!1) cents per share
was levied upon the capital stoek of said rom
pauy, payab:e on or before tihe 5th day of May,
leS1, to Museana irllard, secrelary of the corn
pany. room t. Gold block. Helene, Lewis and
larkse county, Montana. Any stoc upon which
said asseesmunt shall remain unpaid on the 15th
day of Ilay, 102, slhall Io deemed delinquent.
and will be duly advertised for sale at public
auction, and un'e s payment shall be made be
fore, will be sold on the ith day of Jusne, 1842, to
pay the delinqrueut aeesesmont. together with the
costa of advlertising and expenses of sale.
Secretary of Plioneer Mining company, room 8,.
iold block, Helena, Lewis and Ularku county,
]Dted March 28, 1892.
When I may care 0 do not msanmasrelytostoptthem
teoras tim and tlre have them return again. I msan a
radical cure. I have mwae the dlaseas of FITS, EPI
iLEPSYorFALTING SIOCKNESS a lifs.longtudy, I
wrrant mty remedy to cure the wort amse. Because
aberthsrave failed is no raoun for anlit now reeeilal a
ures. Send at once far a trutatise and a Free Bottleot
7 nfallblo hreedy. OlvEs preseandPostOmca.
Gs 3 YOOTo m, V's tai W earl itie Xe T.
-OF TEE---
Whelesale Liquor H use of l. L Israel& Co:
For the Month of April.
This is no advertising dodge, but I mean business, as prices
quoted below will prove. All whiskies are quoted at Eastern
prices and are subject to change monthly. Now is the chance for
dealers to buy strictly pure whiskies (at Distillers' prices in large
quantities) and save freight. Will sell in quantities to suit, from
one barrel to limit of stock. The following goods in stock:
io bbls Old Crow, Spring '86............ $3.75 Gallon
12 " Hermitage, Spring '86........... 3.50
25 " W. H. McBrayer, Spring '87...... 3.25
45 " Bond & Lillard, Spring '87....... 3.25 "
25 " James E. Peppeir, Spring '87...... 3.25
20 " W. H. McBrayer, Fall '88........ 2.75 "
8 " Tea Kettle, Spring '83........... 4.00
Io " Nelson, Spring '80o ............... 4.50
5 " Monarch, Spring 'So............ 6.oo
5 " Gukenheimer Rye, Spring '87.... 3.75 "
20 " Anderson, Spring '90................ 2.00
Free Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
50 bbls. W. -I. McBrayer, Fall '88........ $2.40 Gallon
Will sell only in 5-bbl lots. Delivered with U. S.: gauger cerĂ½
tificate, free of all charges, in. Lawrenceburg, Ky.
U. S. Bonded Warehouse, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky,
Will sell only in 5-bbl. lots:
25 bbls James E. Pepper, Spring '91...... 75c Gallon
1oo " W. H. McBrayer, Fall '90...... 8oc "
50 " Bond & Lillard, Spring '9o....... 8oc "
45 " Mellwood, Spring '9o............ 8oc "
Consisting of Whiskies, Brandies, Gins, Wines, and all Cordials. Porter,
Ale, etc., being the best brands of Imported Goods in the market, at
specially low prices.
Will be sold at Factory Prices. An additional discount of five per cent,
on cigars for Cash.
In the city by the bottle or gallon, at very low prices, Orders by Tele.
phone promptly attended to. Telephone No. 122.

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